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#shall we date leviathan
spacepaprika · an hour ago
Levi: I-I wanna have unprotected handholding!!
MC: *gasp*
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endeenderman · an hour ago
Tumblr media
"ObeyMe!" Human Pet AU.
Warnings: mentions of feasting on human meat, some sexual mentions, torture and blood.
~Prologue/what you need to know~
This universe is different from the original ObeyMe! story, let's just say that there was never an exchange program or the whole unite the three realms thing, in this world humans are considered lower life force from demon and angels (and other creatures as well), those with low wealth were killed and their meat was sold to many markets in the Devildom, some humans where kept alive and sold as "pets" so some demons, they could either be adopted or bought, if a human was scene without it's owner than it would stay at the human "shelter" and if no one came to pick it up it would be killed within a weeks time, some humans where more valuable than others, those who came from a rich or famous bloodline made a good fortune when being sold and many wanted to breed their humans so they could sell their "pups", some where bought as companions, others as toys, for those lucky enough to get bought by a "nice" individual had a better life waiting for them in comparison to those for weren't. Some of the people that could afford a was the King of the Demons and the seven Lords of Hell, or those who stole them from their original owners only to be sold at a much higher price.
~House Of Lamentation~
The Prince of Hell had gotten a human for him as a troublesome...honestly he already had Cerberus and his six brothers he didn't need someone else to take care off!, if you haven't figured it out yet that human it you, welcome to the house of lamentation!, Lucifer has already provided you a black leather collar enjoy~, honestly not the best owner, works all day and you get stuck either in his room or in his office, heavy training!, you need to be trained asap!, if your behavior is good you might get rewarded with a few headpats, doesn't like you talking to you unless he gives you permission too, has bought you a small bed in his room for you to sleep on, surprising lets his brothers "play" with you.
We are getting a pet!?, hell ya!!!, honestly super excited about it, I mean have you seen how much good human breeds make in the market!?, Lucifer what kind of breed are they!?, gets moody when he gets told he can't sell you or breed you, his the type to call you to him only to push you away once you get close, okay so he can't sell you buuut no-one said anything about renting you am I right!?, teaches you a few tricks because hey! maybe you can do a street attraction idk...kind of gets attached to you though, yeah he aren't giving you away now not for ONE second!, Mammon please stop holding them like that they can't breath...
Already has Henry 2.0 he doesn't want another one, but then again he can dress you up like his game and anime characters!!! Gets very jealous if you're paying attention to anyone else but him, Levi they are not only yours remember?, learn how to share!, yeah right...doesn't let them in his room without a leash because he doesn't want them near his gaming set or figurines, tried taking you swimming once with him and almost drowned you...yeah we are not doing that again...
One of the few that is actually happy without a valued reason, buys you a LOT of toys to play with!, he wanted a cat but...hey its better than nothing I guess?...likes when you put your head on his lap when he read so he can pat your head, but only when he is in a good mood, if his in a bad mood then you will get to be his stress relief toy, lets just hope he doesn't injure you too bad, will heal you with spells once his calmed down and give you soft pets and wipe away any tears to make you more comfortable around him, might read to you to make you feel better.
He is thrilled!, so many clothes and accessories he can get for you!!!, takes lots if pictures with you, you get to accompany him to many playdates, it's good for you to interact with your own species once in a while but...they might be waiting for something more from you...he trains you to become his toy to play with, lots of tricks, his brothers find it disgusting for him to be sleeping with their pet but who cares!!!, his darling pet needs his affection and guidance!!!, many pretty collars and bows!!!
So he cant eat them?...their a pet?...a companion?...oh there are like Cerberus?...Beel likes Cerberus so he won't eat you just's you away most of the time honestly, slowly because somewhat of a friend to you, once he gets to like you back he will often feed you treats without Lucifers knowing of course...Beel how many times do I have to tell you?!, don't feed the human every few seconds you are going to spoil them!!!, but they look so's okay its only one bite right?, yeah one bite wouldn't hurt!~
One word for you...stay away...if he happens to walk into a room with you in it he will burn holes into your skull from his intense stare, his dislike for humans includes you unfortunately and its not easy to get him to like you, after how many weeks of pushing you away, kicking you of hurting you in general, weather that was in the physical world or the dream world, one day he was having trouble sleeping as his favourite pillow was damaged and Lucifer had gotten it to repair it, he pulled you next to him and rested his arms around you nesting his face in your neck inhaling your sweet scent which made him sleep almost instantly, congrats you're his new favourite pillow, always wants you next to him when he sleeps, surprisingly he enjoys brushing your hair for some reason.
Might make a part 2!, tell me what you guys think! <3
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fearixfox · an hour ago
Welcome home Leviathan
Tumblr media
I wanted a Levi ever since I saw the art so I'm glad I was able to get it T^T he's so cute
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lettheratsin · an hour ago
Ok ok I know I keep talking about things I’m writing/thinking of writing BUT look at this list lmao these are just IDEAS and I have like 7 other actual things that are WIPS bc I’ve written at least a paragraph or more for them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lmao I’m so happy I’m able to write again tho I’ve been really really depressed and writer’s blocked so it being spring and me having something to focus on helps
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radnewspaper · 3 hours ago
Leviathan: Popcorn is just edible styrofoam.
Beelzebub: Styrofoam is already edible.
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moemammon · 4 hours ago
You said we could ask for more non-human stuff about the demon bros and I'm here to deliver in the worst way possible.
Which one of them has eaten a human before and would they ever consider doing it again?
Have You Ever Eaten a Human? (Feat. The Demon Bros)
Lucifer has definitely eaten a human. Maybe not a living person, but he's dined on human meat before
You thought he was too good for human meat? Guess again. It's practically the caviar of the Devildom
He's always hanging out with Diavolo, and I can GUARANTEE the prince has eaten humans in the past, before the exchange program
He doesn't do it anymore, but he can tell you in great detail what his favorite cuts are because he's gross ew ew
He spends a lot of time being involved with witches and gambling away in the human world, so Mammon has a soft spot for em
That being said, he's definitely THREATENED to eat someone, but he won't follow through
You might be able to peer pressure him into it tbh?? Or if you bet him a fat wad of money he'll probably be swayed
Otherwise nah, Mammon has a pure palate. He's lame.
Big scary sea serpent demon???
He's probably eaten someone completely by accident, and was just "oh shit oh fUCK-"
Levi doesn't actively go out of his way to eat people, nor does he have the desire to. He prefers more refined foods, like potato chips and coke
Why would he wanna eat a human anyway? Their normie-ness would end up rubbing off on him, and that's a no go.
This is Satan, the Avatar of Wrath.
He's 100% eaten someone in a fit of rage. Maybe not their entire body but like, something got eaten-
Or probably sampled a platter of human meat out of curiosity (before it was banned because politics)
You see, some people are into that sort of thing, so-
Yeah.... he's eaten a person before. Maybe even more than once. Would consider eating you if you asked him to.
Who is Asmo to deny someone of their fantasy? He's an enabler at heart so you can bet he sprinkled rose petals all over em before going itadakimasu
Do you even have to ask
He ate a Little D he will not hesitate from eating a person like it's his last meal
Why would you think Beel would hold himself back from eating a human?? He is HUNGRY and humans are BIG
Literally asked if he could eat you when you first showed up. Probably not allowed in the human world without adult Lucifer's supervision.
Despite hating humans, he can't bring himself to do something like that.
After all, he used to love them, and everything about their world. He's just salty that they "caused" Lilith to fall, but that isn't enough to extinguish centuries of affections for humankind
He's pretty sure y'all don't even taste good, and it sounds like so much trouble?? Way too much chewing to be done when he could just go to sleep
Biting on the other hand-
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insect-empire · 5 hours ago
Galaxy Store Release!
Tumblr media
Image Used:
Tumblr media
Tweet: 🎉 Obey Me! is out now on the GALAXY STORE! 🎉
Obey Me! has been added to the Galaxy Store!
We hope that even more players are now able to enjoy the game,
and can go on an adventure in the Devildom 😈💜
#Obeyme #obeymemasters #obeymejp #SWD #otome #game
Posted on 4/16/2021.
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insect-empire · 5 hours ago
Exclusive Illustration~
Tumblr media
Image Used:
Tumblr media
Tweet: Have you received Levi's special birthday card yet?
The Pop Quiz and Missions end soon, so better hurry to play them! 💨
The RAD Newspaper Club managed to get their hands on this exclusive Levi illustration,
so take a look! 👀
Posted on 4/14/2021.
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golden-hellfire · 5 hours ago
Random demon - Hey Levi, can I get some dating advice?
Levi - Just because I'm with M/C doesn't mean I know how I did it.
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moemammon · 6 hours ago
Chirps, trills, and squawking (blushy mammon?) Growls and snarls! Really anything to do with their animals, the motifs or their stage animals or anything? Scent marking but not just the MC but like mammon rolling in their sheets, Satan making sure their rad workbag smells like him? Claws and fangs! I really just spat out anything but I hope maybe one might inspire! <3 love the writing and I agree that the purring was just so good
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Demon Bros Scent Marking GN!MC!
(Looks at you guys)
Probably the last one that thinks about scenting you, tbh. His pride won't allow it until he knows for SURE that you've stolen his heart.
And then you'd better watch out, because he's always touching you from then on in some subtle way. Not too showy, but just enough that it gets his point across.
Gently caressing your hair away from your face, subtly brushing his arm against you, pulling you aside by the hips so you can avoid obstacles; that sort of thing.
In more private moments with you, he'll lean into the crook of your neck and rub himself into it, wishing he could just permanently ingrain his scent into you.
You're probably wondering why other demons are avoiding you, but can you blame them? You smell so strongly of Lucifer that it's pretty obvious he wants to keep others away.
Boi this demon started scenting you from the moment you made his lil greedy heart go doki doki. The Great Mammon?? Pining for a lowly human??? It's more likely than you think
He was possessive of you to begin with, so things only amplified once he started catching feelings for you. Now he's outright scenting you in front of anyone, whenever he gets the chance to do it.
God forbid he thinks you're spending too much time around the other brothers, because then you're never leaving his arms. He's blatantly scrubbing his face and head against you at every given moment, like an overly affectionate cat
Sometimes he gets so into it that his hair is all messy afterward, not that he really cares. When he's finished, he gives you a satisfied nod before going off to do his own thing.
Be grateful that you smell like THE Mammon now! Though do you really think that's gonna stop his brothers from getting to you-
It takes him SO long to work up to scenting you. Actually, he probably does it by accident before he even realizes what he's doing.
He moves on instinct, always moving a little closer when you're near him, carefully bumping his head against yours while his eyes are affixed to his tv screen. Might even snuggle against you for two seconds before pulling back.
If you touch his head, he's leaning to press his face into your wrists and lingers there for long enough to make you wonder what's going on.
And when he realizes that you're practically saturated in his scent??? This boy is on cloud nine. It's something so subtle, yet still present enough to let everyone know you're HIS.
That way, he doesn't have to say any mushy stuff out loud! He can just touch you a little, maybe give you his jacket, and you'll be marked for the world to see. It always makes him giddy when he thinks about it.
DEFINITELY an aggressive scenter. He's not shy about it, openly embracing you when he thinks you don't smell enough like him.
He wants his scent to permeate everything you own, every article of clothing, every pillow on your bed- He wants his presence on you to be known from the moment you wake up.
Not that you can really tell, with your human nose and all. But that's the way he likes it, knowing that he's leaving his mark and you're practically none the wiser (whether you know he's scenting you or not)
In tender moments with you, he likes to hold you in his arms while he reads. Your own scent calms him down, and he doesn't mind if it gets on him. Actually, that's probably exactly what he wants.
When he irritable, all it takes it a whiff of your lingering scent to put him in a good mood all over again. Though, that makes him want to seek you out so he can make sure you still smell like him-
At this rate, you almost permanently smell like Asmo. You thought he was touchy to begin with? Just wait until his feelings for you become apparent. Because now he can't keep his hands off of you.
He's always snuggling you when he has the chance, pulling your face into his chest so he can rub all over the top of your head. He doesn't care where you are, who's around, or what time of day it is, because he's GOT to be touching you.
Hell, he'll even spray you with his perfumes sometimes so you have double the Asmo scent.
And he knows his scent is absolutely perfect, so he wants to share it with you! The fact that you smell like him always has him happily humming away, content with the way he's marked his territory.
While Asmo is pretty open about giving his affections away, that doesn't mean he can't be a little greedy sometimes. He LOVES the look on another demon's face when they catch his alluring scent on you, but they know they can't lay a single finger on you.
He's not shy about the way he shows his affection for you, but he's probably the least likely to scent you. Not because he doesn't want to, but the instinct just doesn't pull at him as strongly as it does for the others.
That being said, he might not realize when he's leaving his mark on you, when he embraces you against him and leans into your neck to breathe in your scent. It puts him at ease and makes him forget about his hunger.
Sometimes it stirs up a different kind of hunger, and he finds that he just wants to hold you in his arms until he's satisfied. Don't doubt that he won't outright pick you up and carry you around the house.
He also likes to put his clothes on you, since they practically swallow you up, and it makes him feel like he's keeping you safe. And afterwards when he hugs you and finds that you only smell like him?? He's thrilled.
When you smell like Beel, his affections for you go through the room and he keeps patting your head, giving you hugs, and trying to feed you snacks. Now you smell even MORE like him.
He's a brat, and inherently the clingiest of all the brothers despite not always being so open about it. He keeps his deepest affections for you hidden away in his heart, but that means they all pour out when you two are alone.
His bed obviously smells like he does, so he uses you napping with him as an excuse to get that scent all over you. You always leave smelling like him, and his chest swells with pride.
Belphie can be handsy when he's sleepy and he's always seeking out your affections (because he's spoiled), so one way or another, you're going to smell like him.
He'll hold you from behind and lean into you, rubbing his head against your face. He'll claim your lap as his pillow and snuggle into your stomach. He'll constantly steal the pillows off of your bed and scent them so you smell like him when you wake up
He might not scent YOU directly all the time, but he's a sneaky bastard who's determined to make his mark somewhere, more often on your possessions. One way or another, everyone will know you belong to him.
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simeonisalesbian · 6 hours ago
Sleepy Concept time:
How big is Henry 2.0? Is he tiny like they get in the little tanks? Or is he he a big goldfish? Cus certain goldfish can be pretty big and he has that big old fish tank. Also is he one of those Round chubby goldfish? Does he have any white or black spots? And does he let Levi pet him?
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