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#shattered dad



People asked so people received! @corrupted-baby​ and I have made an entire blog specifically for the Shattered Dad au, which we run together!

Go to @shattered-dad-au​ or click here!  to see the blog! 

This blog will contain content related to the Shattered Dad AU. This is a crossover au based on @shatteredsuau​ and @corrupted-baby​ where Coren (baby corrupted steven) is adopted by Shattered Steven (A murerer teen boy).

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#also the context for this is, #bruce was framed for murder as bruce wayne, #it was almost impossible to prove his innocence but bruce obviously didn't murder anyone because he's batman, #obviously the bat fam is trying to prove his innocence, #but they can't find anything, #and so some of them actually start to think maybe bruce did murder someone, #but then bruce goes stir crazy in jail, #breaks out, #decides to throw away his identity as bruce wayne and only live as batman, #obviously the bat fam confronts him and is like hey you didn't actually murder someone right?, #and bruce fucking refuses to answer, #FOR NO REASON, #he literally could just say no and that would be the end of it, #anyway bruce tries to run away but dick stops him and is like hey i never once doubted you and also you're my dad so what the fuck, #bruce and dick get in a fight, #dick accidentally shatters the memorial to jason, #bruce escapes and then monologues about how he expected more from them and now he's finally 'free', #it's an interesting concept for an arc but poorly executed, #also if bruce just waited for the bat fam to prove his innocence and worked with them none of this would have happened, #god i hate it when dc is like batman works alone, #ok then why does he have robin, #why does he adopt his sidekicks, #why did he join the justice league, #why is he friends with superman, #why does he train new heroes, #why does he allow people to know his secret identity, #why does he work with gorden, #why does he keep Alfred around, #hell even in this arc he wouldn't have been able to escape jail without alfred so don't give me that bullshit, #he's nothing without the people around him
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i know im probably literally the only person who thinks this but i think the movie is genuinely a really solid, interesting reimagining of the first game and people who say shit like “yeah it’s a good movie but it’s a bad silent hill movie” are wrong and dumb. like, yeah, the lore behind the cult and what they do and why they do it is completely different but, like, the movie was never trying to be a 1:1 perfect recreation of the plot of the first game anyways and i think it would have suffered a lot worse quality if it had tried too hard to be Movie Based On Silent Hill The Game (looking at you, revelation) because without the worldbuilding and lore from all the notes and stuff you find the plot of the games dont make much sense, but also its kind of hard to stuff all that into a two hour movie without fucking up the pacing and cohesion and whatnot so things obviously have to be changed to make it watchable and while theres a couple things i kinda wish they wouldve worked in from the games i think the stuff they changed overall made it way better than if it was just Silent Hill One But It’s A Movieee

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