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when caretaker walks into whumpee’s home, they see whumpee curled up on the couch, shaking, sweating, hyperventilating. caretaker drops their bag and falls to whumpee’s side. they grab whumpee’s hand but whumpee seems to be hardly conscious. “whumpee, what’s going on? should I call 911?” they start standing to go get their phone, but whumpee clutches their wrist tighter, making like they want to speak but having difficulty due to what’s going on.

caretaker is trying not to cry themselves, but seeing the tears streaming down whumpee’s cheeks makes it hard. they love this person so much. they want whumpee to be happy, healthy, everything they deserve. caretaker rubs a hand over whumpee’s sweaty forehead, pushes the damp hair our of their eyes. whumpee twitches and winces at the touch. “whumpee…” but they don’t know what else to say.

finally whumpee pushes out some words: “I can’t breathe,” they say through their quivering lips. “I’m… so scared. I’m so… so… oh god.” they curl tighter into a ball, and caretaker knows they’re having one of the more severe panic attacks they’ve had in a while.

“you should take something,” caretaker says soothingly.

“I… I’m out,” whumpee admits, knowing caretaker had been reminding them to fill their prescription for a bit. “it’ll… pass, just…. just hold me.” caretaker puts both their hands into whumpee’s. “just hold me, please.” it’s all caretaker can do, so they just sit on the ground next to whumpee, letting them squeeze their arms until it all passes.

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Die Tremophobie ist die Angst vor dem Zittern.

Der Betroffene meidet bestimmte Situationen, bei denen er befürchtet vor anderen zittern zu müssen oder zittrig zu sein: z.B. vor anderen zu sprechen, vor anderen zitternd auf etwas zu zeigen, mit den Fingern zitternd auf etwas zu zeigen, etc.

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