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#shall we date mammon
mammons-baby · 3 hours ago
I absolutely need more of this there relationship is absolutely adorable
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With how much Asmo says that Lucifers favorite is Mammon we don’t really see it much I really wished there was more content of stuff like this
Also if your wondering this chat is called I’m Sorry and to unlock it you have to have Mammons Guardian demon card
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pastel-guillotine · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Aw shit, Aisu posting something OTHER than YTTD? Heck
This was a commission for a good friend of mine! Cause we’re both hyperfixing on Obey Me and their favorite is Mammon 💛✨
The cutest and greediest tiger in the Devildom 🥺
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daplatypusway · 9 hours ago
Base on this post made by @oceanatydes , somes very cool spy themed outfits for the brothers 👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well yeah just my two fav first, because I couldn't wait to share them with you ! 😅💫 But I want and will do the others too !
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Asmo: You’re so cheap Mammon
Mammon: I am not! I’ll have you know I gave Mc a pearl necklace yesterday
Asmo: the ones that wash off don’t count
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deliciously-yeeted · a day ago
I jus wanna pat mommons head n give him a cool rock that i found. Or when hes sad about his bros bein mean to him, i could let him hold my favorite rock while i hold him😌💜
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obeymematches · a day ago
Hey! ❤,🧡,💛 for Mammon please? Thank youu, have a great day! 🧡
sure!!! thank you for sending in a request <3
emoji asks 2 - not taking these anymore, i’m clearing my inbox x
🖤— Random romantic headcanon
ok to be fair this isn’t cheesy romantic, but. if you have a fight with him for some reason he makes up for it by getting you something expensive, which he normally wouldn’t get. Like a big unicorn floatie, you know with the rainbow mane and stuff. or if you’ve been yearning for something else expensive then whatever it was, he is getting it with his next paycheck! 
🧡— How do they say thank you/show appreciation?
I think he rarely does that so you know he really means it when he does. The rare occasion when he says it out loud is when you take his side instead of his brothers’, supporting his idea or plan, you know. I feel like he would take your birthday very seriously because he appreciates you so much. You know it’s going to be big, the bare minimum is a party with fireworks, a huge cake, everyone is there, great music, etc. He does a great job! 
💛— How do they say good morning?
I think it depends; pre-relationship / when you are friends he yawns & might not even say anything else, he is a very sleepy boy in the morning. Or if he had a crazy dreams he’ll tell you about it instantly.  If you are in a relationship, however,  he is very touchy. hugs from behind, forehead kisses, sitting next to you very close, etc. zero respect for your private space but that’s ok, once he is less tired he gets slightly more physically distant
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mammons-baby · a day ago
Reading mammon angst at 3am was such a good idea
I’m totally not crying rn
Here’s the link if u would also like to suffer like me
Why am I even reading angst I don’t even like it
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mammons-baby · 2 days ago
Funny fact
When I first started playing I knew what the sin pride was internally but kept forgetting and having to google pride because for me it has always been associated with the LGBTQ+ community so for like the first 3 lessons I was convinced the Lucifer was undatable (because most otome games show Mc as female) and was dating Diavolo
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uaeieia · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
No context
[ I think I've read enough ao3 ff for my mind to be as green as this.]
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auroraarchangel · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
lol lalright then that's it for tonight i guess i will do beel either tomorrow or the day after,because i still have some commissions to finish uwu
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mammons-baby · 4 days ago
So you know how the brothers are rulers of Devildom
Which is kinda confusing with how many people r ruling but we don’t talk about that Bc that’s a convo for another time shhhh
Also don’t take any of this too seriously just my hc and excuse my rambling
Here’s the proof just in case someone questions my authority
Tumblr media
So personally I’ve been getting into the political stuff in Devildom which mean there’s very minimal stuff but you can see the mammon and Lucifer talking politics in a Devilgram and boy have I gotten into it (also if your wonder the card is A True Gentleman)
So the first one I’ve always had from the beginning is that the boys are like the evil demons that we all originally thought we would get like badasses super scary you know
But are only soft on the inside and only Mc and people kinda I guess close would know but Lesser Demons and nobles would only see badass side to keep up the persona that they are the strongest in Devildom (@simply-yulia had one a really good drawing of them but I can’t find it anymore)
It has been known from small hints or if you read Obey me plot way to much like me that there are nobles and parties and I like to invision them like they are like fancy French parties that we all know of with fancy nobles there
In a true gentleman Lucifer makes mammon perfection for noble like in his place and not crazy (sadly)
So with all of that that means if you want to date one of the brothers (not including Lucifer Bc I haven’t thought of anything for him) you have to get permission from Lucifer because he is head of the household then Diavolo and Barbatos
(Also saw a head cannon that Barbatos is the duke which I love btw)
Also once Mc starts dating the bros then they have to act more professional but because our are a bad bitch you don’t do that
Any way feel free to comment ur opinions
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butlike-obeyme · 4 days ago
Mammon : rich people should get robbed once a week.
Beel : why?
Mammon : builds character
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mammons-baby · 5 days ago
Because I deleted my old one 😭
If you would like to suggest/request please read the rules before requesting
🍋- smut
🌀- scenario
💘- fluff
Also the emoji corresponds to the character
Ikemen Vampire
✨has anyone else noticed; Marie Antoinette✨
✨Ikemen Drabble 1✨
✨Ikemen Drabble✨
✨”oh yeah they irl”✨
✨it is time✨
✨Character songs✨
🔵🌀PicCrew Wives🌀🔵
✨Dazai and WWII✨
✨Final thoughts on Theo Route ✨
🎹🌀PicCrew Wives🌀🎹
Obey me
Smut suggestion
🌀Mc In Heat BC of a curse🌀
✨season 2✨
✨angel theory✨
✨Angel theory p2✨
✨obey me story line✨
✨Forgiveness ✨
✨What Dating the bros is like with them being rulers✨
✨Not many Belphie,Satan and Levi cards✨
🖤🍋How are you pride when like this🖤🍋
🖤🌀Parent Lucifer🌀🖤
✨Funny fact✨
✨Mammons skin✨
✨I have a actual problem✨
🌀💛Parent Mammon💛🌀
🌀🧡Parent Levi🧡🌀
🌀💚Parent Satan💚🌀
✨Not enough ✨
❤️Beel ❤️
Studying Dilemma❤️
💜Belphie 💜
Mystic Messenger
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mammons-baby · 5 days ago
Is it just me or whenever Obey me dose something like shockingly nice like the UR Levi card they r trying to almost “apologize” for the 100 demon vouchers I always get that feeling idk I find it still funny tho
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butlike-obeyme · 5 days ago
Mammon : Satan, aren’t you gonna help us?!
Satan : To quote Hamlet act III, scene iii, line 92:
Satan : ‘no’
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beels-burger-babe · 5 days ago
There and Back Again pt. 3
*Quick note before we begin: Thank you all so much for the amazing support you’ve been giving this series. It really blows my mind that people actually like my writing this much, and it means the world to me see so much support from you all :) Love, B *
TW: Spoilers for Lesson 16, Mentions of Murder and Violence, Trauma, and Panic Attacks/PTSD
Summary: What if MC hadn’t been seen by everyone after watching their death and went back to their original time line??
Pt. 1 HERE, Pt. 2 HERE, Pt. 4 HERE
Beelzebub’s gaze swept over the group, silently begging any of his Brothers to take his side, but they remained firmly standing around you in a mixture of anger, sympathy, and caution. 
Finally, Beel’s eyes fell to you, and you couldn’t help but flinch at the complete confusion and hurt that swirled within them. “MC, tell them. You did all of this to free Belphie! They can’t just keep him locked up again!”
You could feel yourself begin to shake once more, as guilt weighed heavily on your chest. On one hand, Beel was right. You went to the past in order to defend and free Belphegore, and you had some-what successfully completed that mission. By all means, Belphie should be released. It wasn’t this Belphegore that betrayed and killed you, after all.
But he wants to. He wants to destroy all humanity, starting with you. The only reason he hasn’t yet is because he hasn’t gotten you alone. The moment he does...
A small whine of distress fell from your lips as you softly shook your head. “Yes. I-I-I mean no! I-I-I mean...” You could feel your throat become tight once more as the shaking worsened. “It’s like Lord D-Diavolo said, Beel. I-It’s not that simple. Things hap-happened back there a-and,” you bit hard on your lip to suppress the sobs that wanted so desperately to spill out, “and now I don’t know wh-what to do, or how t-to feel about him.” 
Beel’s frown deepened, and a flicker of anger crossed his face; you felt your breath catch in your throat as you froze like a deer in headlights. “You said you wanted to help Belphie!” 
“Beelzebub!” Lucifer shouted, coming forward to stand between the two of you. “Enough! You are greatly distressing them. It is as they said, things transpired while they were in the past that have heavily effected how they see Belphegore. This is not their fault.” 
The normally friendly-giant growled, his anger growing a ten-fold as he looked at his eldest brother. “What happened then? Is no one going to tell me? Are you just going to keep me in the dark again?! Like you did with Lilith?! With Belphie?!” 
Lucifer tensed at the retort, and his hands curled into fists. You knew where this was going. It was going to be like the fight at the House of Lamentation that started this whole thing in the first place. You had just gotten everyone together again, you couldn’t be the reason they broke up once more. 
Taking in a breath of courage, you shakily stepped away from Mammon’s safe hold and gently rested your forehead and hand on Lucifer’s back. You could feel the demon stiffen, and softly began to pet him in an attempt to calm his temper. “I-It’s alright, Lucifer,” you slowly moved yourself around him so that you were between him and Beelzebub and faced the Avatar of Gluttony. 
You could faintly register Satan cursing behind you about humans and their lack of self-preservation, while Mammon was just outright cursing. 
You held Beelzebub’s gaze, your hands curled into fists as spoke in as steady of a voice as you could manage. “In went into the past and freed Bel-Belphegore from the attic. In return, he...he killed me,” Beel took a step back in shock, looking as though someone had just slapped him across the face. You wanted so badly to comfort him and to protect him from the hurt that he was undoubtedly feeling, but you knew you had to continue. “I’m only alive because I’m a descendant of Lilith,” you found yourself walking closer to Beel wanting to do something, anything, to get the heartbroken expression off of his face. “I-I want to help you Beel,” you winced as your voice cracked, “an-and a part of me still wants to help Belphie,” you whimpered and wiped away the tears beginning to burn behind your eyes once more. “But I-I’m so scared th-that the second I turn my back on him, he’ll...he’ll...” your arms came up to wrap around yourself, nails digging into your skin, as flickers of your murder flashed before you.
Laughter. Choking. Claws. Blood. Cracking. A sob tore it’s way past your lips once more. You could hear some shuffling and whispering behind you, as though one or more of the brothers were trying to get to you, but someone was preventing them.
You looked at Beel, you sight now blurry with tears, “I can’t trust him, b-because the last time I did he cr-crushed me. I g-gave him a second ch-chance when I went after him, d-d-despite knowing how he feels ab-about humans.” I whimpered as silently begged Beel to understand. “I can’t take that risk again. I-I might not survive it this time.”
Beel had his own stream of tears running down his cheeks. “H-He...I can’t believe he would...” He ran a hand through his hair growling in frustration. “That’s not the Belphie I know! He would never do something like that!”  
You whimpered as he shouted, but stood your ground. “But he did, Beelzebub. He used m-my trust against me, and h-he hurt me,” every instinct in your body screamed at you to turn around and hide; to curl up in a ball and never let anyone hurt you again. But Beel needed you. You needed to finish this.
 You closed your eyes and tried to pull up what little internal strength you had left inside you before turning to face Diavolo and the others. “In the defense of Bel-Belphegore,” Mammon squawked in shock at your words as you continued, “the one that k-killed me is not the same Belphegore that’s here.” You couldn’t help but wonder if you were going to regret the words you were about to speak, doubt already swirling in your gut, as you lifted your chin and spoke firmly, “You promised to release him if I succeeded my mission, and I did. As the Demon Prince of the Devildom, you should honor your word.” 
The others stared at you in shock, but Mammon was the first to react. “MC are ya crazy?! Look at yourself, ya can barely say his name! There ain’t no way ya can face him, let alone-” 
“I know, Mammon,” you interrupted in a soft but solid tone. The second-born quickly shut his mouth. “I can’t forgive Belphie just yet, maybe I never will. I m-most certainly can’t interact with him yet,” you gave them all a small smile as your gaze swept over the brothers. “But he’s you’re family,” you met Lucifer’s confused gaze. “Lucifer, you went against Diavolo’s direct orders to get him back. You all love and care for each other so much, even if you don’t always say it.”
You met Diavolo’s gaze once more and was surprised to find a sheen of pride and affection in them. “I recommend putting Belphegore under house arrest at the House of Lamentation under the strict surveillance and supervision of the rest of Lords of the Devildom. Give the brothers a month; allow Lucifer time to explain the truth to Belphegore, and the others to remind him of why he once loved humanity. After that time period, you can perform a revaluation of his mental state, and see if he has changed.” 
“But MC,” Satan began. There was a sharpness to your tone that hinted at layers of internal frustration building up inside him. “If you can’t face Belphegore, why would you want him at the House with us?” 
You looked away from him, your gaze falling to your hands as you took a few deep breaths. “That’s the second thing.” You glanced back up at the demons. “I would like to request to move to Purgatory Hall.” 
**Next up is the finale (I think. Don’t quote me on that. I am 89% it’s the last part), so stay tuned**
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This is a bit specific, but could I please request a scenario where Mammon jokingly steals a necklace from you to tease you, and only after he breaks/loses it (probably fumbles it down a storm drain) does he learn it was really important to you? And he feels super, SUPER guilty about making you cry and tries to make it up to you? I really love your writing, so thank you for taking my request! <3
I am also thinking about this scenario a very long time. and that would be something that could happen in the obey me universe.
Tumblr media
Mammon had "borrowed" your a very important necklace that you had received from your deceased relative.
He didn't know it was important to you.
You and Mammon had an ongoing competition where they tried to hide someone else's belongings in the strangest possible place.
And Mammon had thought to hide the necklace in a nearby tree.
He decided to straighten through the kitchen.
But Mammon didn’t notice that there was water on the kitchen floor so he slipped and accidentally dropped the necklace down the sink.
He didn't think about it anymore because he thought it was a cheap trinket that wasn't particularly important to you.
But when he saw you the next morning at breakfast, you looked very angry.
(No need for great reasoning to understand what has happened)
You said the necklace was very important to you and you are demanding that Mammon return it to you.
However, you could see from his gaze that something had happened to him, so you started crying and told him you weren’t going to talk to Mammon until he returned the necklace.
Mammon felt immense guilt and spent the next week in the sewer so he could return the necklace to you.
Once he has found and cleaned it he will apologize to you.
You are still angry with him but you will forgive him if he promises not to touch your stuff anymore.
In the end, everything is fine again
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