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Alone par alexaimé photography
Via Flickr :
Nevers, Bourgogne,France Other photos in a different style on my instagram: - Sony A7 ii - Sony FE 85mm 1.8 - F/1.8 - 85mm -1/2500 - 100 iso

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or, as I like to call it, the ‘oh sh!t’ moment, number 3


“Oh, Grace,” he sang, “what are you hiding, beautiful?”

The tone of his voice finally struck something in me, and horror settled into my chest. He wasn’t just a bad cop, and bad at being a cop. No. He was a bad person. A terrible person. Now him finding me wasn’t a fear of being turned into the DCC. It was a fear of what would happen before he turned me over.

The man continued shuffling loudly around in her room, and I felt adrenaline pulse through my body, making me light-headed. I needed to get out. I had to. Did I risk the back door? Did I risk staying? Could I creep downstairs, or hide in the backyard?

Ice water replaced the blood in my veins.

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