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#shall we date beelzebub
trueshellz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Beelzebub Kink Drabble
Tumblr media
Lucifer | Asmodeus | Satan | Belphegor | Leviathan | Mammon
Warnings: dom!Beelzebub, orgasm play, oral (f recieving), nipple play, exhibitionism, female reader
Tumblr media
"Beel, please!"
Having a huge appetite for food was one thing, but since you and Beelzebub had began dating his love for eating had also came to include you. The number of times he would peer at you from the corner of his eye, mouth tilting up in a small grin before he tugged you to his lap. His hand trailing gently up your leg as he reached the juncture of your thighs, mouthing your neck with small bites before spreading you open for him. To make things complicated, it would be at the most random and inconvenient times like during study hall, at meal times or in the middle of the night.
The one time he had you pressed against the door in an empty classroom, his orange hair peeking from under your skirt as he ate you out. Lips sucking on your clit as his long fingers dipped in and out of your body, your own hands grasping for purchase on the door behind you. Your face flushing red when Lucifer stopped right outside the door and reprimanded his little brother for being late to their meeting, you were sure you could hear a grin in his voice but could do nothing as he increased his ministrations and played your body until your back arched, screams muffled behind your hand as you came.
At this moment, Beelzebub had you spread in his bed as he tongue fucked your hole, hands holding your thighs open as he groaned and grunted into your sensitive folds. You had already cum twice, body covered in a thin sheen of sweat and breath in small gasps. Your pussy felt puffy and used, nipples erect from his hands coming up to pinch and massage them. Your own hands were tied to the bed, silk ropes securing them to the bedposts as he laid you out like a buffet. The cups of your bra pulled down, hair sticking to your forehead and back arched as he pulled another orgasm from you. Small sobs and hiccups as he moaned against your clit, licking and swallowing the wetness that gushed from you.
"Beel, I can't please... it's too much."
Iridescent eyes looked up at you, tongue lapping at the wetness around his mouth. His hair was disheveled from your hands before being tied up, a faint blush around his chest. His hand coming up to wipe his mouth as he grinned at you.
"But I'm not full yet, you wouldn't want me to be hungry would you, princess?"
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sofiakistein · a month ago
my favorite meal - beelzebub
↳ 𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌: beelzebub x fem bodied! reader
↳ ⚠️𝖙𝖜: oral sex (f), masturbation (f) squirting, kinda dubcon, cum eating, cunnilingus,light overstimulation  All characters are 18+ here.
↳ 𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖈𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖙: 1.1k
↳𝖆/𝖓: guys, I´m really in love w Beel. He makes me so happy and horny at the same time, lmao
tagging list
Tumblr media
Beelzebub has a strong smell sense, after all, he'd been training himself to identify and find each meal in the Devildom. But it's one particular smell that has him dizzy and drunk, made him hungrier, he wanted more of that, and not knowing what it is made him angry.
The first time he smelt it was outside of your room, it was almost midnight, and he was sure everyone was sleeping since it was time for one of his nocturnal sneak-outs to the fridge. He was curious about what it was, the odor was so strong it drove him crazy. His stomach growled. Your room was far from the kitchen, so he was confused, and not wanting to pay more attention to it, he ignored it and went back to his way.
A couple of days had passed, and Beel smelt the same smell again. You just woke up and entered the kitchen searching for some breakfast. He locked his eyes on you while you had a small talk with Mammon.
"Beel, is everything ok?" you asked. It was weird how he was seeing you. Snapping out of his thoughts, Beel smiled softly at you. "Yep, just focused eating y'know?" he answered. And after that encounter, Beelzebub was sure that the addicting smell came from you. He just wasn't sure how or why, but it kept him starving.
So wanting to satisfy his appetite, Beelzebub started following you, waiting until your body would emanate the odor. After some time, he was sure that it wasn't sweating nor when you didn't brush your teeth, it was something stronger. Tired of not knowing what it was, and tangled into his thoughts, Beel decided to confront you, after all, it was you who had the answer. It was you how could feed him.
He waited until late in the night since he didn't want to disturb his brothers; on his way to your room, the smell reappeared, and he followed it until your door. Unsure of what to do, but needing to know what was the smell he's been obsessing with recently, he opened slowly your door.
That's when he found the answer. A loose shirt covering your body, no panties, legs spread, and a little purple vibrator on your clit, Beelzebub didn't know how much he needed that view of you until then. You were so deep into pleasuring yourself that you didn't notice when Beel closed the door and stood in front of your bed, shaky breath as he got drunk, dizzy, dumb, and even hungrier than before of the smell. The smell of your wet pussy.
"That was it," he finally spoke, taking you out of your high. Scared and shocked by his presence there, you discarded the vibrator and quickly covered your body with the blanket. You thanked the universe that the only thing lighting your room was the moonlight because you were sure your face was red as hell.
"Be-Beel... what are you doing here?" you asked, with a breathy and shaky voice. You were ashamed that he caught you masturbating.
Not answering, he climbed onto your bed, hovering over you and smelling you. His face was too close to yours. "This is what I was looking for," both hands at each side of your head, supporting himself and keeping eye contact. "That smell... let me have more of it!" he begged you. You furrowed your eyebrows together, not understanding.
"What smell?" you asked. "Your smell," Beel answered in joy.
"It was frustrating not knowing what kept me awake for nights," one of his hands cupped your cheek, and Beel smiled at you. "It made me hungry, I couldn't get satisfied with anything," his lips brushed yours, and you closed your eyes. You still didn't know what was going on, but his warmth felt so good, especially when you could feel his hard cock under the blanket and clothes. "Oh, let me satisfy both of us," and with that, he kissed you.
His lips were searching for yours eagerly, and you locked your hands on his hair to deepen the kiss. After some time of tasting your lips, Beel moved his body to the side and took off the blanket from your body. From your previous orgasms of the night, your sheets were damped with your juices, and not wanting to waste more time, Beelzebub placed himself between your legs.
His breath close to your pussy made you squirm immediately. He rubbed his nose all over your wetness, making sure to get every drop of his new favorite smell. He began with kitten licks, enjoying how you started to have trouble breathing normally.
"Yes, you are so perfect like this," he murmured on your pussy, his deep voice traveling thru your whole body. "You are my new favorite meal," one of his fingers found its way to your entrance, and he groaned at how warm and tight you felt.
"Am I?" you asked. His tongue was doing a fantastic job around your clit while his finger pumped fast in and out of you. "then Beel, baby-" a moan escaped your mouth when he inserted another digit inside you. "make me cum, can you?" your hands locked on his hair not wanting to end the contact. You were careful to not let out any more moans since you didn't want to wake up anyone on the house, but Beel was making it impossible.
"imma make you squirt," he answered. His head was trapped between your thighs, but he didn't care, he was so hungry for you, and he wanted to have more of you.
Your orgasm didn't take too long. You were already worked up from masturbating, but what Beel was doing was out of this world. He helped you ride out your high, but once you were done he didn't stop.
"Beel, I already cummed..." you called. You were sensitive and still dizzy from the climax, but he was enjoying it. Beelzebub was enjoying how your juices were dripping from your cunt, making the spot bigger on your sheets.
"Don't care," he answered. His fingers caressing your walls over and over again. "Told you I'd make you squirt on my face," his nose rubbing your puffy clit, and his tongue licking every drop of yourself, had you on heaven again.
"But Imma make-" you bit your lower lip forcing yourself to not scream. "Fuck, Imma make a mess," your eyes rolled to the back of your head while Beel was focused on pleasing you."I'll clean it," his fingers found that sweet spot of yours. "I'll drink everything you have to give me," and he meant his words.
You squirted so hard, your cum was dripping from his jaw. Now he had your smell on himself. Your mind was on another planet, or another galaxy, maybe. Tears on your eyes because of the sensation and heavy breaths, you had to bite your hand to not alarm anybody. Beelzebub came out of your legs and leaned over you to kiss you, making sure you could taste yourself.
"So good..." he whispered with his lips over yours. "I wanna eat you forever."
– all rights reserved © sofiakirstein 2021.  please do not repost, plagarise, distribute or transtale my work on ANY plataform
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queazy-and-uneasy · 3 months ago
dumb Obey Me! headcannons because why not
Mammon is a fan of Britney Spears, doesn’t want to admit it. Sometimes he steals MC’s phone just to listen to her songs
Asmo is in love with Ru Paul’s drag race. Watches it all the time when he gets the chance to watch human-world TV
Levi definitely doodles MC in his notebook when he’s in class
Satan’s favorite book genre is erotica
Lucifer has a picture of MC under his bed and will NOT let anyone else see it. It’s a completely normal picture, he just claims it as his and his alone
MC calls the boys “submissive and breedable” all the time but nobody knows what it means
Belphie flips Simeons cape over his head all the time when walking by each other in the hallway
Divaldo uses deez nuts jokes (he got owned by MC) but has absolutely no idea what it means
Mammon has a picture of MC taped to one of his pillows and uses it for kissing practice
Mammon also has a body pillow of his credit card
Beel thinks him an MC are friends with benefits but doesn’t know what it actually stands for
He had a very awkward conversation with MC after that
Mammon cried like a fucking baby getting his ears pierced
Belphie when through a scene phase
Almost all of the brothers will walk into MC’s room unannounced like it’s theirs
Lucifer hates washing machines (why? don’t know)
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spencerkeg · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi there I’m back with another weakness hc, this time for my sweet strawberry muffin: Beelzebub! 🍓🧁
Beel loves aprons. Practical ones for baking, frilly ones for decor, vinyl ones for butchering or even leather ones for metal working!! He just really likes the shape of them and how they highlight someone’s trapezius muscles and shoulders. He finds the act of tying someone’s apron for them EXTREMELY intimate. ❤️❤️❤️
A couple other things not shown- A) workout gear: he likes to see his partner sweaty lol and doing their best! Even if they aren’t that strong or “good” at working out- it’s the effort and look of concentration that is endearing. Breathing hard is a plus lol
Next, B) work clothes/uniforms: now hear me out- you know how a lot of retail jobs have a uniform? Things like polos and khakis. For whatever reason, he really likes em. My only justification for this is that it’s seeing his partner in a way he normally wouldn’t. It also ties pack to seeing his partner with a concentrated look on their face. The most important reason… I like it and think it’s silly that whenever beel’s partner has to go to their part time job, they have to pry beel off themselves.
Whether it’s working out or working a job, he SEES YOUR EFFORT!! AND HE APPRECIATES YOU!!! Beel is so proud of you and thanks you for all your hard work❤️❤️❤️
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moonlightmiya · 2 months ago
[ Kinktober; Day 5 - Primal - Obey Me! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beelzebub x F!Reader (no gendered terms)
Includes; Consent at beginning because consent is sexy, primal(to be hunted by a larger animal), ‘bunny’ and ‘wolf’ role play, fake!force, grinding, pantie sniffing, pussy eating, strong beel 😩, penetration, small parts of nipple play, breeding kink (Beel)
> Kinktober Masterlist <
Tumblr media
A/N - I kinda lost inspo for this one since it was in a way similar to Satan’s ver. But I tried for u all <3
Tumblr media
Your feet pats along the floor as you run from him, the wood creaking when you step on the wrong places and light pants coming from your mouth. Both because of the fear and excitement of getting caught, plus all the energy it’s all taking from you
You turn around to see Beel’s big figure walking slowly upstairs, quickly running into the nearest room to hide yourself in the closet as you listen closely for his footsteps
“Are you sure about this?” Beelzebub looks at you worried, not knowing what to think of what you had just said
“Of course I am! I just wanna try it, and if we don’t like it we don’t have to do it again, I promise” you re-assure him, playing with his ginger locks as he lays in your lap
“So can we go over it again?” Beel blushes, wanting to hear the filth coming out your mouth, so you nod, tracing patters on his cheeks to his lips,
“I want you to chase me, like a predator, then I’ll run away-“ he interrupts you
“Like a scared bunny..?” You laugh and nod your head,
“Yeah, like a scared, little bunny, then I’ll hide, and when you find me~” you pause for a second, taking in his flustered expression and lax jaw
“Then you can fuck me how you’d like,” you lean over to place a soft kiss on his lips, laughing as he pulls away from you to shift you onto his lap,
“I already do that bunny” you both laugh, kissing him more
Beelzebub breaths out, thinking back to the conversation you both had, ‘they asked me to do this’ he thinks to himself as he enters the room he seen you run into, his hard footsteps being heard on the floor by you
He checks under the bed, behind the curtains, until he eventually gets to the closet, knocking on it as he hears your heavy breathing,
“Bunny, there’s no point in hiding, your scent of fear can be tracked from miles away,” his deep voice is mumbled from the door separating you,
You whimper in response, trying to hide yourself amongst the clothes in the closet more by pulling a hoodie in-front of yourself, keeping quiet even when he knocks on the door
“Bunny, I’m getting impatient here… Don’t make me come in there” Beelzebub’s voice is laced with anger, his face pressed against the door as he knocks harder, getting slightly frustrated by the situation
Suddenly the door flys open, revealing Beel’s muscular figure, your breath hitches as he grabs your arm, hauling you up effortlessly as he pulls your body against his, instantly wrapping a possessive arm around your waist
He sways you both side to side, he smile spreading across his face as he watches you try to struggle out from his grasp, “you look scared bunny, did you not want to face the big, bad, wolf” his arm tightens around you, forcing you to walk out from the closet with him, the clothes falling to the ground as Beelzebub slams the door shut
He forces your jaw open, placing two of his fingers in your mouth as he pushes you against the bed, not allowing you to fall just yet, “you’ve not been answering me bunny,” he takes his fingers out your mouth, finally letting you fall, climbing ontop of you so he can cage you between his arms,
Your face flushes red as his sharp teeth show from between his gapped mouth, your mind wondering to how they would feel sinking into your skin, marking your neck, stomach, thighs, “I-I’m sorry, I was just..” you pause,
He looks at you confused, “just what?” shifting your hair from your face he looks into your eyes, resting his body on top of yours, awaiting an answer
“You, you chased me, and now your above me and, and” you frantically try to explain, watching the drool come from his lips as he looks at you hungrily, you start to unintentionally grind on his clothed cock, fuck he’s big, you think to yourself, biting your bottom lip slightly, refusing to look into his eyes
“You know, I wouldn’t mind some fresh bunny to eat” he cuts you off, holding your hips in place, stopping you from moving them against his,
“I’m- I’m not too sure if that totally,” your breath hitches, taking a deep breath in as Beelzebub travels in between your thighs, kneeling beside the bed as he nuzzles into your plush thighs with his nose, licking a wet hot stripe down to your clothed pussy, but not yet touching you, yet his actions make it enough to get your panties soaked,
“Is appropriate…” you moan, finishing your sentence with a shaky breath as your back arches off the bed, your hands locked on each side of your head as Beel grabs both of your thighs, hauling them up as he shoves his face into your pussy, sniffing the damp underwear
“Ah, ah, p-please, just, stop, you can’t do this..” you try to argue with him, but his dominant aura makes it hard for you, his hard eyes staring at you, trying not to moan his name as he licks at your clothed pussy, his hair falling to his face as he pushes your soaked panties out the way, kissing your clit before trailing his lips up your trembling body
“Are you sure you don’t want a strong wolf to help you out with your,” he cups your pussy, nibbling on your ear, “needs…” his voice vibrates through your body, every inch of you saying yes, but your head knowing this isn’t right, he’s a wolf and you’re just a cute sensitive bunny,
“Don’t tell me you would rather have a no for good nothing fuck you, he could never compare to me” he laughs, confident in his words as he places a gentle kiss on your lips, his soft breath fanning over your neck and chest as he finally reaches your pretty pussy again, blowing cold air onto your clit, “just let me show you what I mean” he growls, instantly putting his mouth over your cunt, stuffing your pretty hole with his long tongue
Your back arches, nimble fingers grabbing at his locks as your eyes roll to the back of your head, you hear the exotic sounds of his sloppy tongue reaching to the highest spots inside your gummy walls, his own moans vibrating in your cunt as he pleasures himself off of your moans and yelps,
His lips wrap around your clit as he sucks gently around it, poking his tongue out slightly as he starts to lick at your clit, his fingers prodding at your hole as he gently pushes them in
“We still.. shouldn’t be doing this, you c-cant touch me like that…” you moan, gasping out a sentence as Beel’s fingers curl inside of you. The same pace that his throbbing cock grinds against the mattress
“You’re really still trying to make yourself think that?” Beel’s moans vibrate against you as he nears his own orgasm, the vibrations stimulating your body more as you yell out his name
“Fuck I’m going to, pleeaase,” you plead, forgetting about your defence, your mind filled with thoughts of him making you cum on his fingers, tongue, and cock. You start gripping at his hair, pushing his face against your pussy more, you cream on his fingers, moaning loudly as you feel yourself cumming hard around him
Your legs shake as he pulls away, his breath also shaky as he releases his cock from his boxers, pulling it out to reveal it covered in pre-cum. “You gonna take me like a good little bunny, yeah?” You nod, biting your thumb as he pulls your legs over his thighs, his cock leaking against your cunt, watching both of your juices mixing together as he humps your pussy
“Shit, please put it in…” you wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him closer to you. Beel’s fingers digging into your thighs as he lines his cock up to your soaked cunt
“Tell me exactly what you want” he breaths down your neck, biting your exposed skin to leave deep purple marks,
You gasp out moans as he slowly pushes his pre cum into you, “I-I want you to.. fuck me, please” his eyes light up, happy by your shy response
“That’s what I like to hear, now let me use your sweet cunt, bunny” he rasps, pushing his thick cock into you in one thrust, mouthing and biting at your neck and breasts as he slowly humps your body, enjoying watching you squirm under his touch
“Your gonna take all my cum and keep it there until I say otherwise, want to breed you full of my pups, little one. You’ll do that for me, right? Right?” His thrusts become quicker, his girthy cock nearly splitting you in two as his speech gets more sloppy,
All you can do is moan and scratch at his body, begging for him to breed you, and when he does eventually cum, just know he has much more for you. He’s going to force you to have his cubs, even if it takes all night.
Tumblr media
Taglist; @on3ey3dk1ng , @beelsmeal , @courtneypaigemartin , @simpingfortoast , @-miiss-orihara- , @kurooslove @cosmosassassin
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leviathans-watching · 4 months ago
Do you wanna know what I can’t get outta my head?
Beel totally just picks the MC up if they’re doing something he thinks will get them in trouble or if he just wants to leave the room for snacks, like a cat with their kitten.
They’re just mouthing off to Lucifer and Beels just holding them 5ft off the ground by the back of their top.
I don’t know what you can do with this information but it’s like a HC now…
beel carrying mc
Tumblr media
includes: beel & gn!reader
wc: .3k | rated g | m.list
a/n: this is so cute omg! i feel like he'd totally do this. thanks for requesting and hope you liked it! my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or request!!
please like and reblog,,,
Tumblr media
“mc,” lucifer’s tone was stern, bordering on angry. “you cannot skip school because ‘you just don’t feel like going’.”
“oh yeah?” you say, crossing your arms. “and how are you going to stop me? you're not my dad!”
all of the other brothers watched in silence, stunned. rarely did you and lucifer get into it, but when you did, but was always a scene.
lucifer’s aura crackled and beel’s protective instincts kicked in. stepping up to you, his only goal getting you out of there asap, he doesn’t think, instead just lifting you up, carrying you like a sack of meat out of the room.
you don’t go easily, no, but you’re relatively easy to carry as beel’s strength is crazy even for demons. once he sets you down you just look at him and beel worries he’s done something wrong.
(okay, so he knows that may not have been the best choice of action, but what was he supposed to do, let lucifer try to smite you? yeah, right.)
“did- did you just carry me?” you ask, voice wavering slightly in disbelief.
“um, yes?” beel eventually answers. “lucifer was getting mad.”
reminded of your fight with the eldest brother, you scoff. “he was already mad. i was gaming to get him furious.”
beel sighs. “one of these days i’m not going to be around to save-”
“you mean carry?”
“-you from him. what then?”
rolling your eyes, you sigh. “look, i’m not going to stop fighting with him or anyone else because all i’m doing is standing up for myself. if you feel it necessary to intervene, you may, but know i can take care of myself.”
“i don’t doubt that,” beel says. “and sorry for just picking you up without your consent.”
“oh, no, that was fine,” you say with a little laugh. “i hope you know you’ll be stuck doing that forever now.”
“i will?”
nodding decisively, you smile up at him. “yep! though you don’t have to pick me up by my armpits…”
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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hey-its-spades · 2 months ago
Baby brother mc! Prt 2
[ tags: mc is a minor./ M! Mc ( little brother!)/ satan being a spiteful jealous bitch/ asmo protectsyou from creeps/ asmo literally commits murder/ asmo embarrassing mc/beel loves you unconditionally/ jealousy issues/ mc being a little shit.]
Mc is 14-17 years old. A teen lmao
- hol up.
- the literal definition of sibling rivalry.
- satan is, for lack of a better word, jealous. I know weird right??? Levi can practically feel the envy oozing off of him. Yet the thing is is that if you ask him what's wrong he wont answer you.
- he is canonically the youngest of the 7, he use to be one of the two baby's of the house. Lucifer will never admit it but he let satan get away with half the shit he does bc he is a young demon and its normal behavior for young demons to try to maim their sire's/ the head alpha of the family.
- you showed up and suddenly now the dynamic is shifting and he HATES IT.
- its not like you do it on purpose, you try to play with him, and share your hobbies with him. Hes just really mean.
- he's like a mean older sibling at first. He ignores you when you talk to him, breaks your things, try's to ruin your spells.
- the fact that you follow Lucifer and mammon around on their heel like their the second coming. A little puppy following their master. "Why do you try so hard to make them like you ??"
- his bullying unfortunately influences you, your so pissed. Filled with as much rage as an angsty teenage boy can be. Much to everyone's dismay..
- hates being upstaged by you.
He will cook a 7 course dinner and get a few compliments: you make a really messy and ugly cake and everyone will be DYING to try it.
He can perform intricate spells and magic techniques and get an A+ : you finally manage to conjure a few sparks of magic and everyone is congratulating you,and hyping you up.
Knows languages like the back of his hand,rarely messes up but when he does he's called an idiot : you mess up a few words in demonspeak and everyone thinks its cute.
He will paint a straight up masterpiece: you make a small picture of all of them and now it's on the fridge, and now Lucifer has a small smile on his face whenever he sees it.
- " I refuse to be upstaged by a mortal child!" " yeah whatever you say blondie- "* continues to eats chips*
- you are both attention seekers and you both leech off each other.
- asmo thinks you are just the cutest thing in the whole 9 circles!! Let him pinch your cheeks! Brush your hair? Wanna get your ears pierced kiddo?? We could get matching sets? Wouldn't that be cute??
- loves your little mannerisms, you remind him so much of widdle baby lilith. "It's so refreshing to have a baby in the house!" He smiles," assy I'm 15-" " sssshhhhhh baby boy :> ❤"
- you guys go out together often for some bonding time❤ he keeps a careful eye on you 100% of the time.
- We often forget that asmo is a DEMON, a powerful one at that. He will not even hesitate to kill a bitch.
- 100% "WHO HURT MY BABY!?! "energy.
- once you were out together at some store. He went to go look at something a little farther away from you and some creepy ass demon came up and was tryina' hit.
- the AURA that materialized behind you as the great and powerful asmodeus Karen sprinted past you. He grabbed that demons face with his claws.
- he turned to you sweetly " mc, baby boy plug your ears and turn around for me? M'kay?❤" you do as he says. It sounds like a jaguar and a komodo dragon fighting while simultaneously being thrown into a wood chipper.
- when he taps you shoulder he is covered in demon blood." Aw assy your pretty outfit is ruined 😰" you say as you tug at his blood stained jacket. " daaaww it's okay luv ❤ I have. A friend that lives nearby. I'll just borrow an outfit from her and we can get on with our day ❤"
- he knows how teenage boys work. He knows that he need to tone his charm down SIGNIFICANTLY around you. Absolutely no flirting with the child,asmodeus knows better. The entire idea of that lowkey makes his stomach turn.ew.
- he will however give you the best relationship and * cough cough* "personal" advice that he has! "Darling your are a growing boy...its time we talk abt the hell-birds and the murder bees-" " OH MY DIAVOLO ASMODEUS NO!!"
- if you are asexual, that's absolutely fine." its still important for you to know these things for your own personal health" is what he says. Asmo loves you from the bottom of his 4 hearts ❤❤❤ he only wants what's best for you. A happy and healthy little demon.
- let him pick your matching outfit's when you go out plz??
- his devilgram is always blowing up with comments and likes on pictures of you two. You are the 2nd most handsome being in the devildom 😘 aside from assy himself.
- beel just kinda looks down at you and is like: "Explain your smallness-" " uh I literally just started existing like less than 14 years ago?" * nods* " mmm yeah, that explains it."
- best big brother energy
- he let's you try to tackle/wrestle with him, he thinks it's cute. Hes a big guy so it's like a mouse trying to move a boulder. Lol
- beel just lifts his arm and you are hanging from your legs upside down like a monkey" >:D !!!" "Plz dont fall little bro."
- if anyone at school even looks in your direction in the wrong way .HE.WILL.EAT.THEM. or at the very least give them the most threatening glare known to demon kind.
- will just hold food to your mouth. Feed the child >:( " little demons need food to grow strong horns and bones,mc" " I'm not a demon,but I'll take your offerings of French fries as compensation ..."
- best hugs. hands down.
- just kinda.picks you up like. all the time. He'll walk out of the room and then come back in shortly:
" sorry I forgot this-" *picks you up* " oh" you say. Your just a little kitten he likes to pick up and hold
- new little brother :) ❤ he is extremely protective of you. You look just like little lilith.
- you ,beel ,and belphie will often cuddle together. Beel in the middle with belphie and you on Either sides of him like a living heater.
- makes sure you eat everyday. Gotta keep up your strength, little bro.
- you wanna lift weights with him? Oh okay! We'll start you on square one and he'll be here to help you out when his schedule allows it.
You'll be a strong boy one day he knows it for sure.
- very proud of you, it makes him happy to see you discover things for the first time. Occasionally you'll find a cool small object and he'll hold it for you. Hes been dubbed " the official treasure holder " he keeps his treasures in a box on his bedroom bookshelf.
- will hold your hand in large crowds. Your much smaller then most of the devildom citizens, he'd be so worried if he lost you. If it's too crowded your can ask him if you can get on his shoulders. Prepare to see everything.
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alice-revolution · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
<Artist : 天ぷら茶>
Permission to post was granted by the artist. Editing and reposting in any platform (FB, IG, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc) are prohibited. Please kindly like their arts on their Pixiv and Twitter.
<Lucifer, Satan & Mammon, Beelzebub>
Admin Sugar ✨
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queazy-and-uneasy · a month ago
a third rendition of stupid obey me headcannons
mammon cant spell “definitely”
lucifer needs at least 4 pillows to fall asleep
asmo and mammon are the only ones that belive in horoscopes
whenever mc gets upset with the boys they just steal all the chargers in the house until they apologize
beel sometimes will just drop his dumbbells on the floor and it shakes the house
levi secretly has freckles but hides them with concealer
sometimes luke will just walk into mc’s room and lay at the end of their bed and fall asleep
satan is a master at darts. seriously don’t fuck with him
satan also has a pile of cat plushies hidden in his closet that are just covered in books
belphie likes growing his nails out so he can scratch his brothers
solomon will randomly appear at mc’s bedside in the middle of the night and scares the shit out of them
whenever simeon doesn’t want anyone talking to him he just screams until the person walks away
mammon has broken his wrist twice. nobody knows how or why
asmo cries whenever he messes up his nail polish
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janumun · 4 months ago
Obey Me! (OM Beel, Mammon and Asmo Dom Headcanons - NSFW)
Tumblr media
Rated: NSFW/18+ Tags: oral and vaginal sex, exhibitionism, D/s themes, possessive behaviour, creampies, cock-warming
Tumblr media
Author’s Notes: Hello, @mammons-baby ♥️ A very good day to you, too! I’m so happy you requested Asmo among your three. Two of these boys can be terrible with their handling of jealousy and I feel like it would come into play in their behaviour as a Dominant. I hope you’ll enjoy these Dombey me headcanons!
(Requests for this event are now closed, dear readers. Thank you to all those who participated.)
Tumblr media
Beel (softest ‘gluttonous’ Dom on the block™️) is here to make sure you’re in comfort, and are content whenever… wherever you two decide to touch each other.
Against the down of pillows as your head sinks further and back into the bed, when Beel has your hips rocked firm against the sheets. Crammed against the wall and nerveless limbs folded, as he fucks up into you; a large palm curved about the back of your head in protection, lest you injure yourself with his relentless, violent propulsions. He is gentle and gently-coaxing: in asking you to spread your legs wide. Smooth but firm in how he sweeps away your hands if you reach to tug off your panties.
“Let me do it,” he reassures, violet gaze bright as it meets yours. “I want to.” Holding the contact until he obtains your understanding.
Shushes and thumbs away your tears of arousal, slipping the digit back into his mouth for a taste. Soothing open-mouthed kisses across the inside of your thighs when you cry that you can’t and he has yet to have his hunger sated. Ensures your sounds are reduced to hiccups and short croons in quivering assent before he returns for a starved slurp against your drenched pussy. Tongues and swipes at all that might’ve leaked in the absence of his mouth on you.
He does not take well to teasing, of any kind, and attempts — if made — meet swift and pleasurable ends with you finding him pulsing deep within, mere moments later.
Mammon (the ‘selfish’ Dom™️) requires your entire attention and affections to be focused upon him, once you agree to be his.
And he is unforgiving and adamant when it comes to this one policy. He isn’t open to brokering a deal or providing concession over his absolute [loving] ownership of you. Any ventures made to try and test his ‘endless generosity’, intentional or not, end in terrible sensual failures.
Any of his brothers toeing too close to your person, laughing a bit too happily along with you, or worse: daring a hand forward to touch you… Mammon’s immediately moving to insert himself into their space, batting away the offending object of his jealousy being. A possessive arm he hooks about your waist, reeling you in close, “Hey! Don’t go ’round touchin’ my human, ya hear me?”
Sinking a bite into the flesh of your ear, palm settling proprietorial against the flare of your ass before squeezing; Mammon does not care how you flush and burn at his display, keeping up with the show until the disgruntled person walks off, or your demon can drag you into an unoccupied classroom and fuck his frustration into you.
Has absolutely run off on (multiple) occasions after he finishes inside you; swiping up your panties, tossing them in between his palms in mockery before shoving them into the back-pocket of his jeans. “Hah, these are mine for the day, ya stupid gorgeous gem. Let ‘em catch you wet and smellin’ of me.” Leaving you with a quick smooch at the corner of your lips, “I’ll see ya at home. Naked.” …trembling legs and a palm you cup in between, to scoop at his cum in futility.
Nothing else quite gets him off as the sight of you flushed and starry-eyed for him alone; the way your mouth falls open for his cock, even on days he refuses to fit himself inside of you he’s never successful when you desire him so, looking at him like that.
Asmodeus (the ‘proud’ Dom™️) wants you pretty, compliant and perched across his lap, your eyes upon him in wonder and affection.
Your Avatar of Lust thrives off your single-minded adoration, of each and every action he subjects you to, no matter how gentle or cruel he may be with toeing your boundaries. Sometimes, trying you out to see how far you can handle his love for you, his delightful little human he has let in, and allowed her to worship him and him alone.
Asmo takes great pleasure in coddling you with the proper amount of care you deserve on that specific day; rose-scented baths and exquisite full body massages—
“Why, your breasts feel absolutely heavenly, darling. Smooth and fragrant.” Ignoring the restive bite of teeth into your lip, to tamp down your moan, as devious fingers slick a soapy circle about your areolae. “Aren’t you glad you followed my self-care instructions so well?”
He does not appreciate sharing your attentions with another, and unlike Mammon, Asmo’s ‘punishments’ are far subtle in their low burn of wrath; a cold, calculated sort of trap laid out for his sweetest heart.
Depending upon his mood and the intensity of your ‘crime’, he might let you off ‘easy’: a pretty pink bow around his prettiest girl’s neck, seating her down upon his cock and allowing no movement unless he wills it. A delicate brush of fingers across your hip in soothing strokes, each time he feels you try to shift to relieve your arousal. But you know and feel the concealed warning within that touch, if you were to try and move, without permission.
“What is it, darling? Am I not your most favorite?” A beauteous smile lights his face when you nod, vehement, tears gathering at the corners of your vision when he gently thrusts inside you. A mere graze of pleasure before he steals it away. “Aha, I knew that already, sweet, silly thing. Then… you don’t mind proving yourself to me, do you?” A kiss feathered onto your sweat-slicked brow; his eyes are cool, his command irrefutable. “Stay still and pretty for me now.”
Tumblr media
End Notes: Thank you for reading!
♧° Link to Master List °♡
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deviousdemonzzz · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐖: Twitter p*rn links, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT
Tumblr media
Just thinking about Beelzebub and how he would love to breed you until your pussy is sore and leaking. How, no matter how much he prepares you with his skilled tongue and thick fingers that he still has to force his inhumanly large cock into your tight hole. "Good girl, I knew it would fit," he'd praise, large hands wandering across the obvious bulge in your stomach, "I'll be sure to fill you up until you're nice and full of me."
Tumblr media
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leviathans-watching · 3 months ago
Can I please request mc not thinking. That beel is scary at all. Like mc sees beel as like a big dog that is supposed to be scary but is just a mush. And beel loves it cause mc is always so sweet to him, let’s him take food from their plate and gives him treats they bake cause mc thinks he is just so fucking adorable
mc not thinking beel is scary
Tumblr media
includes: beel x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .6k | rated g | m.list
warnings: beel's got some fears of hurting you, cooking & eating, mentions of a knife & cutting board
a/n: what a sweet prompt. i think beel would absolutely adore mc no matter what, and i hope this conveys that message. thanks for requesting! my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or req, so drop something in anytime!!
please reblog <3
Tumblr media
you hum, completely relaxed, stirring the pot in front of you absentmindedly. behind you, beel cuts vegetables, the sound of the knife hitting the cutting board rhythmic and even.
it's a familiar pattern, one the two of you have well established, and you love it, love the peace and intimacy, love being around beel. though when you had first met him, the air fraught with warnings from his brothers, it was very easy to see he was nothing but a big softie.
“here,” beel says, handing you the food he was working with. giving him a smile, you take it, scraping the vegetables into the pot. you’re making soup, an old recipe, one that was perfect for the chilly and rainy weather the devildom had been encased in for the last few days.
“thanks,” you chirp, lowering the heat until it was at a simmer, putting the lid on the pot. “now we wait!” you continued, wiping your hands on the kitchen towel that was hung within reach.
“it already smells good,” beel says appreciatively, sniffing the air. “now what do you want to do?”
“we can watch a movie?” you offer. “your choice.”
beel nods, serious. “i like that idea. i think belphie is in our room so the attic is ripe for the taking.” only you and beel were allowed in the attic whenever you wanted, something you smugly held over the rest of the brothers.
the idea of curling in the nest of blankets and pillows belphie kept sounded wonderful. “let’s do it!” you cheer. “carry me?”
beel hesitates and you pause.
“what’s up? you don’t have to carry me if you don’t want to.”
“i want to!” beel hurriedly assures you. “it's just… i’m worried i’ll hurt you.”
you shrug. “it hasn’t happened yet.”
beel frowns, running a hand through his hair. “not yet. but it could.”
seeing he was really torn up about this, you step forward, putting a hand on his arm. “you’re not going to hurt me, beel. i trust you, and i know how careful you are with me.”
“but it could happen,” beel pressed, and you move your hand from his arm to his cheek, letting him press into your palm.
“but it won’t.”
waiting to see if he wanted to continue to talk about the subject you let him work out his thoughts. it surprises you when he suddenly moves, sweeping you up into his arms.
“beel!” you gasp, laughing. “i meant like a piggyback!”
“i can put you down,” beel offers, but you shake your head, clinging to him harder.
“no way! this is awesome. now c’mon, i’ve got to get something out of my room before we go up to the attic.”
beel watches you spoon soup into your mouth, wincing a little at the hot temperature. it’s unbearably cute. your next bit is more careful; you take a moment to blow on the liquid, cooling it, and this time, when you try a bite, all you do is smile.
“it’s so good!” you say after swallowing. “here. try some.”
completely ignoring the bowel of soup in front of beel, you hold out your spoon, a hand cupped under it to make sure you don’t spill. beel leans forward obediently, carefully slurping up some of the spoonful.
“it is good,” he says, and you beam, happily returning to your own meal. beel watches for a moment more, heart swelling in his chest. he loves you, loves being around you, and even if sometimes he can’t help but worry about hurting you, you always know exactly what to do, exactly what to say to assuage his fears.
you were kind, and wonderful, and beel wondered he was so lucky as to be so close to you, but didn’t voice his thoughts, knowing that if he were to, you’d only declare that you were the lucky one out of the two of you, leaving him flustered for a moment.
he didn't understand your unshakable faith in him but he’d be damned if he did something to break it, even if it meant going against his very nature.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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