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Satan: I'm embarrassed, ashamed, disgraced, mortified, humiliated-
Mc: What are you, a dictionary?
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Can I get obey me boys x reader that's an absolute simp compliment them on anything they do actively participates in anything they do even if they can't keep up and tried to take the blame for anything they get in trouble for
taking the blame for lucifer, mammon, diavolo
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, diavolo x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .9k | rated t | m.list | part 2
a/n: IM SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG!! and that i basically only used half of your prompt LMAO but it's here now and i hope you like it!! feel free to ask for a pt 2 w other characters!! my inbox is open to req, chat, or leave feedback, so come stop by !!
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Tumblr media
➳ lucifer can’t believe his eyes. how could he have been so careless? so clumsy? so thoughtless? the incredibly important papers diavolo had had him fill out, entrusting them in his care, were now messed up, thanks to him! and diavolo was due in literally two minutes! as lucifer watches, water drips off the edge of his desk, leading back to a pool of water, the papers soggy in the midst of it. what should he do?
“hey,” you say, walking into the room. “diavolo’s on his way up.” you freeze noticing the mess. “oh my god, what happened?”
lucifer can’t even get his mouth to move. your gaze hardens as you hear footsteps on the marble, advancing to the study. as the door swings open, lucifer jerks, but you step in front of him, patting his shoulder subtly as you do so. what are you planning?
“i am so sorry,” you begin, swallowing. if lucifer hadn’t been the one to cause the mess he would have thought you were sincere. “i just was in a rush to get up here and i knocked his water glass over.”
diavolo frowns as he examines the scene. “oh no, those papers were super important!”
“i know,” you say. “and again, i am so sorry. what can i do to make up for it? i ruined all of your and lucifer’s hard work…”
lucifer zones out as diavolo troubleshoots, body filling with warmth. normally, he wouldn’t let someone cover for him, but you did it instantly, no questions asked. even though you were in a much more vulnerable place than him and were at risk to suffer more because of it. he doesn’t know how to feel, except touched. he hadn’t known you for long at all, and yet here you were, protecting him, even though he was never the one who needed to be protected.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon hisses as he examines the shattered glass on the floor, the remnants of an antique vase that was no doubt a priceless heirloom. he had been joking around and accidentally broke it, the glass slipping from his fingers and crashing into the ground loudly.
so loud, in fact, that he can hear several pairs of feet heading towards him.
surprisingly, you arrive first.
“lucifer’s gonna kill me,” mammon bemoans, biting his lip. he had gotten in trouble earlier, meaning his older brother was already not happy with him.
“i’ve got it,” you say quickly, and before mammon can object or question you, you’re already kneeling, sweeping up the shards with your hands, which is like, so stupid.
“mc!” lucifer says, appearing in the doorway. “you’re going to hurt yourself! stop it!”
“i’m sorry!” you exclaim, eyes wide. “i just knocked into this and panicked! it wasn’t important, was it?” you raise your hands, which are thankfully uninjured.
“no,” lucifer lies, and mammon gawks. it was too important! “not terribly so. let’s get this cleaned up. safely.” while mammon is feeling the teensiest bit offended by the difference in treatment, he can’t help but be grateful to you. he was already in hot water and you saved him without even thinking about it, as if protecting mammon was worth getting in trouble.
he didn’t think anyone had ever through that, so for you to was truly something special.
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo knows he should be getting up and going, but he’s finally cuddling with you, for the first time in what seemed like forever. you both had been so busy that it seemed there hadn’t been a good time to meet up.
“we really should get up,” you say, but diavolo shakes his head.
“no,” he says, burying his face in your neck. “i want to keep cuddling.”
“but you have important stuff to do,” you argue. diavolo just tightens his hold on you. he does have a few meetings and stuff, but for once, can’t the prince stuff wait?
“don’t care,” he mutters. “let’s stay a little longer.”
you put up a fight a few minutes more, but diavolo is stubborn, and wants more time with you. eventually, before either of you give up, there’s a knock on the door, and barbatos is opening it without preamble.
“lord,” he says, and oh, he is not impressed. “you were supposed to be up a while ago.”
diavolo flinches slightly, readying his reply, but you speak before he can.
“i’m sorry,” you say sheepishly, adding a nervous giggle on to the end of your words. “he kept trying to get up, but i really wanted to stay in bed. it’s my fault.”
“is it, now?” barbatos asks, raising an eyebrow, but you just nod.
“yeah. he kept telling me he needed to get ready but i didn’t want to let him go.”
“hmm,” barbatos says, his soft spot for you apparent. “well, in the future, let’s try to remember he had duties to attend to.”
“yessir," you say jokingly, and barbatos gives a little half-smile, closing the door behind him when he leaves. diavolo hasn’t really been in many situations when he would have been in trouble, so he’s never really expected anyone to lie for him. but you did, and so readily! you truly did care about him, didn’t you?
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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The brothers and how they handle their sins
Belphie loves to sleep and laze around
But even he gets FOMO sometimes
In order to combine a fulfilling life with his sin, he takes every day in several tidbits
An hour of gaming with Levi, an hour of sloop
An hour at RAD, lunch time in a less visited corner of the library, nodding off on a beanbag
He also mixes up small, casual activities and bigger plans
Lots of quick trips to the city, movie nights and gaming
Only very specific day trips and the such, when he really wants to experience them
He's happy, as long as he gets to be near a cushioned surface most of the time
He can't help his hunger, so he learns to live with it
He always has a snack stored somewhere in his pockets
So do his friends and brothers (he's so grateful, too)
He knows that if he empties the fridge again, he has to do the grocery shopping. And he will.
Honestly, he didn't used to be a jock
But he had to do something to counter all the food he ate
Now he loves working out, though. He's less hungry when he's sweating.
The burning in his muscles distracts him from the growling of his stomach
You don't learn to live with a gift, love, you live it
He can't fight his charm or horniness, so why not embrace both
It's so much fun, too? Pretty colours, nice scents, good orgasms, what more could he want?
Does it ever get too much for him?
Shhh, but sometimes he does crumble under the pressure of beauty
And by Dia, some nights he's so sore and overstimulated, it's not even sexy any more, it just hurts, so why is he still horny?
Those are the nights he tries to distract himself. Tea and chess with Lucifer. A make over for Levi. Maybe Satan can offer him a good romance novel?
This man knows his breathing exercises
Also: spite.
Oh how he hates giving in to what Lucifer created him of. Not this time, he won't.
He also has a charm on him at all times
It goes off when his heart rate quickens and his breathing intensifies
A soothing sound only he can hear
He'll never tell you what it is. Or how it relates to you.
He entrusted you, Asmo and Beel with a potion to always carry around. You don't know what it does exactly, but he said to throw it at him when he loses control
None of you have ever had to use it
There is a reason, Levi is a shut-in
And it's not just his introvert nature or his obession with games and anime
He hates his envy. No, he doesn't call himself gross because he's an otaku, but because he's disgusted with how he feels all the time
He wishes so badly to be able to be happy for his brother's successes and luck
He yearns to not hate you a bit for how easily you win everyone over
But as much as he loves his brothers, he wants what they have with such ferocity
And as much as he loves you, you make him hate himself a bit more everytime Lucifer laughs at one of your jokes and Simeon looks at you with appreciation in his eyes
He knows it's fucked up
All he wants is for his feelings to be pure
They never are.
So he stays away.
The itch. It's just always there. Urgh, it never goes away, no matter how hard he tries to distract himself
He's not even actively making the schemes up, they just pop up in his mind like annoying little ads
And damn him if he doesn't act on them
His brothers are right, he thinks to himself every step of the way, he really is stupid
Man, he wishes he could just take a breath and stop, no schemes, no trouble, no debt
This man does not have a coping mechanism
This man only has an elder brother whom he adores and relies on
He does wish he didn't have to depend on Lucifer to fix his messes, take his credit card away and talk the witches into an extension
But, by Dia, he has not found a way yet
He hates how helpless he is against himself and he hates how righteous Lucifer becomes
But deep down, Mammon knows that what he owes to Luci goes farther than any monetary sum
He will never admit how grateful he is.
What he doesn't know is that Lucifer takes not just annoyance, but great pride in being there for the brother who stood by him after the Fall. Who was there for his older and younger brothers. Who showed up for his family when they needed him.
Ah, if only he knew...
Sometimes his Pride still stands in his way, but he actually finds a way around it now and then
Don't misunderstand, he might never take off that mask that gives him a dignified air and a sense of invulnerability
But he is so over his Pride holding him back
Has been for decades, to be precise
So now he plays with his sin everytime it tries to come out
When Satan wishes for him to kneel, he will. Proud not of his dignity, but his confidence instead.
When he does you wrong, he apologises. Proud not of his flawlessness, but his strength and honesty
Damn his Pride and what it did to him
Damn what it is doing to his brothers, as he punishes them for sins they bear because of him
Damn his Pride, because he will face and conquer it. Some day he will succeed. And if he has to find every goddamned loophole in all three realms, every miniscule way around it. By God himself, he will not be held back forever.
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borku · 5 months ago
me : nah, I don't really enjoy romance anime
also me : *otome games*
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tree-spright-reblogs · a month ago
Obey me and sleep
Yet another self indulgent post because I can!! Feel free to disagree though.
I think he’d like to sleep on his back and super still most nights. Doesn’t talk or snore in his sleep, but if he’s having a particularly bad nightmare, I think he’d mutter in his sleep. Definitely always the big spoon.
Not only does he snore, but also he talks frequently in his sleep. Sleeps usually facing the door on his couch or in MC’s bed facing the door. MC definitely has a video recording of some of the weirder things he’s said in his sleep. Some nights he is the big spoon and others he’s the small spoon. I also think that if he’s having a nightmare, he would thrash about in his sleep so good luck with that MC.
I don’t think he would snore or talk in his sleep at all, but he’s definitely the kind of guy who would toss and turn all night. Fall asleep with him by your side? Wake up with him at your feet kinda way. If he’s having a nightmare, I think he’d crunch up in his sleep. Good luck with being a big or small spoon, but maybe you’d start off the night with him being the big spoon.
This man goes to sleep at a certain time, has a face mask on, and in the cutest pajamas he can find. Usually sleeps towards you or towards the wall. If he’s having a nightmare, he clings to you really tight. I think he’d also like to be the little spoon most of the time.
He snores in his sleep and clings to you in his sleep. Wakes up super embarrassed because he was clinging to you all night. If you manage to convince him that you like him in a romantic way or don’t mind the clinginess; I think he would start shamelessly clinging to you before bed. Big spoon or small spoon, I think he doesn’t mind being either so long as he has a hold on you.
This man has slept pretty much everywhere and even in weird places like storage closets or under sinks. Good luck trying to get him to sleep in bed for once, but if you do I think he’d be shamelessly clingy to you at all times. Can be either a big or small spoon. I also don’t think he’d have many nightmares because most of the time his sleep is dreamless. If he does have a nightmare, be prepared to be woken up and have to calm him down for a little while.
I think he’d also toss and turn in his sleep, but not as bad as Satan. You could fall asleep with him facing you and wake up with him on his tummy for instance. Would try his best not to wake you up when he goes for a late night food run. If he does wake you up or if you’re already awake, he’d definitely offer to bring you something back! Likewise, I think he’d also try to not wake you up when he’s having a nightmare, but sometimes the nightmare is so bad that he’s crying and it wakes you up. He’s upset at first, but once you reassure him, I think he’d feel a lot better about it. He’d end up being the big spoon most of the time, but if he’s had a nightmare I think he’d prefer to be a small spoon!
Purgatory House 
I like to picture that you have lots of sleepovers at this house, so more often than not you’re sleeping in a big cuddle pile! Solomon mumbles in his sleep and sleeps away from the pile. Simeon sleeps toward whoever is sleeping next to him. Luke tosses and turns, but also not as bad as Satan or Beel. If Solomon has a nightmare, I think he’d accidentally have his magic flare up and wake up the whole pile. If Luke has a nightmare, I think he’d end up crying and you all would snuggle him to make him feel better/ reassure him to feel better. If Simeon has a nightmare, I think he’d try to keep it to himself and you probably wouldn’t find out about the nightmare until days later.
Other fandom writing Or follow on Ao3
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lordiavolo · a month ago
Tumblr media
updated my lilith design because we have enough blondes in the omverse
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respawningjupiter · a month ago
Fuck the dating options. I wanna date the Mc- the Y/N if you will- this is what self love is, the true meaning behind "Horny on main"
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partiallygaynoodle · a month ago
Mammon: Lucifer?
Lucifer: Yes?
Mammon: I lost something again…
Lucifer: *sigh* What is it this time, Mammon?
Mammon: MC‘s virginity.
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thelifeofplums · 6 months ago
Keeping Company Ft. GN!MC & Lucifer
RATING - 16+ (There’s no real written details but the intention is there)
Don’t read if you’re not comfortable!!!!!
MC softly knocked on Lucifer’s office door in the middle of the night. They knew he was still awake, this being the fifth night in a row that he’s pulled an all-nighter. 
MC was getting a bit more worried than usual and they silently swore to themselves that they would confront Diavolo about Lucifer’s condition. But right now, MC’s task was to try and get their boyfriend to come for bed. The sheets were cold and MC missed their demon lying beside them.
“Lucifer? Can I come in?” They asked, speaking to the closed door and awaiting Lucifer’s response.
There was a still moment before MC heard the shuffling of papers and the scraping of a chair. 
The door opened and MC got a good look at the demon in front of them. Despite his obvious exhaustion, Lucifer still managed to grin as he gazed at his darling human. 
“Still awake at this hour, my love? How naughty of you,” he said, not seeming to realize that he himself was up way later than he should be.
MC gave him a disapproving look, “Are you almost finished?”
The demon sighed before answering, leaning against the doorframe, “I’m afraid not.”
They didn’t try to hide their disappointment, a small pout forming on their face. Lucifer smirked a bit, folding his arms across his chest.
“I’ll come to bed a bit later, alright?” Lucifer said in a comforting tone but MC wasn’t having any of it.
They knew all too well that when Lucifer came to bed they’d be fast asleep and there’d be no time for cuddling.
Shaking their head, MC asked, “Can I just stay here with you?”
They looked up at him into his enchantingly beautiful eyes, hoping he’d see the loneliness they were feeling.
Lucifer said nothing at first but a moment passed before he made space for MC to walk into his office. It was clear he needed some companionship as well, seeing it was always so stiffly quiet in the room. 
The demon sat back at his desk and MC got a good look at the pile of papers on the surface. They frowned, mentally noting that they’d have a good long discussion with Lord Diavolo about Lucifer’s work. 
MC eyed the chair Lucifer probably expected them to sit in for the remainder of the time he’d be working. It was close to Lucifer but not close enough, not one bit. 
Feeling bold, MC walked around Lucifer’s desk and before he could say anything they plopped themselves into his lap. 
“Mind if I sit here?” MC teased the demon, starting to untie his tie and wrapping it around their hand. 
Lucifer chuckled, “No, not at all.”
His free hand came around MC’s waist and pulled them closer to his chest. They wrapped their arms around his neck. Nuzzling their head into the crook of his shoulder, MC took a deep breath, inhaling his rich scent. It made them smile, feeling happy that they could spend some time with their boyfriend.
“Thank you for being here with me,” Lucifer softly said, his hand starting to rub slow circles against MC’s back.
MC’s grin grew and they pulled back to look at their beloved. Lucifer’s eyes held an adoring glint and were wholly focused on them. 
“You’re very much welcome,” MC responded before placing a little kiss at the corner of his lips.
Lucifer let loose a light chuckle, “If you keep teasing me like that I’m going to have to punish you, MC.”
At that, an idea sparked in MC’s head and their smile grew mischievous. Lucifer noticed and he gave them a cautioning look, not having to say anything to get his warning across.
MC slowly dragged one of their hands down Lucifer’s chest as they started leaving little kisses along his neck. 
If it hadn’t been for the fact that Lucifer’s hand tightened against MC’s back or how his breath seemed to speed just a tad, they would have thought he wasn’t at all affected. 
“Yes, Lucifer?” MC said, pulling back a bit to give him an innocent look despite the direction their hand was heading.
His gaze had darkened and MC could see a dangerous glow in his eyes, hinting at his hidden desire for them. 
Lucifer brought both hands to MC’s waist and he picked them up, placing them on his desk. He was now standing between their legs, towering over them.
“You sure about this, MC?” Lucifer whispered close to MC’s ear. They could hear the concern and love in his voice and MC could’ve sworn their heart was glowing. 
“Yes, Lucifer.” 
MC’s words could hardly be considered a whisper but Lucifer heard nonetheless. 
Least to say....neither human or demon got any sleep that night. 
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michellechair · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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monsterluving · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
when I tell you i cannot stop drawing this demon--
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · a month ago
Lucifer: Are you nervous?
Mc: Yes.
Lucifer: Is this your first time?
Mc: No, I have been nervous before.
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leviathans-watching · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
chaos causer | chapter 1
includes: mammon x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: 2.5k | rated t | m.list | series m.list | ao3
a/n: welcome to the first chapter of chaos causer!! there will be four total chapters that are all already written and one will be posted every three days. to be added to the taglist, click here, and to see links to the original craigslist ad, the series summary, & the full list of tags, click here.
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Tumblr media
I should switch to eBay, Mammon thinks as he scrolls past the tenth unappealing ad in as many minutes. Why he's even using a human site like Craigslist is beyond him, but hey, you never know when you’ll find a gem. He doesn't sell on it, preferring to stick to Devildom-centered marketplaces, but he has no qualms when buying. Humans generally have crap and junk listed, but sometimes there will be something that appeals to him, something new to add to his collection. 
An ad title catches his attention and he clicks on it with an amused huff. What could this be? 
Alone for the holidays? Mad at your family? Hire me to ruin the night.
I am a human magic user that has recently had a lot of time open up to me with nothing to fill it. Why not use this time in a meaningful way? I asked myself, before dismissing the idea. I’m a young adult willing to pretend to be your date for any holiday dinner or party.
Thanks to my magic, I can play any age, except child (for obvious reasons), and have no problem changing my appearance as need be. I am a skilled actor and promise to sell my character well. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
I revel in causing chaos and making things worse so I can and will do any of the following at your request: 
Start instigative discussions about politics and/or religion
Openly hit on other guests while you pretend to not notice/care
Propose to you in front of everyone
Pretend to be drunk/otherwise inebriated early on in the evening
Start an actual, physical (or magical!) fight with anyone in the family, either inside or outside of the house
Use the worst manners you’ve ever seen in your life
Be pretentious or pretend to be knowledgeable about something I clearly don’t understand
Never stop talking and overshare way too much
& other things along the same line
I require no payment aside from the free meal. This offer is available to anyone in any of the three realms, as I have experience dealing with an assortment of humans, angels, and demons. Do NOT contact me with unsolicited offers or services.
Text or call me with offers at [your number].
The ad has to be a joke. Has to be! Who would go out of their way to do such a thing, especially on a night meant for family and friends? And who would be crazy enough to hire someone to do such a thing? Mammon can’t wrap his mind around it. 
He reads it once more, this time pausing to imagine what it’d be like if he were to hire you to do something like you’re describing. He can’t deny the smile that grows on his face as he pictures it. Your profile picture looks deceptively normal, with you smiling at the camera, but something mischievous glimmers in your eyes that leaves him with no doubt that you’d be able to wreak havoc in a family if you so desired. 
And it sounded like you desired, judging by the ad. 
Shaking his head, Mammon shuts off his D.D.D., rolling off his bed. Even as he gets ready for the student council meeting Lucifer had made sure he knew about, your ad still lingers in his head, making it hard for him to focus. 
“Mammon,” Lucifer says from behind him, voice ice cold. Mammon turns slowly, already dreading the inevitable lecture. How was he supposed to have known the guests they’d be hosting would be offended by his offer to trade valuables? It wasn’t like they had said they were important cultural items! And they were totally overreacting, they could have just said ‘no thanks’ instead of blowing it all out of proportion!
“What’s up, Lucifer?” 
“Your behavior this afternoon was entirely unacceptable,” Lucifer snaps. “You just ruined decades of diplomatic work in a singular meeting! How someone manages to do such a thing is completely beyond me.” 
“It wasn’t-” Mammon tries, but Lucifer cuts him off, eyes glowing red.
“I don’t want to hear any excuses,” he says firmly. “I am most disappointed in you. Diavolo has spent far too much time and effort on securing alliances and relationships for you to be so careless. It's like you don’t even care about the fate of this realm. Classic Mammon,” he continues, more to himself than to Mammon, “too self-centered to think of anyone but yourself.”
“Hey!” Mammon protests. “I was tryin’ to be welcoming! Trades are an essential part of any deal and I thought maybe they’d like it if they came outta this with some bonafide Devildom treasures! They shoulda been honored I was willin’ to trade with them.” 
“Don’t lie to me.” Lucifer rubs at his temples. “You were just being greedy, once again. Honestly, Mammon. I have no idea as to why you have such a hard time with your sin. The rest of us are all afflicted by such things as well and we never cause scenes like you do.” 
The shot stings, and he has no retort prepared. Why is he constantly in trouble for his sin when the rest of them can do as they please with it and have no one give a damn? Why is it natural for them to indulge but selfish and bad when he does it? And bullshit, ‘no one else causes scenes’! He can think up at least five scandals caused by his brothers in the last month! 
“I have half a mind to banish you from the council altogether,” Lucifer says, and ice runs through Mammon’s veins. He wouldn’t do that, would he? “Diavolo already has enough on his plate without you causing trouble. Honestly, you’re lucky he’s so kind. If I were in his place, I would not stand for one fraction of the insolence and disrespect you show to him.”
Mammon’s hands clench into fists. So Lucifer cares more for Diavolo than he does his own brother? The realization, while not surprising, is still disappointing. His brothers all think of him as Lucifer does, don’t they? Scummy and troublesome and not worth the time. Anger - it’s anger, Mammon tells himself - stings in the back of his eyes. 
They think he’s that bad, do they? Your ad swims to the front of his thoughts, clear and descriptive. Maybe he’ll just have to prove them right, once and for all.
Mammon makes plans to meet you in a small coffee shop in your town. It’s probably easier for him to travel to you than for you to travel to him. When he gets there, you already have a drink, picking at the edges of the cardboard sleeve around the cup. Again, you look deceptively normal, but when he sits, the smile you give him is nothing short of impish. You slide him a drink that had gone previously unnoticed, and he accepts it gratefully.
“Thanks for meeting me,” Mammon says, a little nervously. 
“Thanks for replying to my ad,” you return, brushing the cardboard flakes onto the floor subtly. “I was beginning to think no one would.” 
“I thought it was a joke, at first,” confesses Mammon. “Honestly, I still kinda do.” 
Your smile turns rueful. “No joke, I promise. So, want to tell me about your family?” 
Mammon struggles to find a place to start. “Well, we’re a pretty affluent family down in the Devildom. My brother is close to the Demon Lord’s son, Diavolo, and he’s pretty high-strung, so any time I’m out of line, it's treated as a grave offense.” 
“That sounds tough,” you say sympathetically, and even though he has just met you, his chest warms a little at your understanding. How it that you, a stranger, supports him more than his own brothers do?
“Believe me. My other brothers are annoying too, though he’s the worst. Recently, we got into a spat where he basically told me he thinks I’m the worst outta all of them. He gets on me for things that he lets slide with them and constantly is in my business because he thinks he knows best. It’s really annoying. My other brothers poke fun at me and just get on my nerves, as they make jokes about my intelligence and other things that I can’t control. I’m pretty sick of it, so when I saw your ad it made me want to prove them all right, in a vindictive sort of way.” 
He fears, for a moment, that you’re going to try to talk him out of it, or say he’s overacting, or something, something that will destroy what little composure he has left, but you just nod, pursing your lips. 
“Well, I can definitely help.” You grin, suddenly, light dancing in your eyes. “You’ve come to the right place. Want to tell me more about the dinner itself and each of the brothers I’ll be dealing with and what my approach should be? I find it easiest when I do it with as much knowledge as possible.” 
“You’ve done this before?” 
“Not this situation, exactly, but similar stuff, yeah,” you say with a shrug, as if it’s not the most mindboggling Mammon has ever heard. 
“Huh.” Mammon pauses to take a sip of his drink. It’s not something he would have ordered for himself, but you bought it for him, so he’s definitely not going to say anything. “Well, the night starts off at my house, usually. We all hang out there for a while, which is where I’d introduce you and everythin’, then we head over to Diavolo’s place, where we eat and make polite conversation and all that jazz. It's not a fancy event, per se, but you definitely don’t show up in jeans.” 
“Is that something you want me to do?” you ask. “Show up horribly underdressed?” 
Mammon can’t deny that would be funny. “I’m not sure yet. But that would set a good tone for the evening.” 
“Let me know either way,” you say, and Mammon continues on with his explanation. 
“Okay, so first is Lucifer,” Mammon sighs. “He’s my older brother and the one I always get into fights with.” 
“Wait,” you interrupt, “like Lucifer, Avatar of Pride? Oh shit,” you say when he nods, “so you’re Mammon, Avatar of Greed?” 
“Uh, yeah?” Mammon raises an eyebrow. “Is that an issue?” 
“No, no,” you say hastily, waving your hands. “You said affluent, but I didn’t know you meant that affluent.” At his mystified expression, you clarify. “Your family is kind of a big deal to us humans. You’re like, the demonic version of the Kardashians.” This doesn’t help him, so you just wave your hand. “Never mind. No, it’s not going to be an issue, it just surprised me.” 
“Okay,” Mammon says slowly. “Anyway, he can be a real asshole. He’s got a big stick up his ass and makes it his mission to let everyone know. And then Levi, one of my younger brothers - I’m the second oldest, by the way - uh, he teases me when he doesn’t really have a leg to stand on, so it gets on my nerves. He’s an otaku and pretty antisocial. Then there’s Satan. He’s got more beef with Lucifer than I do, which is saying something, and he can be a real dick. Thinks he’s better than everyone, especially me.” He continues explaining the rest of his brothers, then adds on where you probe. 
“Okay, now that I have a good idea of who you all are,” you say, clasping your hands, “what kind of shit do you want me to pull. I’ve pretended to be an asshole but only where my ‘partner’ couldn’t see, but I’ve also done shit right in front of them before. Depends on what the person wants.” 
Mammon thinks for a moment. “Right in front of me, but I’ll pretend to be so smitten that I don’t notice. And as far as the stuff on your ad goes, feel free to do any and all of it. Wherever you see an opening, try to cause some trouble. You mentioned in your ad you can use magic?” 
“I can.” Pride is evident in your voice. “I’ve got a sorcerer's license and everything. I’m proficient in many different areas, including dueling, which is why I’d be willing to get into a magic-based fight, and I have experience in most types of spells, charms, and curses.” 
“Impressive,” Mammon murmurs. He’s not going to encourage you to get into a magic-based fight, not against his brothers, since that’d be horribly unfair to you, but it’s helpful to know. “We’ll see where the night takes us on that. For now, just plan on being a complete and utter menace.” 
“Got it.” Again, that sly mischief is in your eyes, and it sends electricity down his spine. “I swear I’ll do my best to do my worst.” 
Mammon snorts. “That’s all I ask. And as for payment, I know you said only dinner but are you sure you don’t want any other compensation? I feel bad, puttin’ you through this and you getting nothing in return.” 
“No, but thank you. Seeing everyone’s faces is its own reward,” you say. “And if we’re eating at the Demon Lords’ castle, then I at least know I’m eating good. So really, don’t worry about it.” 
“If you’re sure.” Mammon’s still dubious, but he’s not going to push. “Hey, feel free not to answer this, but why put that ad up in the first place? Isn’t there someone you could be celebrating with instead?” You get a funny look on your face, and Mammon suddenly feels bad for asking. He’s not prone to regret, and the feeling sits heavy in his stomach. “Ah, I’m sorry,” he says, scratching the back of his head. “That was awfully invasive of me.”
“It’s fine,” you interrupt softly. “It’s only natural to be curious. And to answer your question, not really. I have friends, of course, but I don’t wish to intrude on their holidays, and my family, well. Let’s just say they’re not a viable option.” You laugh, but it’s decidedly less mirthful than before. “I figured at least this way I’d get some fun and a good meal. Do something I enjoy rather than feeling sorry for myself.” 
“Oh,” Mammon says after a moment. “Well, like you said, the food will definitely be good, and if you don’t get at least a little bit of fun out of it, well, then, we did something wrong.” 
“I’ll remember that,” you say, some of your spark returning. “If there’s anything else you think I should do, or if you have any other ideas, text me.” He already had your number from setting up this meeting. “And if not, then I look forward to seeing you next week.” 
Because, yep, the dinner was next week. How Mammon would survive until then, he didn’t know, but excitement already crackled under his skin.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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the-demonus-aunt · 5 days ago
You don’t have to answer if uncomfortable:
Tw: mentions of SA
Could you do a head cannon on the bros reactions to Mc telling them that they were [email protected] in their past relationship with their ex? (I’m healing from this btw)
Hey! I hope you're doing alright and that you have all the support you need!
I tried my best to make this comforting. I hope this is what you wanted and that it maybe helps a little, even for a moment.
That said, I will be honest: I am lucky to be able to say that nothing like that has happened to me. I know this is a sensitive topic. So if there's something in here that you wish were different or that I need to change, please let me know and I will adapt it!
CN Sexual abuse. Implied violence.
How the brothers would react to you telling them you've been r*ped in a past relationship
Listens silently, eyes fixated a bit too intensely on you
He'd bite his lip and swallow his anger for a minute in order to be there for you
Probably proceeds to wrap you up into a blanket burrito
Will pat your head while you watch movies together to calm down
Random kisses on your forehead and  staring off into the void with rage in his face
When you nod off, a timer on your ex's life goes off.
Belphie will be back before you wake up, though
"I'll protect you from now on. Nothing like that will ever happen to you again."
Good boi does not know what to say
Probably forgot to keep chewing whatever he was eating at the moment
He's hurting with you but needs a moment to think about how to react
Then you find yourself in the biggest hug you've ever experienced
It's the perfect mix of gentleness and intensity - the ideal comfort hug
He'll order one of everything from Hell's Kitchen because food is his comfort so why wouldn't it help you to feel better right now
He's gonna be so gentle with you from now on
Probably unsure of how to interact with you, once he starts thinking about what that means for you
A good long conversation about your boundaries and needs takes his insecurity away, though
"I hope you know you can always talk to me. I'll be there for you the same way you always are for us."
This man is shocked to his core
As the Avatar of Lust, he's not only big on s*x, but especially consent
He's so fucking mad
He will show his gentle side instead, though
Asmo will immediately iniate a conversation about what is okay for you, what isn't and how you want him to behave with you
He'll follow your wishes to the letter, making a big point of showing how much he cares about respecting your boundaries
Might take you shopping or organise a self-care day to make you feel good about yourself and hype you up
Worships you in any way possible, because that's how he deals with his own shock and anger
"I can only imagine what it must feel like. I hope you know that you're so beautiful and strong and brave and you will come out on top of this, love."
Well, he is the Avatar of Wrath
Will probably excuse himself for a few minutes to rage about in an unoccupied room
When he returns, he still has a hard time holding back
Firm hugs and kisses on the top of your head, while holding you
Might want to kill your ex, but will hold back because he knows the consequences that might follow
Researches psychological effects of SA in the library
The conversation about your wants and needs follows a few days later
"Thank you so much for trusting me enough to tell me this. What can I do to make you as comfortable as possible around us?"
He does not know how to handle the situation
Will not touch you in any way until you literally ask him to (if you want him to)
He will cry as soon as he's alone because a) he feels your pain and b) he's so helpless and yet so desperate to help you
Will look up what to do on his D.D.D. but is smart enough to know that he cannot necessarily trust the answers
Might ask you what to do after a few days and will not think about anything else in the meantime
"So what does this mean exactly? I don't want to do anything wrong. Can I hug you? Do would even want me to?"
Swallows hard and gets very silent suddenly
This demon will go after your ex unless you explicitly tell him not to
But before that, he will make sure your every need is met
Ruffling you hair randomly, making sure you've eaten regularly, doing your homework for you when you're having a rough day
He might be too tsundere for hugs and cuddles - unless you ask for it, then you'll be in his arms faster than he can call himself The Great Mammon
Will probably not immediately think to ask about your boundaries but will try his best to put himself in your position and think about what is okay and what isn't
Might ask about specific behaviours of his once he's had time to think
"Don'cha worry anymore. The Great Mammon is here to make everything better. Just tell me what ya need!"
Clenching his teeth, gripping his pen too hard, noticeably controlled breathing
He'll pull himself together for you
Wants to know every detail you're comfortable telling him because he wants to understand you
The conversation naturally swaps over into discussing your boundaries and needs
The right hand man of the future King of the Devildom knows better than to kill a human
But Lucifer knows a plethora of curses.
Let's just say your ex will never be happy again in their unfortunately long life
Will never tell you about it, though
If you're okay with it, he'll become very touchy: squeezing your hand under the table, brushing you hair out of your face, putting his arm around you when you're sitting next to each other on the sofa
If not, he will make sure to show you he's there for you in other ways: checking in on you regularly, helping you with your homework, bringing you human lavender tea in the evening to help you fall asleep
"You did not deserve what happened to you. Please know I will do everything in my power to undo the damage they did to you."
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oniondabawse · 10 months ago
Playing hide n’ seek with the OBEY ME characters
Is either the best or worst tagger, he’d play as if he’s hunting you down or leave the game to do some work and forget to notify everyone
The difficulty of him hiding would depend on the seeker
Claims he’s the best tagger, though that’s not true
Tries to cheat his way by saying the tagger didn’t use their entire palm to touch him so he not out, switch hiding spots, offer to snitch someone else’s hiding spot
Says he’s going to be bad at tagging, is actually good
He’s used to hiding in his room to avoid his brothers so it’d be just as easy especially if it’s a game
He’s relentless as a tagger, like a cat who spotted its prey
Likely hides in his room since it’s so messy and he can hide behind a pillar of books or in the library, though would come out of his hiding spot if he hears someone playing a cat audio
Doesn’t like to run since it’ll mess up his hair and probably make him sweaty, but he knows how to stalk upon someone
Tends to be the first one to get caught since he prefers seeking than hiding
He’s likely taken track, he knows how to catch up to anyone
Everyone uses his gluttony to their advantage to lure him out
When he’s not really into it he will take his sweet time finding everyone however when he’s eager he’s hunting down everyone
Best hider out of the brothers, whenever someone does manage to find him he’s asleep in wherever and whatever place and position he is, complains they took to long
His laughing from excitement alerts everyone where he is so they’ll move though he’s quick enough to get ya
Constantly trying to suppress a giggle whenever anyone passes his hiding spot but will be deathly silent if anyone looks at his direction
He’s already aware of where everyone is hiding though will set up a plan to catch everyone within a group to be more efficient
Hiding difficult would depend on the seeker and if they want a challenge
Sings little jingles from commercials and waits for a response to find someone
Is the person to hide behind the curtain constantly
Hates seeking because when most people see him they run as fast as they can away since his legs are too short to keep up
Manages to hide in any spot, rivals Belphagor for hiding champion title since he can fit in more spots and is harder to find or overlooked
Probably uses some spell to make it sound like he’s humming from 20 feet away though he’s standing right behind you
Everyone thinks he’s using a spell to go invisible though he just leaves without telling anyone then shows up a hour later asking why no one found him
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dazey-aceie · 4 months ago
The bros nicknames for you (in a more romantic sense)
love ⋆ dear ⋆ darling ⋆ beloved
my human ⋆ babe ⋆ baby⋆ hun
(y/n) chan ⋆ player 2 ⋆ baby ⋆ incoherent mumbles
dear ⋆ honey ⋆ sweetie ⋆ darling
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ ASMO ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °
doll ⋆ cutie ⋆ darling⋆ prince/ss
honey ⋆ babe ⋆ peach ⋆ sweetie
baby ⋆ doll ⋆ love ⋆ on-the-go pillow
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incorrectobeymequotes · a year ago
Leviathan, talking to his stream: My friends be like “awww I’m here for you” motherfucker no you not.
Mammon, in the back: You have friends????
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kai-tistic · 16 days ago
Female!MC with seven older brothers. The only daughter of a very powerful sorcery family. A gifted witch, the golden and the favourite child. That’s it. That’s the plot line.
So this is how it’ll go:
At MC’s home:
“MAMA! MC HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED!” Your eldest brother yelled. “Don’t say that! Did you check her room?” Your mother questioned him. “SHE’S NOT IN HER ROOM OR ANYWHERE IN THE HOUSE!” He continued to yell until your father smacked the back of his head. “Don’t yell, you’re gonna make the others pani-” Your father didn’t finish his sentence when the rest of the brothers came running and asking questions about your whereabouts. And now your mother is panicking. Oh look your father is about to faint. Is that foam forming in the corner of the youngest brother’s mouth..?
Meanwhile in Devildom:
MC’s having the time of her life. Catching them demon brothers as if they were Pokémon. Trying to fulfill her dream of having a demon butler. Getting close to the demon prince just so she can live in a royal AU. And damn who knew that Merlin is this hot. And if all fails then she has these Angels who might help her in getting enough forgiveness from the higher power to go to a bearable level of Hell in the end. Perfect game plan!
Note: Sorry about not making this gender neutral. I tried it but it didn’t satisfy me. And this might be a oneshot-headcanon-drabble kinda thing or a series of like 2-3 chapters. There will be multiple characters x reader moments. Also open for ideas and suggestions.
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partiallygaynoodle · a month ago
Levi: *gets lost in the crowd*
Mammon: Don’t worry, guys. I got this.
Levi: *in the distance* YOU DARE MOCK THE ALMIGHTY HENRY??!!
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roses-and-sakura · a month ago
Never have I seen the day Satan said Objection like a Lawyer in Ace Attorney
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is from Asmo's birthday btw
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