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#she didn't need to be taller than she is
soulsunforgiven · 3 years ago
finally home. that was... nice. i needed a nice day.
#the man without a plan {miscellaneous | ooc}#i thought we were just picking up a bookshelf from home but like#skip managed to fit the chair and the mirror into the car too#all that's left is the steamer trunk and some bits and bobs now#he helped me out a lot and on the drive there and then to coffee and then back from coffee he told me a lot about his life#about how he had to get sober a few times and about  the punk shows he went to and how he's punched misogynistic pricks#in mosh pits before or just peopel being assholes in general or dragged them away and told them off#and had these guys twice his size just fu cking cower back and apologise because skip can be fucking terrifying if he wants to be#he's not much taller than me; maybe a few inches taller and thin as a twig but holy shit that guy has#monumental energy and he's a scrappy motherfucker you can tell so i whoelheartedly believe people will back off when he says#he saw a post i made on facebook lsat night about being trans and spent a while talking to me about that and like#i didn't realise how much i needed an older as-far-as-i-know non-queer person to affirm me but i did#he told me about a song on the ride to the apartment that he shared with me to help with my feelings about being trans#and didn't talk more about it til our ride home when we were both a lil more talkative about personal things#i told him how long it's taken for my mum to accept that i was trans and that she could have told me ages ago bc she saw the signs#she just didn't wanna admit it - and he just sort of exhaled a lil laugh and said 'theres nothing wrong with it'#and i laughed kinda bitter and said that mos tpeople don't agree with that statement and i was driving#but i could kinda feel his eyes on me as he glanced my way and then he repeated in a quieter more insistent voice:#'there is nothing wrong with it'#anyway he's wonderful and said that my 'hands gave it away' to him at first that i was trans but i 'have the looks' and not to worry and tha#t he's thinking of telling his girlfriend's daughter - a lesbian - to come to me for fashion tips since she's having trouble shopping for#mens' clothing and i asked if he's okay with hugs and he hugged me super tight and said he is and that he also tells his friends he loves th#em and basically it was a super great day and he's a wonderful friend and he makes me smile and laugh and really that's what matters and imm#gonna go eat and shut up now see you all later
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cursedmoonchild · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
October 17th - Stepcest - @sebbyzoldyck’s Kinktober event
Tumblr media
summary: you get close to your stepbrother as never before on a halloween party
pairing: stepbrother!Eren x f!reader
w/c: 3.8k
warnings: DARK CONTENT AHEAD MDNI, STEPCEST, college AU, alcohol consumption, use of condom, car sex, Eren being protective over reader, smoking.
a/n: tagging this as dark content but the characters are pretty soft with each other fyi.
be aware of the warnings before you proceed, don’t continue if you’re uncomfortable with the theme and don’t be rude about it, if I forgot to tag something kindly let me know.
Tumblr media
It’s been so long since the last time you saw your stepbrother Eren, since he went to university you two barely talk, but now you managed to get in the same uni as him things would change.
What you didn’t expect was that your brother looked so different. He didn’t have the habit of posting his pictures on social media and whenever he video called it was to talk to your parents.
So you were understandably shocked when you met each other in your dorm after he volunteered to help you unpack. He was taller and much more tanned since the last time you saw each other, his hair was tied up too which left you wondering how long it really was.
Eren hugged you tightly by your waist the first day, greeting you by the pet name he used since he moved in after your parents got married.
Hey, princess.
Except now the usual pet name made your skin tingle, the butterflies you felt when his arms pressed your body against his own could not possibly be right.
But you just shook the feeling off, after all it’s been a very long time since you two exchanged a hug.
Eren had always been pretty touchy, especially when you were around friends, he said he liked having a sister since he's always been an only child, and of course your parents liked to see their children getting along.
While you were organizing your clothes in the closet and Eren taking your books out of the boxes, your new dorm-mate, Historia, entered introducing herself to you two, but apparently in a matter of minutes she grew more fond of your stepbrother than the person she would be sharing the dorm with.
As the weeks passed you became more settled, keeping up with your classes and befriending more people, especially Eren’s friends since he was always inviting you to hang out with them.
The only uncanny thing was your dorm-mate, you had the impression she was faking an interest in being friends with you only to get closer to your stepbrother.
>> halloween party off campus today, you in?
He texted you while you were in class, you immediately looked at Historia thinking how you would leave the dorm to a party without letting her know your plans.
sure, but can I change in your dorm?<<
>> okay ?
"Any plans for tonight? We could go clubbing, there are many halloween themed ones already" she said as you left the last class of the day.
"Yeah, you can ask Eren and his friends too so it's more fun".
Of course.
"Oh, I have plans with a friend tonight, sorry" you replied the first thing you could think of and she seemed to believe it.
As the night came you put your costume and makeup items into your backpack saying goodbye to your colleague that decided to stay in the dorm as you left to "find your friend".
"Hey" Eren said, opening his door to let you in, he had a white shirt on and his hair slicked back with gel, only one curly lock falling into his forehead.
"Hi, I thought we were going to meet outside?" Jean said laying on his bed with a black and white striped suit and black eyeliner around his eyes, finding it weird that his dorm-mate’s sister was entering their room now.
"Yeah, sorry, I need to borrow your bathroom real quick" you said as you entered the bathroom to apply your makeup and undress.
"Something wrong with yours?" Jean asked through the closed door.
"Hm, not really, but I didn't want Historia to know about the party" you replied, starting to apply the dark eyeliner, “By the way what are your costumes?”
“I’m low-effort beetlejuice” Jean replied.
“And I’m grease” you heard Eren.
“You mean John’s Travolta character in the movie Grease?” you laughed at his choice of words.
“That’s what I said”.
Makeup was done, now the hard part was the witch dress you chose, the zip being hard to do by yourself, "Eren, can you help me with this dress?"
"I can do it" Jean murmured only to get a death glare from his friend.
The door opened slightly as Eren entered, you turned your bare back to him.
"Any reason why you didn't want to invite Historia?" he asked and you felt your face heating with anger at the thought that he might want her to go too.
Jealous thoughts being forgotten the second you felt his fingertips touching your neck to push your hair out of the zipper way.
"Mmm, she is nice, but I wanted to be only with you tonight— and Mikasa and Sasha, you know, you guys" you quickly tried to correct yourself, the mirror in front of you showed a glimpse of a smile on Eren’s face.
He didn't need to know how especially interested in him Historia was.
And you didn't want to explain why you didn't want them together.
Because in reality, you were not sure where this weird feeling was coming from.
"Sure, princess" he zipped up the dress and held your hips with both hands for a few seconds looking down in a trance.
"You shouldn’t call me princess when I’m dressed like a witch” you giggled alone and realized he didn’t seem to be listening, “Eren?" you asked, bringing him out of his thoughts, finding your eyes on the mirror, you picked the last remaining item to your costume — the pointy hat — and turned to him "I'm ready, shall we go?"
You left your clothes in their dorm planning to come by and change again before returning to your bedroom, where, hopefully, Historia would be asleep and you would not need to explain why you arrived so late.
"Oh, hey y/n, I didn't know you were coming too" Armin said when Eren, you and Jean found him outside the building next to his car, he was dressed like Captain America.
"Hi, Armin, is it okay I'm tagging along?" you asked, uncertain of his reaction.
"Yes, obviously! it’s just that I invited Reiner and Berthold too, so you all might get a little crushed in the backseat".
"Oh, she can go in the front then" Eren was quick to say.
"Dude, no way you, me, Reiner and Berthold will fit in the back" Jean said, in fact you knew that at how large the boys were, they could not fit all together in Armin's car.
"What about us?" Reiner said walking close to you along with Berthold, hearing only their names in the conversation, Reiner was dressed like a cop and his friend as Frankenstein's creature, stitches on his forehead poorly done with eyeliner.
"You guys will have to sit on each other's lap" Jean said teasingly.
“Can I choose someone else to sit on my lap?” Reiner replied, looking directly at you.
“Let’s do this: Reiner is the largest, so he will go in the passenger seat, you four in the back” Armin pointed and opened the driver’s door ready to go.
You all entered in the backseats: you had to take your hat off once you entered, Eren and Jean sat in the middle, Berthold on the window seat, but Berthold couldn't shut his door since half of his body was still outside.
"Try this" Eren hooked his arm under your bare thighs and brought them sideways to his lap, you bent your knees to not get over Jean too, that way you freed some space since now only half of your butt was on the seat, the rest of your body was practically on Eren’s lap.
He now had a leather jacket to match his outfit too, knowing the leather rubbing the bare skin of your arm all the way to the party would make you uncomfortable he placed his arm behind your head, and finally Berthold was able to enter and close the door so Armin could drive out.
Being this close to Eren made you notice his jaw was clenched like he was mad for some reason so you rested your head on his shoulder seeing he relaxed a bit as Armin turned the radio on so you could all vibe on the way to the party.
Because all the windows were open, the wind was causing the hem of your dress to flutter, you only noticed it when Eren placed his hand on your thigh holding the dress down, half touching your skin.
The comfortable position you were in almost got you wishing the party was further away, Eren's hand was so warm against your cold skin.
The ride was quiet, Jean making comments about how Armin had the same taste for music as his grandfather while you and Eren remained quiet, leaning against each other, whatever choice of perfume he did for tonight was a very good choice, the slide back hairstyle accentuated his facial features and white shirt accentuated his torso, Eren was truly beautiful.
"We are here" Armin said after parking in front of a big house which had the front yard decorated with fake coffins, spider webs and skeletons.
"There" Eren opened the door at your side hesitantly taking his hand off your leg so you could step out.
But instead of letting go of you he put his arm around your shoulders helping you adjust your hat while the six of you entered the party soon founding the rest of the gang.
"Beer pong!" Sasha called, dragging you to play with her against Hange and Mikasa.
"Take it slow, my little witch" Eren murmured to you before leaving to find a game for himself.
Unfortunately the opposing team was too good, you and Sasha had to drink all your cups getting a little light headed not one hour after arriving. You were lucky that your seniors accepted you so well, this party was probably hosted by other seniors since you didn’t recognize anyone except Eren’s friends.
As more people arrived at the party you were being pulled left and right to games and dances, drinks with dry ice being handed to you often, after some time you decided to look for Eren, finding him playing poker outside on a picnic table with other creatures.
"y/n come stay beside me, I need some powerful spell here" Jean called you, but you chose the place next to Eren as expected.
"Sorry, Jean, I gotta stick with my big brother" you replied, getting a proud smile from Eren.
"I give up then" Jean threw his cards and the game resumed in Eren and another man you didn't know yet dressed as a mummy, Eren bet all he had and won.
"I should bring you to games with me more often" Eren put a hand behind your head bringing it closer to kiss your forehead, "I will get us some soda" he got up leaving his phone on top of the table as the other players reorganized the cards.
"Is Eren the designated driver?" you heard the mummy man who lost ask Jean.
"No, it's Armin, why?"
"Nothing, it's just unusual for him to not drink".
It was indeed uncanny for the same person that used to ask you to hide empty beer bottles under your bed -- since your parents would never check your room -- to spend the whole night at a party without drinking any alcohol.
Eren's phone lit up and even though you didn't mean to peep you couldn’t help to notice the last name you wanted to see tonight.
>>hey eren
>>this is historia
>>i got your number from a friend
>>hope you don't mind
>>i'm alone now, wanna come over?
Your blood boiled at the audacity of this girl.
How dare she text your brother to come meet her in your shared bedroom when you were away?
You took his phone when no one was paying attention and replied quickly.
not interested <<
When you noticed Eren coming back you put his phone back at the table.
"There" he handed you a soda cup.
"Thanks, 'Ren" you drank the content but now you wanted something stronger, "I think I will find Sasha again to get some blood shots" you got up and returned to the inside of the party missing the confused look on his face.
You haven't found Sasha or the other girls so you headed to the bathroom to splash some water on your face, not actually wanting to get too drunk and become a problem, since this was supposed to be a fun night and you didn’t know most of the people here.
You were not entirely sure why you replied to Historia, if Eren wanted to hook up with your dorm-mate this shouldn't be any matter of yours, right?
Maybe all you needed was a fuck to forget it, so you adjusted your dress pushing up your breasts, afterall what a college party didn’t lack was hot singles.
As soon as you opened the door you were pushed back inside.
"E-Eren? What you—"
"Princess, can you help me with an issue?" he placed an arm behind you trapping you between the sink and his body, getting too close to your face and raising his phone in front of you, "Somehow, I managed to — completely sober —, text someone back and have no memory of it".
You forgot to delete it.
“I—” you shook your head trying to find a decent explanation, although with the little space you had and with Eren’s deep green eyes looking down at you, suddenly you forgot everything.
He sighed, putting his phone down on the sink and lowering his head down to rest on your shoulder, his hot breath against your skin making the hairs at the back of your neck stand up.
“This would be much easier if you were not so…” he laced his arm around your lower back pressing your body against his.
“So what?” you sighed as you felt his lips touch your shoulder as he slid the strap of your dress down.
“ perfect” his kisses trailed all the way to your neck where he started to lick and suck the sensitive skin.
This was so wrong, if anyone saw how your step brother was focused on tasting your skin, firm hands going up and down your hips feeling your curves...
A muffled cover of Paparazzi blasted across the room.
Promise I'll be kind
But I won't stop until that boy is mine
At how hazy your mind was with just his kisses you couldn’t care less, all you wanted was Eren.
You brought his face to yours, not being able to stand another second without feeling his lips on yours.
“How much have you drunk?” he asked one inch from touching lips with yours.
“Not much, but I would want this even if I was one hundred percent sober” you whispered again his lips, dark eyes stared at you with lust.
“Fuck, princess” he closed his eyes shut like he was struggling against his own thoughts.
“Eren, kiss me please” you begged caressing his face, you could just close the gap yourself but you wanted him to kiss you.
So he did.
How could he ever deny you anything?
Eren’s wish was to swallow you whole, yet he was patient, kissing your lips slowly as you melted against his arms, you dared to part your lips to allow his tongue in. The taste of soda and mints felt so good.
Eren felt so good.
You lowered your hands to explore his chest down till the hem of his pants where you tugged in a silent request for him to get rid of them.
“Wait, I don’t wanna do this here” he held your hands and picked up his phone putting it in his pocket.
Like in a flash you two passed all the people dancing and drinking till you were inside Armin’s car, in the back seat, his leather jacket and your hat already off.
“Eren, someone might see us” you whispered looking around the streets.
“Don’t worry, it’s dark out there and the guys won`t come yet” he assured, kissing your neck and making you straddle him, “God, I’m so happy I haven’t drunk anything” he squeezed your thighs just to confirm that you were there.
“Why haven’t you, by the way?” you asked putting your hands on his chest pushing him away from your neck to look him in the eye.
“Hmm...” Eren looked away, face and ears getting even more red than he already was, “Because of... Reiner”
“What about Reiner?”
“I had to make sure he wouldn’t make a move on y-you” the confused look on your face turned into an amusing one as you watched him getting flustered at the admission of his protectiveness.
“Aren’t you a sweetheart?” you cooed cupping his face to kiss him again.
You were not as sober as he was, but the haziness in your mind was only contributing to make this moment more pleasing to you, like a luscious dream.
Eren wrapped his arms around your waist pulling your body impossibly closer to him, the position making very easy for you to feel his erection poking your pussy through his rough jeans, the friction so good against your sensible folds you couldn’t help grind on it.
“Fuck, princess, you’re gonna be the death of me” Eren threw his head back, hands crawling from your thighs to your ass, helping your back and forward moves on his lap.
You dropped your head on Eren’s shoulder to muffle your moans.
Even through thick jeans you could feel the outlines of his member rubbing between your soaked panties.
“I need you ‘Ren”
“Of course, princess” he reluctantly retracted his hands from you to get the condom on his wallet and to remove his shirt while you undid his belt, a wet spot on his pants touching your hands, but thankfully his jeans were black so no one would notice, “Come here” he grabbed your neck pulling you for a steamy kiss, both your tongues fighting with each other.
You pulled your underwear aside watching him roll the condom on his tall and hard member, Eren slightly raised your hips to sink on his length, both of you moaning and panting on each other's mouths during the process.
At that moment you felt envious of all the girls that Eren fucked before you, he never brought anyone over but you knew what he was up to when he came home late, or what he was going to do when he left the house all smiley after texting all day.
But now he was here, with you like you dreamed for so long.
“So deep” you cooed once he was all the way inside, even Eren had to take a moment to not cum right on the spot at the sensation of your tight walls hugging him.
“This pussy is mine now, you know that right?” he grabbed you by your jaw, head resting on the back seat and heavy breathing tickling your cheeks.
The sight of your stepbrother so pussy drunk and possessive over you brought chills to your spine. Words ran away from you, all you did was nod mouth agape.
“Good” he raised his head to kiss your chest sliding the straps of your dress down as you began to move on his dick, leaving just the tip in before you sank on it again.
Eren pushed your bra down to fully expose your breasts to his face, wasting no time to suck on them, one hand massaging it and another firm on your butt cheek. You placed your hand on top of his, making him grip your breast harder, desperately needing to touch him, as you picked up a pace.
“So, so good” he murmured to your chest nibbling your collarbones, “I`ve been wanting this for so long”.
Your hands began to wander to his chest, caressing the soft skin with tender, “Eren, help me” you cried kissing his cheek, thighs burning from the constant up and down movement on such small space, your stepbrother almost felt sorry for you.
Almost, because the sight of your teary eyes and trembling legs are too amusing to pass.
“Don’t worry, princess, next time I will make sure to get you more comfortable, now fuck yourself on my cock, can you do this?” he kissed the side of your head, the promise of a next time giving you the fuel to keep going
Eren helped by massaging your thighs, kissing your neck and whispering sweet praises in your ear, just when you found a pleasing pace you felt his phone vibrate on your inner thigh, where his front pocket was.
“If it’s that bitch again, Eren, I swear to god…” you threatened, digging your nails on his chest.
“You’re hot when you’re angry” he laughed, pulling you down by your neck to peck your lips while fishing his phone out of his pocket, “Hmm we might have to hurry this up” he placed the phone down holding your hips to make you go faster.
“W-why?” you ask with a shaky voice when he started to rut his hips up hitting your sweet spot with ease.
“Armin said they will be leaving in five” Eren smiled at your widened eyes, like he wouldn’t be in the same compromising situation as you.
“E-Eren--” in your mind there was an attempt to tell him to stop for the sake of both your images, yet, since this was something you wanted for so long you couldn’t find the courage to stop when you were so close.
“Shh, I’ll make up for it later, okay” he reached a thumb down to your clit, already thinking how he would be eating you out with all the time in the world after this.
“Cum with me, ‘Ren” you begged, holding his hands firm on your hips.
This was all Eren needed to thrust faster, you felt his member twitching inside of you along with his thumb rubbing your bud harder, you screamed as your vision became colourful, your liquids gushing all over his thighs.
“Oh the two of you are here already” Armin said, meeting Eren who was leaning against the side of the car smoking and you on the back seat with the door open.
“My sister was feeling sleepy so we came to stay here”.
“Eren, your shirt is inside out” Belthold pointed out, you giggled, in the rush to dress up and discard the condom neither of you noticed it.
“Where’s Jean?” you asked, realizing it was just Armin, Reiner and Belthold.
“Jean went to some girl’s place, he asked you to not wait for him” Armin lightly punched Eren’s arm as he turned around the car to enter the driver’s seat.
“Oh, I have the dorm all to myself then” he winked at you entering the back seat.
Tumblr media
taglist: @tequchiha @kittyymew @crybabyddl @crajishie @imkumichan @nothingtosayortell [wanna join the taglist? <3]
Tumblr media
©all content belongs to cursedmoonchild. please do not modify or repost; if you find reposted content please let me know,
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haitanifushiguro · 19 days ago
What they love about you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➤ Pairing; Draken, Hanma, Rindou, Shinichiro x gn!reader!
➤ Warnings; fluffy stuff~
Tumblr media
Ken loves it when you help out at his shop with him. He is working with new bikes at the back and he looks up through the door that leads to you at the front desk just writing whatever information is needed. He also loves it when you take care of customers when he can’t at that certain time or moment. He also VERY MUCH adores you when you have the same knowledge as him when it comes to bikes and motors. It’s like such a turn on for him, when he can just be staring at you with so much love and then when you finish talking and you notice he’s just staring at you then all of a sudden he just picks you up and hugs you tight with a genuine smile on his face.
“Look at my girl being such a nerd~”
“But you love it!”
“That I do….and you too.”
Shuji loves it when you kiss the tattoos on both of his hands. You two are just laying down on the bed cuddling each other then he feels two lingering kisses on the backs of his hands and finds you who is the cause of it. Even though he acts like he doesn't like it which he fully does, he loves it when you get a boatload of markers and just colour his tattoos. Seeing you just get excited and seeing you concentrate while trying to draw on his skin makes is heart clench so bad.
“What are you doing?”
“Definitely not coloring your hands..”
Rindou absolutely adores it when you give a lot of kisses. It’s very simple but it makes him feel so loved that he wants to cry. It did one time-- ALMOST but it did happen. He comes home from a meeting or just out with his brother and the second the door closes is the second you are in his arms giving him boat loads of small kisses and pecks. he thinks he felt a lick on his face but he’ll let it pass. The more kisses you give him, the more you're gonna hear little giggles from him-- bro, HE SOUNDS SO CUTE MAN!!
One time when he came home, and he didn't get kisses when he opened or closed the door to the house, he got grumpy quick. Pouting, arms crossed and everything..flipping baby. He found out you were just distracted by the game you were playing on your phone all the way upstairs in your shared room. He stood at the door way with his foot tapping on the ground very loudly to catch your attention and when you seen him you smiled but looked at him in confusion as to why he looks like that. Then you quickly figured that you didn’t give him his kisses when he came home and ran to him full speed with a whole lotta kisses to give. He went to sleep with a satisfied smile...he's such a brat bro i swear
Shinichiro loves it when you are! He has no specific thing he loves about you because he loves all of you equally...okay I AM TELLING THE TRUTH, I AM, but he loves it when you are very intimidating..make sense? Like for example, you and his friends are hanging out at a park bench just talking, laughing, and then all of a sudden a group of people, men, like 3 or 5, pop up walking towards you guys.
“Well hello there sweet thang~”
You cringe at the unfamiliar and flirty voice that was close to you and was most likely thrown at you. You turned around and so do the others to look at the weird guys right behind you. They were taller than you, yes, but they didn't scare you one bit.
“I am not a ‘sweet thang’ and what do you want?”
Your annoyed voice was known as you were already tired off these men behind you already. Shinichiro just sat back and enjoyed to whatever was about to happen knowing you know how to take care of yourself.
“Ouuuuuuu, she's a tough cookie~ we like those.”
“Luckly, she doesn't like you.”
“She’s taken you freak now, walk away,.”
Wakasa and Akashi spoke as Benkei stood up ready to deal with them but you held out your hand to stop him from moving any further. He listens to you but stays behind you if anything as the guy continues to speak.
“And who is that special man then, huh? That boy right there?”
The guy points to Shinichiro who just looks at him unamused. You narrow your eyes at him at the slight jab he made at your boyfriend.
“And what about it?”
“He definitely looks like a little ass loser who also can’t-”
The way your foot connected with his covered junk, and with the way it made a little crack definitely made the guys shut up and just wheezed his way oall the way down to the ground while holding his private part in pain. The other guys that were with him, already started to walk backwards fast, not only because of you but the way Benkei was staring right at them.
“It’s a good thing that he is my loser then.”
You finished and looked up at bekei who gave you a pat on the head and went ahead to the guy still in pain. Akashi and Wakasa turned their backs towards you like something serious was up..
“What’s wrong?”
“We heard that crack, y/n.”
“You will never get the chance to kick my dick even if you're mad at me.”
“Flippin demon.”
You laughed at how they looked spooked out by the thought of them getting kicked in the same place. You look at Shinichiro who has his head on his hand just looking at you dreamily.
“What’s with you now?”
“Baby, you can kick me anytime you want..THAT WAS SO HOT!”
“Of course he would say this...sicko.”
Tumblr media
keisukefushiguro © 2021 all right reserved.
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ichigoromi · a month ago
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐬 𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐤 | 𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
Who would be the most stubborn? I think you guys know who is the most stubborn one...
Personally, I'm the worst person to come for if you're sick. I'm good at nursing myself, but taking care of others, it's not my forte yet.
Let's get on with it!
Pairing (s): Sano Manjiro (Mikey), Ryuguji Ken (Draken), Mitsuya Takashi, Hanemiya Kazutora x fem reader! (she/her)
Genre: fluff
Warning (s): toman members being sick, some manga spoilers!
a/n- if I mention porridge, I meant by like congee!
Sano Manjiro (Mikey)
Tumblr media
a/n - assume y/n is taller than Mikey, like about 170-174 cm? Just for Mikey's.
He would insist that he is not that sick, but you and Draken did not have it.
Draken had something to do, so you were tasked to bring your stubborn boyfriend to the hospital.
Since he won't get out of bed, you help him out of bed and clean him up before carrying him on your back to get to the nearby hospital.
The doctor was glad that you brought him in on time and get him on an IV drip.
You went down to the pharmacy to collect his meds and get some breakfast for both of you.
Mikey finally realised where he was when he felt the nurse insert the IV needle, and he was slightly panicking when he didn't see you.
Then you appeared shortly, visibly short on breath, panting slightly.
You placed the food by the small side table and his meds on your lap.
"You idiot, why did you not come to the hospital earlier? I actually skipped school for you." When he heard that you skipped school for him, he smiled widely.
You two were polar opposite, your parents disapproved of him, but you continue to see Mikey because you like him for who he is. And, skipping school for a sick Mikey, you don't mind it since you have almost perfect attendance.
"It's nice to hear you rebel. Maybe I should be sick more often~." You smacked his head at that.
"You should take care of your health, okay? I prefer my boyfriend healthy. Now, get some sleep." He shook his head.
"I can only sleep on your lap." He whines, and you let out a sigh.
You got another chair so he can stretch out his legs, and you adjust your seat so he can lie his head on your lap. He soon falls into a deep slumber on your lap.
Seeing the peaceful expression on his face, you gently comb his blonde locks through your fingers, and he visibly became more relaxed. You let out a yawn and got yourself more comfortable.
And soon, you fell asleep too.
The nurse came into the room to replace the IV for Mikey and saw the two of you sleeping. Draken walked into the cute sight and requested the nurse for a blanket.
At least if he's busy, he can entrust Mikey to you.
He was glad that Mikey found someone that understands and can stand up to him at times when he needs to listen but he was stubborn.
The nurse passed him the blanket and he drapes the blanket over you two, and he saw Mikey snuggling closer to you for more warmth.
Tumblr media
Ryuguji Ken (Draken)
Tumblr media
a/n - Draken's headcanon would take place two years after Toman has disbanded! Enjoy!
2nd a/n - He deserves the world🥺
After a long day at work, he returned to his apartment, feeling achy and chills, and he knows he came down with something.
He can't ask the other girls in the brothel to take care of him since they are busy, so he has no choice but to call for you.
After Mikey, you're his best friend, and you worked part-time at a convenience store after school.
When you received his message for some help, you were extremely worried since he rarely falls sick.
Your manager noticed the worried expression on your face, and you explained to him that your best friend with whom you secretly have a huge crush is sick.
Luckily, you have a good manager who gave you a discount as you bought things to care for your sick friend.
"Y/n-chan! You're here this late? Is everything okay?" One of the girls pops out of nowhere.
"Yeah, I'll just go check on him and go home. Sorry for intruding~!" You knocked and head into his room.
You set your bag aside and took off your shoes. He tried to sit up, but his body felt so heavy, and he could not get up at all. You rolled up your sleeves and touched his forehead, and was shocked at how hot it was.
Draken peeks at you, making hot water and making a cold towel to wipe down his body.
"Ken-chan, how can you let yourself fall sick till this state?! If your fever doesn't go down, we might have to go to the hospital." You pat his face with the cold towel and measure his temperature.
By tonight, you were determined to bring down his fever.
"Okay, let's help you sit up first." You struggled against his large frame but got him to lie against his bed frame.
You sat down on the bed with the bowl of warm rice porridge in your hand. He wanted to eat by himself, but you shook your head. You blew on it and fed it to him; at first, he didn't have any appetite, but his appetite regained when you feed him.
Draken hates taking medicine.
Only his close friends know about it, and he rarely takes any medication unless needed.
"You have to take it. Don't be stubborn." He turns his head to the side, refusing to take the medication.
"Come on, stop being an idiot, or I'll force it down your throat." The serious expression on your face made him crack a smile and took the pills from you.
After he has taken medicine, you helped him laid back down and tuck him in. You sat down beside him, and he cocks a brow at you in confusion.
"Sleep. I'll leave when you fall asleep. Now, be a good boy and fall asleep." You pat his head, and he lets out a small smile before closing his eyes.
You knew that it would take him a while to actually fall asleep, so you got your assignments out and finished it up and do some revision while waiting for him to fall asleep.
Your tiny frame was slumped over the table, scattered with your assignments and textbooks. After a nap, he was feeling better, and he was surprised to find you still in his room.
He gently pries your arms off the table and carried you into his bed. You unconsciously pulls on his shirt, and he almost falls on top of you. Draken got into the bed, carefully moving you into a comfortable position in a bed that was too small for you two.
"I may not be ready for a relationship now, but I hope you know that I have feelings for you." He kisses your forehead and covers you two with the blanket.
As if you heard his words, you snuggled closer to him, and he drapes his arm around your waist and falls into a deep slumber with you.
Tumblr media
Hanemiya Kazutora
Tumblr media
a/n - Kazutora's one will be taking place in the timeskip!
At first, he was afraid to get into a relationship due to the trauma of his parents' horrendous relationship, but he met you.
With you, he felt a glimmer of hope that he wouldn't end up like his parents.
And you were the one that accompanied him to his therapy sessions and helped him to recover.
Although he tries to appear mature in front of you, you know he is a kid in his heart.
When he falls sick, he turns into a baby and clings to you.
No matter how you tried to convince him to let you go, he won't.
It took you a long time to convince him to go see a doctor.
You head toward the front door, and he goes straight into your arms. Since you had work today, you could not accompany him to the doctor, and you know he was feeling super sick.
"Want to take a bath first?" He nods, and you help him to the sofa while you go and run a bath for him.
Kazutora is forever grateful for Draken, who introduced you to him, and for you to accept him for who he is. You were going to make him something filling and light on the stomach while he took a bath.
But he has other plans.
"Can you take a bath with me?" He asks as he leans against the door frame. It's not you two have not seen each other's naked bodies. You're just a shy person, but it was his first time asking you to have a bath with him; you just can't reject him.
"Okay. Come on in; the bath's ready." He lets out a smile and helps you out of your clothes, and you do the same for him.
You got into the bathtub first, and he got in after you. He leaned his back to you, and you gently massaged his shoulders from the back.
"Is the water warm enough? Are you feeling better?" He nods his head and lets out a yawn.
With the massage that you're giving and the warm bath, he felt drowsier.
"I love you, you know that? You're the best." He mumbles as his head lulls back and forth. You rest his head on your shoulder, and he lets out a hum of satisfaction.
"You're the best thing that ever happened to me. Be it bad or good experiences, I love you nonetheless."
Tumblr media
Mitsuya Takashi
Tumblr media
He rarely gets sick, and when he is, he becomes really stubborn and tries to do dumb stuff.
Luna and Mana knew something was off about their older brother when he woke up this morning.
But he reassured them that he was fine and feeling fine to go to school.
He drops them off at their elementary school and heads to his middle school.
You were off at the broadcasting studio, doing the morning radio as per usual.
When you were done with your morning duties. You noticed how pale your boyfriend looked, and he was sleeping on his desk.
You felt his forehead, and it was hot.
But, he says that he would not go home and insists on staying until school ends.
And you couldn't convince him to go home since he is really stubborn now.
When the last bell rang, you dragged him out of the classroom, ignoring your friends and his friends.
He was so warm that you were about to send him to the hospital, but he refused.
So, you put him on your bicycle and drove him back to his home.
After that, you went and picked up the twins.
"Takashi, go take a warm shower first. I'll make something for you and the twins to eat." He was about to protest, but then he saw your glare.
Luna and Mana took out their assignments and started on them while you made some simple and light food for Takashi to ingest so he could take the fever medication.
"Nee-chan! Can you help out with our homework later?" Luna requested with her puppy eyes.
"Of course, but I have to get your brother to eat his medicine and rest first." They nodded their heads and circled the questions that they did not know how to do.
Mitsuya came out of the bathroom, and he immediately went to lie on his bed. You got a small bowl of porridge and the fever medication for him. He was feeling freezing, so he wrapped his arms around you, and you almost dropped the bowl on him.
You gently probe him, and he lets go of you. Somehow, he just becomes obedient around you. Mitsuya lets you feed him the porridge, and when he is done, you make him eat the medication.
"Okay, now sleep well." You tucked him into his futon and kissed his forehead.
The twins were eagerly waiting for you, so you helped them with their homework and made them dinner as well.
You took out your assignments and began to do them while the twins went to take a bath together. It has been a while since Mitsuya fell sick, and you were glad that he was not that stubborn with you.
Mitsuya did knock out after taking the fever medication, and he was grateful for you forcing him to stay at home instead of going to the meeting. If he did, he might just faint and cause more worries to you and his family.
The twins crept into the shared room with you behind. They were getting tired, and they asked you to put them to bed, and you stopped your assignments.
You sang to them and pats their small backs rhythmically, and they slowly fell asleep. Seeing the twins have fallen asleep, you went out again to finish your assignments and finish up some revision.
"Why are you still here? Shouldn't you be going home now?"
You turn around to find your boyfriend out of bed, and he sits down next to you. He wraps his arms around your waist and leans his cheek on your shoulder.
"I just want to make sure your fever is down. Oh! It's down now, but you still have to take the medication to be sure. Hold on, let me get them. It should be six hours by now..." You got up and went to get the medication for him.
He obediently takes it and snuggles close to you again.
"Do you want to sleep over tonight? Or do you want me to send you home?" You really want to stay over, but your parents are still kind of strict.
"I'll go home by myself. My parents are waiting." He shook his head. Alone? At this timing?
"I'll send you back. Don't worry, I'll call you when I reach home." He promised, and you nodded your head.
After he sent you home on his bike, fifteen minutes later, he sent you a text.
Mitsuya: I've reached home! Love you!
You: Rest well, my love; I love you too. Good night:)
Tumblr media
Hehehe, another Toman headcanon! I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thank you for reading!
Stay safe and healthy!
With love,
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introvert--weeb · 3 months ago
Hello! I love reading your works but can i have request?
If it's not too much i request for a mikey, draken, mitsuya,angry,smiley,ran and rindou (sorry if it's too much, i love them all i can't pick) with a s/o bakugou katsuki? But the s/o is a bit calmer since she have a angry management but when she snaps she became the explosive queen?(lmao) and called someone extras,nerd,shitty and when fight she keeps saying "DIEEE!"
Oh God! I love this idea so much!
And of course I can write for all of them! I really don't have that much of a limit on how many characters I'm willing to write about in one request 😅 I'm also really glad you enjoy my other writings :)
Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy it!!
Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Smiley, Angry, Ran, Rindo with a fem!Bakugo Katsuki!reader
TW: mentions of language, anger management, violence, name calling
Just like Mikey, you would like to give others nicknames rather than call them by their actual name. However, while the blond would simply add '-chin' at the end of names or change the way it's said, you would create these nicknames by either how annoying they were to you or if you were friends, by their features.
You were like a firecracker. Short fuse and when it was lit, you were explosive in both your words and actions. Many of Toman had learnt this the hard way. Especially poor Baji. He had made a comment that had set you off, next thing he knew he was facing the sky as Draken and Mikey were holding you back. Never again did he make the mistake of saying something that would upset you.
While you were usually OK if not provoked, there were times when you couldn't hold back. This was especially true when it came down to fights. Even the Invincible Mikey knew to not get too close during these moments. After all, he had witnessed what happened to those that had.
You would be the loudest and most explosive on that entire battlefield. It was intimidating for the rival gang when you had gotten into the zone. Yells of you telling all those 'extras' to get out of your way, with each punch you would scream out for them to 'die'. Yep, the others are going to get as far away from you as possible.
Would be back to your calm self after letting all your frustrations out. This is what surprises your boyfriend the most. You could be yelling at people to die as you punched them only to become sweet and innocent afterwards. It did remind him to never provoke you to the point of you losing it.
No one could understand how Draken had ended up with someone as arrogant as you. You made it no secret that you believed in your skills as a fighter, even looking down on others you deemed too weak.
However, this was mainly to make sure others knew that you should be taken seriously. Being a girl in a gang, especially the girlfriend of the Vice Captain, had others looking down on you all the time. You were strong on your own merits. You didn't need to be dating Draken to get people to notice this.
Most of the time, you were pretty calm and people felt they could approach you without any harm coming towards them. After all, you were actually a nice person under all that harsh exterior. But they still made sure to watch what they said around you, remembering how short your fuse was.
When you snapped, the person who got you to that point best start praying for their life or running as far away as they could. You were known to be quite agile when it came to fights and this would be no exception. A swift punch to their face followed by you yelling for them to 'die you shitty extra'!
Ken would never admit it but you terrified him when you got like this. After all, he was the Vice Captain to one of the strongest delinquent gangs in Tokyo. He shouldn't be scared of a girl that was shorter than him. People reminded him that he could stop you by picking you up. Draken knew this wouldn't do anyone any good.
"Ken-ny, you not going to stop her?" Mikey asked, appearing at the side of the taller blond while munching on his dorayaki. Draken just sighed before explaining that he couldn't. In fact, he doesn't even believe that Mikey could stop you when you got like this. The best course of action was to just let you have your fill so you could calm down.
The poor boy who had lit your fuse was now lying black and blue on the ground, blood pouring out of his now-broken nose. You simply blew a strand of hair from your face before making your way to your boyfriend, not wanting to talk about the incident.
Being a pacifist, Mitsuya didn't agree with how fast you would turn to violence when you lost your patience with somebody. After all, he was a firm believer in that most situations can be sorted by talking it through. So people were really shocked when it came to light you were dating.
You were both the complete opposites of each other in how you dealt with overwhelming stress. However, you both did make a great couple when it came to other aspects in the relationship. It's just people hardly saw that. And nobody seemed to remember that you were actually quite a calm person who just so happened to have a short fuse.
What seemed to set your fuse of the most is when others looked down on you or your boyfriend. People seemed to think that because he didn't actively fight those he had a disagreement with.
So when someone dared to talk smack about your beloved Takashi, you were not going to take it. And so, that is how Mitsuya was trying his best to hold you back as you were shouting and trying to kick out at the person that had made you angry.
"Let go of me, Takashi! I'm gonna rip that shitty nerd's arms off, that's all!" You may have been trying to convince your boyfriend to let you go but the threat of removing the arms of the boy was keeping him from doing so. Even the boy who had annoyed you had begun to feel scared for his safety and so chose this moment to walk away.
"Oi! Get back here you damn extra! I'll kill you!"
Mitsuya simply held you until you calmed down, softly shushing you as you yelled out more threats. But when you finally had calmed down enough, that was when Mitsuya would begin to lecture you on how violence and threats were uncalled for in situations like that. Although he would express his gratitude that you stood up for him.
You both would get on so well together. Same energy and love for violence and threatening people. in fact, you both would tell each other "I'll kill you" (affectionately of course) when the other was being annoying. The best type of relationship.
You would definitely give Smiley a nickname that only you would call him. And Nahoya would reciprocate with his own nicknames he had for you. They would definitely just be affectionate insults.
When you would be on dates, Smiley would love how you muttered under your breath about all the extras and nerds that were getting in your way. Sometimes you may actually call them that to their face if it was a particularly bad day, scaring the poor souls at how aggressive you seemed.
Nahoya would ride his bike with you clinging to his back. You would both ride around Shibuya, speeding around corners just to feel that adrenaline high you both would crave. Sometimes you would both find yourselves in a fight against people that made fun of you both.
Smiley loved watching how intense you became. It was like a switch flipped in your mind, turning you into a small ball of pure rage. Shouts of 'DIE' could be heard throughout the streets of Shibuya as you delivered blow after blow against your opponent. This was when he knew you were perfect for each other.
You would remind Souya of a female Nahoya, just without the constant smile. No, instead you would usually appear unapproachable with your resting bitch face.
Angry would be the sweeter of the two brothers and so would do anything to keep you safe. But that was easier said than done. As you were a lot like Nahoya, you would get annoyed easily and quickly resort to violence.
The main reasons why you ended up In fights was to protect your cute boyfriend. One comment on how he looked stupid with his angry expression and the person was seeing stars. There was no way you could let someone get away with making stupid comments about Souya! These damn extras needed to learn their place in the world!
Your anger made your vision red. The word 'die' seemed to become a lot more frequent, to the point where your victim was beginning to genuinely fear for their life.
Souya had to grab your arm to get you to stop. He was scared that you could end up getting hurt or worse, you could end up going through with your threat. He didn't know what he would do if you ended up in juvenile detention. Especially if you could be there for 10 years.
"Please stop Y/N!" The fact his voice was so teary is what had snapped you from this rage-filled trance. Turning your attention to the blue haired Kawata, you got off the now unconscious boy and decided it would be best to continue your hang out in an attempt to calm down.
He would love how you had two sides to you. One side was calm yet arrogant, similar to his own, while the other side happened to be his favourite. You would explode and takedown a handful of gang members on your own.
Ran wouldn't admit it out loud to anyone but you, but he found the second side so hot. Maybe it was how you moved so elegantly as you dodged each punch before dealing your own? Or maybe it was the strength you used behind each throw you aimed towards your opponent? Either way, he thought you were a damn work of art.
It really didn't take a lot to get you to switch. However, you made sure not to explode when Ran or Rindo was testing your patience. You may have agility and strength but you were nothing against their combo. However, Ran would never hurt you and Rindo would only gently restrain your limbs. It would definitely be just to show you that you were not on their level.
You often followed the brothers when they were going to deal with gangs that tried to muscle in on Roppongi. That could not be forgiven. After all, Roppongi belongs to the Haitani brothers.
While the brothers were busy with the leaders, you would be left to take out the others. It would be a struggle but you could manage most of them.
"You damn extras need to learn not to take what doesn't belong to you!" Another one had fallen. This continued until Ran and Rindo finally dealt with the leaders. It was an obvious victory for the brothers.
"You look so hot splattered with blood, baby," he would whisper in your ear before leaning back and sending a wink. You rolled your eyes before starting the journey back to their home.
You were like his own personal guard dog. Not that he needed one but he did appreciate how you were always there for him. In fact, he loved that you didn't view him as the weaker brother and instead saw his amazing combat strength. You had to keep reminding him that Ran couldn't actually use his baton as efficiently without Rindo locking them down.
He had yet to really see you in action as the 'explosive princess' people knew you as. It did bother him a little but he never did express this disappointment outwardly. After all, he was a Haitani brother and so had to keep up appearances. Especially if he wanted to be viewed as an equal with Ran.
It was as he was on a date with you one day that he saw the mysterious explosive side of you. And he totally wasn't prepared for it.
It started when a high schooler had approached you both, telling you how you should ditch a weakling like Rindo to be with him. Rindo was about to kill this boy for even trying to get you to leave him as well as to prove that he wasn't weak.
However, he was left speechless when you had thrown a punch into the boy's stomach, causing him to double over and drop to his knees. You used your boot to push him onto his back before starting your assault on his face.
'Who do you think you are, you shitty extra! My Rindo is a hell of a lot stronger than your weak ass! Now do me a favour and die already!" Even as you were talking, fists smashing into his face as blood exploded from his nose and lips.
Rindo could only watch, not knowing whether to be terrified of you or to find this whole display extremely hot. The blood that covered your fists was a sight he wished he could see more often.
Once you were satisfied that the lesson had been learnt, you stood up and dusted your clothes. "Let's continue our date babe!" And now you were back to being the calm and sweet girl Rindo knew best.
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hornedmothersblog · 5 months ago
Technoblade x Hybrid!Reader: Overwhelmed (Fluff)
Tumblr media
AN: The reader is a female bunny hybrid, with medium standing ears and a fluffy tail. She is around 5' 2ish  (Technoblade is about 7' 8)
Warning: None
•°•°•Third POV•°•°•
A loud frustrated scream echoed throughout the forest, startling the animals. The birds all screamed and flew away from the trees in to a different area. The wild boars screeched and fled the area to a more peaceful spot to bathe in the rising sun. The hybrid eased herself to the snow below her.
She pulls her knees up to her chest, leaning back against a tree. She was on her way to see Philza since he was a guidance figure for her. (Y/n)'s parents were great friends with Phil and due to the trust her parents had in him, he practically raised her. Philza had occasionally brought Technoblade, his adopted son, with him during the times where he watched (Y/n).
Much to his surprise Techno and (Y/n) got along very well. The voices that plagued Technoblade seemed to come to a halt and give his son silence. Sighing (Y/n) stood and began making her way to Philza's house once again. She missed those day but there wasn't a point in dwelling in the past.
Shivering (Y/n) finally saw the two cabins, sighing with relief she nearly bolted up the steps. Her (f/c) pointed bunny ears twitched at the sound of potions being made. She lightly knocked on the door, even though she didn't wait long it caused her nerves were getting the best of her.
Techno was the one who opened the door, his ruby eyes widened at the sight of (Y/n). She smiled sweetly at him, her ears twitching a bit and her little tail flicking. The voices that were originally giving him a headache finally quieted and he could've kissed her for it. He gave a soft smile and let her in, making sure to wrap his red wool blanket around her.
"Is everything okay??" (Y/n) asked sitting in front of the fireplace before looking up to him. Her (e/c) eyes shined brightly with the new light from the fire.
"Why wouldn't things be okay?" Technoblade asked moving to finish the potions. His pink hair falling over his shoulder a bit, he was silently annoyed that he forgot to put it up.
"It's just normally Philza is the one to work on the potions, that's all." She smiled softly before standing and moving closer to him. Her smaller hands grabbed his sleeve making him look to her.
"Let me put your hair up, plus your a furnace and I'm freezing." (Y/n) couldn't stop the giggle that left her lips as she pulled him away from the potion stand. Techno could've easily pulled himself away from her but he just gave in.
After she had him sit, she moved behind him and began putting his hair up in to a messy bun. Technoblade almost shivered from how cold her hands were, he felt bad that she was so cold. Once she had finished putting his hair up he pulled her into his lap. Her cute (f/c) ears twitched back as she looked at him curiously.
Techno wrapped the blanket around her a bit more before leaning back with her resting against him. He grabbed his glasses off of the side table and grabbed a book about the withers he had yet to finish. (Y/n) couldn't stop to adorable smile that graced her face, she quickly nuzzles into him letting herself relax.
•°•°•Technoblade's POV•°•°•
(Y/n)'s smaller frame curled further into my taller frame making me smile softly. I knew she would fall asleep before long both from her long travel here and the warmth I have off. It was always like this, her smaller body was always cold so she would cling to me. As kids it bothered me but before long the voices got quiet with her and her touch became a need.
I knew that I ran hotter than the others thanks to my piglin heritage, so I often held her close to keep her warm. I gently nuzzled my head against hers, letting my right hand wrap around her tiny waist. I gently pulled her closer to my frame letting her rest completely against me.
"What's got the little bunny all tense hm?" I teased lightly letting my thumb rub small circles on her back. (Y/n)'s soft (f/c) ears flicked back a bit as she buried her face into my neck.
"It's just so hard trying to be the good person all the time. All I do is help and help... Majority of the time it back fires and people are rude to me." Her soft meek voice seemed so loud compared to the silence around us.  I lightly pulled her tighter to my body letting her know she was safe now.
"I'm sorry bunny. You are just so kind hearted no matter how many times you get used or hurt. Maybe you should leave everything behind and stay with Philza and I for a while??" I asked pulling her back just enough to see her beautiful face.
She nods a bit with a gently smile on her lips, smiling back I gently nuzzled my tusks against her head. Her small body melted in my hold letting her full body weight lean on me. I pulled up my book on Withers and continued reading where I had left off knowing full well she wouldn't let me up.
The door opening made me jump a bit before Phil came in to my view making me relax. Philza looked at her in shock for a second before smiling and moving from finish the potions. I knew he wouldn't say anything about how gentle I was with her, he never did. Though the pleased look in his eyes didn't go unnoticed.
"She must've had a hard day to have walked all the way here just for your comfort." Philza mumbled loud enough for me to hear. Looking to him with curiosity only to see him pointing towards the window. Glacing back I saw a crow perched there watching us closely.
"Of course you send them to watch her." I sigh marking my page and laying my book back down. Chuckling Philza nodded feeding the crow a small piece of meat as a reward. Those little pest always told him everything.
Slipping in the snow hoping no one saw? Nope the crows saw and they are already telling Phil. Tripped on a root walking back in the dead of night? Yep they saw and he is already laughing about it. They never held on to information rather that is a good or a bad thing.
"I want her to stay." I said suddenly, my tone low but soft. Phil froze and looked at me with confusion, almost as though he was questioning if I was telling the truth. I had never talked about her staying with us or even staying longer than a week. But the stress and weight that gets put on her isn't fair.
My kind bunny was always doing something to help others before she even thought about taking care of herself. I can't even protect her when she isn't here. The voices were more at ease with her, she made me feel more at peace. We needed her here with us, both Philza and I.
Deep down I wanted to know that she was safe and not overworking herself. I wanted to be able to make sure she was warm and happy. If she wants to help around the cabin than I am more than glad to show her a few things. But I want to see my happy bunny back, with her bright smiles and her cute luaghter.
°•°•°Reader's POV°•°•°
I began to stir from my nap to hear Philza and Techno talking about me staying with them. The gently yet secure hold Techno had on me made me feel safe. The weight of his hand shifted as he lightly rubbed my hip before brushing over my tail then moving back to my hip. It went silent for a moment, lips gently brushing against my ear before pressing there.
"I will take Carl tonight and gather her things. I don't appreciate how she is being used there, let alone how stressed she is. That village takes advantage of her, besides I think it's time to soothe the calling for blood." Techno mumbled back to Phil. The vibrations from his voice carried to my body nearly making me shiver.
I gently shifted so my stomach was against his, giving me the perfect leverage to nuzzle my head under his. Techno gently kissed my forehead before nuzzling me back being sure his tusks didn't harm me. Phil gave a small chuckle murmuring about how I had his son wrapped around my finger.
After what felt like forever Techno slowly moved us to sit up and lifted me easily. I hadn't opened my eyes nor had I given him any indication that I was awake. I began to feel my body being lowered into a bed making me whine softly. I tightened my hold on him refusing to let him put me down.
"Princess come on, I need to gather your stuff from your home. I promise to return to you tonight." Technoblade's voice was soft and light. He only used that tone with me in private, he would speak normally when we were around others.
I gave a pout but let him go resting my weight on my knees. He shifted his footing to stand at his full height with a kind smile. I wanted to tell him to forget my stuff and to hold me again but I knew better. I was safe here. Tech wouldn't let any harm come to me even if he wasn't here.
Techno had left leaving me alone in his room. Yawning I stood from his bed making my way to his closet where his white shirts hung. Stripping off my shirt and leggings, I pulled one of his shirts out and slid it on. I was smiling like a fool at the sight of his shirt swallowing me.
I moved to crawl back into his bed knowing he would be gone for while. The voices always seemed to call for blood though I was glad I could soothe the urge and calm the voices. I hated when they became to active and gave him headaches which happened more often than not. Laying down I pulled his blankets up to my shoulders letting my eyes drift shut.
I stirred awake as the bed dipped behind me with weight. Rolling I turned to see Techno wearing only his sleep pants and his hair lightly braided. He offered me a small smile before pulling me so my chest rested against his own. His arms looping around my waist again, his hand rubbing my hips and lower back.
"I see you stole my shirt." The smile could be heard in his voice as he teased me. Smiling softly I nodded before pressing my head under his own. He chuckled and held me a touch tighter letting his body heat wash over me.
"I love you." I whispered against his neck. Butterflies from my anxiety swarmed in my guts, my hands fidgeting with the buttons of his shirt.
"I love you as well Princess." Technoblade spoke lightly, gently leaning back. His left hand came up to gently tilt my head towards his own. I could see the smile his lips held and the love in his eyes. He gently leaned down letting our lips connect softly before he moved to deepen the kiss a bit.
I brought my hand up to rest against the side of his neck when he pulled back. I smiled brightly before pecking his lips again and hiding my face in his neck. The rumble of his chuckle made me feel a thousand times better, like I made the right move.
"I've actually liked you since we were kids though bunny. You accepted me for who I was even with the voices. You were there for me on the bad days and the good days. It was always you for me." Techno said gently kissing my ear. Only a fool would miss how much love his voice held. Smiling I gently rubbed my hand from his neck to his shoulder.
"I could say the same for you as well. You made me feel safe and like I didn't have to worry about anything. Even if you got a little rough with me I knew you weren't looking to hurt me." I whispered moving our bodies so he was laying on his back and I was resting on top of him.
He gave me a smile letting me shift so my legs were on the either side of his body. Laying my head on his right shoulder, looping my arms around his neck, and laying my body against his. He gently brought a hand up to run through my hair and the others gently rubbing my back. I could feel sleep pulling at my mind once again. I knew Tech wasn't far behind me by the way his hands would still before moving again. Smiling I let myself get pulled in to the realm of sleep knowing that in the morning I would wake up to Techno.
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oceanspray5 · a month ago
I feel like someone like you, who likes the Cinderella fairy tale for the fairy tale, would've liked the new Camelia movie just fine if it wouldn't have been named Cinderella and just another modern musical 🤧
But tbh my problem isn't just that they ruined the fairytale aspect of it but rather how much they tried to force the girlboss narrative?
This tweet more or less sums it up for me:
Tumblr media
It's not the fairytale that I miss or that made me angry. It's the fact that they tried to make everything about it as "in your face" as possible while also getting the essence of it completely wrong. In a way this movie appeared to call the previous versions of Cinderella weak when that isn't true at all.
On a surface level this movie tried so hard to say it's about a strong woman but it completely forgot that the original Cinderella was strong af too even if she didn't go about saying "I'm a strong woman" every 2 seconds. The movie felt almost as if it was insecure in itself. As if the writer was scared they couldn't write an actual strong woman and instead decided to over compensate by having every single female character say it. When you have a good story, you show your audience rather than tell them things like "the female lead is a strong role model". When you have a strong character, you don't need to say it. The audience can see it for themselves.
If the script of the movie was in better hands, if it were a GOOD script in ANY capacity, then we'd see how Gwen is better suited for being Queen rather than have her give random untimely one-liners about things she would improve about the kingdom when the conversation being had on screen isn't even remotely related to it. She'd help the Prince escape while doing his paperwork for him and we'd see her drive a hard bargain for doing him this favor which would prove to us that she's an excellent negotiator but also that she knows matters of state. Or we'd see her do something necessary that needs to be done somewhere while everyone else is panicking over how to solve the problem. These visual cues, if they would have been included, would have shown us that Gwen both wants to be Queen and has the capability for it while Robert does not.
For the Queen... Wtf even was that whole shtick about the King's throne being an inch taller? They did a good job with her in the second half of the movie where she confronted the King about treating her badly but the first half? It was weird af. They tried too hard there too and they made the king over the top mean to his wife in the process.
That Queen Tatiana at the ball... Why did she have to have killed her husband? Why was it necessary to have that be her story? Was it that hard to have her say "Oh yes I'm at the ball with my husband but I'm the diplomat of our kingdom so I have to travel a lot and I need a designer to come with me on my travels"? This gets the message across just as well doesn't it? That the Queen is both independent and comes from a kingdom which is open minded about women undertaking important jobs BUT it would also have delivered another important message: The Queen is loved and supported by her husband and that marriage and love are things you can have while retaining your own autonomy. So again... Why was it necessary for her to have murdered her husband to be seen as "strong woman". The method the movie chose to go with has one less plus point than the one I just suggested and there were a billion other ways to go about it than the one I just said.
And Cinderella herself... She doesn't suffer any sort of abuse from her step family. They're mean to her but they're not cruel as in other versions of Cinderella and they certainly don't prevent her from having her independence otherwise she wouldn't have an entire basement full of her designs unharmed. In an actual Cinderella story, the step family would have exploited Ella's talents if they knew she was such a capable seamstress. In this movie, society is the abuser and not the stepmother and that sort of changes the entire narrative of the story.
Cinderella's story is about patience and courage and kindness and forgiveness. Her story being reduced to wanting to be a businesswoman just because it's more #girlboss than overcoming an abusive situation does not sit right with me at all. It's the opposite of feminist, in fact.
So yes, in a way you're right. If they had changed the name of the movie I would have tolerated it because it would be just another fairytale film but with a message targeting society's lack of acceptance of working woman. But I am not okay with them warping the message of Cinderella being an abusive victim and turning it into something it's not and turning her into something she's not.
If this movie wasn't called Cinderella, it would just be another bad film with a terrible script and meh acting. Unfortunately it is called Cinderella, so it makes sense it's getting a lot of criticism from me and many other people because the fact of the matter is:
Cinderella was already a strong woman's fairytale. This movie was just a weakened cheapened version of it that spent all of its time trying to use words to say it was about a strong woman to hide the fact that it wasn't actually about a strong woman at all because that would have required the writers to show strength rather than just tell it verbally and that is something they did not do.
Sorry... 😅 I went on a bit of a tangent there but I had a lot of feelings about this and I guess I used this as an opportunity to say them all.
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quinn-lynn · a month ago
Hey dear, how r you! Can I make another request, what about platonic yandere Bruce Wayne x damian's twin x platonic yandere damian. Like when bruce first meet them and Damian is like I thought you would be taller while sis is just like "Dami be nice to our father" and gives a cute smile. Bonus if Talia is a platonic yandere too! You don't have to do this if you don't want to, it's just a thought! Bye
Hope this is good and you like it! ♡
Sorry it took so long.
Damian and Y/N were only young when they were told to pack there things by there mother. Of course they did so no questioned asked but they couldn’t help but be curious since they had never left the mountain before.
“Where do you think we are going?”Y/N asked as they sat in the yacht. They had been attacked, and in a result of that attack their grandfather was killed.
“I know as much as you.” Damian said back. He was always kind to his twin sister. He couldn’t not be, she was his other half
Y/N looked excitedly over the side of the boat and jumped up jumped a little to get a better view of the water.
“Be careful Y/N.” Damian scolded but as Y/N looked like a kicked puppy he softened a little bit and lightly wrapped a arm around her shoulder as to secure her.
“Thank you Dami.” She always appreciated him, he was the only one that would show her affection and love, their grandfather wouldn’t as he focused on Damian, the successor. Heir to the league. Talia cared but not openly. She made sure to at Y/N was always well taken care of and patched her up after training.
After a hour or two of being in the boat they arrived at a dock. Where a man dressed as a bat came onto the boat. Their mother told them to wait behind the curtain, and so they did.
They stood back there in a stiff pose as they needed to be alert. Talia enforced that and they could not disobey her.
Y/N and Damian eavesdropped as they stood behind the curtain. It was all rather boring and they were disgusted to hear their mother flirt with the man.
“They are led by a man who Father believed could be his successor; Until my father became aware of you, Now this man wants to kill us.”
“Us?” The bat questioned as he stood there with a blank face.
“Not you.” Talia said as she grabbed onto the curtain.
“Me...and your son and daughter.”
“Son? Daughter?” The curtain was pulled back and out stepped Y/N and Damian. They stood with their legs slightly apart and arms cross behind their back. Damian had a blank expression but Y/N’s eyes were wide. She was in awe at the man who was her father. He towered over her quite a bit, though given she was 11 and smaller than the average kid, he seemed as though he was a giant.
Their father looked at them with slight surprise hut the look turned skeptic.
“And you expect me to believe this?”
“I assure you, they’re yours.”
Damian and Y/N walk closer to their dad, Damian looked smug in a way while Y/N continued to stare in aw. Damian slightly stood in front of her in a protective manner.
“Don't look so stunned, Father…” Damian began looking his father up and down. “I thought you'd be taller.”
“Dami! That’s rude.” Y/N said pouting making Damian slightly nod a apology at her. Batman still stared stunned. Y/N smiled up at her father, almost making his stoic mask break but he just counted to stare down at the little girl who was his own.
Talia tells them to go with Bruce off the boat before leaving the docks.
They follow their father off the boat stand next to him on either sides.
“You didn't know about us?” Damian questioned. How couldn’t his father knew he had children?
“No.” Batman replied bluntly as they continued to watch the yacht leave.
“So Mother has made us your responsibility?” Y/N questioned innocently as she watched her mother go farther and father away.
Batam looking down at his daughter, seeing a almost innocent look in her eyes. A look that he hadn’t seen in so long. He knew where she came from and he didn’t understand how she could still have that light, especially when compared to Damian. He had to protect her. He had to protect the light, and his child. “Something like that.”
“This isn't necessary. We will do fine by ourselves.” Damian said grabbing his sisters hand and staring up at Batman defiantly. Damian wanted to protect his sister and he only trusted himself to do so. Batman scowled slightly, they were his kids and he would be damned if he let them go off on their own
“So do I, But things have changed. She thinks you'll be better off with me, for now.”
“As do I.” Y/N said quietly to where they couldn’t even hear her. She wanted to know their father.
“What do you think?” Damian challenged with a smirk, if he was leaving with their father he wasn’t going to take it easy on him.
“Better than with the League of Assassins.” Batman retorted looking down at the two kids. He didn’t think the league would take it this far, teaching two kids to be child assassins while not teaching them much else, like having a conscience, well to Damian at least. But he couldn’t say much compared to himself.
“They taught us how to fight.”
“And to be our best selves.” Y/N added onto her brothers statement.
“And I take it not much else.” Batman spoke before pushing a button on his utility belt, opening the top to the batmobile and he began walking towards it with Damian and Y/N in tow.
“I'll drive.” Damian spoke out and Batman immediately shut it down it a hard “No.”
“ I know how.” Damian attempted to persuade but again he just got a “ No.”
“You will have to share a seat.” He spoke to the kids as their was only one extra seat in the batmobile. They shrugged, they didn’t mind being close with one another. It kept them safe.
Damian hopped into the car, followed by Y/N who say closer to their father. Batman got in next before hitting the call button on alfreds picture.
“Alfred?” Batman spoke while a older mans voice sounded on the other end.
“Yes, sir.”
“We’re going to have company.”
“A sleepover? Oh. goody.”
And that was the day they met their dad.
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wolken-himmel · 5 months ago
In which Floyd just loves teasing (Y/n), his beloved Shrimpy, who is much smaller than him and more on the shy and timid side.
When he finds her doing homework in the Mostro Lounge, Floyd can't resist the urge to tease her some more by draping himself all over her and distracting her from her homework.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"Shrimpy! Hello~"
That voice never failed to make your blood freeze in fear, and it came directly from behind you. Straightening your back, you turned around to face the familiar waiter with a panicked smile on your face. Floyd had his hands placed on the back lean of your chair, looming over you with a giant smile on his lips and his eyed closed in delight at your presence.
You nervously gazed around Mostro Lounge, wishing for another waiter to come and take your order — not this relentless eel. Yet, everyone else seemed busy, sparing you no glance — and even if you tried to catch their attention, Floyd quickly scared them away with a little glare. Eventually, you gave up hope and decided to just accept your predicament.
"Hello, Floyd..." you muttered, fearfully playing with the pencil in your hands. You never really met his eyes, your cheeks already burning from how he had draped himself over you, his arms loosely around your shoulders and his chin on your right shoulder. You squinted your eyes close, gulping when you felt his lips brush against your neck, intentionally or intentionally. "I hope you're not going to squeeze me."
Floyd let out an unhinged chuckle while he tightened his arms around your shoulders, drawling, "Oh? Did someone say something?" Your face was growing blue from the lack of oxygen that his hug caused, and you swore that you were on the verge of fainting when he pressed an affectionate kiss to your cheek. "I'm afraid I can't hear Shrimpy if she speaks so quietly~"
Your lungs burned when he finally let go of you, allowing you to double over and prop your arms on the table, stabilising yourself. "Floyd..." you choked out between coughs, sucking in air that suddenly seemed so sweet.
Floyd rose to his full height again, doing a side-step to position himself beside you. "Yes?" he cooed, sending you a soft smile that, although it looked very innocent, was anything but that. He flashed his teeth at you, laughing at how you still were struggling to regain your breath. He grabbed a strand of your hair, twirling it between his fingers. "Do you need something? Maybe more squeezes?"
You grabbed the armrests of your seat and scooted away from him, the legs of your chair scraping against the floor. "I'd like to do my homework..." you whispered, your voice still wavering unsurely when Floyd narrowed his eyes at you.
Nevertheless, he kept didn't let himself be deterred in his quest to get more funny reactions from you. "What class?" he asked, completely ignoring that you were trying to get away from him. Before you could scoot around the whole table to the other side, he grew exasperated enough for grab your hand and yank it from your armrest, leaving you gasping in surprise.
"Music..." you said as you tried to pull your hand out of his grasp again, which he reluctantly allowed. You then used your hands to rub your eyes, frustration bubbling up in the back of your mouth. "I suck at music so much..."
Floyd grinned, realising that this was an immaculate excuse to tease you even more. Peering down at you happily, he exclaimed, "Come on, I'll tutor you!"
The blood once again froze in your veins, and you almost inaudibly whispered, "You don't have to, Floyd." Your eyes never met his, and he seemed even more amused by that. Your hand on your table turned into a fist, and your fingers held onto your pencil so hard that it almost broke in half. "I'm sure you're a busy eel..."
"No no!" Floyd protested valiantly while he grabbed your hands and pulled you to your feet. You yelped when your feet touched the floor and you were forced upright. Much to your surprise, Floyd threw himself into your formerly occupied chair and pulled you onto his lap, his arms snugly wrapped around your waist. "I love spending time with Shrimpy, anyway!"
Your cheeks were a crimson red once he buried his nose in your hair and let out a blissful sigh. A few coughs escaped your lips, and you stemmed your hands onto his chest to push him away. "L-Let me go!" you cried out weakly. "Why do I have to sit on your lap—"
Floyd chuckled, and his lips vibrations against your skin made you ticklish. "Why? There are no free chairs around here," he cooed, putting on a disappointed tone. "And I have the best view on your paper sheet from this angle."
He repositioned you so that you sat on his knees, allowing you to work on your assignment. Exhaling, you realised that your best bet was to just go back to work and try to ignore Floyd as best as possible. Your eyes were trained at the various notes that you were supposed to decipher, but you found it hard to figure out if the key was a-minor or c-major — especially because of the eel breathing down your neck.
Floyd was continuously nuzzling his nose against your nape, giggling like a lunatic; he was having a field day.
"I can't concentrate..." you finally yelled out after ten minutes of silently enduring this torture. Your face was as red as a beet, and your hands were shaking so violently that Floyd could feel it himself.
Laughing, he chirped, "Oh, I won't distract you!"
You rolled your eyes at how he feigned innocence, but you could see right through that large grin on his lips. "Floyd— stop breathing down my neck like that..." you muttered nervously as you tried to scoot away from him, which he prevented by tightening his arms around your waist. The startled yelp that escaped your lips caught the surrounding tables' attention, and you felt your face going red again. "I-It makes other people stare—"
Floyd ignored your vigorous efforts of getting him away from you in favour of sneaking a peek at your worksheet, his shimmering eyes scanning for mistakes he could tease you with. And indeed, dozens of errors were here and there, causing him to laugh brightly. "Hehe, are you nervous? You're making a lot of mistakes~" he cooed as he tilted your face so that you were forced to look down at your paper sheet, pointing to the very first task. "That's not a b-flat, but a d-sharp."
You let out a frustrated cry. "It's because of you!"
"Me?" Floyd gasped in surprise, shaking his head in confusion at your accusation. "I'm as innocent as a sea star!"
"Oh really?" You quirked an eyebrow, inwardly fuming that he acted all innocent and gullible even though he knew how much his joking and teasing affected you. But he was Floyd: stronger and taller than you — and how could you ever beat him? Burying your face in your palms, you let out a defeated sigh. "Floyd, I can't concentrate when you tease me all the time..."
Floyd furrowed his eyebrows in pity and patted your back like he was comforting you, despite being the culprit for your exasperation. "But teasing you is so fun!" he cooed, rocking you back and forth in his arms to cheer you up. A grin on his lips, he grabbed your wrists and removed your hands from your face to litter your cheeks and forehead with little kisses. "You're so small, tiny, adorable, cute—"
You were frozen in surprise, yet your heart was doing saltos. "You're doing it again, Floyd."
"I was only speaking the truth!" he cried out when you shot him a glare to make him shut up. His voice was so loud and theatrical that it pulled everyone's attention towards you two, causing your cheeks to burn up in embarrassment. "Why am I getting scolded for saying the truth? Oh, in what an unfair world we live!"
"Hush, don't make a scene, please..." you hissed, eyebrows furrowed in worry.
Floyd ignored your words and merely continued wailing, thrashing around in your arms. "(Y/n), you wound me!" he exclaimed, whining and crying while still clinging to you like a koala. A mischievous grin on his lips, he hid his face in your shoulder and continued sobbing. "You're cruel to an innocent eel like me— do you have no heart—"
You quickly made him face you by pulling his head up with grabbing a fistful of his hair on the back of his head before pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. He seemed absolutely stunned as he stared at you with wide eyes, suddenly quiet and frozen. "There, that finally got you to shut up," you muttered, a scowl on your face that made Floyd swoon.
Once his initial surprise faded away, it was utter smugness that occupied his face. "Shrimpy... kissed me?" he drawled, slurring his words out like he always did whenever he was happy. Wrapping his arms around your arms, he let out a series of loud squeals. "Shrimpy kissed me!"
"Be quiet..." you muttered, trying not to cause a scene — again.
"Do it again!" he yelled out, his eyes blinking a thousand times per minute. "Do it again!"
You quirked an eyebrow at his behaviour. "Only if you're quiet and let me do my homework," you retorted, to which he narrowed his eyes in disappointment. Spending time with Floyd was quite dangerous since you never knew how he would react to certain things — it could be compared to playing roulette.
"Alright..." A sigh escaped his lips before that adorable smile returned to his lips. "Then I'll be as quiet as possible!"
Finally, you had found out how to control this feral eel. You patted his head, a smile on your face. "Good boy."
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skyeisawizard · a month ago
Peter and Y/N spend a lazy, wonderful Saturday together. By Monday, everything turns to shit, but they're still in love with each other and the cutest couple ever
This has been in my drafts since before the trailer was released - I've got something in the works inspired by the trailer, and I wanna write something about Y/N and Peter n their van life (that'll make sense after you read this)
Tumblr media
Sunlight kissed Y/N’s skin and she shuffled closer to her boyfriend. She tightened her grip on his middle and curled around him.
Peters fingers were laced between her own. He squeezed them in his sleep, subconsciously reassuring Y/N of his presence.
It was a Saturday, but a special kind of Saturday. It was a Saturday where neither Y/N nor Peter had to do anything. They could say in bed all day, watching movies, cuddling, doing whatever they wanted. They had no homework, no Stark internship, no shifts at the coffee shop. They didn’t have to do anything.
She wasn't asleep, but she wasn't yet ready to wake up. Y/N squeezed her eyes shut and pressed her face into Peter's shoulder. Y/N curled closer to him and threw her leg over her boyfriend.
Peter woke up at that. His eyes flew open and he turned in Y/N's arms, turning to face her. Immediately, Y/N dropped her face into Peter's chest and gripped him tight as the brunette kissed the top of her head. "Morning," He said in a low raspy voice, but Y/N didn't answer.
She kept a tight hold of Peter and shook her head. "I don't want it to be morning yet," she whispered. "Can't we stay like this all day?"
"We could," Peter mused, running his hand through Y/N's hair in a soothing manner. "But where's the fun in that? C'mon, we could go to the park, go and search for that book you wanted. We can literally do anything." He sat up and tried to pull Y/N with him.
It was a feeble attempt. Peter was so much stronger than Y/N. But with one tug he was back on the bed, his girlfriend wrapped around him like a vine around a tree. "There." She kissed Peter's collar bone.
"You're impossible." But Peter couldn't stop himself from smiling. He loved this girl, more than words could describe, more than there were stars in the sky (and Peter had been to space).
Saturday came to a close and Y/N went home. At first she refused to leave Peters side, clung onto him, but pulled herself away when she looked at the time.
With an early shift at the cafe the next morning, Y/N reluctantly said goodbye. She held her boyfriend for a long time, breathing in his scent and committing their lazy, perfect day to memory.
She thought over it as she poured in the sprinkles onto the cappuccino, just dusting the top. She hid her grin behind her notepad as she thought about their afternoon together, the hot chocolate they shared as the night came to a close. If customers noticed, they tipped her generously for her 'warm and welcoming' smile.
Three men walked into the cafe and sat on the taller seats in front of Y/N. "Good morning, guys. What can I get for you three today?" Y/N asked and pulled her little notepad out of the front of her apron.
"Three lattes," one of them grunted.
As Y/N turned around to ready their drinks, something hit the tabletop behind her. She thought nothing of the thunk and continued to make their drinks. "What's your name?" The one in the middle of the three asked. His voice wasn't chirpy and happy, as most peoples were while Y/N made their coffee for them.
"I'm Y/N, is there anything else I can get you guys?" She picked up the three large mugs and turned around to place them on the tabletop.
A gun pointing straight at her. If it fired then and there, it would've hurt a whole lot. Y/N slowed her movements but still put the coffee down. "Alright, this doesn't need to get ugly," she said. Her voice was low, trying not to alarm the other customers. "Whatever you want, I'll get it."
"How's your boy?"
Her heart stopped beating for a moment. Peter. Why on earth were these guys asking about Peter?
"We've seen him swinging about lately, sticking his nose in our business. We want it to stop."
Huh? "He doesn't know you guys," Y/N insisted. "He's a good person, He wouldn't get involved in your business. You've got the wrong person." Her heart was beating a mile a minute; Y/N thought she was going to pass out. But she held it all together, if only for a minute more.
The men looked at each other. The one on the right reached for his coffee. "We were thinking, we get rid of you as a warning to your boy. Either he'll listen to us, or we'll just get rid of both of you." He clicked off the safety.
Y/N searched around for some kind of help. Either people were slowly filing out, leaving their empty mugs behind, or they were laughing and joking, chatting about their Saturdays.
She grasped at straws. "You won't shoot me," she whispered, lowering her eyes.
"And how do you know that?"
"You've made a big show about concealing the gun, keeping everyone from seeing what you're doing. You shoot me and people will notice. Several people have been looking over here, trying to catch my eye so I'll get them a cake or something more to drink. You shoot me and someone will run to the police. There will be witnesses."
One of the men laughed. He pocketed the gun and stood up. Dropping a couple of coins onto the counter (three lattes cost significantly more than the money left), he grabbed Y/N’s wrist, pulled out a knife and left a slash across her wrist. “You’re smart, kid,” he said. “There’s your warning.”
Y/N cradled her wrist close to her chest as they left. She looked at the panic button under the other side of the tabletop and clenched her jaw. It was too late now, and they knew who she and Peter were. Getting the police mixed up in everything would just make things worse.
Picking up the still full mugs by the handle, Y/N tipped out the hot coffee and dropped them into the sink. She left them there and pushed his way into the back office. “Sorry, Lorraine,” she began, looking at her manager. Her wrist was hidden behind her back. “There’s been a family emergency, is it okay if I go home?”
Lorraine frowned at her. “Of course, whatever you need,” she said and wrote something down. Y/N thanked her and went to the break room. She took off her apron, collected up her stuff and started on her walk home.
Except, she didn’t go to her home. Instead, she went straight to Peters place. May was the one who opened the door; she barely got to greet her before Y/N was pushing her way past and shouting for her boyfriend.
Peter burst out of his bedroom. “Hey, what’s up?” He asked, a little startled. “Are you okay?”
“No, I’m not okay!” Y/N shouted and presented her arm. She shoved her wrist towards Peter. “These guys came into the café and pulled a gun on me, Pete! They said shooting me would be a warning to you and when I told them why shooting me would just lead the police to them, they cut me!”
Peter immediately pulled Y/N into his arms. “I’m sorry,” He said over and over again. “I never meant for you to get hurt.” He kissed the space just below where her injury was. “You never should’ve gotten caught up in all of my shit. I’m so sorry, Angel. Please forgive me, please.”
Y/N closed her eyes and pressed her head against his chest. “It’s okay. Just, have you got a first aid kit?”
He took his time to wrap her arm in a bandage. Peter cleaned away the crusty blood and pulled her in for a kiss. “I should’ve protected you better,” he whispered and shook his head. “I’m not going to let you get hurt because of me again.”
Y/N took his face between her hands and kissed him. “It’s not your fault, Pete. I don’t know why those guys think they know you. They don’t know you, right Pete?”
He couldn’t look at her. Peter had to look anywhere but her. “Please don’t get angry,” he squeaked. “But I think I know the guys who cornered you. I… uh,” Peter breathed deep and looked back into his girlfriend’s eyes. “I am Spider-Man.”
“You’re the Hero who’s been swinging around, saving everyone?”
He nodded.
“But what about those plans we had? The van and the middle of nowhere. What happens to you then?” She let out a laugh, hiding her worry and her pain behind her smile. “We were gonna become influencers who posted about their van life and got things by thrifting.” She pulled him close and kissed him again. “I’m really worried about you, you know that, right?”
“Yeah.” Peter’s smile was soft as he pulled her close. “Yeah, Angel. I love you.”
“I love you too, Pete.”
Marvel Taglist: @littlemissthistle @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @hollandswife
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ilici · 7 months ago
drunk on you.
Tumblr media
Summary: C!Schlatt was known as the drunk who didn't care about anything besides himself. That all changed when Y/N showed up, he's never been so infatuated with something like he was with Y/N.
Warnings: Size kink, choking, subspace, gagging, unprotected.
Word Count: 2117
Tumblr media
Schlatt was in his office, when he heard Tubbo and Fundy's muffled voices growing closer to his office. He was in no mood for business, he was slightly buzzed from drinking more vodka. If he drank anymore, he'd be absolutely hammered, but he held himself back as he had a meeting for Manburg later that day. Hearing the knock he dreaded the most, he grunted wanting to ignore them, but once again a knock was heard this time more eager sounding. "President, we need to talk to you. It's urgent." Funny's voice ripped out into the silence, and Schlatt just glared at the shut door. Not answering, the door was swiftly opened by Tubbo, and Fundy looked at him as if he were crazy.
Tubbo walked in, his horns showing prominently after his haircut, "Hello Schlatt." Tubbo said, nonchalantly as if he's done that more times than once. Funny gave Schlatt an apologetic look, before following Tubbo inside, his orange fur popping as Schlatt's office was dark and dull. He wanted it to match his "heart" as if he even had one. So he forced Niki and Fundy to paint it, "What do you guys want?" Schlatt said, already annoyed at their presence, "We have someone new who joined Manberg, we tried to tell you yesterday but you kept yourself locked in here." Fundy explained, on edge afraid if he said one thing, the bottle of vodka that was on Schlatt's desk would be thrown at him.
Schlatt slowly looked over at the fox, as his eyes were glued on Tubbo, annoyed that he entered without permission for the eleventh time. "So? What's it to me?" He asked, and Fundy sighed, "Sir you're the president, it's mandatory for you to know if someone joins or leaves." He announced, and Schlatt just stared at him, face holding no emotions. Fundy gulped, fairly loudly, which made Tubbo glance over at him, grabbing his wrist so he would relax. "Well, who are they?" Schlatt asked, wanting this conversation to end already, "Apparently they are Sapnap's adopted sister. Dream and them went into the snow biome across here, and found her there. They took her in for a couple days, then she left and wandered into Manberg and asked if she could stay." Tubbo said, noticing how on edge Fundy was. Schlatt looked at him, "They didn't kill her on the spot?" He asked, genuinely confused.
"No, probably because she was already on the brink of death from starvation. She has amor, netherite to be exact, I've also heard from George that she is good at combat." Tubbo added on, catching Schlatt's attention. "Why didn't they just leave her there to rot?" He asked once more, and Tubbo sighed, growing annoyed at the fact that Schlatt keeps asking why they didn't let her die. "Sapnap apparently felt guilty, and wanted to take her in. I'm guessing it took a lot of persuasion, because Sapnap now has a cut down his face from which I am assuming is from Dream." He explained, "Where did you get this Information?" The president asked, and a new voice spoke up from behind Tubbo. "Me." A much softer voice said, which caught Schlatt off guard.
Schlatt wondered how he had not noticed her before, but what threw him off even more was the fact that he could not see the girl. She was behind Tubbo, and Tubbo was already very short, so how old was this girl and how short was she? "Show yourself." He said, intrigued, and a small girl, decked out in netherite stepped out from behind Tubbo. It amazed him how small she was, she had to have been an inch smaller than 5'0. "What's your name?" He asked, and Y/N looked him in the eyes, her eyes held little to no emotions, "Y/N." She said, her voice strong and confident, "How old are you?" He asked, and Y/N just looked down, as if this conversation bored her. "I'm legal, if that's what you were wondering perv." She said, noticing that Schlatt was indeed checking her out.
Schlatt chuckled at her, "Fiesty aren't we?" He said, and Y/N glared at him, her E/C piercing through his skull. "Only with old men like you." She replied, and Schlatt let out a huff of air through his nostrils, almost as if it were meant to be a laugh. "She's welcome to join Manberg." He said, and Tubbo looked down at the girl, "Come on let's go Y/N." He said grabbing her wrist, his other hand still occupied with holding Fundy's. Dragging the two out, quite literally, the other two were stumbling on their feet trying to keep up with the teenager. "Slow down." Fundy pleaded, and Tubbo finally came to a halt when they were out of the building, "Y/N you will need to take your armor off, it's sorta a rule not to wear it in Manberg." He said, and Y/N audibly sighed as she took off her amor. Once her helmet was off her H/C hair finally showed itself, her H/L blowing in the gust of wind.
"You look pretty." Fundy said, now being able to see her without the amor, "Thanks I guess?" Y/N said, not really used to compliments. Her outfit consisted of F/C shirt and jeans. Her combat boots complimented the outfit, "Well we already gave you the tour yesterday, so if you need anything, you know where to find us." Tubbo said, as the two walked to their designated areas. Y/N looked around to try and find something to do, but was interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming up behind her. "Hello Schlatt." Y/N said, turning her head to the side where he now stood. "How'd you know it was me?" He asked, and Y/N just looked away, "You reek of alcohol, I basically smelt you." She said, and Schlatt scoffed and looked at her side profile. Schlatt being way taller than her, made him think of very inappropriate things he could do with her. "I don't appreciate that." Y/N spoke up, and Schlatt gave her a weird look, "I can hear your thoughts. They are very loud and fairly annoying." She told him, and Schlatt just looked away.
"How can you read minds?" He asked, and Y/N looked away, "I don't want to talk about my past." She mumbled, and Schlatt just nodded looking back at her, "So tell me what I am thinking of right now. Prove me wrong, because I don't believe you." He said, and Y/N looked over at him blankly, "What happens if I don't?" She said, wanting to bother him. Schlatt smirked, "You already know." He whispered, and Y/N rolled her eyes. "You're disgusting." She said walking away from him. Schlatt chuckled watching her walk away, before he walked away to go to the meeting he was having with Quackity and George. The entire meeting, his mind was thinking about Y/N in many ways.
It's now been four months since Y/N joined Manberg, and Schlatt has been on her ass at any moment he could. Y/N couldn't deny the feelings she was growing for the overly horny man. She could hear everyone's thoughts, but Schlatt's always overpowered theirs, which annoyed her because he kept her awake during the night with his lewd thoughts. "Fuck you Schlatt." She groaned tossing and turning in her bed, trying to sleep. Currently, Schlatt was having another daydream of him ruthlessly fucking the shit out of Y/N. She mainly couldn't sleep because of how loud his thoughts were, but she also felt this itching sensation that she tried to get rid of by touching herself but she simply couldn't cum. She never could, which was causing her sexual frustration to sky rocket. Letting a frustrated scream out, she threw her pillow at the wall before she got up.
She was now wearing her night shorts, and one of Fundy's shirts that she borrowed, from three months ago. Slinging her door open, she didn't care about the cold air biting at her bare legs and feet as she stomped her way towards Schlatt's house. "You fucking horny fuck." She grumbled on her way there, and Jack, who was awake watched her angrily make her way to Schlatt's house. He silently laughed to himself, as he knew why she was going there. He's caught her doing this many other times, which they bonded over and now the two were super close. "Don't kill him." Jack slightly shouted, and Y/N just flipped him off as she continued her way towards the rather ugly birch wood house. Ripping the door open, not even caring to knock at this point she basically bolted to his room. "Schlatt you motherfucker." She said, slinging the door open, and Schlatt looked over at her.
"What seems to be the problem princess?" He asked, and Y/N glared at him, as his eyes were glued to her thighs. "I will rip those horns right out of your goddamn head." She threatened, and Schlatt laughed getting up, his white t-shirt and black sweat pants, now visible. Walking over to her, he stood in front of her, dangerously close, "Do it." He whispered, and Y/N shoved his chest roughly, which he just stumbled back a bit before going back to his spot. "It's two in the morning princess, and yet here you are. In my room." He whispered, this time his voice huskier which sent a chill down Y/N's spine. "This is your room, what are you going to do about it?" She dared, and Schlatt chuckled darkly, "You already know." He said, as Y/N got deja vu from their first interaction like this.
Y/N bit her bottom lip, as Schlatt roughly grabbed her thighs hoisting her up and throwing her on his bed. Y/N let a giggle rip through her throat, as Schlatt was now hovering over her, his shirt already discarded. "Eager are we?" She teased, and Schlatt growled, "I could drink so much alcohol and be absolutely wasted, but somehow you make me so much more drunk." He said, and Y/N grinned, "Do it." She whispered, as Schlatt thought of just fucking her then and there. Schlatt groaned, and ripped her clothes, literally. "That was Fundy's shirt.." She groaned out, and Schlatt chuckled, "That's why I did that princess." He said, before flipping her over, "Ass up now." He said, giving it a harsh slap as he quickly took off the remaining clothes he had on.
"Mouth open, now." He said, and Y/N opened her mouth as he quickly shoved his fingers down her throat keeping them there as she gagged onto them. Chuckling, he teased her entrance with his tip, before he roughly thrusted into her, making her gurgle from a moan, choking a bit from his fingers. Using his other hand, he pushed her down into the mattress as he thrusted into her with no remorse. Once he saw tears streaming down her face, he pulled his fingers out of her mouth, letting her cough to catch her breath. "God you're so beautiful." He whispered to her, as he sped up his thrusts, not caring if she was now overly sensitive since she had cum on him seconds before pulling his fingers out. Y/N only let out a couple sounds, which were supposed to be words. She was too far gone to form sentences, "Awh, is my cock that good that you can't speak? Did my cock do this to you princess?" He teased, and Y/N barely heard him, making him realize how far gone she was. Wrapping his hand around her throat, he choked her smirking.
This only made him feel even more egotistical, as he did this to her. After a couple rough sloppy thrusts, he let his cum feel her up to the brim. Pulling out, he fell down beside her, catching his breath while Y/N was attempting to come back. Getting up, he walked over to his bathroom dampening a rag before coming back and cleaning her thighs, and wiping the sweat off of her body. Throwing the rag back into the bathroom, he laid beside her, pulling her body to his gently not to hurt her. Jack smirked, as he realized what happened when he saw a stumbling Y/N walking out of the house, wearing a pair of Schlatt's sweats and one of his shirts that reached her knee's basically. "Well I'll be damned, he killed your guts." Jack said, and Y/N picked up a rock chucking it at him, "Fuck you."
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incorrectbatfam · 17 days ago
She sees what she's getting into from a mile away, but she welcomes it because Bruce's kids are a part of him, and she loves all of Bruce.
The kids all see it coming too, and while some (Damian) take longer to warm up to her, she's welcomed into the fold with open arms.
Selina's got a heart as big as her partner and while she's not always perfect, you can see how much she cares.
As a former foster child herself, Selina understands Duke's unique experiences and traumas from the foster care system, so whenever he needs to talk, she's the first one he goes to. Sometimes he doesn't want to (or need to) talk, so they'll watch boxing matches or she'll teach him little bits of Mandarin. If the kitchen isn't busy, they'll try their hand at new TikTok recipes, and film themselves either succeeding or debunking the original poster.
Being raised in isolation to be a human weapon meant Cass missed out on a lot of the things daughters typically learn as children/teens. The evening of Cass's first gala, she didn't know the first thing about doing her own hair and makeup. She's braved assassin armies, but her self-made disaster of bobby pins and eyeshadow nearly drives her to tears. Selina swoops in, wipes Cass's face with gentle reassurances, and walks her through step-by-step.
Selina considers it a privilege to have watched Dick grow from the spunky little Robin to the man he is today. Even though he's taller than her, she still ruffled his hair when he does a good job. She also keeps the first ever birthday card he gave her, which includes a pop-up bat signal and scented stickers, and remembers all of his favorite radio stations. Also, when Bruce does something, Dick goes tattling to Selina.
For a while, Carrie mooched off of her siblings' Netflix profiles, but everyone got tired of her messing up their algorithm and she was forced to make her own. She soon realized how much freedom she had because no one could see what she was watching. Selina caught on to the power trip and started researching and watching snippets whenever a new show comes out. That's how she stopped a bunch of preteen girls from watching Squid Game.
Tim often gets overlooked as not just the middle child, but the child who appears put-together and regularly takes on adult responsibilities. Selina, however, remembers that he's still a teenager. She regularly checks in and gradually teaches him that it's okay to let go and act his age. Selina encourages him to call his Young Justice friends outside of missions and take small acts of rebellion against Bruce. When Tim and his boyfriend snuck out to a famous lover's lookout, Selina gave them the car keys and covered for them.
She noticed that Jason really enjoys hanging out with Harley Quinn, bonding over not just Joker trauma but other shared interests like music taste. After Harley turns to the antihero side, Selina discusses with Bruce and they start inviting Aunt Harley and Aunt Ivy to dinner. The first time they do that, Harley is so excited that she baked a three-layer cake just for Jason. Literally, in strawberry frosting, it said, "THIS CAKE IS FOR JASON ONLY." Finding someone that Jason can relate to remains one of Selina's proudest accomplishments.
She's trying her best, but she makes mistakes too. For instance, although Wayne Manor has plenty of kitchen space, Selina does her cooking at Harley and Ivy's because Ivy can offer her fresh plant-based ingredients that suited Damian's needs. When Alfred's not available, she sends Damian to school with healthy, flavorful vegan lunches shaped into Cheese Viking characters. One time, she was tasked with bringing brownies to a PTA meeting. Incidentally, Harley was simultaneously baking a... different kind of brownie for a block party (you can see where this is heading). When an angry superintendent demanded to know who was responsible, Selina wisely kept her mouth shut and thankfully, so did Damian.
Cullen loves concerts, but he's a huge introvert who gets anxiety when he's left alone in a crowd. Selina becomes his concert buddy, and she'll go as all-out as he does. Sometimes that's showing up to a garage band dressed-down in hoodies and sunglasses. Other times it's painting their faces and looking like they just came out of a Hot Topic blowout sale. She even listens to the discography beforehand so she can blend in. Selina learns a lot about Cullen through this, because nothing says more about a person than the music they listen to.
Harper, though looking rough around the edges, turns into a giddy little kid at interactive science museums. During one of these trips, Harper got distracted by the giant Newton's Cradle so she didn't notice a fourth grade field trip sweeping up Selina. When they reunited at the gift shop, a chaperone had given Selina a school t-shirt and she was put in charge of grading ten kids' assignments. Harper laughed so hard that she spewed lemonade on the museum owner. Neither of them will let the other live that day down.
Selina and Barbara openly talk about guy stuff, and Selina is more than happy to offer advice in times of need. They're both pretty liberal talking about that stuff, and one time they did a tier ranking of all the Gotham Rogues based on how effective their gimmick is (Joker was the only S-tier). They then proceeded to get into a debate on whether or not Man-Bat and Killer Croc should qualify for the list, which led to them staring each other down at dinner while the other family members sat around them confused.
Steph's school offered a Mother's Day breakfast. Although Crystal Brown was doing her best and wanted to make it, she was scheduled a double-shift that the breakfast fell right in the middle of. Selina reached out to Crystal and with permission, went in her place. Afraid that Steph would publicly reject her, Selina sat in the parking lot for ten minutes as Bruce amped her up over the phone. Steph, thinking that no one would no up, was ecstatic and said that she couldn't have thought of anyone better. They enjoyed stacking up waffles and making the girls who bully Steph envious.
Long before she and Bruce got married, Selina made it clear that she would not be relegated to the gender-typical role of a homemaker, and Bruce happily concurred because it's 2021. They knew that to give Alfred a break, they'd have to take on some chores themselves. Instead of dividing up a boring old chore chart, they find ways to make cleaning fun and collaborative. They'll dance around the halls in mop slippers, play "guess the stain", and race their roombas. The kids see this and start modeling the behavior in their own ways—Dick swings from high places to dust them, Damian trains his pets to pick up garbage, and Cass and Duke compete to see who can clean the most bathtubs.
Some parts of the Manor are due for redecorating, so Selina and Alfred make a day trip out of interior design sketches, flipping through furniture catalogues, and looking at paint swatches. It sounds boring at first, but the menial tasks meant they had plenty of time for conversation, and she finally understood why everyone respects him. They also made room in the afternoon for a stroll through the park and afternoon tea, where he told her and her only the secret to a perfect scone.
The other Justice League partners welcome her into the group too. Whenever Selina's in Metropolis, she joins Lois and Ma and Pa for Sunday brunch where they share what their kids have been up to. Iris shows her life hacks to cooking large batches of food in a short time. Selina and Dinah discover an online store dedicated to selling vigilante gear and go on a Cyber Monday spree for their whole families. Steve Trevor, Diana's partner, teaches Selina how to fly with the invisible jet so she can surprise Bruce with the batplane.
After overcoming their initial conflicts, Selina and Talia hold a high amount of respect for each other. Talia sees Selina as not just a capable combatant, but a worthy partner to her former beloved and stepmother to her son. Selina, after spending all that time with the kids, understands the motherly love that Talia holds for Damian and makes it abundantly clear that she would never try to replace Talia in the boy's life. Regardless, looking after all those kids is hard, so they are very much open to the idea of co-parenting.
(Selina doesn't know it, but all this makes Bruce fall in love with her all over again.)
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Mr. Evans
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Black Reader
#AFBHBratChallenge Song: Throwback x Usher
Summary: You call off your wedding with just days to go. Is Mr. Evans going to be able to get you back?
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. RPF.  Read at your own risk. 
Anxiety, ANGST, love, fluff, drinking, cursing, strip clubs, flashbacks, politics, pink, SMUT, graphic sex, rough sex, a bit of degredation kink (name calling), squirting, a little breeding kink, sorta kinda dom!Chris, Princess behavior.
A/N: This is my first Chris Evans fic and it is for @afriendlyblackhottie ‘s Brat Challenge, #afbhbratchallenge. Ahhhhh! It feels weird venturing out, but I enjoyed it!  I hope you like it and I hope it stands up among all the great CE writers out here.
You never miss a good thing 'til it leaves you. 
Drinking helped ease the anxiety and stress. Normally, he staunched it with meditation, or better yet, a good dose of you, but you weren’t around. And you said you weren’t coming back.
Chris leaned on the bar in Onyx, his boys wondering where he was. They’d arrived there from The Gentlemen’s Club an hour before he went to drink this third round of Buchanan’s. The bartender recognized him, sure, but she pretended she didn’t. And for that, she got a $20 bill for each drink she poured him. 
Chris checked his phone and didn’t see a response from you. Any other messages didn't matter. Memories came back, and he let them, wanting to feel how happy you’d made him.
“You’re gonna want me back.” Those were some of the last words you said to him. Now he was wishing you were here with him.
2 years earlier
After graduating from Spelman, you’d spent 6 years in DC as a congressional staffer for various Georgia representatives and eventually Senator Abrams before she resigned to run for President. 
You’d been raised the only girl child of a prominent Atlanta family, and of course, you were a princess. Apart from being highly intelligent, you had a penchant for pink and designer everything. 
Stacey was the one that called you the ‘Black Elle Woods’ when you first met. You retorted that Elle Woods was the white version of you, and in that moment, you became her ace. No matter how much you loved Stacey, however, you were not cut out for the campaign trail, so you did something new.
You became a Ph.D candidate at Howard University in Political Science, and you were  interviewing various notable figures about the intersection between the entertainment industry and voting rights access.  You watched many celebrities hold sway over public policy, especially voter awareness and voting rights, and you thought that their influence needed to be highlighted.
Chris Evans was in DC to speak to some members of Congress for A Starting Point, and you’d managed to score an interview for your dissertation research through your connection with Scott Evans.  He was a friend of a friend, and Chris agreed to meet you at Emissary in Dupont Circle.
You didn’t particularly perk up when you saw Captain America: The First Avenger ten years ago when you were 17. Even though your friends thought Chris was hot, you just weren’t that into what you saw on screen. From what you’d seen over the years in photos, you did not expect to be impressed.
You arrived at Emissary early and waited, getting annoyed as 5pm came and went. Late people ticked you off. Your time was valuable.
At 5:17, Chris entered the cafe, looking worn and wary. You spotted him immediately and did a double take before he located you. 
He didn’t know what you looked like, and you took the opportunity to check him out.  When he locked eyes with you across the crowded cafe, he seemed to straighten up and a smile brightened up his face.
Your ire evaporated. Holy shit, Chris Evans was hot.
You were quite the sight yourself, in a pink sweater and grey skirt, Manolo heels, and lots of hair piled up on your head. You were standing in the archway into the back room, holding a pink iphone in a bejeweled case with a hot pink Birkin bag on your elbow. 
Could this be his meeting? You weren't the plain academic he’d imagined when he agreed to meet with you. Chris hoped that you were here for him. The look on your face went beyond recognition. You had to be who he was looking for.
He walked over to you and said your name like a question. You smiled at him.  He was done for. 
Your big brown eyes gazed up at him and all he wanted was to have you look at him like that forever. Wow.
“Yes, that’s me. Nice to meet you Mr. Evans.”  You smiled. 
His large hand encased yours and you couldn’t help but notice his thick fingers and strong grip.
Chris’ smile was an experience, from the full flash of teeth to cheeky smirk, and you found out that you were a fan. 
Close up, Chris was even more attractive.  His dark hair and beard shone with red highlights, and his pink, plump lips were perfect as his tongue darted out to wet them.  And his eyes. Holy moly.
“I scored a couch in this more private room, so we can talk. It shouldn’t take more than 30 to 45 minutes.”
“Call me Chris. And you have me as long as you want.” That, along with his sexy ass raised eyebrow, seemed like an invitation.
The timbre of his voice was deeper than you thought it would be in person, and was shaking you to your core. His touch had made the nerves in your spine tingle and you moved carefully, because your knees were weak.
You checked out his grey pinstripe suit as he unbuttoned his jacket and sat beside you. The tailoring was immaculate. He ran his hand through his hair and slung his arm across the back of the couch, stretching his long legs out in front of him, his feet huge in Italian leather shoes. 
He was bigger than you, and feeling tiny beside him was the shit. But you stopped your mind from going there.
He was unwinding from a long day and you had the urge to brush the hair that had fallen into his face out of his eyes.  Those clear blues sparkled at you as you admired him. It was a good thing that you had sworn off pretty boys for Lent.
Chris just smiled while you stared at him and the server arrived. He didn’t know what to think. You looked annoyed, and you were, because your pussy was getting wet. He ordered a beer and you ordered coffee with three cream, no sugar.
“You drinking coffee this late? Isn’t it time to unwind?”  
He peered at you as he took his beer and sipped it.  You sipped your coffee from a blue stoneware cup.  You snuck a peek at the way his jacket strained against his biceps as he took another drink.  
You didn’t dare move your eyes any lower, because ain’t nobody had time for that.  You sat up, spine straight, signaling to yourself to be professional.  You replied to his query. 
“I have miles to go before I sleep, Mr. Evans.  I’ll be up writing for a while yet.”  You smiled tightly as you took another sip of your hot coffee.  Chris shook his head and chuckled at you. “You can call me Chris.” He could fix your attitude. If you’d let him.
You felt it, but you just dug into the interview questions, shaking yourself out of your imaginings.
Three hours later, Chris’s jacket was off, his sleeves rolled up and your heels kicked off and feet tucked beneath you on the couch. You’d ordered some food and two beers yourself.  
The conversation had been top tier. You had some very astute questions, and he offered some valuable insights. 
Chris was almost breathless at the intellectual stimulation. And he found himself unreasonably attracted to you. The fact that your nipples were pointed right at him through your soft blush colored sweater when you sat up on your knees had him silently practicing every prayer he had memorized to keep his eyes appropriately on your face when you spoke.  
And your face was a marvel. Perfection sculpted in bronze, framed with your lush curls. And your voice was so damn cute. 
As he was admiring you, you noticed the time. “Oh, my.  It’s past 9.  I’d set a schedule to draft this interview out tonight.”  You were pained to have to shut this down.
All Chris could do was smile wistfully in response to you ending your time together.  He wanted to talk to you forever. 
When you stood up Chris witnessed the perfection of your ass in the grey pencil skirt. Your heels supported the sexiest ankle, and the most beautiful calf and flash of thigh he’d ever seen through the slit in your skirt. 
He stood up with you, snatching the check away from you when you grabbed it.  He was a good 6 inches taller than you were, even in heels.  You looked up at him through your lashes, batting them up up at him. His heart stopped.
You shook your head, “Mr. Evans. You did me a favor by meeting me.  It’s only right that I pick up the check.”
Chris debated being an ass or letting you pay. For some reason, he wanted to spoil a person he’d known for mere hours. “Call me Chris!” he groaned.  
He was so cute and sexy. You giggled and shook your head no. Somehow he loved your stubbornness.
“I’ll tell you what,” he continued.  “I’ll let you pay if you agree to meet me tomorrow for lunch.”  
“Mr….I mean, Chris. I….”  You could not for your life think of a reason to turn him down. He took advantage of your loss for words.
“We can finish the conversation. It’s for science. Political Science.” You laughed and agreed, setting  up a time to meet and exchanging information. ‘Score,’ thought Chris, silently.
You didn’t try to linger over goodbyes despite what your body was screaming, you just packed up your stuff and tried to keep it moving. You headed out of the cafe, Chris on your heels.
You tried to get your mind right, but you turned around because you’d left your Smythson pen on the table. You couldn’t forget that. It was a graduation gift. But you almost forgot your own name because you bumped right into Chris. A brick wall.  
“Oh! I’m sorry!”
You crashed into his chest and as you put your hands up to brace yourself, you felt how solid his body was. Chris wasn’t Cap anymore, but damn, was he in shape. He brought his hands up to grab your arms to steady you, and you looked into his deep blue eyes as he asked if you were okay and to apologize.
Flustered looked good on you. Chris wanted to be the one to make you flustered, and more. He wanted to protect and ruin you all at the same time. 
You barely heard what he’d said; you were trying to compose yourself. Fuck your feelings. You were not going to fuck Chris Evans.  You had goals, and you were not about to end up on the receiving end of his rumored very big dick. 
You thought. 
You moved around him and walked back to the table as Chris stood still and watched. In that moment, watching you walk away from him, he made a decision.  He couldn't let you get far.
You made the mistake of looking back at him just once, as you went to get your pen. Chris was looking at you as if he owned you already, like he possessed every inch of your body. Your fate was sealed.  
Your body betrayed you as he watched you, and you employed the bend and snap to retrieve your pen, looking back at him over your shoulder.  
Chris allowed himself to go to a fantasy land where you were already his and smiled, licking his lips.  The way you snapped up and returned his stare, looking ready to be bent over the couch by him had him hard and ready to go.
Chris followed you out of the bar and that night, you found out that you had indeed thought wrong. 
The rest was history.
Chris finished his drink and gathered his bachelor party mates to leave Onyx to travel to the next club. His boys were stoked, thinking he just wanted to get his fill of the sights before the wedding. 
They soon found out the real reason they were club hopping when they walked into the third joint, Diamonds and found your crew. Of course you’d be at Diamonds, it was the swankiest and had the most variety of entertainment. Only the best for you, Chris thought.
Scott shook head at Chris.
“You’re unbelievable,” he concluded, never taking his eyes off the stripper whose ass was in his face. He pulled his boyfriend over, because he had the ones. 
Chris ignored his brother and began to set his plan in motion.
11 Months Earlier
Your family was a lot. Especially your mother, the renowned heart surgeon, and your older brother, who owned several businesses in Atlanta. Mom was the Queen, Derrick was the Prince, and you were Princess.  You’d made it through relatively unscathed, except for your taste for the finer things. You didn’t get bratty. Much.
Derrick made both of you well aware of his disapproval of your relationship. Chris’s reputation as a fuckboy and the fact that he’d never seen him with a black woman before made your brother think this was just a phase. 
No one would be good enough for his sister, not even THE Chris Evans. But Chris stayed consistent despite that, and proposed with a huge 10 carat pillow princess cut ring in front of your family, after getting a reluctant approval from your mother for your hand in marriage.
Chris insisted on having your friends and family at your destination wedding. Especially your family. He wanted to prove to them that he was good enough for you. You had no doubt that he was.   You may have been your family’s princess, but Chris treated you like a queen. You had faith in him.
2 weeks earlier
It was 4 o’clock in the morning, two weeks away from your wedding. Chris sped home to Buckhead as fast as his Audi R8 Spyder would take him. He’d done 20 hours on set, filming some critical scenes in his latest project. He was tired and ticked off. 
The fact that this movie was set to film in Atlanta was an influence in Chris accepting this role. You two would be in the same city working for once. It made planning a wedding that much easier.         
You’d scored an Associate Professor position at Clark Atlanta University and were finally writing your book. You were now Dr. Princess. 
You traveled to DC about once a month as a consultant for President Abrams on matters of policy around voting rights and access. It was a good thing CNN was headquartered in the A, because you were a frequent guest on the weekend talk shows.
Although Chris definitely had his stans who felt some kinda way, you had your own.  Chris’ machine was big enough to shield your relationship without it being a secret, and your little army kept it real with his online. 
Chris had just three days filming left. When Chris left this morning, you agreed that you’d both be busy working. No funny business. There were to be no snaps of your ass, no close ups of his mouth, no nip pics, no photos of his crotch, no sexting of any kind. He was playing a priest for pete’s sake.
You agreed to be good. And you were for most of the day.
Until you grew weary of writing and decided to try on some of the goodies you got at your bridal shower. This one set looked so good on you that you decided to wear it to bed.  And then you just had to send him a video of you in it, a hot pink satin nightie with matching headwrap.  
You turned on Janet and danced, the hem hiked up to show off your gorgeous ass and matching satin thong.  Your nipples were hard and straining through the slick material.
“It’s all for you, Mr. Evans…” The camera captured the sensuous movement of your hips in the slinky slip. 
The blood rushed to Chris’ cock as he watched it. Now Father Micheal had a hard on, and Chris had to calm down for the last scene of the night.  His mind kept wandering to you and they had to do five different takes.
He was pissed.
By the time he got to the house, he’d calmed down with the thought that you would become his wife in less than two weeks. He was grinning when he let himself in.
Chris crept in the bedroom and saw you, a vision in hot pink.  The short nightie had ridden up and he could see the thong, which complimented your brown skin. He sighed and adjusted the covers back over you, kissing your forehead before taking a quick shower.  
In just a few minutes, he slipped under the sheets naked, spooning you, and being sure to pull your nightie up so that he could feel your luscious ass against him. He was going to feast on it in the morning.
Tomorrow was a big day. You and your crew were to go to the final dress fitting in New York, and then back to Atlanta the next day for your bachelors/bachelorette festivities. You would leave for St. Lucia next week and be wed a few days later. 
You stirred against him, waking up a little and smiling. 
“Hey, Baby.” You arched your back, wiggled your bottom, and settled in closer to him, sighing and happy that he was in bed with you.
Chirs grabbed your hip and smiled against your neck  “Hey, yourself. Go back to sleep.”  His dick woke up a little bit however, as it was situated perfectly between your satin covered cheeks.  
You tried to go back to sleep, but your heart rate increased as you felt his cock slowly pulse to life. The blood flowing through your veins rendered you totally awake. 
You could tell from the way Chris’ grip on your hip became imperceptibly tighter, how his cock kept growing, and from his measured breathing near your ear that he wasn’t asleep either. You were going to make it easy on him, despite his directive to go back to sleep.
You reached back and grabbed one of your ample cheeks, pulling your panties to the side, and pushed back on him wedging his cock lengthwise into your folds.  
Chris could feel your wetness leaking onto him. He had to close his eyes and open his mouth to breathe, blowing against your neck, which caused you to squirm, pushing him deeper into you. 
His pounding made your nipples hard and a whimper lodge in your throat. You could feel the heated ridge on the head that was aligned with your cunt. It was delicious torture from jump.
“Fuck, Sweetheart.  Go back to sleep, you’re gonna need to rest up for tomorrow.” His hand was definitely tighter on you now, and was definitely going to leave marks. The way his voice broke did things to you.
You grunted softly and started to move for some friction, causing his cock to slide through your folds, gathering your wetness and causing his breath to hitch in your ear. 
“Gat dam it. You never leave well enough alone.”
Boston was evident in his speech as he found your pulse point and started sucking, his hand moving slowly from your hip to your mound. His thick middle finger parted you there, and reached down to gather wetness with which to circle your clit. 
His other hand came under and around to play with your nipple through the satin, slipping and sliding his way through pinches and gropes.
You quickly realized that although you started this, Chris was going to finish it. His way.
“Christopher!”  All pretense was gone as you shuddered in his clutch.  
“Call me Mr. Evans.” His sexy growl and directive made you even wetter.  “What is it, Babe?”
You bit your lip and shook your head.
“No. no.  That won't do.  I need to hear you.”  Chris stopped all movement of his hips and hands. You whined and tried to move, when his hand pressed flat against your pelvis.
“I need. To hear. Your words.”  
You could tell that his teeth were gritted and that shit turned you on.  You felt his dick pulse again and you moved against him, still not speaking.
Chris slapped your clit, and then removed his hand causing you to whine and cry out. But you still didn’t speak.
“Ok. You asked for it.”  
Chris moved to kneel in front of you as he grabbed you, flipped you over like a rag doll and pushed you down on your back. You loved it. You watched his abs contract and the muscles in his thighs and you chose violence. He caught the look on your face. Brattiness personified.
“Or rather, you didn’t.”  He looked angry now, his eyes dark and focused on you.  “All you had to do was ask me nicely, but no. You wanna be treated like a random cockwhore?”  
He grabbed your satin bikini and broke the straps apart on each side, pulling and tossing the ruined garment behind him as he clutched your thighs and pulled them down to meet his knees on the bed.
He looked down at your glistening pussy, smirking at the way that you were wet for him. It was so beautiful, the dark lips glistening in the light from the window. He wanted to kiss them. 
“You like being called a whore? Does it make you cream?”  He looked up at you watching his dick bob, jaw slack from having to pant. He laughed.
“First you were a cock tease with that video you sent me earlier and now you’re being a filthy whore for my dick. Look at you staring. You want it?” 
You nodded. His eyes flashed and he grabbed you by the neck.
“I swear I'll have you begging before I’m through with you.” 
He squeezed your neck as he pushed into you, no warning, no preparation.  Damn, it still felt amazing. You were very wet, yet the stretch of his thick dick was like no other.
Chris looked down as he stroked into you, gradually increasing his pace.
“I’ve been thinking of eating you out all day, worshipping your cunt, making you cum over and over again before I gave you my dick.  But no, you have to make me fuck you like this.”  
His hips sped up, snapping into you at a fevered pace.
“Should I let you cum?”  
He looked up and his blue eyes pierced your soul. You grabbed his hand that was around your throat and he could see your breasts bouncing under the satin. The friction against your hard nipples felt good. 
“Yes, please Mr. Evans, please.”  Your big brown eyes threatened to break him. But he remained strong.
“Oh. Now you wanna speak. Might be too late,” 
Chris grunted and pulled your nightie up to your neck, slapping your nipples lightly. 
“Mr. Evans! Oh my god.”  The stimulation was too much and not enough. 
He looked down at your clit and spat on it, watching his saliva melt on your hot flesh as you shuddered and moaned and as his cock sank in and out of you. It was like watching his dreams. 
He shuddered, then, he relented and used his thumb to bring you to the edge of madness with him. One hand rubbed your clit while the other pulled your nipple, and all the while his cock was pumping away inside you.
But when he could feel that you were close to the edge, he stopped what his hands were doing while his hips kept moving. You gasped, outraged.
“Pleaasseeee let me cum Mr. Evans. I’m sorry, I'm sorry. Please. Please.” Tears were rolling down your face as you begged.
You brought your hands up to your breasts, squeezing your nipples and moaning from the sensation. Chris’s blue eyes were black now and zeroed in on what you were doing. You felt him grow even larger inside you. 
Your eyes got larger too. You tried to use your sweet voice. “Fuck me, please Mr. Evans, sir.” 
Chris’s jaw clenched and you felt him jump inside you. “Did I tell you you could touch my shit?” 
He nodded to your breasts. “Squeeze them harder.” You did as you were told and the stimulation made your pussy spasm around him, sucking him in deeper.
“Unghhhh. Your tits are so gatdamn perfect,” Chris groaned and leaned down to lick and suck them greedily as he stilled and willed himself not to come.  You could feel his cock pulsing inside you as he manhandled your nipples. He suckled them both again, releasing one with a pop to breathe “Fuck” in your ear.
“I should be fucking your tits right now as I feed you my cock.”
Your eyes rolled back in your head. “Ugh. Yes, Mr. Evans.”
That reaction did things to him. He couldn’t help but move a little before he could stop. He leaned up, eyes flashing as he grabbed your neck again. You arching beneath him caused him to start moving again, hooking your knee up with his elbow so that he could dig deeper.
“Yesyesyesyesyes…” your chant was a prayer and an offering. Suddenly, Chris wanted you to cum all over him. He started working your clit again with his thumb. “Give me what I want, baby,” Chris ordered. “Give me that gushy shit.”
And he was hitting that spot, fucking into ferociously now, hitting your cervix. The tension was tight in your belly, the pressure was building as he slid in and out of you, the sounds obscene. He looked you in the eye.
“Do I need to suck it out of you?” 
The memory of the last time he ate you out hit you like a ton of bricks. You came, squirting all over his hand, him, and the bed.
“Yes, baby. Give it to me.” He reveled in the fact that he made you like this, and that he was the first one to teach you that your body could do it. “You’re so gatdamn beautiful.”
Chris came inside you, wishing that your IUD was already removed. The thought of your ass and tits during pregnancy made him spasm one more time, and he emptied everything into you. 
He collapsed on top of you, face buried in your neck and his still semi-hard cock inside your pussy. You smiled and hummed and wrapped your legs around him, rubbing his back and hair while kissing his shoulder.
Chris allowed himself a few seconds of reveling in you before he kissed your neck and whispered in your ear. “You ok?”
You smiled.  “I’m great. That was amazing.”
Chris chuckled and sighed. “You love getting me worked up don’t you?”
You giggled. “Yes, Mr. Evans.”
Chris groaned and smiled and gingerly pulled out of you, rolling onto his back and tenderly stroking your cheek.
“I can’t wait until you’re Mrs. Evans.” He smiled at you. You melted.
“When are you going to get that shit taken out and have my baby?” He sweet-talked into your ear and you couldn’t deny him. Damn, you were sprung on your future husband. 
“My appointment is the day before we leave for St. Croix.”
You smiled at him, dreaming of your wedding day. 
“’I’ll pick you up from the doctor and we’ll probably get started on that baby in the parking garage.”
“Christopher!”  You were irked when you called him by his full first name.  “We can’t have sex the week before the wedding! Don’t you want our wedding night to be special?”
He raised an eyebrow at you, watched you pout and pulled you over to him. He sighed.
“Our wedding night will be special.  Because you’ll really be mine.” He took in your sassy look. You were so fucking cute. He sighed.  “But if you want to stop, for ....14 days?”
He looked down at you and you up at him. You nodded and he cleared his throat. That was going to be tough. But he’d give you anything you asked for.
“Then, that’s what we’ll do.”
“Thank you, Mr. Evans. “  You kissed his cheek, then he got up, headed for the shower. 
You looked back over your shoulder and caught him staring at your ass.
“Change the sheets, will you?”
Chris rolled his eyes and grunted at you. He got up and decided to change the sheets later. He needed one more go before two weeks of abstinence. At least it would be good motivation for Father Mike.
The next day you were on the plane to New York to pick up your wedding dress. Chris was missing you already and calling you on his break. You’d decided to spend the week before the wedding at your mother’s to avoid temptation.
“I can’t wait to see you next week at the church.  I’ll meet you at the altar.”  Chris’s voice was just about everything.
“How are you so sure that you are sure, Chris?” 
You chewed your bottom lip. There, you'd said what you were so terrified about. You loved Chris so much and you wanted to be sure that you wouldn’t be hurt. You were a little worried.
If Chris was worried about it, his voice didn’t give it away.  
“I’m confident that I will see you in the church at sunset on our day.  It’s the way I see you in my dreams.”
You melted.  “Okay.  You are good.”  You both laughed.  “That’s some good game.  But you already have me.”  You couldn’t wipe the smile from your face.
“No game. Just truth.  I’ve dreamt of this almost since we first got together.” 
You were both quiet for a minute. The pilot announced that the plane was going to land.
“I gotta go. Have fun tomorrow with the boys. Don’t stalk me and my crew.”  
“Atlanta is a small big city. You never know what might happen.” Chris had a plan.  “Have fun tonight, Babe.”
You were cheesing hard when you hung up.  As you descended into NYC, you were on cloud nine.
“No. I got this.  I’m going to pay for it.” You shook your head.
“But Mom, this dress is over $6,000! Chris said that he was paying for everything…”  
Chris’ pride was preventing your mom from footing the bill. But even though you were getting married on a tropical island to a movie star, you still wanted the Princess treatment from your mom.
"It’s the least I can do for my baby girl. And if you’d had a wedding in Atlanta, we would have spent way more than 6k.”
You fell back and let Nancy have her way with a laugh. You loved your mom, and you loved Chris. And he was going to love this dress on you.  You couldn’t help but grin. He would be so happy.
“What the fuck do you mean, Nancy paid for the dress?” Chris’s anger could be felt all the way from Atlanta.
“Hey, hold on.  What happened to ‘Meet me at the altar?'  Why are you talking to me like that?”  You didn’t like Chris’s tone.
“Your family made it clear that they don’t think I’m good enough for you.  So you shouldn’t have taken their money.  That was stupid thing to do.”  
Chris’ anxiety was getting the better of him, but as soon as he said it, he knew he was fucked.  He was just silent, hoping you didn’t quite hear him.
At this point you were looking at your phone as if it had grown fins and was trying to swim away.  Then you put it back up to your ear.
“Well, maybe you are the one who is too good for me, since I’m so stupid.”
Chris was angry, but he didn’t want to dig the hole any deeper. "I didn't say you were stupid, just that that was a stupid decision.  You should have consulted me."  He said it in a softer tone.
"Oh. I get it, Christopher. I have to ask permission to make decisions, now?" Your anger was hot, yet controlled.  
“I’ll tell you what. The girls and I will go out and have a fucking ball tonight, and I will ship the dress back to New York tomorrow. I won’t be needing it. How's that for a decision?" You were through.
“Don’t threaten me. It’s time out for all that.  I’m not playing your games anymore.  Be on the island next week or I’m done.”  Chris had a feeling of panic, but he masked it with his acting ability.
“You don’t have to play my game, Christopher.  You can waste your time going to St. Lucia next week if you want to. I’m out. The thing is you’re gonna want me back. And I’m not going to be there.”
With that, you ended the call and willed yourself not to cry.
Chris got ready for that night while going insane. He didn’t exactly know what he was going to do, but he knew he couldn’t let you leave his world.  He was just hoping he would find you in time.
True to your word, you were  turning up at the club.  You were on your fourth drink and well on your way to oblivion. 
You didn’t really know if you were going to send the dress back and not marry Chris, but you didn’t want to think about it.  You just went and got more ones as you watched the strippers dance.
You were nervous when you went to the private room in Diamonds.  You had never had a lap dance this private before; you wouldn’t know what to do. Nicey, your maid of honor, insisted that it would be fun.  You sat on the couch, trying not to think about what may be on it.
You had too much quiet time, because you were starting to think about Chris.  You put your head in your hands when you realized what you had said and done. You didn’t want to leave Chris. All this was just nerves on both your parts.
You said out loud. You pulled out your phone to call him. Then the door opened behind you.
“Who are you calling?”  That voice made you stand up, surprised and happy.
You squealed and jumped up into his arms, legs around his waist.  He laughed, turned around and sat down on the couch with you on his lap.  Things got serious quickly.
“Ummm.”  You were trying not to move, but the position you were in was making you want to squirm. You pouted for a second and Chris was quick to devour your lips with a kiss.
“Why are you here?  Are you stalking me?” Your voice had come down an octave or two and was husky.
“I was missing my baby. And I want to say I do want you back.” He looked down, his beautiful dark lashes on his cheeks. 
“I'm sorry for getting angry earlier."  He looked at up you like a little boy. 
"I’ve had enough of that. I want to be the man that you deserve. And I love you.  I just wanted to remind you of that.” 
He kissed you again. You ran your fingers through his hair. His fingers cupped your ass on his lap squeezing and rubbing.  When you came up for air, you smiled at him, heart full of joy. 
“Say it again.”
Chris grinned that grin and said, “I love you. And I’ve missed you.” 
“I love you too, baby.  I hope you know that earlier was just my nerves.  I’m sorry I flipped my shit."
Chris was so relieved. He smiled. “It’s okay. I just had to be sure that I was going to see you in St. Lucia.”
“Yes. Don’t worry.”  You smiled and Chris kissed you again.  You felt it in your pussy.
“Fuck!  I want…”  
Your voice trailed off as you remembered that you still had a few days until you would be married. You quickly stood up and moved away from him, but Chris had his gaze locked in on you. He moved toward you, held you and nuzzled your right ear.  
“Mmmmm.  Now, tell me what you want to do.”  His voice was talking straight to your pussy. Your knees buckled. 
“Mr. Evans, I….”
Chris caught you around the waist, his hands slipping under the material of your top. You didn’t want to give in so quickly, but the moan that escaped your lips betrayed you. 
As his hands inched up your torso and his thumbs reached your nipples to the hardening peaks there, you threw your head back.  He attacked your neck with bites and kisses.
“Damn!”  You were all about what he was doing at the moment.
He spoke again.  “Now.  Tell me what you want to do.” He repeated himself. Totally Mr. Evans.
You bit your lip and shook your head.  Your eyes were half open, but full of desire. His eyes looked into your soul as his tongue darted out to moisten his sexy lips.  You wanted that sexy mouth on you.
Chris chuckled.  He was beyond caring about abstaining right now. 
“Ok.  Let me tell you what I want to do. I want to smell you.”  His eyes were boring holes in your soul right now.  You got even wetter when he closed his eyes to imagine your scent. 
“Your smell gets me so high. And it makes me hungry.” He opened his eyes to stare at you again, making your back tingle. 
“I want to eat you out, kiss all of your pussy.  Then, I want to fuck your throat until you lose your voice, and I want to hear you try to scream as I fuck the shit out of you until you come all over my cock.” 
Chris told you all of it matter of factly, his delivery making you feel it in the pit of your stomach and the small of your back.
“Now.  Tell me what YOU want to do…”  You couldn’t focus on just one thing.  What popped out of your mouth was: “I know you want to get me pregnant, but right now I just want to get on my knees and swallow our kids. Make me choke on your cock, Mr. Evans.”
‘Holy shit!”  Chris grabbed for you again, hands everywhere as you pawed at his crotch.  He pulled away to unbutton his pants when you heard someone calling your name.
“Fuuuuck!”  Your heart sank as your crew entered the private room, catching you and Chris almost red-handed.
“Unh-unh bitch!.  Let’s go.” Nicey was insistent. 
You almost cried as they led you away.  Chris' face was priceless as he tried to control himself. You almost ran back to him. But an image of your wedding day sprang to your mind. 
“See you next week.”  The smile you gave to Chris calmed his soul.
“See you next week, Babe.”
And you were whisked away by your people.
Chris walked out, leaving his boys with the dancers, went home and got in the shower and then to bed with his script, confident that he had his baby back.  
When he heard his phone ding, he smiled, and picked it up, knowing just who it was. 
“Damn,” he said to hiimself. It was a picture of your ass, spread out and ready for him, your juices evident on your thigh and your fingers in your pussy.
“I need you to throw it back on, Mr. Evans….” Chris felt himself get rock hard in a minute. 
Chris pulled on his grey sweats and a t-shirt, with a hoodie on top for you to steal, as he went out into the night to pull up at your mother’s house. 
Mr. Evans needed his Princess. 
Every day.
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mizumellon · 2 months ago
⚠️ Warnings ⚠️ this story contains explicit sexual content, fem!oral receiving, unprotected sex, angst, talk about character death, smoking, and alcohol. Viewers discretion is advised.
Tumblr media
Minors do not interact
Tumblr media
Emma's death sudden, it took everyone by surprise. Everybody who knew her was hit hard, yet the one who was hit the hardest by the lose of Emma Sano was Ken Ryuuguji, better known as Draken. Toman's second in command, Emma was his first love.
He never got to tell her how much he loved her, how important she was, how her smile brighten up his day and gave him the strength to keep going. All the words he kept inside, waiting for the right time to tell her were never spoken for they would fall onto deaf ears.
Draken never had time to properly grieve, he carried her death with him. There's not a day that has gone by where he doesn't blame himself for not keeping her safe, for not being a better friend to her.. For waiting so long to tell her how much he loved the young lady.
But, he moved on. At least, that's what it seemed. Draken decided to take part-time classes at a local community college nearby his shop, there it was that he met another student, Y/n.
She was beautiful, smart, funny, strong. Not only mentally but physically as well, she could hold her own in life without need of anybody by her side. Draken was drawn to her, soon after meeting they fell in love.
Their love didn't last long... Possibly a year into the relationship Y/n called it off, she blocked Draken on every and all social media, changed her number and moved on with her life, leaving Draken alone.
It was sudden, just like Emma's death, she left.
Why doesn't everybody he loves leave him without saying anything?
His parents, Emma, Mikey, and now Y/n. Was he destined to lead a life of loneliness without anyone to call his own?
He would've never thought that he would find himself in the situation he was currently in.
He wondered how it all started.
A cloud of smoke puffed out his mouth as he exhaled, blowing it off into the wind. His arms rested on his balcony railing as he stared off into space, occasionally taking a deep puff of his cigarette. Holding it inside his mouth before exhaling it into the sky.
It was during these times that Draken felt somewhat at peace, he didn't feel guilt or loneliness, his head was empty only focusing on the soft wind blowing against his braid and the smoke that gave him relief like no other.
You used to be his relief.
Draken never thought he'd see you again, that is until he sees a woman getting walking down the street clutching her bag tightly to her chest. Her hair in a two big puffs, she wore a doctor's coat draped over your black dress with red heels, she was frantically looking around walking faster.
Draken's eyes trailed off to see a taller body following her from the darkness, unable to see the culprit's face due to the hoodie they were wearing.
"Stop following me you creep!" That's when he heard it, Y/n. You whipped your head around facing the person in the hoodie, "What does no mean to you huh? I said fuck off and I meant it!" Your vocabulary was more vulgar than he remembered.
Draken contemplated whether he should intervene or not, you could handle yourself. He learned that when you sucker punched him for calling you a bitch out of anger, in his defense he wasn't saying you were a bitch but that you were acting like one.
You punch like a man though.
Draken watches as the figure digs into his pocket, quickly pulling out a switch blade, he jerked it towards you holding it in your direction.
"It's not over unless I say it is!" The figure yelled in a gruff voice, Draken decided it was time for his intervention, how troublesome.
Yet, something inside him felt giddy knowing he would be able to see you again.
He rushed down his apartment, flying down the stairs, he busted through the door only to be surprised by what he saw.
You had the man pinned down, your knee pressing into his back while holding his hand with the weapon in the air twisting his wrist causing the weapon to fall to the ground. The man wailed out in pain, as you pressed your knee further into his back.
"I hate it when men can't take no for an answer, you just look pathetic." You sighed. You looked up to see a tall man staring at you, blonde hair with a his signature braid, sides of his head shaven with a dragon tattoo. He wore loose grey sweatpants with a tightly fitted t-shirt.
"Draken..." You muttered softly before getting off the man, kicking his weapon away. You straighten your clothes out feeling slightly embarrassed for the display you had set out for him to watch.
"Here I was thinking you needed help." Draken finally spoke out with a soft chuckle.
"You know I can handle myself." You replied with sass in your voice. You turned around to the man on the ground sending him a glare, "Scram." And he did just that, he frantically got up leaving his weapon before running off into the night. "Pussy." You muttered under your breath.
For a second you locked eyes with Draken as he inhaled his cigarette looking you up and down. You felt your heart race, you turned your head looking nowhere and anywhere but his face.
"Well," You cleared your voice not wanting to take notice on how good Draken looked. You always loved his body, "I'll be on my way." You softly spoke as you tried to push pass him, a soft whine came out of your mouth as he tugged you back by your arm.
That was the start of it all, he invited you to his apartment you once shared. He offered you booze and you reluctantly agreed, you both got the talking and somehow landed on the topic of dating.
Both sitting on the cold floor, nothing more than a glass table separating the two bodies.
You leaned your
"I don't date anymore." You said before taking another sip of your beer.
"Hm? That so? What do you do then?" Draken asked cocking one of his eyebrows, he saw you suddenly shift in your seat fiddling with your beer bottle with a slight blush on your face.
"Don't tell me, innocent Y/n sleeps around?" He smirked making a joke, when he didn't get a response he just bursted out in laughter.
"The girl who wouldn't even look at a naked body much less listen to someone talk about porn is sleeping around?" He set down his drink as he threw his head back in a laughing fit.
"So what if I am? Gonna call me a whore or something?" You spat venom at him hating how you felt a electric jolt hearing his laugh.
"Nah, I think it's cool." He confessed before taking another sip of his drink. "But you know, my dick will always be the best you ever had." He said with a cocky grin on his face.
For a second you froze, your head dropped down as you seemed to be in deep thought.
"My bad... It was just a joke Y/n." He sighs fighting the urge to pat your head like he used to whenever you were upset.
"You aren't wrong... Everybody I ever fucked after you felt dull. Haven't had a proper orgasm in I don't know how long." You sigh throwing your head back, laying on the cold ceramic floor.
He knew he was still in love with you, no doubt about that. He came to terms with it a long time ago.
He'll also admit that hearing about your sexual adventures pissed him off but also gave him satisfaction knowing you'll never fuck a man greater than him.
He took this as his sign, he set his drink down on the table once more before crawling his way over to you. His tall body now looming over yours. You look up at the man giving him a look, 'what are you doing' said your eyes. Draken sent you a playful smirk before caressing your face softly while his knee parted your legs gently rubbing against your sex.
No words were spoken as he stared into your eyes as if they were the prettiest thing he's ever seen. His thumbs pressed down on your lower lip dragging it down.
You softly slap his hand away from your face.
"Ken." You say threateningly, you try to sit up only for him to gently press you back down, his knee grinding against your clothed clit. He watched as your face churned, your ears burned as you felt him caress your face again.
His hand travled down to your neck slightly squeezing it before making his way down to the hem of your dress, slowly ghosting his fingertips on your bare belly.
Gripping the fat on your waist, dragging his fingers further up till his hand cupped your bra.
"K-Ken, you need to take a class and learn about this thing call consent." You softly moaned out as his knee pressed harder against you.
"Want me to stop?" He muttered before bringing his face closer to yours, his lips ghosting over yours. Your eyes widened, you quickly slapped your hand against his lips covering his mouth, earning a hiss from his mouth.
"The fuck?" He gruffed out. Your face was red as you turned your head to the side.
"Do what you want but don't kiss me..." You muttered covering your face with your free arm, your hand still covering Draken's mouth. He sighed into your hand, slipping his tongue out of his mouth he licked the palm of your hand.
"Mutt." You scoffed at his actions.
He rolled his eyes taking your finger into his mouth, his hand slowly lifting up your dress to reveal your bra.
"White hm?" He questioned before lifting your bra up just above your breast. He pressed kisses against your belly all the way up to your breast, one hand massaged your bare chest, toying with your nipple with your other was captured in his mouth as he swirled his tongue around your nipple, his canines ghosting over the tip causing you to let out of soft moan.
He kissed his way up to your neck leaving small bites marks as proof he was there.
After the assault on your breasts was over, you were already out of breath as you felt your core heat up under his touch. You never thought you'd be under him again, all it took was one touch for him to have you wrapped around his pretty finger.
His finger.
His finger glided over your panties pressed against your slit.
"Wet already?"
"Shut up."
He smirked gently pressing his finger into your entrance. Your breath became broken as he toyed with your opening.
"Hurry up." You said annoyed with his teasing.
"So impatient.. Before you used to wait so patiently for anything I'd give you, you were such a good girl." He began rubbing soft circles on your clit, it wasn't enough to make you orgasm or arch your back, just enough to tease you. Show you how easy it was for him to break you.
"Keyword, before." You began grinding your hips against his thumb trying to get more than he was giving you.
"Stop movin'" He gave a soft slap to your clothed clit, you hissed but did as he demanded.
"Good girl.." Fuck, how much you hated this. You hated how much you loved his praises, how one phrase made you drip with excitement.
Draken slipped your panties off of your knees, his hand went back to your breast massaging it as he brushed his lips against your pussy.
"Gonna make you cream on my tongue." You felt the cold air hitting your bare sex, as he began kissing you down to your slit where he teasingly licked it, barely enough for the tip of his wet appendage to slip in.
Draken's hand tugged on your nipple while he lifted the hood of your clit before sucking on it.
Your whines filled the room as you moaned his name softly. Just enough for him to hear, you were quiet but vocal enough for him to know you were feeling good.
Reminded him of the first time you had sex.
You felt your core tighten up as you felt close to the edge, you grinded yourself against his mouth desperate for him to keep going. He pulled away leaving you with a fleeting feeling of the knot that was once there.
"You're gonna cum by my tongue or you don't cum at all." He gruffed before sticking his tongue inside your slit. Your back arched as you felt him curl inside you, his hand left your breast, they cupped your ass pulling you closer to his mouth, keeping your cunt against him as he ate you out like a starved man.
You desperately tried to hold your moans back as he pulled no punches as he attacked you with his tongue.
He continued this, feeling your walls pulsate against his tongue, the gummy feeling of your walls was enough to send him over the edge. His cock was as hard as a rock but he ignored it, he just wanted you to cum, over and over again until there was nothing left.
Your moans got louder as he felt your body slightly shake, a telltale sign you were close. He picked up the pace, shoving his tongue deeper inside you bringing you to your high.
With one high pitch scream of his name, you arched your back pushing your sex into him before squirting out your juices on his tongue as he drunk it all up.
You were seeing stars, you haven't had a proper orgasm in lord knows how long.
"Good?" Draken looks up from your sex, your juices dripping down from the corner of his mouth.
"Great." You said in a soft tone.
You pulled away from him, pulling your bra and dress back down, straighting your appearance.
"Thank you for that." You sigh softly knowing you should've never allowed yourself to be in that situation.
"No problem." He paused as he sat up looking down at his hardened dick through his pants.
"Want some help with that?" You ask, bending down to his hardened problem.
"As good as that sounds, you need to head home. It's late." He said cursing himself for turning down your offer. You stood up patting yourself down, you dug in your bag pulling out a pen and paper, scribbling something down before heading towards the door.
"Text me. I'll call you." You said before closing the door, walking out into the night.
It took you him a week to text you, contemplating if he should come back into your life after hurting you but he did. It took you three days to reply. When you finally did you invited him out to catch a drink with you, it was a fancy bar with dim purple lights.
"Order whatever." You told him as you say sat with your legs crossed at the bar. You got straight to the point, you told him you wanted a sex buddy, you'd be willing to pay as well. Of course he turned it down.
"Being able to touch you again is reward enough."
Still a shameless romantic, you set rules.
1. No kissing
2. No sensual eye contact
3. No sensual touching.
4. No getting into each other's business.
5. It's purely sex, if anybody catches feelings then we stop and go back to not knowing each other.
He was reluctant to accept considering he was still in love with you but he struggled to think with the head on top of his shoulders.
Now present time, you were pissed, he could tell by the way you're teasingly squeeze his cock while grinding against him.
You had him on his bed, hands cuffed to the bed frame and eyes blindfolded. You sat on top of him, your barely tits pressed against his chest as you slowly lifted your ass off his dick till it reached the tip, only to slowly grind yourself against the sensitive part while you panted against his neck. Slowly sinking his dick back into your pussy.
"Fuck, you're huge..." You muttered putting your fingers down his throat causing him to gag against your digits. Draken's eyebrows furrowed as you slowly grinded against him forcing him to suck your fingers, he couldn't do anything but what you allowed him to do. His hands bounded to the headboard and eyes blindfolded.
"All you had to do was follow the rules. Stay out of my personal life, no sensual touches... Why do you keep doing unnecessary things Ken?"
The day before Draken had fucked you so stupid that you forgot that you had work in the morning, rushing to get ready you left without eating, also leaving your phone at his place. Being the great guy he is, he decided to bring you lunch along with your phone on his break.
After he got the food he realized he didn't know where you worked, a co-worker bumped into Draken on his way and recognized your phone case. It was filled with pictures of you and other friends bedazzled with gems and a miniature Pokemon chain.
Who was it again?
Oh yeah, Mimikyu, you loved him. A "misunderstood" character.
Him and your co-worker chatted as they guided him to your work place, where he found a guy getting all handsy. The guy had his hand on your back, caressing a little too low.
Draken, he was irrational when it came to you, he rushed over. He grabbed the male by his arm bending it backwards.
"Don't fucking touch her." Was all he spat out.
You pushed Draken off of the man panicking you tried explaining to your boss that he was just a friend who didn't understand what was going on, trying to save your job.
You forced Draken to apologize and he was officially and permanently kicked off of property. You're lucky you got to keep your job, but Draken on the other hand who showed no remorse for what he just did stood there with his hand behind his head with a smirk across his face.
A fucking.
You pushed your fingers deeper into his throat, you scissors his mouth open looking at his teeth, specifically his canines.
"It's just sex. Just," You lifted your body up before slamming it back down "Sex." Draken groaned out, you watched his face as you grinded against him, "You look mad." You smirk.
"Oh, cat got your tongue?" Your fingers softly pressed against his tongue. Draken slipped his tongue between the slit of your two fingers as he buckled his hips into yours. Your tongue rolled out your mouth as the tip of his dick kissed your cervix.
"H-Hey!" You cried out as he kept pounding his dick in and out of you with the buckle of his hips , you pressed your hands against his chest to hold yourself up as he took no breaks sliding his cock in and out of you, the sound of skin slapping and your moans were the only thing he focused on as.
One last thrust was all it took before he hand you squeezing your knuckles against his chest while your face pressed against his neck, he felt your tongue that slipped out of your mouth, drool soon dripping out.
"What? Cat got your tongue?" He smirked feeling your legs shake against him. "Don't tell me that's all you can take?" He begins thrusting his hips up again slamming his dick in to you.
"Haven't even came yet." He groaned.
"M'close.." You moaned against his neck causing his thrusts to come to a halt. "Why? I was close, you dick!" You whine as you felt your unobtained high fleeting.
"Hm?" He questions. "You wanted to do all the work right? Go ahead."
"You bastard." You sit up, slowly bouncing on his dick again.
"Did that orgasm make you forget how to ride? This shit sucks." He teasingly sighs.
"Feels great for me..."
You move your hips again failing to get that feeling that Draken gives you. You watch the man under you attentively to see that he has no reaction to you moving on top of him.
It's not fun if both parties don't feel good.
You stayed quiet, ceasing all movement of your hips. You got off his dick, a few moments passed and he heard the sound of the handcuffs unlocking, feeling relief as the tightness on his hands were gone.
You untied his blindfold, his eyes stared at you. You could see just how pissed he was. Draken say up rubbing his wrists, before pushing you onto your chest.
"W-Whats wrong with you?" You gruffed out kicking your feet as he pulled your arms back behind you, locking them together by your wrist.
"Stop fucking moving." He says using his free hand to slap your bare ass causing you to slightly scream.
He grabs the handcuffs that were once on your body, tightly locking your hands together. The satin black blindfold that was tied against his head covering his eyes was now used your gag.
"You really piss me off." He places a hand under your belly lifting up all fours, he raised his hand before slamming it against your cheek causing a muffled scream. "You like this don't you? Used like a cheapened slut hm?" He slapped you once more.
"Tellin' me what to do like you fucking own me." His grips his twitching dick before ramming in into your soaking slit.
"Imma fuck you stupid." And he does just that, ramming himself in and out of you with his hand wrapped around your throat, listening to your muffled moans.
"You piss me off," One thrust, "so" another, "fucking", "much", one last one before he's spraying your insides. Your body went limb as you felt his cum fill your tummy up.
"Not done, don't go limp on me now." He raised your hips pushing your head into the pillow.
"You yelled at me for fucking helping you, that bastard was touching what belonged to me." He grunted as he slammed his cock into you again. You tried to protest.
"I don't belong to you." You tried to muffle out through the gag.
"What was that? Hm? Want me to go deeper?" He smirked pulling his cock completely out of your wet walls, teasing your entrance with his tip, glossing it up and down, occasionally hitting your clit.
"Or would you rather that boss of yours fuck you?" He slipped just the tip of his cock into you, then pulling it out. "You probably would like that, considering you bent down for so many other men." He pulled you by your hair, lifting your body up, his chest now against your arched back, his cock slipped through your legs resting on your pussy lips. One of his hands wrapped around your throat while the other held you by your stomach.
"Too damn bad, I'm the one fucking you stupid." He whispered in your ear kissing you from your neck down to your back, his cock rubbing against your pussy. Muffled moans came from your mouth, you were shamelessly aroused by being manhandled by Draken. He had you gagged, drool sleeping out of your mouth down to your chin, your hands handcuffed behind you clawing at his chest trying to reach his cock.
You slowly grinded your body against his dick trying to get any pleasure you could get only for it to be halted by his hand gripping tighter against your belly, his hand slapped your ass once more.
"Dirty bitch, learn how to wait." He kissed the other side of your neck to your shoulder.
He's breaking the rules right now but it felt so good.
"You want my cock inside that hungry pussy don't you?" You nodded aggressively pushing your ass against him, "Who do you belong to?" He pulled down your gag allowing you to speak.
"Nobody." You spat out, he only sighed in response. His hand slapped your clit roughly before asking the question again.
"Stop being so difficult, just say it, I know you want me back." His thumb began working circles against your clit as he placed his cock in-between your ass.
"Why else would you be here? Hm? Crying against my dick, you missed me. Just say it. I missed you too. Wanna call you mine again." He testingly kissed your jawline, sucking on the flesh before working his way up to your cheek.
"Hm? Isn't that right Y/n? You love me don't you?" His body felt hot against yours, the way his thumb toyed with your clit, his other hand keeping your hands still while he teasingly grinded his dick against you.
He wasn't wrong, of course not. He knew how to read you like a book, you loved him still, but you knew you couldn't have his heart. That's why you proposed this, a relationship without feelings, at least you could have him this way.
You arched your head back against his neck as he worked you to your orgasm.
"Answer me." He slowed down his thumb in your clit.
"I— ugh." You moaned as he pressed his thumb into your bud. You felt tears fall down your face as your mouth grew dry afraid of the words you were about to say.
"You want Emma." You spat out. "You always have."
"Is she here right now?" His voice grew deeper. "Who am I fucking right now? Who's pussy am I claiming?"
"I-Its just sex—" You cry out as the tears falling became more frequent "D-Doesn't mean you love me!" You yelled as your voice broke. Draken stopped moving entirely, his body froze. He pulled his dick away before taking your handcuffs off, he turned you around to face him.
"I love you Y/n. Ever since we broke up I thought about you, what I couldve done to be a better boyfriend, how I could've kept you." You watched him as he poured his heart out to you.
"I wanna be with you, I wanna wake up next to you, kiss you, marry you, love you properly." He gripped your arms, "I don't want to have loveless sex, only reason I agreed was because it was you. I just—" He paused, "Want you."
He pulled your body into his hugging your naked body against his leaving you stunned by his sudden confession. You fought back the urge to cry, you nodded against his shoulder.
"Who the hell confesses during sex? Fuck." You fought the urge to smile, you pushed Draken off of you and climbed off the bed. He watched as you gathered your clothes, "Rule 5, if anyone catches feelings we call it off." Was the last thing you said before you slammed the door leaving a heart broken Draken.
Tumblr media
A month went by without any contact, then two, it wasn't until you got a drunken phone call from Draken. His voice was soft and broken as he called your name.
You practically ran to his shop, fearful for what may have happened to him, when you got there you saw Draken with a bottle of beer in his hand along with him puffing a cigarette while sitting on a stool in a barely lit part of the shop.
"Draken?" You called out to him slowly walking towards him, "Are you okay?" You bent down to his size, cupping his face lifting his head up so you can get a good view of him. A light pink blush was scattered on his face, he looked pretty, but his eyes were oh-so empty.
"Draken?" You said once more before sighing. You took away his beer mumbling something about 'he's gonna get himself killed if he keeps drinking like this.'
The rare times that Draken would actually get drink, he was always a quiet drunk, weirdly quiet.
"Well, if you're okay I'm going to leave." You spoke up, before walking towards the door.
"Why'd you leave?"
"What?" You turned around looking at him as if he was the dumbest person you've ever met.
"I treated you right, loved you, hell, I even did one of those sappy ass confessions you used to love." He got up from his stool walking closer to you, causing you to back up in response till you couldn't back up anymore. Your back hit the wall, Draken caged you in with his hands either side of the wall as he loomed over you.
You knew he was tall but shit. This this right out of a scary movie, you could smell the booze coming off of him along with the cigarettes, the scent made your nose scrunch up.
"Hm? Did I do something wrong that I wasn't aware of?" His eyes bored into yours. "Y/n, answer me when I'm speaking to you." He barked leaning down to your ear, he blew a soft gust of air onto the tip of your ear causing you to freeze up.
Moments passed and you haven't said anything, Draken still hasn't moved.
"Emma." You whined out.
"It's always her. It felt like it was a competition with her, I never fucking felt good enough. It's like, when you're with me you want her." You poured out as tears threatened to burst. "I realized you'll never love me and much as I love you because all your love is reserved for a fucking dead girl." You spat through your tears. Draken backed away from you as he listened to you weep. He grabbed your hand, pulling you outside.
"Can you drive?" He looked at you pointing at the bike, you remember the times Draken taught you how to ride using his bike.
"What the hell? What does that have to do with right no—" Draken pinched your cheeks together shutting you up
"Can you ride or not?" He practically growled at you, you softly nodded at his answer. He grabbed a helmet for both you and him before giving you a soft recap on how to ride the bike before you both set out to the road.
Your hands gripped the handle like your life depended on it, carefully turning and accelerating, not wanting to go too fast or jerk the bike too hard.
"Take a left here." Draken muttered from the back, you nodded turning the handles to the left. "We're here." He told you how to turn off the bike, as well as how to use the kickstand so it wouldn't fall.
It was dark, only a few streetlights lit up the place.
It was a cemetery?
You felt anxiety rush through your body as Draken walked into the open gate.
"Coming or not?" He called out, reluctant to go you pondered over it for a second before deciding you might as well see what he wants.
Then you can cut off the relationship for good, just once more.
The walk was quiet, you looked at the graves of the people there sending soft prayers to their families in your head. Draken stopped moving, got down on his knees and pulled you down with him.
"The hell?" You exclaimed as your knees roughly hit the ground. You looked at the grave you were both sitting in front of,
Emma Sano.
"Why am I here?" You softly spoke examining the grave. There were teddy bears, roses, other small trinkets and gifts. Her tombstone was well taken care of, it practically sparkled. There was a picture of her along with two other boys. She was beautiful. She was taken away at such as young age, your heart couldn't help but ache for her.
"Sorry to wake you Emma, but it's important." Draken finally spoke up. He grabbed your hand, squeezing it tightly, "I'm in love with this girl, Y/n. For the longest time I thought I wasn't worthy of love, after all, I let you die... But Y/n changed that, I want to marry her. I want to start a family with her, wake up everyday next to her. Emma, I will always love you, but I love Y/n more." His fingers interlocked with yours. "I just wanted to let you know, this is the girl I'm going to marry. Y/n Ryuuguji has a nice ring to it." He looked at you with the dumbest grin spread across his face. You felt your heart clench, he really did love you.
"Yeah, yeah it does." You smiled through your tears.
Draken drove you both back to his place insisting he was sober,not even allowing you to completely enter the door, he slammed his lips in a hungry kiss, his tongue rolling with yours.
"D-Draken—" You moaned through the kiss.
"Finally." He smirked as he deepened the kiss, his hands went to the back of your knees lifting you up. Putting you directly on his clothed dick.
You wrapped your legs around him, kicking your shoes off as he took you too his room, you never broke the kiss.
He pushed you onto the bed before pulling stripping down, you followed suit, taking your clothes off eager to feel him on you again.
He sucked on your neck, kissing you down till he reaches your sex. You arched into his kisses as his tongue licked your slit.
"Already wet? Needy much?" He smirked. You brought your foot up to feel his hardened dick.
"Like you can talk." You returned his smirk.
"Yeah, can't wait to be inside you."
"Hurry up then."
His hand went down to your clit rolling circles on it as he claimed your mouth in another hungry kiss you moaned into he kiss as he slipped his fingers into your entrance while rubbing your clit and kissing you.
"All mine." He growled as he brought you to a orgasm, he watched as you creamed his fingers wrapping your arms around his neck undoing his braid to feel his scalp.
"Gonna fuck you right." He pulls away, he brings his tip slit, rubbing it up and down before slipping it all the way in to the hilt. Your face churned as he pushed himself deep inside of you.
The stretch had you burning but it felt good. It always did.
"Look, where do you see it?" He smirks gripping your legs.
"H-Here, see it here in my belly." You moaned out, dragging your fingers down to your belly where the imprint of his cock rested.
"That's right, only one who can fuck you this deep." He kissed you once more before slowly pulling himself out of your tight walls. Your walls gripped his length as if you never wanted to let go, he thrusted his lips into yours causing your eyes to widen as he pushed himself all the way in. Your tongue rolled out and your eyes crossed.
"That's it, thats what I wanna see." He went down to suck on your tongue before thrusting himself in and out of your gummy walls.
Wet sounds of his dick pulmenting was all you could hear, along with his soft groans.
They were just loud enough for you to hear. Listening to him feel good was enough to send butterflies through your stomach.
Draken fucked you to a rythm, slamming your hips against his as he thrusts into you.
"Draken— C-Close.." You moaned out pulling his hair.
"Fuck, yeah, m-me too. Gonna cream my pussy." He grunted into your neck as he bit down a little too hard as you both came to your release. Out of breath and chests heaving together. He his spurting his cum inside you, he always came too much. Draken began to kiss your neck pushing himself further inside you.
"What are you doing?" You scoff, your actions betrayed your words when you began to play with his hair, running your fingers softly down his back.
Draken rolled over to his side behind you, his cock leaving your body for a split second only for him to push it back in. You hissed at the pain of the stretch.
"Sorry," he kissed your back, "Wanna stay like this tonight." He wrapped his lanky arms around you pulling you close.
"This violates the rules." You teased him as you nuzzled your body against his. He pulled the blankets over the two of you, kissing your shoulder.
"Rules don't apply when you belong to me." He said annoyed.
"That's unfair, you forced this relationship onto me." You playfully rolled your eyes.
"And it worked." He smirked against your shoulder.
"Have you no shame?" You taunted, your statement fell on deaf ears as you felt Draken's chest gently rise and fall against your back, his soft breath against your neck. He was asleep.
"Just this once, don't expect this to happen all the time." You smiled as you drifted off to sleep, finally feeling at peace.
Tumblr media
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