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The Next Chapter of Our Lives is such a special song, playing when The Suite Life on Deck ended. It was one of the best Disney Channel shows ever along with many other classics like it’s predecessor, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, That’s So Raven, Liv & Maddie, Lizzie McGuire, Sonny with a Chance, Kim Possible, Dog with a Blog and so many others. They just don’t make classics like those anymore.

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DisneyPlus’s Halloween Collection

The collection includes many movies and episodes all about Halloween and all things spooky. Not all Halloween episodes are included.

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You guys remember Disney’s Shake it up?

For those of you who don’t, here’s the context you’ll need for the following: there were these two siblings, Gunter and Tinka, who were kinda jerks to the main characters but had the healthiest sibling relationship ever seen, and in every single episode they introduced themselves like they thought they were Jessie and James from Team Rocket.

Anyways, each time they introduced themselves the brother would go ”I am Gunter!” followed by the sister saying ”Und I am Tinka!” And then they would do these little synced movements and exclaim ”UND VE ARE… THE HESSENHEFFERS!!” in their heavy accent.

And once when the credits were rolling my brother just kinda looked over at me because we had been chilling on the couch for hours and went ”I am Mark!!” and I spontaneusly went ”and I am Jessie!!” and together we did the same thing but with our last name and it was years ago we were silly together like that and I miss it.

Like I really miss hanging out with my brother ;-;

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shawn and angela had something so beautiful and it was gone. i really don’t know what disney’s problem is with interracial couples, especially if its with a black woman. like i remember in thats so raven raven had a crush on this white boy who also liked her and she didn’t get with him and i saw so sad. 

it was so obvious that rocky and ty weren’t all black and they gave them two black parents with browskin complexion. like we know the actors are mixed…

disney basically told us to suck a dick when it came to harry and uma.

galleria and that boy from the cheetah girls was a joke.

miley and corbin bleu’s character on hannah montana ain’t work.

on one of their newer shows sydney to the max (which is great i do recommend) the girl is biracial, but her black mom died and she lives with her white dad and white grandma. like?????

and how im andi mack buffy didn’t get marty until the end. and all those relationships andi was in was a mess.

 zuri had that situationship with stewart. 

zay and maya in girl meets world were building something and the writers dropped it.

the only time i can think of when i saw a interracial couple prominent on the channel is gabe and lauren on good luck charlie.

like im really scared for people who like luz and amity cause i don’t want disney to do something messed up with them. i’m not all that big on the owl house but imma be pissed if i find out that relationship got messed over.

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