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#shawn spencer

In the third psych movie I want Shawn to tell Karen that he’s not really psychic or maybe a bad guy tells her thinking it would cause problems between them and she says “I’ve known the whole time. You really thought I believed you were psychic??? How stupid do you think I am?”

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while i think that a psych/prodigal son crossover would be hilarious, despite the tonal differences, shawn and malcolm have really similar energies, a little bit eccentric, a little but unhinged, it would also be a little awkward, cueing this conversation

“so why’d you become a consultant?”

“well my dad’s a cop, and i wanted to be the exact opposite of him, so I solve crimes the opposite why he would. what about you?”

“oh my dad’s a serial killer and I wanted to be the opposite of him, so i solve crimes instead of create them.”

“I also do it for fun.”

“Yeah me too.”

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