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Originally posted by teninaz

Tumblr Name 


How long have you been in the CS/OUAT fandom? 

It’s been about six months. I binged watched OUAT in September ‘19 and immediately dusted the two years of dust off this tumblr account to get stuck in. I’ve met so many lovely people and met some fantastic friends!

When did you start shipping Captain Swan? 

Tallahassee! I know they hadn’t had much screen time at that point and Killian was well and truly a bad guy but enemies/rivals to lovers is one of my favourite tropes. I started reading fic when I was partway through season 5 and that just solidified my love for them as characters and as a pairing.

What drew you to this event? 

EVERYTHING! The combinations of CS and supernatural subject matter is a match made in heaven for me. I love supernatural elements in fiction. Vampires? Werewolves? Ghosts? Magic? Demons? All of it! I’m so excited to be able to take part! Also, so many fantastic CS works have come from this event in previous years. I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

What inspired your topic? 

In short: The Witcher universe. I hadn’t even considered that I could use it as my CSSNS idea until Nat @carpedzem​ reminded me that I’d promised her a CS Witcher!AU late last year. It’s all grown from there. I could go on and on about the lore and the intricacies of the world have been my favourite to get lost in for the past 5 years but… I’m hoping it’ll all show when the fic drops. 

If you would like to share a snippet/sneak peek/summary of your fic or artwork, please use the space below. 

For the first time in a long time, he’s asleep before his head hits the pillow. The exhaustion of the weeks passed weighing his bones like lead, as if they’d sink straight through the mattress and into the nether below. He wishes they would. 


He jerks awake—no, not awake. Asleep. Further into the embrace of a dream. Oppressive darkness and silence surround him, his keenest senses rendered useless in their wake. Beneath him, a plush leather armchair. It’s painfully familiar. Precious, somewhat. Worn and comfortable and moulded to him as if he’d spent a century sat only here. This dreamscape. This void.

 Oneiromancy. Perfect. 


A woman’s voice— her voice. 


“And I thought you’d forgotten about me.” She smiles, suddenly appearing in his lap, hips straddling his thighs as if it hadn’t been almost five years since they’d last parted. Five long, arduous years. 

“Impossible, love. You’re not so easy to forget.” Killian can feel the steady beat of her heart as his hands instinctively take her waist. Soft, so soft. And centuries old. 

“You never thought to stop by on your travels then?” 

“The path is—”

“The path is the path. I know.” Pouting, she brings her arms around Killian’s neck. The thin swath of lace she’s wearing does nothing to hide her figure but its intricacies marr the details he wants very much to focus on; the blush of her breasts, the swell of her arse, what lies between those slender legs. Each time he tries to take her in, see past the veil of fabric, it shifts, obscuring his gaze once more. Fucking magic. “But I have missed you terribly.” 

“Emma Swan, legendary sorceress and advisor to the throne of Misthaven, missing but a lowly Witcher?” The pale expanse of her neck calls for his kiss, so close and yet so far. “People will talk.” 

With a violet flash, Emma winks. “Noise complaints, hopefully.” 

His eyes slip shut, trying to maintain what little composure he has left. As disconcerting as dream magic is, he doesn’t want the spell to end. The feel of her so close is maddening. Waking to an empty bed will be torture. 

Words he can’t possibly say nor mean jump to his throat, aching to be whispered against her mouth, passed to her tongue by his own. They burn. 

“Come see me.” 


“I need you. I can’t tell you why—not here—but I need you.” There’s a silent plea hidden in her words, behind the typical bravado she always favours. He almost doesn’t catch it. She adjusts herself slightly, sitting back on his knees and letting her hands reverently trace the scars across his shoulders and chest. Ones she’s seen before and ones she hasn’t, long healed but still raw to her touch. It’s been too long. Her tongue darts out to wet her lips and it takes every modicum of restraint he has not to kiss her there and then. “Come to King David’s court in Misthaven. There’s a tourney one week from now.” 

“I’m sensing I don’t have a choice.” 

“Of course you have a choice. It’s in your best interests to make the right one.” 

Killian sighs, letting his palms slide from her middle to her thighs, taking in the phantom warmth he’s missed so greatly. Emma Swan is an enigma. She’s centuries of power wrapped in mystery and untold sorrows and it lingers beneath her skin. She’s the first kiss of morning sun, the dark chill of winter, the wild lilacs that grow along the dirt roads of Misthaven. She’s true love’s first kiss and the denial of destiny. She’s nothing and everything, the beginning and the end. 

And, occasionally, his. 

“One week?” He muses, too focused on the way her nails feel against his skin, as if she were there, as if it were real. Her eyes, green as woodland moss, captivate him in the way they always used to, but they’re not the same. A mere mimicry. Beneath his fingers, the dream begins to fall away.

There’s no depth, no glimmer of magic below the surface. 

Everything’s hollow and when he finally presses his lips to her fading visage, all he tastes is ash, dirt and the absence of all things. 

“One week.” 

It echoes around the cramped room, a whisper in the darkness not yet reached by morning’s soft first touches. A reminder. 

What are you looking forward to most about participating in this event? 


I’m not familiar with the Witcher universe, but I am BESIDE myself for this fic!!! I can’t wait to read it when it drops on July 13!!! Everyone go welcome Ems to the event and give her lots of love!!!

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Deckhand killian’s death vs dark one killian’s death πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

DARK ONE KILLIAN’S DEATH!!!!!!!!! Can’t fuck with that one, I cried, bawled my eyes out, THE I WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU?????????????? GIRL IT GAVE ME BANGEL PARALLELS!!!!!!!!!!

And I did recreate the pose with Colin AND OMG HIS HAND ON MY HEAD I-

Ahem. Yes. That one.

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πŸ† This is the Amazing Person Award πŸ† βœ¨πŸ’› Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it is sweet to know someone thinks you're amazing inside and out πŸ’›βœ¨ β™₯β™₯β™₯

THANK YOU SO MUCH DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!! You are one of the MOST AMAZING PEOPLE I KNOW!!! ♥♥♥

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πŸ† This is the Amazing Person Award πŸ† βœ¨πŸ’› Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it is sweet to know someone thinks you're amazing inside and out πŸ’›βœ¨

Originally posted by jacularmetteld

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#1 for the GTKY questions! β™₯β™₯β™₯

ok, the weirdest place i’ve ever spent the night is the floor of the train station in bologna, italy.  i was doing the study abroad thing, and this was right when easy jet and ryan air were becoming a thing.  so my friend was like AH WE CAN FLY TO ITALY for 19 pounds and we had no idea that flight dumps you in bumblefuck, nowhere, at an airport not near anything or anyone and TBH i don’t even remember how we GOT from the airport to the train station but there must have been a sketchy van involved.

so we get to the station and we want to catch the next train to florence, only it’s 1 in the morning and the last train has already LEFT and the next train doesn’t leave until 4.30.  and there were Cute Boys on the flight with us who were like, hey, split a car hire with us, but HELLO i had seen way too many episodes of SVU to ever be ok with that shit so i was like.  nope, it’s fine, the floor over there looks comfy.

so.  yeah.  spoiler:  the floor was not comfy.

BUT the train seats WERE and that was also a problem because…we slept through our stop at florence SMN.  as you do.  and we woke up and it was bright daylight–not a great sign in october, in terms of how long we had been on the train–and we had no idea where we were and not one among us spoke italian.  my friend spoke fluent spanish and attempted to kind of use it in the place of italian?  which, really, it almost worked.  but not quite.  (to this day i have no idea where in italy we ended up)

fortunately the ticket machines were computerized and multi-lingual and we got on the NEXT train back to florence SMN and when we got there we walked straight to the nearest hotel–a HOTEL, mind, i was like, my loves, we are spending ACTUAL money on a hotel today, not some crappy hostel, so we piled into a hotel room and passed out and slept blissfully until we were woken by some church bells.

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2, 13, 15, 16 for the adorable asks β™₯

Thank you, m’dear!! <3 @shardminds

2. Favorite color when you were younger, and now?

I loved the color purple as a kid, but now my favorite color is pale turquoise.

13. What time do you go to bed? What time do you wake up?

Lately I’ve been going to bed around 1am and waking up between 9am and 10am, but during school I go to bed between 11:30pm  and 12:30am and wake up between 5:30am and 7am, depending on my class schedule that day.

15. Tea, coffee, or hot cocoa?

Tea is my absolute fav. But I love a mug of hot cocoa with cinnamon once in a while. I almost never drink coffee.

16. Space, Ocean, City, or Forest?

ooooh this is tough… I’m gonna say forest, with ocean as a close second.

Adorable Asks

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All the 1’s! 1, 11, 21, 31, 41 πŸ’•

Thank you so very much @shardminds, and apologies for once again answering your ask long after I received it! 💕💕💕

1. First things first, did you have a good year?

The first 3 months were not great at all (thanks to my anxiety/depression), but looking back on the rest of the year it was actually really good overall! I rediscovered my love of making art, I became wayyy more active in the cs fandom which I’ve wanted to do for, oh, only about 5 years, I published fics that I wrote a long time ago but was too nervous to post at the time, I wrote about 16,000 words of new cs fic this year, I participated in my first three fandom events and have talked to some absolutely lovely shipmates through them, I found some really great podcasts, I reread Harry Potter and fell in love with it all over again, I saw the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in theaters which I never thought I’d get the chance to do, I embraced my love of hiking, I quit the job that I hated, I got a wonderful new job as a tutor that I absolutely love doing, I watched a ton of women’s Fifa World Cup games over the summer, I took some awesome college courses, I got academic honors this semester and raised my gpa up, I saw Antoni Porowski speak and I saw Rhett and Link perform live… sorry for the rambling but l got reflective and looking back I am so grateful for what this year brought for me and proud of what I accomplished.

11. What album came out and has been on heavy rotation since then?

Lol I am the worst at keeping up with new music, but I have been listening to the Frozen 2 album a lot since I saw the movie

21. Did you vote?

Hells yeah I voted. Even though our stupid mayor got reelected again.

31. Did you fall out of love?

Only with the mcu

41. Did anything happen to you that you were sure wouldn’t change you as a person but it did?

Taking a field biology course over the summer, among other things. I had just failed organic chemistry (and I’ve never failed a class) and was coming out of a rough couple of months of anxiety and depression and that field bio course was like a balm to my soul. It restored my confidence in myself, it showed me things I could pursue as a career within my major, and it reminded me of why I love learning and college and my major so much. I had originally signed up for it because it sounded cool and I didn’t have a job to occupy myself over the summer, but that class ended up meaning so much more to me. It kind of awakened a new sort of drive/motivation and a new kind of peace within me.

End of the Year Meme

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you the absolute BEST day πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Ah, thank you so much pouty Colin friend!

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9, 11, 18 on the ravenclaw asks :)

Oh my gosh, I was so excited to see this in my inbox but then life happened and I am just now answering it! Sorry it’s taken so long! I promise I really love getting these, thank you very much! <3 :D

9. What was is your favorite subject in school?

SCIENCE!!!!!! Specifically biology (which is why I’m a bio major), but chemistry ain’t too bad either. I am absolutely fascinated by the workings of life, especially with anything dealing with evolution, paleontology, zoology, ecology, or phylogeny, and I’m warming up to microbiology and genetics more and more. God I just love it, and there’s always more to learn.

11. Which historical figure fascinates you and why?

Ooh this is a tough one bc I don’t focus on history a whole lot and I’m afraid a lot of my knowledge has not been updated since my time in the American public school system… I guess I’ll name who I’d like to learn more about: Alfred Wallace (he independently came up with the idea of evolution by natural selection around the same time Darwin did, but never receives as much credit), Cleopatra VII, Anne Bonny, Rachel Carson, Hedy Lamarr… ooh wait I just thought of one I do know about (she’s not very well known but deserves to be). Nancy Wake. I did a project on her in high school. She was a badass Allied spy in WWII, I would definitely recommend googling her (she once killed a Nazi with her bare hands).

18. Do you have a collection of anything?

Books (I want to have a personal library in my house one day), but not special editions or anything, just books that I loved or found super interesting. I’m running out of space in my room for all of them. And… art supplies. I should never go into an art supply store unsupervised. I also had a pretty sweet insect collection over the summer for a field biology class, but sadly I had to turn it in for a grade.


(These are just my colored pencils… I have a bit of a problem)

Ravenclaw Asks (there’s also links to other house asks)

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4, 14 and 24 for the end of year fic asks! πŸ’•

4. total number of words you wrote this year

Approx. 215k which is mind boggling.

14. a fic you didn’t expect to write

Um… All of them? LOL! The most surprising one was probably The Cottage. That one came out of no where and just slapped me upside the head. The only one I had intentions of writing this year was We Make Our Own Fate.

24. favorite fic you read this year

Dang… you can’t do that to me. There are too many amazing fics in this fandom and I have read outstanding fics this year. However, the one fic I am the most invested in at the moment would probably be The Hanging Tree by @demisexualemmaswan (Grrr Tumblr. Why won’t you tag??)

Send me a fanfic end of year Ask!

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9, 12 and 13 for the nationality tag β™₯

OH, many thanks!!

9. which of your neighbouring countries would you like to visit most/know best?

Hmm, I’d say all of them!!! Switzerland, Austria, Croatia… eh, kinda? For the sea - they got the better part of the Adriatic Sea *grrr* - because I’ve never been there and France again because I LOVE IT! And I’d love to go back for a REAL Disneyland trip.

12. what do you think about English translations of your favourite native prose/poem?

Ah. I don’t think I have a favourite italian poem - you know, when they “force” you to study stuff, you either love them, or are immune to their beauty. But recently I devoured read Gabriel’s Inferno trilogy and there’s a lot of Dante in there and it was a good translation.

I honestly think important things are lost when translated, and the dumbest example I can make is Disney’s songs: in English, they have a deep sense, even inside jokes of sorts (i.e. Love is an open door in Frozen) and then, when translated, they lose meaning.

13. does your country (or family) have any specific superstitions or traditions that might seem strange to outsiders?

I don’t think my family is superstitious? Well, maybe my mom is. A bit. I don’t know if somewhere else you do this, but if you spill the salt, it’s considered bad luck so you have to take a pinch of it and throw it behind you. Some other things you shouldn’t do is pass under a ladder or open an umbrella inside, wish happy birthay before it’s that person’s birthday, of course, 7 years of bad luck if you break a mirror… Nothing else comes to mind!

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13, 14, 23 and 26 for the fic reading q's β™₯

13. What is your favourite fanfic trope?


Originally posted by your-eyes-were-full-of-regret

14. What kind of plotline are you always here for?

Give me a good angsty plotline any day!  Maybe whump up the character a little too ;)


Originally posted by killian-whump

23.  What do you wish more fic authors would do?

Sigh.  So much. Look, here is how it is.  We are ALL authors.  We have all devoted an enormous part of our time and lives to creating characters, plots, WHOLE FUCKING WORLDS, for other people to enjoy.  And we do this for free.  FREE.  Just let that sink in.  Nothing in this life is free, especially not something so gloriously beneficial to both reader and writer.  Authors write and readers flail.  That’s how it has always been and always will be, but I have seen (in multiple fandoms) a whole bunch of entitled authors, usually with a huge fanfic back catalogue who think they can abuse whatever power they think they hold.  If they were a spouse, they would be abusive.  And it’s not okay, because it has leaked over the entire fanfic writing world to the point authors are scared of asking for praise, or scared of even posting in some cases, like asking for a comment or kudos makes us entitled too.  No.  Praise is feedback.  Kudos means someone likes what you are doing.  Comments, good or bad, are critical to authors future projects.  How many writers reading this have received a negative comment or misguided ‘constructive criticism’, after which, you decided that maybe the person was right and your writing was bad?  Stop.  You’re writing isn’t bad.  There are no bad writers.  There are no bad readers, only the victims of influence.  They don’t hate your writing, they just don’t know how to suggest improvements in any other way than what they have learned from reading the elitist author who begins their authors note with ‘Here it is. not sorry it’s late. you should be thankful for my words.’ - No.  Attitudes are learned, and I have found so many authors with this type of ignorance, with such a huge fanbase who are to the point where they are scared to NOT read their work.  For real, there is a prolific author from an unnamed fandom who went on a fucking witch hunt of one of her readers who spoke out about their writing.  And what happened?  THEY were coddled because of negative feedback.  A GOOD author takes the good and the bad and puts them to use.  A GOOD author would never publically berate a reader for offering a little criticism.  We are all adults here, on the internet, and in reality.  We all know the difference between being kind and being outright nasty offline, and yet, what anonymity we hide behind online.  

TL;DR: Author’s should treat their readers with the respect they deserve.

26. How long do you like chapters to be?

THIS I CAN ANSWER!  So, I’ll write Ch 1 and then when that reaches a natural stopping point, that defines the length of chapters thereafter +/- 500-1000 words.  It’s a very precise, exact science, my friend.  Sometimes you will see my eye twitching because I have gone over these parameters, but It’s okay, I usually only cry about it for a week or so.

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ALL THE 3's PLEASE (and also 14 just because! β™₯)

Thank you for these!

3. Do you read WIP (works in progress)? Why or why not?

Yes? I am leery to start wips, because it is so easy for me to fall behind. I prefer to binge my way through something. However, I do have several wips I follow that I will drop everything for when they update. (Looking at you @alexandralyman​) I will also start a wip if the author is a close friend and we’ve had conversations about it, or if I know the fic won’t have too many chapters/parts, so it isn’t a big deal if I get behind because I can binge it within a few weeks of it starting.

13. What is your favourite fanfic trope?

Trapped together and *gasp* THERE’S ONLY ONE BED!!!

14. What kind of plotline are you always here for?

Any that brings Killian some injuries or pain. I am here for whump and make no bones about it. I also like problematic themes.

23. What do you wish more fic authors would do?

Take breaks when they need it. We have such an amazing fandom with so many events still happening each month. I know I have been guilty of spreading myself thin, wanting to be involved in EVERYTHING, but at some point burn out does happen. It’s okay to opt out of things, to take a brief hiatus from writing/creating. The fandom will still be here, ready to celebrate and flail with you over your new piece. There’s no rush!! If you need a writing break, then take it. Even if you have posted wips waiting for updates, even if you have a deadline. It. Is. Okay. To. Take. A. Break! (And yes, I am 100% addressing myself here!)

Send me a fanfic reader ask!

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13, 14 and 15 for the fic reading questions β™₯

13. What is your favorite fanfic trope?

There are so many awesome fanfic tropes that it’s hard to choose!  I think my favorite, though, is enemies to lovers.  It just has such amazing potential for witty banter and sexual tension.  The other thing I love about this trope is that it’s so versatile.  It can be combined with soooooo many other delicious tropes–bed sharing, being trapped somewhere together, fake dating, etc.

14. What kind of plotline are you always here for?

It kind of depends on my mood.  Sometimes I want something light and fluffy.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for a long fic full of action and adventure.  Some angst or whump is okay, but I don’t really care for fics that are nothing but angst-fests.  One thing that will make me love a fic forever is a really, really good plot twist.  What makes a really, really good plot twist? It’s got to be something that I didn’t see coming, but that changes the entire landscape of the story.  It also can’t be something that comes out of nowhere.  It needs to be something that, once it happens, I can look back through previous chapters and see all kinds of clues that I didn’t recognize before.  I love it when a story does that, and I hope to one day be able to write a twist like that myself.

15. What can an author do to make you love them? 

Well, as you can see above, I love the really, really good plot twist.  Beyond that, I love authors that write well.  I realize that’s a very vague and unspecific answer, but good writing is something that it’s hard to describe, but you know it when you read it.  Good writing inspires my muse more than anything else.  I suppose if you want me to be more specific, what I love is prose that’s beautiful, almost reads like poetry.  I love when the author manages to make me forget they’re even there; stories where I almost feel like I’m living the action rather than just reading it; where there’s just the right amount and right kinds of description to make me almost see, smell, feel, taste what the characters do.

Send me a fanfic reader ask.

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@shardminds​ replied to your post “Me: Wants to word, but doesn’t want to miss any new goodies Flips back…”

that’s what i’m doing now too! colin will be the death of me!!!!

Been there, done that! I’ve died at least as many times as Killian Jones by now, and it’s a constant competition between myself and his characters overall as to who has the highest death count.

Hades has a suite for me in the Underworld with a fabulous view of his torture room. 


Originally posted by caprelloidea

So I don’t mind the Death by Colin so much at this point, lol

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I JUST READ THE FACEBOOK FUB! AAAAAAHHH! What a beautiful fic! Such a good plot and characterisation of their relationship! I loved every minute of it! πŸ’•

Originally posted by castielamigos

You’re gonna make me cry! 😭 

Seriously, this makes me so happy. I have such a soft spot for TFF, so it means a lot knowing that you enjoyed it! Thank you so much!

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