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Doing ship requests again!

May or may not do a blurb for each one, probally not but maybe/if you really really want.

Send me an ask with:

  1. A description of your personality(a tad looks if you want, but focusing more on personality)
  2. your gender identity and sexuality(or if you want a male or female ship)
  3. Which fandoms/movies/shows you want.

Here is the list of fandoms/shows/movies I will do:

  • Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts
  • Descendants
  • MCU
  • IT
  • Stranger Things
  • Star Wars
  • Hobbit/Lotr
  • DC(well, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Justice League, and suicide squad )
  • Game of Thrones
  • Ouat
  • Broadway
  • Parks and rec
  • Hunger Games
  • Disney
  • Flash
  • Divergent
  • Narnia
  • Glee
  • The 100(up to season 2 )
  • Star trek
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I’ve been seeing post about FMK and I would like to play 😏 of course since I’m a baby I’m changing it to Fuck, Marry, Kiss 😳

Send in any of Henry Cavill’s, or even Zachary Levi’s characters! ❤❤


Originally posted by allreactions

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Hey! I’m 19, looking for someone to do an rp with me where I would play Stanley Barber from I am not okay with this. The characters I’d like to play him against are Jacob Thrombey from Knives out or Peter from Low Tide, Ricky Berry from ianowt or maybe even Freddy or Billy from Shazam! Or if you would like to write some other character not listed here, feel free to tell me, I’m open to suggestions! Interact with this post if you're interested. I’d also prefer to rp on discord. Please be 17+! :)
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Well the fact that you see a silhouette trail be hind him, as well as the Donut fell when he ran by, it’s more likely that he’s speeding up. Of course from his perspective things are slowed down. Now how fast he’s going idk. It doesn’t seem he’s at Flash levels of speed, but it could just be conveyed poorly.

…stevens overall power is yet to be fully tested but to scale him to someone of equal power I think he’s close to…. Maybe shazam or super boy (considering what we saw Steven do)


Probably close to super man but I wouldn’t go that far… Yet

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I got Parker’d again

Tumblr has a habit of infantilising baby faced characters played by actives who’s voices have broken. Peter Parker. Billy Batson. Ricky Bowen. And I keep falling for it. I saw so many gifsets of hsmtmts before I started watching it (I only got Disneyplus two days ago) that I didn’t know what to expect., even though I’ve seen him die on greys anatomy but he didn’t have many lines on that. And I keep forgetting Tom Holland doesn’t sound like Tommy pickles. The infantilism really does a number on you. With Billy it’s a little more understandable cause I only ever saw a single episode of andi mack. But Asher has gone through puberty. And you can tell by the voice. A toddler he isn’t. Nor does he sound like it. With Tony Stark it’s sort of the opposite. He’s basically shrouded in myth so you’d thing he’d have a deep Cabot W but he doesn’t. He sounds like he gargles helium each morning. It’s not a dig at Robert by any means. But the hype built around these characters makes it rather jarring when you actually watch the stuff and reality hits

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PSA: Tmobile is offering a free 60-day upgrade on mobile hotspot

Why is this important? Now I can write and watch movies from my computer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [I do not have WiFi yet, and with everything that’s happening the premier cafe writing setting is not possible at this moment]

I plan to watch Knives Out with some Buffalo wild wings tonight since my beloved is out of town

I may even be as fortunate as to write another chapter of the Shazam! fic I’ve been working on???? It’s kind of long right now, I have so much of it planned out but you know haha, typical great idea, peoglonged execution of said idea, ya feel?

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Action Comics #1021 (Cover A John Romita Jr. & Klaus Janson), $3.99 (PICTURED)

Action Comics #1021 (Cover B Lucio Parillo), AR

Amethyst #2 (Of 6), $3.99

Basketful Of Heads #6 (Of 7)(Cover A Reiko Murakami), $3.99

Basketful Of Heads #6 (Of 7)(Cover B Mateo Scalera), AR

Batgirl #45 (Cover A Guiseppe Camuncoli & Cam Smith), $3.99

Batgirl #45 (Cover B Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson), AR

Batman #90 (Jorge Jimenez 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99

Batman Beyond #42 (Cover A Dustin Nguyen), $3.99

Batman Beyond #42 (Cover B Francis Manapul), AR

Batman Creature Of The Night HC, $29.99

Batman Curse Of The White Knight #8 (Of 8)(Cover A Sean Murphy), $4.99

Batman Curse Of The White Knight #8 (Of 8)(Cover B Sean Murphy), AR

Batman Superman #8 (Cover A Nick Derington), $3.99

Batman Superman #8 (Cover B Andy Kubert Card Stock Variant), AR

Books Of Magic #18, $3.99

DC Previews #24 (April 2020), AR

Detective Comics #1021 (Cover A Brad Walker & Andrew Hennessy), $3.99

Detective Comics #1021 (Cover B Lee Bermejo Card Stock Variant), AR

DMZ Compendium Volume 1 TP, $59.99

Dollar Comics Justice League #1 (2011), $1.00

Dollar Comics Justice League Of America #1 (2006), $1.00

Doom Patrol The Silver Age Volume 2 TP, $39.99

Event Leviathan HC, $29.99

Far Sector #5 (Of 12)(Cover A Jamal Campbell), $3.99

Far Sector #5 (Of 12)(Cover B Warren Louw), AR

Flash #752 (Cover A Howard Porter), $3.99

Flash #752 (Cover B Jung-Geun Yoon), AR

From Beyond The Unknown Giant #1, $4.99

Harley Quinn Volume 4 The Final Trial TP, $19.99

John Constantine Hellblazer #5, $3.99

Justice League Dark #21 (Cover A Yanick Paquette ), $3.99

Justice League Dark #21 (Cover B Clayton Crain), AR

Justice League Of America The Nail The Complete Collection TP, $29.99

Justice League Origin Deluxe Edition HC, $49.99

Last God #6, $4.99

Legion Of Super-Heroes #5 (Cover A Ryan Sook), $3.99

Legion Of Super-Heroes #5 (Cover B Alex Garner Card Stock Variant), AR

Red Hood Outlaw #44 (Cover A Paolo Pantalena), $3.99

Red Hood Outlaw #44 (Cover B Philip Tan), AR

Suicide Squad #4 (Cover A Bruno Redondo), $3.99

Suicide Squad #4 (Cover B Jeremy Roberts ), AR

Supergirl #40 (Cover A Joe Bennett), $3.99

Supergirl #40 (Cover B Derrick Chew Card Stock Variant), AR

Tales Of The Batman Marv Wolfman Volume 1 HC, $39.99

Wonder Woman #754 (Cover A Robson Rocha And Danny Miki), $3.99

Wonder Woman #754 (Cover B Rafael Grampa Card Stock Variant), AR


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Spoiler Alert 🚨 🚨 🚨 For DCeased: Unkillables

This comic has hurt me from the beginning by killing off so many great (and not so great) characters back in DCeased. But I honestly wasn’t prepared to see Billy Batson turned and for Jason to be so effected by it. Jason isn’t a very emotional person (he tied the Jokers dead body to the front of the bat mobile people!) but you can see the soft spot he has for children and it was a bittersweet moment really. Depressing cause Billy died but it also showed that Jason is still human

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I might be wrong on this, but didn’t DC legally change Captain Marvel’s name to Shazam so they wouldn’t get sued?

Alright, I did some more research, so buckle in, this gon get messy

In the 1940s DC bought Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics and realeased Billy Batson. Later in the 1960s (1967 I believe) Marvel released a new trademarked Captain Marvel causing DC to change Cap’s name to Shazam (quick side rant: this is a dumb name change because ‘Shazam’ is also his transformation word! This would be like if Marinette’s hero name was ‘spots off’ smh).

When they released Rebirth they kept his changed name to Shazam. Although in a lot of media (Young Justice, Justice League War, some DC encyclopedias, and even Starkid’s Holy Musical B@man, (some of those are as new as 2015)) his name is still kept as Captain Marvel. My guess is now that Captain Marvel is popular because of MCU that DC is going to make sure that Billy is always called Shazam from here on out, not only from a legal standpoint, but because of the hecklers, who already exsist. “DC copied off Marvel.” kind of people.

Plus with the Shazam! movie that came out (one of DC’s more popular movies) most fans will think Billy’s name is—and always has been—Shazam.

This is more of an opinion, but please keep in mind that I have a bias towards DC Comics:

I think Marvel knew their move of trademarking their newer Captain Marvel would force DC (who didn’t trademark for some reason???smh) to change their own Captain Marvel’s name. It’s kind of a sneaky move in my opinion, but to be fair, I would’ve done the same.

In any event, to answer your question anon: Kind of? The history is pretty messy, but it seems that the trademark is what’s holding this whole thing together. I’m not an expert on trademark law (though I’m probably going to look more into this afterwards because I love researching the legal things), so I think the answer could be yes. I didn’t research from every source, but I don’t think DC was ever threatened with a law suit, I think they changed it on their own violation to be safe. Another thing to keep in mind is that DC and Marvel are its main competitors and of course they’re gonna want to knock each other out. You also have to keep in mind that in the 40s, if Marvel released a Captain Marvel they would’ve been called out for ‘copying’ DC. A lot of this whole subject has to do with time and competition.

The timing is right for Marvel now because of MCU, but in a couple decades DC could get the upper hand again.

I am by no means an expert in this, so if anyone spots any inaccuracies, or just wants to add, feel free to!

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