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John and Shayera are the real thing. They’re always going to love each other no matter what. These characters are so drawn to each other, so in love, that they’re just inevitable. Even with their plotline left unresolved, with John in a serious relationship with someone else, at the end of JLU, the writers were just like OBVIOUSLY they get back together, and like it is!! They are that couple! The depth and purity of their love oh my god

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Now that @delicatefalice has put me into the John x Shayera headspace I’m thinking about how at the end end of Starcrossed

John says, “Was it all a lie?”

And Shayera says, “I love you, John. I never lied about that.”

And then in JLU

Shayera says, “Don’t say you don’t love me.”

And John says, “I’ll never say that.”

And just like what the fuck. My emotions. The romance and love of it all. Like what the fuck

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me thinking about in secret society john told shayera that he would give his life for her and then in wild cards he almost died for her and then in starcrossed shayera literally BETRAYED her whole planet, people and saved earth and how her doing that was her way of saying to john she to would give her life FOR HIM

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I’m convinced the track suit was just a subtle nod that Shayera was depressed as heck during Justice League Unlimited. 

(Like she betrayed everyone she’s ever loved and all the new leaguers don’t know the full story about what happened and I’m sure she got lots of looks for a long time till she proved herself again) ((Like seriously, she nearly gave herself up to the Thangarians in that one episode without even first considering another plan)) (((And that moment with Lex/Braniac where he taunts her about no one liking her, playing on her fear of being alone))) ((((like sheesh, someone give her some confidence in her relationships, please!))))

Just imagine though if there were more seasons and each season we saw her outfit change a little. New, shirt, gloves, maybe armor here or there as a visual signifier that she’s accepted the past and is finally moving on and taking better care of her appearance because of it.

I think Flash would be the first to notice and compliment her on it.

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