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#shall we date
obeyme-ever · 26 minutes ago
Do you love me or not? Asmo x GN!MC
Summary: When the Avatar of Lust falls in love with you his insecurities stop him in his tracks.
Word count: 1,628
“Asmo!” He looked up searching for you when you came running down the hall towards him, propping yourself on his shoulder. “Hi Y/N!” He eagerly said back going to look at your face his voice getting caught in his throat, did you always look so perfect? He shook it off beaming at you as you spoke, “I was wondering if you wanted to have a self-care night this weekend?” You asked raising an eyebrow and scanning his face. The demon before you nodded, “Yeah we can!” You hummed happily at his answer waving to him before running to catch up to Mammon, who was waiting for you outside your next class. An overwhelming feeling of jealousy enveloped him seeing you with his brother and he gritted his teeth pushing the thought far back into his mind, what was wrong with him?
After that day it just kept happening everything you did made his chest swell and his worlds jumble in his throat from the way you said his name to the way you smiled at him whenever you caught him staring. It wasn’t just that though, when you came to his room for your self-care night that weekend he was way more nervous than usual making sure everything was perfect. It made zero sense to him why he was acting like this, he was usually confident and flirty but now he seemed to be the polar opposite. He was busy putting on your face mask when it dawned on him. The way your eyes fluttered closed and the peaceful expression on your face only adding to it as he stopped in his tracks, the small popsicle stick dropping as his eyes widened. “Asmo why did you stop?” You furrowed your eyebrows asking the fifth born only to get a squeak out of him and a panicked apology, “Sorry I was reading the instructions again to make sure I was applying enough!” The demon lied but you seemed to buy it as you nodded, letting him continue. After the face mask he couldn’t take it anymore ushering you out of his room with the excuse of being exhausted.
He quickly locked his door when you left flopping on his bed, “I’m not supposed to love! I told myself I didn’t deserve it so why do you make me feel like this...?” He shouted into the void his plush sheets cradling him as he cried. An internal battle within him as he had finally realized while doing your face mask that the recent achy feeling in his chest and the leaps it did was because he was in love with you. Without realizing it he had fallen for you the only person who’d ever seen him as more than lust. He yelled at himself wishing he hadn’t developed real feelings for you, too scared to lose you or what you’d think. For centuries he indulged in his sin feeling no true romantic feelings for others even when they worshipped him and yet here you were. “Would you even feel the same? Of course you wouldn’t...You’re too good for me.” He shook his head at the thought burying himself into his pillow as he cried, for once in his life being scared of heartbreak.
Ever since then he’d been avoiding you, doing everything in his power to stay out of your way. He hoped that if he didn’t interact with you his feelings would go away but they didn’t. His mind was clouded with you at night and he couldn’t help but watch from afar, your laugh ringing in his ear as you hung out with his brothers. He wanted nothing more to shout into the abyss how much he loved you but he was terrified, you deserved so much better than him. You deserved someone that wasn’t so lustful or narcissistic, someone that wasn’t him. Asmo repeated this mantra over and over in his head refusing himself the right to his own feelings.
His heart ached worse and worse everyday as he spent more and more of his time in his room drowning himself in his usual favorite things to distract himself from the feeling that left him rendered useless. “I don’t understand just make it go away! I can’t love you! If I love you what if you don’t love me too?” He croaked throwing the makeup he was applying at his vanity mirror. He no longer cared about the makeup as he sunk into his sheets curling himself up in a ball, his heart pounding in his chest. “So this is what heartache feels like? They haven’t even done anything but I’m going insane. I can’t have you I just can’t!” The demon bawled placing his hands over his eyes to stop the tears, trying to rationalize his thoughts the best he could.
A small knock on his door snapped him out of his thoughts as he rubbed his eyes to get rid of any tears before saying, “Come in.” His heart stopped as he saw you walk in and close the door behind you, “Sorry I didn’t mean to bother you if you were sleeping, but we haven’t gotten to spend time together lately and I was wondering if you could help with me my homework.” You spoke softly stepping closer to him as his eyes softened, How could he say no to you? He cleared his throat silently cursing how hoarse he sounded from yelling moments before, “You didn’t bother me I’ll gladly help you!” He said in the best voice he could, scooting over to make room for you as you graciously sat down next to him pulling out your homework.
He nervously watched you answering your questions as best he could until you asked the one question that broke him, “What’s love to a demon? I don’t really know the answer to this one since I’m not one.” You casually asked writing away as Asmo took a deep breathe, “Love to a demon? Well love to a demon is when their heart aches so bad it feels like it’ll explode or how everything they do makes the demon question everything he ever knew. A demon in love is like...” He stopped his tears overtaking him now as he sobbed into his hands.
“Asmo are you okay?” You asked concern filling your voice as you looked over his frame. He looked up at you his face tear stained as he cried, “I can’t take it anymore!” “Take what?” “I love you! I’m in love with you but I shouldn’t be! I can’t love you...” Your heart broke as you saw the pain in his eyes as they flicked everywhere around the room but yours, “Asmo...” You started before getting cut off by the demon, “I don’t deserve you, I’m not supposed to love like this I don’t deserve it! I’m the Avatar of Lust I’m supposed to help others indulge in their deepest desires but now I can’t because you’re the only thing on my mind!” “Asmo stop, please listen to me...” “I thought I would be okay I thought I could just avoid you and it would go away but it didn’t...” He croaked looking back down as he hiccuped trying to catch his breathe. You leaned forward wrapping your arms around him, his body growing still in your arms, “You deserve love.” You whispered letting his head fall onto your shoulder as he silently cried, “You’re not just the Avatar of Lust you’re so much more than that.” “I’m not I can’t be trusted, stop trusting me!” He pushed you away finally realizing what you were doing.
“Why are you still here!? I don’t know how to truly love! I’ll just hurt you!” His hiccups started getting in the way of his words and he stared at you, his glossy eyes begging you to leave. Your lip quivered as you finally broken yourself, never seeing the demon before you like this. How much did he keep to himself only acting confident for others? “Asmo, stop it and listen to me! You deserve so much more than what you allow yourself!” You yelled looking at him his body still shaking as he gawked at you. “I love you Asmo! I love you more than the world and yet you are so adamant that you shouldn’t love and you’ll hurt me!” His heart fell into his stomach your confession making more tears fall down his cheeks as you continued, “You know how to love! Stop being so scared to let yourself feel it! You deserve to love and you deserve to love me! No matter what your insecurities and fear tell you...”
His arms wrapped around you resuming the embrace you held moments before, “Say it again...” “What?” “Say the three words again, tell me you aren’t lying.” “I love you and I’m not lying about that.” His breathe hitched in his throat and he held onto you tighter, “I’ll say it as many times until you believe it.” “I don’t deserve you.” You shook your head leaning against him further, “You do and you always will, you’re much more than the Avatar of Lust. You’re Asmodeus the demon I fell in love with.” His head tilted up to look at you a small smile tugging on his lips for the first time in weeks, “Then can you teach me what love is?” “I don’t need to, you already know how.” You said leaning in to capture his lips in yours the aching in his chest turning to the butterflies in his stomach as he melted into your touch. Perhaps he could let himself learn how to love just the once if it was you, he thought chasing after your lips.
If you like my work, reblogs and comments are welcomed!
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just-somehuman · 47 minutes ago
More matching icons because I can
Asmo and Solomon seem to have the best matching pictures lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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anenbylittlepotato · 59 minutes ago
Hello can I please just have hcs of the mc (or the brothers 😗) being like an older sibling to Luke? He’s my son and I love him very much ;-;
Yes absolutely. I also love the precious child.
MC Who's Like an Older Sibling to Luke
You are like his idol.
Seriously, this child looks up to you. But he'd never admit it, of course.
Whenever he can, he follows you around and he just loves talking to you, and telling you stories about things he's done with Simeon.
He drags you off to bake with him all the time!
And he'll never admit it, but he really likes it when you pat his head.
And when you hold his hand while walking down the street. It makes him feel safer. Not that he needs to feels safer that is!
He likes it even more when you and Simeon are on either side of him, each holding one of his hands. His two favorite people!!
He also really likes it when you carry him.
He always gets really upset when you hang out with any of the demon brothers. They're a bad influence! Well, Beel is okay, he supposes. But the rest of them are bad! Especially Lucifer! Stay as far away from him as possible! He might hurt you! Or bully you! Or make you sad! Oh, he just couldn't stand that thought!
He's so protective of you. He always pops in and shoos away anyone who's trying to harass you.
And he always gets really worried when you have to go back to the House of Lamentation for the night. He always tries to come with you, but you have to remind him what happened last time he stayed with you there.
He also may or may not cling to you when he's afraid. And then immediately gets really embarrassed. It's not like he was afraid or anything! Really!
Please give him validation. This baby needs it, especially with everyone treating him like a child and Lucifer's bullying.
He'll always bring up his new recipe ideas to you! He'll sit down and rant to you about all the ideas he has! There's so many sweets he wants to try and make! Do you think Micheal would like them...?
He likes to goof off with you too. Though he'd never let anyone else see that.
And he also subconsciously copies your mannerisms. If you do a certain thing a lot, you might find that he starts to do it too. He doesn't even realize he does it until you bring it up to him one day. He gets really flustered when you tell him.
But seriously, this child adores you. Protecc him at all costs.
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radnewspaper · an hour ago
Satan: Every time I'm around MC, my pulse increases, my breath shortens, and my temperature skyrockets.
Satan: I think I'm allergic to them.
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fluffimemes · an hour ago
MC: Where's Mammon?
Leviathan: He's, uh... busy.
Asmodeus: Being an idiot.
MC: What kind of idiot?
Asmodeus: The "everything is now on fire" kind.
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help-i-cant-life · an hour ago
Sleeping in the same bed for the first time
Lucifer~ • he barely ever sleeps, so good luck getting him to sleep at the same time as you • but on the off chance that you convince him to go to sleep, he's very much a big spoon • but sometimes he'll just have you lay your head on his chest
Mammon~ • boi is NERVOUS • for no reason • tries to be all macho and be the big spoon, but by the end of the night, he's probably the little spoon
Levi~ • also nervous for no reason • definitely asks to be the little spoon though • after doing this for just one night, this becomes your permanent sleeping arrangement
Satan~ • first he has to clean all of the books off of his bed • then you two will lay facing each other, legs entertwined • you read until the both of you fall asleep
Asmo~ • before you guys actually sleep, he has you go through a nighttime skincare routine • but once that's out of the way, you guys definitely cuddle • he's not picky about how you're cuddling, he just wants to hold you!
Beel~ • he has you sleep on top of his chest • no blankets because this man is a space heater • he also snores like a chainsaw, so good luck actually sleeping :/
Belphie~ • cuddle bug! • both of you hug the other while facing each other • or he'll lay on top of your chest and have you play with his hair
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nan-chi · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday Asmo 🌸
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whatsamatteratsu · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday Asmo, you beautiful, beautiful man.
I’m sorry it took until the Cinderella event to make me love you
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justcallme-moon · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Decided to use my gouache again to paint Simeon
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hey-its-spades · 3 hours ago
Lucifer :* walks into the living room holding a wet wooden shoe* " can anyone tell me why this was in the toilet?" * holds it up angrily *
Mc and levi : * struggling to keep their collective shit together *
Mammon: "oh good you unclogged the toilet "
Mc and levi :* dying on the couch *
Lucifer: " ..." * throws the clog at them*
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