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#shadow weaver

Shadow Weaver:Happy birthday bitch!

Adora:So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?

Shadow Weaver:Happy birthda-

Adora:*hits her with a glass*

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Usually I don’t really post much about Shadow Weaver scenes because she’s so gross but even by her extreme standards of shittery it’s wild to see just how committed she is to being absolutely awful to Catra. When I first saw this episode, I thought Catra was probably going to be redeemed around the season 1 finale, but now I can see the seeds of just how far she’s still going to fall over the next three seasons being sowed right here.

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r/sheranetflix - More from my Star Wars crossover AU. This time it's Sith Lord Hordak and his apprentice Shadow Weaver. (Next are some rebel generals you might know of)
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okay so i was thinking about the “all she ever wanted was you” and there are so many parallels to that in late s4-s5……. the first scene where catra goes to talk to glimmer (the one where she struts to show dominance), dt taking catra down in the horde, the whole “adora doesn’t want me” thing, and when catra says something like “she’s still the one you want?” to shadow weaver in s1….. jfc it would have been SO POWERFUL if noelle had kept that line in but at the same time i can see why that would have created an issue but OH THE EMOTIONAL PAYOFF OF SEEING ALL THIS

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They’re working together but they don’t entirely trust each other.

During the events of the show, this could be Hordak and Shadow Weaver (or Catra), Shadow Weaver and Glimmer (or Micah), Catra and Glimmer, or Entrapta and the rest of the princess alliance. Post-Canon could be Hordak or Catra with… almost anyone, the freed clones with the princesses or even the Best Friend Squad with beings they meet on other planets.

These are just some suggestions, feel free to interpret this theme any way you like! We’d love it if you’d reblog this and add examples of what you’d like to see for this prompt to give our fan creators some ideas to start with!

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The prompt for Day Thirteen is…

Mentors and Students

An experienced teacher or trusted adviser and their eager (or maybe even unwilling) pupil.

Bow hoped Entrapta would help him learn more about technology. For better or worse, Shadow Weaver was a teacher to Adora, Catra, Micah and Glimmer. Light Hope was a mentor to Adora but so were Angella, Mara and Razz in different ways.

These are just some suggestions, feel free to interpret this theme any way you like! We’d love it if you’d reblog this and add examples of what you’d like to see for this prompt to give our fan creators some ideas to start with!

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I made a She-Ra poster out of my love for this show! This is my first piece of art that I am publicly showing and selling, so I’m very nervously trying to show it to people! I hope you all like it! :)

If you’re interested in possibly buying it (as a poster or some other form) here’s the link:

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Light that scared away the shadows - fangirlishpostss - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
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Loving ShadowWeaver’s animation!!! It reminds me so much of Rankin/Bass animation!!! The way she moves and talks yessssss

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One more reason why I hate Shadow Weaver is how she managed to abuse and manipulate both Catra and Adora in different ways.

Shadow Weaver made Catra feel like she was useless and made clear how unwanted she was. SW tries to tell her, how she saw herself in Catra, how she saw the parts she disliked about herself in Catra. She tried to take away the only person she cared about, by telling Adora “what a distraction Catra was”. Not only that she manipulated and used Catra for her own good constantly, but also she used her power to torture her when she was only a kid. At obe point, when Catra started to trust her, she abandon her again. Yet, Shadow Weaver was the only “parental” figure she ever had, of which SW took advantage of. She ruined her

Adora was like a puppet for Shadow Weaver. Adora was her weapon. She manipulated her (and practically everyone everyone in the Horde if you see it like this) how princesses are evil and the Horde are the good ones even tho it was the complete opposite. She constantly used her to seek power, even if it meant to hurt people Adora cared about. Yet, SW was the only “parental” figure Adora ever had. She ruined her, too.

Shadow Weaver ruined them. She was horrible to them, especially to Catra. Yet, she was the only parental figure they‘ve ever had

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Idk how to properly put this but it agitates me when people say redemption arcs are the “lazy way out” and “boring” as if they don’t explore character motivations and One’s humanity as a whole. I’m honestly tired of flat villains who are just there to do something bad and then be killed for it in a flashy battle. Redemption arcs force the story to explore infinite possibilities with their character, and has to be handled in such a precise way that it’s impossible to say it’s easy writing. Killing them off and returning to the status quo is the easy way out.

“But this character did a bad thing they deserve death.” No, even if the fictional people the fictional character hurt decide not to forgive them, it doesn’t mean someone still can’t make themselves a better person.

Some people like to see people get better, and even want them to. (emphasis on fictional-people on this site tend to forget they aren’t real.) That being said, I know some freak will twist that meaning for themselves so pro-shippers dni I don’t like y'all and that very much does have an effect on reality, I’m specficially talking about fake and outrageous villains.

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Every episode of

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power 7/52 | S1 E07 In the Shadows of Mystacor


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Hordak as Hades makes more sense… but I didn’t want to draw Hordak 🤷

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