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1funeralcake1 · a day ago
Fragile Human - Lucifer
Part 1 Part 3 (Mammon)
Part 2 of fragile humans with Lucifer taking care of you. In this series one of the brothers cares for you as you recover from an unknown illness.
Genre: Fluffy fluff :)
Warnings: Reader is gender neutral 
Part 2 (Lucifer):
“Alright, I shall be the one to stay with you,” Lucifer declared. He peered at his brothers and regarded their disappointed expressions. He paid them no mind as he pulled out his phone. He quickly messaged Diavolo to inform him that he wouldn’t be able to attend classes since he had an ill human on his hands.
He shooed his brothers away from you and ushered them out the door. “You’ll all be late, I will not tolerate any of you nuisances skipping classes,” He snarled, his angry expression motivating his brothers to rush out the door.
After the brothers had left he helped you to stand and gave you a concerned look. He stood still for a moment, contemplating how he was going to help you get better. 
“It’s best that you rest MC, let's get you to bed,” Lucifer guided you by the arm gently down the hall. It was during this moment that he was aggressively reminded of the fragility of humans. He had once been aggravated and somewhat disgusted by the neediness and ‘uselessness’ of humans. Now he was becoming increasingly aware that he had been ignorant before. 
Upon reaching your room he led you to your bed and took your uniform jacket for you. You plopped on the bed, hoping you would find some kind of solace from laying down. Lucifer shifted on his feet briefly, still pondering on how to help you. He leaned down and rubbed your back gently, he hated seeing you like this. He would never admit it in the moment but seeing you feeling so uncomfortable was close to unbearable. Lucifer didn’t know how to feel about the ordeal, how bad was your sickness? Was this something that could get worse? Were you in any danger?
Unable to think of how to help he leaned closer to your ear and whispered, “MC, is there something you’d like me to do to help you feel better?” 
You rolled over towards him and mumbled in a barely audible voice, “Maybe some tea, or like soup I guess?”
Ah, something to drink, that made sense, Lucifer nodded and began to leave when you weakly grabbed his arm. “You don’t have to, I don’t want to keep you from work.”
Lucifer almost chuckled at that, you looked so concerned that he was spending his time taking care of you. He shook his head, “It’s my pleasure MC, it’s alright, I’m happy to do it.”
You smiled a little up at him and he felt his heart stirr a little. He rushed out and his frustration and worry painted his face as soon as you couldn’t see him. Lucifer was not prone to worry. When you were concerned it was a different story. You weren’t protected by powers, you were so weak in comparison to himself. The prospect of you being sickly made him feel sick to his stomach. He sat in the kitchen and prepared soup for you. It made him think of the irony of the scene. The human that he had considered an absolute nuisance when he first met them was now under his care. He was willingly pacing the kitchen to make them soup to aid their healing. Too worried to laugh at the irony he swallowed his pride.
While the soup simmered he strolled down the hall, he couldn’t believe he was going to do this. He entered Satan’s room and sighed. He wanted a book on human medicine, how was he going to find anything of the sort in this mess? He perused the shelves, hoping to find anything remotely related to humans. After no luck he wrung his hands nervously. Good God Satan needed to organize the shelves. He took a deep breath and rushed back to the kitchen.
Thankfully the soup hadn’t boiled over. He dished it into a bowl and placed it on a tray to take to you. He cautiously carried it to your room and cracked the door to check on you. You were fast asleep. He smiled just a little, reassuring himself that you would be fine. He placed the tray by the bed and shook you lightly. You let out a whine but looked up at him. You were drowsy and weren’t very conscious. 
“LUci?” Your voice cracked and you rubbed your eyes. You gave a big yawn and lifted yourself up slowly.
Lucifer grimaced slightly at the nickname but he let it slide. He wrote it off as delirium. He gave you a slight smile and lifted the tray, “I brought you some soup MC, would you like it?”
You nodded and patted your lap indicating that you wanted the tray on your legs. Lucifer gingerly placed the tray down, hoping that none would spill. You tenderly lifted the spoon and sipped a bit of the broth. Lucifer watched you attentively, he saw your shaky and halted movements.
He didn’t want to be overbearing but he couldn’t help but take the spoon from your hands carefully. (Big brother instinct activated) “MC, let me do it, I don’t think you’re strong enough to do this safely,” He averted his gaze but he saw you nod sheepishly in his peripheral vision. He lifted a new spoonful of soup and blew on it before he lifted it towards you. 
You felt a little embarrassed but you also felt a little giddy, Lucifer was rarely this vulnerable and caring. This was his responsible head of the family self coming out, he always held himself accountable for the wellbeing of his family. You opened your mouth slightly and took the spoon in your mouth. Thank goodness Lucifer was a good cook, the soup trickled down your throat and warmed your body. Helping the fever chills subside. You sighed in relief as the scolding soup soothed your throat. You ate as Lucifer fed you, perfectly content in the moment. You were completely unaware of the fact that your ailment was just in the beginning stages. 
After finishing your meal you yawned dramatically and drifted back into sleep. Lucifer took the tray from your lap and leaned back in the chair he had pulled up to your bedside. He sighed and rested his gloved hand on his forehead. He couldn’t even believe how fast this illness had taken you. He slipped a glove off and gently felt your forehead. His brow furrowed, if anything you felt warmer. That was not a good sign. Lucifer quickly stood and rushed out of the room.
Upon arriving at the Demon Lord’s castle he rushed past Barbatos as he attempted to greet him. Diavolo was not present as he was at RAD still. Lucifer frantically made his way to the Royal Library. He ran his fingers over the books. He wasn’t sure which volume on human disease would be the best so he pulled various books from the shelves. Barbatos appeared in the doorframe and offered a bag to Lucifer.
“You can see into the future Barbatos, what is happening to MC?” Lucifer demanded, beginning to feel enraged.
“You and I both know that I cannot answer questions pertaining to the future. Please understand I wish to reassure you, but alas I can’t,” Barbatos bowed apologetically. Lucifer scowled at Barbatos scornfully, but he elected to rush past him back to the House of Lamentation.
Lucifer retook his place beside you and began to skim through novels on human ailments. He came upon a page that described that oftentimes humans would become ill when exposed to an unfamiliar environment. That seemed to be something of merit, he pulled out his phone and called for Solomon. Upon receiving no answer Lucifer held his head in his hands. He was blaming himself for this, as he often does. He brushed some of your hair out of your face. He couldn’t do anything, he didn’t know spells to heal human disease. There were spells for physical injury or curses, but bacteria? No, he couldn’t recall anything like that. His phone buzzed and he jolted from his daze.
Solomon: I just heard from Asmo that MC is sick? Apparently none of you know what it is. I’m heading over right now, it could be serious.
Lucifer: Hurry up. Answer your phone next time.
Lucifer sighed in relief, at least a human was on his way. Solomon would have more expertise on this. As he settled in to wait you groaned in your sleep. He noticed how you shook, your body was covered in a sheen of sweat. Your face was contorting into a look  of discomfort. Lucifer stood over your form, completely unsure of what to do he steadied your shaking form. Your body refused to stop its incessant shivering. 
In his panic Lucifer shifted you over and wrapped his coat around you. He held you close, concern painting his usually calm and sculpturesque features. Lucifer's heart was racing just as much as yours. His expression would seem mildly annoyed to an outsider, but to the trained eye his expression was one of utter panic. You stirred from your fever ridden sleep and squinted up at him.
“Oh a hug? Nice,” you mused in your delirium. You held onto him, clinging like a child. “Luci, I feel so cold, and my head is stuffed with cotton,” you complained. Lucifer shushed you and held your head to his chest, you were going to give him a heart attack.
Solomon entered the room quietly, and spotted you fading in and out of consciousness while Lucifer was clinging to you. Solomon bore his same smirk and examined your state. He felt your forehead and after his discernment he discovered the problem.
“You see Lucifer, MC is just a normal human for the most part. They came to the Devildom with no immunity to the unique sort of bacteria that reside here. So their immune system went into overdrive from their infection. I can probably develop a medicine given a few hours. MC will be fine, untreated they might not have done so well, but they were in good hands,” Solomon smiled at the unusually upset Lucifer and got to work on his remedy.
Lucifer sat there, relief beginning to show on his face. Thank goodness, he had begun to let his thoughts wander to dark places. This instance had reminded him of the fragility of humans. The fact that you could have died from something like disease frightened Lucifer. He knew that from now on he needed to keep a better eye on you. He pulled himself from the bed and went back to resting on the chair beside you. He left his jacket draped over and you subconsciously pulled it closer to you.
After you were administered Solomon’s medicine your fever broke shortly. You awoke from your fever dreams and saw Lucifer watching you expectantly. Lucifer draped his arms around you and you froze a little. This was unexpected but not exactly unwelcome. You leaned into his touch and rubbed his back soothingly. You realized that he had actually been worried about you.
“I-I’m alright I swear, I’m sorry if I worried you,” you mumbled, your voice stifled since your face was resting on Lucifer's shoulder.
Lucifer leaned away from the hug and pulled your face closer and you felt your face flush, not from fever this time. You closed the distance and kissed him gently. The kiss was fleeting and you rested your head on his shoulder. He sighed in contentment.
“Humans are so unbelievably fragile, you know that MC? Please see to it that I never have to watch you like that again,” Lucifer mumbled.
The two of you sat like that as you recovered for the rest of the day. You two didn’t speak much, you just relished in each other's company. (the next day Lucifer had a mild cough and you couldn’t help but chuckle a little to yourself.)
Thanks for reading!! :)
Mammon is next! His will be out this week!
Tags: @greenlit-mess
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obeymesideblog · a day ago
Diavolo: Lucifer we all know you’re obviously upset since Lilith passed away.
Barbatos: So, we’ve decided to come over here to cheer you up.
Lucifer: I’m not upset.
Barbatos: Lucifer, we all saw you at the park, throwing rocks at other families.
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curitura · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❥ Satan Icons
Happy birthday Satan (10.20)! Please like/reblog if saving ♡
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Oh Oh! Do that little chasing bit with bat baby barb and the cat boys! And make it as cute and funny as possible please
Tumblr media
Don't worry he was rescued!
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obm-bdz · a day ago
Satan 「Fourth-born」 Collab 2021
[22] Insecurities
Tumblr media
Sub-theme: Insecurities
Artist: Naido (Twitter)
Writer: Okoru (Twitter, Tumblr)
Tumblr media
Link to full fic:
Tags: Mentions of the Celestial War, References to Lilith, Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, They build a blanket fort and watch a movie together
Pairing/s: Satan / Diavolo
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Dark Au: Dinner
CW: cannibalism
"Lucifer said you would help me with dinner."
They paused in the doorway and could not train their eyes on Satan. A lump gathered in the back of their throat, and nausea rolled itself upon their tongue. However, they could not let him know, so they nodded.
"That is correct, and they are an ingredient?"
They internally sighed as not one tremor stumbled through their voice. There was no telling if Satan would grow furious at their hesitancy to prepare that.
"Yes, Asmo managed to get a fresh one for us to use. Beel has been dying for a new one."
In the corner of the room, laid a beige sack dripping with red ooze. A rotten smell swallowed the air and left flies buzzing in circles over it. It was clear the kitchen's humidity had ravaged it quickly.
Satan pulled the sack towards the table and ushered MC to come closer. Once he was satisfied by their proximity: he opened the bag to a fresh-ish corpse. A young black male presumably, their age, was naked and crumpled in a fetal position. A fly wasted no time and landed upon his eye.
They bit back every once of bile, pushing forward in their throat, and forced a grin. The fear of becoming a meal wedged itself in the back of their mind.
"He has a lot of meat on him. How did you manage to get him?"
Satan smiled as he found a rusted bone saw.
"He was a former exchange student from the first test. If Lucifer didn't have his stupid rules, I could easily take him apart in my form. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to take form in front of you. Have to keep it human, right?"
They tried to chuckle at his joke but found it hard to produce any sound. So, they tightened their muscles and asked for the saw.
"I have a feeling I will be doing this often."
They prayed no emotion slipped into their eyes and their smile was convincing. A small, humorless cheer floated through their mind as they were handed the saw and heard Satan's monotonous praise.
For the next hour, they raced to complete the task quickly. The unease of cooking a human faded from their mind as the terror of being the brothers' next meal took over. They imagined slitting the skin as cutting paper, removing the organs like preparing a turkey, and the bone resistance as cutting wood. At some point, they imagined the victim as a Demon. Cooking a Demon would be victory, and he deserved it. Anything to keep their mind from the meal was human.
"He should be completed soon. It doesn't take long for food to boil."
They blinked as they acknowledged Satan's attempted praise. It felt as if they were on autopilot. Their body felt heavy and disconnected.
"That's good. I can't wait for dinner. Maybe, next time, you will get a female? I heard they're more tender."
A thoughtful look crossed Satan's face, and he nodded.
"I was afraid you would be useless," he responded, "You know how to cook. I would rather take you than Mammon during cooking duty."
The compliment fell flat on them, and they wished Mammon didn't just eat ramen. It was a sick thought to have but, they did not want to do this again. From their eavesdropping and prying from Solomon, Mammon mainly eats ramen overall. If he was starving, he probably could cook a human.
They faked another grin and looked towards the door leading to the dining room. It would be no surprise if they opened the door and came face to face with Beel. A knot formed in their stomach as they realized the situation. Dinner would be watching the Demons- who they were to live with- eat human flesh. They would be performing cannibalism tonight.
"MC, why don't you tell my brothers that dinner will be soon?"
"Of course."
Just like that, they felt as if they were walking into a den of hungry lions. With the rules plastered in their mind, they narrowed their eyes and walked into the dining room as the brothers flooded in. They could spot the hunger in Beel's eyes and the sternness in Lucifer's gaze.
"Dinner will be soon."
A hardness coated their voice and caused each member to watch them. If they expected this human to fall apart in front of them, they were wrong.
"This human has guts but, they won't last long," Mammon laughed.
They refused to change their expression even if Mammon was an idiot. Considering, last night he was strung from the ceiling crying.
"I think you will like the meal. I look forward to eating it as well," MC said with a tight grin, "Perhaps, it will stop Mammon from being strung up again tonight?"
His laughs faded, and MC kept their eyes trained on him. It appeared a heaviness filled a room until Asmo started to laugh and Levi snickered. They could see a smirk stretch across Lucifer's face and recognized this was in mockery of Mammon. Beel's hunger did not subside, and they knew not to get comfortable.
"MC, help me serve them."
It was going to be a long and terrifying year
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ikane96 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
POV: This piece of shit brother (I don't know which one is your fav) do the kabedon at you.
This one took forever to complete.. just kill me already
Patreon / Ko-Fi / Youtube / Redbubble
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1funeralcake1 · 2 days ago
Fragile Human
HEYYYYY, I’m not dead, just got really busy. I’m starting a new series and I should update it fairly regularly. This is the intro, it’ll be a fluff piece about the brothers taking care of you while you are sick. (Also thank you guys so much for almost 200 followers and I’ve been gone for 6 MONTHS, thanks so so so much!!)
Genre: Fluff (I’m basically just a fluff writer cause that’s what’s fun for me but I might dabble in angst)
Warnings: Reader is gender neutral :)
Part 2 (Lucifer) Part 3 (Mammon)
Part 1:
While you were readying yourself for a new day at RAD you noted the odd ache and the heat rising in your body. Trying to ignore it you finish dressing yourself in uniform. You knew that you couldn’t skip out on lessons. At least not without a fight. Your stomach combatted your notions of wellness by churning uncomfortably. You ball your hands into fists and fight through it as best as you can. You woozily meander down the hall to breakfast. The boys eye you suspiciously, recognizing the uncomfortable grimace you were failing to mask. They all paid it no mind however and simply greeted you.
Trying to swallow the food was taxing, your head was pulsing and you could feel the fatigue dulling your movements. You knew that something was wrong, but what could you really do about such a thing? You were in the Devildom, the possibility of getting meds or sympathy were very little. Barely finishing your breakfast you stood and immediately regretted it. Your vision faltered, and you swayed and staggered a little before you fell backwards. You were only out of it for a few moments before you heard a chorus of concerned voices. The boys' heads appeared above you. You squinted and tried to lift your head and felt the back of your throat clench. You felt absolutely terrible. 
Beel helped you sit up as you couldn’t do it on your own. You groaned and held your head, feeling the pain throbbing worse than before. 
“YO! MC, what just happened, you lost your balance or what?” Mammon chimed in, concern decorating his face.
You merely mumble in discomfort from his loud voice in response. Peering at all the confused and concerned gazes you were getting you attempted to play it off. You didn’t get a chance to get up and run from the embarrassment however. While Beel helped steady you he furrowed his brow, you felt incredibly warm. He held the back of his hand on your forehead and frowned more.
“MC, why are you so hot, I thought humans weren’t that hot-blooded,” Beel mumbled, confused, you were usually cold (by demon standards).
“Probably a fever, I’ll be alright,” you groaned, glancing around the room, the looks on the brothers faces just got more confused.
“Fever? Elaborate, MC, what happened to you?” Lucifer demanded standing above your form on the floor.
“Probably just caught something-,” You attempted to get up and you wobbled causing Lucifer to have to reach out and steady you by the shoulders.
The brothers exchanged glances, they were mostly clueless when it came to human illness. Belphie was once enamored by humans but he hadn’t wandered too far into the study of human immune systems. Satan had limited knowledge as well, he never regarded human medicine as necessary knowledge. Immediately they all felt jolts of varying levels of panic. What were they to do about their human? 
“Are you saying that you’re sick?” Lucifer inquired, cocking up an eyebrow, he admittedly was concerned after seeing you fall like that. He wasn’t sure how to go about this. “Do you think it’s severe?”
“I-” As if to prove that the sickness was there to stay, you were interrupted by a harsh cough. “I don’t think I can attend class, I know it’s really important, I’m sorry Lucifer, I know that this-” You began to ramble, and were quickly interrupted by Lucifer raising his hand.
“I’ll allow it, if you’re not well I don’t want you attending classes in poor condition,” Lucifer declared, his gaze softening a little at your meek gaze. He nervously pulled his glove off and lifted his palm to you. He waited until you nodded in approval and he brushed his hand softly over your forehead. He raised his eyebrows slightly in shock, you were much warmer than he expected. Gathering that you weren’t lying he waved his hand, giving a brief gesture as if to dismiss you. “ Alright you’ll stay here today but I don’t want you all alone.”
The brothers all glanced at one another and sat still as they waited with bated breath for Lucifer to declare who would be the one to stay with you. 
“Alright, ________ shall be the one to stay with you,” Lucifer declared.
To be continued. . .
Part 2 with Lucifer will be up soon! :) (I’m gonna do all the brothers for sure and maybe the side characters if this does decent)
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hellbinism · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
animal crossing x obey me // cross-posted on my twitter !! ✨
who would you want on your island?
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hanaranjada · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Another really old draft I had in my folder, feels like I'm accomplishing something great in life just by finishing wips 😂 Do you guys have a suggestion of a fandom I've forgotten about and should post of again?
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wraath · 6 months ago
look at him, love him, cherish him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh my god i love you so much mammon :(
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belphe-whore · 2 months ago
Obey Me has taken over my life. I was on Instagram and saw they posted this
Tumblr media
And I was like oh boy what are people gonna say about lucifers feet. And then I saw this comment
Tumblr media
Which fucking sent me. Then all I could think about was this
Tumblr media
And now you also have to see this because I’m rolling
-Vex 😹
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Mc: Caffeine no longer keeps me awake while I work, so instead I have Lucifer periodically send me texts saying ‘we need to talk.’
Mc: It gives me the right amount of adrenaline and fear I need to keep going.
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obm-bdz · 2 days ago
Satan 「Fourth-born」 Collab 2021
[07] Serenity
Tumblr media
Sub-theme: Serenity
Artist: Zafiiron (Twitter, Instagram)
Writer: Anna (Twitter)
Tumblr media
Link to full fic:
Tags: Angst, Fluff, Graphic Violence and Blood (mentioned)
Pairing/s: Satan / Reader
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