jasontoddsguns · 2 days ago
Answer to the Captain Marvel name debate: everyone just treats "Captain" as a title and "Shazam" as a first name. The full formal name is Captain Shazam Marvel
Batman will periodically full-name Shazam on missions.
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baileyartblog · 15 hours ago
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I love plastic man so much i want to put him in a jar and shake it violently
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electricdazeworld · 2 days ago
so thought, what if Billy pretend that Captain Marvel was an immortal and one of his mortal forms is Billy. 
Basically Billy makes up an story about Captain Marvel being able to take on different appearnces (although none of them have his powers) and therefore he doesn't have a secret identity. Imagen the stuggle, your coworkers looks like a kid, but is actually thousands of years old. 
 (it’s a little hard to explain)
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lasagnaflavoredgrapes2 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sure! (๑'ᴗ')ゞ -> Me, who never draw an anthropomorphic character in my entire life, but after sketching and researching, (and a lot of uncanny valley failed designs that will definitely haunt me for life) i finally manage to draw a decent one!
Tumblr media
3 best friends ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ٩( ᐛ )وᕦ( ᐛ )ᕡ
Tumblr media
Tq for your patience ヾ(^-^)ノ bye!
P. S tap the pic for a better quality!
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mysleepdeprivedass · a day ago
I love trans!Billy headcanon that all I have to say ._.
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p-c-ba-dcforever · 4 hours ago
Alex Toth pt 2
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a-sour-nectarine · a day ago
A ten year old approaches you. "Hi, I'm SHAZAM," he says. There is a flash of lightning.
"Yes," you respond, looking up at Shazam, "yes you are."
He frowns. "That always happens."
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balu8 · 2 days ago
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Mike Wieringo
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yeoubi-i · a day ago
Tawky Tawny should turn into a little cat
If he turn himself into a stuffed toy, full grown man, man with tiger head, big tiger, then he should turn himself into a cat
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dcmainlybillythoughts · 3 hours ago
So it occured to me that I've never shown both my Billy designs on here. When I think of Billy Batson I mainly picture one of two designs depending on the context and because I've never shown them both I decided I'm gonna show them right now, drew these up just now :)
They are the exact same character but they look different based on how life on the streets is/was. The one on the left if the only one I've actually shown people as to where the one on the right I think I've only showed my platonic husband
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I'll find time to color the Billys another day, for not I relax
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penny-anna · 5 months ago
Shazam definitely has a verified twitter account & it's one of the more popular official superhero twitter accounts bcos Billy just posts whatever the fuck he wants
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jetslay · 3 months ago
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DC Super-Heroes by Andrew Day.
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secrettreestuffidk · 4 months ago
i just want an AU where the justice league figure out there is SOME sort of connection between Captain Marvel/Shazam and this one 10 year old and someone starts getting a little too close to the truth (or a particularly outrageous falsehood) for comfort so Shazam just kind of...
"oh yeah I'm actually Billy's imaginary friend."
"Yeah, the kid's lined up to be a super powerful wizard and all that someday, but in the meantime all that 'magical potential' has to go somewhere, or something, y'know?"
"wait. wait. oh my god. this is why you just disappear when you're off duty and batman hasn't been able to find your secret identity????"
"haha yeah for sure. no secret identity i totally just stop existing entirely. yup."
"doesn't that bother you?"
"no? why would it?"
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lasagnaflavoredgrapes2 · 16 hours ago
I was scrolling through ao3 and i found this! I really like how the story is going, and if u guys like my Wayne's New Butler's Apprentice au, I think you guys might enjoy this fan fiction too! It have a similar concept <3
Tumblr media
They are still quite new tho, so only one chapter had been released.
*˙︶˙*)ノ That is all, good luck on your writing Author! Once im done with my own wips we can be fan fiction/ao3 buddies!
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jasontoddsguns · 11 days ago
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p-c-ba-dcforever · 4 hours ago
It's the late Alex Toth's birthday, a creator that is INCREDIBLY important to Bronze Age DC...in a roundabout way. His character designs for the Super Friends were likely the most prevalent visual designs for the big DC icons until the arrival of Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. His economy of line and stripped down designs were huge influences on BATMAN:THE ANIMATED SERIES among other iconic works and artists!
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A bunch of the Justice League’s villains work together to capture the league and when someone asks where Captain Marvel is, his villains point over at Billy Batson, a scrawny underfed 10 year old child, and so everyone is like, “Bro what the fuck that is very clearly not Captain Marvel” and his villains are like, “Trust me it is” and then try to get Billy to show everyone but Billy starts panicking because he doesn’t know what to do in this situation and ends up just doing what any 10 year old would do when they’ve been kidnapped by their arch-nemeses and can’t fight them off without revealing that they’re a child to their superhero coworkers, and bursts out into tears while trying to act like a completely normal 10 year old and so now everyone is just glaring at his villains like, “What the fuck guys" while they’re desperately trying to get Billy to Shazam
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings · a month ago
Bruce: I would love to adopt you, Billy.
Billy: Uh-huh. No can do, grandpa.
Bruce: *cue internal panic*
Bruce: I can’t believe you adopted Billy and didn’t tell me!
Jason, who has literally no idea what Bruce is talking about: Wha-
Bruce: I had to find out by him calling me grandpa!
Jason, pretty sure Billy was just calling Bruce old: Oh, well, uh…
Bruce: I have a grandchild now! I had to dig out all my worlds best grandpa shirts from the attic!
Jason: Why do you have grandpa shirts in the attic?
Bruce: Eh, Dick’s early twenties were an adventure. Anyway-
Jason, seeing the opportunity to cause chaos: Well, it’s pretty new…
Jason: Okay, so sign here please.
Billy: *eyes adoption papers skeptically*
John: Do it.
Billy: Huh?
John: It’ll be bloody hilarious.
Billy: Yeah, okay.
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robbed-ghost · 3 months ago
By some twist of fate, Wally overhears Shazam admit that he has 6 siblings and Hal overhears Batman saying to Superman—in a very broken, tired, fatherly mansplaining tone—that he has 7 children.
Dots are connected. This does not end well for anyone.
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suspiciousbluejay · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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