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#shall we date mammon
lordacex2 days ago
The greedy demon and a Chihuahua
Part 1
Character mammon // Luke // Simeon (was mention) bad English warning 馃憣馃憣馃憣
Is Just another day in Devildom except is school Holliday a day where everyone is free except for some demon and Who know the first thing we have to see is Luke saying he hate Simeon So much he run away without looking back... Simeon was too stun too move or say something so he end up letting Luke run away just like that
"s-stupid Simeon" Luke crying. Is been half a year since they arrive at the Devildom yet Luke still hate this place and now he have a fight with the person who always by his side plus he sitting under a bridge and he forgot his DDD at home... This day was the worse day for him and he don't know what to do.
The little angel just sit there and sobbing he hate it he hate this place he hate demon he hate everyone he hate himself for being such an idiot rn... He hope someone could just come and help him but who would want to help...
Suddenly he hear a sound of someone walking toward him..He really hoping it not Simeon cause he don't know how to face him after saying he don't want to look at him again...but he also wish is not a random demon he don't want anything bad to happen..
"Oh? I Know I hear something form under this bridge....Hoi Chihuahua what are ya doing here???"
Mammon? Eeeh Is mammon- Luke look at him with unhappy face and look away..
"Oi Chihuahua don't just look at ppl like that should be happy I found ya it could have been some random scary demon yknow"
"Go away I want to be alone "[Luke]
Mammon obviously won't just walk away like that he not gonna leave Luke like this So he decided he sit down next to Luke just until this idiot go back to a save place
"I told you to go away not to sit here" [Luke]
"Yea yea ik But I can't just leave ya here if something happens I don't want to be responsible.......Soooo what with the long face? Did ya have a fight with simeon?" [mams]
".....maybe.." [mams]
"ahhh I see Ya should just go home then don't need to be shy...simeon would totally forgive ya Is normal for siblings to fight anyway" [mams]
" and Simeon is not siblings And he won't forgive I literally yell at his face and just walk away" [Luke]
"Eh?! Really I thought ya guys was siblings since you two always together and you cling to him a lot and....c'mon ya just yell not kill him or something I did that once and stuff when good" [mams]
"Yea I cling to him because this place is making me uncomfortable and all the demon in here is not trustable...I'm sure Simeon think I'm annoying everyone say that about me..." Luke hug his knee tighter he really want to cry but he don't want mams to make fun of him so he hold it....but then he feel a hand on his head..
"Yea sure ya a bit annoying sometime..but ya are also kinda fun to have around yknow?" He pat Luke head and give him a smile trying his best to comfort the sad angel
"fun to have around...? How?? ppl literally call me a Chihuahua! since I'm loud! and always barking! I always cling to ppl I don't know my place and I keep thinking that I'm cool even though I'm just a weak angel that can't do much!!" Luke let his anger out and he look away sobbing He didn't believe he just say that-
"..." Mams Pat his back and look at him for a bit and then he look at the Black River infront of them. He take a deep breath...
"Ya shouldnt have take what other say too much...Yea sure everyone call ya weak or annoying or other stuff but deep inside yknow that ya are more than that and that good... ya should be more proud of yourself I mean to think ya can handle all that and look ya have great cooking skills and ya are pretty smart for a kid...I think ya are kinda cool so stop being sad aight?"
Luke wipe his tear and turn to look at Mams face..with a kinda bright face "you really think I'"
"mmhm that right " [mams]
"And you think I'm kinda strong too...?" [Luke]
"Yea ya are kinda strong for a kid " [Mams]
"....." Luke look away. For no reason he feel happy hearing that word even though it come form Mammon
"ya welcome... anyway....are ya planning to go back now?" [Mams]
Ah right he finally remember why he here in the first place....Luke shake his head. Nope he can't even after what Mams say he still to embarrass to go back.
"hmmmm... Then why don't ya come with me?" [Mams]
"huh?..To where?" [Luke]
"y'know when we arrive " Mams get up form his place and walk away slowly
Luke look at Mams and think if he should go or not...He don't want to go back to Simeon.. and he don't want to stay under this bridge...He get up and finally Chase mammon even though he don't know where they about to go.
Mams just pat his head and walk him to his car...
To be continue..
Aight part 1 end
Yea I love big brother mammon AAAAAA- ok bai baii
Part 2 soon ehehheheheheeh
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by-moonflower4 months ago
mammon hears you call his name from two halls down, and though he shakes his head, then pinches the bridge of his nose 鈥 thinking, just what the hell does this human want now 鈥 he doesn鈥檛 move an inch. he鈥檚 not waiting for you, obviously, just figured it鈥檇 be too much of a hassle for him if you went barreling into anyone else.
when you do finally turn the corner and find him, he can鈥檛 hide the way his eyes soften a little.
you look just as you usually do, except there鈥檚 tears streaming down your face and mammon鈥檚 eyes widen at the fact, realising that he鈥檚 never actually seen you cry. he鈥檚 had more than enough of your ugly sniffles during the sad movies you watch together 鈥 he refrains from making a snarky remark over it because it distracts you from noticing his eyes going glassy 鈥 but this time is different; you seem utterly defeated.
鈥渉ey鈥斺 he begins to say, but is cut short when you suddenly make a run for him. he doesn鈥檛 really have time to prepare because you end up right before him in no time and, much to his surprise, you throw your arms around his neck, not even stopping to see if he鈥檇 be ready to catch you. he鈥檚 flustered for only a moment but improvises quickly when he feels your body slowly slipping down his.
鈥渙-oi! what鈥檚 the matter wit鈥 ya?鈥
you mumble something outrageously incomprehensive, with your face mushed against his collar, bordering the line that crosses over to his neck 鈥 he hoists you up further to prevent your lips from brushing his skin, otherwise he might just lose his mind and drop you altogether.
鈥渨hat was that? speak clearly, wouldja?鈥
you lift your head up slightly, 鈥溾檓 upset.鈥
鈥渨hy?鈥 he asks, tone slightly harsh but contrasting against the spread out palm he has rubbing big circles on your back. out of nowhere, levi pokes his head into the hall to see you in mammon鈥檚 embrace and makes a face, mouthing, what happened?
mammon does everything he can to shoo his brother away without alerting you. get outta here! he mouths back.
鈥渄on鈥檛 wanna talk about it,鈥 you finally say, clearer. at least your breathing has gone back to normal, your heartbeat too slowing and dropping out of the race. your arms, still secure around his neck, don鈥檛 let up though and your toes just barely reach the ground until mammon hoists you up once more. 鈥渃an we stay like this a bit?鈥
out loud, mammon lets out an annoyed groan but what he鈥檚 not saying, is that he sort of wishes you鈥檇 never let go. without any trouble at all, mammon begins to pace, taking you to your room.
鈥渁lright, alright! and don鈥檛 think i鈥檓 doing this because i want to make ya feel better or whatever,鈥 he rambles, 鈥渁 perfectly good excuse to skip class has presented itself and i ain鈥檛 passing up that opportunity.鈥
you hum against him, the sound reverberating through your chest and his ribcage.
鈥渁nyway, if lucifer catches us bunking class, i鈥檓 throwin鈥 ya under the bus without a second thought. ya hear that?鈥
you hum again.
鈥渁nd don鈥檛 ya dare get snot on my shirt, just ask me for a tissue or somethin鈥 and i鈥檒l get it for ya. cry your heart out, i don鈥檛 care 鈥 鈥
he pauses, his breath almost catching in his throat whenever you say his name so gently. he won鈥檛 ever admit it but he finds it kind of sweet how whenever you鈥檙e with the other brothers, you join in on the banter and make fun of him as they do, calling his name with similar mockery, all sing-song and teasing. and yet, when it was just the two of you, the facade fades away. he鈥檚 highly embarrassed to be thinking this, but the way you call his name now is like how you call a lover; patient, welcoming, warm.
鈥渕ammon?鈥 you repeat and he clears his throat pointedly before resuming his stride.
鈥測ou鈥檙e so kind, you know that?鈥
it takes everything in him to keep from freezing again 鈥 he knows you鈥檙e definitely going to make a comment about it later or something so he doesn鈥檛 even want to risk it 鈥 but he sure is grateful that he practically has you thrown over his shoulder now, mostly because that means you can鈥檛 witness the fire engulfing his cheeks all of a sudden.
鈥渟h-shut up, whaddya mean?鈥
you don鈥檛 tell him what you mean. all you do is mumble a small thank you before tightening your arms and nuzzling your face into his neck.
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mamma-mia-mammon8 days ago
Tumblr media
oh u think im over drawing mammon and sheep mc happy together?聽think again bro
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otakusheep152 months ago
Courting Headcanons
I鈥檓 including all of the demons in this post because why not
So while all demons are different when it comes to the mating process, they do also share some commonalities with one another
All demons will give something to the object of their affection
The object is different depending on the demon, and can range from rare and expensive items to a shiny rock they found on the side of the road
The demon鈥檚 sin is usually also heightened even more due to their more primal instincts coming out
Pride demons will show off a lot more than usual, Greed and Envy demons will become much clingyer, Wrath demons will explode if they are not near mate, Lust demons get even hornier, Gluttony demons will find it even harder to get full since it isn鈥檛 food they鈥檙e craving, and Sloth demons find themselves even more tired when not around their mate
Demons never court someone unless they are fully devoted to the one they鈥檙e trying to mate with
Courting has a certain process that takes place, usually, over the span of many years
If the person accepts the courting, then the two will mate with one another
It鈥檚 rare that someone will reject the courting, but it does happen and it is not a pretty sight
Let鈥檚 just say at least of of those demons is not getting out of it alive
Courting a human also isn鈥檛 unheard of among demons, but it is also super, super rare for a demon to do so
It doesn鈥檛 have the same consequences as when an angel gets with a human, but that doesn鈥檛 mean that there aren鈥檛 any
Mostly just the knowledge that humans have a much shorter lifespan and that they鈥檒l die long before the demon will
Some demons might also give a piece of themselves to their partner once they鈥檝e accepted the courtship
Not anything weird, just something like a scale or feather depending on which ones they have
Courting is also more common among certain types of demons compared to others
In order from most to least common we have:
Greed demons, Envy demons, Sloth demons, Gluttony demons, Wrath demons, Pride demons, and Lust demons
Lust demons court the least since they usually don鈥檛 form romantic bonds with someone
On the flipside, Greed demons are the most likely to court someone since they become easily attached to people聽
Demons also love making the one their courting smell like them
Scenting is very personal for demons, so doing so is a sign of trust and dedication聽
It鈥檚 also very intimate since it involves such close contact聽
You鈥檇 think he鈥檇 be really bold about courting someone, but you鈥檙e wrong
His pride won鈥檛 actually let him stoop so low as to just be that upfront about it
Instead, he goes about it in a more tactical way
Hangs around you more often than usual, using excuses like needing to watch after you since you鈥檙e such a weak human and all
During these time, he鈥檒l gather information about you
Likes, dislikes, any little fact he can get out of you
Once he鈥檚 gotten what he needs, he begins the next step in his courting process
He starts out small: buying you small items he knows you鈥檒l like, ordering some Human World food he heard you enjoy, and whatever else he knows you might appreciate
If that isn鈥檛 enough, he鈥檒l up his game
Begins taking you out to fancy restaurants, buying you expensive jewelry and clothes, basically showering you in riches and goods
If you don鈥檛 catch on by this point, he鈥檒l be very frustrated
He hates just straight up asking since it seems so simple and mundane to him in comparison to what he鈥檚 been doing already
But, clearly, that seems to be the only way to get what he wants, so he鈥檒l suck it up for a few minutes and ask you out normally
Takes him a minute to push his pride down enough to actually ask you right away, but when he does it鈥檚 very sweet
It takes him a while to figure out that he has feelings for you, but when he does he does everything in his power to ensure the feelings are returned
Ya know how everyone always says that if Mammon takes a liking to you then you鈥檙e suddenly bombarded with riches?
Yeah, that鈥檚 very true
Everything you could ever want just suddenly appears in your room
Doesn鈥檛 matter how expensive the item(s) may be, he鈥檒l gives you absolutely whatever he thinks you鈥檒l enjoy
Probably ends up getting punished by Lucifer because of it, but he could care less at this point
Also becomes even more clingy with you, if that鈥檚 even possible
If he sees you talking to anyone that isn鈥檛 him, he鈥檒l just grab you by the hand and drag you away
Call him out on it and he鈥檒l go all tsundere on you
I hope you鈥檙e good at reading people cause this man will never explicitly tell you how he feels
Then again, he鈥檚 super obvious about it, so it doesn鈥檛 take a genius to figure it out
Gets flustered around you super easily as well
Just give him a compliment and watch his face turn redder than Dia鈥檚 uniform honestly
Gets even shyer than usual
Also becomes super hyperfixated on you for a while
Starts bringing you random merch from fandoms he knows you鈥檙e apart of聽
Lets you into his room more often for binge watching/gaming sessions
Gets flustered at the smallest of things
You so much as look at him and he鈥檚 just on the floor
Congrats, you broke him
Takes him a while, but he eventually gains a bit more confidence
probably goes to someone like Satan or Asmo to ask for advice
Or he just resorts to his romance games/manga
Tries doing all of the cute tropey stuff in hopes that something will work
Oh yeah, remember how he鈥檚 the Avatar of Envy? That becomes even more obvious
Worst than Mammon when it comes to dragging you away from people
At first, he鈥檚 too shy to do anything when he sees you talking to someone
But once that confidence hits, it鈥檚 over for everyone
Tries to keep you locked in his room, and it gets so bad at one point that the brothers have to ban together just to free you
Another one who refuses to outright tell you that he鈥檚 trying to court you
Honestly, please make the first more if you reciprocate
If you don鈥檛, then at least save him the embarrassment by telling him you don鈥檛 feel the same
He might feel super upset in the moment, but he鈥檒l appreciate it later
Much subtler compared to his brothers
Offers to spend time with you and takes you places he thinks you鈥檒l enjoy
Also tutors you in any subjects you may be struggling with or just want practice in
Never forces you to do anything with him, unlike the others
If he sees you talking to someone who isn鈥檛 him, it doesn鈥檛 bother him in the slightest
He鈥檚 confident enough to know that he鈥檚 better than them anyways
And then he sees you talking to Lucifer
All of his confidence from before? Out the window
Just pure rage
Will pick you up, throw you over his shoulder, and force you into his room
Basically, don鈥檛 talk to Lucifer if he is around
He鈥檒l never admit it, but he is somewhat jealous of him in the sense that Lucifer is probably the only brother who stands a chance against him
After all, if you鈥檙e gonna choose anyone who isn鈥檛 him, it has to be Lucifer, it鈥檚 the logical choice after all
Of course, he鈥檒l never admit any of this to lest he show any sign of vulnerability to a future mate
On a much lighter note, he鈥檚 very sweet when he鈥檚 not rage quitting at the sight of Lucifer
Buys you a ton of books, or just gives you some he already has
Isn鈥檛 a huge fan of over-the-top dates, prefers something more lowkey
Coffee shops, bookstores, museums, and of course cat cafes
Gives you lots of compliments, but nothing overbearing in case you might be uncomfortable with it
Doesn鈥檛 mind telling you exactly how he feels and what his intents are, but it takes him a few tries to get the words right
Oh boy
Where do I even start with this one?
Has the least experience when it comes to actual romantic attraction
Sure, he feels lust all the time, but that鈥檚 much different from romance
Has a surprisingly hard time figuring out how to court you without bringing his more promiscuous desires into the mix聽
He knows how important mating can be, and he鈥檚 also aware just how much every Lust demon struggles with the courting process, but that doesn鈥檛 make it any better for him
Tries his absolute best to make you feel like the most special individual in all three worlds
Takes you shopping all the time
Doesn鈥檛 matter what for, he just wants to spend time with you
Also does self-care days with you at least once a week
At first, he was very clingy with you and tried to hog all of your attention for himself
If that annoys you at all, he鈥檒l stop if you tell him to enough times
Tells you how much he adores you every second of every day, but has a hard time seriously saying it
For him, it鈥檚 one thing to tell a friend that you love them聽
But to actually confess to someone that you like them in a romantic way? Especially when you鈥檙e literally the Avatar of Lust?聽
It鈥檚 virtually impossible for him for the longest time
He does eventually do it, but it took a lot of hyping up from Satan for him to get there
Probably one of the only times he ever looks vulnerable or scared聽
Honestly the most straightforward with his feelings
He鈥檚 not usually one to beat around the bush, and he鈥檚 very blunt most of the time
Plus, it鈥檚 not like he鈥檚 stupid, he knows what these feelings are and he isn鈥檛 afraid to tell you
A lot of people like to make him all innocent and blushy, but that isn鈥檛 really him
Yeah, he can be dense sometimes, but that doesn鈥檛 mean he knows nothing about this sort of stuff
In fact, he鈥檚 quite knowledgeable on the subject of courtships
Starts out slow so as not to overwhelm you聽
He knows how scary it can be to have a demon suddenly show interest in you, so he wants to make sure you are completely comfortable with everything he does
Most of the stuff he courts you with usually involves food
To him, food is very special, and you鈥檙e also very special
So in his mind, combining two of the most special things in his life sounds like the best time ever
Takes you out to all sorts of restaurants and food tours
Also loves cooking with you at home
Even if you鈥檙e a terrible cook, he doesn鈥檛 mind
He just loves spending time with you and having fun together
Once he鈥檚 gotten to a place where he thinks you鈥檙e comfortable enough, he鈥檒l tell you his feelings and about how he鈥檚 been courting you for a while now
He鈥檚 a tad embarrassed/nervous, but he鈥檚 also happy to finally be telling you after such a long time of waiting聽
Feels a bit guilty for wanting to court you at first
Cause, ya know, the incident
But after he gets over that, he acts relatively the same as always
Lowkey the most casual when it comes to courting, which I feel is the norm for Sloth demons
They鈥檙e too lazy to really do anything that involves effort, so they tend to stay casual
That doesn鈥檛 mean he doesn鈥檛 try though
Constantly flops on top of you throughout the day in hopes of getting some cuddles
It鈥檚 also a good way to rub his scent on you, but you don鈥檛 need to know that
Becomes super possessive, but not like his brothers
Won鈥檛 actively try and drag you away from someone because that means putting in effort and he鈥檚 not about that life
However, the second you walk away from them, he is taking you to the nearest corner and cuddling the heck out of you
No, you do not get a say in the matter, and no, he does not care if you are busy or uncomfortable
You will stay with him to make up for so much as breathing in the general area of someone who isn鈥檛 him聽
The only other individual he鈥檚 okay with you being around is Beel because obviously
Still acts like a total brat tbh
Teases you to hide his embarrassment if he ever gets flustered around you
Like everything else, he鈥檚 super casual when telling you how he feels and what he鈥檚 been doing
Just ignore the blush he has, you鈥檙e just imagining it聽
Actually has the least experience with this sort of thing
A Prince courting is a super big deal down here, and there are tons of extra rules he鈥檚 forced to follow
Not to mention, a mate is usually pre-picked for the future king, so he never thought he鈥檇 have to deal with it
Then he met you, and he decided that rules were stupid anyway
Super awkward at first, but he鈥檚 doing his best and he鈥檚 really cute about it too
It鈥檚 totally obvious what he鈥檚 doing, but no one knows if he鈥檚 being obvious on purpose or not
Even he isn鈥檛 really sure at this point
Once he becomes more comfortable in his skin, it鈥檚 over for everyone
Bold as hell tbh
And since he鈥檚 the Prince, he can afford to go all out with everything he does
Rents out entire restaurants just for the two of you
聽Buys you every item from a really expensive store if you mentioned liking the products there
Really though, he just wants you to know how much he cares about you, and this is the only way he knows how
Also a sucker for cuddles
Comes up to you and hugs you any chance he gets
When the time comes for him to tell you, he鈥檒l be super excited
Might have a slight blush on his face, but he鈥檚 also wearing the biggest and most genuine smile you鈥檝e ever seen on a demon聽
Another demon with very little experience in this field
Knows how courting works in theory, but can鈥檛 really put it into practice without feeling all awkward
Of course, no one ever knows that he鈥檚 feeling that way since he鈥檚 a master of facade, but still
Once you catch his eye, it鈥檚 over for him聽
He wants nothing more than to court you, but there are a couple of things stopping him
One is, obviously, the lack of knowledge on the subject
The other is his loyalty and devotion to Diavolo
Ends up going to Dia to ask permission to court you like the proper butler he is
Dia just laughs, but agrees
And thus begins the hard part: actually attempting to court someone
Starts off small: inviting you over for tea, taking you on walks through the castle gardens, and taking with him when he goes on trips to the human world
Honestly, he won鈥檛 go past that since anything more would be outside his comfort zone
Still a gentleman as always, and makes sure nothing he does is overbearing to you
Tries to stay as casual and formal as always, but you can see his mask crack a few times
If you ever compliment him, you鈥檒l see a rare blush appear on his cheeks
Appreciate the sight, for not many have seen it and lived to tell the tale
Flustered Barbs is best Barbs
Takes him a hot minute to figure out how he wants to tell you, but his confession is still very sweet and to the point
Okay, wow, that was way longer than I thought it would be lol. Sorry for making y鈥檃ll read so much
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diavohoea month ago
KINKTOBER DAY 19 | mammon
Tumblr media
鈾 masterlist
鈾 content warning | perv. mammon, panty stealing, sniffing and tasting, gross behavior, filming, invasion of privacy
鈾 words | 600ish
Tumblr media
鈾 taglist | @gunpowder-and-smoke @obey-me-tho @ittogeo (y'all wated to be in the taglist right? I forgot jsjsjs)
He knows it鈥檚 wrong, yet the thrilling he experiences while bringing your used underwear to his face tells otherwise. Mammon is greedy, he can never have enough money or luxury items.
He can never have enough of you.
When the house of Lamentation is silent, with only the ghosts of past lives wandering through the corridors, Mammon disguises himself in the shadows and sneaks through your bedroom door, being silent enough for you not to notice.
You never do.
You never notice Mammon sneaking in and opening your chest of drawers, violating and taking you away from the confidence you pured in him. Your first. You never notice his ragged breaths, the soft moans emitting from the deepest part of his rib cage when he opens your dirty laundry bag and takes your pantys, his tongue sliding flat over the crotch, the smell and taste of your discarded undergarments making his cock twitch in his pants and his eyes fill with the lust that belongs more to his brother than him.
You never hear how his hips move forward, his cock thrusting your panties, another pair inside his mouth to shut his moans up. Sweat falls down his forehead, the light that enters from your window reflects on the glasses over his head.聽
His gaze is fixated on your sleeping form, your body wrapped in the comforter and you softly snoring and drooling over the pillow. You look calm, at peace, ethereal he may even dare to day. He is the opposite. His breaths are ragged, his hand moving faster with each thrust and his thumb pressing on his cockhead, dreaming his finger is your cervix and the fabric around his cock is your cunt. He cant fuck you, he knows he cant because you arent his.
You belong to nobody, you stated that very clearly when he asked you out and you refused. You didn't want to break anybody鈥檚 heart by letting them love you only to end up heartbroken decades after.
Still, Mammon longed for you, craved your touch, your being, your essence. He started small, taking your fresh panties and putting them in his back pocket to fuck them in the silence and comfort of his room. But with time, he couldn't get off like he wanted. He needed more, he needed to taste you.
He became filthy. Snooping in your dirty clothes for something to jerk off to. Your tshirts weren't enough, he needed something drenched in your essence, something with a smell that would linger in his nose for days. He found pants, your RAD uniform but nothing worth his time.
Until he hit the bottom of the clothes basket.
Lifting your uniform, mammon cock throbbed inside his pants, the garment feeling tight and suffocating. He hit the jackpot at the casino before, his pockets full of grimm and his lucky strike skyrocketing. But this discovery meant the universe for him. Panties with spots of past arousals called him, his jewelled hand grabbing the clothes and shoving them in his jacket. Have you touched yourself for him? Are the spots dedicated to him?
That night, he changed forever.
鈥淕od you taste so good鈥 his DDD camera was facing him in all his glory. Pants down to his ankles, he was sitting down on the edge of his bed, all your used panties around him, recording once again how your discarded garment gets stained with his cum, savoring the moment and stop recording to watch the video later.聽
Maybe one day, he can show you how much you mean to him
Tumblr media
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moonlightmiyaa month ago
[ Kinktober; Day 6 - Corruption - Obey Me! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mammon x F!Reader
Includes; corruption kink (to make one into a sinner <3), dubcon (?) kind of, grinding, fingering, eating out, Overstim, after care
>Kinktober Masterlist<
Tumblr media
A/N - I鈥檓 sorry this is smaller than what I usually write :) I couldn鈥檛 think of anything else to add :/
Tumblr media
Mammon knew from the first time he had layed eyes on you that you were the only one great enough for him, as your guide he of course quickly got to know you; your hobbies, likes and dislikes, even your favourite colour, and he loved every part of it, you always picked him over the rest of his brothers romantically, he was the one to steal your first kiss after all
And he couldn鈥檛 imagine waking up without you there, wrapped in his duvet all peaceful, you give him everything, he loves it. But there was just one thing that he couldn鈥檛 quite nab, he thought you were just a prude at first, but no, you were simply a scared little virgin, afraid of what the big bad demon next to you could do
Everytime that he tried to take it further than kissing you, you always stopped him, leaving him frustrated beyond imagination. But he waited and waited, until the right time to pounce
And now is that time. You鈥檙e wiggling just right in the demons lap, grinding and teasing him way to much, he can鈥檛 handle it
鈥淚鈥檓 warning you human,鈥 Mammon growls, holding your hips in a death grip, 鈥測ou better fucking finish this鈥 his words are harsh as well as his gaze, making you uncomfortably wiggle in his lap
鈥淚 think I鈥檓 ready this time..鈥 you shyly admit, not even getting a chance to second think it as Mammon traps your lips in a solid kiss, his teeth bashing off of yours in excitement
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a good girl, now show me what you need鈥 he groans, holding your neck and hips as he helps you grind on his lap, swallowing the gasps that escape your lips by shoving his tongue into your mouth, trying not to moan himself as your shaky form starts rubbing on his clothed cock, the wetness of your panties getting worse by the second
It only takes a few minutes until Mammon feels the wetness of your cunt drip through your panties, staining his grey joggers, 鈥渇uck I can feel you dripping,鈥 he thrusts up, eagerly pulling his joggers down below his knees as he keeps you tight on his lap, your soft mewls filling his ears as his cock twitches beneath you
鈥淢-Mammon, please, wan鈥 you to touch me鈥︹ you wiggle in his grasp, your hips rutting against him as he laughs lowly, pulling you off of him and pushing you down to the bed eagerly,
鈥淵ou want me to touch you鈥 here?鈥 He cups your clothed pussy, the tips of his fingers digging into your skin,
鈥淥r here鈥 he starts circling your clit, making your vision slightly hazy. You nod, moaning softly as he presses harsher on your now puffy bud,
鈥淔uck, you have no idea how long I鈥檝e been waiting to do this鈥 he breaths out, pulling your panties to the side so fast you thought they tore for a second. You eventually find the courage to look at him, the embarrassment soothing down. Your eyes meet his, yet he鈥檚 not looking at your face, he鈥檚 staring down at your leaking cunt, his mouth drooling and his eyes half lidded
鈥淪uch a cute pussy鈥 he breaths out, running one finger up your slit, circling around your clit before pressing against your hole again. He leans forward to kiss you, muffling your moans as he forces his tongue inside your mouth
He trails his wet lips down the side of your cheek, tracing your jaw and eventually finding a place on your neck, sucking lightly as he tried not to over do it
He bunches up your small slutty skirt, using the opportunity to grind against your now revealed pussy. Mammon gropes and scratches at any part of exposed skin he can, finding any way possible to mark you with his touch
Eventually his lips lead down to your dripping cunt, his eyes practically sparkling as he shimmies himself in between your legs, eager to please you
Almost instantly he pushes his face in between your thighs, biting and sucking at the plush as your cunt weeps from not being touched, 鈥渁re you this wet just from my lips and a little grinding, sweetheart?鈥 His voice sounds sarcastic, yet he still laps his tongue against your clit
The sloppy way Mammon鈥檚 tongue enters inside your hole pleasures you in a way you鈥檝e never felt before, the pleasure becoming too much for you as you try to push his head away from you,
鈥淧-please, Mammon it鈥檚, it鈥檚 so much鈥 you moan, throwing your head back as he thumbs at your clit, the embarrassing sounds his mouth makes against your throbbing cunt being too much to bare,
Every sense tingles as Mammon continues ravaging your pussy, moans falling in an endless stream from your mouth as tears start to prick at your eyes,
鈥淲hat鈥檚 the matter baby, can鈥檛 take it?鈥 Mammon groans into you, his tongue and fingers not stopping their work on you,
You nod, moaning out an 鈥榰h-huh鈥 as your legs wrap tightly around his body, 鈥淚-I feel weird鈥 you whine, feeling Mammon鈥檚 sick smirk from in between your legs
鈥淲ant me to make that feeling go away, sweetheart?鈥 You nod, his movements picking up the pace as you start to rut against his mouth, feeling his tongue lick at your gummy walls expertly
鈥淢..Mammon.. I鈥檓 ngh, I think I鈥檓 gonna cum, ah!鈥 You gasp, a sudden overwhelming feeling washing over you as you babble out a sentence,
鈥淕o ahead sweetheart, I鈥檝e got ya鈥 his reassuring words make you feel calmer, your body relaxing as you start to moan uncontrollably, the tingling feeling being exposed to your entire body as your legs start to shake,
Your back arches from the bed, gripping onto the platinum blondes hair as you slowly come down from your orgasm, keeping your eyes on Mammon as he watches your twitching body in delight,
鈥淟ook at all the mess ya made for me love, think ya can do that again鈥︹ he asks, his voice quieter than usual, you don鈥檛 know what he鈥檚 talking about but you shake your head anyway,
鈥淚 feel tired鈥︹ is the only thing you say before resting your legs against the bed sheets, finally feeling the wetness Mammon was talking about,
鈥淚-I鈥檓 so sorry, I didn鈥檛 mea-鈥 he shushes you by pressing a soft kiss against your lips,
鈥淎ll I wanted was to make ya mine, to make you cum around my tongue, so don鈥檛 ya go feeling embarrassed okay, I鈥檒l clean this up so ya can get some rest,鈥 it was his turn to go red in the face,
You nod, slowly dosing off in Mammon鈥檚 bed, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 you mumble, making a soft smile grow on his lips
鈥淪weetheart, I just want to pleasure you, so don鈥檛 ya worry about me鈥 he laughs lightly, pressing a kiss against your forehead before getting up for a warm towel. After all, he has to take care of his baby at all times
Tumblr media
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still-a-morosexual-help5 hours ago
You know I鈥檓 don鈥檛 like Lucifer punishing mammon for everything he does and to be honest if I was Mc I鈥檓 would slap him in the face and say that he a pathetic excuse of brother and after that go and confort mammon
While I don't like Lucifer's harsh punishments and I'm not trying to justify them it should be noted that they are a result of Lucifer's own trauma and worries and this is actually canon
Hear me out?
鈥 Despite how obviously Diavolo adores Lucifer and his brothers, Lucifer still can't get over the fact that his Father and Michael supposedly adored him and his siblings too and yet they were ready to kill Lilith for breaking the rules.
鈥 And despite how many times it's proven that Diavolo's willing to forgive all of their fuck ups Lucifer is still waiting for that slip up, and that's one of the main reasons he's so harsh with Mammon's punishments.
鈥 Because Mammon's the one who breaks the most rules (whose sin is the most dangerous to Mammon himself cause it gets him in trouble with people) and if Diavolo sees Lucifer is taking the needed steps and dealing out adequate punishments then maybe he'll be satisfied, and maybe they won't have a repeat of Lilith.
鈥 Angel! Lucifer canonically didn't treat Mammon (or the others) that harshly. He let Lilith break the rules, despite knowing that she was sneaking off to see a human. He let her break the rules and she died. Demon! Lucifer is desperately trying to stop that from happening again, because he blames himself for Lilith's death
鈥 In a chat, Diavolo is genuinely pissed off at Mammon cause he tried to steal the Demon King's treasure and Lucifer, through a private chat, asks Diavolo to let it go, to not take action, to let Lucifer handle the punishment
鈥t's the same thing that happens with Belphie in S1. Lucifer doesn't tell Diavolo what Belphie is planning cause he doesn't trust Diavolo to value the life of one demon over the safety of the Devildom. The same way God/Michael didn't value the life of one angel over the safety (secrecy) of the Celestial Realm. So he takes matters into his own hands and locks Belphie up.
Lucifer is more than willing to vilify himself to his brothers in order to ensure their safety. He'd rather punish them himself and have them hate him than risk another higher up killing them for stepping out of line. And in S3 it's revealed that Lucifer does genuinely believe that his brothers hate him.
鈽 It's also important to note that these are all supernatural beings and punishments for them don't work the same way they do for humans:
掳 For one, Lucifer's punishments don't seem to affect Mammon. He's back to his usual bs a couple days after the punishment. Vs Michael's punishments that still, thousands of years later make Mammon shake. I talk about this in more depth -> here
掳 Despite everything, Mammon is still Lucifer's favourite (and I believe this is why his punishments are so much worse than the others too, Mammon was the one who held Lucifer up after the Fall, who looked after the others, who Lucifer relies on to get work done,who Lucifer spoils rotten, who seems to actually see Lucifer as a parental figure and the possibility of losing Mammon must be terrifying)
掳 Again, despite everything Mammon, as an angel, in S3 looks up to and wants to be like Lucifer. Mammon, as a demon, in S3 freely admits to loving Lucifer and seems almost offended that MC didn't realise that
掳 Mammon still knows that he's the favourite, cause he never refutes it when it's brought up and he knows that Lucifer covered for him with Diavolo in that chat
掳 In a memory card the younger brothers (minus Belphie) are drunk and insulting the three older ones. Mammon snaps, transforms into his demon form and goes to beat them up (along with Levi & Lucifer). Except Mammon never gets pissed off enough to transform into his demon form, even when he's insulted badly he closes up and runs off (One Too Many Insults Devilgram) so what's the difference between this moment and that devilgram? In this card they drag Lucifer into it as well when they insult Mammon. Saying how Lucifer keeping Mammon around is making them lose respect for Lucifer. It's almost immediately after this that Mammon transforms. No matter what Mammon has a great deal of respect for Lucifer and he knows that as angels it was Lucifer's intervention that stopped Mammon from initially Falling as an angel
Also have you noticed that after S1 and in the newer events and devilgrams Lucifer has become more lenient, that now his punishments are just tying Mammon up or at most making him eat Solomon's food? Well here's why I think he's become less harsh:
鈼 Though I don't think he's completely over it, I think the whole incident with Belphie & MC in S1 showed Lucifer that it's highly unlikely Diavolo's gonna turn on them suddenly despite how pissed he is. It's why he's now, in S2, even secure enough to punish Diavolo - something S1 Lucifer wouldn't even dream of
Bonus: list of times when Lucifer spoilt Mammon rotten
The first fic I ever wrote for this fandom was about (gn unnamed) MC confronting Lucifer about the way he punishes Mammon. It's got hints of MC x Mammon and here's the link:
The Thing About (Demon) Families
In which Lucifer reflects on one of his six annoying baby brothers while a human not-so-silently judges him.
a.k.a. the one where Lucifer is trying his best to be a good big brother but in all honesty he probably needs therapy (they all do)
Lucifer is a character with a lot of depth and issues and character development and though he was the one character I hated when I first played OM! (during S1) it's hard to hate him now after everything, even if I do acknowledge his many flaws
So yeah, Lucifer may be a grade A douchebag but he's not a pathetic excuse for a brother.
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blackstar952 months ago
The Older Brothers and MC after an argument
You both would be ignoring each other for the next days, depending how intense the fight was.
Usually, after a week or so, you guys would quietly seek each other's company,
silently sitting in the same room, or 鈥渁ccidently鈥 bumping into each other in the hallways.
Lucifer however, he would never admit that he wants to be around you. He's way too filled with pride.
You on the other hand, you couldnt care less.
If you want to be near Lucifer you just go to him, even when you guys dont talk with each other.
And thats how you end up sitting on his desk, glaring daggers at him.
The demon infront of you tries to ignore you the best he can, but you are literally sitting on his paperwork.
He didnt tried to move you either, Lucifer just pulled the papers away from under your butt.
"So you're going to ignore me all week huh?," you finally spoke up, glaring at him even harder, if thats even possible.
Lucifer just kept a blank expression and glimpsed at the paper in his right hand, not making any attempt to talk to you.
"Listen here you little-"
In the end he finally gives in and apologizes to you, admitting he missed you.
He will definetly make up for the lack of physical contact.
It doesn't matter who started the argument, Mammon will always be the first to come to you.
He is far too attached to you.
If you made him angry, he ignores you for a day at most, but he quickly realizes how much he misses you.
He is quickly irritated when his brothers call him out on it and he can't help but feel very jealous when he sees you with them.
So, he eventually barges into your room and finally crushes pulls you in his arms.
"Dumb human, keeping me waitin' for ya".
But if you should be the one angry with him, it is a bit different.
He roamed through your room once again and thought it would be a good idea to sell your jewelry.
It wasn't the first time you've caught him at it, and your patience was running thin.
For a whole week he followed you around begging for forgiveness, but you ignored him.
Even at breakfast he wouldn't leave you alone, and because you were sitting next to him you were out of luck.
Be ready to get poked in the sides-
When you finally entered your room without Mammon sticking to you, you noticed a jewelry box on your table.
Next to the box was a note that said "Forgive me", and then realization hit you.
He had bought you everything new, even a few more things than you had missed.
"Please don't ignore me anymore, I can't stand it," spoke a voice behind you, and when you turned around you saw Mammon looking at you sadly.
A blush spread over his cheeks as he closed his eyes. "I miss ya".
Well now you're the one running into his arms-
Lots of cuddling afterwards :).
As strange as it may sound, you guys almost never fight.
Leviathan and you always perfectly enjoyed each others presence, and your interests also seemed to mach. So no problems here, right?
Well, that changes when Levi's envy comes in.
You always told him, he shouldnt summon Lotan when his emotions are going wild, but he wont listen.
And now you stand here, fully soaked in water and the whole staircase is ruined.
Leviathan sobbed and apologized to you, goddamn it was the third time it happened this month.
"I just got so angry seeing Mammon receiving that figurine I've always wanted without even caring about it! He just selled it off somewhere- Do you know how badly I wanted it?!".
He hid his face behind the back of his hand and glared at the ground "And on top of that he never gave me back my-"
"Leviathan" you spoke lowly "By the time I count to three, you will be gone from my sight".
And in that Moment he realised how he fucked up.
You locked yourself inside your room and calmed down a little, not wanting to hurt him with any mean insults.
Leviathan was in his room aswell, really sad about how angry he made you and down talking himself (the usual stuff).
In the end, you somehow ended up inside his room and apologized for being so harsh on him
He apologized as well and you guys ended up playing video games or watching anime,
as always.
If you're lucky, you get to cuddle with Leviathan without him almost passing out.
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mammonkissr2 months ago
mammon: is extremely powerful and could k1ll me easily if he felt like it.
me: my little meow meow... my small baby... i will protect u for forever... i will keep you so safe.. i will put you in my pocket and hold you so tight... small baby...
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adeptxs-xiao6 days ago
Mammon and Gorou who can鈥檛 help but buck their hips into your hand/mouth when you play with their cocks. That鈥檚 because their cocks are so sensitive; the warmth of your mouth/hand just makes them 100x more sensitive.
Imma make one with each OM boy, pairing them with genshin characters I think they鈥檙e similar to.
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kpop-otome-yandere-here2 months ago
Lucifer: Okay. Rule number 1, do not go off on your own. Rule number 2, if you do go off on your own, do not go in the woods. Rule number 3, if you do go into the woods, never, ever, EVER make out in the woods, or you will DIE in the woods鈥
Lucifer: Where鈥檚 Mc and Asmodeus?
Mammon: Breaking rules 1, 2 and 3.
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diavohoea month ago
DILFS | obey me
Tumblr media
鈾 with | mammon, lucifer
鈾 content warnings | abuse of power, corruption, divorced dilfs, implied threesome, mentions of kids cause well..... the name says it all, afab reader
鈾 note | thank you @gunpowder-and-smoke for beta reading this
Tumblr media
鈻柆 MAMMON 鈻柆
鈾 Mammon is the kind of dilf who flirts with his daughter's uni friends
鈾 He is nice, gives them money to help them with their uni debts and gives them some good financial advice whenever they ask.
鈾 He is wealthy because of something, it's only natural people admire him and want to know all of his secrets
鈾 He also encourages his daughter to make pool parties at home, he sits by the pool and his shades hide how his gaze is fixated on her friends, yellow eyes following their wet bodies and his cock twitching inside his pants at the way he's surrounded by beautiful youth
鈾 He eventually tells them that if they want more money or more advice and fun, there are some small favors to be made
鈾 Of course, they can refuse, but Mammon knows how sweet they are. They want to pay their debts as soon as possible.
鈾 He fucks them all stupid one by one but he takes a sweet time with you
鈾 He knows it took a lot of convincing to get you in his bed and have his cock buried deep inside your cunt
鈾 He waves a black card with enough money to pay your entire tuition in front of you, telling you to make him cum at least twice and attend weekly encounters if you want the card so bad
鈾 With time, it only escalates. He doesn't ask his daughter to bring all her friends, his thoughts filled with the way your spongy, juvenile walls milk his cock dry every single time he fucks you in the room he used to share with his ex-wife. Your nails digging into his hairy, big arms. Your grip tightens in dear life, your tits bouncing with each deep thrust he gives.
鈾 As a financial advisor, Mammon is used to women insinuating afterhours with him, but he knows that his daughter invited you to dinner and he shushs everyone off, having all he needs at home
Tumblr media
鈻柆 LUCIFER 鈻柆
鈾 Kids are a mess, a 'natural mistake' if you ask him. However, he had three before he filled out divorce papers and appealed for the possession of his children. Now he has three demons fooling around and making a mess of his belongings.
鈾 Before losing his sanity and composure, he hired a nanny to help him out at home while he works. Yes, he is an at home worker, however he spends too much time in his study to pay his kids the attention they need.
鈾 He found you through Mammon, he said you were responsible and his daughter talked wonders about you when he mentioned how much help Lucifer needed during dinner.
鈾 Safe to say, Mammon was right. He was beyond right.
鈾 The way you helped him with chores and lifted the weight on his shoulders was phenomenal, but he was enchanted with the way you bend forward whenever you clean and polish the furniture
鈾 The payment, oh the most important part of the service. He will pay you, cash and all but there's a second payment. One more .... intimate per se.
鈾 Once the kids are tucked into bed and he is ready to bid you goodnight, he feels heat rushing to his pants, the way you are bent over the kitchen island cleaning the surface being enough fuel to make him approach you from behind.
鈾 His hands grab your waist, and he presses his hard cock over your butt, whispering that if you behave and let him take you, he will raise your pay.
鈾 You dont even need the salary raise to let him fuck you over the kitchen island, the way he fucks you stupid being enough to have you drooling and choking your own moans to avoid waking his kids up
鈾 It became a habit, his hips pounding into yours ruthlessly while his kids are peacefully asleep 4 meters away and paying your taxi back home and sticking a 100 dollar bill in your back pocket only to greet you good morning the next day and fuck you goodnight
鈾 He owns Mammon a thank you, maybe he will call him later and let him have some fun
Tumblr media
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