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#shading steps


This is based on the newest update of the MDZS manwha where the Lan groupies are fangirling and boying about my bby Twin Jades. 

So basically, the whole Yunmeng Jiang clan is just a really big and elite squad of deadly feral stans of Jiang Cheng.  And yes, Lan Jingyi is an honorary part of the YMJ JC PROTECC SQUAD cos duh that’s his dad. 

And if you’re wondering who are those two lovely ladies, they are MinZhen and LinZhen, JC’s purple spiders, from @/theangelmojo’s universes. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

BTW I headcanon that JC’s waist is the envy of the female Cultivation world, so that’s why they blacklist him. And for other reasons such as the YMJ squad is too protective. And Jin Ling also is too protective and picky. And also lest one would face the jealous wrath of one angy Lan Xichen.

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