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#shadow and bone netflix
capsiclesteebrogers · 40 minutes ago
you know the saying "be careful what you wish for?". well, you see, jesper really really wants some explosives and boy, is he going to get SOME EXPLOSIVES.
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imcaptainwonderfulmate · an hour ago
I have only one mood since the shadow and bone release:
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book2sims · an hour ago
Tumblr media
because I miss Kuwei..
Tumblr media
And I gave Wylan and Kuwei matching outfits because why not?
“We’re nothing alike,” Wylan said indignantly. “He’s not even that good at science! Half his notebooks are full of doodles. Mostly of you. And those aren’t good either.” “Really? Doodles of me?”
Wylan Van Eck, Jesper Fahey, Kuwei Yul-Bo 
characters by @lbardugo​, pose by @couquetts​
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gay-punk-rock-mess · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These two images convey my overall mood after finding out the next season of shadow and bone isn't coming out until 2023
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infernigf · 2 hours ago
What you said about the future of darklina seems to be the most likely scenario although I don't think Netflix actually get involved in the creative side of things like telling them to add more of a thing bc it's popular but who knows, also I am gonna be so devasted when they kill Aleksander my list favorite characters is almost entirely made up of ladies and dudes who had redemption arcs and this isn't even about darklina but Aleksander as a character he's done and will do some awful things but he spent 500 years almost alone loosing do many people and being the only person trying to protect his people when he didn't have to , he was strong enough to fend for himself and everything Ben said about him just waiting for this person for centuries to not be alone anymore and I get chocked up bc she's gonna kill him and everything he sacrificed will amount to nothing and that such a sad fate, I haven't gotten attached to a character like this in a while but I just can't resist a character who does what needs to be done for a good cause when everyone else is sitting around watching people die debating the morality of striking at someone who's actively hunting and torturing you especially with the world rn and how shitty everything is just watching a story with a moral such as fight back against your opressors but only if you don't hurt a fly and you're really nice about it bc yeah that's how it works
“I just can't resist a character who does what needs to be done for a good cause when everyone else is sitting around watching people die debating the morality of striking at someone who's actively hunting and torturing you especially with the world rn and how shitty everything is just watching a story with a moral such as fight back against your oppressors but only if you don't hurt a fly and you're really nice about it..”
I’m just going to highlight this and go because you nailed it - fantastic point my love. 🌹
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alinaxstarkov · 2 hours ago
The fact that Eric used reddit out of all his platforms (twitter, instagram, official S&B accounts) to apologize for this situation is honestly pathetic, disgusting and cowardly. Once again he refuses to take responsiblity for his own show and that just further proves that he doesn't care about its fans, only money they will get him. Once again also he uses women in the show as shield for his fragile ego. It's not one time thing - he did it before, he put his female coworkers in front line, to hide behind them. It's purely disgusting. If he cannot take responsibility for the mistakes of the show, he shouldn't take praise for success of the show.
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infernigf · 2 hours ago
Alina losing her powers was a bad ending because the fact that she grew up a non grisha but then learned about her powers made her see the problems of both sides plus she wasn't as bitter about the whole thing like darkles was so she could have taken over the little palace and her friendship with nikolai plus Saint status could have bridged the gap between grisha and others in ravka -
also not making the little palace stint mandatory is kinda dumb cuz they need to learn how to use their powers without suppressing or losing control, the endgame should've been like come here for a few years learn and then it's your choice whether you join the army/little palace or leave send tweet
When it comes to Alina losing her powers, it reads entirely like a woman couldn’t possibly be both ambitious/powerful and find happiness at the same time, or be happy because she is powerful.
It’s a boring, tired, overused trope, and we need to throw it away for good.
That aside, it also makes absolutely no sense within the magic system established by Leigh Bardugo.
Alina was punished for her “greed” with the loss of her Grisha abilities, but those same abilities are described not as magic, but as a literal life force - essence, “the making at the heart of the world”.
Energy like that isn’t to be made or destroyed.
Aleksander dies, yet his power is preserved even in death and when he comes back to life, not only can he still summon, but he can still use merzost, which is dark, greedy, entirely too powerful, and literally translates to "abomination”. 
If “greed” and having “too much power” causes you to lose it, how come Zoya is now able to do literally anything and everything? 
How come her power wasn’t split between a bunch of otkazat'sya or Etherealki that watched her turn into a literal dragon?
Little Palace thoughts (and check notes for some fantastic additions) to be found here.
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I've been wandering through Instagram and Pinterest searching for a Ben Barnes/Shadow and bone's cast with photoshopped flower crowns and I can't believe that I'm the only one thinking about this
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iambecomeyourvillain · 2 hours ago
wait, why would heleen get the crow club?
*straight up exits*
legit Kaz
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infernigf · 3 hours ago
I actually think they might keep Alina losing her powers. They've already downplayed the effects of not using powers - we get one throwaway line of she looks healthier now but we don't see how suppressing her powers so long kept her pale and sick, there's barely any effect, so there's no negative connotation of Alina without her powers. (I know losing powers is different from suppressing them but still)
Also without her powers she is no longer eternal/immortal but if they remove that then mal/aline becomes kinda sad because mal would be mortal while Alina lives on. So they're definitely doING the no more powers thing. Hopefully they frame it less like a punishment for Alina.
I don't think we'll get to KoS on screen on though so retconning won't be happening
You have a point there, but if you look at the ending of Rule of Wolves and how it implies that Zoya is most likely to live an incredibly long (if not also eternal) life while Nikolai is still only human, yet we know they’re going to get married and rule together - it’s not impossible to imagine them going down that route with Mal and Alina in the show.
Also, while they did downplay the effects of suppressing her powers, they also had her specifically state she doesn’t really care to settle down and live on a farm.
Another reason why I think she won’t be losing her powers at the end of the show is that it would draw too many parallels with Game of Thrones.
By the end of the trilogy, Alina has white hair and is referred to as The Sun Queen, which is very reminiscent of Daenerys (The Dragon Queen).
Even though Alina doesn’t die, I feel like watching another woman in fantasy being stripped of power would piss off a lot of people.
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shadowhunters-trove · 3 hours ago
The only Grishaverse book I have left to read is Rule of Wolves. I'm debating whether to re-read all the Grishaverse books before I get to Rule of Wolves as I know that some characters from previous books show up. So should I?
The Shadow and Bones trilogy... let's just say that Nikolai was the reason why I finished the trilogy many years ago.
Six of Crows duology... I'll definitely re-reat that since I love my boys Kaz and Jesper
King of Scars... I have to re-read that before reading Rule of Wolves because I barely remember anything
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darklingswhxore · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
The amount of people leaving grishaverse fandom this tweet isn't the only one i've seen multiple tweets and you know why because of asshole antis
They legit join darklina gc follow darklinas and then send death threats encourage self harm and suicide and one of them
Tumblr media
This mf i'm so fucking disgusted wtf is wrong with you all Don't like a ship fucking scroll away it's not that hard No matter how much you think the ship is "problematic" you don't "EDUCATE PEOPLE" Get off your fucking moral horses.....
If you are someone like that account and seeing this post 🖕🏽
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kaireads · 4 hours ago
Review for Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Only after quite a while of having finished this book did I realize that I never wrote a review. So I apologize if this isn't great, its been a little while since i read the book. I only have a rough draft.
4.8 stars
Yet another amazing book by Leigh! I was very excited to start reading this book and I loved it.
The book definitely started of slow, but not bad. I'm pretty sure this is just Leigh's writing style tho. But all in all, it didn't bother me at all because it was good. and I appreciate that.
The story progressed nicely but near the end there was barely to no build up to book two. If I did not know there was a second book then I would have been convinced it was just a stand alone book.
The characters were great but the relationships were... less than great. They could have been a lot better in my opinion. I didn't think over half of them made sense. But they didn't ruin the story at all for me.
Tumblr media
Alina Starkov: She's ok. I'm a little sick of the main character thinks theyre ugly and useless trope but it also kinda made sense but it was still annoying. Other than that she was okay
Malyen Oretsev: Yeah no. He's a dick.
Darkling: I feel like you guys are going to judge the hell out of me for what im about to say because I have such a type. But i loved him. Hes a very morrally grey character and written pretty well. I liked it a lot
Genya Safin: I'd read the book just for Genya alone.
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notonlythemoon · 4 hours ago
I only use this app for my Spotify spam but honestly idc.
Enjoy and steam for the King of Ketterdam.
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