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#share your fave song covers by cartoon characters with me
working-dreamer · 4 months ago
You know what needs to be its own music genre? Popular songs being covered by voice actors. You surprisingly don’t see it often with kid’s shows, but on the rare times it does pop up, it really highlights how much fun voice actors can have with their characters.
I mean you got:
The Looney Tunes singing It’s Now or Never by Elvis
Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Time Warp
Daffy and Bugs Bunny singing Can’t Buy Me Love by the Beatles
Larry and Mr. Lunt singing I Will Always Love You by Celine Dion
Bugs Bunny singing Good Luck Charm by Elvis
Bob and Larry singing Footloose
The Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
The list goes on and on with other examples but those are just some of my favorites.
You can just tell the voice actors are having an absolute blast when you hear these song covers. Plus, it’s such a cool thing to see these characters cross over into our reality in a sense. Idk- it’s just fun! XD
I’m gonna listen to The Looney Tunes sing Jailhouse Rock again.
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thatsthat24 · 2 years ago
New Inktober for 2019!
Once again, I was asked to create a new list of art prompts for October this year! These creations from you guys are ALWAYS so amazing, so I’m excited to bring you a new list! I got so many suggestions from my friends! You can use #TSinktober if you’d like to share your creations!
Remember: Even if we’re on Day 31, and you wanna post art based off the Day 1 prompt, you DEFINITELY can! There is no lateness for posting art, because it’s all entirely for fun! Hope you enjoy!!
Day 1: In a twist from the past years’ Day 1 prompts, I want to see you take a traditional Halloween monster or character, and draw what they look like Sep. 30th, and then their traditional look when it’s October 1st!  Maybe they don’t get spoopy until October 1st haha.
Day 2: Turn fall weather into a character! Could be the human embodiment of Fall, or the spirit responsible for Fall occurring, or something else!
Day 3: Turn a famous painting into a spoopy Halloween version!
Day 4: Draw a classic still life of items belonging to your favorite character. Let us guess who the items belong to!
Day 5: Draw your best friend or yourself (or both) GOIN GHOST. Ya know, that good ole Danny Phantom transformation!
Day 6: A Pokémon hanging out with (or running from) the zombified version of itself
Day 7: Choose two months, personify them, then draw what their first date would look like
Day 8: Sanders Sides characters on their dream vacations!
Day 9: A business that a Halloween monster or character would thrive on if they ran it!
Day 10: Take any popular author, imagine if they were a superhero, and draw what their comic book cover would look like!
Day 11: Portray any Disney princess as the “monster/scary thing” from a horror movie such as The Conjuring, The Nun, etc., either depicting them in a scene from the movie or the poster for the movie!
Day 12: Take any two coffee flavors, like Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint, and draw a battle between them, Mortal Kombat style (brew-tality lol)
Day 13: Take any Avenger from the MCU, and reimagine them as a Pokemon Gym Master! What would their Pokemon team look like?
Day 14: Reimagine a Sanders Sides, Cartoon Therapy, or other original character from our content as a kind of humanoid piece of candy or sweet treat!
Day 15: I really enjoyed this prompt from last year, so this year, take any Disney Villain, and use them as the inspiration for a Met Gala outfit! NO DALMATIAN PUPPY FUR ALLOWED, ALL OF YOU CRUELLA FANS.
Day 16: Take any traditional Halloween monster/character or any horror movie villain and make… them… CUTE. Now whether that’s adorably cuddly cute or va-va-voom cute is completely up to you! - Erin
Day 17: Take your fave character or OC and reimagine Steampunk versions of them!
Day 18: Take your fave food and create a cartoon character based off of it! It can have its own style, be stylized after an existing cartoon, whatever you wish!
Day 19: Take a quote from a book, song, or movie that particularly inspired you, and make it the main centerpiece of this day’s piece of art! Wherever you’d want to take the art from there is up to you!
Day 20: Here’s a cool challenge for ya! You can draw any Halloween-themed picture you want, BUT It’s all in ONE pen stroke. You can’t take your drawing utensil off the paper!
Day 21: What if anyone else from Halloweentown, other than Jack Skellington, had discovered and fell in love with Christmastown? Would anyone else have tried to dress up as Santa? Would they hatch another plan entirely??
Day 22: Back due to demand, take your fave character(s) from two different animated tv shows/anime/movie and depict them in each other’s animation style! An animation swap, if you will!
Day 23: Ever watch a movie or show and wish it had ended a different way? This is your chance to correct the plots to conclude the way YOU wanted it concluded! Oh boy, this may end up getting controversial lol
Day 24: We all know traditional Halloween monsters... but create what you think the Halloween monsters of today or the FUTURE would be!!
Day 25: This one is purely selfish because I’m still so in love with the past creations. Take ANY character of your choice from ANY piece of media and draw them in the style of a Tim Burton illustration!
Day 26: Speaking of classics, gotta include this one cause it’s tradition! Draw your OTP in Halloween costumes that are designed to go together!!
Day 27: Take any dramatic scene from any scary or Halloween-y movie... and meme it.
Day 28: How to Train Your [Insert Monster/Demon/Halloween-y creature here]
Day 29: This one is SUPER open-ended, but I’m into that. Take any book, turn to the 13th page (so the book has to be at least 13 pages lol) and go to the 13th word on that page (if it’s an article like “a” or “the”, just go to the next adjacent noun/verb/adjective/adverb) and use it as the inspiration for a one-worded scary movie/book. Draw that poster or book cover!
Day 30: Slightly inspired by the eerie vibe one can sometimes get from Spinel (SU), Betty Boop cartoons, etc. take any character, Halloween-y creature or otherwise from any of your fave piece of media, and depict them in the classic rubberhose/ Max Fleischer-inspired art style!!
Day 31: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Do you remember a specific Halloween that was especially memorable for you?? It might have been because of the friends you spent it with, or a memorable moment that happened, or because of a costume you were particularly fond of. Or maybe there were a series of Halloweens that were dear to you because of a tradition you did with your family (and maybe still do!). Depict that moment along with an explanation! If you just wanna write about it, that’s fine too!
As always, you guys have been absolutely blowing me away with your incredible creations!! I love this time of year and seeing what your talents produce!! Thank you for all the amazing works and have a WONDERFUL October!!!
Thank you to all my friends whose suggestions helped to make this list!
Dahlia, AJ, Tammy, Ellen, Adri, Fariha, Brei, Rafaela, Jack, Esteban
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eggyukhei · 9 months ago
1-60 :)
for the “nice asks” ask game! thank u cat for being an absolute savage and not allowing anyone else to ask HAHAHAAHAHAHAH this was v fun thank u :)
01. selfie
ok so you already know what i look like + i don’t have any good selfies i wanna share so let me bestow upon you this amazing art i did in ps [taken down]
02. what would you name your future kids?
ooh!! hmm i really like the names clementine, ellie, marceline, june, and probably some flower names i don’t remember right now. also alex, sam, felix, xavier, david, howell maybe???? idk most names i like are from media or games i like haha!
03. do you miss anyone?
YES omg my dearest friends !!! i talk to em online but i miss going to their house and hanging out and being dumb irl!!!! i’m glad they initiate conversations with me though because i mega suck at it qwq but also my bro because he lives in a different city now. also my cousins, i haven’t seen them in a long long time ugh qwq qwqwqwqwqwqw tbh i miss everyone when i think about em . sheesh
04. what are you looking forward to?
currently, tomorrow!! friday night hangouts with @outrowings are, how you say. POGGGG HHAAH but we’re gonna get married later tonight on minecraft anyways so we won’t be apart for that long HAHAHAHA
05. is there anyone who can always make you smile?
YEAH omg my lovely closest friends e.g. @/dweebazoids who sent me a hilarious ask yesterday LMFAODAFHASFKJA my bffl ... wifey uwu and other peeps in our friend group, and also best bro nitya ^^^^^ @/outrowings!!!!! because we share one braincell :)
06. is it hard for you to get over someone?
hm.......................................................................... hmm........................................................ idk how to answer this....................................... JHFSFHAFDSJHS i think i dwell on nostalgia a lot but i also know i do not feel strongly enough to make past memories happen. like i think abt past friendships that were honestly not even that like. strong but there were good times a lot???????? idk.. /has an existential crisis/
07. what was your life like last year?
really awesome in the beginning and then when covid happened i had like 10+ missing assignments but my teacher was cool about it and gave me 80% on all of them when i turned them in late but then the habit bled into big boi college........ but it was still a grand ol time HAHAHA
08. have you ever cried because you were so annoyed?
i literally cry like when i get really excited for 1 second watching a show i love so yeah probably. it’s the pisces sun
09. who did you last see in person?
outside of my parents, @/outrowings because she came to my house earlier today to pick up and drop off stuff, distanced ofc :))) hmm also we just facetimed. hmm what are we bro
10. are you good at hiding your feelings?
i think i lean more heart on my sleeve than closed off, but i also feel like i can hide it well if i really want to!
11. are you listening to music right now?
as i type this out, i am listening to the unknown guest by dean (one of my fav dean songs!!!!!)
12. what is something you want right now?
FRIED CHICKEN OR THAI FOOD OMG my mom has been cooking a lot since covid and it’s been all good but I MISS GOING OUT AND PIGGING OUTTTT but maybe i’ll get it for my bday but i do not have the capacity to think that far ahead
13. how do you feel right now?
fucking great!!!! no friday classes so i’m free for the rest of the day, nitya gave me ginger beer and my hero academia shot glasses LMFAOOOO to which my dad called these anime characters “babies” bc he didn’t know wth anime is. or didn’t think to call em cartoon characters like ok dad there’s a whole BUFF MAN ON ONE OF THEM BUT CALL HIM BABY TO ASSERT DOMINANCE I GUESS
14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you?
who’s not related to me?????????????????????????? bruh idk prob last year when i did my nasa thing and said goodbye to the friends i made there QWQ
15. personality description
dorky and shameless who has no filter and makes tons of dirty and out of pocket jokes if the present company allows it. egg fiend. cute tho
16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn’t?
liked someone a couple years ago and was gonna confess a bit after they broke up with someone but before i did they brought up someone they thought was cute and it turned out good because i do not want to date them presently LOL
17. opinion on insecurities.
what does this even mean LOL tbh i live life v much presently and also i simply do not have the capability to stay worried on a lot of things. i guess i will avoid things that make me insecure but insecurities themselves are not a big deal in my opinion???? because everyone has them????????????? like it’s not bad to be insecure but like i think that to some extent you have power over yourself and you gotta run into something HEAD EMPTY you know to say fuck you to the insecurity e.g. i v much prefer having all of my skin covered up instead of wearing skirts/dresses or tanks but sometimes u gotta like separate urself from ur thoughts for a minute. so in a way insecurities can help u become stronger!!! yeah idk LOL
18. do you miss how things were a year ago?
omg i miss being able to fuck off in school and now i’m getting rekt but things are honestly really great now in terms of family and friend relationships so like. tbh no, even after all the struggles, some really good stuff have happened since then!
19. have you ever been to New York?
yes! perhaps i have also. done things like performed in central park and maybe. even in carnegie hall. hehehe prob will del that later for reasons but yeah i was really lucky and privileged in hs :)
20. what is your favorite song at the moment?
really enjoying jayu by se so neon and also white noise by cavalier + crush!
21. age and birthday?
turning 21 this sunday :)
22. description of crush.
kim doyoung. i hate him
23. fear(s)
letting people i love down, spiders, creepy crawlies. also getting murdered
24. height
BASICALLY 5′2″ but +8″ elsewhere (everyday i lose the will to filter myself)
25. role model
no one
26. idol(s)
no one?? i feel like this is the same question. in terms of kpop idols, kim doyoung. also crush. love that man
27. things i hate
hypocriticism, see animal fears ^, when someone’s high beams are on, .... i don’t have many hates i think. i think i simply Do Not Care enough to hate something LOL
28. i’ll love you if...
i can be super dumb and out of pocket with you. kind to everyone else not just me but like idk pamper me once in a while but not smother me. self-sufficient but also can open up and rely on me. smart but also dumb. maybe i just wanna date a taller dude version of myself bruh
29. favorite film(s)
literally just putting pics of my faves list on letterboxd LMFAOOOO also moots if you use letterboxd and you wanna follow each other on there lmk. warning i have like zero filter, you will be ashamed reading my reviews
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
30. favorite tv show(s)
parks and rec, the office, community, brooklyn 99, atla, regular show; for anime, then my hero academia, haikyuu, cells at work, samurai champloo, cowboy bebop!
31. 3 random facts
(1) hit in the face with a swing when i was 5 and got the cut on my forehead glued together (2) met don ho from paris by night once and parents took a pic on the flip phone they had like in 2009 but then forgot to save the photo (3) had my first kiss with a guy who was on a volunteer trip with me in the dominican republic (LMFAO THIS IS SO SPECIFIC I’M TAKING IT OUT LATER)
32. are your friends mainly girls or guys?
i guess in general guys, but the people i mainly talk to are like 2 girls and 1 guy
33. something you want to learn
how to make tumblr themes!!!! i have to actually sit down and read up on html + css first tho. also sign language
34. most embarrassing moment
i do not have enough shame to remember off the top of my head. maybe wearing jeans to fucking TENNIS PRACTICE WHEN I WAS 10 like why did my mom not stop me. i thought i looked fresh as fuck but i was prob just a clown for wearing them to tennis. why mom why
35. favorite subject
dependent on teacher + classmates tbh but i loved band in hs + some history lectures! i did like spanish a lot too but that’s bc my teachers liked me enough for me to goof off and say dumb shit all the time LMAOOO
36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?
(1) travel the world, mostly eurasia + places to snorkel (2) live comfortably off my own income (3) ????????????????????????????? eat some good fucking food i guess!!!!
37. favorite actor/actress
nic cage (IRONICALLY), jack black (kung fu panda + school of rock hello), SIMON PEGG (cornetto trilogy gmfu) but also director edgar wright for movies ok. what a god!!! and for actress.... idk it’s so hard to remember !!! i liked selena gomez a lot in wizards of waverly place LMFAO
38. favorite comedian(s)
me (and bo burnham! well idk any others but i loved his netflix stuff)
39. favorite sport(s)
tennis, volleyball by association + the couple games i watched, i think lacrosse looks sooo cool too. archery looks cool too!!
40. favorite memory
damn too many too many. i have a lot of fond moments with my friends, like casually hanging out and saying dumb shit is the best. recently, i’ve just been thinking of late high school and early college years a lot though!
41. relationship status
single irl but will be married to nitya on minecraft soon. take that how you will
42. favorite book(s)
howl’s moving castle, six of crows duology, percy jackson + house of olympus series, and i’m sure i will fall in love with the raven cycle once i finish the series !!
43. favorite song ever
EVER??? no way bruh !!! but if it’s ever we gotta go way back..... maybe some old beatles songs from help! or rubber soul or something. or maybe something from songs about jane/it won’t be soon before long by maroon 5. but in general i love love love crush’s songs, like digital lover, let me, nappa, sofa, whatever you do, with you.... also dean’s songs come over, the unknown guest.... also zico’s being left, balloon, .... also other stuff like the whole swimmer album by tennis, songs by beirut like elephant gun, le moribond, postcards from italy... i am all over the place
44. age you get mistaken for
typically people see me as in the 17-20 range i think???? idk i haven’t met new people irl in so long LOL
45. how you found out about your idol
nitya sent me an 8d version of t7s LMFAOOOO and i thought doyoung was cute in the mv but i literally Disliked him when i saw him in the early variety shows idk what happened. i grew tasteful all of a sudden i guess. BUT I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER SEEING HIM IN THE AD FOR HEECHUL’S LIPSTICK PRINCE THING AND THINKING OMGGG THAT GUY WAS SOO CUTEEE WTF BUT NOT LOOKING INTO THE SHOW OR ANYONE ON IT BUT AFTER GETTING INTO NCT I WAS LIKE WTF THIS DUDE LOOKS SO FAMILIAR?? AND LO AND BEHOLD DOYOUNG WAS THE SUPER CUTE GUY KJAHFAKDFHS
46. what my last text message says
not pog
47. turn ons
omg is this allowed here. kids look away AHAHAHAH but idk big strong man is a plus. i do like biceps kek. big smile/laugh!!!!!!! also BACKSSS omg a nice back is very seggsi. physically, prob someone built like jongin, but also people who are kind and emotionally aware?????????????????????????? nut
48. turn offs
more irresponsible than ME???? asshole. close-minded. UNABLE TO ADMIT FAULT AND BETTER THEMSELVES BIG DEALBREAKER
49. where i want to be right now
at my dinner table but i AM ALMOST DONEEEE also idk in the car on a road trip would be amazing
50. favorite picture of your idol
every soft black-haired no makeup pic of doyoung ever
51. star sign
pisces sun + virgo moon + cancer rising
52. something i’m talented at
strong eater. ummmmmmmmmm never failing at making terrible puns. idk i like to be a jack of all trades master of none HAHAAH
53. 5 things that make me happy
(1) friends + family (2) snuggled up in bed (3) cool socks (4) matcha ice cream and similar colors/shades to matcha (5) music. all of it
54. something that’s worrying me at the moment
the upcoming work due for classes i skipped lecture for. oop
55. tumblr friends
omg YOU + @/violetlix + @/dreamystuffers + @/marktchi + @/dropofgoldensun are like the only non-irls i have ever really dm’ed or interacted with over tumblr
56. favorite food(s)
meat, chocolate [pastries], fruit pastries, ice cream, pizza, EGGS, bread, thai food, mexican food, viet food -- particularly chao, bun rieu, pho, BANH KHOT, che sam bo luong.
57. favorite animal(s)
manta rays, whale sharks, bears, wolves, chinchillas, cats, dogs, the birbs that are phat and look like straight up circles
58. description of my best friend
one of the least judgmental/most open-minded people i have ever known. considerate, selfless almost to a fault sometimes, kind-hearted, hardworking, patient, loyal, intelligent, hilarious, soo soososos supportive and encouraging and dependable. ALSO fashionable and seggsi. the only person i’d let get me pr-eggnant
59. why i joined tumblr
in 2012, the person who got me into kpop sent me big bang imagines and 2pm taecyeon x snsd yoona fics through here LMFAOOO but yeah i was into big bang scenarios back then and over time i morphed into a writer after getting into exo, bts, and nct!
60. ask me anything you want
you fool you didn’t see this one!!! so you only get 59 questions answered hhahahaahah!!!!!! but i will take this time to say that you’re really awesome cat, i’m so grateful that you’ve persistently messaged me ever since because as you know, i am not someone who is consistent with dms. you always make me laugh with your comments and memes you send me, and honestly you’re someone i find very dependable and can seek advice from if i ever need it. you would make an amazing older sis :,)
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mistbastard · 4 years ago
You know the drill, all tHE ASKS
Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? I don’t actually use any of them
is your room messy or clean? Room is okay, but desk looks like a war zone
what color are your eyes? brown
do you like your name? why? Yeah? It’s fairly unique but it’s spelled how it sounds, which is nice. And I’m used to it so
what is your relationship status? in a polyamorous relationship with about a dozen fictional characters
describe your personality in 3 words or less um…. obsessive, spontaneous, triestobeagoodfriendbutidkhowconsistentlyisucceed (that counts as one word right?)
what color hair do you have? brown
what kind of car do you drive? color? 20 years old and don’t have a driver’s licence eyyyy
where do you shop? At stores? Mostly of the grocery variety
how would you describe your style? Pretty casual I guess. Jeans and tanktops/t-shirts, dark colors, boots, army jacket
favorite social media account Does the OT count as social media? If so that
what size bed do you have? Sad little twin-sized mattress with very broken innersprings (yay college apartments)
any siblings? one younger sister
if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why? I’m honestly loving Edinburgh so staying here for the time being would be great
favorite snapchat filter? don’t have snapchat, so don’t know
favorite makeup brand(s) whatever’s cheap and doesn’t smudge
how many times a week do you shower? Usually every other day, so, like, 3-4. If it’s hot out then closer to 5-6
favorite tv show? FIREFLY. With additional special mentions to Blackadder, M*A*S*H, and Merlin
shoe size? US size? UK size? European size? CAN YOU TELL I’VE HAD A CONFUSING TIME SHOE SHOPPING OVER HERE??? (US 8, Euro 39, UK a Mystery)
how tall are you? 5′5″
sandals or sneakers? COMBAT BOOTS (but converse are second place so sneakers)
do you go to the gym? pfffft no
describe your dream date A ride in the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo would be pretty cool
how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment? *checks* around £55
what color socks are you wearing? not wearing socks
how many pillows do you sleep with? two
do you have a job? what do you do? college student who really does need to start thinking about an actual job, seeing as how they’re graduating in a few months
how many friends do you have? I think that number really depends on where you draw the what-defines-a-friend line but, um, a decent enough number I guess? I do need more irl friends over here though
whats the worst thing you have ever done? Some high school friends and I were kinda shitty to this one girl in our group, so maybe that. Idk, I’ve done a lot of small-ish terrible things but nothing super dramatic so it’s hard to pick one as the /worst/
whats your favorite candle scent? IKEA had this one green-apple-scented candle that to this day I wish I would have bought.
3 favorite boy names That’s so hard to narrow down and now all I can think of are fictional characters that I like. Um… *throws darts at mental dartboard* Sam, Nathan, Adrian. Although those might be pretty heavily influenced by the fact that I’ve met awesome people with all of those names so. For fictional characters, Kaz Brekker is a fantastic name, as is Han Solo, as is Ronan Lynch, and…. I should stop. There are so many names that I like though
3 favorite girl names Same problem as above. *throws more mental darts* Sierra, Lyra, Clare
favorite actor? I’m currently in watch-everything-that-Diego-Luna-has-ever-been-in mode. More long-term favorites are Harrison Ford and Richard Armitage
favorite actress? Catherine Tate is pretty fantabulous.
who is your celebrity crush? I like how the question asks for “crush,” singular
favorite movie? Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park
do you read a lot? whats your favorite book? Not as much as I used to. Favorites (yes, plural) include The Book Thief, Six of Crows, Illuminae, Inkspell, The Dream Thieves, Half Moon Investigations, and so many more…..
money or brains? For me or in others? Either way, both is always nice xD
do you have a nickname? what is it? Well the OT crew knows me as Clary so. My camp counselor name was Coconut
how many times have you been to the hospital? I’ve been to the ER once or twice, but I don’t think I’ve ever stayed overnight in a hospital
top 10 favorite songs How dare you. Okay, um…. *tries to pick from a variety of bands and not just my 1-2 faves* Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back (MCR), Daze (Poets of the Fall), When Everything Comes to an End (Plan Three), Brush it Off (Plan Three), Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day), Morning Tide (PotF), Subrosa (Plan Three), What About Now (Daughtry), Ambulance (MCR), Rogue (PotF)…. that’s ten…. that didn’t even come CLOSE to covering them all (and so much for a variety of bands, heh)
do you take any medications daily? nope
what is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc) Pretty normal? Maybe slightly on the oily side
what is your biggest fear? jellyfish and plane crashes
how many kids do you want? ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH, NADA, NONE, KEINE, NUL. NO THANK YOU.
whats your go to hair style? Well seeing as how my hair’s kinda too short to do much with it, either down or in a partial ponytail
what type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc) grimy old student apartment woohoo
who is your role model? Nina Zenik
what was the last compliment you received? I have no idea
what was the last text you sent? “Honestly though I can’t say I’d mind if he actually did invade my hotel room. He’s one of the few people that could get away with it ;D” …..I’m not sure whether the context would make this better or worse
how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real? 8, maybe? There was never a dramatic earth-shattering reveal; understanding was kinda gradual
what is your dream car? a spaceship
opinion on smoking? it’s disgusting why would you ever
do you go to college? yes
what is your dream job? underwater archaeologist by day, bestselling novelist by night. space pirate is also an option.
would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs? Can I just say smack-dab in the city center? Is that not an option? Because that’s where I am now and I’m loving it.
do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? No but the last hotels I was in provided instant tea/coffee/hot chocolate packets and I stole all the hot chocolate packets
do you have freckles? no
do you smile for pictures? usually
how many pictures do you have on your phone? 1248. I need to delete a bunch.
have you ever peed in the woods? Yes, many times. I’ve also peed in the desert many times.
do you still watch cartoons? Yes, although different ones than from when I was a kid
do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds? Neither, honestly
Favorite dipping sauce? There’s this one place in San Francisco whose french fries are, like, award-winning and they have a zillion dipping sauces, one of which is a lemon saffron aioli and it is heavenly.
what do you wear to bed? a t-shirt and sometimes pants, if it’s cold enough
have you ever won a spelling bee? no but I think I was in the top ten?
what are your hobbies? wasting time, reading, watching movies/tv shows, writing and drawing when I have the motivation
can you draw? Kind of?
do you play an instrument? Clarinet for 11 years, plus saxophone, mediocre piano, and mediocre guitar
what was the last concert you saw? Poets of the Fall. I died. Many times over.
tea or coffee? neither honestly, though tea if I absolutely had to pick
Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Don’t really care
do you want to get married? If I somehow find a way to make fictional characters come to life, sure
what is your crush’s first and last initial? S.B.
are you going to change your last name when you get married? Unless I marry someone with an impossibly cool last name, no
what color looks best on you? probably black. purple and olive green look good too
do you miss anyone right now? The SOAR Squad
do you sleep with your door open or closed? Considering I share an apartment with five other students, closed, always
do you believe in ghosts? not really, no
what is your biggest pet peeve? When people are unwilling to look facts in the eye
last person you called? Maybe my mom?
favorite ice cream flavor? COOKIE DOUGH
regular oreos or golden oreos? Does golden mean no chocolate? If so then regular, why would you take away chocolate
chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? always chocolate
what shirt are you wearing? a purple one that for once isn’t fandom related
what is your phone background? Sir Gwaine in sunglasses
are you outgoing or shy? It honestly depends. I think I’ve gotten a lot better at pretending to be outgoing
do you like it when people play with your hair? Depends who that person is
do you like your neighbors? I’m gonna interpret this as apartment-mates and while I don’t really know them too well yeah they seem pretty alright
do you wash your face? at night? in the morning? Whenever I shower
have you ever been high? Only on sugar and sleep deprivation
have you ever been drunk? Yes, but not enough to black out or give me a hangover
last thing you ate? Cheesy bacon-ey mushroom-ey salsa-ey scrambled eggs
favorite lyrics right now “And now assassination is just the only waaaaayyyyyy…..” by the cowboys in Dr. Horrible
summer or winter? Winter if there’s snow, but summer’s great too. idk
day or night? Night
dark, milk, or white chocolate? All of the above?
favorite month? October has the best weather
what is your zodiac sign? go away
who was the last person you cried in front of? My friend Josh (some of you might know him as medieval dude 1.0) because I went to see Rogue One with him
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nihilisticking · 4 years ago
365 Drawing Challenge
1. Draw one of your friends if they were the opposite sex 2. A tragedy 3. Create a new OC and draw their debut 4. A romance 5. Euphoria 6. Missing 7. Draw one of your current OCs as detailed as possible 8. Stupidity 9. Abandoned 10. A self portrait 11. An advertisement 12. A collection of stick figures on post it notes (drawn by different friends) 13. Alone 14. Agony 15. Give a current OC a wardrobe transformation 16. An abstract version of your ideal future 17. Forever 18. Runaway 19. Good vs. Evil 20. A punk couple 21. The quiet girl 22. Music 23. Horror 24. Shooting stars 25. Corruption 26. Beauty of Spring 27. Beauty of Summer 28. Beauty of Fall 29. Beauty of Winter 30. Victorian queen 31. Bride 32. Pessimism 33. Superhero 34. Angel 35. Devil 36. Clown 37. Falling 38. Savior 39. Someone yells “run” 40. Protection 41. Burn 42. Rain 43. Gone 44. Whisper 45. Crazy cartoon character 46. Trapped 47. Elegant 48. What once was 49. Breathe 50. Blinded 51. Aged 52. Can’t let go 53. Peace 54. One with nature 55. Gentle 56. Touch 57. Youth 58. Tall grass 59. The hidden one 60. suffering 61. a small smile 62. family tree of an OC’s family 63. dancer 64. amaze 65. attractive 66. innocent 67. within 68. girly vs. tomboy 69. the competition 70. ask three friends for random adjectives and make one pic of them all 71. ask three friends for random adjectives and make one pic of them all 72. ask three friends for random adjectives and make one pic of them all 73. retro 74. foreign 75. the kiss 76. destiny 77. appear 78. individuality 79. insanity 80. the 1940s 81. the 1950s 82. the 1960s 83. the 1970s 84. the 1980s 85. silver 86. float 87. Egyptian 88. futuristic 89. I forgot 90. dream 91. fairytale 92. mermaid 93. goddess 94. experience 95. grab 96. sexy 97. the light 98. mirror 99. post apocalypse 100. the apocalypse 101. tomorrow 102. smooth 103. a collection of color 104. please 105. unexpected 106. fake 107. statement to the world 108. hospital 109. glorification of stupidity 110. the animal girl 111. dramatic 112. wonder 113. waltz 114. flower 115. refined 116. veil 117. the player 118. I have arrived 119. green with envy 120. the meaning of life 121. gone swimming 122. confident 123. blush 124. simplicity 125. pride 126. piano 127. mix yourself with an OC 128. cute 129. who you wish you were 130. sigh 131. what you are wearing today 132. lyrics to the first song on shuffle on your iPod 133. home 134. a group of your friends 135. your childhood dream 136. loud 137. unknown 138. an inside joke 139. a grand entrance 140. emo 141. hello 142. goodbye 143. something that looks like it should have a meaning, but doesn’t. 144. surprise 145. spirit 146. internal 147. half human half something else 148. a beautiful alien 149. ugly 150. striped 151. cheerleader 152. promenade 153. meander 154. in the rain, alone 155. my heart 156. hands 157. reach 158. a shoulder to cry on 159. promise 160. speak 161. believe 162. risking your life 163. pure 164. glow 165. what’s going to happen? 166. comedy 167. mystery 168. sunset 169. help me 170. bloodshot eyes 171. medieval 172. serious 173. redemption 174. revenge 175. unfortunate 176. something you can’t wait for 177. how you are feeling right now 178. show your face 179. flexible 180. one moment 181. vivacious 182. refusal 183. OC’s marriage 184. connection 185. blow me away 186. jump 187. escort 188. forward 189. weightless 190. the same 191. spicy 192. write three random letters and compile the letters themselves into a pic 193. the beach 194. the normal person 195. commitment 196. celebration 197. hesitant 198. forget about the world 199. find a random quote and draw based on it 200. create a new male OC 201. create a new OC for your current fandom 202. brave 203. betrayal 204. evolve 205. on a farm 206. sophisticated 207. catastrophic 208. psychotic 209. a hallucination 210. memory 211. fancy 212. a drawing colored with unusual colors 213. funky 214. time 215. sassy 216. a baby 217. draw your OC’s future child 218. ice 219. laughter 220. I love you 221. no 222. eye 223. spin 224. hopscotch 225. comfort 226. outer space 227. a fairy 228. earth water fire wind 229. excitement 230. nervous breakdown 231. spotlight 232. education 233. spiraling depression 234. draw a random shape and make a drawing out of it 235. stab 236. dancing in the flames 237. hatred 238. miracle 239. magic 240. everything 241. clean 242. redraw an old pic you used to love 243. redraw an old OC with a new style 244. longing 245. retreat 246. the end of the road 247. impossible 248. choice 249. change 250. ballad 251. nonsense 252. “what happened to you?” 253. permanent 254. waiting 255. “I’m not like the others” 256. the face of evil 257. classic 258. video game 259. shut up 260. pretending 261. retrace 262. war 263. birth 264. malicious 265. daydream 266. the last dream you remember vividly (or part of it) 267. crazy 268. disappear 269. an old photo 270. surrender 271. the truth 272. blame 273. wish you were here 274. first thing you think of 275. your mind/train of thought 276. just a game 277. a girl named Violet 278. prize 279. OC’s wedding photo 280. a mess 281. confidential 282. the two sides of me 283. the world stopped 284. when you look at me 285. a picnic 286. everything I ever wanted 287. unappreciated 288. hidden beauty 289. lazy 290. a comic strip 291. enchanted 292. secret place 293. epic battle 294. chance meeting 295. secrecy 296. calm 297. serene 298. if you only knew 299. can’t sleep 300. draw the same picture on four pieces of paper: one very early in the morning, lunchtime, dinnertime, and late at night 301. revolution 302. dragon 303. holding back 304. someone else 305. yourself as the opposite sex 306. book 307. slow 308. carefree 309. scene from favorite movie 310. bathe 311. the siren 312. accident 313. I’ve had my share 314. waste 315. free 316. the second before 317. zombies 318. classes in school 319. behind the door 320. grin 321. control 322. special 323. cover 324. paradise 325. tear 326. denial 327. hopeless 328. OC’s death 329. existence 330. fave video game character 331. subconscious 332. unconscious 333. let me go 334. surreal 335. little princess 336. behind the mask 337. creeper 338. find random old drawing and redraw it 339. “don’t look at me” 340. ready 341. epic fail 342. epic win 343. something you learned or realized recently 344. cave 345. beach beauty 346. if 347. relax 348. crazy made up creature 349. snow palace 350. an OC is pregnant 351. your smile 352. man’s best friend 353. need 354. search 355. “It’s gonna be okay” 356. hold your breath 357. risk 358. pressure 359. take a bow 360. teenage fun 361. no turning back 362. given up 363. fierce 364. listen 365. perform Must Use Color
I think I found this on deviantsart or here but I’m doing this challenge
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