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#she loves riding on my shoulder and looking out the window

i am

so fucking touch starved.

#all i want is to hug her why cant i hug her how do i end homophobia#i want to to watch movies with her and have her had tangld in my hair and have our bodies both smushed toghether on the couch#i want to stay up late with her just to talk to show her the pretty sky view from my bedrooms window#i want to share a box of take out outside my building and take polaroid pictures of us#i want to make breakfast with her and hug her from behind and have her tell me abot her dreams again#i want to show her how ridiculous my hair looks after i shower and laugh at iit with her#i want to take her to mcdonalds and teach her the little skateboarding i know and sit down at the abandoned little brick city in the park#i want to go to the ammusement park with her and take her to my favourite rides and have her take me to her favourite ones too#i want to have a picnic with her by the lake and do my stupid half joking flirting game#i want her to steal my glasses again#i want her to fall asleep on my shoulder at the movies again#i want to have nerd talks with her and i want to show her my drawing secrets and i want to open myself up completely so she can pry inside#i want to leave soft kisses on her cheeks and on her face and on the top of her head and if one day shes confortable with it i want to leav#i want to laugh loudly and i want my friends to know her and i want to know her friends too#i want my family to like her and i ant her family to like me too#and god i just realy want to love her and be loved back#i really miss her#and i love her so so so fucking MUCH#talking#kinda confessing my love for someone via tumblr tags damn the lenghts i go
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