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decafetherealki · 2 days ago
You know how Kaz has the net in CK and Inej kept insisting she didn’t need one, but then that assassin knocked her off the rope and Inej fell, only surviving because of that net? Imagine what would’ve happened if Kaz listened to Inej and didn’t put the net down. Not only would Inej be dead, but Kaz would have to live with the knowledge that she died on what should’ve been an easy mission because he didn’t leave the net.
Dude I feel like this would still haunt him. Like, it worked out, but he probably is fucked by the ‘what if’ of the situation. Tbh it would be brought up again for any future schemes. And it wouldn’t just be Inej (though, mainly Inej), but literally everyone on the crew. I.e.
Inej: Armor? if I wear armor I’ll be loud
Kaz: You once snuck up on me with bells. You’ll be fine.
Inej: it’s difficult, though. I don’t want to have to worry about-
Kaz: do you remember the net?
Inej: …..pls don’t do this again
Wylan: I agree with Inej in armor, but I think these stupid goggles you’re making me wear are unnecessary. I’ve never gotten acid in my eyes before-
Kaz: Do you remember the net?
Wylan: ……but that wasn’t…I wasn’t….involved…in that….
Kaz: don’t care. I was right about that. I’m right about this. Stop talking to me.
Jesper: Kaz is right. You look cute in those goggles, merchling. I still think it would be a good idea if had parem handy-
Kaz: No.
Jesper: Obviously only for emergencies!
Kaz: Does nobody remember the fucking net? I am the sole decider of who gets what precautions. Not you. The next person who asks me to do something that will get your dumbass killed is off the mission.
Nina: I just think it’s dumb for me to wear paraffin when I- okay, literally, fine. Whatever, Kaz. We all remember the goddamn net. Stop glaring.
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jespermybeloved · a day ago
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Feeling very this today
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sydneymack · 2 days ago
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The Darkling and Alina - Shadow and Bone
Artist: @msuglypants
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babinicz · 2 days ago
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Alina Starkov Shadow and Bone, 1x03
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malinasource · a day ago
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christophernolan · a day ago
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SHADOW AND BONE Episode 7 | The Unsea
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ladatomlinson · a day ago
okay but Inej calling kaz “love” for the 1st time and also in front of the crows
the crows: *having a breakfast*
Nina: * brings waffles*
Inej: *pouring everyone their cup of tea*
Jesper: *eating two waffles at once but then stopping and slowly looks around* ,,wait…there’s something unusual”
*everyone looks at him* ,,what?”
Jesper: ,,…no one told me to eat like a normal person”
Matthias: ,,…where’s brekker?”
*everyone looks at Inej*
Inej: ,,…he’s still asleep”
Kaz: *coming out of his room,hair still messy* ,,not anymore…jesper can you eat like a normal person? what are you? five?”
Jesper: *smiling/smirking* ,,here he is!’’
Inej: ,,morning,would you want a cup of tea love?”
Kaz: *looks at inej with wide eyes*
Nina: *almost choke on a waffle*
Matthias: *silent*
Wylan: *looking at Kaz*
Jesper: *looks at Kaz,smirking*
Nina,Matthias and Wylan: *looking at Inej shocked*
Inej: *blushing* ,,um…”
Nina: ,,did you just called Kaz "love" ?
Kaz: *actually starting to enjoy seeing the shock and confusion on their faces* ,,yes, zenik. she did. now give me that waffle believe or not i eat too”
Nina: ,,…wow”
Matthias: ,,…wow”
Wylan: ,,..wow”
Jesper: ,,nice”
Inej: *smiling and pouring kaz a cup of tea*
bonus: *kaz in his head*
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six-of-crocs · 2 days ago
Ok there is no doubt in my mind, that wylan would get jealous of milo the goat bc someone would have accidentally forgotten to tell him milo is a goat.
like jesper would be like: i miss milo sooo muchhh
wylan: ugh why dont you just live with him if you love him soo much 🙄
*wylan gets more jealous*
and then it just continues for like a couple of months until wylan sees milo and realises he is a goat.
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starlessvsaint · a day ago
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random aleksander morozova gifs 1/∞
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sturmrezni · a day ago
Do you ever think about how Alina and Nikolai being silly together was their way to keep each other from falling to pieces? After everything they had gone through, these small interactions in which they teased each other was their way to think of something else than the chaos the Darkling was spreading in the country that they both loved. Nikolai knew exactly how to make Alina laugh by being his self-absorbed and sarcastic self and Alina was always answering back with a witty comment.
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decafetherealki · 14 hours ago
I bet Inej probably loved messing with people when she was the Wraith. People would be meeting in secret and at the end of their meeting be like “ha! Let Brekker’s spiders riddle this one out” and Inej will be up in the vents whispering down to them “it isn’t even a very good plan”
Geels is in a top secret meeting with the Razorgulls and when he goes to order food there is a voice in the darkness that whispers “remember you’re allergic to shellfish” before disappearing.
She returns people’s wallets with notes inside that can range from “remember to drink water ❤️” to “I will be waiting in the shadows to rip your throat out” depending on if she likes you.
Kaz: why am I getting reports that you bought Ezkel a birthday present.
Inej: he needed a new coat
Kaz: I sent you to spy on him
Inej: I did. And while spying I saw he needed a new coat.
Jesper: did you put the buzzer in the pocket?
Inej: of course
Kaz: …….like a buzzer that shocks you?
Jesper: lol classic
Inej: I didn’t want him to think we were friends
Kaz: then why did you buy him-? Nvm. You two need to stop spending time around each other. Inej, you should just be doing your-
*screeching from downstairs*
Inej: ……I also put a buzzer in Rotty’s pocket while he was sleeping.
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simoneashly · 11 hours ago
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@userphotoshop event 1 | get to know the members ↳NINA ZENIK & MATTHIAS HELVAR in SHADOW AND BONE (2021-) {insp}
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swanimagines · a day ago
A/N: Continuation parts are always a bit difficult and I don't like this, but I hope this doesn't suck to you and it's a satisfying ending for this twoshot 😅 And let's hope the situation is better when that Kaz series finally comes out, me being happy with part two, part three, part four etc and not feeling like their quality decreases as the story goes on 😘
Word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
A few days passed, and Y/N was clearly avoiding Kaz. She walked away with a huff if Kaz approached, and gave him dirty looks. Kaz understood why she did that, but he pretended not to care.
He had wondered why Y/N hadn't left the Slat, but Inej told him that she has nowhere else to go. She had told the other Crows everything, and Kaz had been slightly pissed about it since he didn't like it when his past was scattered around - but fortunately he knew that his Crows wouldn't scatter it further. And it's Y/N's past too, his heart reminded him.
Inej had tried to talk to Kaz, told him that he should apologize. Bastard of the Barrel never apologized, but with Y/N, it was different. He even wanted to apologize, but the thought of stepping down and humble himself in front of Y/N still felt uncharacteristic for him. He had built up his ruthless picture for years, and now he was expected to step down and admit he did wrong? Some time ago, he'd sooner be hung as the most infamous thief in Ketterdam than apologize to anyone for anything he had done, but this was his sister.
He pretended to dismiss Inej's advice and her telling him how miserable Y/N had been ever since she had fought with Kaz, even when he masks it as anger when Kaz looks at her, but he actually listened. And Inej knew he listened. She knew Kaz wanted to keep his sister near, to know she's safe, even when he pretended not to care. He had grown a lot during her knowing him, but she knew that he thought he'd never have to face his past again like that. Y/N had told her everything, filled out the parts Kaz had left out when he had told about Jordie to Inej.
He had never once mentioned about his sister, and Inej knew it was because he was ashamed of how he once had abandoned her. He tried to act like he didn't care and had never cared, to bury his shame behind all those walls he erected so high - and yet, Inej could feel it on him anyway. Even if he didn't want to admit it or talk about it, Inej sensed that it made him uncomfortable every time he looked at Y/N, she could almost see memories flashing by in his eyes.
So she kept talking about the grief Y/N felt about not connecting with her brother again, even after that fight that had hurt her. They needed each other, and Kaz wanted to keep Y/N near, to know she's safe. He cared, even though he was trying to hide it and pretend otherwise. Kaz deserved to be happy, even when he insisted that he needs to be feared, and sentimental bonds didn't fit the picture. But he still shut up when Inej reminded him about them holding hands, and the Bastard of the Barrel, the feared king of Ketterdam with sharp teeth and claws as his hands wouldn't have been able to do that.
She made Kaz think, made him question if his reputation was really so important to him that he wanted to push his sister away. And, Kaz's heart reminded him, you kind of owe it to her after what you did. You owe her to come down, to apologize. You broke her trust that day when you made her lose you into the crowd, she has a reason to be angry. You could have killed her when you did that.
Eventually, Inej succeeded and Kaz made his way to Y/N's door. He stood behind it for some moments, squeezing his cane so hard he was sure he bended the crow head. Then, he knocked. When Y/N opened the door, she immediately scowled and tried to close the door, but Kaz was faster, pushing past her and walking inside without any invitation. She groaned and Kaz heard a thud as the door collided with the wall.
"Get out," she said angrily, stepping forward. "I'm not doing this."
Kaz ignored her and made his way further into the room, turning around to look at her from the corner of his eye. Her eyes were narrowed, and he could tell that she was struggling not to scream insults at him.
"We need to talk," he began.
Y/N folded her arms across her chest. "No we don't."
"Yes we do," Kaz insisted firmly. "It's been days of it going like this. You glaring at me, avoiding me, telling about our past to everyone—"
"Oh, so it's all about you again," Y/N snapped. "I'm the only one who's supposed to apologize? Because big bad Dirtyhands himself doesn't apologize, huh?"
Kaz ground his teeth together, trying to hold his Dirtyhands side from snapping back. He clenched his fist tight against his thigh and spoke before he had another urge to stop himself. "I am sorry I left you alone in that crowd. And I will apologize for everything what happened after that day. I've regretted leaving you there for years, I've been beating myself over..." His voice died away as he turned and faced her directly, dropping his gaze briefly and then looked her back straight in the face.
The anger and loathing on her face slowly started fading away and the hurt was replaced with something else: confusion. She let her arms fall limp by her sides, shoulders dropping as they lost their tension, and her lips parted slightly.
She definitely hadn't expected him to say that. Kaz felt a little surprised himself - it wasn't an easy thing to admit to. And Y/N seemed to know that too. She stared at him, wide-eyed. "Kaz... you really are sorry?"
Kaz gave a slow nod of his head, biting his tongue until he could speak again. "Yes."
"You mean it?" she whispered. "I thought maybe I imagined it or made it up in my head." Her hands rose tentatively, hesitantly as she took a step towards him, reaching out to touch his arm. But she hesitated there, stopped herself midway and withdrew her hand again, probably remembering Kaz didn't like to be touched. Her hand dropped down again to her side, and she turned to look out from the window, leaning on the windowsill. Kaz slowly made his way beside her, careful not to step across any boundaries either. He still wasn't sure what was going through her mind right now, if she would forgive him. But maybe this was a start of it if not else. Y/N gave him a side glance and leaned towards him slightly, which made Kaz take in a deep breath and shuffle closer to her, letting her rest her head against his shoulder.
They watched the darkening night of Ketterdam together, taking their first, careful step towards their newly found relationship as siblings. It would probably never be the same anymore and it would need a lot of talks and building their trust and love back up, but one thing was clear: 
Kaz would never leave his sister again.
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maliciousbrekker · 2 days ago
can i please have another kaz hehe x fem!reader with prompt 20 from the dialogue prompts?
Far Too Long- Kaz Brekker
Hey, absolutely you can! I've long surpassed my one-year at this point but thank you so much for sending this in and I'm sorry I didn't get to it for a bit!
Also, should you read this at one point and then decide to come back and reread it but notice a few differences, it’s simply because the fic has been edited. 
Dialogue prompt 20: “I never expected to have to live a life without them in it. Now that I have to face that, I’m not sure if I can.”
Fic type- angst
Warnings- talk of death, depictions of grief. 
Tumblr media
As Y/N sat on a small schooner, looking over the sunrise as the last of her tears for the moment dried against the wind, she knew that Kaz was finally given his reprieve. 
The most ironic part of the forty-eight hours that’d passed was the fact that, before Kaz left to defend a piece of property that some member of the Black Tips was trying to steal from under his feet, he’d said the usual. 
“No mourners.”
And, as she normally did, Y/N had replied with. “No funerals.” 
“Have you read the will yet?” Came the voice of Nora Scholtz, one of the few people that Kaz had entrusted with the care of the schooners and boats in his name. She was an older woman, in her late seventies, her skin weathered with age and the remnants of Kaelish red hair as obvious as her accent lingering at the edges as her roots came in white. “Did Mr. Brekker even write one?”
“The Slat goes to me,” Said Y/N. “As does the Crow Club.” 
“Anything else?” A letter. A statement that the farm he’d asked to be buried in belonged to her. 
“No,” she said. 
“He is at peace now,” said Nora. “You two were--” Y/N swallowed harshly as another bout of tears threatened to spill from her eyes. 
“Please don’t,” she said. “I don’t need your well wishes or the best you can offer. I just need silence. I need to retrieve his body from Black Veil and I need to bury him where he’s asked to be buried. I need not sentiments or understanding.” 
Nora, a little shocked and most definitely hurt, gave a nod. 
The rest of the ride on the schooner was quiet. 
The farm that Kaz had asked to buried on was an admittedly beautiful place. Y/N planned to set him to rest beneath a tree, and as she began to dig the hole, she let Kaz’s cane sit against it. It remained unmoving, even with the wind. 
Burying him, having to look at his body, the eyes that nobody had closed, it was the hardest part of the whole ordeal. 
Eventually, to Y/Ns relief, the crows showed up. 
Jesper and a fellow Fabrikator had made Kaz an appropriate casket. It was black and made from some altered version of Grisha steel, and as Y/N put him into it, she closed his eyes. 
“Be at peace,” she whispered. “Go easily, Kaz.” She closed the casket at that, unable to do more than walk away from it. She needed a break. It’d been a very long, very exhausting few days. 
“I understand it,” said Nina as she followed. From afar, Y/N could hear it as Matthias lowered Kaz’s body into the ground. “We’ve all lost people, Y/N.”
“I never expected to have to live a life without him in it. Now that I have to face that, I’m not sure if I can.” Y/N confessed. “How am I supposed to, Nina?”
“You take it day by day,” Inej said. Y/N startled, having not noticed Inej as she stood off to the left. “You can stay here. He left this place to you. Annika and I have the Slat and the Crow Club under control if you choose to stay here while you grieve.”
“I couldn’t,” said Y/N. “I would stay here and get used to the only reminder of him being the grave in which he sits outside. When I go back to the Slat thinking that everything is well and good, I’ll be reminded of him again and everything in my life will go right back to shambles. I ought to face it now or I simply never will.”
“We’ll help you through the worst of it,” Wylan piped up. “The reminders of him will soon fade. You’ll be the queen of the Barrel, Y/N. Something that exists in sole memory of the one you lost.” 
Jesper took Ninas place at Y/Ns right. “Matthias offered himself to cover the casket. He understands what it means to lose people, Y/N, as we all do. He says that you’ll heal eventually but to allow yourself time. It’s a tumultuous process. The opposite of easy.”
Y/N gave a single nod, casting a glance back to the spot that Kaz was being buried in. It brought a lurch of tears to her throat, but she fought them back. She swallowed them, looked to her feet. Gave a sigh. 
“It feels utterly impossible,” she managed. 
“With time, it won’t be,” Nina said, taking Y/Ns hand, giving it a squeeze. 
“We’ve got you,” Jesper added. “You’re one of the Crows, Y/N. We’ll always have your six.” She turned to him then, an onslaught of tears showing up unexpectedly. Even as much is it sucked to be crying for what felt like the millionth time throughout the mere two and a half days since Kaz’s death, it was a wonder to not be crying because of it.
“I love you,” she said. “I love you lot so much.”
“We love you too,” Wylan said. 
“No mourners,” said Inej.
Nina grinned at that. They all did. 
“No funerals,” said Y/N. 
On a cold, dreary and generally quiet morning, Y/N L/N passed in her sleep. 
After the white light and the confusion, she was walking, and found herself in Kaz’s office. He barely glanced up as she closed the door behind her, though he did look up when he heard her footsteps.
“It’s been far too long,” he said.
Y/N grinned. “Far too long indeed.” 
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ladzbrekker · 16 hours ago
Tante Heleen: ,,Inej is yours to lose now. It's all yours to lose"
Kaz: *in his mind* ,,bold of you to think that i'll ever lose her or let someone or something hurt her you little shit you better be thankful for me not burning this house down*
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sisistringer · 2 days ago
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"This is all that I have left of them."
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Shadow & Bone + AO3 Tags
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ladatomlinson · a day ago
such a cute family
Tumblr media
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alystar00 · 2 days ago
Nikolai: Fugitive or not, it’s nice to be wanted
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