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The Aftermath of the “Shattering”

Pink didn’t handle finding Blue’s remains well. The moment she heard of her shattering she rushed to Earth, with a worried White right behind her. When she saw Blue, her power went out of control. White tried to calm her down through her own grief, but Pink was too angry and distraught. Her power exploded, creating a giant crater on Earth. The only reason White wasn’t shattered was because she was in the epicentre of Pink’s shockwave, however she did get poofed. A lot of Gems got shattered that day.

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Just finding out im not a fan of the impossibly selfless character

The holy type that eagerly sacrifices themselves either for mean/boring characters or total strangers at the drop of a hat. The type that makes someone entirely unworthy their purpose for carrying on. To the point where it seems they have zero self preservation… that they don’t seem to want anything in life. Its generally female characters this trope is thrusted upon *cough cough* gender roles *cough*

i get its supposed to get across just how much of a Jesus this person is but to me it always comes off as unrealistic and annoying from a viewing standpoint

And when insane selflessness is framed as ‘womanly’ and ‘admirable’ it downplays just how self destructive it really is……………….

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“So, you think we should send Gold Pearl as a spy?” Cherry asked. “Hmm, I wouldn’t say it’s a bad idea, perse, but I don’t understand why we can’t send someone more experienced.”

“I am willing to go,” Desert Glass said.

“Are you willing to shatter gems, if need be?” Pearl asked. “They’ll probably insist on it, especially because you can fight. She’s a lot bolder than you and will most likely fit in better, but she’s also inexperienced in combat and will probably have to spend some time training before they’d make her shatter.”

Desert Glass nodded. “I can understand now.”

“Garnet?” Rose asked.

“I can see this going very poorly,” said Garnet. “But it could also go very well. I’m sorry I’m not much help at the moment. Everything is so uncertain. But I do think it’s a good idea.”

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i fucking love yakz gifsets sometimes bc if ur not in the know ur like. some of these have got to be model swaps right? or fan edits or mods?

bro every single gif in that last goro post is from something i have witnessed first hand while playing these fucking games. yes including the pole dancing. yes including him in a blonde wig and fishnets and a pink snakeskin mini dress. and you better BELIEVE him in zombie make up thrusting his hips at kaz is an actual real thing he did in canon. i LIVED it, i experienced it myself, those are all real things he’s actually done for real.

this is a serious game series about organised crime.

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