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#shadowhunters rewatch
  • I love when they are at the book quotes in for Magnus. “It would be like Beyoncé riding through Times Square on a dinosaur. People would notice.”
  • Also something you pick up when you watch the same episode like five times about a minute and 46 seconds in is this really high-pitched giggle when Clary calls Luke a mummy. And she looks at Magnus
  • You’re more than just a hook up - exactly what every girl wants to hear the morning after an ‘amazing’ night.
  • I feel so bad for Izzy in this ep. but she still looks absolutely stunning
  • Slept at Magnus’ place?
  • Didn’t do much sleeping - ha!
  • Hey, I talk to you - he’s so relatable to me
  • Even with everything going on, he’s still so worried about Izzy
  • I’m the guy about to be disowned when he finds out Jace and clary are still out there doing god knows what - Alec is such a big brother
  • Watching Clary and Jace is really painful for me but I love her ‘plan’
  • You son of a bitch
  • You cheated on me?
  • I uh what? I did not
  • God their entire plan cracks me up
  • Also badass police captain gets another point in my book
  • The way she defends clary
  • The matching tattoos
  • Don’t worry about it, I get it. You always fall for the bad boys right? Or is that just me?
  • I love her so much and I don’t even know her name
  • I have no idea why but literally everyone except for Simon Jace and clary are so loveable like even the waitress at Java jones is so adorable
  • Where’s what’s her face? Latte no whipped cream girl
  • Also is just getting a whole pot of coffee an American thing?
  • Okay the blood filling up the French press thing is seriously creepy
  • I’m gonna bring Alec with me next time, I don’t think he’s ever slapped me in the face
  • This is a disaster
  • Hey, demonpox is a disaster, this is an inconvenience
  • Simon are you okay?
  • I don’t know, I haven’t been kidnapped yet today - first off mood, second off, if I were Simon I wouldn’t leave the house
  • I’ve got a great plan
  • Oh great - I really don’t think clary gets to say that after her disaster before
  • Oh and don’t worry, in my plan, no one gets slapped
  • I feel bad for the IA guy, I don’t know why
  • Noooooooooooo badass captain! She’s the best!! Also I finally know her last name: Bargus
  • Oooo family intervention!!!
  • Simon’s sister is so relatable and when she argues with her mom
  • Also clary picked the worst spot to draw a tattoo. her entire right arm is free, and that design isn’t that hard to draw. like even i could do it. and i can’t draw a stick figure. so there.
  • I wish Izzy was my lil sister. the way she teases Alec, god, i wish i had someone like her growing up.
  • You come here often?
  • I work here - I love Alec so much. Also what do you think he did with the pamphlets?
  • Also Jace must have insane upper body strength to get himself up
  • You’re pack leader now, you don’t need to ask - Luke’s second is such a great character too I wish they all got  more character development
  • Cmon wicked grandmas?
  • What the hell?
  • Language. Not in front of grandma. I miss book!Jace
  • Also it’s weird how clary knows all these runes. Like it’s fine in the books cause they actually show her training but there’s never a single scene within the first scene where they actually teach her runes
  • Don’t worry. It’s not like this is the first time Alec’s saved your life. I doubt it’d be the last. Izzy has no time for this bromance
  • Is she serious? She’s just gonna apologise in the middle of running away? and she really needs to work on her stamina
  • Clary really needs her own sword
  • Ugh demons are ugly
  • Where the hell is she running? AND SHE DOESNT HAVE A SWORD
  • And now she gets the cup out. I’m sorry, I have no patience for clary
  • “Simon, you alive in there?” I mean are vampires alive though?
  • Dear god his room looks like he’s been kidnapped…again
  • Omg how’d she know Jace was a demon though? I watched it a few times over and there’s no sign
  • I mean everything he says sounds like Jace
  • And where’d she get the sword from? Like her first instinct is cup with demons, sword with Jace
  • The logical thing would be reversing but this is ✨shadowhunters ✨ so what is logic anyway
  • Also someone explain why clace moments always happen at the worst moments
  • Like Simon thinks he’s becoming a vamp but clace kiss 💋
  • Nooooo where’s Raphael?
  • Why does no one listen to Raphael? Simon would’ve been fine if he hadn’t gone back to that creepy ass hotel ugh
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At 2:00pm EST (approx. 2 hours from now), I will be streaming the final two episodes of Shadowhunters - 3x21 Alliance and 3x22 All Good Things… on the Malec Discord Server!

Everyone is free to join! 

To go along with the rewatch, @schmicosmalec and I have created a fun bingo game to go along with the two episodes. The winner of the bingo will have the ability to choose their own vanity role (at discretion of the mods, of course) for the month of April, so stakes are high y'all. 


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Nitpicky means for those who don’t know

1. Overly concerned with insignificant details 2. Characterised by petty fault-finding

Episode one starts off with a nitpick the title The Mortal Cup

the good

- the music (though I really wish we had a epic scoreTM as well look up the score for the film and listen to the track called City of Bones which is one of favourites in the score along with Clary’s theme, Midnight in the Garden and Your Secrets Safe with me)

- the friendship between Clary and Simon in the coffee shop

- Dot

- Simon booping himself (shh I know)

- I’ll admit I am still not a fan of Luke being in the police force but I love his captain sooo

- the casting (except Dominick for his apparent cheating allegations and the use of the word f*g because of him I want to hit one of my favourite characters)

- Clary’s outfits

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omg i’ve never noticed how many sexual innuendos magnus made the first night he met alec and every time he says something like that he stares alec right in his eyes like 😏😏 it’s so funny

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i can’t stop laughing at raphael having gross long nails and wearing lipstick in episode 3 fhdkdhdkd season 1 is really something

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Well shit, just missed the rewatch again. At this point I think imma just call it quits, I was reall hoping to make it through season one before I stopped but oh well

Thanks for listening to me babble every Monday (kinda)

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