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#shawn x juliet

When I started shipping them: I honestly have no idea, but it was definitely by the speed dating episode.

My thoughts: They’re just so adorable and such dorks. I love them.

What makes me happy about them: Almost everything about them. They’ve managed to edge out Oliver and Felicity as my number 1 OTP.

What makes me sad about them: Shawn lying to Juliet about being psychic and that whole thing. I mean he totally would have told her the truth if he had been to talk to her before Declan!

Things done in fanfic that annoys me: Nothing really, except maybe the Shawn x Juliet x Gus or Shawn x Juliet x Gus x Carlton, but I’m not a fan of threesomes or similar in general so I just ended up filtering that tag out.

Things I look for in fanfic: Just them. I like soft or hurt and comfort or just them in general. I’m not really picky.

My wishlist: Just more of them in the movies. Maybe let them have a kid or two because they’d be great and just adore their kid.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I have no clue because once I end up attached to that couple, then I don’t really ship them with anyone else. (There are a few exceptions, but Shawn and Juliet aren’t one.)

My happily ever after for them: They’d have a kid or two and just be together. The living next door to Gus, Selene and their kid(s), too. Just let them be happy!

Fandom Meme

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1.) His full name is William Gus Spencer. And yes, his middle name is a direct reference to Gus. He’ll answer to both William and Will as he doesn’t really care between the two. He does, however, hate being called Willy, Bill and Billy. 

2.) He looks a lot like Shawn. Henry and Gus’s parents have called him Shawn’s spitting image before, and while Shawn doesn’t see it, Juliet definitely does. Will does, however, have Juliet’s blue eyes. 

3.) Also like Shawn, Will had heart surgery. However, the surgery was in his first eighteen months of life. (Shawn kinda blamed himself for Will’s heart defect. Juliet wasn’t having any of that and repeatedly reminded him that “no, William’s heart is not your fault.”)

4.) Like his father and twin sister, he has an eidetic memory. 

5.) Will’s godparents are Carlton and Selene. (The idea of Carlton being godfather to a kid that looks just like Shawn is just too good to pass up.) 

6.) Will is generally a quiet, easy-going kid. Shawn and Juliet sometimes worry that they’re not giving him enough attention because Emma is so much more demanding and dramatic. 

7.) Juliet sees the quieter aspects of Shawn in her son. Will is actually a little more like Shawn which is not something most people expect from him with his quiet demeanor. 

8.) Will tends to have a hard time making friends. It’s not very easy when you have a twin sister who is very loud, dramatic, and comes in like a tornado while dragging her best friend with her. He also tends to get left out of the things that Emma and Luna Guster are doing. 

9.) Shawn ends up nicknaming him “monkey.” After all, he calls Emma “starfish,” so Will needs an animal nickname as well. In his teen years, Will just kinda rolls his eyes whenever Shawn calls him “monkey.”

10.) His pre-teen, 10 or 11-year-old faceclaim would be Jack Fisher but with blue eyes. (This kid is adorable and just totally looks like he could play their kid.)

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  • Okay so they have twins, Emma and Will. They don’t have a lot of free time for vacations, given their jobs… or Juliet’s job. Shawn’s solely employed on a case-by-case basis.
  • 80% of their vacations involve Gus, Selene, and their two kids, Charlie and Luna. And about 50% of their vacations take place in Santa Barbara and then about 20% are to visit Juliet’s family, mainly in Miami. The remaining 30% are random little weekend trips.
  • Will’s the quieter twin, which makes him the better traveler. Emma’s loud and not nearly as easy to distract as Will is. However, Emma will also sleep in a car or on a plane, while Will either doesn’t or it takes nearly twice as long as normal for him to sleep.
  • Shawn loves the kid friendly places more than he does the adult places. He’s usually right in the fray with his kids. Juliet smiles and usually ends up taking pictures.
  • One specific idea that’s bounced in my head for a while, based on 6x09 (‘Neil Simon’s Lover’s Retreat’) 
  • When the twins are three, they manage to get a four-day vacation to a fancy resort. (And no, Shawn doesn’t pay for it with Gus’s credit card, he’s gotten over that.) 
  • There’s a kids’ babysitting program that they use because it’s free and they can get a small amount of alone time because it’s been like three months since they’ve had alone time during the day. 
  • Juliet makes vacation friends with a couple. Shawn’s a little annoyed because he’d rather spend time with his wife and kids… and well, their last attempt at vacation friends didn’t end very well
  • They end up having dinner with the couple. It’s a little more awkward in than the one in 6x09. Shawn’s a lot less excited about them. If he was going to have a fancy dinner, he’d rather it be just with Juliet, not two strangers. 
  • The resort hosts a family movie night and Shawn won’t turn down a movie. The movie is Moana. Also, given that they’re three, the twins are asleep before the movie is over. Emma’s asleep before Maui finds his hook, sprawled out over both Shawn’s and Juliet’s laps. Will’s asleep before Moana gives the heart back, his head resting between their legs.
  • They carry the twins back to the room. Shawn ends up carrying Will and then takes Emma from Juliet in the elevator up to their room. He knows for a fact that he doesn’t have much time to actually carry both of them. After all, even at three, carrying both of them for more than a few feet nearly has him winded.
  • The room is dark, once Juliet unlocks the door. She flips the light on and it’s like they’re suddenly a little over a decade in the past. The room has been ransacked. Things are overturned, and well the room is a mess. 
  • Instead of looking for and then freaking out about a DS that really has an engagement ring (that would later be stolen) in it, it’s scouring the room for their kids’ loveys, Emma’s blanket and three stuffed animals, and Will’s blanket.
  • Neither Shawn nor Juliet get much sleep that night. It’s watching over their kids and watching the door and just generally being freaked out.
  • They eventually get some of their things back. At least they didn’t have anything more valuable then a couple bracelets, and their wallets and that the thieves didn’t steal anything of Emma’s or Will’s.
  • It’s also eventually found that the couple they had dinner with were behind it. Well, Shawn and Juliet actually spent a few hours looking for the couple at the resort and checking to see if they had actual reservations. They didn’t. 
  • And that’s how Shawn and Juliet decide against making any more vacation friends.
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Moments leading up to Shules first kiss. Shawn’s tenderness never ceases to amaze me… Look at how soft he is. Look at how hard he’s trying to be happy for Juliet and telling the girl of his dreams to go on a two week vacation with her boyfriend and enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity… I love Shawn.


And of course he follows with a joke to hide his feelings. Classic Shawn Spencer.

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The only good thing about Shules is that there is no unnecessary strife between Juliet and Shawn in their relationship to create interest for the show. And even Shawn’s friendship with Gus isn’t shown as creating strife for the romance. So while I don’t care for Juliet x Shawn, this is one of the best representations of how a couple ought to be portrayed on TV, especially when one of them has a preexisting friendship.

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Clearly, Juliet feels she cannot do any better than Shawn. He’s gaslighting her for four or more years into thinking she can’t do better.

And yes, at this point I am watching only for Dule Hill. And way to dust off that faithful PoC sidekick trope who’s always good for laughs so popular in Hollywood.

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