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still-a-morosexual-help · 13 hours ago
tbh i thought that melonchaly card art was referenve to s2 when lucifer knelt in front of satan but i suppose s2 came ojt afterwards so not possible?
* D E E P S I G H *
*(for unrelated reasons) I'm very tired
1. Yeah this was one of the first Devilgrams, so way before S2
2. Devilgram art is at least somewhat related to the Devilgram story. Satan is not present in this Devilgram story. The story is literally about Lucifer trying to bake cookies for Diavolo because he gets upset when Diavolo says Barbatos makes the best cookies. MC's there solely to offer moral support. His cookies suck ass and and Lucifer consoles himself by saying that Diavolo said Barbatos was only the best at baking cookies, meaning Lucifer's the best at everything else in Diavolo's eyes (🙄lucifer, my guy.....)
3. In S2 when Lucifer kneels in front of Satan he's smug about it - he even mocks Satan while doing so. He's in control of the situation, so much so that it upsets Satan and makes Levi & MC comment on how cool Lucifer looks while doing so.
This card:
Tumblr media
isn't smug or mocking or prideful. It's an act of swearing service. It's devotion.
4. I don't know about y'all but if my brother/dad knelt in front of me and held my hand in both of his so tenderly while staring at it through half lidded eyes with such an achingly gentle look as he moved in to kiss my knuckles...that's when the restraining order's coming out. I'm all for grand displays of familial love but that ^ ain't it
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l-ovey · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
AN MC WHOʼS NOT AFRAID TO DIE and exploits their position as the powerless human exchange student that the seven lords of hell have to keep alive would be such a fucking menace
it's such a sight to behold, a lowly human looking up at the brothers in their demon forms utterly unfazed, with a smug look plastered on their face, as their unminced words laced with pure spite cuts through the chilling silence.
“do it. kill me. ”
mammon had to stop himself from smacking the human straight in the head as he hurriedly rushed over to bargain with a seething lucifer.
“l-lucifer, calm down for a sec! l-l-let’s think things through, yeah? before—”
“mammon, don't. let him do it, go on, let him tear me to shreds! or is he too afraid of what his dear darling diavolo would think once he finds out that the mighty lucifer killed the poor, little human?”
mammon took a mental note of buying the human a gag if ever they survive this, because that venomous fuckin’ mouth of theirs would get them and himself killed! he gave them a look with such agony, hoping — hell — praying that they get the message to just shut the fuck up!
lucifer’s booming laughter reverberated through the walls of the underground tomb, sending chills up both mammon and mc’s spine. it was such a bizarre scene, seeing lucifer fetch his d.d.d while in demon form, amusement evident in his face but his burning eyes telling another story that mammon had trouble stopping himself from fetching his own device and snapping a pic, knowing it'll cost a few thousand grimm.
the air all around was thick with tension and unease, and mammon’s heart dropped to his stomach when he heard lucifer’s next words.
“lord diavolo, i don't need your permission to kill puny, insolent humans, correct? ”
Tumblr media
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mammonswhore · a month ago
The Brothers: ...
Mammon: *an hour later* hey wanna go grab a bite?
MC: your treat
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leviathans-watching · 3 months ago
can't afford to lose you any longer
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer x gn!reader (they/them pronouns used), mammon & lucifer, diavolo & lucifer, micheal & lucifer
wc: 2.3k | rated t | m.list | cross posted on ao3
a/n: requested by @asterinquinn, who asked for obey me angst where you and lucifer are together and while he's away you get attacked and end up hurt/dead. i hope you enjoy!! title from hot tea by half*alive
warnings: angst (with a happy ending), hurt/comfort, lesson 16 spoilers, hospitals, attempted physical assault (non-graphic), coma
Tumblr media
“do you really have to go?” you ask, and lucifer sighs, scrubbing his hand through his hair.
“we’ve been over this, mc, of course i do. diavolo asked me to do this task, so it has to be done.”
you laugh, a bitter thing. “of course. diavolo asked you, so you’ll do it right away. after all, you’d do anything for him.” lucifer’s gaze shutters and your face softens, regret washing over it. “i’m sorry,” you say. “that wasn’t fair. i just hate having you gone. it leaves me feel like i’m missing a limb.”
“i don’t like leaving either,” he says, pulling you into his arms. “but this should be the last trip for a while.”
“good.” you sigh, looking heavenward. “i feel like you’ve been out of the devildom a lot more than you’ve been in it, these last few months.”
“sure seems that way,” he agrees, with a small, rueful smile. “but really, this should tie everything up. and i’ll hurry back, i promise.”
“you better!” wrapping your arms around him, you give him a hug. “come back to me soon, mister. if you don’t i’ll go talk to diavolo myself!”
“i will, my dear,” he says, ducking down for a quick kiss. already, he’s shuffling his schedule in his mind to the most efficient order, hoping to lessen the time spent away. on this trip, he was being sent to the angel realm to handle some diplomacy thing. why diavolo didn't do it himself, or send another ambassador, lucifer didn’t know (well, he did know, it was because he was the only man with the right skillset for this job), but he just knew he had to honor his promise to him that was made back when he first fell.
diavolo felt bad about it, at least, so it wasn’t like lucifer was just being sent away all of the time, but still, he missed spending his days and nights with you.
“i’ve got to get going now,” he murmurs, pulling away. “i love you.”
“love you too,” you say with a small smile. “hurry back.”
lucifer checks his watch, concern swirling inside of him. you were supposed to call him earlier but you hadn’t, nor had you returned any of his texts or calls. it was unlike you to do such a thing, and he was this close to calling one of his brothers to ask them to check up on you. the only reason he hadn’t is that he kept telling himself you’d respond any moment. you were never one to just disappear off the map.
“what’s the matter, lucifer?” micheal asks, ever intuitive. “you seem worried.”
“i’m sorry,” lucifer apologizes. “i was supposed to receive a call earlier but it never came. it shouldn't have leaked into our meeting though, please forgive me.”
“and they haven’t been picking up or responding to your texts since then, have they?” micheal surmises, disregarding the rest of his statement, and lucifer nods, long since used to his uncanny ability to do things like that. “well then, go on,” he continues. “get in touch with someone who can get in touch with them. worry isn’t a good look on you.”
decorum would usually dictate he decline, return his attention to the matters at hand, but… it was you, and he couldn’t bring himself to do such a thing.
“thank you,” he says, rising. stepping into the hall, he clicks on mammon’s contact, holding his phone to his ear. it rings several times, but just as he thinks it’s going to go to voicemail, his younger brother picks up.
“lucifer!” mammon says. “oh thank god. i was just about to call ya!” mammon’s voice is loud, nervous. something is definitely wrong. why would mammon be calling him?
“what’s the matter?” lucifer asks, a bad feeling unfurling in his chest.
“it’s about mc,” mammon says, grave. “they got into an accident, and are in the hospital. i was gonna call ya sooner but satan said i should wait ‘till the doctor told us what was goin’ on.”
“what? mammon, what happened? are they okay?”
mammon hesitates. “they’re not in any immediate danger,” he hedges, and lucifer growls. “okay, okay. they’re in a coma, caused by the exertion of magical energy-”
“magical energy?” lucifer exclaims, but mammon barrels on.
“-but it’s estimated they’re not in any danger,” mammon continues, “we just don’t know when they’ll wake up yet. ‘pparently some lower-level dirtbags got brave due to your absence and decided to ‘purify the devildom once more.’” lucifer could hear the disgust in his voice.
“my absence? purification?” lucifer echoes thinly. “why didn’t then evoke the pact?”
“i couldn’t tell ya,” mammon says. “mc didn’t call on any of the rest of us either. running theory is that everything happened way too quickly and the magical energy they exerted was subconscious.”
“i see,” lucifer replies, swallowing. “so they’re in the hospital?”
“yeah, and we’re all with them. obviously, they won't let us all into the room, so right now, solomon and asmo are with them.”
“i’m coming back.” lucifer’s tone didn’t allow for any arguments, and surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, mammon didn’t give him any.
“good,” mammon says fiercely. “you need to be here.” with that he hung up, leaving lucifer reeling. you were attacked. and it was his fault. if he had been at the devildom, it would have staved off any thought of something like this from happening and he likely would have been with you. he could have jumped in and saved you. why didn’t you summon him?
diavolo be damned, he was coming back to you. you were in a coma, and he was in a completely different realm.
“i’m sorry, there’s been an emergency,” lucifer says, quickly gathering his things back in the meeting room. “i need to return at once.”
“go,” micheal allows, nodding his head. lucifer wasn’t going to wait for his permission or anything, but knowing he was indulging him on this at least solved one of his problems. “reach out to me once the situation has been resolved but, of course, there is no haste.”
“thank you. it was a pleasure meeting with you, as always,” lucifer says, and micheal smiles.
“i feel much the same, old friend. do let me know when everything turns out okay.”
lucifer spares no time returning to the devildom, heading straight to the hospital. he’s been steadily in contact with mammon, who is waiting form him in the hospital waiting room. he jumps to his feet the moment he sees lucifer.
“any changes?” lucifer asks quickly, desperately.
mammon shakes his head. “no, still the same.”
lucifer doesn’t know whether to be relieved or not. on one hand, the situation isn’t getting any worse, but on the other…
“i need to see them,” he says and mammon nods.
“follow me.” mammon leads him through the hospital, familiar with the way. the waiting room nearest to your room is completely filled with his brothers, the angels, and surprisingly, diavolo and barbatos. lucifer, however, aside from nodding to them, ignores everyone, following mammon to your room.
simeon and belphie shuffle out as he and mammon enter, but lucifer can’t pay them any mind, instead completely focused on you. you’re laying on the bed, deathly still apart from the minute rise and fall of your chest. the image is haunting. he’s already been the cause of your death once, and had mostly managed to put the sight of you bleeding out out of his mind, but this seemed so much worse.
falling to his knees, lucifer clasps your hand. it’s cooler than normal.
“they’re okay?” lucifer asks, voice catching. “besides all of this, i mean?”
“yes,” mammon replies, taking the seat set up on the other side of your bed. “the magic they exerted stopped everyone completely. solomon sensed the disturbance when it hit, as apparently it was incredibly powerful and traced it back to them. they were already unconscious by the time we found them.
“so how did you know what happened?”
“the would-be attackers woke up a while ago. we got them to talk,” mammon says darkly. “and they’ve been taken care of, along with the rest of their group. rest assured belphie and satan are ensuring all groups like theirs are exterminated.”
“good. what about mc?” lucifer stroked the side of your face, but your eyelids didn’t even twitch. “when will they wake up?”
mammon shrugs, biting his lip. “no one knows. the doctors aren’t equipped to deal with something like this at all, and even solomon’s pretty stumped. he thinks that because the spell was so large and uncontained it not only also hit them but also depleted them of all of their magical energy. he says we probably just have to wait for their reserves to fill once more.”
“but he doesn’t know how long it will take?”
they fall into silence and lucifer just looks at you. never before had he seen you so still and he hates it. you deserve to look bright and cheery; you deserved to look alive.
lucifer’s eyes burn and he swallows. mammon, thankfully, doesn’t say a thing.
days passed, and it was much the same. there were tiny changes in your state, mostly good, but it was moving so slow that it seemed it would take years before you would wake. lucifer spent every day by your side, disregarding his duties. thankfully, his brothers stepped up, understanding, and diavolo had given him nothing but compassion and time.
(“i am sorry” diavolo had said, gaze heavy. “if i had known-”
“you didn’t,” lucifer had responded, “and that’s all there is to it.”
“i’m still sorry.”)
it was night, and he was in the room alone. mammon had managed to get everyone to go home for the night, leaving you and him alone. lucifer didn’t sleep. lucifer wished he could do something to help. solomon, satan, and him had been researching, as much as possible, but nothing had ever happened quite like this before, so there weren’t many texts that seemed promising. usually humans died if they exerted as much magic as you had. satan theorized it was only all of the extra energy from the pacts that had prevented that.
running his thumb along the back of your hand, lucifer wished he could do something. if only he could give you all of his energy. he had already done it when you protected yourself, albeit unknowingly, and-
why couldn’t he do that?
it had never been done before, but no one had ever had a pact with him before either. the pact was a two way street.
gathering all of his energy and emotions, lucifer took your other hand, so he was holding both of them, focused on your pact, and pushed. it felt weird, and wrong, but he didn’t give up. if you could draw energy from him while you were awake, then he should be able to give you some now.
slowly, he felt the energy shifting, settling. the strain had his eyes falling shut, but when he felt you move slightly, his eyes snapped open. your eyes were rolling around behind your eyelids and your breathing was coming faster. the heart-rate monitor sped up, and lucifer pushed harder.
your eyes opened, and lucifer slumped, relief so overpowering he felt like he could pass out. you blinked hazily and lucifer squeezed your hand.
“mc,” he breathed, and slowly, your eyes focused on him.
“lucifer?” you asked, throat raw from unuse. “where am i? what happened?”
pressing the ‘call nurse’ button on the side of the bed, lucifer pressed his forehead to yours. “you’re in the hospital. you’ve- you’ve been in a coma for the last several days. don’t try to move too much.”
“what?” you stared into his eyes. “i…”
“shh,” lucifer chided gently. “i’m just glad you’re awake now. i was so worried.”
“oh,” you say, still out of it. honestly, he’d be concerned if you weren’t. “it was those demons, wasn’t it? i remember not knowing what to do, then… nothing.”
“they didn’t lay a single hand on you,” lucifer swore, and you slumped back onto the bed a little, relieved. “and they’ve been taken care of already.”
“but if that happened, weren’t you in the celestial realm?”
“silly human,” lucifer said, his heart splintering further. how could you think he’d stay there when you were in danger, let alone a magically induced coma! “of course i came back here for you. dropped everything to come see you with my own eyes, make sure you were okay.”
you smiled, faintly, and the sight of it stole his breath from his chest. lucifer had been so scared he was never going to get to see you smile again. “knew you would,” you said. “you love me.”
“that i do,” he replied softly, as the nurse finally came in. “that i do, my dear.”
“stay,” you said, as you registered the nurse, who gasped. lucifer ignored her in favor of drinking you in, replaying your voice.
“as if i’d leave. you’re stuck with me, i’m afraid.” and he was afraid. so afraid. but you were awake, and alive, and seemed okay. maybe it was all going to be alright.
as if you could read his mind, your eyes filled with warmth, overflowing into tears that dripped down your face. lucifer wiped them away gently. “i’m so glad,” you whispered. “i’m so glad i’m stuck with you. lucifer.”
“mc,” he said, and it felt like things were finally clicking back into their rightful place. it felt like coming home.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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leos-caramia · 3 months ago
Constantly finding Mammon’s sweater in your room and always being left confused until he suddenly appears into your room asking for said sweater.
Of course this being timed a little too perfectly, caused you to have some suspicions, so you asked him.
“What do ya mean I’m plannin’ something? I just left it here, nothin’ more or less!” He firmly argued.
This caused you to laugh and admit defeat. As you waited for Mammon to leave, he quickly began speaking again.
“Wait, wait! Ya want me to leave already?” He asked, to which you responded that he already had what he came for, what else did he need from you?
“Ugh and here I thought my plan woulda worked! Listen, I’ve been leavin’ this here purposely, it’s not because I missed ya or anything! I just… seein’ ya makes my day… uhhhh I don’t know! But it’s a fuzzy feeling!” He blurted out everything.
You could only burst out laughing, causing Mammon to get visibly flustered and defending himself. Of course as your laughs died down, you asked him if he wanted to stay with you until dinner.
“Fine. But only cause you asked and I, the Great Mammon, am a nice person!” He declared, still visibly flustered.
And so, you guys were just cuddling till dinner. Of course you did tell him he could just come see you, even without a reason. You earned a “Hmph” from him before he went back to holding you.
Tumblr media
Credits to my friend C. for helping me by offering their Mammon headcanon that sparked this imagine!
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moemammon · a year ago
I live for the idea of MC and Mammon just doing dumb best friend stuff
Something funny happens in class, and literally all MC has to do is look at Mammon and he just bursts out laughing and gets in trouble
MC just takes off running down the hall so Mammon starts running too, and now they're both just running as fast as they can and fucking cackling for no reason until one of them almost slips and now neither of them can breathe because they're laughing so hard-
MC sitting in a shopping cart while Mammon keeps handing them things to add to the ever growing pile that's slowly burying them alive
MC and Mammon locking eyes at the dinner table, and now they're having a staring contest while everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on
MC: Right, Mammon?
Mammon, who doesn't know what the fuck is happening: Yeah
Mammon and MC having their picnic ruined because a wasp comes a little too close and they both immediately got up to run
Sitting in silence on the couch, legs draped over one another while they scroll through their phones and show each other stupid videos and memes
MC dares Mammon to jump as high as he can on his bed and he promptly breaks the frame, so now they have to explain to Lucifer what happened
Pointing to an ugly creature/monster in a movie and saying "that's you"
Mammon showing MC a picture of Lucifer's face zoomed in REALLY close and trying his damndest not to laugh because "SHH LUCIFER IS RIGHT THERE SHH-"
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asmo-ds · a month ago
omg how about this..... mc is jamming loud to some explicit song like wap or anaconda then the boys walk in on them...how would they react??? btw j love your writing!!! <33
Tumblr media
React to MC listening to Explicit Music (A little bit spicy so 18+)
Warnings: Spicy content, Explicit Songs, Bad words
Description: The Demon Brothers walk in on MC listening to some interesting songs~
Tumblr media
- Lucifer was trying to do his paperwork, which normally is quite easy for him
- But there was a racket coming from somewhere else in the house of lamentation, the racket of rap music-that is
- He storms towards MC's room, the source of the racket and knocks harshly
- MC swings the door open and sings in his face
- "My anaconda don't want none unless you got BUNS HUN!" and laugh hysterically at Lucifer's stressed face
- Lucifer puts on a sly smirk and walks towards MC, caging them against the wall
- "Is this your way of asking for my anaconda, MC?"
Tumblr media
- Mammon was the one who put on the playlist
- They were just jamming out and suddenly WAP came on, embarrassing him to no end
- He was about to deny even knowing the song and say something along the lines of "How did THIS get in my playlist?"
- But when MC immediately jumps up and starts singing he is SHOOK
- As MC sings and dances along he finds himself laughing and joining in
Tumblr media
- MC and him were watching anime edits on instagram
- When they stumble upon a ~spicy~ edit to the song WAP he is ready to scroll, but MC is already on their feet, dancing and singing the lyrics
- His jaw is on the floor and his face is bright red
- "M-MC! What are you doing?!" he throws his hands over his face, trying not to look at the slightly erotic scene of the human dancing
- MC laughs and pulls him up, "Dance with me Levi! IM TALKING WAP WAP WAP WAP-"
- Levi awkwardly tries to dance with them, which MC finds extremely amusing
Tumblr media
- MC and Satan were studying together in MC's room
- The human had insisted he let them play their playlist that consisted of studying music, and he agreed
- All was well, ambient music filled the air as equations were being solved
- But suddenly the playlist took a drastic turn, the intro to Anaconda echoing throughout the room
- "Dance break!" MC shouts out, getting up to dance to the provacative song
- Satan was shocked but simply watches as MC belts out the lyrics and dances around
- At the end of the song Satan only has one thing to say
- "... You can memorize all those dirty words yet you need my help memorizing the quadratic formula?"
Tumblr media
- He put on the playlist
- He and MC had been jamming out to club songs in his room since Lucifer had said they couldn't go to an actually club that night
- When Anaconda starts playing, both their heads whip to look at each other, making sure they both knew what to do
- and they did, they knew they had to BELT these lyrics and they knew they both had to give their all while dancing
- By the end they're both panting, sweating, and laughing
- "MC, I can assure you that you DEFINITELY have buns, hun~" he winks
Tumblr media
- MC was playing music while they cooked for their favorite avatar of gluttony
- He wasn't particularly paying attention to the lyrics until he heard the words "Wet ass poosay"
- He choked on his own spit, making MC laugh as they continued belting out lyrics
- He's laughing too, at how excitedly the human is singing along
-At the end, he tells MC he liked the song
- Asks MC to teach him the dance so they can do it together, just because its a workout, definitely not because teaching him meant he got to see MC doing the dance over and over
Tumblr media
- homie was just trying to sleep
- But MC's room was filled with music so loud that it managed to seep into his own room
- He grumpily gets up and goes to MC's room, about to ask them to turn it down
- But he walks in on them seductively dancing to Anaconda
- He just stands there with a blank expression until they are done
- He asks them to turn it down once the song is over and heads back to his room, seemingly unaffected by MC's sexy dance
- But when he sleeps all he can dream about it MC doing a dance for him all alone in his bed~
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gingerbreadmonsters · 6 months ago
body contact
or: it’s valentine’s day, and barbatos appears to have an eye on someone. i wonder who it is?
gn!reader (mc is almost totally neutral - no pronouns, and clothes/hair/skin/body are not described), a heaping helping of fluff, reader is pretty damn oblivious, no content warnings. barbatos being one smooth bastard for just over 2000 words.
Tumblr media
there's a festival in the devildom today.
one of the seductive speechcraft professors definitely told you its name, but it was in infernal and she spoke quite fast, so you didn't quite catch it - although according to asmo, its meaning and traditions are pretty similar to valentine's day in the human world.
"you can just call it valentine's day, hon, they'll know what you're talking about! after all, human mouths aren't designed to speak infernal - our vocal cords work a little differently, and i'd hate for you to wear out your lovely voice for the sake of a few words..."
in any case, there's a celebration at the castle tonight, and lucifer has made it abundantly clear that all eight of you will be going, and you will behave yourselves, won't you, mammon? it's formal wear only, and the garment bag in your wardrobe has been calling your name ever since it arrived last week. asmo and solomon had enthusiastically pulled some strings to help you get something custom-made from majolish (although if you're honest, you're not sure how useful solomon's fashion advice of "yeah, but what if it had a cape?" had been), and it's been sitting in your room just begging to be worn.
speaking of solomon, he'd also made a point of telling you that barbatos would be there tonight - nothing unusual about that, but he'd be there specifically as a guest, not a member of staff. asking questions had been useless, seeing as he'd just given one of his signature i'm-up-to-something grins and disappeared to go and terrorise some more of the poor, cape-less majolish staff.
strange. why would barbatos, whose entire existence revolves around literally nothing except serving diavolo, take today off to enjoy the valentine's day party as a guest?
maybe he's just taking some time off? a possibility, although that's probably not it, seeing as satan tells you that barbatos' last day off was probably four or five thousand years ago and totally involuntary, when a portal mishap left him stuck in the outskirts of the seventh circle for about twenty (highly unpleasant) hours.
or maybe he's needed for part of the celebrations? mammon hasn't told you a huge amount about how this festival is actually celebrated, but he did mention something about a particular dance that everyone is supposed to do in pairs... maybe one of the guests has dropped out and barbatos is filling in so that there's an even number of dancers? that might be likely - barbatos is very graceful and polite, and this way he would still be technically working as a sort-of undercover servant to make sure the party goes smoothly.
or... maybe he's got his eye on someone? at first, the idea seems impossible - although now that you think about it, you have seen diavolo not-so-subtly nudging barbatos in the ribs when they've been walking you around RAD, and barbatos blushing uncharacteristically hard. perhaps you've been walking past barbatos' secret crush in the corridors without even noticing! if it's true, you'll be able to hold this one over asmo's head for AGES - you'll have to watch him closely tonight, and see who he spends the most time with...
whatever. lucifer's downstairs in the entrance hall and you don't want to make him wait any longer than necessary - once the lot of you are ready (and all hidden explosives, cursed flowers, and itching powder have been confiscated from satan and belphie), it's not far to the castle and the valentine's day party.
once you’re inside, the castle ballroom has been almost completely transformed. the walls are draped with iridescent silks that shimmer gently in the corner of your eye, magical lights lazily drift across the ceiling over the dance floor, and the balconies are dripping with flowers of almost every colour, size and shape known to man (demon?). diavolo has seen your little group, and looks to be greeting you with all his usual fervour, but you barely even register anything.
you’re not listening to him. you’re not even looking at him. you’re looking at barbatos.
he’s not noticed you yet, but that’s fine - it gives you plenty of opportunity to appreciate the demon in front of you. he’s in his demon form, as is customary for big events like this, but he’s not in his usual ruffled butler’s get-up. instead, he seems to be dressed in a more typically human style (bizarre - if he’s trying to impress another demon, why go for human fashion? demon fashion is much more flamboyant and elaborate, and significantly more impressive than lots of the western menswear that barbatos looks to be drawing inspiration from).
his light grey suit jacket lets the teal in his hair catch your eye, and you notice how it shows off his slender waist as he turns to address a nearby guest. his shirt is crisp and white, disappearing into a pair of neat, high-waisted trousers to match the jacket. the way they fit his hips, how the movement of the pleats down the wide leg just highlights his effortless elegance as he walks, the cut of his - oh, goodness, you’re losing coherence by the minute just looking at him, what on earth are you going to do when you actually have to talk to h-
“mc, it’s such a pleasure to see you.”
“...mc? is everything alright?”
oh no, he’s here, he’s here and he’s speaking to you, and you must be saying something because he’s laughing softly in that way that makes your stomach flip, and-
“ah- i’m afraid the young master appears to be calling me over. in the mean time, there are refreshments over by the balconies. why don’t you get yourself something to eat, my dear? i should be back before long.”
…did he just call you “my dear”? your mouth falls open as you try to string together a coherent reply, but by the time any sound comes out he’s already halfway across the room. well, you might as well go and get a snack or something, and while you’re there you might be able to see if barbatos is paying particular attention to someone.
okay, so amateur spy work may not be your strongest suit, seeing as you’ve been here for about half an hour and you haven’t figured out a thing! barbatos has been standing next to diavolo (looking as annoyingly attractive from afar as he had up close), chatting politely with a gaggle of the demonic nobility, and not getting distracted by anyone else at all.
lucifer is there as well, although you can see belphie casting what looks suspiciously like a silencing hex over one of the doorways, so you suspect that lucifer will probably have to mysteriously excuse himself from the conversation within the next three or four minutes. in any case, this whole thing isn’t doing your surveillance operation any good at all, seeing as the only person barbatos keeps looking at is you.
it’s actually quite distracting - every few minutes or so, his gaze seems to dart to you, and you have to quickly pretend you’re examining the paintings on the wall behind him so he doesn’t catch you staring. he’s got to be here to impress someone, but you’re starting to think that you’ll never be able to find out who it is if he keeps making eye contact with you! whenever he does that, your brain goes a little bit fuzzy and you lose your train of thought, which satan would no doubt tell you is not especially conducive to detective work.
caught up in your musings, you don’t notice a certain demon weaving his way through the crowd towards you until-
what’s that sound?
it looks like the musicians on the far side of the floor have started a new piece, and presumably that’s a signal to the guests - everyone’s splitting off into pairs and a lot of them are already in ballroom hold.
this must be the dancing that mammon told you about, but are you meant to be participating? you don’t have a partner, but maybe this way you can watch barbatos and see who he dances with? yes, that’s how you’ll be able to tell who he’s here for! now, where’s he disappeared to…
oh, it’s… barbatos? and he’s offering you his hand - he can’t possibly be wanting to dance with you, can he?
“dearest, i don’t mean to rush you, but the music is about to start. may i?”
presumably, you must give some sort of garbled yes, please, as a pleased-looking barbatos places his hand on your waist and gently brings you a little further onto the dance floor. he steps back and bows neatly to you, before taking you back into his arms and beginning to dance.
(idly, you think that someone really should have taught you this dance that you’re probably supposed to know - not that it matters, seeing as barbatos is an excellent partner who’s deftly covering up any of your missteps, but it’s the principle of the thing, you know?)
“you weren’t very subtle, i’m afraid. am i really so interesting to look at?”
embarrassed, you have to admit that you might have been staring a bit. but it’s not your fault if he looks so good! perhaps he’s out to impress tonight?
“yes, i am dressed slightly differently - it’s very kind of you to compliment me, although i would argue that you yourself are the most attractive being here tonight, human or otherwise.”
he’s avoiding your eyes slightly, and is he blushing again? “and as for impressing someone…? well, i daresay that might have been my intention. would you say i’ve succeeded?”
you nod enthusiastically. whoever it is can’t possibly ignore him, looking like this. the music is getting louder, so you have to repeat yourself when you ask him - do you know the demon in question?
that’s not much of a response! you look at him quizzically as his arm tightens around your waist, and he leans in even closer, amusement clear in his voice.
“it seems i’ve not been clear enough about my intentions tonight, have i? my sweet, the one i want to impress is you, if you’ll have me.”
you think that if levi were watching this exchange, he’d describe what’s currently happening to you as the worst bluescreening he’s ever seen.
“i had hoped lucifer or his brothers would have explained to you the significance of this dance, but it appears they have not. allow me to fill you in: today is a celebration of love in all its forms, and as such there are traditional ways of honouring each one."
"friends will exchange handmade gifts, such as jewellery or sweets, to signify the deliberate creation of a bond between those who otherwise would be strangers. family members will make a point of eating a particular breakfast together, where each of the foods have particular meanings. by any chance, were there shadow oranges on the breakfast table this morning?”
now that he mentions it, you remember seeing a plate of what looked like orange slices near mammon - you’d only noticed because he was complaining about how he’d just brushed his teeth and it was making them taste horrible.
“yes,” he laughs, “i hear luke did something similar this morning. shadow oranges and poison apples are served together and arranged in alternating slices, to show that despite the differences between family members, they can still find ways to work together and complement each other. it's a tradition that lucifer is especially fond of, i've noticed."
"in any case, there is another tradition that i feel might explain the current situation a little better. you see, when a demon dances with another to this music, on this day, he is undeniably declaring his affection for his partner. this dance is a confession of romantic love - sincere, truthful, and unending. do you see what i’m saying, mc?”
for once, you do, and you tell him as such.
“i’m glad to hear it,” he says, and he’s positively beaming at you as he gathers you even closer to his chest, “my darling, you have no idea how long i’ve wished to hear you say that.”
he’s cupping your jaw now, and your head spins as the music builds and the lights blur above you.
“now then, just to make sure we’re on the same page, how about i give you a slightly more familiar sign of my affection?”
and if anyone notices what happens next, they don’t say anything. barbatos has never danced to this song before, so he can’t be blamed for skipping to the final step.
this is an original work by @gingerbreadmonsters - please do not repost or misattribute
part 2 - natural turn
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devildom-curiosity · a month ago
Human medical practices
Asmo *talking with Satan in the common room*: And that's how I ended up having the most extreme fun with my group of fans!
Satan *hearing MC in the corridor*: Ah wait, MC is coming, let's stop here I don't think they would be able to handle demon sexual practices.
MC *entering the room*: Hey, did you know that human doctors insert a camera through the patient's urethra to look if they have a bladder tumor?
Asmo : *eyes shining*
Satan : ...
Satan : Human practices are actually worse than yours Asmo.
Thanks to @asmobrim, I really like their series "Humans are horrifying" 😂
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ladysyrinx · a month ago
Levi's Rescue
MC doesn't get enough sleep and has an episode of extreme sensory overload during a student council meeting. Levi is there to help.
Part of my Under the Surface collection of one-shots featuring a mentally ill/struggling MC getting help and support from various OM characters.
I had not gotten enough sleep last night, and it was starting to wear on me. I wanted nothing more than to go home and take a nap, but there was a student council meeting after school and I’d been asked to attend.
I rubbed at my face, the sounds of the hallway beginning to wear on me. All the conversations. The many hallways going many directions with even more people coming and going and talking. The overly bright fluorescent lighting. I found a quiet hallway and took a minute or two to breathe. When the noise in my head and around me were less intense, I continued toward the student council chamber.
I was the last to arrive, getting a slightly reproving look from Lucifer, but he didn’t say anything. Maybe he could see how tired I was. I slumped into a chair at the end of the table, beside Levi, despite protests from the other brothers. I just wanted out of the limelight for two minutes. Was that too much to ask?
The meeting began, Diavolo presenting an idea that he wanted to implement to improve the demon students’ understanding of human culture. I tried to follow along, and was mostly successful, the room being fairly quiet despite its echoey nature.
“MC, what do you think of the idea?” Diavolo asked.
I blinked, looking at him. It had been all I could do to focus on his words, and now he wanted my opinion? My brain kicked into a furious overdrive, trying to come up with something through the noise of not-fully-formed thoughts. “Um, I’m, I-,” I shook my head, trying to focus my brain. “Maybe we could introduce some, um, it’s, um, the word…” I drifted off, trying to sort through the noisy static in my brain for the word I wanted. “Internet, phones, on the phones…” I muttered to myself. I felt everyone’s eyes boring into me and my cheeks heated up in embarrassment. “S-social media! That’s it! Sssocial med-dia trends. We could maybe use those to introduce demons to some human culture?” I was confused and frustrated by the stuttering. I didn’t usually stutter. But my brain just didn’t seem to be communicating with my tongue quite right.
“Ooo, I like that!” Asmo said brightly, and I was relieved that the attention was back off of me.
Asmo’s comment was the crack that broke the dam on the chaotic brothers. They all started talking at once, one over another, throwing in idea after idea, a cacophony echoing through the stone chamber like a thunderstorm.
My heartbeat sped up as the words all merged into one overwhelming, multifaceted sound monster. I tried to follow threads but it was like trying to pick the gluten flavor out of a cake–completely impossible. My head started to pound, a migraine popping in to join the fun out of practically nowhere.
Ugh, how was there so much sound? How could they be so noisy? I wanted to scream at them to shut the heck up because dang it how can so few demons make so much racket but some dim reminder of social etiquette somehow remained afloat in the tide of my mind and I managed to stop myself.
But the pain and noise remained and I felt my chest tighten, my throat close slightly with anxiety. Too much. Too much was happening. Too many voices, too many sounds, too loud, drilling into my head, no, into my skull, no, into the deepest crevices of my very brain. The room spun slightly and I swayed, bringing my hands to my ears because dang it I just needed everything to quiet, or stop, or at least slow down, or just to go away…Or I needed to go away…escape…
I felt a timid hand on my arm and my eyes snapped up to see Levi looking at me worriedly. He glanced away somewhere, and I saw his lips moving but I couldn’t make out his words. I tried to follow who he was talking to but the room was spinning a bit still and I just couldn’t tell.
Levi firmly gripped my arm and urged me to my feet. I stood up a little drunkenly and I felt his hands dance nervously over my arm before he seemed to settle on taking my arm in his. I leaned on him, holding onto him like he was a liferaft in the midst of class VI rapids.
Then we were out in the hallway, the door closing with what seemed like the noise level of a cracking whip behind us, but it cut the sound way down and I thought I might be able to breathe again. Levi led me farther down the hallway until the only noises were the slight draft from the heaters and a gentle breeze rustling some leaves outside the window.
I all but collapsed against the cool, rough stone wall in relief. I placed my hands on the cold tile, using the sensation to steady myself. It took me a bit before I realized Levi had taken a seat beside me, also leaning against the wall. He reached out to me and then pulled back again before a look of determination crossed his face and he reached out again, gently rubbing a hand up and down my back. The gesture was soothing and felt nice. I took deep, steadying breaths as the last of the overwhelming feelings faded, my brain slowing to the rhythm of my inhales and exhales, to the stretch and release of my lungs and the steady movement of my diaphragm.
Tired, I made the impulse decision to slump over onto Levi’s shoulder. It felt nice, if a smidge boney. But his sweatshirt was comfy and mitigated the poke of his shoulder a bit. I sighed, letting out the last of my distress in one large exhale. Levi squirmed, making nervous noises. I pretty much just ignored it since he usually got nervous when I touched him. But he didn’t seem to mind, or he’d have pushed me away.
And, to be honest, I was way too relieved and exhausted to care all that much what Levi might think of me.
Levi settled down a bit and we sat there in silence for a few minutes.
“Are you feeling better?” Levi asked, snapping me back from a half-doze.
“Mmmhhhmmm,” I said in a long, lazy hum.
There was a pause for a few moments. “I’m glad,” he said finally. “That’s why I hate normies and student council meetings. They’re so noisy and over-the-top. Ugh.”
I chuckled softly, too tired to laugh outright. Levi squirmed again. “Are you okay? Uncomfortable?” I asked.
“I, um, yes, I just, could I maybe, put my arm around you? I doubt my shoulder’s very, um, comfortable, I mean, I’m just an otaku, it’s not like I have any impressive muscles or anything…” Levi rambled, squirming again.
I hummed slightly. “Having your arm around me sounds really nice,” I said.
“You don’t have to exaggerate, I know it can’t be that great, it’s just me, after all…” Levi’s sentence drifted off.
“No, it does sound nice, I mean it. I’m really grateful you helped me get out of there, it was really overwhelming.”
Levi shifted and I felt his arm go around me. It was nice and warm and comforting, and I leaned even farther into him, enjoying his soothing warmth.
“You know, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can always step out. Even Lucifer understands leaving for a minute if you’re feeling unwell,” Levi said, his hand rubbing gently up and down my arm.
“Lucifer? Isn’t he all about duty above everything else all the time?” I asked, eyebrows scrunching.
“Only for himself. For others, he wants them to be taken care of as well. He even gave the go ahead before I took you out of the student council chamber.”
I felt myself stiffen in surprise. “Really? Lucifer?”
Levi hummed an affirmative. “He doesn’t want you overdoing it any more than the rest of us do. Do you know how much we worry about you pushing yourself too far and getting sick or hurt or something? Humans are so much more fragile than demons, and none of us knows what we’d do without you. I mean, you’re my Henry! I can’t go back to only having a goldfish Henry. I, um, *cough* I need my true friend too.” He squeezed my shoulder gently.
I felt flustered at his words, not sure what to say. “I, um, thank you. That’s really nice. I, um, I’m sorry for making you all worry.”
“Well, then, stop acting like a stupid normie and take better care of yourself! You don’t need to socialize or stick around just because it’s what normies would do.”
I felt a smile twitch onto my lips. “Right. Because normie expectations are the worst.”
“Exactly!” Levi exclaimed.
I chuckled lightly, burrowing into him a bit more. “Thank you, Levi. I really appreciate you.”
“M-me?” Levi exclaimed, surprised. “I’m just–”
“The person who realized I needed to get out of there and helped me,” I cut him off before he could degrade himself again. “I really appreciate it. I guess you’re my Henry, too.”
I could practically feel Levi’s blush and pleased smile, though my eyes were closed as I relaxed against his shoulder. A few minutes later I was sound asleep, leaving Levi acting as my pillow on the cold, hard floor.
Levi let me rest until the student council meeting was over, not moving an inch even when his rump started to go numb against the cold tile floor. After all, he had his true friend to take care of! He’d never let his Henry down.
~ End ~
You can read more mental health based comfort fics in the Under the Surface section of my Obey Me Fanfiction tab of my blog.
For funsies, here is a link to one of my other Under the Surface fics: RAD Panic
Was this a romantic fic? Was it not? Honestly, you decide. It can be read platonically or romantically. I'd say Levi has some romantic feelings, though. That isn't the reason he's helping MC, however. He cares about them both romantically and platonically.
Please reblog and leave a like if you enjoyed it <3 Comments are also greatly appreciated.
Those of you out there who are struggling, I hope you get the love and support you need. If you aren't, I hope this fic helps a little bit. I'd pat you on the shoulder and encourage you to take care of yourself if I was there! Since I can't be, consider this my way of showing support for you.
This fic was inspired by an ask in the comments on my Ao3 account. If you would like to request a specific fic for this series, feel free to do so in my ask box or as a comment<3 I won't guarantee I'll write a fic based on an ask or comment, but I will absolutely consider it. It mostly depends on whether my mental health will let me do the writing thing and if my brain will do the inspiration thing. Whether I'm up to the task or not, though, I love hearing from you and hearing ideas!
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moemoemammon · 15 hours ago
Man I wonder what this link is to? Surely it's not Solomon's character song available right now for your listening pleasure?
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still-a-morosexual-help · 5 months ago
Objectively Mammon is terrifying.
He was a warrior in the Celestial Realm.
He's a powerful demon - a Sin. If you don't consider the Demon King & Barbatos, he's probably the third most powerful demon in the entire Devildom?
He's killed angels & demons before.
I don't know if he has killed humans but he has eaten humans.
He can cause Greed in humans.
His younger brothers are actually scared of him when he gets genuinely pissed (as rare as that is).
He destroyed a whole cafe cause he got into a fight with a customer.
In his own words, he could be "eliminated and come back after 200 million years".
In the manga (which I was told is official) he scares a bunch of RAD students while doing that "having a big smile but obviously threatening you" routine and casually picks up one of the students and holds them above his head with no obvious strain.
Despite only being one Sin below him, Levi says he would never be able to defeat Mammon in a fight.
He scares off a mugger in the human world by just looking at him.
He's basically Lucifer's right hand man in both the Celestial Realm and the Devildom and usually does Lucifer's "dirty work".
In the paws event the animal he's associated with is a tiger.
So yeah, objectively Mammon's terrifying.
Except, two different humans saw him and immediately decided he was gonna be their safe space, their guardian. He actively tried to scare them off and they practically laughed in his face and then attached themselves to his side. Two humans, with no magical powers whatsoever, one of them a 9 yr old child, saw this feral, spitting, debatably evil, ancient, eldritch creature and picked him up and said "This is mine now. This is mine and he's a baby and I love him."
And they were right.
Because the second they picked him up he immediately melted into a puddle of soft gooey unconditional love.
And I have so many feelings about this help
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l-ovey · 6 months ago
pls i just know satan and belphie have made it a mission among themselves to make lucifer so mad that another wrath baby pops out of him 😭 anti-lucifer league mission 38: have another brother <3
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7deadlymorons · 5 months ago
mc: would you stab your best friend in the leg for 50 million grimms?
leviathan: you stab me,and when my leg gets better we can buy LOADS of Ruri chan merchandise!
mammon: ya stab me too,then we can have 100 million grimms!
mc: good thinking.
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leviathans-watching · 3 months ago
Darling, Child
Tumblr media
includes: simeon x gn!reader ; solomon & gn!reader ; simeon & luke & gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: 2.1k | rated t | m.list | cross-posted on ao3
warnings: made up lore & history, baby!luke, reader acting as a caretaker
a/n: inspired by this ask by 🐸 anon, who wanted luke turning into a baby and mc and simeon acting as caretakers (if that makes you ick, don't read lol). thanks for requesting!! my inbox is open to chart, leave feedback, or request, so come say hi!! i also made up my own canon so I'm claiming artistic liberties w this one lol
please like and reblog <33
Tumblr media
“MC, you’ve got to help me! I don’t know what to do!” Wincing at the sudden loud volume, you pull your D.D.D. away from your ear, hoping Solomon’ll stop yelling.
“What happened? Is there an emergency?”
“Um,” Solomon hesitates, thankfully not screaming into the receiver anymore. “Well, not an emergency, per se, but-” His words suddenly cut off and you hear muffled crying on the other end of the line.
“Solomon. Is that a baby?” Your tone is flat and deadly serious. Where would he have gotten a baby in the devildom?
“Um,” Solomon says again, swallowing. “Yes? But it’s not what you think! Luke was hit with a wayward spell, and it’s turned him into a kid.”
“I’m sorry, did you just say that baby is Luke?”
“Yeah, and Simeon’s not home, and I don’t know what to do! I tried to make him some baby food but he wouldn't eat it.
Oh, thank God, you think. Luke still seems to have some survival instincts.
“I’m on my way,” you promise, standing and rifling through your things for your car keys. “I’ll be there in ten. Don’t you dare let anything happen to him!”
“I won’t,” Solomon vows nervously, and you hang up. It doesn’t take long for you to gather your things, and soon enough, you’re pulling your car out of the drive, foot pressing the accelerator a little harder than normal. Thankfully, the drive isn’t long at all, and before you know it, you’re hurrying up the front steps, letting yourself in.
“Solomon?” you call, kicking your shoes off.
“In the kitchen,” he calls back, and you brace yourself as you walk into it. Solomon had said baby, so you were expecting a newborn, all swaddled up in blankets, but that simply wasn’t the case. Luke seems to be a toddler, probably one and a half or two years old. And he’s simply adorable.
Luke’s face splits into a wide smile upon seeing you, chubby cheeks rosy. He waves a little hand at you, and Solomon scowls.
“He was being a brat just a second ago, I swear.”
“Solomon!” you chastise. “Don’t call him a brat!” Setting your things on the counter, you walk over to Luke, who’s sitting in a highchair that you’ve never seen before. “Where’d you get the highchair?”
“Magic,” Solomon replies as you lift Luke up, smiling down at him. He’s a chubby baby, but still easily enough to pick up, and you settle him against your hip, cooing. He babbles and gurgles at you, some of his words understandable but most of them not.
“That’s good. Now,” you say firmly, bouncing Luke a little as you turn to Solomon. “How the hell, I mean, heck did this happen?”
“Well,” Solomon rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. “Luke and I were setting up an incantation when it went haywire and rebounded onto Luke. So far, I don’t think he remembers anything, as his mind seems to also be at the level his body is at, but no harm seems to be done.”
“No harm? Solomon, Luke is a toddler. I’d consider that harm!” Luke makes some unhappy noises at your raised voice, so you make some apologetic sounds in the back of your throat, patting him on the back. Luke settles again, thankfully, and you glare at Solomon, waiting for an answer.
“Yeah, but it’s not permanent!” Solomon defends, raising his hands. “I think it’ll wear off in the next day or so.”
“Are you sure?” You ask, raising your eyebrows.
“Yes, I swear,” Solomon says, and you bite your cheek.
“Okay. So we just have to keep Luke happy and safe for a little bit. When’s Simeon going to be back?”
“Soon, I think. He just left at the wrong time, apparently.”
Well, that’s a relief. While Solomon is shaping up to be pretty useless, you’re sure Simeon will be able to help you. In the meantime, you have to get Luke fed and make sure all of his needs are met, which shouldn't be too hard. He’s old enough not to be completely helpless, and he’s able to support his own head and stuff, so you’re not as overwhelmed as you would have been having he been, say, six months or something.
“Okay,” you say, looking down at Luke, who’s cuddled up against you, quiet. “I’ll handle food and stuff if you can manage to baby-proof the living room and conjure up some toys or something.” Solomon nods, disappearing through the door to the living room, and you set Luke back in his highchair, heart panging when you see the grabby hands he makes at you.
“Up,” he says, looking at you with those big, blue eyes. “Up!”
“Not right now, Luke,” you say softly, and he squints at you. You want to continue holding him, you really do, but you need your hands free to make him something to eat.
Opening the fridge, you’re thankful to see it’s pretty well stocked. Pulling out a yogurt cup and some cherry tomatoes, you take a moment to cut the tomatoes in half before bringing the dish over to him. You worry he’s going to be a picky eater, but Luke has no problem with any of the food.
Picky? No. Messy? Yes. you think as a glob of yogurt falls onto his shirt. he really needs a bib. You lean over and wipe it up, pressing your lips to Luke’s head as you do so.
Luke talks to you even as he eats, happily chattering away. You can make out a few words, of course, like ‘me’, ‘you’, and ‘ball’, but the rest of it is incomprehensible. You just make little noises to show you’re listening, encouraging to keep speaking, but other than that you don’t really need to do much.
As you’re cleaning up from the impromptu lunch, you hear Simeon come in. You really hope Solomon has told him what the situation is.
Turning to the doorway, you see Simeon pause, eyes on Luke. “It’s been so long,” he finally says. “Since I’ve seen him like this.” Upon hearing Simeon’s voice, Luke starts babbling louder, arms outstretched to him. It’s unbearably cute.
“Why hello, little one,” Simeon says gently, lifting Luke into the air. Luke giggles, and Simon smiles. You turn, not wanting to invade on something that suddenly seems so private. Once you’re done wiping everything down, you rinse the rag off, hanging it on the faucet.
“I’ll go check on Solomon,” you say, and Simeon nods.
“I’ll come too. I think Solomon’s a little spooked.”
You laugh. “A little? He called me in a panic.”
Simeon laughs too, and the two of you walk into the living room, which seems to be finished. A pen is set up in the corner, and there’s a blanket stretched out over the ground, a couple of stuffed animals piled by the couch.
“It looks good in here!” you say approving, and Solomon, who was sitting on the couch stands.
“Is there anything you need my help with? Because like, no offense, this is super weird to me and I just want to get out of here.”
Simeon chuckles. “I think we’re good. Thanks for all of your help, even though this is technically your fault.”
“Yeah,” Solomon says, trailing off. “Anyway, see you. Just call if you need anything, I guess.”
Once he leaves you set Luke on the blanket, letting him walk around. He can walk, but it’s still a little unsteady, meaning it’s super cute. You sit down on the ground with him, and Simeon sits down across from you, eyes on Luke the whole time.
“He sure is cute,” you say, and Simeon nods.
“He always has been. I remember when he was smaller than this, just barely teething. Even then, he was all smiles.”
“I can see that. He’s definitely one happy baby,” you remark. “Solomon called him a brat, and he was crying when I was on the phone with Solomon, but since I got here, he’s been in a good mood.”
Simeon picks up a stuffed rabbit, holding it out to Luke. “That’s because he likes you. At his normal age he absolutely adores you.”
“He does?” you ask, surprised. “I didn’t know that.” Sure, you knew Luke wanted to protect you from all of the demons, but you had no idea it ran that deep.
“Yeah. I think you’re his favorite.”
“Besides you, obviously,” you correct, and Simeon looks at you warmly. “How come you know what he was like as a baby? Were you his caretaker or something?”
“Not quite,” Simeon answers. “More like his babysitter. Angles are paired with a fledgling that has similar grace to them and are supposed to mentor them, helping them learn how to help others. It’s an old system, but one that works.”
“That’s cute,” you hum. “So, you had a mentor?”
“Yes,” Simeon replies. “It was Lucifer, actually. He, when he was an angel, was very good at his job. It is an honor to have been paired with him.”
“Still? Even though he fell?”
Simeon sighs. “Yes, still. Lucifer doesn't think so, as he sees himself as some sort of failure, but I love him still, even now as a demon. He’s always been unnecessarily hard on himself, and now thinks he’s undeserving of my loyalty or something.”
That explains the coolness Lucifer had extended to Simeon. You weren’t going to meddle, as it definitely wasn’t your place, but you hope you’d be able to watch them mend their relationship.
“That’s very kind of you, to still hold him in such high esteem. I think if you keep being there, keep being you, Lucifer should get over himself sooner or later,” you say, and Simeon nods.
“I hope so.” There’s a moment of silence where you both watch Luke shake the stuffed rabbit happily, before Simeon speaks again. “You’re good with kids. Do you have experience with them?”
“I babysat in the human realm,” you explain, remembering all of the kids you had watched. “So some. I mostly babysat those a little older than this but there were a few clients that had babies or toddlers. I love them,” you say honestly.
“You also wrangle the brothers, which is probably a lot like babysitting,” Simeon quips, and you laugh.
“A little, but don’t tell them I told you that.”
“Never,” Simeon promises playfully, crossing his heart. Luke copies the motion, and you both ‘awww’. You can’t resist pulling out your D.D.D to take pictures, something you should have been doing all along. Simeon gets in a few and you know that these are pictures you’ll treasure for a long, long time.
“I think it’s time he goes down for a nap,” Simeon eventually says, once Luke’s tired himself out. “I think Solomon said there was a crib in my room.”
“I might need a nap too,” you say with a laugh, and Simeon shrugs.
“You’re more than welcome to one. My bed has clean sheets on it, and honestly, you deserve it after coming here so and giving up your day for this.”
Honestly, you’re exhausted, and really want to take him up on the offer, but he looks about ready to fall over himself. “Well, what about you? You’re looking pretty tired yourself.”
“I can survive,” Simeon dismisses, but you’re insistent.
“No way. If I’m taking a nap then you are too.”
“Fine, but I’m not going to make you take the couch.”
You cross your arms. “Well, I’m not letting you sleep on it.”
“Fine,” Simeon says. “We’ll share my bed. If that’s alright with you, of course.”
“I’m perfectly fine with that,” you say, and Simeon bobs his head, scooping up Luke, who was practically nodding off.
You pull the curtains and slide into bed as Simeon gets Luke all settled, letting him have the side closest to the crib. You have a feeling Simeon’s going to forego sleep for watching Luke, but it’s better than him having to keep busy while you relax. Simeon climbs under the covers as well, brushing up against you, and you ignore the flutter in your gut you get from the brief contact, too tired to entertain those thoughts. That’s something for well-rested you to worry about.
Drifting off quickly, you think you feel a cool hand brushing your hair back but maybe it’s your imagination.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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leos-caramia · 4 months ago
Mammon going to you, when he’s injured or smth similar, in hopes you patch him up.
And when you do he gets so flustered cause omg you’re taking such good care of him. You aren’t being rough with him or insulting him. Just you and your love and care for him.
His hearts is running laps and it worsens when you look at him and smile.
“Don’t ya look at me like that!” He manages to get out, before stuffing his face full of your pillows. This only causes you to laugh and oh my lord your laugh is so like ethereal to him.
Big softie Mammon go brrrrr <3
Tumblr media
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moemammon · a year ago
The brothers purr and I don’t accept criticism on this. How do they react to an MC who adores it when they purr?
Purring Demon Bros and an MC who Loves it!
(Fluffy romance because I'm a weak bitch)
He only ever purrs when the two of you are alone, most often in the comfort of his room.
Your very presence is soothing enough to get him purring, especially if you're close enough to touch... just how he likes it.
His days are always filled with work, stress, and work related stress. So unwinding like this with you, being able to wrap his arms around you and lean into the crook of your neck, is bliss.
And he knows you don't mind his purring. In fact, you've stated how much you like it. So he'll give you this rare treat on occasions like this, when he feels up to it.
"I can tell you're smiling. Do you really like the sound that much?" Lucifer chuckles at you, and eases your head against his chest, where you can get an earful of those purrs. "Is it better like this?"
The loudest bout of purring you coaxed out of him was when you came back to the devildom, and he got to wrap his arms around you.
And since then, it seems like it's a common occurrence. Anytime he hugs you, he's purring. If you touch him? Purring. You praise him? Purring.
Hell, if you guys even lock eyes for longer than two seconds, he's already purring.
You're like immediately serotonin to his brain, and he can't get enough of ya. And it does wonders for his ego when you tell him you like it!
"I'll only do it for you, ya got that? It's cuz I love ya, so..... anyway, put her arms around me already!"
When you caught him purring for the first time, you were leaning up against his arm while he played his handheld, and he accidentally let the sounds slip.
Cue all the hasty apologies, 'yucky otaku's, and "Th-Th-That was..-! Forget about that okay?! You didn't hear that! You didn't hear anything!"
It takes him FOREVER to be comfortable purring around you, but once he is, there's no going back.
He's purring the moment you come into his room. Just being around you has that motor inside of him going just as loudly as his heartbeat.
"If you... if you come a little closer, then you might be able t-to... to hear it better, or something.... m-maybe..."
The purring slipped out for the first time completely unannounced, while the two of you were studying together. And boy did it catch him by surprise.
He was seriously so relaxed that he couldn't help himself at all. You had that kind of effect on him.
But as soon as you say you don't mind, his moment of hesitation has disappeared.
Satan doesn't do it often but when he does purr, it's always in those quiet little moments where it's just the two of you, and he doesn't realize just how comfortable he is being near you.
"I'm doing it again? Hahaha... It's a little embarrassing, but I don't mind if you're the one to hear it. Sit closer to me, will you?"
Funny enough, Asmo rarely EVER purrs. Except for the day you return his affections and actually look at him for who he is. From that point on, it's almost all he ever does.
His purring is strictly reserved for conveying his deepest feelings. And those feelings are only for you, and no one else.
When he's with you, he just can't help himself! He wants to touch you, to always be with you, to go places with you...
Whether he's doing with you will always make him purr! It's like you know all the things to do that'll make him happy.
"MC, you're insatiable~! Making me purr this much... you must really love me, huh? That's good, because I love you too!"
Beel always purrs when he eats something he REALLY likes. Sometimes you aren't sure if that's just his stomach growling, though.
But when it happens more and more often the more he's around you, you quickly realize that the gentle giant is purring, and not fantasizing about eating you. Maybe.
When you tell him you like it, you get to see the softest of smiles on his face. "I don't get why I do it when I'm with you, but I think it's because I'm happy."
He purrs the loudest when he can hold you in his arms, cuddling you close like he never wants to let go. That gives you the best spot to hear those purrs in all their glory, too.
He always nuzzles into your hair, too. "I'm sorry if it's loud. I can't calm myself down when you're with me like this. Can we stay this way a little longer?"
You can always coax purrs out of Belphie when you run your fingers through his hair. Especially when he's chosen your lap as his pillow.
Gentle affections are the quickest way to his heart. Catch him when he's just about to drift off, and those are the loudest purrs you'll ever hear.
Not shy about it, either. He doesn't care if his brothers are around, as long as they don't harass him about it. All he cares about is the fact that you like his purring.
His purrs are surprisingly deep and rumbly. It's kind of soothing. Especially when you're cuddled up to him and the two of you are ready for a nap. The purrs paired with his gentle breathing make for the best white noise ever.
"Do you really like it that much? .....I don't mind purring for you, MC. That is, if you'll promise to stay close to me. Let's hold each other like this forever, okay?"
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fanfic-gallery · a month ago
Hi hi hi. Happy (belated?) Birthday ♥️🥳
I hope you're doing well and staying hydrated
For the request can you please maybe do a scenario with the obey me brothers celebrating readers birthday. Anything will be fine (I'm v excited bc this will be my first in game birthday) you don't have to do it if it's too much ofc
Thank you for your time and patience. Take care, sending warm wishes and love your way<3
It’s your party
Tumblr media
✎ Demon brothers x Reader
✎ Your special day is around the corner, what would the brothers do to please their little human
✎ Tags: point form story, fluff, hints of suggestive [Asmo’s], reader harem, gn! reader
: ̗̀➛ Manger’s/Author’s note: Hey hey hey to you too~ I hope you and everyone reading this is doing well and staying hydrated too! And ofc I’m taking your request, it’s so cute, how can I not ><
Dance now, to more than what you wanted
The perfect show now begins
Tumblr media
Before the party:
Let the chaos-- aHEM AHEeeM! I mean, party start.. aHaha..
Prior a few days to the actual date, the council would be blowing up a storm, discussions of who is going to do what, screaming competitions on which one of them are going to be your distraction [in the end, Lucifer had dragged the angels and Solomon to serve as the decoys, he was 101% done with the noise so early in the morning]
Asmo and Mammon [despite popular believes, he actually has an amazing sense of style] would be the decorators, two of them would be fussing over the colours and patterns for days, it was a complete disaster. Every time they think each other would agree to one piece of the puzzle, they come out with nothing but heads butting with one another
Frilly, lace and silk, giving off maturity, elegance and an alluring presence against glitter, metallic aesthetic and rustic pop showing off power, fame and dominance. But after some exchanges [and many many threats and lectures with Mr Morningstar] they figured out their faults and nit-picked out things YOU would actually would adore instead of what they would like to see you surrounded by
Beel and Belphie the food preparers. Beel would have an extremely tough time though, every corner was a treat that he could munch on but he couldn’t ‘cause they were for his precious human. Body trembling, one hand grasping the other, mouth left ajar with drool dripping from his chin. Sometimes, when he can’t stand it, he gives himself a time out, arm twisting around a growling stomach as he leaves Belphie with the rest of the preparations
Naturally, Belphie’s body doesn’t contain much stamina as he lays around a lot. His disadvantage was his own sin, hazy watery lilac eyes fluttering, yawns escaping from his throat every now and then, limbs loosing their strengths with each tick of the clock. Beel would be staring at his tired twin with concern laced in his low tone, even suggesting he continue the rest with a cloth in his mouth to control himself, but was always rejected. Saying, if this was for the human that risked their lives to save their family and he can’t even match up that with this, he doesn’t deserve them.
Satan and Levi would be the game planners, surprisingly they work well with each other, adding their own little touches to the games they created. Both do try to restrain themselves from going full-blown fanboy, Levi silencing himself from adding anymore TSL references in Pictionary and Satan internally finding many ways to add mini easter eggs of books you’ve both read together within charades [but cheekily they still leaks some within the deck of games, they just hope you notice them]
Lucifer [to no ones surprise actually] is the overseer of everything, if council work was already stressful enough for him, the amount of coffee he would have to consume during this period would be doubled or even tripled. His light under eyes growing deeper as time goes on, not even bothering to take his reading glasses off, straight posture going slight stale. [Little secret of his: He spends his time walking around the house to each of his brothers’ rooms to take a peek, the joy on their faces tugging a small one of his own, his cold heart melting with the serotonin he feels]
On the day of the party, after returning back from a light window shopping trip with the students from purgatory hall, you would surrounded by darkness only for light to meet your eyes again with joyful cheers. The brothers all trying to get their hands on you, pleading with you to spend some time with them before the party, they argued for so long that it was already time to start the event
During the party:
Asmo could spend hours complimenting your fit, fingers tracing and slithering over every curve and feature of yours, cooing sugary lined words and whispering nasty doings he would have done if it weren’t for the people in the room at the moment. Soft lips lingering over your skin, warm breath burning you up, hands trailing over sensitive areas that already have been ignited through his teasing
Not long after, a hand grasps your wrist, pulling you towards the dance floor, a tsk leaving the demon’s lips, “Don’t get any funny ideas! I just wanted to dance with you, I wasn’t jealous that he was touching you like that-”
Mammon wished time would have stopped right there and then, arm warped around your waist tight enough, scared to let you go, your face oh-so close to his, noses touching tips, lips almost grazing each other. His face must be on fire, red flooding his cheek to the edges of his ears, chest heavy and breaths steaming. The second he feels the tips of your nails trailing his features, he is internally melting, kettle noises slipping silently as he coughs it off, trying to keep his composure as you both swayed
 As Mammon stumbled towards the beverage corner to get himself and you a drink, arms slithered and lifted you up into a bridal position, “Let’s get a bite to eat, I’m hungry again, but maybe it isn’t the food that’s making me feel this way.. ”
Beel didn't intend for this to happen, but he doesn't dislike it. Canine teeth sinking into the strawberry stuck between his jaw, bottom lip brushed against his as a liquid of sweetness flows into your mouth. Pulling away with a hum, compliments on the taste spilling from you, leaving the demon speechless, flush dusting his pale features as he slowly chewed on the berry, savouring the light flavour of you, the image of you both almost melting into a kiss rewinding in his mind
While continuing your assault on the food further down the table, a muttering tone made your ear twitch in curiosity, "Erm.. Y/N can we have a moment I have something to show you..!"
Levi bets on all his savings that he must have looked like an absolute idiot, skin turning pink as seconds goes by, fingers fiddling with one another. The embarrassed dumb grin plastered on his lips, every once in a while saying lines adding to your rambles on the limited addition Ruri-chan figurine from their special the event they did in the summer. Shades of pink darkening, steam leaking from his ears when your warm palms clasped his, words of appreciation leaving your lips
You ponder if you overstepped boundaries as you stared at a trembling Levi looking for the restroom, only for a hand to meet your shoulder, "Y/N, are you free? If you don't mind, I would love some time with you"
Satan loves how your eyes dilate at the array of palm sized fireworks, hands gesturing burst of colours, lips mumbling the bundles of spells he had prepared for fun. Red staining his cheeks when noticing your hands trying to grab the sparkles of light, the cat like behaviour making his blood boil. His comment on you accidentally slipping, making you let out a small meow, testing the demon further. In the end earning a pat on the head, as Satan hides his burning face under his collar.
A tug on your top made you snap your head around, a faint whine ringing in your ear, "Y/N.. can we go some where quiet for a while?"
Belphie felt warm, your bodily warmth snuggling into him, your arms slang around his waist, breath fanning over his flesh. His head digging deeper into your neck, breathing your scent in, his nerves calmed and relaxed, his frame loose as you both stayed on the planetarium's floor cuddling. Hand intertwined and running through blue strands, leaving scratches here and there, eyes rolled towards the glass ceiling of the structure, white sparkles of light reflecting the gloss in your pupils, smile forming as you admired the night sky a little longer
Sleep slowly took it's toll, eyes fluttering as tiredness looms over you till light clicking of heels snap your thoughts in two.
Lucifer paused when the calling of his name sounded the hallway, glasses of two filled to the brim with red fluids in your hands as you made your way towards the tall demon. Words laced in want yet rejection when he declined your offer, asking why you weren't at the party with the rest. Grasping his hand, pushing one of the glasses forward into his palm, before swooping in with a light peck on the cheek, pink tainting the male's features.
"Thank you.. this is the best birthday I could ever wish for ♡"
Tumblr media
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gingerbreadmonsters · 5 months ago
forty winks
or: belphie isn’t the only one around here who likes to sleep - you and solomon do it just as well.
this began life as incoherent rambling about how if we imagined the length of one day in the devildom to be longer than 24 hours, i would have an excuse to take midday naps with solomon. as such, this has absolutely no basis in canon whatsoever, just self-indulgent sleepy fluff. gn!reader, no content warnings. you and solomon snoozing quietly for 500 words or less.
Tumblr media
diavolo giving you both free periods in the middle of the school day, after that first week when, in your tiredness, you and solomon had drunk almost all of lucifer’s deathwish espresso and proceeded to nearly vaporise a classroom with a miscast blasting hex
going off to one of the empty RAD classrooms at lunchtime and pulling pillows and blankets out of solomon’s enchanted schoolbag to make a little den
draping your uniform jacket over the back of a nearby chair to stop it getting all creased
the pair of you changing into more comfortable clothes to sleep in, faces burning even though you both agreed to turn around
solomon casting a silencing spell on the door so that the noisy corridor doesn’t disturb you
there’s not enough blanket for you two to be very far apart so you’re both curled around each other, head tucked under his jaw and arms around his waist
it’s become a routine for you two to chatter quietly about your lessons so far, and what you’re going to have for lunch when you wake up, as you slowly fall asleep
solomon’s warmth is so comforting - he’s familiar and reassuring in a way that your demons and angels (as much as you love them) can’t be, human as he is
hearing his heart beat underneath you, not as inhumanly loud as you’re used to, and feeling his soft breaths flutter through your hair
the conversation slowly trailing off as you settle into each other, dropping off into sleep
waking up mid-nap to hear him mumbling sweetly into your hair, pulling you impossibly closer, wholly content in sleep
(what you don’t see is his giddy, tired smile whenever he wakes up, pressing kisses to your sleeping face and murmuring gently to you, half-hoping that you’ll somehow remember what he says)
(“…oh, sweetheart, you really are lovely like this…”)
(“precious little love… i do adore you, i really do…”)
(“that’s it, darling, sleep now… i’ll be right here…”)
both of you groaning when your D.D.D. alarm goes off, knowing that you’ll have to get up to meet the angels for lunch in the cafeteria
clinging on to him as he blearily rubs his eyes, one arm still wrapped around your shoulders
you reaching up to ruffle through his bedhead as he half-laughs, voice crackly and deepened slightly with sleep as he teases you for snoring
buttoning up his jacket while he redoes your uniform tie, fingers gentle against the fabric
him straightening the RAD medallion on your right shoulder and smoothing down your left lapel, right over your heart, as you fiddle with his collar
pulling you in for one more hug, and maybe even a quick kiss to the top of your head as you reach for your schoolbag, ready to face the afternoon
this is an original work by @gingerbreadmonsters - please do not repost or misattribute
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starlitbox · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: A lot of Mammon headcanons in this one, no idea why 😏
First post here.
  - Mammon cries easily watching emotional movies. Always says "there's something in my eye" or "Ya'd never catch the GREAT Mammon cryin' even in yer wildest dream".
- Satan once made Beel believe that there are cheeseburger-trees in the Human world. Though Beel says he knows it's fake, He always tries to find one when he goes to the human world.
- Ever since the cursed plushie (lesson 26), Mammon often brings MC plushies and hopes it will have a similar curse on it. - Asmo likes to watch people sleep. Not in a creepy way. He just thinks people are at peak beauty when they are super relaxed.
- Mammon has like, 9 pairs of the same sunglasses.  
- Even if they take vitamins, Angels and Humans are weaker in the devildom because of the lack of sun. 
- I know that Mammon wears a specific parfum (from that one text conversation). But I can't help picturing him as the type of guy who puts on a ton of deodorant in the morning and before bed. Just sprayin' that shit all over his torso for a full minute. 
- All the brothers can sing pretty well, except for Satan. Man's got no rythm. 
- For a good while, Beel thought of getting frosted tips, just like Belphegor (Asmo talked him out of doing it). 
- Simeon often gets cold because of his very revealing outfit but, he is to proud to either admit it or wear something else. 
- Levi likes to read Ruri-Chan fanfics with MC. Though he spends most of the time criticizing them, and telling them how his beloved Ruri-Chan would never do that.
- Cats weren't a thing in the Devildom orignially. Satan took a couple of them with him on his way back from the Human world a couple hundred years ago, and didn't tell anybody. Long story short, they ran away and now they're pretty much everywhere. Lucifer doesn't know about it and it's a secret Satan will take to his demonic grave. 
- Mammon makes up little jingles to hype himself up. MC once came out of their room to Mammon singing "Choppin' up carrots for dinner, they better all like it" to the tune of Ode to Joy.
- I feel like it's pretty obvious but Beel has a size and muscle kink.
- Another obvious one, Mammon would do anything for MC. Calling him “simp” doesn't even scratch the surface of how he feels towards MC.
- Mammon and MC often go to clothing stores together (don't tell Asmo). Not necessarily to buy clothes. They just enjoy goofing around trying different outfits. But it’s honestly an excuse for Mammon to try and make MC swoon with his super cool model techniques.
- Much to the dismay of the brothers. MC is getting pretty famous around the devildom thanks to their deviltube channel. Mammon definitely regrets forcing them into it.
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