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#she growed up

So housemates kid is trans right? Well I slipped on pronouns today talking about him and new changes around the house while with my mom. And she noticed and was like wait “boy or girl?” Cuz I mentioned last time he was moving in. So I was like “boy, my bad.” Which opened up my brother and sister going, “but you said she.” Which brought the topic of dicussion to transgender, and what it means. And I’m sitting here like, great. I’m going to get too worked up about this cuz moms going to spought some bullshit, and out myself. But. She didn’t.

I made my points, and explained things on a 11 year olds level. And she explained things. And I was expecting a “well actually” and then some transphobic nonsense. But.

My brother even went, “so a girl who identifies as a boy?” And she went. “No, he’s a boy. He just so happened to be born with a female presenting body.” And just. Y’all.

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Typical. My classmates copy-pasted everything for the project and now that the teacher wants to give them low marks they’re like “omg what’s wrong with her??”“She’s so annoying wtf I hate her”“why is she doing this is she crazy???”

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Knetz better stop acting like little bitches and accept that Irene is a diva. So what the température of all the rooms she walks in have to be at 19.2° or that she needs someone to lift her drink when she takes a sip from her cucumber water made by tears of the staff… Irene is a diva they need to get over it. Red. Velvet is 5 (hello wanda) forever!

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i think i remembered my train of thought from the last one but i’m gonna make a new post for it in case i run out of tags shfjdbgksnsk

(don’t rb pls)

#flick ticks, #ok so i think? iirc he said Neither of us understand other people's perspectives very well. he said he's Actively working on it too, #he explained w/ an analogy involving myself and his gf; she pranked me really bad and i got freaked out. he said she thought it would've, #been funny if it happened to her so she thought it'd be funny if it happened to me too. and that's not her being evil!! that's just her like, #not fully considering how i might feel ig? but that's not an Evil thing inherently. i'm slightly less bothered with all that said personally, #and after it was explained to her that she Fucked Up she understood and felt bad for freaking me out so hard, #lmao i just remembered a dream i had where i was livid abt something and i tried to calm down!!! but my mind was like ''no. i'm angry., #''i want to be angry. i don't want to calm down right now'', #hm. my eyes have been opened svfjsbgjs-, #i'm allowed to have feelings but the key thing is to be aware of my actions. in the past it all came down to impulse control; sometimes i, #knew what i was doing but my brain was just. ''GO GO GO GO DO IT DO IT DO IT'' and it didn't matter if it was a good or bad thing in the, #moment- not to me because when i get into those like. Extreme High Emotions it's Very hard for me to think before i act; i just want to be, #angry; i just want to be sad; i just want to scream and cry and throw a fit- and i wanna say it might have to do with having been silenced, #as a wee lamb lmao. also because throwing fits got me attention when i wanted attention (both when i was a kid and now as an adult), #and THAT'S on not having been hugged enough as a child LOL. i was always told that my feelings didn't matter and i think it just. created, #this disgusting buildup of emotions that now has a tendency to just. erupt when i'm upset. i need to learn how to control myself though, #i also wanna stress that i'm not saying my actions *never* mattered to me; i'm saying *in the moment* it didn't matter to me because i was, #in fight or flight mode i guess? anxiety and shit- *my* feelings being belittled growing up has definitely caused. this lmao; the whole, #''i have a hard time understanding other people's perspectives and feelings because i've had to Fight for my own so much that i don't, #''know how to understand anyone else especially because no one's bothered to understand me'' thing, #i keep losing my train of thought but i'm gonna stop this one here sbfksbfks
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one aspect of terasaka, yoshida, muramatsu + hazama’s character growth that i rly like is how they start to participate more in class activities, involve themselves more w the class + in general cooperate w their classmates. compared to the start of the series where they exclusively relied on each other

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I don’t think Fushimi would have ultimately been much better off even if Niki had died before the anthill incident because even though it would lessen the actual emotional abuse happening there would still be Kisa’s neglect stunting Fushimi’s emotional growth. I could see his mental issues developing somewhat differently, like rather than taking on that whole ‘Niki’ persona he might model himself after Kisa instead and ignore Yata post-betrayal because that’s what he’s familiar with, but I think there would still be a betrayal and he’d still have all the low self esteem and abandonment issues. Niki obviously made Fushimi’s issues worse with his constant mockery and destruction of the things Fushimi loved but even without him Fushimi still lacks an actual good adult role model to help him develop emotionally. The biggest issue with Fushimi’s childhood in general is that he was never able to develop any type of emotional maturity due to both the abuse and neglect, and getting rid of just one of those factors wouldn’t do much to help him become healthier. And in some ways he’d probably be reaching the same conclusion but by a different path, like rather than assuming that his relationship with Yata will be destroyed because that’s what happens to everything that’s precious to him Fushimi assumes their relationship will crumble because after all no one wants to stay close to Fushimi and everyone abandons him eventually so why should he have expected Yata to be any different. I think for Fushimi to have grown up into a healthier person who’s better able to express himself he’d probably have to be removed from that house entirely at a young age and to actually be loved and cared for right from the start. If Niki’s not there but Kisa’s still not an active loving parent it wouldn’t help Fushimi much beyond giving him a slightly different but ultimately still unhealthy set of behaviors and mental issues.

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DAOctober #26 - Romance WITH a NPC | Vass Trevelyan & Lord Otranto. Enemies to Bros to Lovers to Happily Married

#dragon age, #DAOctober, #Vass Trevelyan, #Lord Otranto, #Bongwater the dracolisk, #So long story short, #Vass becomes super best friend with Josie because he miss his mommy and with Blackwall because he's the father that he never had, #(his father wanted to kick him out of the family when Vass refused templar training), #When he discover that Blackwall have a crush on Josie and viceversa but Josie has been promised to Otranto he decide to challenge Otranto, #And the scene is like the mission in Val Royaux where they fight with fancy sword that I can't remember how they are called right now, #So Anyway Josie arrives to stop them and Otranto discover that she's in love with someone else (Blackwall) so he goes away and leave them b, #Because he's a gentelman like that. He and Vass continue the fighting more for training than anything else, #Fastforward in the story our Inquisitor breaks up with Dorian when he told him that he'll goes back to Tevinter at the end of all of this, #Even if Vass is the one to break up he can't handle the aftermath and got super sad + drunk + reckless, #and also drinks from the well of sorrow out of spite and got some voices in his head to makes everything more complicated, #Then he contact Otranto to go grab a beer together and complain about ending up single and the two of them become bros over time, #Then Vass grow up as a character bla bla he becomes more responsible he and Otranto start kissing in sunny meadow filled with flowers, #at the end of Inquisiton they get married and Otranto brings Vass to Antiva for the honeymoon, #Antiva è rappresentata come una palafitta love hotel molto costosa in questo disegno perchè la bioware non mi ha dato ref più chiare, #DragonFartArt
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Who are we liking best of these three versions?


  • I started off making a child version of the above sim (he has to start as a child in one of my saves, storytelling purposes, etc., etc.);
  • Couldn’t get him right; decided to make a YA (v.1) and age him down;
  • Aged him down to child: YIKES;
  • Tweaked the YIKES child;
  • Aged him up: …eh, aka, v.2;
  • Tweaked the …eh YA into v.3;
  • Now what?
  • (No, his skin details are not the same across pictures because I’m lazy and forgetful and was doing this at 2:00a between yawns. Still: now what?)

Comparing them like this, I think I have a preference. What say you?

Start over completely is an option.

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i think i’ve only mentioned it to nine , but in regards to shipping it’s important to know that yang will only have feelings your muse from an aesthetic standpoint at first. my yang is … very demi and i’m certain this is a defense mechanism with her abandonment issues ? a sort of ‘ if i only think you’re good looking , i won’t develop actual feelings because that scares me ‘ thing.  it’s very possible for her to start realizing her feelings are just More than liking someone for their looks , but it does take a hot minute to get there.

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