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#she gonna die lol

Run while you still can Anne…

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p2 aglaya/ghost!eva as a ship is starting to take root in my brain… especially clinging to ideas I’ve been having about eva going Full Weird in p2. not only would it be cool if eva becoming a cathedral ghost actually afforded her some control over the cathedral’s time machine (I mean theres something quite intriguing in how her ghostly voice in marble nest plays backwards) but also I really think aglaya would be an interesting counterpart to that. not only is she situated in the cathedral all the time but I imagine she would love to wrest control of the timeline 

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#dl#neg#my mom is insane ... fr 👍#i hate feeling this way but 😂🔫 whatever man#like ik you hate me bro but jdjdjdkdkskd what can i do !!! what can i do about it !!!!!!!#like i'm sorry if i ruined your life ma'am but once again i didn't ask to be born 🥲#whwhwjsjs my heart feels like it's gonna shred apart heh 👍#idk man#like how much more can i take of her . just . straight up not caring abt me ...#idk idk !!!!!!!#whatever bro!!#idkcidkbiskdodkdksks bro!!/!$/8/&/!! WHATEVER 😭 !!!!!#absolutely no one cares i don't care !!!!!!#i just wish she'd stop saying things and just proving how much she favours my sister and how much she doesn't care abt me like#the only time she shows she cares is when she needs smth from me or when she wants to yell !.!:&:&::&/$#ma'am i'm so tired...#it's 4:35 am what are you even talking abt to me rn 😂🔫#i'm so tired#i just wanna sleep but i cant even do that like eheisjsosjsj die !!!!!!!!!!!!#maybe i'll fucking cry bro thehuwhejdkdkd i can do that for about 3 hours and maybe i'll feel like 👍 better lol !!!!!!!!!!#god bless ..#it's the way she makes me wanna die so so so so much like .. the way she talks to me smtimes i'm like yeah i feel like if i died you would#either say nothing or just blame me .!.!.&/8/9/8/& HELP 😭 WHY AM I GRTTING SO WORKED IP ABT HYHISJDJDKDKD#whatever man idc !!!! and obviously she does not care abt me !!!! so why do i care !!!!!!!!! god!!!!!!!!!#i'm so sorry for venting abt this for the 3739295042795th time but 👍😂 guys i just can't take it anymore i wanna die she's insane i'm insane#like what's new but i wish i could run away like whwhsjsjsks dead i'm so tired of being sad bc of her !!!!!!!#wish i was never born fam like . idk !!!!! i don't fucking know !!!!!!!!!!#i'm fine lol 👍😂 whwjjssjisksjs im just gonna cry
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My mom came home from work and was like, “You wanna hear something funny? This patient at the nursing home who had a hard-on about getting the COVID vaccine got the vaccine and tested positive.” And I was like, “You’re a nurse. You should know that’s not funny.” And she just fucking snapped and got so offended, “You know nurses have a twisted sense of humor.”

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good news guys i’m not depressed bc my mom said muslims can’t be depressed <3

#okok so a backstory on this is that she actually said this .? on friday i think#and it rlly pissed me off and i couldn’t think of a funny text post with it until now#god i’m so gen z anyway#my dad told her friday abt what the doc said and my mom just . ugheusgu it sucked#she was all like ‘is it me? i can change.’ and idk bro it was sucky that she centered herself in it#and then she like . wanted me to talk so bad and explain why i was feeling that way and like ?#i genuinely couldn’t lol bc mate . i’ve spent 18yrs repressing the fuck out of feelings#and my parents do the same so what makes them think i would suddenly open up yk?#we both yelled at each other across the basement bc i couldn’t even look at her bc i didn’t want to see her see me cry lmao#and anyway i just told her that she wasn’t special bc i wasnt only not talking to her#and that i had just filled out a form at the dr’s bc i couldn’t even talk to the doc either#which.! is true bc the doc was like hey kid how’s ur mood been like#and i went ‘so-so’ when in reality it’s closer to ‘i wake up everyday resenting the fact that i didn’t die in my sleep bc i hate the world#so . anyway i just yelled at my mom to pick either therapy or meds#and she said ‘dude ofc take therapy if u want just talk to me’#and then i refused and idk it went back and forth and she said stuff like#‘we can talk it out amongst ourselves’ ‘we know how to help you better than therapists’ (which lmao what do they go to school for)#and then she was all like ‘muslims can’t be depressed bc we have god!’ and it was obviously so fucking wrong but i was too tired to explain#anyway no ones brought it up since and they’re all tiptoeing around me or w/e#they’re also waiting for my grades (due tonight) and oof mate that’s gonna b a trip and half#anyway wow i really needed to process that back to ao3
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i knew the family shit couldn’t teeter on thin ice forever but tonight?? of all nights???? nice

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when jules isnt here to take over during times like these lol. it is so apparent how much i rely on her

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i have this like oatmeal material hoodie thing from express it’s so soft it’s like a marshmallow it’s not sherpa i don’t know what it is really but since she came home from the hospital dix has been like obsessed with it.

if you don’t like me at my dog content because she’s a new diabetic and i’m coping as her literal life support for the next 10ish years if she lives to be 19-20, you don’t deserve me when i’m throwing replies and memes out consistently. shit happens. unfortunately it happened to her, which is the worst thing that could happen to me.

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Anyway. Beau rez ritual tonite lol

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