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Finally, done x.x i don’t gonna make more pieces in the style in this year or the next 10 years (well at least not in this size), but here its, a Sharpedo - Wishiwashi fusion cuz i love the idea and the pokefusions. But now i gonna go back to my self indulgent MLB art and random ideas for a time because this bad and bitten boy, toke me a hole week.  Maybe i make another pokefusion if somebody gave me a good idea, dunno

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Thanks, Pandora! :D

From this favorite Pokemon ask game - ask me about Pokemon!!!

1. favorite type

This is a very tough question, but I think my absolute favorite type, with most of my favorite Pokemon in it is Water. I know…we all saw that coming!!! I’m sorry!

2. least favorite type

FIGHTING. WITHOUT A DOUBT. I just…really dislike almost every one. 

17. 3 favorite pokemon

*These are my top 3 in order. If anyone sends one of the questions about type, I’ll choose the second one down from these so we keep it fresh!


^This is the cutest damn thing on the planet, I don’t give a crap what anyone says. I will always stan Pikachu. 


^Particularly the Origin form, because I love sneks. And it’s so gorgeous; top tier design! And it just fits my goth aesthetic~~~


^LOL We aren’t surprised by this one are we??? It’s the only legit shark so far and that makes me real sad, because meanwhile we have like a million cats and dogs. More fish, please!!!

18. 3 least favorite pokemon

Yeah, here we go. I absolutely can’t stand Mr.Mime. I hated it as a kid, and still don’t like it. Mime Jr. is pretty darn cute, but that doesn’t save Mr.Mime from being the absolute worst.

Next is like Conkeldurr and basically most Fighting types like Sawk and Throh. It’s not like I hate them with a passion, it’s just like…I find them real boring. And that’s saying something.

Third is Orbeetle. I don’t know…I just find it ugly and honestly, a lot of the Pokemon from 8th gen/Galar ranged from “uninteresting” to “wtf” to me, unfortunately. I think I can count on one hand the Pokemon I truly liked from Galar.

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I don’t think about Sharpedo much. But when I do, what stands out is how absolutely incredible of a concept this Water/Dark-type is – the front half of a shark, by itself, with the ability to propel itself forward at high speeds by shooting ingested seawater out a hole in the back. That’s hilarious, but also rad af. It would’ve been so easy to just put a regular shark in the series and called it a day, but instead, we get this brilliant monstrosity.


Even without that solid concept, Sharpedo also has some outstanding design decisions going on, most notably its eyes – rather than having separate gills and eyes like one would expect, the inside of the gills function as eye sockets for the ominously glowing red pupils to slide around in. That’s amazing. Sharpedo took everything scary about sharks and somehow magnified it to the point of absurdity with just one aesthetic change. It’s so cool! SO cool! Why can’t I have gill eyes too?????


And then……..there’s this.


Mega Sharpedo is a MESS. Like, to the point of being nearly unreadable. It’s covered in obnoxiously garish yellow “scars” which completely throw off the colour scheme and don’t communicate the idea of scars whatsoever, its back teeth are weirdly indistinguishable from its skin, and for some reason it has stylised sawfish blades? Which are apparently RETRACTABLE? Why????? Is it meant to be a chainsaw?? It’s already a torpedo!!!! That’s so thematically overwrought!!!!! Worst of all is its atrociously ugly yellow goatee it has going on, with gratuitous non-mammalian facial hair being an alarmingly common trait on Megas that I will consistently call out because it’s literally THE worst trait a design can have.


Originally posted by clamiral

As much respect as I have for Sharpedo, I have disrespect for Mega Sharpedo. It’s unfortunately quite a common case with Megas, but the desire to create something evoking a power boost all too often results in an aesthetic cacophony of needless markings and spikes. Still, a dreadful Mega doesn’t make the base design any less solid.


Anyways. Fuchsia shinies are always great, though it doesn’t look as pleasant as the blue when paired with the grey underbelly. Think I prefer the base form but not a bad shiny by any means.


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Sharpedo-EX didn’t go for huge damage, unlike many Pokemon-EX. It just dealt reasonable amounts (still enough to take out most Pokemon-EX in 2 hits, to be fair) while adding on enough to be really annoying against certain decks. Sharpedo also managed to annoy people using it as well due to its Energy discarding, so maybe it wasn’t too easy to take advantage of its best traits. Who knew where this one would end up?

Sharpedo-EX had the lower end of the typical Pokemon-EX HP range, but 170 was still rather bulky. Lightning was nice to see as a Weakness from a flavor standpoint, as it wasn’t common for a Darkness-type Pokemon. Sadly, it really undermined the potential good match-up against Night March if the opponent had multiple Joltik ready to go. One nice stat was that Retreat Cost, with 1 Energy being quite obtainable.

Hunt’s damage output wasn’t impressive, especially for a Darkness and a Colorless Energy, as it was just 30. The real use here was that you switched 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon with their Active Pokemon and then did damage. This could pick off a Joltik from the Bench against Night March, with the somewhat rare Gyarados decks later on having problems keeping their Magikarp alive. Sharpedo-EX was therefore useful against these, though the Night March match-up depended a lot on whether the opponent could recover a Joltik quickly. The attack was otherwise reserved for taking down heavily-weakened Pokemon or, in some cases, dragging out a useless Pokemon from the Bench without using a Lysandre or Guzma.

Jagged Fang was reasonably powerful, as 100 damage for 2 Darkness and a Colorless was fine and could at least trade with a good number of other Pokemon-EX. It was a shame that Sharpedo-EX had to discard an Energy attached to it to use it, putting it behind… sometimes. You also discarded an Energy attached to your opponent’s Active Pokemon, which could potentially prevent an attack, though it usually just hurt the possibility of either playing setting up their Bench if they didn’t have acceleration. The exception was against decks that ran very low amounts of Energy, such as the very common Seismitoad-EX, as getting rid of a Double Colorless Energy could be rather devastating if done multiple times in a match.

Sharpedo-EX was heavily match-up based, as it could potentially mess up the common Seismitoad-EX and made sure that weak Pokemon weren’t safe on the Bench. It also tended to fall a bit behind when games just turned into offensive Prize races, so decks that didn’t have a specific problem with Sharpedo-EX’s annoying traits had a rather easy time. This made it a rather borderline option that didn’t see much tournament play but could absolutely get some winds if the meta was favorable at the right time and place.

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Leftovers Giveaway~

Take only one of each. To get one, deposit a male lv. 51-60 Zigzagoon into the Pokemon Home GTS. It has egg moves if possible+all TRs learned. They can be used in ranked (see Galar marking).


Giveaway Date: August 17, 2020

End Date: August 22, 2020 11:59 p.m. or until I run out

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Do you ever think about the other sports in the pokemon world? Those that aren’t Ryhorn racing or Sharpedo surfing. Those in the air, those on vast plains, those in and on the water. 

I think of them somewhat often, and every single time, I wonder if any canonical pokemon character plays those sports. 

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