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here is my husband chart i’d just like to share with everybody. interact with this in anyway if we share similar husbands.

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Random hcs from after Runaway takes place because I just need to get these ideas out of my head and sent somewhere into the void.

  • About a year after Shane starts working for May, Harvey and May pay Robin to build a small cabin to the South of their farmland.  Once complete, they gift the two-bedroom cabin to Shane and Jas so that they can finally move out of Marnie’s Ranch and live together on their own.
  • In-game, Robin loves peaches.  I hc that in Runaway, Robin grabs a peach off of one of the peach trees every time she comes to visit.  Finally one year for her birthday, May gifts Robin her very own peach tree in the orchard just for her to pull peaches from that May will not touch.  Of course Robin has to be over-the-top about it and makes a wooden sign to stake into the ground next to it that reads ‘Robin’s Tree’ and eventually builds a wooden bench next to it for her and May to sit and hang out together in the orchard while she eats peaches under her tree.
  • May and Harvey end up becoming very good friends with Elliot and Leah.  Of course Harvey and Elliot get closer because of the book club, but May and Leah start to become close once Elliot and Leah start their family.  As two brand new mothers in town, they quickly bond and spend more time together for support and someone who understands.  Their children end up growing up together and the Higgins family and Devereaux family become quite close.  Robin might be just a biiit jealous, even though Harvey and May will always be extremely close to Robin and Demetrius.
  • Although Maru said she was done getting Harvey novelty mugs, there’s two final mugs she gets him before she leaves.  For his birthday, it’s not long after Daisy is born and with May’s help, she gets Harvey a custom-printed mug with pictures of Daisy on it.  For Winter Star, only a week before she leaves Pelican Town, she gets him a mug that says “#1 Doc”.
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Got into Stardew Valley lately. Figured I’d draw a sad!Shane but decided that he probably has had enough of that to last a lifetime! So here’s him with Jas instead.

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I don’t mean to be corny, but this ask made me wanna cry??? Like. I’m so freaking flattered you like my characters that much and even think about them through a song oh my god. 💖💖💖

Speaking of which, this song is so cute! I can definitely see it hehe those lyrics are spot on. Gotta love that early 2000’s cheese 🥰

Here, I made a doodle for it~!

And thank YOU for blessing me with your kind words ☺️

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LOL!! I love that you saw that and thought of me!

But yes!! I know!! My eyes bugged out of my head when he said that and Shane just went along and Katie in the background going NO NO! It was all just a train wreck but I loved every second of it. Oh and the “did you say something about masturbating?” LIKE WTF IS GOING ON IN THIS EP?!

THE SUB VIBES!! I KNOW!!! We love the sub vibes!! I love that Ryan’s out here exploiting his kinky ass on main and dragging Shane along with him. We love to see it!

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man i’m just gonna say it, forget the fact that this is 100% fiction and conjecture. but if you still think shane is some no-nonsense daddy dom, you’re wrong

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Odette was trying this whole… making friends thing… which is why she invited Shane over for dinner. Brie was off with her dad for the night, which meant she wouldn’t have to deal with the teasing. She’d not known what to make, exactly, and went with her favorite meal. Which was ratatouille and homemade bread. She probably should’ve asked Shane what she liked to eat, but she forgot, so hopefully she’d be okay with it. She had told her to let herself in when she arrived, so when she heard the door, she called out, “Hello! I’m in the kitchen! Can I get you something to drink?” Hopefully she was not talking to herself, but her guest. It wouldn’t be the first time she misheard something. 


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