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Paper Dreams

I print my dreams on paper

They look like words but

They sprout, turn green

Look like Benji’s

Jackson’s, and satisfactions

I make your fanta-sies

My reali-ties

My life’s not just infatuation

I don’t march to reactions

I’m that dude that takes action

while yall fans split into factions

Just lovers and haters

caught up in distractions

worried bout me

sitting on the beach, she beside me

I just think and I lean

as I stack up my green

cuz I print my dreams

I’m that me, myself,

my own dream team.

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This is SUCH a great song and so I’m going to make a whole ass elsarik playlist but it’s gonna take me some time but until then you need to know that I am legally not allowed to make a romantic playlist without including “can’t help falling in love with you” so that will be on there FOR SURE

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.. tryin’ 2 get something going 2day..if you know whats up and whats happened you already know theres more cash to be made in the next 3 months than the last 3 YEARS. aint no joke, take it from a 20 yr vet in this shit..hustlers - get it in, and dope fiends - get it on…to work, motherfucker.. aint no $200 an ounce shit no more! get ur asses a job u wanna get 💯💯

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Ups and downs and perceptions

Thing about this life

Half the time passin out

Like narcoleptic

My car I wrecked it

Always been pessimistic

Mostly words in my mouth

Like thought prisons

My life I wrecked it

This life on point like a knife

Sometimes you wake up

Like stim blast off

My life I owned up

Your interpretation basikly defending

Your self centric reputation

Ain’t no interpretation

Of my elevated situation

Heavy medication

Perceptual intoxication

Can’t change my position

After levelin up, to you

My showin up got you fucked up

I woke up and sucked it up

Wanted my life

To reup but no fronts on design

Success is a sign

That I’ve been up I got refined

Yup, being down just

Ain’t my tea cup

I’m on amped coffee kettles

Cuz I resolved I’d

Never ever settle or … back pedal!

******Shout out from The ShaRdiSt, #shardlyfe perpetrator the ShardiStry out and about, maybe now maybe later, sup to all the fans…..fuck all the haters and sketchy masterbators…….yo mah fellow iCe skaters…….you too my gift straight from heaven mah ghetto guardian angel, I’ll always be your devilish instigator, hope I aint left no one out ‘cept them punk insinuators. And fuck you Rona thanks for the va-cay my stay-cay*******

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