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#shang chi and the legend of the ten rings
xialing-tenrings · 2 days ago
a brief and incomplete list of why shang chi and the legend of the ten rings is perfect and everyone should go see it: (minimal spoilers ooc)
awesome female characters (katy AND xialing are both very different developed female characters that everyone likes)
super cool “villain” that we all sympathize with
cool soundtrack
even cooler weapons
even more cool fight scenes
colorful movie
wuxia vibe at the beginning
awesome space for a wlw ship that could be canon in the future 👀
v cool end credits scenes
hotel californiaaa (such a lovely place)
male and female besties who stay platonic
tony leung
✨fun cameos✨
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wint3r-h3art · 2 days ago
Kill Me, Kiss Me
Dark!Shangqi x fem!Reader | Part 1
Summary: What if Shangqi didn’t run away after he completed his mission and returned to his father? What if Shangqi decided to become a full-pledge assassin for hire? 
This series explores this idea, except that you the reader gets pulled into this mess simply because you are arranged to marry him.
⚠️Warning: smut. You are responsible for your media consumption. That being said, MINOR DNI. Contains: Oral (m & f receiving), fingering, food play, anal play, praise kink, choking, hair pulling, degradation, drug usage (future part), alcohol usage (future part), and possible dub-con (future part).
Word counts: 4.2k (really long boi)
A/N: Y’all just be warn, this is like beyond anything I’ve written, and that’s said @tom-whore-dleston​ for being an absolute sweetheart and beta read this fic, as well as made this awesome mood board! I love you 3000! Your comments, and especially reblog means the world to me! It helps get the word out. I hope you like it, and please let me know how you feel about this! Much love 💛💛💛💛💛
Tumblr media
It’s a game of hides and seeks.
You hide, and he seeks.
The game has been going on for more than 10 years now, and he has always been relentless in his pursuit.
You’re his after all.
Well, in a way that you are promised to him when you and he were just babies.
Lord Xu has always wanted to forge a bond between your family and his since your father was among his elite subjects. After he passed, Lord Xu is determined to honor that promise.
Shangqi and you have been close, and you have always loved him in a way that an innocent love should be. 
But things changed just like the season, and Shangqi grew cold just like his father after he came back from his mission. He looked at you differently, spoke to you less, and became more possessive in a way that the younger you didn’t understand. 
Forging a plan with Xialing, you and she ran away. She has decided to settle in Macau, while you have been on the run throughout Asia, hiding from the love of your life of course.
In ten years, you manage to escape his pursuit. You’re now hiding in Seoul, South Korea taking a job as a cleaner. 
Coming back from your long hour job, you step back into your small, dingy apartment. The hair at the back of your neck stands up immediately as you notice your raincoat that hangs on the hook. You always hang it on the third hook coming from the door...not on the first hook. 
No, never.
You take a deep breath and step inside, your shoes still on of course. You pretend to whistle casually as you round the corner, hand in your canvas tote bag, grabbing your 10mm. 
Your breath hitches in your throat then when your eyes meet his. 
Dressing in an all-black three-piece suit, sit the love of your life, casually drinking tea from one of your mugs. His dark hair is neatly combed in place. His gloved hands folded in his laps.
His deep, amber eyes burn into yours, scorching every fiber of your being as you stand there frozen in place.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Shangqi says softly as his gloved hand picks up the mug and quickly sips the lukewarm tea. Your skin pricks with goosebumps at that familiar coldness. Your eyes shift to his holsters. You gulp.
“What do you want?” you manage to ask. You wince at the way your throat dries out at the sight of him. Something about the way he looks this evening makes you want to bolt right out of here, but you and he both know that you can’t. Shangqi has his men surrounding the perimeter of this building already.
“Isn’t it obvious?” his voice remains cool and composed. “I’m taking back what’s mine.”
“I’m not yours, Shangqi.” At least not yet.
“Oh, darling but you are.” Shangqi moves to stand up to his full height. You gulp nervously at that. He’s aged well from the last time you met him back in Hong Kong. His muscles are more filled into the suit nicely. “You’ll always be mine.”
You step back as he takes a step forward till your back hits against the wall. His face is merely a few inches from yours that you can smell the strawberry candy on him. While others smoke cigarettes or cigars, Shangqi decides that strawberry candy is his thing. It takes the edge off of him he told you one night before his father sent him off.
His gloved hand cups your chin, forcing you to look at him in the eyes.
“I thought you don’t want me,” you grit your teeth as you glare at him. 
“Now, you’re just twisting my words around. I said I don’t want to get married yet. I’ve never said that I don’t want you.” He leans in closer till his lips brush against yours. “It has always been you, love. I’ve never wanted anyone else.”
You want to laugh out loud, but you know deep, deep down, Shangqi isn’t that type of person. He kills ruthlessly, but he’s not the type to lie, especially to you.
You scoff. “That doesn’t make me feel any better.”
Shangqi can sense your sarcasm. A cocky smirk quirks at the corner of his lips. “Hm, well I can make you feel better.”
Your mouth hangs agape as you glare up at him. Shangqi chuckles at your meek attempt. 
“Fuck you.”
Shangqi grins wider as he takes a hold of both of your hands and pins them over your head with his larger one. His hips pressed against yours and you gasped softly as you can feel his growing bulge pressing against your stomach.
“Hmm, be careful what you’re asking.”
A rush of breath escapes from your lips but Shangqi’s mouth is already on yours.
His kiss is gentle and slow at first as if he’s tasting you for the very first time, but soon that slowness turns into an urgent need to possess as his free hand moves up to wrap it around your neck. You strain against him briefly as his fingers slowly squeeze it, not enough to hurt you, but enough to make your heart raise.
You can feel him grin against your lips as he moves to grind his hip against yours as if he’s showing himself off to you. 
You’re practically gasping for air once he pulls his lips away and trails them along your jawline, licking, and nibbling. His hand that once held yours, moves down to cup your breast, squeezing it while his other hand moves grab your ass, pushing you closer against his strained cock.
“You’re not denying me,” he murmurs softly against the column of your neck. You shudder as you can feel his tongue licking your skin.
“Should I?” you ask, as you try to pull yourself together, or at least trying very hard to ignore his growing stiffness. It makes your knees weak at the thought of the pleasure he’s willing to give you if you just ask. Shangqi loves to please.
“I love to see you try, sweetheart.”
You want to punch that smirk off of his face, but you’re not in the position to do so when he has you pinned against the wall like this.
“Let me go and we’ll find out.”
To your surprise, he steps back. Both of his hands are in his pockets now as he watches you. “If you can land one punch on my face, I’ll leave. I won’t bother you for a couple of years.”
You scoff. “How about you don’t come looking for me like ever?”
Shangqi tilts his head a bit, considering the option. Scared that he’ll say no you press on.
“What are you scared that I can land a hit on ya, hot stuff?”
Shangqi starts laughing. “What’s in it for me? Surely taking you back home shouldn’t be my only reward.”
“I’ll let you do whatever you want with me.”
This catches his attention.
“Anything,” you say firmly, even though you know deep down that you’re horrified at what you’re offering him.
“You have one hour to land one hit on my face, babe. Make every minute count.” 
Without any hesitation, you throw the first punch, but Shangqi easily dodges you as he pirouettes around you. 
“You can do better than that.”
You grunt and run toward him as if you can knock him down on his ass. It’s not surprising though that he catches you and spins you around, completely unfazed by your attempt.
“You’ve lost your touch, sweetheart.”
You yell out loud, trying to get away from him, but Shangqi holds you firmly in his arms.
“Let go of me! How can I win if you’re holding me like this?!”
“You think you can win?”
You glare dagger at him. “I can try.”
“Save your energy for me, sweetheart.” 
You scoff loudly, trying to peel yourself away from him, but to no avail.
“Don’t you have any conscience left?”
Shangqi frowns and pats his breast pocket, then his trousers pockets. “Hmm, somewhere…” Then he pretends to think. “I think I left it at home, probably among the things I don’t care about.”
You frown. “I don’t like you right now.”
Now it’s time for him to scoff at this. “Please, you do. You love me very much” he leans in closer. “I bet you’re wet right now.”
You can feel your face warmed by that. As you are about to throw any more insults his way, he cups your chin and kisses you, inhaling whatever last words you have about him. He can feel you whimpering as his tongue skims against yours. He has your ass in his grip as he hauls you closer to his hard body, kissing you with barely any suppressed hunger. As much as you hate to admit it, Shangqi has you in a clutch. 
No matter how much you push him, he’s only pulling you closer.
“Stop running away from me,” he says breathlessly once he pulls away from you. His forehead pressed against yours, and the intensity in his stare sends a shiver down your spine. 
“You know why I have to.”
You can feel the muscles of his jaw flicker. His dark brows pulled into a deep frown. “D-don’t you love me?”
Now it’s your turn to feel like you’re being hit in the face. His cool and composed features crack into a look of hurt. You can clearly see the glossiness in his eyes as he looks at you. He knows what he’s doing. He knows he has you all wrapped up around his fingers the moment you saw him. 
“Shangqi, that’s not fair.”
“You, running away from me is unfair,” he says firmly, hand cupping the nape of your neck, forcing you to look him in the eyes. A single tear rolls down his cheek for the first time in more than 10 years. A bit dramatic for his liking, but he knows it’ll tug at your heartstring.
“You’re supposed to be mine.”
“I am, but not like this--not when you are like this.” you chew at your bottom lip. It takes all of him to not just devour you then and there. No. He wants to savor you--every inch of you. He will take his time, relishing all of you to make up for the lost time.
“I am who  I am because it was my choice.”
“You killed innocent people.”
Shangqi lets out a sarcastic laugh as he wipes his cheek with the back of his hand. “I killed old bastards that are too cheap to hire bodyguards. It’s business. And they’re not innocent, love. They’re far from it.”
You look at him with contempt before your gaze shifts to the side. 
“It doesn’t justify your action.”
Shangqi lets out a low growl before he roughly cups your chin in his gloved hand. “Don’t act so innocent when we both know you cut from the same cloth as I.”
You grit your teeth at this. It’s true that you came from the dynasty of the same people as Shangqi. Your father was his father’s right-hand man after all. 
“More of the reason that we shouldn’t.” You want to say more, of how he’s no longer the same boy you fell in love with. 
“Well, you have no choice here,” he says finally. “You can kick and scream all you want. It ain’t going to be much of a difference here.”
“I know, and I accepted that.”
“Glad we’re on the same page at least,” he says as he loosens his hold on you. “I would hate to tie you up.”
“It won’t be the first time,” you say as you walk toward the door where the G Wagon is waiting for you outside. His men are all dressed in their gears, all black from head to toes. You step inside the car, all windows are tinted that no one can see from the inside.
“This is a bit too much even for you,” you comment as he sits beside you. His gloved hand on your thigh, squeezing you firmly.
“I’m just a businessman,” he smiles coyly at you. You want to throw up.
“You’re not the type to smuggle drugs.”
“Hmm, who said I smuggle drugs?”
He looks straight ahead at the driver before giving him a nod.
You arrive at his penthouse 20 minutes later. Everyone moves quietly and efficiently.
The ride up the elevator feels like hell to you. Being in a small, confined space with him feels almost too much.
You jump slightly when the elevator door opens to a massive, open space-style condo with floor-to-ceiling style windows, overlooking the bustling city of Seoul. 
“A bit ostentatious, don’t you think?”
“As I said, I am here as a businessman.”
His fingers splay behind your back, ushering you inside. The sole of his shoes clicks against the marble floor, echoing inside the massive space.
“You planned all of these, didn’t you?”
Shangqi smirks, one hand in his pocket as he seats you in out of the massive couch. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he says as he moves into one of the rooms. “I’m going to shower, so make yourself comfortable. The bathroom is past the kitchen if you need it, or you can come inside with me. The door won’t be locked,” he winked before he started peeling off his suit jacket, revealing the strap with two guns on either side of him. He slowly takes it off, carefully before he disappears behind the door.
You swallow, knowing too damn well that tonight is not going to be a walk in the park with you. Shangqi comes here with a purpose, and knowing him and seeing the way he looked at you tonight, you’ll be surprised if he’s not all over you.
Your thought shifts to the time when you both were teenagers. You and he were about 14 when his father announced that you’ll be marrying Shangqi. It felt weird then since you and he was practically best friends, and the fact that you’ve seen less of him only made the announcement even more awkward. He looked different then than now. There was a lot of anger, and resentment lingering behind those empty eyes. Even if you two were alone, a small trace of the young boy you met when you were 6 feels so far away...and even now, if that resentment is gone, you can still feel the sadness and loneliness lingering in him.
He was your first love--well he’s your first love. You and he did sleep together just before his mission because of hormones and secondly, you thought that it was the last time you’re going to see him. In a sense, it was. You were the one that ended up running away…
The soft footsteps against the marble floor, bringing your attention away from your thoughts.
The sight of his wet, half-naked body has rendered you speechless. Your mouth hangs agape at the way the water droplets are rolling down his sculpted body, disappearing under the towel that wraps dangerously low on his hips. You eye his adonis’s belt, then to the dark trail that disappears under the towel. You didn’t realize then that your thighs instinctively clench together as you feel your panties dampen slightly.
You watch him walk to the fridge to grab a bottle of water and he drinks it greedily. You swallow hard at the way his Adam’s apple bobbed. Lord, have mercy on you tonight, you thought.
“I’m going to shower too,” you say quickly as you hastily make your way to the bathroom that he just came out of.
The hot shower does nothing to sate that fire inside you, if anything it makes it worse. The image of his sculpted muscular body playing over and over again in your head till you can’t take it anymore. With a huff, you step outside and brace yourself at the sink. You need to catch your breath because God only knows what that man has done to you.
“You ok?” 
You jump slightly. You can feel him close behind you. Too close that your back warmed from his presence alone. You can smell him. You close your eyes and pray to make it through this quickly. You cannot tell if whether you want him to throw you against the wall and fuck you hard or if whether you want him to chase you. Both of the options will end with you tied up and fucked till you’re a sobbing mess.
“Yeah,” you murmur, looking at him through the mirror.
“You look flustered,” he comments, stepping in your way to block you.
Your gaze latches on to his, and the way his amber eyes looking at you so darkly and demandingly makes your heart flutter and your breath wavers. Your eyes are automatically drawn to his lips. They’re moist and slightly parted. You watch as his tongue slips out of his mouth and runs it across his bottom lip. Without realizing it, you feel your tongue running across your own bottom lip too.
Shangqi leans in and grasps your thigh. You almost whimper at the way your wetness rolls down your legs. You shift your legs slightly, trying to sate that pulsating ache between your legs.
“Remove the towel.”
You want to protest, but decide not to. In the back of your fucked up horny mind, you want to know what he’s up to. Your body is tensing at the pure anticipation of his touch. You close your eyes and wait. The sound of your heart hammering against your chest is almost deafening against the quiet room. You slowly turn, only to stop in your tracks as he places his hands on your shoulders. It’s hard to ignore his naked chest, especially the way droplets of water are rolling off his taut body. You want to flinch when he reaches out to touch your cheek. The gesture feels so gentle--almost foreign in comparison to the usual exchange you two share. 
“Don’t deny me anymore.” His voice sounds almost sad as if he has been wanting to say it for so long. You don’t understand it at all. One moment he’s possessive and ruthless, another he touches you with such gentleness as if you’re made of glass. 
“I’m not,” you swallow as your gaze meets his liquid amber. You can almost see the flecks of gold dancing in the swirls of liquid brown sapphire.
He pulls you back till you’re flushed against his chest, his mouth is oh so close to your lips that you can smell that familiar sweetness of the strawberry lingering on his breath. 
“Take me.”
He lets out a low growl before his lips capture yours in a hot, demanding kiss. His arm wraps around your waist, while the other is behind the nape of your neck, holding you in place. He deepens the kiss as he walks you back till your back hits against the sink. Your tongue dances, twisting and rolling with his, while your hand holds onto his taut bicep. 
He moans into the kiss while his hand moves to remove your towel, letting it pool by your feet. 
Now fully naked in front of him, he pulls you by the ass, smashing your soft body against his hard one while his mouth continues to devour you whole.
“Fuck, you’re so fucking gorgeous, baby,” he pants through the strangling breaths while he rolls his hips, pushing his strained erection into you, earning a small whimper from you. You clench your hand that’s on his bicep, nails dig into his taut flesh as you try to retrain whatever control you have left.
Your breath hitches in your throat when you feel him palming at the juncture of your thighs, his fingers rubbing the small bundle of nerves in a circle before he flicks it with his thumb. You let out a soft moan as you drive your hips forward, needing more of the delicious friction he’s creating that sends jolts of electricity through you.
You yelp out suddenly when Shangqi lifts you up so that you can wrap your legs around his taut waist. Shangqi carries you out into the massive bedroom and lays you down on his bed.
His eyes travel from your face, down to your neck, your breasts, then they linger hungrily at your wetness. He licks his lips once or twice before kneeling down at the end of the bed. 
You shudder slightly at the way his warm breath fanning over the skin of your inner thighs. Resting on your elbows, your eyes meet his lustful gaze before he slowly covers your wetness with his mouth. Your head is thrown back as his tongue flicks over your sensitive bud. Your hand flies to his head, threading your fingers into the soft dark tresses.
Your first instinct is to clench your thighs together, but Shangqi growls warningly as he holds your legs in place. 
His tongue is deep in you and you cannot help relishing the pleasure he’s giving you. Your mouth hangs agape as his tongue plunges into your warmness in and out with the ferocity that makes your head spin. His nose would occasionally press against your clit, sending jolts of electricity through you, making your toe curl. It’s not long that you find your release washing over you, making your body convulse and spasm all around him, making him moan in satisfaction. 
You look down at him with bleary eyes, only to find yourself getting flustered when you see the creamy remnant of your release rolling off his chin. You cannot help but bite your lips at that.
“Your pussy tastes so sweet, baby,” he purrs softly, kissing your inner thighs. “I want to try something.” 
With a quick movement, you watch him strides over to his suit jacket that he has hung on the chair. Your eyes go straight to the massive tent near his crotch while he stands there, retrieving something. Shangqi returns, and there’s a glint in his eyes that makes you nervous. He’s up to no good.
“What is it?” you ask, looking at him as he hastily peels the wrapper off of the red lollipop.
You watch him suck on the sweet confectioner quizzically before he kneels between your legs once more.
“Shh, do you trust me?”
You gulp before you nod. “Yes.”
“Good,” he smirks before taking the lollipop from his mouth and slowly rubbing it against your swollen clit in a lazy circle.
Words seem to escape you at that exact moment as you can feel the warm, sticky treat pressed against the sensitive nub. How should you react?! How do you even make sense of this?! Then you let out a moan when you feel his tongue tracing along with your wet slick, lapping at the mixture of your juice with candy. Soft slurping sound fills the room as he hungrily devours you whole, making your eyes roll to the back of your skull. You shouldn’t like this, you thought. God help you because this feels really wrong. It’s so filthy and so--
Your thought gets interrupted when you feel him spitting near your clit. Your thighs clench from the pure startle alone. He grins as he watches the mixture rolling from your nub down to your asshole. He repeats this a couple of more times till the spit gathers near your ass. 
“Fuck baby, you’re so fucking hot right now,” he murmurs, coating his finger with your arousal and spit. “Look at how your asshole puckers up for me,” he says before pressing his finger at the entrance. 
You let out a soft whining as he lifts your hips off the mattress, but Shangqi holds you in place before he plunges his tongue into your tight hole.
“Oh my God,” you mutter in surprise at the foreign feelings of the way his wet tongue caresses the rim. He moans into you and you shudder at that.
“Fuck, baby. I love how your little asshole is clenching on my tongue like that.”
You cannot reply except for a wanton moan. The act feels so crude and filthy, but God, he makes you feel so good that you don’t want him to stop. 
“More,” you manage to utter as you find yourself grinding onto him.
Shangqi obliges without any words as he continues to fuck your ass with his tongue.
The pleasurable moment comes to a stop though when a loud knock on the door made him freeze suddenly.
“Shangqi!” A deep male voice booms behind the wooden door as he bangs on it loudly. “Open the door!” A strange Mandarin accent echoes. “I know you’re here.”
Annoyance sets into his feature as he slowly gets up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. 
“Hide under the blanket,” he orders. You want to ask him, but you decide against it. You quickly cover yourself under the heavy blanket and wait.
You can hear the door open, and your breath seems to hitch in your throat then when he utters the word out loud.
A/N: Before you scream at me, we’ll meet his half-brother, my OC in the next one, I swear! 💛 
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chrysallisthenum · 2 days ago
Wenwu never apologising to his kids for neglecting and abusing them but instead dying for them is the most Asian thing that happened in Shang chi
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crazycookiecrumbles · 12 hours ago
A Power Struggle (Part 1)
A/N: So this will be a two-parter at the least! Probably won’t go beyond that. Lemme know what you think?
Pairing: Shang-Chi x Stark!Reader; Platonic!Bucky x Stark!Reader; Platonic!Sam x Stark!Reader
Warnings: swearing, flirting/innuendos, threats, endgame references, 
Summary: Sam and Bucky requested your help in figuring out who the Power Broker is, and against your better judgement, you decie to do some undercovr work (that you hate) with your boyfriend who was now pretending to have taken his father’s place.
Tumblr media
“Babe, have you seen my glasses?”
You raised an eyebrow and stopped putting on your earrings. Glasses? Since when did Shangqi wear glasses? As far as you knew, this man had perfect vision. What the fuck did he need glasses for?
“You own glasses?” You retorted as you shook out of your daze and finished getting ready.
The two of you were dressed in your best tonight. Why? You and Shangqi were going undercover as a favor to your two obnoxious best friends, Sam and Bucky. Why you were doing this you were half unsure and half pre-regretful of this decision. Sam and Bucky were trying to find leads on someone called a Power Broker. Given Shangqi’s connection to the ten rings, your dad being a Stark with a questionable past in weapons, and your own legacy, they figured the two of you would be perfectly shady to enter the criminal underworld together in Madripoor, especially given their, well, their last visit wasn’t the best.
“Yes, actually, I do own glasses,” you could hear him as he  walked towards the bathroom. You nodded to yourself and reached for your compact to finish your makeup. When Shangqi entered the bathroom and you saw his reflection in the mirror, you dropped your compact in the sink and couldn’t be bothered to see if the powder broke. 
“You do own glasses,” You blurted out, staring at him a little too hard in the reflection. You saw him start to grin as he stood behind you and slipped his arms around your waist to pull you against his chest.
“You like the glasses,” he smirked.
“No. They’re just, whatever. There.”
Shangqi could not stop smirking, “You think I look good in glasses.”
“Not at all. I actually think you look like a massive dweeb and this isn’t attractive.”
“No?” He hummed and slowly started to lean down to lick the shell of your ear, “Well, how about —“
“Please tell me y’all are not fucking in the bathroom,” Sam groaned as his footsteps were heard approaching the bathroom. You huffed and tilted your head back to rest on your boyfriend’s shoulder while he stood taller and looked towards the doorway. Sam stopped and looked him over, “Dude. I would not hire you to do any crimes.”
“What do you mean?”
“Yo, man, look at this,” Sam waved over Bucky who had more interest in making sure Sam did not drink his whiskey than he did this conversation. Reluctantly, he walked over and shoved Sam slightly out of the way to get a look.
“Wow, professor,” Bucky snickered. “Trying to coax her into an extra credit assignment or something?”
“What—but I— I look great!” He argued. “This is the nicest suit I have! And that was just because the tailors were thankful I stopped them from getting robbed when I went for a fitting.”
Bucky sighed and looked to you, “Really? You think this is okay for undercover?”
“As himself, sure,” you replied as you grabbed your makeup to finish up and put it away. “As the new holder of the ten rings, well…”
Shangqi pouted, “Really?”
“You look amazing. But I trust you dressed like that,” You explained. “You really should look more like —“
“A shady bastard,” Sam finished. “Okay. Maybe between the three of us we can put something together for you.”
“That’s fine. I packed an extra suit. Second compartment of my bag,” You said easily, prompting all men to look at you. You scoffed, “Tony and Pepper in my lives for how long, and neither one of you think I would plan ahead or have a very strong opinion on clothes?”
Bucky shrugged, “She’s got a point.”
Shangqi changed into the new outfit, a completely black suit, no glasses, and his hair slicked to the side and perfectly parted. The sleeves for his shirt and jacket were pushed up revealing the rings on his forearms, and the sight made you walk straight into a wall.
“You dork,” Bucky howled with laughter.
“Damn, Stark, thirsty?” Sam cackled.
You hated them.
Shangqi smirked and leaned down so his lips were ghosting over yours, “Going to pretend like you don’t like this one too?”
You huffed, “So help me, if we don’t get to come back here and do deplorable things, I’m going to be so mad.”
He winked at you and stole a quick kiss. The two of you slipped on your earpieces. You studied the dossier once more to remember who you were looking for, and then slipped a tiny camera disguised as a pin in your hair. Together, you and Shangqi climbed into your rental and made your way to the club.
“Katy would die,” He muttered as he slipped into the driver’s seat. “She’s going to be so pissed she’s not here to drive this.”
“To be fair, we offered, but her grandmother guilted her, and I can’t go against a grandmother’s guilt,” You shrugged.
“No one can. She’s adorable,” He admitted as he drove.
When you both arrived, he threw the keys at the valet, and you could practically feel the pain in him as he did such a thing to a fellow valet. You snorted to yourself and patted his forearm as the both of you stood by the entrance. There was a giant crowd there, but once someone caught sight of who you two were, the crowd shifted. There were murmurs as they all stared at Shangqi and the rings on his arms.
But the concern came from you and what you typically stood for. A large, heavyset guard began to approach you telling you to leave, but before he could enter your space, Shangqi’s hand came out, a fist pressing lightly against the man’s chest as he warned him to back off.
“She’s not allowed here,” he explained.
“She’s with me.” Shangqi said easily, “Can’t you see my invite?”
The rings glowed and the man hesitated for a moment before stepping aside. Shangqi smirked and shoved him even further before holding your hand and leading you up the stairs.
“Honey,” you whispered quietly. “When this is over, I am going to rock your—“
“It’s an open comm-link!” Bucky shouted in your ear to stop you from saying anything too graphic for his delicate ears. “I don’t want to hear that.”
Shangqi winked at you, “Think you’ll be okay in here?”
“I got this,” you nodded comfortably and walked to the bar.
Shangqi seemed to be enjoying this playing the 'bad guy’ role a little too much. He asked where you wanted to sit and you pointed at a random spot, not really caring. Shangqi walked over, told them to leave and then pulled out a chair for you. As you sat down you whispered, “You’re a little too good at this.”
He nodded, “I know. I’m just doing what I think my dad would’ve done.”
He made eye contact with a bartender, snapped his fingers, pointed at the table, and someone came running over. They offered a bottle of Cristal and Shangqi deferred to you. You scoffed and rolled your eyes, “Do you know who I am?” You asked, and watched them nod hesitantly. “Then you know what I want.”
“I don’t —“
Shangqi grabbed him by the arm a little too tightly, “Your best rum. Leave the bottle.”
He ran off and you could hear groans in your earpiece.
“God, (Y/N). You are so corny,” Sam groaned.
“Shut up,” You hissed and looked around.
“Hold on, that’s your mark.” Bucky said, and you and Shangqi were quiet as you listened to him, “Boy toy’s six, purple velvet blazer. That’s Power Broker’s new mouthpiece. Calls himself Skelly.”
Shangqi cringed at the dumb name, “Why?”
“He likes to leave a clean skeleton behind of his marks. No one knows where all the flesh and stuff goes.”
“…Ew,” Shangqi muttered under his breath.
You sighed and nodded to the waiter who returned to your table. When he set the rum and two glasses down, you grabbed his wrist. Knowing who you were, you could feel the man tremble as he wondered if you were about to shatter every bone in his body. You smiled and slipped a sizable wad of cash into his hand. He thanked you profusely, sweat dripping down the side of his brow before he retreated.
“Those rings really command respect, huh?” You commented to your boyfriend who sat back in his seat, legs spread with one foot propped up on the seat next to his thigh, his other leg sticking straight out as he surveyed the area.
“It’s fear,” he explained. “Fear for over a thousand years.”
“…Bro, how old was your dad?” Sam asked.
“Is now the time?” Bucky scoffed.
“Shut up, losers,” You muttered to yourself. “Skelly’s looking this way. I’m getting serious wants-to-carve-me-alive vibes from him.”
“He’ll have to get through me, first,” Shangqi muttered.
Bucky and Sam continued to groan and gag over the communications link, making you seriously consider getting rid of the earpiece. Before you could tell them to shut up again, you noticed that Skelly was making his way over to you. You cleared your throat, nodded to Shangqi, and chugged some of the rum before Skelly approached.
“Now isn’t this an interesting duo,” Skelly remarked. “(Y/N) Stark and…you. You are not Wenwu.”
Shangqi kept a straight face but narrowed eyes as he stared up at the man, “Xu Wenwu was my father. I’m Xu Shangqi. I run things now.”
“You run things now,” He repeated as he stared at him before sticking out his hand. “Good to meet you, Shangqi.”
Shangqi stared at the outstretched hand and did nothing but lift his own to bring the glass of rum to his lips. Taking a long sip, he set it down and stared up at the man who withdrew his hand, “What do you want?”
“I want to know why an Avenger is here,” He turned to glare at you.
You laughed, “Haven’t you heard? The Avengers are gone. I don’t do that anymore.”
“I find that hard to believe,” He began. “Iron Man’s daughter, Captain America’s whore, and I’m to believe you’ve left those good morals behind?”
“Oh, shit,” Sam sighed.
“Stark, do not kill him. Do not attack him!” Bucky warned, knowing you were about to break this guy’s face.
In what he was sure his father would do, Shangqi kicked Skelly’s knee in. When Skelly fell to bended knee, Shangqi grabbed him by the throat and lifted him just enough to slam him down to the ground and hold him there by the throat. You sighed and slipped out of your seat to crouch down beside Skelly.
“Sorry about him. He’s protective. You get used to it.” You went on to explain, “Everyone I loved is dead. And for what? Not even a thanks. So, yeah, my morals changed. All that good work for shit,” you stood up and sighed, “So, are we going to talk business or does my new man need to show you how he runs things now?”
Skelly offered a smile that reminded you of a shark. He tapped Shangqi’s arm twice, and the man reluctantly loosened his grip and let him go. Standing tall, Shangqi adjusted his suit while Skelly rubbed his own throat.
“Why don’t the two of you come back with me? There’s someone here whose business might interest the both of you,” he explained. “They hold a lot of power.”
Shangqi looked to you. You shrugged and nodded a shoulder. He nodded to you once before telling Skelly to lead the way. Shanqi outstretched one hand to you while shoving the other in his pocket. He pulled you close to his side, the action making you stumble just a bit into his side.
“Easy, tiger,” you muttered.
“Just making sure they know you’re mine,” Shangqi replied as you now realized how many eyes were watching the two of you. You wondered what that was about, but decided to let it go under the assumption that he was just really, really falling into his role of a bad guy.
You both walked down a narrow hallway, Shangqi walking behind you with a hand on your back so that no one could sneak up on the two of you, just in case this was a setup. Skelly stopped in front of a purple door and held the doorknob before looking over his shoulder at the two of you.
“Allow me to introduce you to the Power Broker.”
To be continued.
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cloverrover · a day ago
in honor of Simu filming a rom com right now, how about actress!reader x simu, and they’re filming a scene where they let their characters know about their feelings, but turns out that both actress!reader and Simu are speaking from their heart, and everyone on set knows that they have feelings for one another except them, and the director makes them improvise a kiss but when they yell cut, they couldn’t stop kissing? thank you!
No Other
AN: I 'LL EDIT IN THE MORNING (I hit a deer earlier today so yeah there's some slight trauma?) Yeah so I wanted to make this a historic romance more so than a comedy so I hope that’s ok. Cuz also like imagine Simu in something like Francis wore in Reign and I’m an even bigger hoe for him. Idk man there's just SOMETHING about the idea of seeing him in period clothing that just DOES IT F(H)OE ME
Warnings: angst? maybe I really don't know, not fluff but feelings ?
WC: 1k
Tagging: cuz why not I can even out the smut with the feels lol @winchester-writes @tmholland @tom-whore-dleston @blackbat05 @buckybleu @crazycookiecrumbles
Tumblr media
You both shared the same dream. Friends since middle school, age never stopped you from growing feelings. They only grew stronger the older you got. He and you had matured, going from a boy with a funny haircut, to a man who knew no bounds on the title of best friends. And you discovering who you were.
It didn’t mean that the pain of knowing he wouldn’t be your hurt any less. One of these days, you thought, you’d tell him how you felt. But soon that died too. Landing roles that caused too much distress made for keeping in touch more difficult than imagined.
Before you know, you’ve both managed to land a role in a new romance period piece. Thus began the biggest lie you’d ever told yourself.
“It’s just a movie, nothing will come from it.”
“I don’t understand why you’re being like this!”
“I am like this because you are MY best friend! You are not supposed to be anyone else’s!”
You’re trying to walk away from the castle, knowing you’re about to have one hell of a row with your childhood best friend. No one else needs to see this muchness hear this. Your future still at stake if you’re caught alone with a man without a chaperone.
“Oh my god news flash!! I am engaged Simon! He does not need to be my best friend because he’s not looking for one! My parents have had this engagement set in place since we were five.”
“Why can you not just tell them no?!”
“I AM A WOMAN! Simon!”
In your anger you’re turning around facing him.
“I am meant for nothing more than to provide Henry an heir! I am not Queen Elizabeth, I am no one of consequence! I am Lord Davens’s only child and thus subject to be for sale to highest bidder. I am not afforded the option of telling him no.”
Huffing at his unfathomable stupidity, you hear thunder clouds begin to roll in and you know you need to get back inside so you don’t get sick. Just when you turn back to walk towards the castle there’s a hand on your arm pulling you back to face him. And you seen pain like never before on his face. But this painful look is Simu’s, not his characters’. You’d know the look better than anyone.
“Let go of me Simon we are done talking on this.”
“No we aren’t.”
“Yes we are!”
Shouting at him, you end up stepping closer. It almost begins to feel like this isn’t Simon you’re talking to but Simu. You both might be actors but you know when Simu is in front of you.
“We may have been best friends at one point, but we BOTH know that you changed. You were afforded chances I will never was.”
His expression changes in the tiniest of, one of regret because he knows the moment you were talking about. It may have been Kim’s Convenience for him, but it took a lot more on your part to get to where you were. Sometimes doing things you weren’t really all that proud of. But you can’t dwell on it, you have a scene to get through.
“You know that I never meant to h-”
“I swear on everything holy if you say you never meant to hurt me, Simon, I’m leaving with Henry today. You have no goddamn right to ever tell me that again.”
You look at him with everything you’ve felt the past 12 years. You’re not sure when it changed to you talking to Simu, but you can feel that he felt the too.
“You told me that it’d be us agasint the world and like an idiot, I believed you. I believed you’d talk to my father. I believed you wanted me. And I believed that you loved me. But you only told me what I wanted to hear. Because despite everything everyone else told me, I still believed you and believed IN you. When all you’ve done is prove them corre-”
Suddenly he’ kissing you like he’s meant to kiss you and only you. You can’t tell if it’s him or his character kissing you, but his tongue invading your mouth, taking control and exploring. You don’t mean to, but your hands find purchase on his coat, instinctively pulling him closer. His moving to your face and waist. Pulling you in closer, tighter, while the hand on your face is gentle as to not mess up your hair.
You don’t even hear them yelling to cut. You don’t hear them turn off the hose. You don’t hear anything outside of the thundering of your heart, and the noise on content that comes from Simu when he angles his face, opening your mouth a little wider for him. All you feel is him.
The need for air is the only reason you pull away from each other. Faces still together, breathing the same air, you both seem to realize the electricity in the air. You’ve both said things that your characters weren’t supposed to and you partially wonder if it’ll even end up in the final screening. You find it in you to pull away a little more, to help you clear your mind and get a clearer picture of what may happen.
“I meant it you know.” He tells you. You look at him because you’re not sure what exactly he means and he can tell. He knows you better than you know yourself.
“You’re mine. I know it comes off possessive and shit, but Y/N, you are mine and I am yours and there’s no other."
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xialing-gf · 2 days ago
katy: things could be worse, you know! xialing: how? katy: how what? xialing: how could they be worse? katy: they couldn’t, I lied.
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keepcalmandjustice · 2 days ago
I feel like who people ship Katy with in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is really a question of do you like friends-to-lovers or do you like grumpy bae who is only soft for their sunshine bae.
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dndspellgifs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Unarmed Strike
weapon attack
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babymango-writes · 2 days ago
just rewatched Ant-Man
and in the last few minutes...
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xialing-tenrings · 2 days ago
“people are allowed to dislike things” WRONG no one is allowed to dislike katy and shangqi being besties
Tumblr media
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“Eternals” first reactions coming in. Mostly positive (as usual for the MCU) but what caught my attention was that most people agreed that this truly didn’t feel like a MCU movie. One guy wrote that it was purely a Chloe Zhao movie, another guy wrote that it was Marvel’s “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”.
(EDIT: oh snap, saw a comparison to “Ben-Hur”. Okay Chloe, I see you)
So what I’m getting from all of this is that this is the MCU’s “artsy” movie. It’s their attempt at a high fantasy, like they’re trying to out-Dune the “Dune” movie. And for a franchise like the MCU, that’s a huge risk, but a welcome one. 
Anyways, I think at this point we can all agree that Phase 4 is Marvel’s experimental phase. Up to this point, we’ve gotten:
1) An abstract horror-mystery series (WandaVision)
2) A political thriller (Falcon and the Winter Soldier)
3) A sci-fi, time travel adventure (Loki)
4) A spy thriller (Black Widow)
5) A martial arts/wuxia fantasy (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)
6) An animated show (What If...?)
7) And now...a high fantasy epic (Eternals)
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avengerrs · a month ago
Tumblr media
this man is a trained killer who has one brain cell, daddy issues, and parks cars for a living. please respect him as he is the only person that matters to me
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xialing-gf · a day ago
katy: bad things keep happening to me, like i have bad luck or something. xialing: katy, you don't have bad luck. the reason bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass.
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tonkysexist · a month ago
People who constantly say that male Jewish/POC celebrities are “unconventionally attractive” or “ugly hot” really expose their true biases. Simu Liu, Andy Samberg, Manny Jacinto, John Boyega, etc. are all objectively very attractive men. You just see ethnic features as a detriment.
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spicychipsdemon · a month ago
Xu Wenwu : what were you doing while your mom was getting killed?????
7 years old Shang-Chi :
Tumblr media
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I just want to thank Shang-Chi for giving us a healthy, platonic friendship between a man and a woman. We love to see it.
Tumblr media
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