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#shall we date lucifer
Mammon: Ouch! I cut my finger.
Mc: Let me kiss it.
Mammon: How does that help?
Mc: Whenever I got hurt, my mom always kissed it to make it better and it worked for some reason.
Mammon to Lucifer: Lucifer, I need you to punch my lips really really hard.
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Sunshine Is Gone, Rain Lingers On
Tumblr media
Lucifer isn't afraid of many things. Not because he considers himself to be brave, but because his biggest fears have come true.
Losing Lilith broke him, seeing his baby sister meet her demise simply for loving a human saddened him beyond means.
Seeing his once lively brothers become jaded and recused made him want to cry. Sometimes, he dreams they are back in the celestial realm, living peacefully with Lilith by their side. But he knows those days ended the minute they fell from the heavens.
Having to wake up and face Satan fills him with disappointment. Not for his younger brother, but rather himself. Satan is a reminder of his failures as an angel, protector, and most importantly,a brother. He knows he failed him. He knows the hate his brother feels for him is warranted. He has been selfish, dismissive, and careless. He wishes the two of them could bond, much like he has with his other brothers, but he knows they won't. Certainly not when his pride prevents him from doing so.
He was once the pride of the celestial realm. The “Morning Star,” that shone brighter than any other, loved and admired by all. When he fell, the pride he once represented manifested itself as a sin. The sin of pride. The once beloved angel had fallen into the depths of hell, his once pure white wings now replaced with charcoal black ones, a reminder of his failures.
Lucifer never had many fears, that is until you showed up. You filled his dark life with light, managed to replace his frown with a soft smile, and provided him with a sense of comfort he hadn't felt in a millennium.
But all good things must come to an end. You are mortal, so painfully mortal. Every time he sees you smile he can't help but feel a looming sense of sadness knowing you would be taken from him soon. Human lives are short in comparison to the lives of demons, so very short. What felt like a couple of months for him is practically a lifetime for you. He knows it's only a matter of time before your vibrant hair turns grey, your soft skin wrinkles, and your loving heart stops beating.
Lucifer doesn't have many fears, but losing you is definitely one of them.
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still-a-morosexual-help · 12 hours ago
Hi there was this one post where you talked about Lucifer's personality. That he is harsh on his brothers to protect them because Father and Michael already betrayed them and he doesn't want Diavolo to do the same. If it's not too much trouble, could I get a link? I was reading it and Tumblr refreshed and I lost it ;-; it's completely okay if you don't have the link! Have an amazing day.
Tumblr media
!!!Hi I'm really sorry I just saw this now! I was sick and drugged yesterday so I didn't really check this blog
Ik it's too late now but for anyone else who wants it here's the link
Also thank you! And I hope you have an amazing day too!!
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otakusheep15 · 2 months ago
Courting Headcanons
I’m including all of the demons in this post because why not
So while all demons are different when it comes to the mating process, they do also share some commonalities with one another
All demons will give something to the object of their affection
The object is different depending on the demon, and can range from rare and expensive items to a shiny rock they found on the side of the road
The demon’s sin is usually also heightened even more due to their more primal instincts coming out
Pride demons will show off a lot more than usual, Greed and Envy demons will become much clingyer, Wrath demons will explode if they are not near mate, Lust demons get even hornier, Gluttony demons will find it even harder to get full since it isn’t food they’re craving, and Sloth demons find themselves even more tired when not around their mate
Demons never court someone unless they are fully devoted to the one they’re trying to mate with
Courting has a certain process that takes place, usually, over the span of many years
If the person accepts the courting, then the two will mate with one another
It’s rare that someone will reject the courting, but it does happen and it is not a pretty sight
Let’s just say at least of of those demons is not getting out of it alive
Courting a human also isn’t unheard of among demons, but it is also super, super rare for a demon to do so
It doesn’t have the same consequences as when an angel gets with a human, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any
Mostly just the knowledge that humans have a much shorter lifespan and that they’ll die long before the demon will
Some demons might also give a piece of themselves to their partner once they’ve accepted the courtship
Not anything weird, just something like a scale or feather depending on which ones they have
Courting is also more common among certain types of demons compared to others
In order from most to least common we have:
Greed demons, Envy demons, Sloth demons, Gluttony demons, Wrath demons, Pride demons, and Lust demons
Lust demons court the least since they usually don’t form romantic bonds with someone
On the flipside, Greed demons are the most likely to court someone since they become easily attached to people 
Demons also love making the one their courting smell like them
Scenting is very personal for demons, so doing so is a sign of trust and dedication 
It’s also very intimate since it involves such close contact 
You’d think he’d be really bold about courting someone, but you’re wrong
His pride won’t actually let him stoop so low as to just be that upfront about it
Instead, he goes about it in a more tactical way
Hangs around you more often than usual, using excuses like needing to watch after you since you’re such a weak human and all
During these time, he’ll gather information about you
Likes, dislikes, any little fact he can get out of you
Once he’s gotten what he needs, he begins the next step in his courting process
He starts out small: buying you small items he knows you’ll like, ordering some Human World food he heard you enjoy, and whatever else he knows you might appreciate
If that isn’t enough, he’ll up his game
Begins taking you out to fancy restaurants, buying you expensive jewelry and clothes, basically showering you in riches and goods
If you don’t catch on by this point, he’ll be very frustrated
He hates just straight up asking since it seems so simple and mundane to him in comparison to what he’s been doing already
But, clearly, that seems to be the only way to get what he wants, so he’ll suck it up for a few minutes and ask you out normally
Takes him a minute to push his pride down enough to actually ask you right away, but when he does it’s very sweet
It takes him a while to figure out that he has feelings for you, but when he does he does everything in his power to ensure the feelings are returned
Ya know how everyone always says that if Mammon takes a liking to you then you’re suddenly bombarded with riches?
Yeah, that’s very true
Everything you could ever want just suddenly appears in your room
Doesn’t matter how expensive the item(s) may be, he’ll gives you absolutely whatever he thinks you’ll enjoy
Probably ends up getting punished by Lucifer because of it, but he could care less at this point
Also becomes even more clingy with you, if that’s even possible
If he sees you talking to anyone that isn’t him, he’ll just grab you by the hand and drag you away
Call him out on it and he’ll go all tsundere on you
I hope you’re good at reading people cause this man will never explicitly tell you how he feels
Then again, he’s super obvious about it, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out
Gets flustered around you super easily as well
Just give him a compliment and watch his face turn redder than Dia’s uniform honestly
Gets even shyer than usual
Also becomes super hyperfixated on you for a while
Starts bringing you random merch from fandoms he knows you’re apart of 
Lets you into his room more often for binge watching/gaming sessions
Gets flustered at the smallest of things
You so much as look at him and he’s just on the floor
Congrats, you broke him
Takes him a while, but he eventually gains a bit more confidence
probably goes to someone like Satan or Asmo to ask for advice
Or he just resorts to his romance games/manga
Tries doing all of the cute tropey stuff in hopes that something will work
Oh yeah, remember how he’s the Avatar of Envy? That becomes even more obvious
Worst than Mammon when it comes to dragging you away from people
At first, he’s too shy to do anything when he sees you talking to someone
But once that confidence hits, it’s over for everyone
Tries to keep you locked in his room, and it gets so bad at one point that the brothers have to ban together just to free you
Another one who refuses to outright tell you that he’s trying to court you
Honestly, please make the first more if you reciprocate
If you don’t, then at least save him the embarrassment by telling him you don’t feel the same
He might feel super upset in the moment, but he’ll appreciate it later
Much subtler compared to his brothers
Offers to spend time with you and takes you places he thinks you’ll enjoy
Also tutors you in any subjects you may be struggling with or just want practice in
Never forces you to do anything with him, unlike the others
If he sees you talking to someone who isn’t him, it doesn’t bother him in the slightest
He’s confident enough to know that he’s better than them anyways
And then he sees you talking to Lucifer
All of his confidence from before? Out the window
Just pure rage
Will pick you up, throw you over his shoulder, and force you into his room
Basically, don’t talk to Lucifer if he is around
He’ll never admit it, but he is somewhat jealous of him in the sense that Lucifer is probably the only brother who stands a chance against him
After all, if you’re gonna choose anyone who isn’t him, it has to be Lucifer, it’s the logical choice after all
Of course, he’ll never admit any of this to lest he show any sign of vulnerability to a future mate
On a much lighter note, he’s very sweet when he’s not rage quitting at the sight of Lucifer
Buys you a ton of books, or just gives you some he already has
Isn’t a huge fan of over-the-top dates, prefers something more lowkey
Coffee shops, bookstores, museums, and of course cat cafes
Gives you lots of compliments, but nothing overbearing in case you might be uncomfortable with it
Doesn’t mind telling you exactly how he feels and what his intents are, but it takes him a few tries to get the words right
Oh boy
Where do I even start with this one?
Has the least experience when it comes to actual romantic attraction
Sure, he feels lust all the time, but that’s much different from romance
Has a surprisingly hard time figuring out how to court you without bringing his more promiscuous desires into the mix 
He knows how important mating can be, and he’s also aware just how much every Lust demon struggles with the courting process, but that doesn’t make it any better for him
Tries his absolute best to make you feel like the most special individual in all three worlds
Takes you shopping all the time
Doesn’t matter what for, he just wants to spend time with you
Also does self-care days with you at least once a week
At first, he was very clingy with you and tried to hog all of your attention for himself
If that annoys you at all, he’ll stop if you tell him to enough times
Tells you how much he adores you every second of every day, but has a hard time seriously saying it
For him, it’s one thing to tell a friend that you love them 
But to actually confess to someone that you like them in a romantic way? Especially when you’re literally the Avatar of Lust? 
It’s virtually impossible for him for the longest time
He does eventually do it, but it took a lot of hyping up from Satan for him to get there
Probably one of the only times he ever looks vulnerable or scared 
Honestly the most straightforward with his feelings
He’s not usually one to beat around the bush, and he’s very blunt most of the time
Plus, it’s not like he’s stupid, he knows what these feelings are and he isn’t afraid to tell you
A lot of people like to make him all innocent and blushy, but that isn’t really him
Yeah, he can be dense sometimes, but that doesn’t mean he knows nothing about this sort of stuff
In fact, he’s quite knowledgeable on the subject of courtships
Starts out slow so as not to overwhelm you 
He knows how scary it can be to have a demon suddenly show interest in you, so he wants to make sure you are completely comfortable with everything he does
Most of the stuff he courts you with usually involves food
To him, food is very special, and you’re also very special
So in his mind, combining two of the most special things in his life sounds like the best time ever
Takes you out to all sorts of restaurants and food tours
Also loves cooking with you at home
Even if you’re a terrible cook, he doesn’t mind
He just loves spending time with you and having fun together
Once he’s gotten to a place where he thinks you’re comfortable enough, he’ll tell you his feelings and about how he’s been courting you for a while now
He’s a tad embarrassed/nervous, but he’s also happy to finally be telling you after such a long time of waiting 
Feels a bit guilty for wanting to court you at first
Cause, ya know, the incident
But after he gets over that, he acts relatively the same as always
Lowkey the most casual when it comes to courting, which I feel is the norm for Sloth demons
They’re too lazy to really do anything that involves effort, so they tend to stay casual
That doesn’t mean he doesn’t try though
Constantly flops on top of you throughout the day in hopes of getting some cuddles
It’s also a good way to rub his scent on you, but you don’t need to know that
Becomes super possessive, but not like his brothers
Won’t actively try and drag you away from someone because that means putting in effort and he’s not about that life
However, the second you walk away from them, he is taking you to the nearest corner and cuddling the heck out of you
No, you do not get a say in the matter, and no, he does not care if you are busy or uncomfortable
You will stay with him to make up for so much as breathing in the general area of someone who isn’t him 
The only other individual he’s okay with you being around is Beel because obviously
Still acts like a total brat tbh
Teases you to hide his embarrassment if he ever gets flustered around you
Like everything else, he’s super casual when telling you how he feels and what he’s been doing
Just ignore the blush he has, you’re just imagining it 
Actually has the least experience with this sort of thing
A Prince courting is a super big deal down here, and there are tons of extra rules he’s forced to follow
Not to mention, a mate is usually pre-picked for the future king, so he never thought he’d have to deal with it
Then he met you, and he decided that rules were stupid anyway
Super awkward at first, but he’s doing his best and he’s really cute about it too
It’s totally obvious what he’s doing, but no one knows if he’s being obvious on purpose or not
Even he isn’t really sure at this point
Once he becomes more comfortable in his skin, it’s over for everyone
Bold as hell tbh
And since he’s the Prince, he can afford to go all out with everything he does
Rents out entire restaurants just for the two of you
 Buys you every item from a really expensive store if you mentioned liking the products there
Really though, he just wants you to know how much he cares about you, and this is the only way he knows how
Also a sucker for cuddles
Comes up to you and hugs you any chance he gets
When the time comes for him to tell you, he’ll be super excited
Might have a slight blush on his face, but he’s also wearing the biggest and most genuine smile you’ve ever seen on a demon 
Another demon with very little experience in this field
Knows how courting works in theory, but can’t really put it into practice without feeling all awkward
Of course, no one ever knows that he’s feeling that way since he’s a master of facade, but still
Once you catch his eye, it’s over for him 
He wants nothing more than to court you, but there are a couple of things stopping him
One is, obviously, the lack of knowledge on the subject
The other is his loyalty and devotion to Diavolo
Ends up going to Dia to ask permission to court you like the proper butler he is
Dia just laughs, but agrees
And thus begins the hard part: actually attempting to court someone
Starts off small: inviting you over for tea, taking you on walks through the castle gardens, and taking with him when he goes on trips to the human world
Honestly, he won’t go past that since anything more would be outside his comfort zone
Still a gentleman as always, and makes sure nothing he does is overbearing to you
Tries to stay as casual and formal as always, but you can see his mask crack a few times
If you ever compliment him, you’ll see a rare blush appear on his cheeks
Appreciate the sight, for not many have seen it and lived to tell the tale
Flustered Barbs is best Barbs
Takes him a hot minute to figure out how he wants to tell you, but his confession is still very sweet and to the point
Okay, wow, that was way longer than I thought it would be lol. Sorry for making y’all read so much
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coffeerecords · a month ago
FAVOUR (II) | lucifer.
➾ in which he makes it up to you
Tumblr media
wordcount: 6.3k | genre: fluff, slight angst, smut, established relationship au | pairing: lucifer x fem!reader | rating: 18+ | tw: explicit sex (riding, missionary, fingering, unprotected sex, body worship, breeding (?), breast play, scenting, oral fem receiving), jealousy, possessiveness, swear words | others: boyfriend!lucifer, soft dom!luci, needy mc, mc is a tease, luci is also a tease, asmo wants tea
Tumblr media
AUTHOR’S NOTE. part two’s finally here !! hope you guys enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“May I buy a beautiful lady another drink?”
That voice. Your head snaps towards the deep voice, eyes meeting his ruby ones. You nearly gape at the sight of the handsome man, who’s still waiting for your answer with a dashing smile you miss so much.
Your instincts scream to throw your arms around him, but the thought of smothering him when he just arrives stops you after all the spam of messages you sent to him the other day.
“Sorry, I’m done drinking for the night after this,” you manage to say, lifting your glass in emphasis.
“That’s a shame. I was wondering why someone as beautiful as you is hanging here alone….” He answers smoothly, sending butterflies into your stomach the only way he can.
You suave prick.
“I… I just needed a break…” you mutter, looking away from him. “And I thought you’ll be back in a few days.”
“I did. But things work out faster than I thought. Now, here I am.”
“I see…” You take the final sip of your drink, feeling the buzz inside your veins. “And you didn’t bother—” You stop yourself, putting the glass down a tad too hard. You can’t complain about him for being busy, you remind yourself. Standing up from your seat, you sigh. “I need some air.”
You didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence and immediately stride into the dancing people to lose him while ignoring the calls of your name. Passing through the crowd isn’t easy, of course. It takes a lot more effort to get to the other side than when you’re with the brothers. But you finally stumble out of the club a few minutes later, lucky enough that no demons have taken notice of your unguarded presence.
Various emotions rush through you as you walk back home. You know how irrational these emotions are welling inside of you. You know how much they don’t make sense, and your boyfriend didn’t do anything wrong even when he didn’t let you know he’ll be back. But, fuck, you can’t help it. Was it that hard to send you a message when he can call you with an unknown number on Diavolo’s behalf—
Your mind and heart are at war until you reach the doors of House of Lamentation. Sighing for probably the fifteenth time that night, you unlock the door and drag yourself in. But then a familiar figure has already been waiting for you, standing tall with his arms crossed. His stern gaze softens when meeting yours as he strides to you, lifting one gloved hand to wipe your falling tears.
When the hell did you even cry?
Usually, you can put a tight lid on your emotions and think logically, but seeing Lucifer without warning feels like throwing all logic out of the window. You have never wanted to touch someone so bad in your life.
“____, why… Why are you crying?” Lucifer asks so gently, keeping his hand on your cheek.
It must be the alcohol… Yeah, it must be it. You just need to sleep it off, and everything will make sense again tomorrow.
“It’s been a long day,” you answer as calmly as you can. “I just need some sleep.”
You attempt to move past him, but he blocks your way. “Lucifer, I’m tired. You can lecture me tomorrow—whoa!” Your world tilts as Lucifer lifts you in his arms without warning, and you instinctively wrap your arms around his neck. “What are you doing? Put me down!”
Lucifer remains silent as he strides to his bedroom, keeping a tight yet gentle grip on you. He sits you down on his couch before he kneels on one knee to meet your downcasted stare. Staring up, he places his big, warm hands on top of yours. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to extend my stay in the human world longer than intended. You see….”
“Lucifer… You don’t have to explain anything to me,” you sigh, still refusing to let your spiralling emotions get the best of you. “I’m just tired, okay? I’ll be fine tomorrow.”
Lucifer remains silent for a moment, his calculating gaze never leaving your face. “…I disappointed you.”
Your gaze snaps to his, clearly surprised.
“I did, didn’t I?” He lets out a humourless chuckle. “Was it because I left you during the start of our holiday?”
“No, that’s not it,” he sighs, shaking his head. “Is it because I haven’t been replying to you?”
You fall silent for a moment, lifting one hand to comb through his hair. “Lucifer, it’s alright. It’s nothing for you to worry about. I know how you were busy—”
“No… That’s not it either, isn’t it? Probably part of it, but….” He mumbles more to himself as if in a trance.
“—and how Diavolo’s requests would always come first—”
“I called you,” Lucifer cut you off, realisation dawn on him. “…I didn’t ask how you were doing, but instead, I went straight to ask for a favour on Diavolo’s behalf. And… because of it, you’re hurt.”
Shame crawls inside your chest as you look away from him, embarrassed by how nonsensical you’re acting and how Lucifer quickly reads you. It’s getting harder to breathe as you stand up abruptly, “I’ll be fine.”
Before you can even take another step, Lucifer grasps your wrist, standing up to pull you to his chest in a warm embrace. “I’m so sorry… I didn’t realise this sooner. I never meant to hurt you, never meant to prioritise Diavolo’s request above you. I… fuck, I’m so sorry.”
“It’s not a big deal, Luci….” You pat his back in an attempt to comfort the Avatar of Pride. “It doesn’t make any sense either, so it’s fine….”
“How on earth is it fine when you’re hurt?” He holds you by your shoulder. “I’ve failed you. And why are you downplaying your feelings when it’s important to me?” You stare at him wide-eyed, mouth agape as he continues, “Look, I can explain why I haven’t been replying to your messages and why I had to extend my stay in the human world. The reason might sound a tad ridiculous, which is why I need you to listen….”
Once he is sure you won’t run away from him again, Lucifer sits you back on the couch as he sits beside you, hands remaining on top of yours. “Remember the picture you sent me last week?”
“I’ve sent you many….”
“The one you sent Friday night.”
“Friday night?” You tilt your head for a moment. Then you realised, “Wait, you mean—”
Lucifer nods rapidly, pink tinging his cheeks. “You caught me off guard, alright? And I might….” His words are reduced into incoherent mumbles.
“You what?”
“I might have dropped my phone into the lake….”
Your mind blanks for a second, processing his words. “You mean after my—”
“Yes, after you sent me that picture, I dropped my phone into the lake, which is why I needed help from the witches to search for it, and of course, they don’t do things for free.”
“So, the whole time….”
“I was searching for my missing phone and fulfilling my side of the bargain with the witches.”
Then a bubble of laughter pours out from your lips. And not long after, you clutch your stomach, laughing at your boyfriend’s story.
Lucifer pouts at you, yet his eyes brighten with amusement. “Do you know how much of a hard time they’ve been giving me? I had to help them with their magic research. I offered to pay for Mammon’s debt, but they refused it.”
You wipe the tears that well up. “I can’t believe you, of all people, would drop their phone into a lake after I sent you that picture. It was just me in a set of lingerie I was trying on, you know.”
“Which is exactly why I had to retrieve my phone at all cost.” Lucifer throws his arms around you. “Not only that, you have been sending me lots of pictures, and I can’t bear to lose them all.”
“But… It’s just random stuff, Luci. I even sent you a picture of a flower.”
“Your shadow was on it.”
“Okay, now you’re taking this flattering too far.”
He chuckles as you try to move away from him. But he reaches for you and pulls you onto his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist before kissing your temple. However, his body tenses. “____?”
“Why do you smell like Diavolo?”
“Ah… I was sitting beside him back in the club. Satan pushed him close to me—”
“No, his scent is on you. He—” Lucifer exhales, calming his growing frustration. “—scented you.”
You blink, confusion swirling in your eyes. “What do you mean by ‘scented’? What’s that supposed to—” You let out a yelp, finding yourself laying on the couch as Lucifer hovers over you.
“When a demon scents someone, it tells others to stay away from that person. The stronger the demon is, the stronger their scenting—”
“He didn’t touch me at all besides… Oh.”
Lucifer’s gaze narrows. “What is it?”
“He might have tucked my hair behind my ear when it fell on my face…? But how is that possible? He briefly touched my face.”
“You know how much strength Diavolo possesses,” Lucifer says in a low growl; possessiveness begins to unfurl inside his chest. “His scenting would be powerful enough through a brief contact.”
“It was an accident,” you sigh. “I never meant for it to happen. Hate to remind you that Diavolo also doesn’t know we’re together. I have to admit I thought you didn’t want him to know because you’re dating a mere weak human like me… Maybe you had second thoughts about us, and honestly, I thought you were going to break up with me—”
Lucifer shakes his head rapidly. “No, I would never—”
You silence him, putting your pointer finger in front of his luscious lips with a warning look that you’re not done talking. “But then, I saw how much Diavolo has been paying attention to me.” Lucifer raises a questioning brow as you continue, “Did you know he called me beautiful when I was helping with the party preparation yesterday?” You giggle at the thought, and Lucifer’s eyes widen in surprise. “He also said I would make a good queen after suggesting some things to improve the alliance with the witches—”
“Are you trying to make me jealous, sweetheart?” His voice takes a dangerous tone.
“Jealous of who?” You raise a brow challengingly. “Of me being complimented by Diavolo? Or—”
“You are really a handful, you know that?” Lucifer leans in close to you, muttering against your lips. “Everyone around us is bound to know how beautiful you are. But you just smiled so easily when you talked about Diavolo. And it took me some time to get you to give me that pretty smile—”
You trace the line of his sharp jaw with a finger and a coy smile. “Didn’t know a mere smile can get you all worked up like this, Luci….”
He takes your hand on his face and places a kiss on your palm before entwining your fingers together. “I also cannot and will not accept how someone else dares to scent you. No one gets to touch you, except me.”
“Really? Even Diavolo?”
“Especially him.” The dark timbre in your boyfriend’s voice sends shivers down your spine. “Fuck, you’re far too beautiful for your own good. I didn’t let him know of our relationship because he, too, has eyes on you. Diavolo never asked about us either. So, I never bring it up and….” Lucifer lowers his head on the crook of your neck, letting out a deep sigh. “Now, I’m regretting this. I hate that I can smell him on you.”
You stare up at him. “I can go take a shower now. But judging from our current position, I don’t see it affecting you, Luci.”
A devilish smirk adorns his face when he lifts his head up to look you in the eye. “That’s because you are mine.”
“Well, someone’s confident,” you purr, leaning close to him. “So, what are you gonna do about it?”
“I’m going to make sure you—”
You push him to his back and straddle his waist, catching him off-guard while his gloved hands clutch your thighs to keep you balanced. Then you effortlessly lift the hem of your black dress over your head, dropping it on the ground. You lean in closer to your boyfriend’s face, tilting your head and whisper in his ear. “I just bought this last Friday along with the one I took a picture of. Nice contrast, isn’t it?”
Giggling, you lean back and grab one of his hands, tugging off the glove and placing it on your chest. The Avatar of Pride visibly swallows a lump down his throat, almost entranced at the softness of your breast. “Look, Luci, it matches the colour of your nails. And—” You drop his hand from your hold. “—it even has a front hook.” You unclasp the scarlet bra, letting your breasts fall from their cage.
Lucifer’s gaze darkens with almost a feral look when you peel off your bra slowly. “What do you intend on starting, sweetheart?” His bare hand rubs circles on your waist, sending a shiver down your spine. “You caught me by surprise in this new piece. Do you know what you’ve just signed up for?”
You shrug nonchalantly. “I don’t know. I rejected Asmo’s offer to join an orgy—”
“He what?”
“—because I already planned to play with myself to the thoughts of my handsome prick of a boyfriend since he didn’t tell me when he’d be back precisely nor text me back these past few days,” you say pettily.
If Lucifer isn’t fully turned on, now, he definitely is (despite the insult you throw, which will be dealt with later). Like how can he not when you’re sitting on him in all your naked glory with that scarlet lingerie? Do you not feel what’s stirring beneath you right now?
Lucifer swears his blood never rushes south so fast. He tugs the other glove off his hand and cups your face, claiming your lips in a hungry kiss as his hands traverse down the curve of your naked torso. With a surge of strength, Lucifer lifts you up in his arms, moving away from the couch as your legs instinctively encircle his waist. He lays you down on his bed before unbuttoning the few top buttons of his dress shirt and settles himself back between your thighs.
“Breathtaking…” he mutters against your heated skin, peppering kisses across your jaw and down your neck. He bites and sucks, leaving purple flowers in its wake before going lower. “I’ll make sure everyone knows that you’re mine and only mine.”
Your eyes flutter shut as he continues to leave his marks on your breasts, and your back arches instinctively when he traps a nipple in his warm mouth, giving it a harsh suck. His hand on your hips traces along your waist, cupping your other breast and squeezing it gently before tweaking your hardened bud.
“I want to see you,” you whine needily, hips involuntarily bucking. “Please?”
Lucifer pulls away from your breast with a soft ‘pop’ before he unbuttons the rest of his dress shirt, throwing it onto the ground carelessly. You marvel at the sight of his bare chest, hands tracing up his skin and the ridges of his muscles as he lets out a shaky breath. Clutching his right shoulder while your other hand weaves through his dark hair, you pull him close and capture his lips on yours.
You miss him. So much that having your boyfriend’s weight on you feels like a dream after his prolonged work in the human realm. The emotions from earlier start to surface once more as you pull away slightly to catch your breaths. Staring up at him in the eye, you clutch him closer to you if that’s even possible. “I missed you… I’ve missed you so much.”
He places a gentle kiss on your forehead and leans his forehead on yours. “I’ve missed you too, my love. You are always in my mind each passing day.”
“Make love to me?”
“As you wish.” He kisses your neck on the shade of purple he left behind earlier. “I’ll go slow.” His slender fingers trace along your curves, settling on your thigh and tapping on them twice with his pointer finger. “Spread for me, sweetheart.” He traverses downward, leaving kisses down the valley of your breasts and your stomach. Just when you thought he’d do something about your aching core, Lucifer turns his head to kiss each side of your knees. With that handsome smirk on his face, he lifts your right thigh by your knee.
“What are you—” Your breath hitches as his lips trace along your inner thigh—slowly and steady—towards your covered heat. Your hips buck impatiently, desperate for any sort of relief as you turn into a whimpering mess.
Lucifer’s big hands keep you still as he coos, “Patience, sweetheart. I’ll give you what you want.”
Time has never felt so slow as he hooks his finger on the waistband of your scarlet underwear, peeling it down to reveal your soaked entrance to his sharp gaze. Lucifer hums in satisfaction at the trail of slick on your inner thighs. “Haven’t even touched you yet, and you’re already completely wet. Is this all for me?”
“Mhmm,” you nod, breathing quickens as you wait in anticipation for his next move. His hands bring your legs over his shoulders before he laces one hand with yours as the other settles on your left thigh.
“I’ll make you feel good, love. You won’t remember anything but my name. But first...”
“Luci—” You gasp; your free hand finds itself in his hair as he licks a stripe up your folds.
The Avatar of Pride merely hums in delight at your taste, lips closing in on your bundle of nerves and sucking it fervently. Not long after, one slender finger sinks into your entrance so easily, which makes you cry out at the jolt of pleasure. Adding another finger, Lucifer grunts at the feeling of your walls clenching around his fingers, which sends his already hard cock twitching.
It takes a great deal of self-control for Lucifer to not grind against the bed to find his own release. He’s adamant about having you fall apart on his tongue first and then around his cock. So, his fingers and tongue work faster until you reach your first high without warning. Your senses are completely overwhelmed with the pleasure coursing through you. Lucifer makes sure to lap up every drop of your sweet essence until you signal him to stop.
“What’s wrong?” He climbs up to meet your unfocused gaze, placing a hand on your heated cheek. “Are you alright?”
“Mhmm...” You smile at him, thumb tracing his slick-covered lips. “But I want you inside of me, now.”
“So impatient.” He chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. Then he lifts himself off the bed, unbuckling his belt and pants along with his boxers. You swallow a lump down your throat as the rest of his clothing falls into a heap. He positions himself between your legs—one hand supporting his upper body while the other guides his length past your folds—and lets the tip sink in before the rest follows.
“Relax for me, sweetheart,” he says softly, rubbing his hand on your hips comfortingly. It takes you a moment or two to get used to his size, but you can never forget how he’d always fill you up so well. Like you were made for each other.
“You can move…” you murmur into his ear, and he responds by pulling his hips back, leaving only the tip in your heat before sinking back in. He repeats the action in a slow rhythm, drawing out those pretty moans from your lips. And soon, whines and whimpers of his name spill from your lips with every thrust, driving him to move at a faster pace. “Feels so good, Luci—“ You say between breaths. “I—nngh, just like that.”
He chuckles breathlessly, rolling his hips against. “Who’s making you feel this good again?”
“Y-You, Luci,” you whine, clinging onto him as he fills you to the brim.
“That’s right, sweetheart.” He gently bites the sensitive spot on your neck while his hand on your hips move to your mound, thumb encircling your clit teasingly. “No one else can make you feel like this. Remember that.”
You let out a high-pitched moan, nails raking down his back. “Only you... Only want you anyway.”
“Is that so? My pretty human wants me only?”
You nod rapidly, getting closer to your high. Just as you nearly reach your second orgasm, Lucifer pulls away abruptly, leaving you empty. He rolls on his back, bringing you on top of him. “Want you to ride me, sweetheart. Will you do that for me?”
Fuck, yes.
Without as much of a warning, you bring yourself over him and sink down on him; the clench of your walls draws a satisfied grunt from him. His large hands settle on your hips, guiding you to grind against him and hitting that spot he knows that had you seeing stars. Your senses go into overdrive, pleasure licking up your spine as you place your palms against Lucifer’s sculpted chest to support yourself.
“That’s it….” Your boyfriend coos, watching intently at how consumed you are with pleasure—body writhing and breasts bouncing—while he’s adamant in burning this image of you into his mind.
“I’m gonna—” You shudder, releasing all over his still-hard length and falling into a boneless heap on him. At the movement, the remnants of Diavolo’s scent still lingers on you, and something snaps inside Lucifer.
A possessive growl rumbles from his chest as he rolls over, pushing you on your back again. His mind is solely focused on one thing now—to make you smell like him for days or even months. That way, no one—not even Diavolo—would even dare to look at you, and they would all know that you are his. His pace grows faster until he reaches his long-awaited high.
The room goes silent for a moment, only the sound of your ragged breaths filling the air. Lucifer—still deep in his trance—rolls his hips deeper into you to make sure every last drop of his essence stays in you. Your moan, however, snaps him out of his daze. He blinks, eyes focusing on your wrecked form beneath him.
“I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” he stutters, pulling out of you gently. “I lost control—”
You cup his face between your hands, bringing him down and shut him up with a kiss which he returns immediately. “I’m fine.” Your thumbs comfortingly caress his sharp cheekbones. “You didn’t hurt me.”
“I—Are you sure?”
“Mhmm,” you giggle, almost delirious at the after wave effect. “I enjoyed it. Maybe I should make you more jealous.”
Lucifer sighs, shaking his head with a slight smile on his face. “I really can’t win with you.”
“So, do I smell like you now?”
Before Lucifer can respond, his D.D.D rings, disrupting the moment. Sighing, he casts an apologetic glance at you before he climbs out of bed and retrieves his phone from his discarded pants. “Yes?” He answers, voice calm, as he returns to your side on the bed. “Yes, I just arrived earlier.” Lucifer beckons you to him, and you happily lay on his side. “Everything has been taken care of. I assure you there’s no need to worry, Diavolo.”
Maybe you are still petty. After all, this should be your alone time with your boyfriend. You have not seen each other for so long because of his work. And now, he’s still answering calls from Diavolo?
Your gaze narrows in annoyance when they start talking about more work. Lifting yourself, you reach out and pluck Lucifer’s phone from his hold without warning. You straddle his waist, pinning his arms with your knees. Lucifer gapes speechless at your sudden action, and when he’s about to protest, you silence him with your pointer finger on his lips.
“Lucifer?” Diavolo questions through the phone. “Everything alright?”
“Your Highness,” you answer.
“____? Are you with Lucifer? That’s why I didn’t see you at the party after you left.”
“Yeah, I wasn’t feeling well,” you reply, shooting a teasing smile to your boyfriend. “Lucifer was already at home, and he insisted on taking care of me.”
“If I had known you’re not feeling well, I could’ve walked you back.”
“It’s alright, Your Highness. I can’t take away the host of the party, can I?”
“If it’s you, I won’t mind,” he laughs, and your boyfriend’s gaze grows serious at the comment (right, sharp hearing. you almost forgot). “You know, it was fun talking to you tonight. I hope we can have more chances like that again.”
Lucifer’s gaze narrows in displeasure. But you’re quick to catch him off guard again by grabbing one of his hands and lifting it up to your lips. His jaw nearly falls slack when you silently suck his digits.
Meanwhile, Diavolo, on the other side of the phone, remains unaware as he continues, “Oh! Maybe I can invite you over for tea? Barbatos makes the best desserts—”
“Really? But don’t you and Lucifer have a lot to talk about? I don’t want to impose.” You drag his wet fingers down your body, letting his big hand cup your heat.
“Nonsense, Lucifer and I would be happy for you to join us. I can also tell you more stories about him.”
“I’d be happy to!” You answer almost too quickly. Glancing down at your boyfriend, who has a wicked grin on his face as his fingers trace along your slit. Biting back a moan, you stop his movements for a while. “And, uh, Your Highness? I might have a favour to ask of you if you don’t mind.”
“Of course not. What do you have in mind?”
“It’s not for me personally, but do you mind withholding Lucifer’s work for the time being? At least until the break is over. He didn’t look too well when I saw him earlier.”
Diavolo chuckles at your request. “You truly have a good heart, ____. I’ll deal with the paperwork for the time being. Take care of him for me, will you?”
“You got it,” you grin.
And the moment after you end the call, Lucifer plunges his fingers inside you. “I don’t look too well, huh? How about you try to walk tomorrow, sweetheart?”
You let out a moan, struggling to keep yourself up as he pumps his fingers in and out; the pad of his thumb presses against your bundle of nerves. “I-I just want you all to myself.”
“Greedy, aren’t we?” Lucifer’s gaze glints dangerously. “Fuck, I love to see you like this.”
“Mhmm… All for you,” you grind against him, feeling his cock hardening under you.
“I’ll make sure you’re satiated even if it takes all night long.” He guides you to sink down on him. “I hope you’re prepared, love.”
The whole night Lucifer spent his time making you fall apart—on his tongue, on his fingers, on his cock—that you have lost count how many times you’ve reached your high again and again. It’s early in the morning when you lay limp—utterly dazed and satisfied—falling into a deep sleep.
Lucifer has shuffled out of his bed, bringing a towel to wipe the remnants of your lovemaking off you and himself. He barely can stifle his smirk when he smells nothing but his scent on you. Not a trace of Diavolo’s is left.
After cleaning you and himself up, he takes out a clean shirt and puts it on you while he wears a fresh pair of his pyjama pants. When he climbs into bed, you unconsciously seek his warmth, and Lucifer smiles softly at your sleeping form. He gathers you in his arms, places a kiss on your forehead and whispers, “I’m yours too, ____.”
Tumblr media
The repetitive buzzing of your D.D.D brings you back to consciousness. Sleepily, you turn to your side and reach for your phone on the bedside table to find Asmo spamming your inbox.
____, I didn’t see you for the whole night after my brothers told me you were getting a drink alone. I hope you’re still not bummed out that my brother isn’t back yet.
we’re on the way back home now
You quietly scroll through his messages when Lucifer puts his arm on your waist, pulling you to his bare chest. “Already awake, love?”
“Mhmm,” you respond. “Asmo was just telling me they’re on the way back.”
Lucifer chuckles. “Glad we were the only ones in the mansion a few hours ago. I forgot to put a silencing hex on my door.” Then his gaze drops to your screen, and he furrows his brows. “I’m sorry for leaving you for so long. You must have been upset when I extended my stay in the human realm.”
You turn to him. “That’s okay. You’re here now. That’s what matters.”
Lucifer responds by placing a kiss on your forehead, pulling you close to his chest. Both of you nearly drift back into slumber when your phone starts buzzing again. Sighing, you reach for the device once more.
ASMO-CHAN [ 6:17 AM ]
Oh! I had to tell you that Mammon and Levi plan to come by your room to prank you while you’re asleep.
I’m such a good friend, aren’t I? I don’t ask for anything in return, but if you had finally stopped moping over my brother, embraced your charm and brought home a handsome demon, pls tell me the deets! Your secret is safe with me. I swear no one will know <3
Lucifer peeks at your screen curiously. “Hmm... You were planning to bring home another demon?”
You scoff. “Hell no.”
“You looked exquisite in that dress.” He nuzzles the back of your neck. “And you were using new lingerie set underneath. I barely could restrain myself when I laid my eyes on you.”
You ignore him—barely keeping yourself calm and collected at his suave words—as you reply to Asmo’s text. Well... I just woke up on the right side of the bed…
ASMO-CHAN [ 6:20 AM ]
wait... don’t tell me…
Lucifer scoffs loudly. “As if.”
Stifling a smile, you feign annoyance. “Why are you reading my texts?”
“Because you won’t go back to sleep,” Lucifer answers smoothly. “Might as well see what you’re up to.”
ASMO-CHAN [ 6:21 AM ]
YOU [ 6:21 AM ]
is what is true?
ASMO-CHAN [ 6:21 AM ]
Diavolo’s size, duh. Is he that big???
YOU [ 6:22 AM ]
Why do you assume I slept with him?
ASMO-CHAN [ 6:22 AM ]
A little birdie told me you had a good time with him last night in the club. When the both of you disappeared, it doesn’t take a genius to piece the pieces together ;) So, did you??
YOU [ 6:23 AM ]
no, I didn’t sleep with him. and who is this little birdie? i think i need to have a nice long chat with them :)
ASMO-CHAN [ 6:24 AM ]
Aww, that’s a shame. You just missed a perfect opportunity to find out if those rumours are true or not
and about the little birdie, that’s a secret I’m not allowed to disclose <3
“I’m going to ban him from social media for the rest of the year,” Lucifer mutters under his breath, but loud enough for you to hear.
ASMO-CHAN [ 6:24 AM ]
okay, but back to the topic, who did you bring home? Is the demon still with you? How many rounds did you both last? Is he good? Better than Lucifer? Is it really not Diavolo??
YOU [ 6:24 AM ]
if you’re so curious, why don’t you hook up with Diavolo instead?
ASMO-CHAN [ 6:24 AM ]
Are you kidding me?? Lucifer will have my head if he finds out! You can’t hide anything from him. Plus, you know how protective he is of Diavolo. Sometimes I wonder if their relationship is more than what meets the eye.
Omd, wait, do you think they ever hook up???
You nearly scoff at that, typing into your screen like a madwoman.
YOU [ 6:25 AM ]
of course not. Lucifer’s mine.
Tumblr media
“I’m yours, huh?” Lucifer questions, voice low and teasing, his warm chest against your back.
You stiffen, wholly forgotten that Lucifer is still reading through your text. “Uhm...”
“Continue on.” His warm hand slips beneath your—his—shirt, caressing the bare skin of your stomach with his thumb.
ASMO-CHAN [ 6:27 AM ]
oh my~ someone’s possessive. It’s rare to see someone so possessive over my brother. and now, another demon manages to capture your attention for the night. You’re making me even more curious!
And you know what, I’ll go check him out myself. You can’t hide him now, ____.
Just as you are about to text him back, you drop your phone onto the mattress, and a soft moan spills from your lips as Lucifer kneads your breast, flicking your nipple into stiff peaks.
“Naughty girl,” Lucifer chuckles darkly, pressing his erection against your ass. “Do you see what you’ve done to me?”
“Do I make you hard when I call you mine, Luci?”
“You have no idea, sweetheart,” Lucifer trails kisses down your neck, fingers traverse down onto your bare heat. “You’re going to spend the whole day making it up to me. After all, you did say you’d take care of me, right?”
You nod without hesitance. “Y-Yes.”
“Good, now—”
Your forgotten D.D.D’s ringtone blares through the room, a heated moment interrupted again.
“I’m so close to confiscating their devices,” Lucifer grunts, irritation lacing his tone, fingers pulling away from your aching core.
Clearing your throat, you answer the call, and instantly, a loud growl blares through the speaker along with familiar screams.
“____!” Asmo shouts in panic. “Help!”
“Why is Cerberus here, ____?!” Mammon’s voice follows along. “How the—”
Lucifer plucks your phone from your grasp. “That is what happens when someone decides to trespass a lady’s room without permission.”
“L-Lucifer?!” Mammon stutters with the sound of his rushing footsteps. “You’re back?!”
“Yes, I am,” Lucifer pulls the phone away from his ear at the panicked screeches that blast through your speaker. “And I presume you and the others can handle Cerberus. I’m hanging up now.”
“No, wait—!”
Lucifer ends the call and turns your phone off. “Now, where were we?” He faces you and notices the worried expression you’re wearing.
“How did they even end up in Cerberus’ room anyway?” You raise a brow at him.
“…I might have put a curse on your bedroom door.”
“You what?”
“Just for precautions, alright?” Lucifer’s lips turn into a pout. “I was worried if anyone would take advantage of my absence to prank or harm you. It transports trespassers to Cerberus’ room.”
“What if Cerberus ends up eating your brothers?”
“Cerberus won’t eat my brothers. I just told him to chase them around for his daily exercise. But on the other hand, if it were some other demons….”
“I can’t even imagine what would happen to them….” You shake your head. “I should be mad at you for putting that curse without me knowing—” Lucifer’s eyes widen, panic flashing in his orbs. “—but how can I when you’re so adorable being all protective like this?” You pinch his cheek, uncontrollable giggle spilling from your lips.
“You’re going to get punished for this.” Lucifer lifts you to straddle his lap, hands palming your ass appreciatively.
“Mhmm,” you purr, unbuttoning your shirt. “Looking forward to it.”
That afternoon after you and Lucifer finally had your fill of each other, you both make your way to the kitchen for your late lunch with Lucifer supporting you as you continuously stumble on your feet. However, just as you are about to help with meal preparation, Lucifer stops you and insists that he’d do the cooking himself. He proceeds to carry you to the dining room, sitting you on the chair to wait.
You are about to complain when he reminds you of your wobbly legs after last night activities with a smug smirk on his face. So, you acquiesce begrudgingly, letting him prepare your meals.
That, however, isn’t the last of your problems. As Lucifer busies himself in the kitchen, out of all the brothers that can appear at this time, Asmo comes in with light steps, fully energised as if he wasn’t chased by Cerberus earlier. He casts a look over your figure, and a mischievous glint reflects in his tangerine ones. “So… My brother, huh?”
You shoot him an unamused glare. “Asmo…”
“Somehow I’m not surprised either,” He chirps, plopping down on the empty chair beside you. “After all he’s the only one that can keep you satisfied, no?”
You stay silent as he continues, “If it wasn’t for me being the Avatar of Lust, I won’t be able to look you in the eye from all these scent wafting off you.” Asmo waves his hand in front of his face teasingly, and you instinctively move away from him, flustered that you almost forgot about the whole scenting thing.
“So—” Asmo claps his hands in excitement. “Don’t you think I deserve a teeny-tiny information after warning you about the prank my brothers planned to pull on you and being chased down by Cerberus?”
“You know I don’t kiss and tell.” You give the same answer to him with your arms crossed.
“Aww, you’re no fun, ____. Even just a little—”
“Asmo, quit pestering ____,” Lucifer interrupts, walking out of the kitchen with two plates in hand.
Asmo merely gapes, taking notice of the red and purple that peppers the older brother’s neck. “Wow, you both did go all out.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
check out DIAVOLO’S POV (in which he finds out about you and Lucifer) here.
© coffeerecords — all rights reserved. copying, reposting, translating, and modifying in any platform or by any means is not allowed.
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luciuslut · a month ago
( late ) kinktober | DAY 9: caught masturbating — lucifer ( obey me! ) x female! reader
genre: nsfw ( drabble )
cw: sub! reader, masturbation, dirty talk [ lmk if i missed any ]
notes: finally! i missed writing for lucifer </3 and imagine doing kinktober in november haha couldn’t be me 🙄 /j
kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
“mmh… luci…”
soft moans left your lips, your two fingers deep inside you— imagining that it was lucifer’s long, slender fingers instead.
he had been so, so busy with work that he couldn’t even give you the attention you wanted.
or perhaps… you were too shy to beg for it?
little did you know, someone is watching you touch yourself.
you immediately sat up once you heard lucifer’s tongue clicking. “ah! y-you’re back already!”
“i didn’t tell you to stop,” he crossed his arms, leaning against the door frame. “go on… or have you gotten all shy now?”
you were lost for words. despite the fact that he had already seen you naked, you couldn’t help but still cover yourself from him as you tried looking anywhere but him. “i…”
he walked up closer until he pinned you on the bed, “let me take care of you, my love.” he whispered into your ear, then kissed your neck making you whine, wanting more. “you wished it was my fingers making you feel good, hm?”
you nodded vigorouly, “please. i want your fingers inside me.”
a smirk appeared on his face, his fingers running through your hips teasingly. “as you wish.”
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queazy-and-uneasy · 3 months ago
how would the brothers cuddle the mc?
oh boy oh boy oh boy i like this one
Likes it when you lay your head on his chest. He usually has his arms wrapped around you and time to time wraps his legs around you as well. As much as he doesn’t seem like it, he tends to be clingy when you’re alone, and he holds his grip tight.
Basically lays on top of you. He almost always has himself practically attached to you, and loves it when your head is in the crook of his neck. He holds you like his life depends on it.
He holds you like he does with his body pillows, which is to say he spoons you. He likes being on the outside, considering he is very protective. Of course, it takes him a long time to get used to the physical touch. But he gets used to it eventually.
He likes it when you mutually hold each other. He especially likes when you let him curl up next to you like a little cat, watching him as he reads. He always ends up wrapping his arms around your waist, holding you close to him.
Much like Satan, he likes being really close to you. But in his case, he is a lot more handsy than all of his brothers. He grabs you as much as he can, taking every opportunity he sees. And like he says, he prefers to sleep au natural…
Since he’s a lot bigger than you, he likes it when you basically just lay on top of him. Like Mammon, but reverse. He usually hugs you from under, having his arms around your hips. If you have a tendency to move around in your sleep, he usually notices and adapts, considering he’s used to Belphie doing that all the time. He also likes it when you straddle him.
Absolutely loves it when you spoon him. Please, hold him tighter. Sure, it might feel like your crushing his insides, but he can take it. Likes it when you have your head on his shoulder, having your breath hit his neck. He finds it calming. He also likes it when you snuggle up next to him, wrapping your legs around his.
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fluffycinnamonrollxoxo · a month ago
If MC Turned Into The Purple Sheep
Tumblr media
(This sheep for reference!)
Lucifer would try his best to contain a laugh as he saw your...fluffy appearance. He would of course demand what happened to you but gladly offer to take care you claiming that, "you are small and need protecting."
He would place you on his desk and proceed with his paperwork, only to look up after hearing the soft thumps of your hooves. "Is something wrong, MC?" he would ask, only to be met with a frustrated, "baa."
Of course, you needed food. He got up from his seat and proceeded to bring over a giant bowl of fresh fruit. "Eat this," he told the adorable fluff. He soon would realize that your tiny hooves can't pick up any food, so he began to feed you himself.
"If you want this strawberry you need to let me hold you while I work," he suggested with a smirk.
"Ow!" he exclaimed as you bit his hand in retaliation.
"Yes, I'm sorry MC."
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 2 months ago
Mc: Caffeine no longer keeps me awake while I work, so instead I have Lucifer periodically send me texts saying ‘we need to talk.’
Mc: It gives me the right amount of adrenaline and fear I need to keep going.
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you-gotta-dolla · 2 months ago
Sad times for Mams
Lucifer: you're such an idiot
Mammon: *genuinely sad* I know...
Lucifer: Wait no hold on-
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coffeerecords · a month ago
FAVOUR (I) | lucifer.
➾ in which you find yourself missing him
Tumblr media
wordcount: 5.2k | genre: fluff, slight angst, eventual smut, established relationship au | pairing: lucifer x fem!reader ft. other brothers (platonic) | rating: 18+ | tw: drinking, insecurities, suggestive remarks, swear words | others: domestic moments with satan and belphie, the anti-lucifer league strikes, satan and belphie insists mc can do better so they suggest [redacted], brief mention of devildom politics
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The sudden ring of your D.D.D rouses you awake from your dreamless sleep. Groaning, you reach out blindly to find the chirping device. Looking at the screen, you squint at the brightness and press the green button.
“Hello to you too,” Satan’s voice greets you, amusement lacing his tone. “You’re still asleep?”
“No shit, Sherlock,” you grumble. “It’s freakin’ seven in the morning—”
“It’s ten,” Satan cuts you off.
Your eyes snap open, sleep gone instantly as you check the time. “Shit!”
“Yeah,” the blond demon laughs. “See you in thirty.”
More curses spill from your lips while you throw your covers and rush out of bed to shower. Twenty minutes later, you barely can catch your breath as you reach the living room where Satan told you he’d be. However, the blond demon is nowhere to be found. Instead, you find Belphegor sleeping on the couch.
Taking another five minutes to regain your breathing, you approach Belphie, nudging his shoulder until he peers his eyes open. “Hmm?”
“Where’s Satan?”
The indigo-haired demon merely yawns, throwing his hands overhead to stretch before sitting up. “He should be in the kitchen.”
“What? What for?”
“He said something about—”
Satan bursts into the room with a bag in hand, smiling ear-to-ear. “Good. You’re both here. Now, let’s get going!”
Almost an hour later, you arrive in a newly-opened café, following Satan through a sliding glass door alongside Belphie. Satan lets out an excited gasp at the sight of cats—running, playing, sleeping—all over the place. It’s basically cat heaven which also aligns with what Satan calls ‘paradise’.
“How the hell did they keep this place intact?” Belphie mutters, glancing around the place with curiosity. “I don’t think I can take a nap here.”
You chuckle, pointing at a sleeping cat on the sofa. “You can take a nap with that one.”
“And risk letting them sit on my face? No thanks,” Belphie sighs, recalling the past cat videos Satan has shown him.
“Oh, you won’t be troubled with that,” Satan interrupts you both. “Cats would only do so if they trust the person and you, Belphegor, still have a long way to go.”
Belphie sighs. “Then why did you invite me in the first place?”
“The café allows one person an hour to play with the cats. But, with us three, they let us play for three hours. And I’d rather be around those I know than strangers. You and ____ are the least troublesome among the others.”
“Care to explain?”
“Mammon would definitely attempt to steal one of the cats and sell them, Levi would refuse to leave his mancave, Asmo would hog the cats’ attention, and Beel….” Satan sighs heavily before zips open his bag, taking out some containers. “Do I really have to explain?
“Nope,” you and Belphie mutter in unison. Beel would definitely ditch the café to find food or, in a worst-case scenario, an attempt to eat the cat.
“Or, he will try to eat these nutritious meals I’ve prepared for the cats,” Satan adds, handing the both of you a container. “...Just like that one time—”
“Then why don’t you wait for Luci to come back?” You question him.
“I can barely stand spending an hour with him. What makes you think I’d go for three?”
“He’s got a good point,” Belphie muses, turning to you. “But I have to admit Lucifer has been a bit more tolerable when you’re around.”
You blink a few times. “He—Really? He doesn’t seem to act differently.”
Satan shakes his head. “____, we’ve lived together for centuries and never once have I seen Lucifer willingly take the day off just to nurse someone back to health.”
“I wasn’t exactly sick...” Your cheeks grow hot at the memory. “It’s just my period, and I didn’t know it’d be that painful!”
“Well, now Lucifer has scheduled a monthly outing—”
“...More like kicking us out if you ask me….” Belphie comments.
“—for the six of us to spend in Purgatory Hall whenever you’re on your—”
“Okay, okay!” You shoot a playful glare at the blond demon, preventing him from continuing. “I get it! Now, can we please go feed the cats? Wait, are we even allowed to feed them?” You eye the food inside the container Satan handed you.
“Right,” Satan nods excitedly, turning to the awaiting caretakers. “And yes, we’re allowed. I’ve done a lot of research and talked with the manager and the caretaker.”
Afterwards, Satan approaches a group of cats in the middle of the room, crouching down slowly to place the container. Meanwhile, Belphie then asks beside you, “You know, speaking of Lucifer, when is he coming back?”
The question causes you to falter slightly because the only answer you can give him is— “I don’t know, Belphie….”
Belphie tilts his head slightly. “You don’t know?
You sigh, debating internally on whether you should let the youngest demon know what’s been bothering you the past few days. “Look, I don’t exactly know what’s happening, but he hasn’t replied to any of my texts...”
Belphie’s brows furrowing in confusion. “Didn’t he mention he’d keep in touch with you before he went to the human world?”
You nod slowly.
That was two weeks ago, the beginning of your one-month break. You had looked forward to spending time with your boyfriend, but alas, duty calls. He said it was about maintaining the alliance with the witches for the sake of Diavolo’s future plans.
Taking out your D.D.D., you check if there’s any message from him. But you find none. The last message you sent last night is still unread… and the other two are from the previous days and a week ago. He must have been so busy. You know that you had accepted the fact that his work will always come first ever since the both of you had become a couple.
“What a prick,” Belphie scoffs, snapping you out of your thoughts. “You know what, you should forget about him in the meantime. Don’t let his ignorance get to you, ____. You deserve a good time with these cats. Look—!” He crouches down, luring a passing cat with the food. The cat comes closer to where both of you are standing.
You smile at Belphie’s attempt to cheer you up and follow suit, crouching down and placing the opened container beside his. More cats come near the both of you, eyeing the meal in the container cautiously before giving a taste. And soon, those cats surround the two of you, chomping down on the food until their stomachs are filled.
The cats then lay on your and Belphie’s lap, napping quietly. One has also settled on Belphie’s head, causing him to sigh in annoyance but with a smile on his face. Then your D.D.D. vibrates in your pocket, snapping you out of the quiet moment. You fish out your phone to see an unknown number pop up on your screen. Furrowing your brows, you press answer. “Hello...?”
“Luci?” You didn’t expect your boyfriend’s voice to greet you with an unknown number.
“Yes, it’s me.”
“What... Wait, what’s going on? Who’s phone are you using?”
The other end of the line grows silent for a moment. “... It’s a long story.”
“Where are you? Are you still in the human world?”
“I am. I should be back within this week.” Lucifer sighs, voice clearly distressed. “Things have gotten complicated here.”
“What’s wrong? Are you alright? Can I do anything to help?”
He chuckles at the franticness in your voice. “No, no. Everything’s fine, my love. But I need you and my brothers to head to the palace right now.”
“Ah...” You can’t help but feel a tad disappointed that he’d find the effort to call you when it involves Diavolo. But, nonetheless, you still agreed. “Okay, I’ll tell them.”
“Thank you.” He lets out a relieved sigh. “I’ll be back before you know it.”
Tumblr media
The silence is deadly as the three of you arrive at the palace’s door. Satan’s current demeanour is like a ticking bomb while you and Belphie tread carefully around him to not trigger his wrath.
“It’s a bad idea to cut the playtime short, you know,” Belphie whispers in your ear.
“I know,” you sigh, recalling to wait another hour before telling Satan that playing with the cats must be cut short. “I really didn’t want to. But I had no choice.”
“What’s so urgent for Lucifer to call you to go to Diavolo’s place?”
“We’re about to find out,” you respond, glancing back and forth between Satan and the heavy doors. However, before you can knock, the door bursts open as a chicken flies out and lands on Satan’s face, causing the blond demon to fall on his butt at the impact.
“Don’t let the chicken escape!” A familiar shout follows behind. Mammon runs to the three of you, aggravated. “Yo! Thanks, man!” He plucks the chicken out of Satan’s arms. “What took ya guys so long? Barbatos is on the brink of having a fit and—”
“Umm, Mammon?”
“What’s up, ____?”
“You might want to apologise to—”
“Mammon...” Satan seethes. “You’re gonna pay for this.”
“Eh?! Wait, what—” Mammon shrieks, barely dodging Satan’s incoming punch. “Hold on a sec— What did I do?! Hey!”
You and Belphie stand still, utterly speechless, as Mammon rushes back into the palace lobby with Satan hot on his trail. Leviathan appears out from the kitchen, exhaustion weighing on his expression. “You guys... What took you so long?! You called Beel to round us all up here like an hour ago!”
“S-Sorry, Levi...” You scratch the back of your head, heading inside towards the kitchen. “We were in a cat café, and Satan was having so much fun there. I felt bad cutting his hours short...”
Levi sighs heavily. “You should have seen how terrifying Barbatos was...”
“Why? What happened?”
“A group of witches is coming tonight from the human world. It’s about some alliance of some sorts with Diavolo. So, we’re ordered to make them feel welcome at tonight’s party.”
“That sounds like a lot of work,” Belphie sighs.
“No wonder Luci sounds so stressed,” you add, earning a confused look from the two brothers.
“Lucifer is stressed?” Levi questions, eyes widening. “He’s usually the one doing the stressing.”
Belphie chuckles at his brother’s comment. “So, Mr Loyal-and-Obedient does have his limits as well. But not surprised that he’d do anything for Diavolo.”
Hearing those words causes your eye to twitch. As if it hits a bullseye in your growing insecurity. After all, he hasn’t messaged you back since last week and only called you earlier per Diavolo’s request.
Your steps falter momentarily as a thought occurs in your mind. What does this mean... But that’s not fair! Of course, you can never compare to the future king of Devildom! Who in their right mind would choose a measly human over a powerful demon?!
However, your wretched mind continues to hound you as it starts recalling how much effort Lucifer puts into his companionship with Diavolo. And... How long will it take before Lucifer breaks up with you? The day he arrives? A week after? A month—
“Uh, ____?” Belphie calls you from the kitchen’s doorway. “Why are you standing there in the corner?”
You blink, realising what you should be doing. Letting out a heavy sigh, you rush towards the kitchen. “Right, sorry!”
“What’s wrong?” Belphie hands you an apron once you stand beside him.
“Nothing... Just have a lot in my mind.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
You shake your head. “It’s fine. I’m just overthinking things.”
“Why do I get the feeling that it’s about Lucifer?”
“Well... You’re not wrong.”
“I knew it,” Belphie sighs, putting on plastic gloves before handing in another pair to you. You take it and help prepare the vegetables on the counter. “But, you know, it’s never too late to ditch him and go for someone else.”
The onion you’re peeling slips from your hold, rolling on the surface towards the edge of the counter. Belphie catches it with ease, handing it back to you.
“What do you mean—”
“I agree with Belphie.”
You jolt and turn towards the figure. Satan stands on your other side—seemingly regained his composure from earlier—and you shoot him a slight glare. “Were you eavesdropping?!”
“Well, I can’t help it when it involves the possibility of Lucifer fucking up. But judging from your tone, I’m almost hundred per cent sure he did. Which sounds like a valid reason for you to ditch his ass and find another,” Satan muses, not bothering to hide the satisfied smile on his face.
“Hell no!” You cross your arms across your chest. “Everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t plan on leaving Lucifer—”
“I knew it. Lucifer did fucked up,” Belphie exhales. “But what if there’s someone else better than Lucifer? Someone like… Diavolo?”
Satan lets out a hum of approval with a scheming expression. “Oh, just imagine Lucifer’s face when Diavolo sweeps you off your feet.”
“Hold on,” You stop them from speaking. “I don’t see Diavolo that way, and you both don’t even like Diavolo.”
“Well…” Belphie trails.
“He’s definitely the better choice than my disappointment of a brother,” Satan remarks. “I mean Diavolo is the future king of Devildom, no?”
“But, I lo—”
“Good afternoon, everyone!” Diavolo greets the entire room with a smile. “I apologise for the sudden request of your presence to help out with tonight’s party preparation.”
Speaking of the Devil…
“My Lord,” Barbatos greets him with a bow. “The preparation is almost complete. Tonight’s party is going to be a success.”
“That’s wonderful news!” Diavolo claps his hands in excitement. “Now, is ____ here?”
Wait, what—
“She’s there.” Barbatos points to the back row of the kitchen. The young Lord’s eyes brighten as it lands on you.
“This is your chance, ____!” Belphie nudges you. “Go seduce him—”
“I am not doing that!” You hiss in annoyance.
“I think he likes you, ____,” Satan comments in amusement as Diavolo walks over to where you’re standing. “Good luck!”
“You two—” You watch Satan and Belphie move to another station in the kitchen with teasing smirks on their faces.
“____,” Diavolo greets you. “Care to join me?”
You blink, registering his words. “Uh, I’m not finished with these—” You point at the half-cut vegetables. “—and I’m supposed to help—”
“Barbatos mentioned he’s almost done with the preparation,” the prince assures you. “Now, come with me.”
And he whisks you away out of the kitchen. Within minutes, you find yourself in a dressing room.
“I don’t understand,” you blurt out, breaking the awkward silence.
The prince merely laughs as he hands you a few documents. “I’d like you to help the dressmakers pick dresses for these witches.”
You skim through it, reading the profile of the witches before looking back at him. “Isn’t Asmo more capable of helping you with this?”
Diavolo sighs, shaking his head. “If I were to pick him, we would not get anywhere. He’d pick outfits for himself instead. Also, I know you have quite the eye in fashion.”
“I see…” you mumble. “Alright then.”
“Excellent!” Diavolo exclaims, clapping his hands as the dressmakers begin to scurry here and there. “I trust you can handle this, ____. Lucifer said you’re very responsible, and he’d trust you with his life, even.”
The mention of your boyfriend from Diavolo’s lips grabs your attention. Slowly, you ask, “He did?”
“Yes, he did. He seems very fond of you, but not as much as I am.” He shoots you a million-dollar smile and wink.
“Oh…” You mutter, unsure of what to say. “Well, I’ll go and help the dressmakers and pick the gifts for the witches. You can count on me.”
“I certainly can. You look beautiful, by the way.” With that, Diavolo leaves you to your own devices, leaving you in a state of confusion and slight, no, full panic. You did not expect Diavolo to compliment you so casually. Is he perhaps flirting with you?
Diavolo does not know that you had made it official with Lucifer. And Lucifer would have told his own best friend unless there is something that... Satan’s previous words ring in your mind, ‘I think he likes you, ____.’
Shaking your head, you stop your trail of thoughts and pick up a paper from the stack. You bring it to the head dressmaker to discuss which dress is most suitable. By the time you’ve managed to pick dresses for all thirty witches, it was six in the evening. You are helping one of the dressmakers arrange the last of the dresses on the mannequin when Diavolo returns.
He lets out a hum of approval at the prepared gifts before he beams at you. “You truly exceeded my expectations, ____!”
Your cheeks grow gradually hot at the attention as you nod.
“Well, I think it’s time for you to return home to get changed,” he continues. “I owe you a favour.”
Shaking your head, you chuckle nervously. “It’s an honour, Your Highness.”
“I insist, ____,” Diavolo takes your hand in his, placing a kiss on your knuckle. “Until we meet again tonight.”
Tumblr media
“So, anything happened between you and Diavolo?” Belphie asks as you head back to House of Lamentation with the brothers.
“____ and Diavolo?” Asmodeus questions, overhearing the conversation. “What is this? Are you having an affair with the future king of Devildom?”
“No!” You exclaim. “He just wanted me to help the dressmakers pick something for the invited witches.”
Asmo gasps, “Why wasn’t I invited?”
“You’d hog all the dresses for yourself, Asmo,” Belphie states bluntly.
“That is nonsense!” The Avatar of Lust denies dramatically. “But let’s go back to the more interesting topic. Is Diavolo hitting on you, ____? What would our dear brother think of it?”
“It’s not like that,” you sigh exasperatedly. “He just needs some help to prepare some gifts for the witches who are attending the party tonight.”
“Hm, is that all?” Belphie does not bother hiding his disappointment. “I thought there was some spark between the both of you.”
Satan barges into the conversation suddenly. “Even when Diavolo compliments you and kisses your knuckle like a gentleman. Are you sure there’s no spark?”
“Where the hell did you even get that information?” You stare at him in bewilderment as Belphie and Asmo’s faces light up in delight.
“A little bird told me,” Satan muses, all smug. “I have to say, Diavolo knows what he’s doing.”
“If you’re not careful, you might get snatched up by the prince without knowing,” Asmo giggles.
Your eye twitches in annoyance. “You guys better stop this Diavolo nonsense. I have no interest in the prince at all.”
Asmo wraps his arm around your shoulder, shaking his head. “And that is what makes you simply more desirable, ____.”
The event starts at midnight, leaving you enough time to freshen up. Asmo insists on helping you to pick an outfit. The party won’t be like the usual fancy ball. Instead, Diavolo planned on a nightclub-themed party. Excited about the change of theme, Asmo had made sure you are ‘dressed-to-kill and maybe lure in some other potential suitors to keep your mind away from the thoughts of your boyfriend.
“If you’re sad, I’m sad too, ____,” Asmo clutches your shoulders. “So, let’s enjoy tonight to the fullest. Forget about my brother just this one night. He won’t attend the party, am I right?”
You shake your head. “He’ll be back in a few days.”
“That’s good news!” Asmo clasps your hands in his. “I’m planning to go all out tonight and maybe have an orgy if I’m lucky. Would you like to join—”
“That is an absolute no.”
“Is Lucifer enough to keep you satisfied?”
“Asmo… You know I don’t kiss and tell,” you answer with a smirk curling up on the corner of your lips.
“You’re no fun, ____….” The Avatar of Lust pouts playfully before he exits your bedroom to get changed himself.
You are in the middle of finishing your makeup when there’s a set of knocks on your door. “Come in,” you call out. The door swings open with Satan and Belphie standing there.
“Wow, aren’t you two a sight for sore eyes?” You comment at the rare sight of the two brothers all dressed up.
“Speak for yourself, ____,” Belphie chuckles.
“I’m nothing compared to the two of you,” you shrug. “Those witches will literally be vying for your attention!”
“Please, don’t.” Satan shudders noticeably. “Reminds me of a bad experience.”
Right. You stifle your laughter.
Two witches had fought over him once, and it did not end well for the rest of the party. Or so, they said. It happened during a festival held by Diavolo to maintain the peace between Devildom and the human realm. Asmo—as always—had taken the role to be in charge of the brothers’ outfit, including yours.
Let’s just say his suggestion did not disappoint. You can still remember how handsome the eldest brother looked and how he couldn’t keep his eyes (and hands) off you throughout the whole night. You both had sneaked out in the middle of the party to indulge in each others’ presence privately. Hence, you did not stay long enough to see how chaotic the party became when the witches fought over Satan, casting spells and curses here and there.
“Anyways,” Satan clears his throat. “We should come up with a prank on Lucifer.”
...Ah, of course. It’s not Satan if he does not hold a grudge after getting his bonding-with-cats time is cut short.
“I’m sitting this one out,” You reply while checking your appearance before spraying your face with a setting spray.
“____, we talked about this,” Belphie sighs dramatically. “He did something that upsets you. This can help release your pent-up disappointment.” Before you can say anything else, he turns to Satan. “What do you have in mind?”
Satan crosses his arms in deep thought. “As much as it pains me to say it, we did fail the last time we tried to spike his Demonus. So, that’s out of the question. Not to mention we still don’t know the phrase for his secret door. So…” There’s a delighted glint in his gaze as you catch his eye. “...Why don’t we continue Operation Flirt with Diavolo in the party?”
Belphie agrees almost immediately.
“Good luck flirting with Diavolo yourselves,” you hum, closing your makeup kit.
“Who says we’ll be the ones flirting?”
“Again, I won’t partake in this—”
“Oh, you won’t have to do a single thing, ____,” Satan grins. “Nothing at all.”
Tumblr media
Demons and witches dance across the scarlet floor in the dim-lighted room while some sit and chat amongst themselves in the booths by the time you arrive at The Fall. You squint at the colourful lights that hit your face while you make your way through with the brothers. Asmo and Mammon had found themselves joining the crowd, thriving on this kind of atmosphere. Reaching one of the empty booths, you plop down on the cushioned seat with Belphie and Beel—
Nevermind. Beel has also gone missing. Probably in search of the delicacies Barbatos prepared earlier on the grazing table. Satan and Levi sit across from you and Belphie. Not a moment later, Satan clears his throat. “So, we’re still on with the plan.”
You sigh defeatedly, hoping that he’d forgotten or something. Honestly, there’s no stopping the blond demon once he puts his mind on pranking Lucifer. Whatever this prank entails must have been foolproof, considering the devious grin growing on his face.
“Plan? What plan?” Levi tilts his head questioningly.
“We’re pranking Lucifer,” Belphie answers. “Do you want to join?”
“Why am I not surprised?” The otaku sighs, shaking his head. “But count me in. It’s not like I have anything better to do in this crowd.”
Satan nods, pleased with his older brother’s answer. “We’re going to sit in a different booth from ____.”
Your eyes widen. “What?”
“You want to leave the normie—alone—when this place is packed with demons and witches?” Levi gapes at his brother, who’s nodding at every word.
“Don’t worry, we’ll still keep an eye on her in case things go south. But I can assure you that she will be safe. In fact, no one would dare to approach her.” Satan casts a glance around the room before he looks you in the eye. “So, ____, just stay here.”
“I swear if anything happens to me—”
“Nothing bad will happen,” Satan assures you. “In fact, you might enjoy a pleasant company. So, let loose for a while.”
You want to laugh and throw your drink on Satan’s face when your ‘pleasant company’ arrives. The brothers have left you alone, and they are two booths away from where you’re currently sitting.
“____,” Diavolo greets you with his handsome smile, sitting beside you. “Glad you can make it. Why are you sitting alone? Where are the brothers?”
“Your Highness,” you greet him back. “Yeah, I wonder where they are...”
“Have you danced yet? The witches seem to enjoy this kind of atmosphere.”
You shake your head. “It’s not really my thing. The music can get too loud, and it’s hard to have a proper conversation in the middle of the dancefloor.”
Diavolo nods in understanding. “I see... But I do hope this would strengthen the alliance with the witches. I plan to open more opportunities for exchange students from the human realm.”
“It’s a good start,” you respond, taking a sip of your drink. “But I think it would take more convincing for the witches to truly be open to the idea of an alliance.”
The prince stares at you with a widened gaze momentarily. “Will you elaborate more on that?”
“You’ve given them gifts and welcomed them with an amazing party. However, I personally think there should be a guarantee that shows the witches what they can gain from this alliance besides the education in RAD.”
Diavolo stays silent, urging you to continue.
“I don’t doubt your capabilities as a leader, Your Highness. But you’ve tasted what the human realm has to offer. It’s also one of the reasons why you wanted this alliance, right? What about giving the witches a chance as well? A chance to taste what Devildom has to offer by granting a longer time for them to stay and security? You’d win their hearts in no time.”
By the time you finish your statement, Diavolo stares at you in awe. “You’d make a good queen yourself, ____.”
You freeze at his words, blinking a few times as his words sink into your mind. “Um, thank you? But I’d rather not involve myself in political stuff. I saw how much paperwork Lucifer has to deal with daily.”
Diavolo chuckles. “I guess you have a point. He’s still dealing with things in the human realm.”
You sigh at that. “Indeed. Maybe you need to give him a break once he returns. His brothers are already a handful. He could be turning into a walking corpse without even knowing, considering how stubborn he is in not prioritising his own wellbeing—” You blink, realising how casually you just talk to the future king of Devildom. “I-I mean, Your Highness—”
A hearty laugh escapes his lips as he clutches his stomach. “He is stubborn, even I have to agree with that. No one dared to mention this to me, let alone telling me to give Lucifer a break. Look, I assure you, I didn’t mean for him to finish those paperwork so quickly. He had always submitted those papers weeks before the deadlines.”
“Right... He likes to keep himself busy.”
“Absolutely!” Diavolo claps his hands. “For centuries, I’ve tried to get him to relax! I had to drag him once from his office to go to the beach!”
“You dragged Lucifer out of his office?”
Diavolo nods repeatedly. “With the help of Barbatos, of course. Lucifer has a will of steel when it comes to his work.” And he continues to tell you stories of him having a hard time convincing his best friend to take days off.
“You are really fond of Lucifer, aren’t you?” Diavolo questions with a gentle smile when he finishes his story. The involuntary smile on your face disappears as you look away for the prince, flustered.
Diavolo laughs at your reaction. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. It’s not every day that someone would bluntly point out his not-so-strong qualities.”
“Well, you’re not wrong…” you mumble, tucking your hair to the back of your ear. A strand of hair still falls on your face as Diavolo instinctively lifts his hand and tuck it behind your ear. For a moment, his hand lingers on your face, and you stiffen at the action.
“____, I’ve been wanting to tell you—“However, the sudden loud cough interrupts you both.
“What did we miss?” Satan asks casually, plopping beside Diavolo—who had already pulled his hand away from you—while Belphie takes the other side of the booth along with Levi and Beel.
“Nothing.” You don’t know whether to feel relieved or angry at the brothers. So, you merely shoot the blond demon a warning glare when he purposefully cramps the space to have Diavolo sit closer to you.
“Took you long enough,” Diavolo muses, unaware of the devious plans the brothers (except for innocent Beel, of course) had cooked up.
“Did you manage to bore ____ to death with your stories, Diavolo?” Belphie asks in a teasing manner.
“Nonsense! We’re both connected,” Diavolo replies happily.
You can sense the surprised and teasing glances the brothers are giving you. Delighted at Diavolo’s accidental confession about enjoying your time together. Sighing, you stand up. “I’m going to get a drink in the bar… Alone.”
Before any brothers can argue, you head to the bar, taking an empty seat before ordering a drink. You let out another deep sigh.
The long chat with Diavolo has made you do nothing but miss your boyfriend more. Sure, you love the stories Diavolo told you, but you wanted the said person here with you. But unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want. Your boyfriend is somewhere dealing with whatever needs to be done in the human world, leaving you back here in Devildom. Now, his brothers are trying to set you up with his best friend.
Speaking of which, you need to have a friendly long chat with Belphie and Satan. At first, you merely play along with their usual antics. But as it progresses, you realise how this could end badly with misunderstandings if Lucifer is here, judging from the way the prince openly flirts with you earlier and risking Diavolo getting the wrong idea.
You let out a dry chuckle to yourself, shaking your head before sipping on your drink when someone sits on the empty stool on your side. You weren’t in the mood for social interaction or the possibility of it. That’s why you chose the deserted area. Can’t this guy take a hint? There are other empty seats—
“May I buy a beautiful lady another drink?”
That voice. Your head snaps towards the deep voice, eyes meeting his bright ruby ones.
“Hello, my love.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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trueshellz · 3 months ago
Demon Brothers: Comfort
Tumblr media
Warnings: nightmares, death mentioned, comfort, hugs, hair playing, physical affection, sweet talk, body image issues, cuddles, forehead kisses, words of affirmation, sweet talking, overworking, fatigue, massages, PTSD, anger issues. Spoilers for the game
Tumblr media
This guy is always so busy running around after people, doing work for Diavolo and making sure his brothers aren't killing each other
He does not rest very much, if at all, and can often burn out from exhaustion and get a cold from being overworked- not that he'd ever say that of course
Sometimes he'll go a few days without sleep and you'll see him hunched over his desk drowning in paperwork or he'll fall asleep on his desk and get a sore neck or back
He loves getting massages, especially from you and your magic hands
He enjoys feeling your hands on his shoulders, it'll calm him down and make him relax. Dark lashes fluttering closed as his head drops forward onto the desk with a small moan.
He'll let you drag him to his room, past his brothers with their thumbs up because Lucifer will calm down now and not be so grouchy with them.
He'll get all handsy, making you giggle, until you push him down on the bed and pull his shirt off for him, the whole time his hands are resting on your hips or ass.
Laying down on his stomach with you sat on his ass, fingers and knuckles pressing into the knots in his back... amazing.
His eyelids start feeling so heavy even though he wants to stay awake but he just can't and will fall asleep mid massage, you'll hear soft snores as he falls into deep sleep
He doesn't even notice when you pull his pants off and pull the blanket over him, slipping behind him to rub stomach, his warm back against your chest
Instinctively grabs your hand and holds it to his chest in his sleep, gripping it close so he can feel your warm body behind him
Tumblr media
He knows what his brothers think of him... money hungry, irresponsible, stupid brother. But he'd be lying if that didn't get to him sometimes
Particularly on days where they've all been yelling at him, you can see his attitude slowly change. He'll go from loud, bouncy Mammon to quieter, half-smiling Mammon.
It's not a massive change to them, but you can see the way he catches your eye and looks at you like he's hoping for you to say something positive.
He always looks so pleased when you try to stick up for him, even when he knows he was in the wrong.
And he knows he shouldn't spend that much money, but he just gets carried away with himself.
Now that he has you, he's a little better since you make him return stuff he doesn't need or wait for things on sale.
When he's had a really bad day, he'll stand in your doorway and kind of fidget or shuffle his feet waiting for you.
Usually he'll just barge in and flop down on you, doesn't matter what you're doing. The one time he did that and your laptop went flying, you barely had the time to catch it before it hit the floor.
But when he's feeling vulnerable he'll sit down gently and lay his head on your lap, he loves being between your thighs and cuddling them. The sigh he makes when you run your fingers through his hair, so adorable and soft
He'll ask you if what his brothers say about him is true, if you believe them and question whether he's good enough for you.
You'll tell him all the things you love about him: his cute smile, the way he looks after you, his protectiveness and yes, he's an action first-thoughts later kind of guy but you tell him that you love him regardless.
Tumblr media
Our little otaku who forgets what day and time it is when he gets sucked into a show.
He's the type to hole up in his room and lose all sense of reality until a) the show finishes, b) he gets up to date with the show or c) he falls asleep
Sometimes he feels so guilty especially if you're not into anime or the show he's watching. If you are, he's scared you'll find him childish or get annoyed over how excited he gets
If he's been alone in his room, he'll suddenly feel guilty that he hasn't spent time with you and have thoughts of you leaving him for a 'normie'
He's also the type to usually bundle into your room all excited like, he'll flop down on your bed and grab your hand telling you about the show
But if he's feeling guilty or bad, he'll pace outside a few times and think of all the ways to make it up to you... May bring one of his figures as an apology gift too.
He would have brought some snacks from his room too... the special ones he saves up for season finales or his favourite show.
It's not like you can see his shadow under the door, of course not. He'll get so flustered every time you open the door and pull him in for a hug with a giggle.
His hand clutching at your shoulders, face buried in your neck as he takes a deep breath inhaling your scent.
Gets super shy when you tug him to the bed and prop your laptop or tablet on your lap to watch something with him, he'll let you choose the show as an apology
Will end up falling asleep on your shoulder with your legs intertwined or on your chest, arms wrapped around your middle holding you close.
Tumblr media
Since he's easily angered, he's worried that you'll find him too much especially when you witness an argument between him and Lucifer.
Sometimes he doesn't feel like 'one of them' since he was born from Lucifer's wings and is not an angel like his brothers are
When he first showed you his room he was scared you would think it was too much since there were books everywhere, tall shelves with hundreds of them
Little does he know that you love hearing him speak about the books he loves, you think it's cute watching him get all excited and eager to share over the story
Even more so when you read one that he recommends, you love seeing his eyes light up when you discuss the story and character development with him
Sometimes he gets self conscious and starts over thinking your relationship, he worries that he won't be enough for you and you'll choose someone else
You'll see him with a book on his lap but he isn't paying attention to the words, he seems to be lost in thought until you take the book away and hold his face
You'll run your fingers through the hair at the back of his neck, smiling when he sighs and drops his forehead on your chest to snuggle closer
He'll push you back until you lie down, him on top of you with his head pressed in your breasts and legs between yours.
It's not sexual, he just loves hearing your heartbeat under his head, it let's him know you're with him and nowhere else
Sometimes he'll ask you to read to him when he's in that position, loves listening to the sound of your voice as he lays on you.
Tumblr media
The type boyfriend who lives doing face packs and skincare routines with you, he'll always have the newest gadgets and will watch all these videos on how to use them
Will be the first to hype you up when you try a new make up look, will even sit there with you and take all your pictures for you.
But he also gets super self conscious when looking at his brothers' skin which is seamlessly gorgeous and always looks perfect. Especially Beelzebub, who eats everything in sight and looks like that?! How is that possible?!
He worries that you won't find him attractive if he didn't look after his skin as much or if he has a bad skin day.
At first he wouldn't let you see him without all his make up on, not that his bare face is bad at all! He looks so young and fresh, naturally glowing and has a cute youthful look.
The one time you barged into his room, something you did all the time, and saw him just come out the shower with a towel around his waist and another in his hand patting his face
His poor face went beet red in embarrassment, he let out a small squeak and tried to run back to his en suite bathroom but you caught his arm and tugged him back
You really wanted to reach up and touch his face but you remember how particular he is with cleanliness, so you dragged him to the bathroom and washed you hands thoroughly in front of him before holding your hand up as if to touch him
He was so nervous about you seeing him like this, but seeing the loving look in your eyes he couldn't help but lean into your touch
You tell him how gorgeous he looks like this, that he doesn't need to wear the make up around you if he's comfortable and explain how you love him for him, not his looks
Tumblr media
This guy is adorable and no one can tell me otherwise, he is sweet and so touch starved
He often worries about his brothers and their relationship, especially when Lilith's death anniversary comes around
Before Belphie came, he would sit and stare at his bed longingly and sometimes you would catch him talking to his brother just telling him about his day and what happened.
After Belphie came back, Beel would just walk up to him and touch or hug him, just to check that he was here and present, if he wasn't hanging off you, he was hugging his twin brother
He has nightmares sometimes, waking up in the middle of the night crippled with fear and looks over to check if Belphie is still in bed, even going as far as tucking the blanket around him
He'll tiptoe down the corridor and come in to your room, peering around the door and poking you gently before kissing your cheek to wake you up
You're used to this, moving back go let him lie down in front of you chest to chest so he can hold your hand and fall back to sleep
Sometimes if the dream is really bad, he'll ask you to play with his hair or hum to him, he doesn't care if you can't hold a tune he just likes hearing your voice lull him back to sleep
In the night, he might twitch or make a noise from fear, but once you shush him back to sleep and rub the frown away he'll fall back to sleep again
In the morning, he'll wake up gently if you're still asleep and kiss your forehead as a thank you, leaving a cute note on your bed. When he's back from his run, he'll bring you a pastry and hot drink too as a thank you and sorry for waking you up, even though you really don't mind
Tumblr media
Belphie isn't the most sociable of the brothers, he would rather stay in and take naps than go out for dinner or movies which he worries about
Sometimes, due to being locked up, he can lash out at when he gets annoyed at things. He doesn't mean go get angry, it's never directed at you but more at himself and the things that he missed out
When it happens he'll often feel bad, especially since he isn't one to apologise outright but he will bring you something to eat or a gift as an apology
He doesn't like being labelled as someone with PTSD because he doesn't want to be labelled as weak or needy but he enjoys spending time with you and getting his mind off things
His brother, Beelzebub, worries him the most since his absence hit him the hardest and they're twins, but at the same time he blames himself for Beelzebub's nightmares and fears
He loves when you take naps with him, sleeping on your chest or stomach so he can feel your warmth under him is the best feeling in the world especially as he slept alone for so long
He loves sticking his hand up your top, not in a sexual way, but to feel your skin against his hand and your chest rise and fall and he'll move your hand so it rests on his head, he won't tell you he wants headpats but you better or he'll whinge at you
Even if you're not sleeping, you could be on your phone or reading, he will assume the same position and rest his eyes while you work. If you're working around the house, he'll follow you like a cute puppy waiting until you sit down so he can sit with you
He sometimes has nightmares, not that he tells you outright, but he'll wake up and walk to your room and climb in your bed without waking you up. The first time it happened, you jumped and fell out the bed in shock, he felt so bad but didn't show it.
If you wake up before him or try to get up from the bed, he'll whine and tug your arm back until you come back to bed with him and snuggle up again.
Tumblr media
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luciuslut · 3 months ago
morning after | lucifer ( obey me! ) x female! reader
genre: fluff, suggestive content
notes: enjoy luvs <3 idk why i’m writing too much for lucifer these days HAJSHWJDBSJX
Tumblr media
legs tangled together, an arm wrapped around your waist, soft breathing into your neck. a small smile appeared on your face as you woke up.
you turned your head to face lucifer, peacefully sleeping. you admired his face for a while, bringing your hand to his cheek to caress it.
after a while, he moved a bit and yawned. “good morning…”
“good morning. did you sleep well?”
he nodded, eyes still closed. “yes. but i’m still quite tired…”
ah, right. you knew he wasn’t a morning demon.
“how about you? are you sore?” he asked, finally opening his eyes.
“a bit… but i’ll be okay.” you smiled shyly as he pulled you closer to chest.
it was silent for a while, but it was a comfortable one. the feeling of his warmth calms you, then the events that had happened last night flashed your mind. you couldn’t forget how he made you feel good…
“i didn’t realize i left many hickies on you,” he stated, looking at your chest proudly as he chuckled. oh god. you looked down, seeing the marks from last night. “i’d like to add more.”
“lucifer…” your cheeks began to feel hot, “you-“
“hmm? you don’t want me to?”
“i didn’t say that…”
he smirked, “and… what do you say about morning sex?”
oh. my. god. “lucifer!” you hid your face into his neck as he let out a breathy laugh. “i mean. alright. we can, but we have to keep quiet, your brothers are probably awake.”
he kissed your forehead, “whatever you say.”
you don’t know if he’s ‘still quite tired’ from the way he fucked you this morning. now you’re sure you wouldn’t be able walk properly after this.
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janumun · 5 months ago
I don't know why but I have this headcanon that Lucifer is great at oral sex... I you feel like it could you write something a out it? ( it's good even with the other brothers or side characters!)
And I think you’re right, Anon. I mean, anyone as fluid of tongue and amorous of speech [in private] as Lucifer is, can’t not be just as good with his mouth on and within his significant other LOL.
Jokes aside, I can’t provide you with a ficlet at the moment but I can expand on his, ahem, oral skillset as a head-canon. Not strictly adhering to his competence at providing oral but also the why. As to his reasoning to be just that good for his S/O ;)
Tumblr media
Rated: NSFW/18+ Tags: oral sex, descriptions of demon (monstrous) fucking in the literal sense
Part of Lucifer’s ‘expertise’ stems from the desire to see you utterly wrecked (of love and languorous pleasure) beneath a dexterous mouth and fingers. As one beloved to the former prince of Heaven, you are to receive nothing short of the finest gifts he has to bestow upon you [as detailed within my head-canons here and here], be it spiritual or of a far more physical nature. His mouth while it works upon you, tongue slipping in to curve against wet walls. The swipe of an incessant thumb followed by the broad of his tongue against that point of pleasure, Lucifer is particularly observant when he moves to settle in between your legs.
The precise exertion of pressure against your walls; that one spot within that has you ready to clench and collapse around the intrusion of him. The heavy spasm of your legs around his head; the twitch of thighs as his tongue tracks its path across you: he is scrutinizing it all, because when you release yourself so vehement you see stars, he wants you ruined enough you think of nothing but how violent his command over your body and its reactions, is. The Avatar of Pride; your pleasure is only but a source of such. Satisfaction, Lucifer’s prowess in the bedroom never fails to betray.
And also… because your anatomies are rather different, he wants you prepared, drenched and slick, to accept him within. It is not often he lets loose of his human personification but it does and can occur within the bedroom when he finds himself so lost within you, his own body unraveling and changing form to reveal: Canines lengthening into needle points, the urge, to press into you and spurt his seed deep, overwhelming enough. Great, dark wings that hurtle wide; majestic, obsidian parts of him, his face warping and changing form, he might’ve worried for how he might frighten you, were it not for how he trusts within your love for him. How you move to embrace him, mouth slipping open to his sinuous double-edged tongue sliding to entwine with yours. The light bitter, as if of ash, across his tongue almost intoxicating in your haze. The widening girth and length of his cock within, the pronounced ridges you feel across its texture might’ve been startling if not for how that pain stings into pleasure, thanks to how he he worked you open and dripping, prior, with his mouth and digits. Lucifer’s inhumane thrusts; each time he moves to drive you deeper into the sheets, excess combined arousal gushing out of the space you two are joined, splattering onto the sheets. Lending you dexterity and lubrication enough to accept him within.
Tumblr media
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