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Archer(Nightmare Freddy)

He’s a trans-male

Tired dad vibes the whole way

He practically is the first to decide not to kill a small child that is Christian cause he always felt bad since him and Seth have three cubs-

He has a big fear of spiders

Glamrock Freddy(Boston)

He is a anxious mess 24/7 so when he litteraly had to stay and protect a child while a furry murder was trying to kill them he had a full on panic attack whole time-

He would be a great dad

He is a blackbear!

He drinks tea alot

Montgomery Gator(Chester)

He chills with Boston most of the time

He plays a acoustic guitar and will ussauly play it to help Boston if he is stressed or having a panic attack

Withered Chica(Carol)

She is like the grandmother of the au

She has seen Max(Shadow Freddy) from time to time near Fransisco(Withered Freddy) so she can only assume he is bad news

She is the biggest sweetheart

She needs help when she needs to help cook so usually ask Fransisco for help since he is a cook too.

She is based of my grandmother!

Levitation(Shadow Bonnie)

Their a spirit of a Day Shift Guard at Freddys! They died from a heart attack

They chill with Max when Max isn’t bothering Fransisco.

When they met Atlas(Freddy Fazbear) they were nicer twoards her then anyone else

They cant be in the light due that light hurts them

They have two forms! They have their form they use most of the time which is more friendly looking and a second form which they are more floating and have a fire look

Max(Shadow Freddy)

Remember when i said he is the opposite of Fransisco,where he looks more depressed and has more rage? Well that goes with one of his two forms! His first form is the one where he looks like a 1930s cartoon and his second one ia where it looks like he’s melting and has what looks like purple flames!

He doesn’t talk much

He’s just a roach practically lol

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Thought I should stick to spooky themes this month! This is a different kind of comic. It’s more of a journal entry but in comic form.

Been meaning to draw about one of my sleep paralysis experiences, which I get occasionally with various hallucinations. This common shadow monster is also a regular of mine. After I learned the hallucination is basically from mixing dream and reality, I tried to approach it like a lucid dream to cope with the horror… and that turned out to be pretty useless.

Side note: I am unable to talk or scream during sleep paralysis, so that conversation I had with that drawing was also in my head.

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