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#shang chi
allieeecakes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Shang chi characters but with Mulan's catchphrase.🤣🐉
(ig : allieeecakes)
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wint3r-h3art · 2 days ago
HELLO! I've come with another request hehe.
"did u just tell the person i was going to ask out that we are dating?"
"you owe me a kiss"
You Owe Me A Kiss | college!Shangqi/Shaun x fem!reader
A/N: I'm so sorry Lola for being so goddamn slow with the requests! I finally got the idea for this, so I hope you like it! Thank you for waiting so patiently for it too 💛💛💛 If you like this please reblog. It helps me a lot. Like & comments are appreicated.
Warning: None. This is super cute fluff about awkward, soft boi Shangqi/Shaun. Because this takes place before the movie, he's referred to as Shaun.
Tumblr media
“Whoah, whoah, whoa slow your horses, woman!” Katy decides enough is enough as you slam down your third order of whiskey. “What has gotten into you?!”
You just turn, look half daze, slightly tipsy from drinking whiskey on an empty stomach. You shake your head, trying to re-adjust yourself before you answer her.
“Shaun is such an asshole!” you grit your teeth, trying to grab her beer before Katy snatches it away from you and pushes the glass of water toward you. You look at her, still annoyed as hell, but take it and drink it anyway.
“What did he do?” she asks carefully.
As you are about to open your mouth to answer her, you feel warm hands on your shoulders.
“What’s up, ladies? You’ve already gotten started without me, I see,” he says patting your shoulders before taking a seat next to you.
You turn to Katy and hold your hand up, telling her to wait a minute.
“Shaun, you and I need to talk.”
The words make his expression change as he looks at you then at Katy. She mouths ‘I don’t know’ to him.
Reluctantly both of you get up and walk to the dark corner of the bar, where not much foot traffic there and the music is not too loud.
“Shaun, what the fuck?!”
The words come out harshed as you stare up at him.
His mouth hangs agape. Never had he heard you sworne before.
“Ok, that’s uh--” he clears his throat as there’s a lump in there. “That’s uh nice...What’s this about?”
“Don’t play dumb with me, Shaun. I know what you did. You told that person that I was planning to ask out that we’re dating?! What the hell?!”
The realization dawns on him as to who that person is.
He has no regret.
“Well he was an asshole, so I’m just saving you from him.”
“Are you kidding me, Shaun?! How old are you again? Why the fuck does it matter if he’s an asshole or not?!”You shove him. To no avail of course. Shoving Shaun is like shoving a solid wall of muscles. If anything, it’s you that stumble back.
Shaun grabs your shoulders as you stumble back, trying to steady you. You can feel his body heat radiates off of him, warming you up than the whisky you drank earlier.
“You’re drunk,” he says firmly, holding you in place. His expression hardens to a serious one.
“Am not,” you pout like a child as you look at him.
He sighs. “Are you really that mad at me about it?”
“Yes! You ruin that one chance I had with that guy! You know no one wants me!”
You can tears brimming at the corners of your eyes as you look at him.
“That’s not true.”
“Say who?”
“Say I.”
“W-what do you mean?” your brows furrow into a deep frown. Confusion paints your visage as you search his expression to see if he’s joking with you or not. He’s not.
Shaun sighs. “Look, he’s not an asshole, ok. I--” he stutters slightly as if he’s searching for the correct words to say to you because God, he only has one chance to do this. If he’s fucked up, there will be no turning back now.
“I like you a lot,” he says finally. It feels like the weight is finally lifted off of him as he looks at you. “I like you since senior year, and all this time I’ve been holding back. But I think after that party, I realize that I want to be more than just your guy friend, so that’s why I sabotage your plan...I’m really sorry.”
You look at him confused. You can’t believe what you heard.
“Y-you like me that long?”
He nods, suddenly feeling shy like he’s in grade school all over again. His cheeks turn slightly pink as he looks down at his feet. His hands are in his pockets because God he’s suddenly feeling nervous as hell.
“Kiss me then.”
Shaun suddenly looks up from his feet and directly into your eyes, as if you suddenly sprouted another head. “What?”
“I said kiss me. You owe me a kiss, Shaun. You fucked up my plan, so now you have to kiss me to make it up.
His mouth hangs agape from a moment as he’s trying to process your words.
You huff before grabbing him by his shirt collar and pulling him down for a long, deep kiss.
You can feel him stiffens at first from the pure shock alone before you can feel him wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you in till you are flushed against his solid body, his lips melt onto yours with a sweet, slowness that you’ve never felt before. You feel him hum softly on your lips as if he has wanted this for so long.
He pulls back slightly, his forehead pressed against yours as you are both breathless.
He opens his mouth to say something but gets cut off.
“Are you guys like done?” Comes Katy’s voice.
Both of you turn and you can feel your face warms up from the thought of Katy witnessing the whole things unraveled between you and Shaun.
You can hear Shaun clears his throat before you look to the side awkwardly.
Katy groans as she rolls her eyes. “You two are so fucking stupid I swear. Thank God you finally have the balls to do it,” she says as she eyes you then at Shaun. “If I have to hear him going off about how your skin glows underneath the golden sun, I’m going to stab someone,” she says as leads both of you back to the bar area.
“You seriously said that about me?”
“It was one time.”
“No, no, no. It was multiple times. MULTIPLE” She interjects, making you chuckle softly while Shaun just blushes deeply.
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xialing-gf · 2 days ago
shang-chi: i know you love them. katy: i am not in love with xialing! shang-chi, staring at xialing: i never said who... katy: *realizes* katy: shit. well, anyways-
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euphoniumpets · 2 days ago
anything domestic with Shang Chi? like either buying things for your shared apartment together, or just doing domestic stuff in the apartment and katy being like “if you’re being so domestic, might as well get married already”
Domestic gesture || Shang-Chi
Summary: Katy couldn't help but tease Shang-Chi how domestic he is.
Warnings: None.
A/n: back another with Shang-chi request because my thirst for that man is HIGH. also, unpopular opinon: simu liu with the beard turns me on like???? and those sesame balls i were talking about, google it because i just ate one of these several weeks ago and i want those again. a small blurb because this is all my brain cell could squeeze.
Tumblr media
About to put your keys into the lock of your shared apartment, you stopped when you smelled something coming from the kitchen. You couldn't figure out what is was but it smelled something sweet. You frowned when you kicked your shoes in the hallway and walked inside, only to find your boyfriend and Katy in the kitchen, making something and bickering at each other
Music was in the background and you couldn't help but let out a small laugh when you saw him wearing your apron, one that you usually wore when you were in the kitchen. You looked to the side and saw there was some sesame balls in the corner and you could remember the sesame balls you would used to eat when you were a child.
Your mother would do it for you on other occasions.
''What are you doing?'' You asked as he turned around and smiled at you. ''I made your favorite desserts, you told me that your mom used to make it, so, she gave me the list,''
''Thought I could surprise you,'' He responded. He approached you with a smile before placing a kiss. ''Jeez, if you’re being so domestic, might as well get married already” Katy spoke from behind with an amused expression on her face. You both turned around and looked at her with embarassment.
You chuckled towards her sentence before rolling your eyes. You loved when Shang-chi would act domestic around you. It made you safe around him. ''Well, maybe we will get married someday,'' Shang-chi spoke before looking at you fondly.
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xialing-tenrings · 2 days ago
Re: Katy taking newbie Shangqi under her wing, now I can’t help but think of Mean Girls, except with healthier relationships and more hijinks
YES. Katy using his newbie status to skip class (“I’m showing him around! he has class on the other side of campus”) or to pull some pranks for something
they srsly have SO much potential for this stuff, I hope in future movies marvel keeps on throwing in gags with them recalling their high school years and it just gets increasingly wild to the point where no one knows what’s true, not even them (esp if some weird stuff is revealed to be the result of the ten rings)
“remember that time a tall guy in a trench coat offered me crack”
“yea then I ran him over with joe’s car”
“ ?? not how I remember it, I thought you ran into the fire hydrant”
“oh yea, I thought he was cool, had a few scars on his neck and sara thought it was badass”
“on his neck?”
“…well we got him drenched in water at least”
“you got me drenched too, katy”
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*deep breath* okay. i just finished shang chi. literally just walked out of the cinema, my friend is peeing rn so (that’s unnecessary detail but who cares)
my first thought: oh god i cannot wait to read all the shang chi fics 
my second thought: i need this entire soundtrack to my playlist
my third thought: i’m in the mood for some mexican food, maybe tacos
and now, my last: how many of yall are cool with me writing shang chi fics because ik not everybody’s been able to see it, so if i just add like spoiler warnings and stuff... should that be cool? message me, reply, repost, let me know pls! i dont wanna spoil this awesome movie for anyone.
(it’s SUCH a good movie btw omfg + it’s funny lol)
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harlekin6 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 21 #Fuzzy
Ohhh gosh I love my Morris. I wanna have one so so bad! Tiny pig chicken💕💕💕💕💕 Also I think he would be best friend with the cloak of Levitation😂😂 Would love to see those two interact. Shang-chi and Kathy visiting the Sanctum Sanctorum for a cup of tea, them playing around
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presidentrhodes · a day ago
the ten rings hires a social media manager to clean up its image. the person recommends a top down approach where they say that xu wenwu needs to boost his public presence.
cue: wenwu creates a twitter account that the ten rings expects him to use to share profound ideas/musings/wisdom drawn from his extensive experiences. instead, he just gets into twitter fights, especially with tony stark.
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captain-samerica707 · a day ago
Shang Chi and Katy headcanons because they are my favourite besties
- Like all best friends, both of their phones are full of unflattering pictures of the other and some very stupid selfies of both of them. Some of the selfies include them wearing these giant, ridiculous top hats while looking mock serious, both of them in poorly done makeup doing duck lips and both of them wearing flame sunglasses and flipping off the camera
- They LOVE going to six flags together. They always go on the biggest roller coasters they can find and see who can scream the loudest. Sometimes Katy will also scream at the complete wrong time, earning a very confused look from other riders and Shang Chi to bust out laughing. They also go on the kiddie rides to because why not
- Shang Chi and Katy we’re definitely the type of people to be obsessed with high school musical when they were in high school (they deny it but they still are) they’d watch one of the three for most of their sleepovers and know all the songs by heart. They also randomly burst into songs from it. Like one of their friends would casually say something like ‘wanna bet’ and the two of them would start singing bet on it, seemingly rehearsed and choreographed, complete with theatrics. It happened at least once a week so their friends got used to it.
- Shang Chi obviously works out, so Katy has made herself his personal trainer and spotter. She basically accompanies him to the gym and yells very encouraging things like “c’mon push it! use those muscles you’re always showing off!” and “my waipo can do better than that!”. Although she’s not a very good personal trainer because after they’re done, she suggests they go get milkshakes because “we deserve it”.
- The reason Shang Chi really didn’t want Katy to take that man’s car for a joy ride while they were working is not because it was expensive (ok maybe a little bit of that). It’s because before that they used to get the fanciest and fastest cars they could find in the valet and borrow them to race. The last time they did that Shang Chi knocked over a mailbox, making a huge dent in the Ferrari he was driving. Katy found this hilarious, but they got in big trouble with their boss and had to pay a huge fine. They are still in debt. Katy has seemingly not learned her lesson because “she didn’t crash the car”.
- they both love Animal Crossing and take it very seriously. That’s…that’s all I got. 
- Shang Chi is obviously the first person Katy comes out as gay to. she does it one night while they’re hanging out, just lounging on the couch looking for a movie to watch. She’s nervous, but she knows that she can trust Shang Chi with anything, and he’ll love her regardless. So she says it, and Shang Chi is quite taken aback. He wants to tell her a lot of things, like this doesn’t change how much he cares about her, or that he supports her, but all that comes out is “oh cool”. After a short awkward silence, Shang Chi, my poor awkward baby with his (at the time) limited knowledge of lgbtq things, just nods at Katy and says “Kristen Stewart”, to which she just nods back slowly and confusedly. More awkward silence, then Shang Chi finally says “do you wanna order pizza?” and that was it. After processing everything that night. Shang Chi talks to Katy the next day and apologizes for how he reacted, but Katy doesn’t hold his awkward response against him. She’s actually grateful that he took it so casually. He still brings it on himself to learn more about the lgbtq community and even buys Katy a lesbian pin.
- Almost every single time they go clubbing with friends, Katy and Shang Chi end up having a dance battle. They get their friends to be judges and they both dance like their life depends on it, glaring at each other competitively. Neither of them are very good dancers but it always ends up being a fun time anyway. Usually loser has to buy the winner’s drinks, but one time Katy said that if she won, Shang Chi had to wear clown makeup to work on monday. Katy won (but that might’ve just been because her friends wanted to see Shang Chi going into work with clown makeup on).
- One day while Katy and Shang Chi were looking for a new tv show to watch together, they came across Kim’s Convenience. They’d heard good things about it and it looked cool, so they started watching it. They were both very confused when Jung first came on screen and spent a solid 10 minutes just staring at him in disbelief. After their shock they decided that Shang Chi had a secret twin brother that he never knew about who got a job in hollywood. It was the only logical explanation.
- Simu Liu is a fan of Taylor Swift, therefore Shang Chi is a fan of Taylor Swift. Katy likes her, but Shang Chi is a full swiftie. He gets Xialing to become one too.
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xialing-gf · a day ago
shang-chi: so, what is katy to you? xialing: the reason i wake up every morning. shang-chi: that’s adorable. katy earlier that morning, barging into xialing's room, smacking pans together: WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!
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Finally going to a movie theatre after 2 whole years.
I missed the overpriced popcorn and sodas, the excited chatter that happens right before you enter the screen and the whole cinema experience.
Shang Chi it is!
How are the fabulous wives of Asgard doing? @darklydeliciousdesires @longlostinanotherworld @swaggysposts @rebelwrites @skyfullofsong123 @innerpaperexpertcloud
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pattinsonsupremacy · a month ago
Tumblr media
simu liu used to model for stock images and now he’s using them as reaction pics- THIS MAN IS TRULY SOMETHING ELSE I LOVE HIM
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writerandrocker · a month ago
I believe someone already mentioned this, but we know that Lil Nas X survived the snap because Shaun and Katy are singing Old Town road in a bar in Shang-Chi. But I’d like to point out just how close these two events were, (the release of Old Town Road and the snap).
In spring of 2018, Thanos snapped and wiped out half of all life.
In October of 2018, Lil Nas X started recording the original Old Town Road, but he found the instrumental even earlier.
The song released on December 3rd, and later re-released with Billy Ray Cyrus on April 5th, 2019.
So, essentially, in a matter of months:
*half of all life is destroyed, governments are in ruins, world consumed with chaos*
Meanwhile Lil Nas X:
Tumblr media
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humanmessofaperson · a month ago
Simu Liu did a tiktok about his name pronunciation and I found this comment
Tumblr media
This man is a fucking legend I don't give a shit about anyone else
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reachingfortheday · a month ago
Tumblr media
And this means that after half the population got dusted, Lil Nas X was like you know what people need? A hip hop country song about a horse. And he was right
h/t @roslyntalusan on Twitter
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