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#shattered au
sunnysviolin · 3 months ago
Oh god that. That shattered AU broke me. Kel angst is my new horrible addiction and I swear I. I need to know... wtf happens with him and Hero. I can see so vividly Hero trying to keep the last semblance of his old brother back but it just fails every time, literally the only reason Hero is trying to continue on is because he doesn't want to leave Kel behind, that he made a promise and he was going to stick to it. So I must ask... does Kel kill himself as well? Or even accidentally? My heart h u r t s pardner..... sad yeehaw
Welllll we know the answer to the last part of that ask, but I do want to continue this series, so I’m gonna use the one ask that I have about it. Before anything I will say like I always do with Shattered AU that this is a dark AU. There is no happy endings, and pay attention to the TWs. 
TW: Suicide, TW: Depression, TW: Major Character Death, TW: Rage, TW: Grief
Dear Hero, 
No one else wrote a letter, but I couldn’t do that to you. I know that you spent so much time wondering if you could have done anything different for everyone else. I want you to know you couldn’t have done anything different for me
Hero had begged his parents to be allowed to stay. He had begged and pleaded to take the semester off. It was just one semester, he was still going to graduate early at this rate, why couldn’t he just stay? Hero knew Kel needed him. Kel might not be opening up, but being with Hero seemed to be comforting for his little brother at the very least. Hero knew that if he had more time, he could crack through Kel’s shell and try to start healing what was inside.
I remember when Mari died. You were so tired and upset. I didn’t get it then, but I do now. I know that when you get tired like this it’s hard to do anything. It’s hard to breathe, it’s hard to think, it’s just all so hard. I probably didn’t make it any easier by pretending everything was fine. I understand why you snapped at me. 
Hero’s parents had practically thrown him onto the train. They reassured him over and over that they could take care of Kel. They would keep an eye on him, they would make sure he took his meds, and ate, and got to school on time. They said this all while rolling their eyes and giving him good natured sighs. They both acted like this was something they were used to, but Hero knew this was different. When this had happened to him, they had left him to find his own way back. He wouldn’t let that happen to Kel, mostly because Hero wasn’t sure Kel would find his way back. 
Right before you left for school you told me you always felt guilty for not coming back that night. I want you to know that even if you had, I would still be doing this.  
They had forced Hero back to school, but it didn’t matter. Hero couldn’t think about school at all. All he could think about was how to help Kel. He ignored his classes in favor of reading about recovering after loss, he didn’t bother to study anything except what might help him get through to his brother. There wasn’t anything more important than Kel right now, and if he was being completely honest, there was a part of Hero that was spitefully going to fail the semester just to prove to his parents how wrong they were. Above all, Hero called Kel every single night. Their phone calls last year had been frequent, but short. Usually just a quick fifteen minute chat updating each other on their days. Now their phone calls lasted hours and hours, and mostly consisted of Hero rambling on while Kel hummed and made one word answers. It wasn’t perfect, but it was important. 
You were why I didn’t do this yet, even though it’s been on my mind for years. First Mari, then Basil, then Sunny. How could I ever do that to you, when I knew what it felt like to be in your shoes? You were trying so hard to help me, you’re still trying so hard. You call and you call and you always want to listen. I’m sorry I don’t want to talk. 
For the first time, Kel didn’t pick up the phone. His parents said Kel was sleeping, and they could talk tomorrow. Hero’s stomach dropped, and his mind went fuzzy. He needed to be there, he needed to see Kel. If he couldn’t hear Kel’s voice, then he needed to see his little brother to know he was still alive. He must’ve said the last part out loud, because his mother was adamant that he stay at school. She was so sure that both of her sons needed to get back to their normal routines, that the way to get things to normal was to force them to be that way. Hero knew better. He knew Kel needed him. He hung up on his parents, pacing back and forth with shaking hands. He didn’t know what to do. It was too late for a train, and he didn’t have a car. Hero just didn’t know what to do. 
I know you’re trying, and I hope you know I was trying too. I really was, I promise. It’s’s too much. It’s all too much I’m just done. I’m done trying, and I’m done waiting for things to get better when I know they won’t. I don’t see the point anymore. I’m going to die regardless, so why should I go through fifty more years of feeling like this, only to get to the same end? 
Hero grabbed his shoes, running out of the dorm room and across campus to his friend’s midnight study group. They had started doing this for their organic chemistry class in their first year and then kept it up because midnight was the only time that the library truly was quiet enough to get work done. He hadn’t joined them in weeks, and he wasn’t sure they would even consider him a friend anymore, but Hero needed their help. One look at his wild desperate eyes and his pleas, and Tristan was grabbing his keys and handing them to Hero. It was an eight hour car ride, nine and a half because he hit traffic. It was nine in the morning when Hero got home and found the letter on his bed. When they found Kel, the police told him and his parents that Kel had most likely died early that morning, around 7:30 or 8:00. Hero was sure if he had just been an hour faster in making his decision to come home, then Kel might still be here. 
I know it’s going to hurt you, I know that I’m being selfish, but like I said. It’s just too much now. I don’t know if I believe in God or anything. I don’t know what kind of God makes everything that happened to us happen, but if there is a God out there, I hope he lets us all be together when this is all over. We can go for a picnic by the pond like we used to. That’s where I’m going now. That seems like a good place.
He waited until the police left to speak to his parents. He didn’t even mean to start fighting with them, but there was no way he couldn’t. He had started off just talking, trying to ask them why they hadn’t listened to him when he had known. They refused to hold themselves accountable. That’s why he had ended up in a screaming match with his mother. That had to be why rage was boiling in his veins and clouding his thoughts. Hero had begged them to let him stay. Hero had told them Kel needed him. They hadn’t listened, and now his brother was dead. His brother, the love of his life, his friends, all of them gone. Kel was all he had left, and they had taken him away. 
I did love you. I did. I promise I did. This doesn’t mean I didn’t love you.
Hero took the letter and the keys to Tristan’s car. He didn’t need to stay, and he didn’t want to. He didn’t care that his mother was wailing about losing her boy, he didn’t care that his father was trying to get him to come sit and be with them. He just didn’t care. The only person he had left to care about was gone, because Hero hadn’t been there. He wasn’t going to go to another funeral, he wasn’t going to see them lower his little brother into the ground. He wasn’t going to continue the endless loop of torture that his life seemed to have on repeat. 
I’m sorry, Hero. I hope you can forgive me. Maybe this is for the best. Now you don’t have to worry about me anymore.
Hero walked down his driveway to his borrowed car, ignoring his parent’s calling behind him. There, right where the pavement met the road, was Aubrey. Her hair was messy all around her, her eyes bloodshot. The police had told him she was there when they arrived. They had questioned her, but after reading Kel’s note, they were sure she hadn’t been involved. Hero could have told them that himself, but it seemed no one believed that he knew anything. Maybe they were right. She asked him if he was leaving. She asked if he was coming back. His silence was response enough. She walked away before he could say anything, and that was good. Hero didn’t have anything to say anymore. 
Maybe I’ll see you again. 
There was really only one road out of Faraway these days. The construction around town left all the exits blocked off. Hero had memoized the route to and from his college almost a year ago, just to be safe. He had to take the third right to get on the highway. Hero drove past the third right. If he missed the third right, he could take the next left and turn around. He ignored the left. Hero drove straight until he couldn’t drive straight anymore, and then on a whim he took the right turn. He wasn’t sure where he was going exactly, but it didn’t matter. None of it mattered anymore. 
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perception-of-deception · 3 months ago
One thing about splitting your soul is it weakens it. All of the stress, depression, Lodger's turning against him, etc. Eventually Lanyon gets tired of Jekyll not telling him what's going on. He just can't do it anymore. He's sorry but good bye. That's the point Jekyll's soul just shatters. Before Lanyon can leave he hears Jekyll collapse. In a panic he rushes back to Henry to see him laying there with his eyes open and empty and not responding to him.
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harmonytre-art · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (a day late)
Coren from @corrupted-baby by krispi-oop
Ralph from @beingmonsterau
Shattered from @axolotluv
@st-eve-en by RylahOwO
Diaon from @a-new-life-suau by Potato-in-a-fryer
Mage from @surogueau by Cynthi-Universe
Star Spinel from @a-second-chance-su-au by dimonds456
Angelo from @angelic-gems-au by Dori-Artz-Blog
Plus the traditional ink sketches (which I might do more often because it’s easier than digital for some reason). Sorry they’re a day late, I got distracted by minecraft lol. I also realize they’re all Steven Universe AUs. (I should find more friends with undertale AUs too.)
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reset-su-au · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Fusion of reset and shattered from @axolotluv and @shatteredsuau
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howtowhumpyourhiccup · 4 days ago
Hiccup and the twins are siblings in the new AU. Ruff and Tuff's mother pretty much (unofficially) adopted Hiccup.
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sleepy-bonez · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
today is day 6!: shattered dream and fresh! i only think they'll get along because both of their eyes not working , and since they're some trouble makers and someone that's related to them(nightmare or error/Geno) might have to get them out of situations they made. this is also my idk how much but very few times i drew these characters, same with them in the same picture, but i love them so much that they're my favorite :D
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vicki-toria-kristal · 2 months ago
Chapter 1
Summary: Hunter randomly ended up in the human realm when he was 3, and 11 years later he finds himself in the boiling isles, where he meets Lilith, the raven lady
Camilla: Hunter, WAKE UP!
*Camilla had been telling Hunter to wake up for school in the past 15 minutes. She sighed as she put her coffee mug down on the table in the living room. Well atleast Luz was sick so she didn’t have to deal with waking her up today. Hunter finally came down after 10 minutes*
Camilla: Mijo you’re going to be late again!
Hunter: I know I know-
*Hunter grabbed his bag and headed for the door*
Camilla: Are you sure you don’t want breakfast?
Hunter: Yes mama, I’m sure. Byeee
*Hunter went out the door and waited for the bus. He opened his bag to drink some water but then a white owl appeared out of no where and took one of his school books*
Hunter: Huh-GET BACK HERE-
*He chased after the owl who entered an old looking house. A portal thingy opened and the owl went inside it. He closed his eyes and decided to go inside too. Hunter opened his eyes and checked his surroundings. He seemed to be in a wierd place with..trash*
Hunter: What kind of wierdo lives here….
*He got exited the place and saw the owl giving his book to a lady with raven hair and turquiose eyes*
Lilith: Hmmm…good job Snowball. We can use this book as fire for the kindling
*Hunter grabbed his book, turned around, and ran to the portal thingy*
Hunter: excusemethatsminethanksbyeeee-
*the portal closes*
Lilith: Oh you’re not going anywhere
*Lilith grabbed Hunter by his arm and snatched the book away*
Hunter: im sorry please don’t hurt me i was just trying to get my book ba-
Lilith: Hurt you? Why would I hurt you?
*Lilith tucked her hair behind her ears*
Hunter: Uhhh-wait your ears-
Lilith: What?
Hunter: I thought I was the only one with ears like that
Lilith: What do you mean? All witches have ears like that
Hunter: Witches?
Lilith: Yes
Hunter: Ok, well, I reeeaally need to get back home
Lilith: Where did you come from anyway?
Hunter: I came from that wierd portal 
Lilith: You came from the human realm?
Hunter: Uhh...yeah I guess
Lilith: Why would you be in the human realm?
Hunter: The "human realm" is my home
Lilith: But you're a witch
Hunter: Look, I am not a witch, I need to get back to the human realm, now
Lilith: I don’t know how you ended up in the human realm. But, this is the demon realm. The Boiling Isles. Witches and demons live here
*Lilith took Hunter’s hand and lead him outside. She points to people*
Hunter: Woah. Wait this is all real? 
Lilith: Mhm
*'This can't be real. It has to be a dream or something' he thought* 
Hunter: You people do magic?
Lilith: Of course we do
Hunter: Well then if I’m a witch how come I’ve never been able to do magic?
Lilith: Can you cast a spell circle?
*Lilith makes a spell circle*
*Hunter tries but nothing happens*
Hunter: I’m not a witch. I can’t do magic
*he sighed*
Lilith: Well maybe you just haven't figured how to do it yet. I mean, you did come from the human realm, right? You never did magic before, maybe you just need to try to do magic for some time
Hunter: I-I don't know..this all still feels unreal. But, I do want to learn magic. Maybe if I do, I'll finally belong. I should be going back, but now I feel like I want to stay
Lilith: Hmm...isten kid, let’s make a deal. You can stay with me and I’ll teach you magic, but only if you work for me
*He thought about it for a while. 'Should I really stay? I guess I should. Only for a little while though...mami would be really worried...but I'm sure she'll be fine. I'll go back later. I really want to learn magic'*
Hunter: deal
Hunter: Now, for introductions….my name is Hunter
AN: I'm sorry if it's bad or if there's any mistakes. I might post another chapter...
On AO3:
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axolotluv · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY ART - Reblogs are appreciated! 
Been having some really bad art block lately, trying to be more active on tumblr and hopefully I can get a boost with my motivation
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polarspaz · a year ago
Tumblr media
Shattered AU
Shrikes are cute..and then you realize they bash in the skull of their prey with their beaks and then imaple the bodies on spikes like tiny little seriller killers. 
Also nothing says sexy like decorating your house with the bodies of your slain victims.
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suaufissured · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the Fusion EMPIRE!!
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sunnysviolin · 7 months ago
Hey Liam beloved! I had a terrible idea because angst is contagious. I finally read Shattered AU, for context(which has been on my read list for sooo long).
Anyway! (S*ICIDE TW from here) Kel. everyone dies AU is terrible and horrible but a thought creeped into my head and won't leave me alone. If Kel was to choose a way to die. What would he choose?
I don't think he would ever want to be found. Not like his friends. He doesn't want anyone he would consider close enough to discover him. Maybe it's best to go missing completely. And water is unreliable. Maybe its better to go into the woods with nothing on him but his clothes. and it's long since he stopped wearing his bright orange uniform..
What do you think? (I'm so sorry)
Okay so there’s a nonnie that sent a thing awhile back about shattered AU that was based on like how Hero tried to hold onto Kel. I’m mentioning that here because I think it’s important that nonnie know I didn’t forget about that ask. I was just saving it because it didn’t hit exactly where I was going, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. HOWEVER….that’ll be the next part after this part for Ksenya I think….anyway y’all my inbox has been very quiet the last week or so!! I miss you guys!! 
Also guys like please listen to my TW’s. This one got really fucking dark and it’s sad and it doesn’t have a happy ending. TW: Suicide TW: Depression TW: Overdose. I’m writing this in a specific way for a story but in all reality you guys the number for the US is 1-800-273-8255 and if you need it Use it. 
Kel’s parents try to take a more proactive approach with him than they did with Hero. They let Hero wallow for months and months, but they wonlt make the same mistakes with Kel. They put him in therapy and the therapist tries to get him to talk. He won’t. There’s nothing to say 
They all died? Yeah. Okay everyone’s dead. He just is tired, that’s all, and he can’t sleep. The doctors prescribe him antidepressants and sleep meds, and his parents watch him to make sure he takes them.
It does nothing. 
Aubrey starts to knock on the door, asking if Kel is up to coming out, or if Kel wants to go with her to get pizza. Hero is the one who has to turn her away, she won’t accept an answer from anyone else. Kel sometimes hears the two of them talking from his bedroom, and Hero tells Aubrey to give him time. 
He wonders if Aubrey would knock on his door for four years. Kel doubts that she would. It would be just as useless as when he did for Sunny anyway. There’s nothing he wants to say to her, and he has no desire to help her feel better. He can’t even feel anything, so how could he help anyone else? 
Every time he ever tried to help, it only made things worse. 
The closest Kel even gets to feeling something is when he’s alone with Hero. The only time he can sleep is when they share Hero’s bed. They’re too big for it, and they both end up half hanging off, but it’s warm, and Hero’s heart beats steady and clear under his ear, and Kel sometimes pulls out of the haze to let himself hurt when it’s just the two of them at night. 
In the morning the haze is back, but Hero is still there. Hero is there with food, to make him get dressed, to pull him out for walks and talks (although Hero does all the talking) and it doesn’t make it better but it gives Kel something to do. Something to think about other than how exhausted he is. 
At the end of the summer, Hero fights their parents on going back to school. Kel is still clearly not okay, and Hero isn’t leaving him like this. Leaving like this is ridiculous. He doesn’t care about school or his future. His brother is here right now, and he isn’t safe. They force him to go back, and they say that they know how to take care of their own son. Hero calls every night, and they sit on the phone together for hours. Kel still doesn’t talk. 
They’re wrong. Once Hero is gone, it all gets worse. Kel is driven into school every day where he sleeps through classes and ignores his friends. Aubrey is like his shadow trailing after him. He doesn’t even bother to look at her. Everything he does is because he’s supposed to. Everything is just the routine. 
Kel is tired. 
One day Aubrey finally snaps. She catches him after school and throws him against the wall of the school building. She rants and raves at Kel the way Hero did all those years ago after Mari died. She loses it at the blank slate of the boy she used to know, the kind and caring boy who was a touch too emotional just like her. She doesn’t know this Kel, she doesn’t like him like this. Kel waits until she’s done screaming, shrugs, and walks home. She lets him go. The fatigue is worse than ever before
Kel locks himself in his room as soon as he gets back, ignoring his parents yelling at him through the door. When they use the key to unlock it, he pretends to be asleep. Once they leave, he crosses the room and dives into Hero’s bed. He hears the phone ringing with Hero’s nightly call, but he doesn’t get up to answer it. Kel assumes his parents give him the lie of his brother being asleep. He lies awake all night. 
Kel contemplates just disappearing. That sounds the nicest. It sounds the closest to his wish- to just go to sleep and never wake up. He thinks about how easy it would be if he could just...stop. As if he never even existed in the first place. 
He wants to be angry at the people who did this, at his three friends who left and made him this way. He can’t be mad at them though, not when he is thinking of doing the same exact thing. It runs in a loop around his mind again and again. How nice it would be to finally go to sleep. If he left now, then nobody would notice. Not for a day or two at least. No one would really care. Even if they did he can’t care himself. He just wants to go, to leave. He nearly does, he’s at the front door ready to walk out when he stops. 
There’s one part of Kel left. Just one. Everything else has been beaten down and broken. Shattered. But he has just enough of him left for one thing. 
Kel walks away from the door. He has enough stamina to walk back upstairs. Enough to pick up paper and a pen and write. He isn’t sure how long he writes- it feels like minutes, but by the time he puts the pen down the dark of the night is starting to fade, and the early blue hours before dawn have begun, and he has four or five pages covered back to back in his messy scrawl. All of the words he’s bottled up the last few months, all of the things he didn’t say for those years and years he was alone. He grabs a used birthday envelope and crosses out his name, writing the name of the only person left that matters to him. 
He leaves the envelope on the crumpled bedsheets of the bed he’s been sleeping in the last few weeks. The bed that felt safe and warm, even though the person that made it safe and warm was so far away. The little part of him thats still there is upset- not for himself, but for the person he’s leaving behind. Hopefully he will forgive Kel. He might not, but Kel doesn’t need to know the answer. 
Then Kel slips on his favorite orange high tops, and walks out of his room in his sleeping clothes. He makes a detour to the bathroom to grab the numerous bottles of medicated happiness and sleep that the doctors had shoved at him as solutions to his cracked soul. They were all orange too, the same color as the shoes that had made him so happy when his parents got them for him. Maybe they thought the orange bottles would bring him the same joy too. 
Hector wakes up as he passes by the living room, wagging his tail and trotting over. Kel spends a couple minutes giving his dog a good scratch behind the ears. Hector always loved that, and Kel hasn’t had the energy to do it in awhile. He ends it with a quiet goodbye and a final parting pat. Hector whines, but Kel ignores it. He was never happy when Kel left, and always happy when he got back. Hero will be home soon, so Kel isn’t too worried. Hector was always happy to see either of his boys. His parents don’t even stir as the door shuts. 
 It’s still early enough that there’s no one outside, and the outside world is still covered in dew. His body shivers, but his mind is calm. No one is awake, no one is there to try and stop him. He can finally just sleep. 
He makes his way to the park, abandoned by all but slumbering stray cats and passed out bums. Kel creeps up to the cats and squats down nearby one. This one is orange too, the same cat Sunny had fed right before he died. Sunny always loved cats. Maybe Kel could tell him soon that the cat he took care of in those three days is still around. It opens one big eye and swishes its tail towards the boy, as if asking What? Waiting for something to happen?. Kel gives a brief half smile towards it, and then walks away. 
Their secret spot is still abandoned. Their pinwheels are blowing in the early morning chill. Kel goes to the picnic blanket that isn’t Maris and sits down on it. The first few pills are hard to swallow dry, but they get easier as the time goes by. Kel lines up the empty bottles in a row- three of them, one for each of the people he lost. Then he lies down, not having to wait long before the tiredness hits him like a wave.
Kel pillows his head on his arms, legs curling up close to his body. Hero always said that Kel only slept two ways- like a starfish or like a clam. All spread out, or all tucked in. It’s too cold to sleep spread out. Kel wanted his brother here. Hero was warm. He let his eyes slip shut. 
Hero’s gonna be upset. It was hard to think, but that thought cut through the ocean of drowsiness. Hero would be upset...but he can’t really remember why. Kel tried to force his eyes open, but it wouldn’t happen. He shouldn’t fall asleep here, Hero would worry. Hero didn’t like to be scared. He hated scary movies, and didn’t like surprise parties. He was a fraidy cat, that’s why Kel had to kill all the spiders. 
Who was gonna kill Hero’s spiders now? What was Kel doing here? He needed to go home, it was too cold to be outside playing. 
A soft hand ran through his hair, soothing away his worries. The chill was replaced with a gentle warmth, like sinking into a hot bath at the end of a hard day. Someone was above him, petting his hair and humming a familiar melody. The subtle smell of Jasmine and baking cookies entered the air, and Kel let out a sigh. The tenseness in his shoulders faded, the tight bowstring of his spine settled. 
It had been five years, but Kel could still recognize Mari. He leaned into her touch, and the fear was gone.
Kel’s mother woke with her alarm like she did every day. She went downstairs to make a cup of coffee before Sally awoke and began to demand all of her attention. She went through the motions of starting the pot, and then went back up the stairs to shake Kel awake for school.  
His bedroom was empty, but his shoes were not by his bed. He had been going into school early for various things, so she wasn’t worried. Kel often forgot to leave a note, she could always remind him when he got home that afternoon. She didn’t notice the envelope sitting on Hero’s unmade bed, addressed to him in her second child’s handwriting. 
To Hero. Sorry.
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perception-of-deception · 3 months ago
Let's discuss shattered au
Ignore the highlight. It was an accident I was too lazy to fix.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sorry @bansheeofthereblogs but I don't think shattering his soul would stop his heart. If nothing else Hyde would be there to keep him going. Also Hyde wouldn't be put back together with Jekyll. He was separated from him with alchemy, not broken off. Although I do like Robert panicking, screaming as he holds Jekyll's body, and a Lodger hearing. ^ ^
Maybe Maijabi himself is one of the Lodgers attracted by the scream. He take one look at the emptiness is Jekyll's eyes and know this is a problem only he can fix. He has the other Lodgers help him carry Jekyll to his lab. This is where things branch off into two possible routes.
Consumption route: Maijabi using some kind of device to confirm his suspicions, Jekyll's soul is shattered. But he also has another soul? He doesn't show that is possible. Cue Frankenstein telling the others what Jekyll told her about his experiment (Even though it's not her place to tell them.)
Maijabi is able to artificially put Jekyll's soul back together, like liquid stitches on a wound, but it's still weak. It will take a lot of time and effort to heal. Since it's weak though Hyde keeps accidentally slipping into control of and decides to help Jekyll with his work. He's supposed to break Jekyll, not Robert bloody Lanyon.
The Lodgers seeing the moments with green eyes and Jekyll acting strange start worrying that the evil part of Jekyll's soul is trying to consume him in his weakened state
Stolen route: While everyone is in a frenzy and trying to find the things Maijabi needs Hyde gets control of the body. Scared and confused he starts to spiral. What if Maijabi's device reveals him? Their secret would be out in the open. They might hate them. They could try to have them locked up or committed.
He can't stay there so he runs to the nearest window, just about to jump out, when the Lodgers return. He turns to see their shocked faces and out of habit of keeping up his persona give a too large grin before jumping out the window and running off. The Lodgers screaming and running to the window. Them asking Maijabi what just happened and why Jekyll would do that. Maijabi explaining that that wasn't Jekyll, Jekyll's soul is shattered. Someone or something just took control of Jekyll's body and stole it
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shatteredsuau · a year ago
Tumblr media
(Re-blogging is appreciated!)
Chapter 2 - pg 10
To read the whole comic, go to @shatteredsuau​
If you have any questions about the AU, send an ask to @axolotluv
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howtowhumpyourhiccup · 4 days ago
The endgame ship in the AU is Eretcup now. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules.
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ninjagian-lover · a year ago
Shattered AU
(Thank you @fandomrecycling for this and nya’s name suggestion! You’re awesome)
Cole bursts into the cavern with the escaped prisoners, ready to join up with Kai and Lloyd only to discover that during his entrance, Kai was crushed beneath falling rocks. Drowning in his guilt and anger, his eyes start to glow and he unlocks his emotional elemental form and begins to advance on Chen, who is egging him on. Once Chen realises he's made a mistake, he disappears before Cole can get his hands on him. It takes Zane and Jay holding him down and talking to him to calm Cole down and out of the state however every mention of Kai or Chen brings it back and they must all work together to keep Cole calm and stop Chen before Chen and his army takes over Ninjago... or before Cole destroys it. 
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vicki-toria-kristal · 2 months ago
someone i know suggested a TOH AU idea
it's really complicated to explain
like, Hunter randomly appeared in the human realm when he was 3 and gets adopted by Camilla, and then 11 years later he follows Lilith's palisman (cuz it's kinda like a swap au ig) to the demon realm. Then he stays there and stuff happens
imma just create this au-
Edit: I made it. I posted the first chapter on tumblr
You can also read it on ao3:
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harmonytre · a year ago
I finished my first MAP! I reeeeeeally love how it turned out. <3
They still have many parts to fill, so join below!
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