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#she probs forgot the them along the way
shinsousliyaa year ago
Class 1-A Boys and How They Like To Cuddle
Tumblr media
@todorkihoe made a shitpost abt touch starved Todoroki and im like *aggressive inhale* creative juices are FLOWING
It would be right for me to do JUST Shouto tho plus I forgot to do Iida last time and feel HORRIBLE so its gonna be as many Class 1-A boys I can think for!!
Warnings: some cursing maybe, fem! black/poc!reader and a bunch of f l u f f
Tumblr media
Angry pomeranian boy will probably want to cuddle when he's burnt himself out
You'll be hanging with your friend group and Katsuki will text you something along the lines of "come to my room" and at first your like what the hell whats wrong?
So you excuse yourself and head to his room and you find that Katsuki's on his bed, looking like he had a really intense training session because of the little scratches and bandaids here and there. Plus he's not yelling at you.
You head to the side of his bed and try to see if he's awake or not, and you get startled when he grumbles something you don't quite here
You ask him to repeat he mumbles "get in bed, dumbass"
You wanna punch him for calling you a dumbass but you don't because he actually looks peaceful? Like not mad or stressed or anything, and he seemed to just want your presence...
So you oblige, slipping into the blankets and having him pull you close into his chest, the mixed smell of caramel and his body wash reaching your nose.
You wrapped your arms around his torso, his arms enveloping your shoulders and bringing you closer to his chest
His hand buries itself into your hair while he presses a kiss to your forehead that he WILL threaten you not to talk about in the morning
Him just tired and want his teddy bear in his arms after a long day of training.
Tumblr media
Broccoli boy wants to be big spoon 馃ズ
Like one day you come over his house, you talk with his mom for a bit before Izuku drags you to his room
And even though its what you'd think an All Might fanboy's room would look like, its surprisingly cozy as well
Soon the weather changed from bright and sunny to raining and dreary
You and Izuku's energy slowly drained as the dreary weather continued.
Youre on his bed, snuggled up in his blanket and watching something on your phone or scrolling through social media
Izuku comes in from helping his mom with something and just has the urge to cuddle you
He asks you what're you doing while crawling into bed behind you, slipping under the blanket you were snuggling with
You start to babble on what you're watching or what you see on your socials while Izuku's arms wrap around you from behind, nuzzling into your hair which smells so so sooo nice.
In a few minute your realize he's not really listening anymore, he's just fallen asleep and he's just too cute
You fall asleep shortly after because of the comforting pitter patter of rain and soft thundering sounds from outside
Inko takes a picture of you two cuz she's so happy her baby boy got him someone who makes him happy she might even use it as blackmail
Tumblr media
Iida is definitely one of those people thats like "no handholding !! You'll get pregnant !!"
You'd probably have to beg him for cuddles lets be honest
On the occasion you two DO find the opportunity to cuddle, it'll probably be after an intense study session
Of course he's not tired, but you just fried your brain trying to remember math formulas
Tenya sees this, and suggests a light snack since you both had been studying for a while
He leaves to go get some snacks and you drag yourself to his bed, needing to feel a plush mattress under you and not hard wooden chair
Your curl up in his blanket, into a little ball
Tenya comes back with snacks and drinks to find you curled on his bed and its the most adorable sight ever
He realizes that maybe he worked you a bit to hard, and you deserve a little nap before heading home
His heart goes "you should hug her, she'll like it" but his mind says "no! boundaries"
Eventually his heart wins and he crawls into bed next to you, sitting up and leaning on his headboard.
You curl up into his side, and he rests his hand on your shoulder, rubbing figures into it
This isn't invading boundaries right? He thinks this is okay
Most probably gonna read a book or something while you take your nap
And when you wake up, you apologize profusely, but Tenya says its okay.
"Boundaries were respected! So no harm done."
Tenya drinks his respect women juice diligently.
Tumblr media
Every time I think of touch starved shouto Endeavor comes up and I just want to strangle the smug piece of shit for ruining Todo's childhood
Because let's be honest, Shouto can, would, and does and a hard time understanding affection, especially when its physical
You'll do simple things like hold his hand or peck his cheek and he's like "is that a thing? Should I do that too?"
Probs feels bad that he can't really show his love the way others do, and you'll have to tell him that everyone shows love differently, and thats okay.
He's over your house because it's the weekend and neither of you have anything planned.
You're both on your bed, Shouto admiring your room while you're maybe on your phone or reading something
Then shouto asks "do you want to cuddle, love?"
You have to ask him to repeat what he said because what that came out of no where
He repeats himself, a bit hesitant
"Couples do that right? I want to try it."
Okay now you HAVE to oblige
At first its kind of awkward, he tries to find a position you're both comfortable with but it doesn't seem to be working out
Then you just kind of guide his head to lay on your chest and he wraps his arms around your waist and its like heaven for him
He can hear your heart beat and feel you close to him, while you're still doing what you're doing on your phone or with your book
Your hand strokes his hair and massages his scalp and Shouto can't even fight the sleep thats taking over him.
In 5 minutes he asleep, and you can't help but smile because fuck he's so adorable, and so at peace
You take pictures because they last longer
After that, will always ask you for cuddles in that position, nothing else will satisfy the boy now
But you always oblige, because you know it really does help him
Tumblr media
Cuddles with kiri are so soft and playful
You'd probably be in his dorm room, you're entertaining yourself while he's on the game
You try to mess with him because he's cute when he's irritated
You poke him, tickle him, nudge him, anything to annoy him
Kiri's just like "you want attention? Bet"
Tosses the controller away most definitely upsetting denki and sero and pulls you onto his lap caging you in his arms
"Eiji lemme gooo!"
"I thought you wanted my attention babe? Now you got all of it!"
Eventually you stop struggling cuz you can't do anything stuck in his arms
So you just relax Into him in your straddling position that's oddly pretty comfy with him
You nuzzle into his neck and wrap your arms around his torso and the dorkiest smile plasters his face cuz look, his baby's cuddling him
Has to try and keep his voice under control when he gets back on the game
So now everytime you come over he holds you like that while he plays the game, balancing game time and his precious girlfriend
Tumblr media
I dont know why but I feel like Denki would want to be little spoon
Like just imagine the baby loosing a game with Kirishima and Sero and Bakugo and the angry pomeranian is being especially mean today
And you over hear it and see that Denki's really disappointed in himself so you offer cuddlss
And his eyes just light up and he's like "yes pls!!"
He lays in bed with you and you wrap your arms around him from behind, placing kisses on his cheek and hair and back of his neck
Surprisingly he doesn't short circuit??
He just kinda like hums and relaxes cuz you give the best kisses
And he needs them cuz Bakugo mean 馃槩馃槩馃槩
You always offer him cuddles after losing a game and remind him that he's always a winner in your book
Gives the dorkiest smile, says thank you all the time
Would probably fall asleep on you but you don't mind, at least he's not short curcuiting.
Tumblr media
He just loves him some thighs and he loves your the absolute most
Theyre so plump and soft, they make him want to sleep on them
So yall are in your dorm room
Its night time and Shinsou just can't fall asleep for the life of him.
Its fucking 2am why is he up
You just so happened to not have fallen asleep yet so he asks if he can hang with you for a bit.
You make him that sleepy time tea you drink when you have trouble falling asleep and he admits he's a bit drowsy now
Without warning he grabs your legs and uses your thighs as his pillow
Well, more like your thighs and your tummy, since the way you're laying down has your legs bent a bit
Shinsou's like "wow this feels really nice" and you start to play with his hair, and he's sent to heaven
Homeboys out like a light in no time
This happens like once a week honey, get used to it
He could just mind control you to do it but he hates using it on you, because he wants the actions and emotions to be real and authentic
So the fact that you do love him cuddling you like this makes his heart melt
Please send more comfort to this boy.
Whew, now that thats out of my system
Please leave a like, a comment, reblog to your friends and don't be shy to send a request!!
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cow-smells8 months ago
Party Favors (Eli 鈥淗awk鈥 Moskowitz / reader)
Request: 聽Can I have one for a Hawk smut where he鈥檚 having a little pool party and 聽the reader is usually always wearing modest/baggy clothing but she wore 聽a pretty sexy bikini to the party and everybody is shocked cuz she is 聽hiding a super nice body under all those clothing. Hawk gets a boner 聽seeing her and has to go inside the house to fix his problem and the 聽reader goes inside the house and catches him and offers him some help 聽and he鈥檚 shocked because she seems innocent. Basically a version of that 聽fast time at ridgemont high bikini scene lol 聽(for: @le-fashionmwah )鈥 聽
A/N: there鈥檚 been an influx of requests for Hawk smut so I really hope this hits the spot lol. felt really dirty writing this even tho its probs not that bad?? idk. lemme know. also, for some reason i only looked up that scene/movie halfway in to writing this, so i hope this is somewhat what you visioned
Words: 1582
Warnings: nsfw :)
Read on AO3
Tumblr media
It had been a couple of months since your family moved to California, and you were loving it.
You befriended the Cobra Kais as soon as you started school and they had invited you to a pool party today at Sam's house.
You were a little bit reluctant to go at first, preferring to keep your weekends to yourself, reading a good book all curled up in one of the over sized hoodies you usually wore; that was, until Hawk came along.
聽 聽 鈥淐ome on,鈥 he whined to you a couple of days earlier. 鈥淢iguel's going to be all up in Sam's ass and I'll be bored as hell. You gotta come keep me company.鈥
You hated to admit it, but you were putty in his hands. You were nursing an ever growing crush on Hawk from the moment you first layed eyes on him; so naturally, you were easily convinced. You were desperate to make a move on him, but you were still new and friendless other then the Cobra Kais; you feared making a wrong move and losing them all.
聽 聽 That is how you came to find yourself in Sam's back yard, trying to recognize familiar faces. You arrived with Miguel who as per Hawks prediction quickly abandoned you to chase after Sam, leaving you to fend for yourself. You scanned the yard filled with your peers; you couldn't recognize anyone 鈥 at least, not by name. Taking your phone out of your hoodie, you tried calling Hawk to no avail. He didn't pick up.
Assuming he wasn't answering because he was driving over (you didn't want to think he might have decided to pass on the party after convincing you to come), you decided to do the only thing there was left to do at a pool party 鈥 go for a swim.
聽 聽 You took a deep breath and took hold of your over sized hoodie, pulling it up and off of you, leaving you in nothing but the new bikini you got just for this (and maybe, just maybe, for Hawk too).
聽 聽 You didn't notice the many pairs of eyes that were suddenly focused on you.
Embracing the carefree air of the party, you jumped in to the deep end of the pool, letting your body sink for a moment before propelling yourself up to breathe. The cold water woke up your senses, letting you forget about your previous shyness if only a little. You swam to the edge of the pool and pushed yourself up to sit on the ledge.
聽 聽 鈥淵ou're the new girl,鈥 a voice suddenly asked. Looking aside, it was a boy you recognized from English class. He allowed himself to take a seat by you. 鈥渟it behind me in English, right?鈥
聽 聽 鈥淵eah,鈥 you smile, happy to have been noticed. You two go on with your small talk for a little while until an extremely recognizable figure walked out the house.
聽 聽 鈥淗awk!鈥 you called, more eager than you probably should have. You excused yourself from the boy who acted as a pleasant distraction, rising to your feet and making your way over to him, your bikini dripping heavily.
聽 聽 It took Hawk a heavy moment until he responded, his jaw slightly slacked as you came to stand in front of him.
聽 聽 鈥淗i,鈥 he finally said, feeling his mouth dry. Hawk had to train his eyes intensely on yours, lest they venture downwards.
聽 聽 鈥淭ook you long enough,鈥 you tease, nudging his arm playfully. 鈥渙h, sorry,鈥 you apologize at seeing the spot you touched become dark with moisture. 鈥淚'm wet.鈥
聽 聽 Yes, you are, Hawk thought to himself.
A slight gust of wind hits you, and you cross your arms under your chest, trying to preserve your heat.
聽 聽 Hawk looks aside bashfully, heart pounding at your now even-further pronounced breasts. 鈥淚, um,鈥 he mutters, 鈥渇orgot my bike running. I'll be right back.鈥
Without a second glance to you, Hawk leaves in a rush.
You see him through a window and to your surprise, he doesn't leave the house. He detours to a bathroom.
You felt confused and slightly offended 鈥 what was the rush to leave you like that, after you greeted him so publicly too? Was he... embarrassed to be seen with you?
The negative thoughts began plaguing your mind; there was only one way to settle this, you decided. With that, you entered the house to confront him.
聽 聽 You're two steps in to the living room when Moon gets an eyeful of you. 鈥淒amn, Y/n!鈥 she surveys your scantily clad body with a grin. 鈥淵ou were hiding that under all those layers? Good for you, girl,鈥 she winks. Your quest to Hawk continues with reddened cheeks and a little grin.
聽 聽 You reach the bathroom you saw Hawk enter and knock, calling his name.
聽 聽 鈥淲hat?鈥 Hawk replies, his voice strained and perhaps agitated.
聽 聽 鈥淚'm coming in,鈥 you declare boldly, turning the door handle and prying it open.
聽 聽 鈥淣o, don't -鈥 Hawk begins, but it's too late. You're already in.
Hawk's face is red, his shirt is tousled 鈥 which brings your eyes down to his unbuttoned jeans, and a prominent bulge coming from them.
聽 聽 Your eyes widen as you realize what you just walked in to. 鈥淥h.鈥
Hawk looks just about ready to bury himself alive. 鈥淲ould you get out already?鈥
You space out for a moment as your brain runs through the course of events. He walked in, saw you, left with a boner.
聽 聽 Huh.
聽 聽 鈥淚 can leave,鈥 you finally reply. 鈥渙r,鈥 his eyes lighten in confusion. 鈥淚 can help you out.鈥
聽 聽 鈥淗elp 鈥 help me out?鈥 Hawk stutters and he scolds himself for acting so timidly, like Eli rather than Hawk. He needed to regain control of the situation.
You shut the bathroom door, making sure to lock it. Walking up close to him, Hawk looks down at you, trying so hard to regain his composure. You sink down to your knees.
聽 聽 He nearly protests, cowers away, asks what you're doing. But then he doesn't. He's Hawk, and Hawk doesn't back away when the girl he's infatuated with is eye-level with his dick. He stays put. He takes control.
Your hand goes to caress his hardness over his clothes. Hawk one-ups you and pushes his jeans and boxers down, revealing himself to you completely. His hand weaves through your hair, letting him see your expression better.
He's worried, for a moment, that he might have taken things too far, read you incorrectly. A thought that's quick to leave his mind once your tongue is on his tip.
聽 聽 He thinks his heart might actually beat out of his chest. He would have never, not in his wildest dreams, be able to imagine this scenario happening in real life. Although he wanted you for a while now, he didn't think you returned his feelings. Besides that, you were usually modest, you clothing hiding your body under it and you never flirting with anyone. He'd never peg you for the type to go down on him in a bathroom during a party with half your school year just out the door.
聽 聽 Hawk groans as you slide your tongue from his tip to his balls, cupping them in your hand. It's nearly overwhelming to him when you spit in your hand and begin to pump his shaft.
Hawks grip on your hair tightens; you take him in your mouth. Hawk can't help the throaty moan that leaves him as you take him as deeply as you can, hollowing your cheeks as you pull away.
His free hand comes behind your head and his fingers find the strings holding up your bikini, which he allows himself to pull on until they sever and the top of your bikini comes loose.
聽 聽 Finally taking control, Hawk uses his grip on your hair to guide you on and off his dick, making you take him deeply enough you have to relax your throat to accommodate him.
聽 聽 鈥淵ou're such a good girl for me,鈥 Hawk groans as he gazes down at you with his dick in your warm mouth. 鈥測ou take me so well.鈥
Your heart swells at the compliment, at the clear pleasure you're bringing him.
聽 聽 Hawks moans rise in volume and his hips rut gently forward while he holds your head in place. Without warning a gust of warm liquid pools in your mouth. Hawk pulls out and before you can think to move he cums, white strands painting your lips and cheeks before dripping down to your bare breasts.
You swallow what made it to your mouth and look at Hawk towering above you. He looked absolutely spent... and content.
Hawk helped you to your feet, this time allowing himself to stare at you to his hearts content. He helped you clean off your face before taking it in his hands and kissing you deeply. You couldn't believe you had managed to do all that before sharing your first kiss.
Breaking apart, Hawk lets his hands skim down your body, his thumbs flicking your nipples playfully before taking hold of your bikini strings and tying them back up behind your neck, leaving your breasts still covered with his cum underneath the fabric.
He finished tying the knot, kissing you once more. 鈥淵ou're my girl now.鈥
There's a question there, beneath the deceleration, so you nod. Feeling bolder than before, Hawk holds your hand as he leads you back to the pool.
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txbioglow9 months ago
饾棜饾棦饾棞饾棥饾棜 饾棗饾棩饾棙饾棪饾棪 饾棪饾棝饾棦饾棧饾棧饾棞饾棥饾棜
Tumblr media
TYPE- headcanons THEATER- b STARRING- kozume kenma , kuroo tetsurou , yamamoto taketora , haiba lev , yaku morisuke , inuoka sou , bonus : haiba alisa NOTE- i did this whole thing in abt a day and i had sm fun w/ it !! i hope everyone enjoys it !!
Tumblr media
he doesn鈥檛 really want to be there
well that鈥檚 what he says.
you probably had to drag him along bc you saw a tiktok and you wanted your relationship to be cute too . but really you just wanted his wallet
he probably brought his switch and was too busy raging on tom nook to help you find a dress
everytime you鈥檇 come out of the dressing room he鈥檇 just give you the thumbs up, sometimes glancing at you
it鈥檚 safe to say that you had been hoping for a different reaction
until you walk out in his favorite color
at first he just gave you a quick look and went back to his game
but then he gave a suspicious pause and looked back up at you 馃憖
he just kinda stared at you , almost mesmerized .
it was adorable . well not necessarily for you , who was just standing there blushing madly .
the price of that dress , mattered not .
man just whipped out his wallet like 鈥榯hat one looks nice how much is it?鈥
that dress could鈥檝e been fifty dollars or two thousand . he would鈥檝e sold his switch if that meant you would wear that when he took you out .聽
Tumblr media
he actually kind of wanted to come with you
kind of
but he kept picking the prettiest yet most expensive dresses
he couldn鈥檛 understand what was holding you from buying them until you asked him to buy you one that he picked .
he stayed by the clearance rack after that .
the two of you were probably playing around store the entire time and he def gave you the spinny princess moment bc he鈥檚 a gentleman .
you just put on a particularly hot 馃サ dress and next thing you know he鈥檚 spinning in the air.聽
you look good in anything
kuroo does not care whether you鈥檙e wearing a bright dress that matches your eyes or some turd colored poofy thing , you look gorgeous either way .
if you aren鈥檛 good at decisions , sucks for you because decisions with kuroo are impossible
you get down to your top three favorites , next thing you know kuroo goes 鈥 oh well this one is pretty too, maybe this one? and you look nice in this one. this one matches your eyes. 鈥
next thing you know , kuroo is buying half the dresses on the rack , probably digging himself a deep hole of debt .
but he loves you so if he has to live a life of poverty , at least you鈥檒l have to live it with him.
Tumblr media
!! LET鈥橲 GO !!
this is an adventure and yamamoto is all about this
finding a dress is a very serious task and he鈥檚 sworn an oath to help you no matter what .
pfft schedule who ?? other things that aren鈥檛 you ?? sorry haven鈥檛 heard of that one .
this is game level intensity i kid you not .
he absolutely refuses to leave the store without a dress he could not care less whether it鈥檚 closed or not
bc what鈥檚 he gonna do just leave his lady dressless ?? i dont think so 馃檮
he鈥檒l find this beautiful one and he won鈥檛 shut up about how good it looks and really hypes you up about it ,, and then he looks at the price tag and throws it in the trash bin .
just takes it and throws it in the trash bin doesn鈥檛 care that all the employees are staring at him .聽
suddenly he is extremely serious about the budget . he wouldn鈥檛 even think about going over budget bc let鈥檚 be honest ,, the budget is more for him than you .
he loves you but he also loves his college funds 馃槶馃枑锔
let鈥檚 be real midtrip he probably brought out this brown plastic back and started just eating some yakisoba buns 馃枑锔
then wondered why you were eyeing him even tho he knows you didn鈥檛 eat anything that day </3
Tumblr media
wait why鈥檚 he here ??
no like im not messing w/ you he forgot what he鈥檚 doing here ??
can鈥檛 even say you brought him for money bc sis we both no his wallet is empty af
he prob begged to come along and then got bored and asked if you were done precisely one hundred and sixty two times per sixty second intervals
if you tell me he didn鈥檛 try to fit into a dress so you could be twinsies goodbye 馃憢
no but he鈥檚 a child . you know shopping with a toddler ? take that and imagine shopping with lev who鈥檚 half toddler half lost puppy ??
you most likely ended up buying smth for him too bc he waited so patiently for you 馃ズ
lev + watch = 馃サ馃サ
he just kinda drooled over you and built forts聽
the people at the sales desks were abt to kick him out but they felt bad for you 馃枑锔
poor innocent baby blushing like a mad man at the tighter ones聽
probably hides behind a clothing rack or sumn and won鈥檛 come out until you change
he stared at his wallet for a solid fifty minutes , thinking that if he stared for long enough money would just appear .
he did not come out triumphant and proceeded to pout
but that鈥檚 okay because you鈥檙e used to being the one to pay for things and you just like it when he smiles
Tumblr media
he actually insisted on coming聽
imagine what you might do without the proper supervision ??
plus you asked if you could take his wallet with you and he absolutely did not trust you in the slightest
he鈥檚 actually very hands on , he gives you honest feedback and if one of the dresses makes you look fat then he gonna say it doesn鈥檛 look as flattering you and quickly change the subject .
tighter things are outlawed .
nothing skimpy or tight or short or anything that fits you the wrong way .
he鈥檇 cover you up so quick like throw jackets and shirts and sweaters at you聽
literally push you into the dressing room to change .聽
you鈥檙e probably only going to be given granny dresses for a solid twenty minutes after
k so he loves you sm but price is most definitely an object . he鈥檚 not made of money im sorry 馃槶
suddenly he is mr iron wall cannot be moved like puppy dog eye him all you want he鈥檚 built a defense .
all most of the dresses look good on you so why not pick a less expensive one ?? he just cannot comprehend it .
but it鈥檚 okay in the end bc while he can handle the team鈥檚 pouting ,, he forgot that you were just a tad bit cuter than yamamoto .聽
bc now he be popping dollar bills聽
oh that one鈥檚 twice the budget ?? hey who needs dinner for the next two weeks anyway ??
Tumblr media
so remember those lost puppy vibes we got from lev ?? 馃馃馃
well at least inuoka emptied his piggy bank鈥檚 life savings for you .
It was really hard to break it to him that you couldn鈥檛 use his lucky button to pay for the dress .
it鈥檚 not that he doesn鈥檛 have a good fashion sense but he doesn鈥檛 have a good fashion sense.
everything he picked out for you was , something you鈥檇 never wear out .
but he鈥檚 your baby so you put them on just for him
probably gets all blushy seeing you in all the different dresses
he got hungry halfway through聽
tried to sit patiently for you but he was hungry 馃槶
you ended up leaving to go get food and then coming back
he was very patient after lunch .
although he kept giving you really ugly dresses that you absolutely did not want to buy , but it was that thought that counted at least .聽
he just thinks you鈥檙e so cute , he doesn鈥檛 care what your wearing , he just loves you to death
probably called yaku to ask to borrow money and buy you a dress
yaku most likely declined and you had to give inuoka plenty of kithes before he would feel better
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
omg get me an alisa shopping with her would be so fun
she picks out the best things for you !!
alisa knows what suits you and what would look nice on you and she just skates right past the price .
pfft it鈥檚 three times the price ?? but her boo looks gorgeous so who cares ??
would refuse to try anything on even if she loves it bc the trip is for you 馃ズ
you ended up buying a few different dresses bc they all looked flattering
plus you need dresses for all the many places alisa takes you
she鈥檚 a simp man
a big beautiful simp聽
knowing her she probably has a tab and just threw all your dresses on there 馃枑锔
you both just piled into the dressing room and she threw all all the dresses she could at you聽
definitely an admirer . alisa would just look at you vv lovingly
then probably jump up and down and squeal about how cute you were
you two are so cute together ,, expect to take a lot of pictures together 馃ズ
an employee would probably walk over just to say how cute you guys are
Tumblr media
饾棯饾棙饾棙饾棡饾棢饾棞饾棙饾棪- @kaminology鈥 @zerohawks鈥 @kiiraeth鈥 @oikalove鈥
back to theater b
Tumblr media
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liddolwhynot200010 months ago
Since I refuse to accept what's happening in the new chapter, here's scenerios of Levi and all the others being happy:
(1) Jean stays in the military and has a good, decent job. He finds a nice girl and they settle down together and have a son named Marco because JEAN DESERVES THAT HAPPY ENDING HE IMAGINED.
Constantly curses Eren out randomly. Gum got stuck under his shoe? Damn you Eren. His child messed up his paperwork? THIS IS ALL YOU EREN. He forgot his and his wife's anniversary? EREN FUCKING YEAGER STOP HAUNTING ME.
It's comical really, a way of fighting with Eren even though he's gone
(2) Levi gets money from the govt and opens a tea shop. He purposefully hires young teens who have no choice but to steal to survive like he did, so they can have a new start at life. We all know this man is kind af and wants to help others.
'Oi brat you can't pick pocket anymore, you work for me now'
*cue Levi hauling confused teen away from the alley to a better life
(3) Hanji in the after life is probs giving moblit heart problems a dead man should not be able to get. All because she's telling him literally everything she couldn't after his death.
Moblit, I had this tea that was purple and-
Shhh lemme get to the best part, I gave some to Levi-
(4) Connie's mother gets cured. Literally the best part. He comes home, mission accomplished and is stunned by the sight of his mother. Hugs her, cries and vows to never leave her alone. I bet alot of money that he would have a daughter some day and name her after Sasha. Maybe an adopted daughter? A very loved child no matter what
(5) Mikasa and Armin stick together. They keep their jobs. Maybe Mikasa spends her free time in the orphanage, surrounding herself with innocent kids to lighten her own heart? She maybe helps in tracking down orphans and bringing them to safety
One day, she found a little girl, shivering in the cold. Her parents were dead, and the girl had been wandering around for days on her own. Mikasa saves her and the sight of her is so familiar, she gives her scarf to the little girl. Was pretty stunned to learn the girls name was Sasha and thrilled when Connie adopts her.
(6) Annie settles to living away from civilization. Hunts to survive . Armin visits her and they basically just blush around each other. Sometimes Mikasa comes along and pretends to gag at the sight of them even brushing shoulders. Let's just say a very panicked armim almost got a front row seat to annie vs mikasa pt2 lol.
(7) Gabi and Falco live with Annie. They have no home to go. But they grow up together, sort of being raised by Annie. She yells at them most of the time but she's kinda nice too? I mean, she didn't have to save them from that wild bear soo. They live comfortably. Yeah. No need to call child services.
(8) they all have yearly reunions. Levi snarks at them for getting so tall and finds himself lost while holding baby marco. Mikasa smirks when the baby throws up on him. Jean is torn between laughter that his son threw up on captain Levi or horror that his son threw up on captain Levi. Little sasha is shy but shakes hands with everyone. Even Levi pats her on the head affectionately and gives her sweets from his tea shop :)
That's it for now, pls feel happy people. This lightened my own heart a little 猸愨瓙
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bogbees10 days ago
lol found this in my drafts! forgot ab it. I think it's like, mid September?
I'm thinking ab this lil cottagecore vs. dark academia au where Willow has a flower shop, and across the road, Hunter has this book shop??
dunno the plot yet but I just like the idea of them being unfriendly towards each other, in a weird amicable neighbours sort of way but happily complain about each other constantly. Willow bc she's got stories from Luz and Amity ab him that she doesn't like, and Hunter just can tell her pleasant attitude isn't genuine, so he's irked.
hunter's bookshop is mostly a used bookstore. he has new editions, but he tends to collect anything and everything. he's read every book on his shelves, and keeps a note book on the counter with details on each book, incase his customers ask ab it. he prefers non-fiction titles to the popular romance novels any day.
Willow's flower shop doubles as a gift shop and souvenir shop, it just mostly features potted plants, cut bouquets, gardening equipment. she does events like weddings and funerals, even on one occasion, a dog's batmitzha. she knows everything ab the plants in her shop, and pretty much every other plant in North America.
picturing, they have those store houses, store below, living space above. so not only do they have to be aware of each other existing at all times.
eventually, Willow spots Luz exiting his shop, and she's like, "ok, sure, Eda adopted him, they're pretty much siblings now, if course she'd see him at work," but then she sees AMITY enter his shop and she's like ??? Amity hates him???
so across the street, Amity is looking for a book on botany for Willow's birthday, but it needs to be something the girl doesn't have. And Hunter is like, torn between giving her the rare 1975 edition of Aloysius' Guide to Bulb Plants in The Northern Hemisphere, bc he's positive no one else has it. And then Amity starts talking ab Willow and what she means to her 鈥 how she wouldn't have met Luz if it wasn't for her, and such things. And Hunter gives her the book. He hopes Willow understands his pain in doing it.
Fast forward to Willow's bday, Luz has dragged Hunter along "you guys are literally the most neighbour neighbours ever! you gotta come for at least the cake!"
"that woman hates me?? I can sense it"
"that's prob my fault...... we didn't have the best first meeting remember? so.... our bitching ab that may have influenced her opinion on you"
"yeah so come on"
"but I don't have a gift?"
"you being there will be gift enough"
and they get to the gift exchange and it turns out willow actually has that book. it's one of her favorites, "oh Amity, I love this!" she exclaims, "but I already have it." it's literally in the drawer next to her and she pulls it out.
Amity is distraught by her gift being a copy
Hunter is baffled by this happening. absolutely gobsmacked
"do you want me to return it?"
"only if it would make you feel better?"
"it would"
she takes back the book and turns to Hunter "so much for being one of a kind edition" she says. and the whole party is looking at him
"well, only 100 copies were made, how was I supposed to know Willow had one"
and then she's like "you have more botany books?" and he's like "yeah"
"oh, well, could I just exchange that one for another?"
and Luz is going insane bc they're finally getting along, and she's kissing Amity's cheek thanking her for this development while Amity is like "???"
and that's all I got
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bangtans-apolloa month ago
What if tae was the wedding planner and jimin the fiance? I feel it would be even messier 馃槄
Definitely would be a lot messier!! Jimin isn鈥檛 quite as obsessed with marriage as yan! Jungkook, or even Taehyung. He doesn鈥檛 really care about the wedding at all, and no way is he following any of those bullshit traditions 鈥渢he bride and groom can鈥檛 see each other before the wedding鈥 not for Jimin, absolutely not. He鈥檇 rather never get married than suffer that.
So to yan! Taehyung, who鈥檚 been in love with the union of two people so wholeheartedly, so much that he helps people achieve that day in day out, Jimin鈥檚 lack of care is insulting to him- to weddings, to Y/n, to love itself, as far as yan! Taehyung is concerned
They two definitely wouldn鈥檛 get along, Jimin interrupting any time taehyung spoke to Y/n, constantly flirting and being completely inappropriate in public just to prove his point (a drabble about this, but i was taking too long with the intro and forgot what it was about lmao, i remembered now) 鈥攎ore disrespect yan! Taehyung wouldn鈥檛 stand for
Yan! Jimin is a lot harder to control than yan! Jungkook too. Y/n could just do puppy eyes at jk or sweet talk him a little and he鈥檇 go along with whatever, starry eyed. Perhaps he鈥檇 pout about it, but that鈥檚 about the most. Yan! Jimin, on the other hand, is only really placated when Y/n gives in to his whims, so basically never. Because of this, it鈥檇 be difficult for yan! Taehyung to get alone time with Y/n, which would actually lead to him acting more and more deranged a lot faster. Really hoping the corpse bride fic doesn鈥檛 end up with multiple parts, but it probs will at this rate
Yan! Taehyung will be stressed, and most importantly, constantly strained in his meetings with Y/n. He鈥檒l snap quicker, more violently. It鈥檒l start with smaller, snide comments directed towards Jimin, and then he鈥檒l begin outright telling Y/n they shouldn鈥檛 go through with the wedding, right in front of him.
Then, Yan! Jimin would probably claim they don鈥檛 need some paper to prove their love and drag Y/n away, who would have to sneak out to patch things up. This would cause problems on both sides 1) Jimin gets angry that Y/n snuck out to see Taehyung, possibly locking them up when they return and 2) Taehyung becomes more worried, pushed into action 鈥攑lot dictates that Taehyung would likely come to visit Y/n, only to discover she鈥檚 tied up, and then the two would have a big violent fight while she tries to calm things down, or escape from the two crazies, whatever.
Simply, yes, it鈥檚 a lot messier!
I鈥檓 liking the slow build of fianc茅! Jungkook at the minute, though it seems as though it means there鈥檒l be multiple parts to the story鈥 Still aiming for halloween, though! Like maya be I鈥檒l just post all parts at the same time, not sure鈥
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fruitcoops10 months ago
would u write about the night of remus鈥檚 first goal and sirius just WORSHIPPING remus
Did someone say 3200 words of Coops being comfortable around each other even while ~spicy times~ are happening and the start of a 3-part smut series? No? Oops :)
Credit for Coops/ Sweater Weather goes to @lumosinlove!
TW for smut, a rampant praise kink, and both people laughing during sex
The Lions were everything to Sirius. They were his brothers, his family, his whole life. With Remus on the team, that feeling had only grown, and celebrating a win with them brought a sense of euphoria that was unmatched by pretty much everything.
And yet he wanted to be anywhere but the locker room right then.
Talker and Remus were laughing on the other side of the room while the cubs chanted 鈥淟oops, Loops, Loops!鈥 at the top of their lungs; Remus鈥 two goals had given them the edge they needed to crush the Badgers 6-2 in the first game of the season; Sirius was bursting with pride, but the wait was killing him.
His leg bounced up and down as he zipped and unzipped his duffel for the millionth time. Remus was flushed with victory and alight with latent adrenaline鈥擲irius felt a little guilty for wanting to pull him away from the celebration that he rightfully deserved. You鈥檙e beautiful, he shouted internally. You鈥檙e so beautiful and how am I supposed to wait a decent amount of time before dragging you home?
鈥淭he fuck are you scowling at?鈥 James laughed as he leaned over his stall and smacked Sirius on the shoulder with his glove. 鈥淗ey, earth to Cap. We won the game, man.鈥
鈥淚 know, I know.鈥
鈥淲e won by a lot.鈥
鈥淵our fianc茅 scored two perfect goals, I don鈥檛 see the prob鈥攐h. Ohhhh.鈥 His eyes widened and he bit his lip mischievously. 鈥淚 get it now. Hey, Loops!鈥
鈥淪hut the fuck up,鈥 Sirius hissed as Remus looked over at them. His smile softened when he saw Sirius. Pretty, was all his brain supplied.
鈥淪up, Pots?鈥 he asked, wandering over and running a hand through his hair.
鈥淵ou two should head home early,鈥 James said faux-casually.
Remus frowned. 鈥淚 thought we were going to get dinner with the team?鈥
Sirius died a little inside at that, but it was fine. You鈥檙e the captain, he reminded himself. You have to be part of team events.
But I don鈥檛 want to, the hyped-up, besotted, and incredibly horny part of him whined.
鈥淣ah, I鈥檝e got to plan for鈥ils and I鈥檚 anniversary. Also, nobody really made final decisions on where we were going anyway.鈥 It was clearly a lie, but Sirius appreciated his effort.
鈥淥kay,鈥 Remus said suspiciously, drawing out the word. 鈥淚s this some sort of prank? Are you trying to get me to leave so you can fuck with my stall or something? If I find anymore shaving cream, I swear鈥斺
鈥淥h, my god,鈥 James groaned, grabbing Remus by the shoulders and giving him a little shake. Thinnest patience in the world, Sirius thought wryly. 鈥淕o home. Celebrate. Please get railed by your fianc茅 before his grumpy vibes seep into the walls.鈥
Remus鈥 eyes went wide and he looked down at Sirius, who was desperately trying to suppress a blush. 鈥淲ha鈥攜ou鈥攐h. Okay. Um, yeah, that鈥檚 cool.鈥 His eyes narrowed when he turned back at James. 鈥淏old of you to assume he鈥檚 doing the railing. Stereotypes, much?鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 your issue?鈥 Sirius asked incredulously.
James rolled his eyes. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry. Please go home and get laid or do whatever it is you do to banish the cranky captain aura. Better?鈥
Remus glanced back to Sirius. 鈥淎re you ready to head out?鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 been packed for ten full minutes,鈥 James said, turning him around and pushing him toward his stall. 鈥淕o.鈥
鈥淲as that really necessary?鈥 Sirius sighed as Remus packed his bag in a rush.
鈥淚 could have yelled it across the room,鈥 James pointed out. 鈥淎lso, you should be thanking me.鈥
鈥淭hank you for not being as much of an asshole as you could have been.鈥 Sirius stood up and knocked their foreheads together. 鈥淵ou played really well tonight, by the way.鈥
鈥淭hanks, Captain,鈥 James teased, giving him a little push. 鈥淣ot a bad start to the season, eh?鈥
鈥淣ot bad at all.鈥
鈥淏aby, you ready?鈥 Remus asked, his voice a little tight as he slung his bag over his shoulder. Heat flashed through Sirius鈥 body and he gripped the edge of the stall; next to him, James started snickering. 鈥淪hut it, Pots.鈥
鈥淗ave fun, you two!鈥 James called as they headed for the door.
鈥淚鈥檓 telling Lily you forgot your anniversary!鈥 Remus shouted back over his shoulder while Sirius dragged him along by the hand.
By the time they made it to the parking lot, Sirius could feel his heartbeat in his ears. He crowded Remus against the passenger door and pressed a hard kiss to his lips, gripping his waist and grinding slowly until their breaths came in short gasps.
鈥淔uck, you鈥檙e so hard,鈥 Remus panted as he pulled on Sirius鈥 lower lip. 鈥淎ny particular reason?鈥
鈥淵ou. Just鈥攜ou.鈥 Sirius moved to his neck and Remus keened as he nibbled along his jawline and throat. 鈥淵ou have no idea how good you look on the ice. That first goal was perfect, and then you got another one鈥斺
Remus laughed, combing his fingers through the curls that fell into Sirius鈥 eyes. 鈥淣ow you know how I felt for months. We should definitely get in the car or else I鈥檓 getting on my knees right fucking now and that鈥檚 going to be embarrassing for us both.鈥
Ten incredibly tense minutes later, Sirius was fumbling with the house key as Remus kissed his neck and slid his chilly hands under the back of his shirt. As soon as the door swung open, he spun around and dragged him inside, kicking the door closed behind them and all but slamming Remus against the wall.
鈥淗ave I told you recently how much I鈥攈nnn鈥攍ove that you鈥檙e a switch?鈥 Remus鈥 breath caught as Sirius pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor next to their shoes.
鈥淒itto.鈥 Sirius felt him wobble a little and grinned. 鈥淪weetheart?鈥
鈥淲e should go upstairs.鈥
Remus sighed and let his head fall forward onto Sirius鈥 shoulder. 鈥淪ince when are you reasonable?鈥
鈥淪ince we need a bed as soon as possible.鈥
鈥淲e do?鈥
鈥淲e really do.鈥 Remus grabbed Sirius鈥 hand and they practically ran to the stairs, pausing every few moments to kiss or bump against whatever they left laying around earlier that afternoon. Hattie cocked an ear when they passed her, but she settled back down鈥攊t was far past her bedtime. They made it halfway up the staircase before Remus pressed Sirius鈥 back into the wall, kissed the living hell out of him, and pulled his shirt over his head. 鈥淭wenty more feet.鈥
鈥淩ight here.鈥
鈥淭wenty more feet and I鈥檒l get you off twice.鈥
Remus鈥 breath audibly rushed out of his lungs and a full-body shiver ran through him; Sirius took advantage of the pause to take his hands and guide him backwards up the remaining stairs and into their bedroom. 鈥淚s this how you always felt after games?鈥
鈥淲inning ones, yeah,鈥 Sirius managed as he pulled Remus鈥 belt off with a sharp snap. Remus鈥 pupils dilated at the sound, and he raised his eyebrows. 鈥淎re you okay?鈥
鈥淭otally okay, but I鈥檓 going to be laying awake having a very interesting inner monologue later,鈥 he muttered, almost to himself. 鈥淲hew.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to be too tired to do anything once I鈥檓 through with you.鈥
Remus bit down gently on the side of his neck. 鈥淧romise?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so fucking kinky, holy shit.鈥 Sirius鈥 stomach filled with butterflies and he picked Remus up鈥攖he bed bounced as he dropped him on it, hovering over his heaving chest. 鈥淚 love watching you skate, you know.鈥
鈥淵ou were incredible out there.鈥 Their jeans and socks came off quickly until only boxers were in the way. He carefully lowered himself and Remus鈥 leg jerked up on reflex as he ground down in a hard roll. 鈥淪o fast, so graceful. They always underestimate you.鈥
鈥淚 am not going to last if you keep that up.鈥
鈥淵es, you will. You know why?鈥
A spark of interest lit in Remus鈥 eye. 鈥淲hy?鈥
Sirius leaned down next to his ear. 鈥淏ecause you鈥檙e good.鈥
鈥淥h, fuck,鈥 Remus breathed, canting his hips upward until Sirius shifted so the heels of his palms pressed against those sharp bones and held him down. 鈥淢y heart is beating so hard right now.鈥
鈥淚 know, I can feel it,鈥 Sirius laughed as he moved to kiss Remus鈥 throat and collarbone, which caught the moonlight through the bedroom window perfectly and cast shadows on the left side of his chest. 鈥淢on coeur. Do you have the lube?鈥
Both of them winced as Remus鈥 hand smacked against the nightstand in his rush and Sirius kissed his knuckles, rubbing away the redness with one hand while uncapping the lube with the other. He scooted down the bed until his shoulders fit between Remus鈥 thighs鈥攈is thighs, holy fuck, Sirius had almost forgotten about those鈥攁nd ran a light finger down the front of his boxers.
Remus twitched as Sirius leaned in to mouth at the hard line of him and ran one of his hands down the soft skin on his inner thigh, but he couldn鈥檛 move much and that only turned him on more. He squeezed tightly once with a desperate, half-gasped plea, then relaxed as Sirius kissed the inside of his knee. 鈥淒eep breaths, sweetheart. You鈥檙e doing so good.鈥
鈥淚 am?鈥
鈥淵ou are, I promise.鈥 Sirius slid back up until they were face-to-face and began pulling Remus鈥 boxers down as he kissed each of his cheeks. 鈥淗ey. You scored two goals tonight.鈥
鈥淚 did,鈥 Remus said with a foxlike smile.
鈥淚 think that calls for a certain degree of celebration.鈥 Sirius pushed his finger in at last and Remus arched his back, practically begging him to push him down again with a silent challenge. 鈥淚 promised to get you off twice, right?鈥
鈥淵ou did.鈥
鈥淓xcept you also won the face-off.鈥 Sirius couldn鈥檛 keep a smile down as Remus鈥 eyes widened. 鈥淭hink you can do three?鈥
He swallowed thickly and nodded, his eyes glazing over as Sirius added another finger. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to win every single game we play if this is what ha-happens do that again baby please.鈥
鈥淩eally? You鈥檒l win every game?鈥 Sirius crooked his fingers again and drew a low groan from him.
鈥淵es. Yes, every time.鈥
鈥淚 believe you鈥檒l win, but I think you鈥檇 miss topping. I鈥檇 miss it.鈥 Remus鈥 hands returned to his hair and tugged lightly until he kissed him. 鈥淵ou always feel so good, sweetheart, and I know you like being in control sometimes.鈥
鈥淎re you calling me bossy?鈥
鈥淵eah. I love it. I love you.鈥 The words were sweet on Sirius鈥 lips as the sharp edges of Remus鈥 smile smoothed out and he practically purred beneath him. The third finger slid in without an issue; as Sirius internally lost his mind, Remus rolled his shoulders back happily. 鈥淩eady?鈥
鈥淪o ready, c鈥檓on.鈥
The first glide was immaculate, and it only built from there. Remus wrapped his arms around Sirius鈥 chest as he moved鈥攖he frantic fuck-me-now adrenaline rush they had arrived with had begun melting away sometime during the last ten minutes, but Sirius still buzzed with energy and he felt the slight tremble of Remus鈥 anticipation everywhere their skin touched.
鈥淏eautiful,鈥 he murmured, running his hands down Remus鈥 ribs. His eyes were closed and his cheeks were flushed rosy red, mussed curls tumbling over his forehead and splayed in a halo against the pillows. 鈥淟ook at me, mon coeur. You have the prettiest eyes I鈥檝e ever seen, like liquid gold.鈥
鈥淗opeless romantic.鈥 Remus shuddered a sigh as their gazes locked and a well-placed thrust rippled through him. 鈥淕ood?鈥
鈥淕ood.鈥 Sirius ducked his head and laughed quickly. 鈥淚鈥檓 so fucking glad you have a praise kink, by the way.鈥
鈥淥h, really?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 the best. All I have to say is you鈥檙e taking me so well鈥斺 he lowered his voice to a satiny rumble and the tendons in Remus鈥 neck seized. 鈥溾攁nd you鈥檙e a puddle.鈥
鈥淚 am, I am, just鈥攋ust a little higher, please.鈥
鈥淟ook at you, using your manners,鈥 Sirius teased. He obliged, though, and he felt Remus鈥 skin heat up beneath his palms as his knee pressed into Sirius鈥 waist.
鈥淥h, fuck off.鈥 Remus shook his head with a smile and drew him back in for a long kiss.
Kissing Remus was something special. His lips were soft and demanding at the same time, growing progressively more urgent as Sirius picked up the pace and small sounds punched from his lungs.
鈥淲ait, wait, wait,鈥 Remus managed, tugging on his shoulder. Sirius stopped immediately, but when he went to pull out Remus placed a hand on his hip. 鈥淣o. Stay.鈥
A tingling sensation washed over Sirius when he registered Remus鈥 change in tone. His voice was lower, smoother, brooking no room for argument. 鈥淎re you alright?鈥 he ventured.
The corners of Remus鈥 lips quirked up and in a smooth motion, he flipped them over so he was straddling Sirius鈥 hips and kneading his chest with the heels of his hands. 鈥淭here we go,鈥 he said, tilting his head to the side and jutting his chin at the angle Sirius knew as hold on tight.
And then he just kind of鈥tayed there.
Sirius relaxed into it, settling his hands on Remus鈥 hips as he ground down a bit. 鈥淵ou can move if you want,鈥 he said after a moment.
Remus鈥 jaw ticked. 鈥淚鈥檓 trying.鈥
Oh, shit, is it me? Sirius took his hands away, but he hadn鈥檛 been gripping hard enough for there to be light marks, let alone stop Remus from moving. 鈥淎re you okay?鈥
鈥淯h, I can鈥檛 actually鈥︹ Remus鈥 nose scrunched up and his thighs clenched, then quaked and gave out. 鈥淚鈥檓 okay, but I think my legs are tired.鈥
鈥淔rom the game? Are you kidding?鈥 Sirius leaned back on the pillows and laughed, long and loud. 鈥淥h, sweetheart.鈥
鈥淪hut up!鈥 Remus swatted his chest, though he was laughing as well. 鈥淚 can do it, just give me a sec.鈥
Sirius wheezed as the pressure on his chest increased and batted at his wrists. 鈥淣ope, nope, you鈥檙e going to break me. We can go back to what we were doing before.鈥
鈥淚 can do this.鈥
鈥淣o, you can鈥檛,鈥 Sirius snickered.
Remus readjusted himself and tried again鈥攈e rose less than an inch before the trembling in his thigh muscles took hold and sank him back down. It felt fine and Sirius was glad for the closeness, but he knew it would feel better if Remus let him turn them over.
After a moment of hesitation, Remus stared up at the ceiling and burst out laughing again. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e right, I鈥檓 so sore right now, this is ridiculous.鈥
鈥淐ome here.鈥 He slid off him with a slight wince and Sirius sat up against the headboard, holding his arms out. He closed his eyes with a contented hum as Remus kissed his forehead and snuggled into him. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry you鈥檙e sore.鈥
鈥淚t was worth it.鈥
鈥淒o you want to take a break?鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 get me wrong, I love cuddling with you, but I was promised three orgasms tonight and I鈥檓 still so horny.鈥
鈥淥h, thank god, me too.鈥 Sirius guided him back to the mattress by his shoulders and grabbed the lube from where it had been abandoned at the foot of the bed. He slicked up his dick again and stroked Remus a few times as well before pushing back in with steady pressure. 鈥淪till okay?鈥
鈥淗ell yeah,鈥 Remus sighed, reaching out to trail his thumb under Sirius鈥 eye. 鈥淚t鈥檚 always good with you.鈥
Sirius turned to kiss the inside of his wrist. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e always good for me.鈥
鈥淭hat was smooth.鈥 Slender fingers traveled up and tucked a stray curl back into place. Sirius hadn鈥檛 even realized it was in the way until Remus moved it.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e obsessed with my hair, aren鈥檛 you,鈥 he said, sliding his hands down to scratch lightly at the sides of his thighs.
Remus shrugged, though his hold tightened minutely. 鈥淚t鈥檚 soft and it鈥檚 pretty.鈥
Sirius dragged his lips down Remus鈥 forearm, kissed the crook of his elbow, and then continued along his bicep and shoulder. His summer freckles were tragically faded, but the salty tang of sweat and Remus was more than enough incentive for him to leave small love bites in his wake. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e soft and pretty.鈥
鈥淗mmm, okay.鈥 He didn鈥檛 have to look up to know what Remus鈥 face would look like鈥攅yes closed, sated smile, light lines of tension through his neck and upper chest. 鈥淚 love the sound of your voice when you鈥檙e turned on.鈥
Sirius paused. 鈥淩eally?鈥
鈥淵eah. It鈥檚 kind of like thu鈥攈uh.鈥 Remus shifted his position at the same time Sirius leaned up to look at him; whatever he did, it must have been good, because his mouth fell open in surprise. 鈥淭hunder. Um. Hmm. Can you鈥?鈥 Rather than telling Sirius what he wanted, he squirmed for a second, tilting his hips up and making small, frustrated noises.
鈥淗old on鈥攈old on, Re, what are you trying to do?鈥
鈥淵ou did something really good right then and I don鈥檛 remember what it was but I鈥檓 so fucking close.鈥
鈥淵eah.鈥 Sirius blinked away some of his own sex-induced haziness and registered the slight tremor in his hands, as well as the glassy look in his eyes.
鈥淥h, okay. Hey, lay back and let me take care of it. Tonight is all about you.鈥 He pulled Remus鈥 hands up to his back and pulled his leg up around his waist, tracing the muscle divots lightly.
What did I do before? Sirius thrusted in with slow, deep rolls while he thought. He had been leaning to the side a bit, and then Remus lifted up slightly鈥h. Smug pride filled his veins as he kept one forearm firmly across Remus鈥 navel and brushed the other hand over the top of his dick.
鈥淵eah, that,鈥 Remus said weakly as he stretched his arms over his head.
鈥淭his is it?鈥 Sirius added a little extra pressure to his arm and his dick throbbed in response. 鈥淕ood job, using your words.鈥
鈥淗ow close are you now?鈥 he asked, running his palm around the head until Remus鈥 legs jolted around him.
鈥淪o close,鈥 he whispered. 鈥淐鈥檓on, just a little more, pleasepleaseplease.鈥
鈥淚 love you, sweetheart,鈥 Sirius said, sliding his hands beneath Remus鈥 lower back and propping him up an extra inch for the best angle. 鈥淐ome for me.鈥
His harsh grip on the sheets relaxed as he came, eyelashes fluttering and mumbling under his breath. Remus didn鈥檛 fall apart or seize up, just melted into Sirius鈥 arms with a low moan. Sirius didn鈥檛 even realize his own orgasm was approaching until he heard his name on Remus鈥 kiss-swollen lips and the world vanished for a moment.
When he came back into himself, gentle fingers were running through his hair. 鈥淪weetheart,鈥 he said fondly. He pulled out nice and slow, but remained a boneless weight on top of Remus.
鈥淗ey, handsome.鈥 Remus鈥 voice was scratchy.
鈥淐ongratulations on your first goal.鈥
鈥淚 thought that was just for the face-off?鈥
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kaypeace218 months ago
Stranger things is about mental health & trauma- deal with it!
I鈥檝e seen a lot of people claim anyone who mentioned this topic immediately be gaslit and told they鈥檙e聽鈥渏ust crazy鈥 and聽鈥渞udely projecting their own issues on to the characters.鈥 Like- no you don鈥檛 have to believe my聽 Will DID/Lonnie theory ( I could be wrong). But to claim one of the show鈥檚 central themes isn鈥檛 about mental health/trauma (screams either complete lack of lit comprehension or denial cause you have your own negative biases towards such people). So let鈥檚 just go into what鈥檚 literal text-not subtext/symbolism. Just the super blatant stuff.聽 RIGHT IN THE SHOW!
-We have El when she first appears on screen聽 asked by Benny if her parents starved and hurt her and if that鈥檚 why she ran away. Benny then calls CPS to say El聽鈥渕ay have been ab*sed or something.鈥 After this Lucas says there is聽鈥渟eriously something wrong with her-wrong in the head. She鈥檚 probably from the NUT-HOUSE in curly county.penthurst鈥 We also see El聽 cannonically has PTSD-all of s1 she鈥檒l see something benign (a cat, a coke commercial, a closet) and is triggered to see a traumatic flashback. That鈥檚 literally ptsd.聽 There鈥檚 also hints throughout the seasons she鈥檚 developmentally behind in both language, telling time etc (neglect like El鈥檚 irl can cause an intellectual disability-analysis on El/that subject here).The real pethurst in pensylvannia (not the one in stranger things/ Curly county)聽 closed in 1986-聽 it was a facility for people and mostly聽 kids with intellectual disabilities (it wasn鈥檛 technically a psych facility like the one in st)-but it was infamous for it鈥檚 abuse of these intellectually disabled patients kept there. We also have Brenner be a ab*sive psychiatrist.
- Hopper after suffering from the loss of his daughter. Is popping pills like candy, drinking and smoking constantly. He later says he used to hallucinate and forgot what was real -seeing and hearing sarah and says if he didn鈥檛 confront the pain he鈥檇聽鈥渇all down a black hole he couldn鈥檛 get out of.鈥 NO... subtext here about what the void represents nope.
- Both mothers (Terry & Joyce) are dismissed as being mentally ill and simply grieving the loss of their kids . But both end up being right about the supernatural.
-聽鈥淭erry pretends Jane is real. i mean it鈥檚 all make believe. you know the doctors all say it鈥檚 a coping mechanism.鈥
- While with Joyce the whole town pre s1 already questioned her mental health. Jonathan says聽鈥淪he used to have anxiety problems (pre s1).鈥 And Jonathan, Hopper, and Lonnie all assume she鈥檚 hallucinating: talking to Will via lights, seeing a man without a face, saying Will鈥檚 body is fake -due to grief. Plus Lonnie mentions the fact Joyce鈥檚 aunt Darlene also used to hallucinate as a possible reason聽 (terry鈥檚 aunt also had mental health issues mentioned in s2 by Becky). Lonnie even says everything Joyce is seeing聽 is聽鈥渁ll in her head.鈥澛 Hopper and Jon both say she needs to sleep and accept reality and Lonnie says she needs to see a 鈥渟hrink鈥.聽 Hopper 鈥渋鈥檓 not saying that you鈥檙e crazy鈥. Joyce : 鈥渘o, you are.鈥 Joyce also says to Lonnie聽鈥淪top looking at me like that... like everyone else like i鈥檓 out of my damn mind.鈥 Hopper also says about Joyce she鈥檚 鈥渙n the edge鈥. Callahan says in response , 鈥渟he鈥檚 been on the edge for a while now鈥 (referring to her mental health- even before Will鈥檚 dissappearance)鈥. While Lonnie says Jonathan is聽鈥渇eeding into her hallucinations ... you鈥檙e going to push her right over the edge.鈥 In s2 Hopper says聽鈥 I think everyone is on edge- you, me, Will most of all. (when talking about Will鈥檚 ptsd/trauma)鈥澛
- in s1 They claim Will just聽鈥渇ell鈥 over the edge of the quarry鈥檚 cliff. Later the only other queer coded character (Mike) jumps off the quarry cliff (where Will鈥檚 body was found) cause the homophobic troy forced him too jump. Troy even says earlier dead-Will is 鈥渇lying with all the other fairies all happy and gay鈥 (to Mike). And Troy says to Hopper El made Mike聽鈥渇ly鈥 after jumping off the cliff. Friendship saved him from jumping off the edge metaphorically ( and he鈥檒l prob eventually be happy and gay too).
-Will is seeing a therapist . And we are told he has ptsd and will experience the anniversary effect, personality changes,nightmares, having episodes, etc. And things 鈥渨ill get worse before they get better鈥.聽 Mike also asks if what Will is seeing is聽鈥渞eal or like the doctors say all in your head?鈥 And Will continues to see hallucinations of the mf/upsidedown that only he can see initially.
-Hopper also agrees with owens mentioning how he knew guys with ptsd . joyce : 鈥渋t鈥檚 not like he鈥檚 describing a nightmare. He talks about them like they鈥檙e real.鈥 Hopper: 鈥淵eah, because they鈥檙e not nightmares they鈥檙e flashbacks.I think he鈥檚 right about trauma.I think everyone is on edge (bringing that s1 ref back), Me you, Will, most of all.Nothing鈥檚 gonna go back to the way that it was. But it鈥檒l get better.In time.鈥
-Nancy suffers from survivor鈥檚 guilt and drunkingly says she killed Barb. Jonathan says like Nancy he has 鈥渁 weight that you that carry all the time . i feel it too.鈥 (cough depression). He also says he tries to be there for Will but says about Will 鈥渉e鈥檚 not the same. maybe things can鈥檛 go back to the way they were. (mirroring Hopper鈥檚 words earlier that season)鈥
-Jonathan said in s1 Joyce had 鈥渁nxiety issues鈥 than Nancy says in s3 鈥測ou really are your mother鈥檚 son... you worry too much.鈥 Then we see him look worried after the comment.
- in s2, Axel & a scientist both call El and Will聽鈥渟chizos鈥 because of their powers. In s3 mrs driscoll isn鈥檛 believed about the supernatural cause she鈥檚 schizophrenic-but like Joyce/Terry was right.
- Kali saves a woman named Dottie (a british slang term for crazy)聽 from a mental hospital and then compares herself and El to dottie. saying her non-powered gang is聽鈥淟ike us ...outsiders... society discarded them.鈥澛 In graphitti we even see the title聽鈥渙bedlam鈥 a british poem about discarding the mentally ill and leaving them homeless.聽 El before this sees a mentally ill man screaming 鈥渨e鈥檙e all dead!鈥 Kali鈥檚 friend says to El, after this encounter they were聽鈥渄ead all of us鈥 until kali 鈥渟aved them here鈥 (points to head) 鈥渁nd here鈥 (points to heart). Pointing to the theme of love and friendship helping those with such issues. Similar to the cliff analogy.
-The cycle of ab*se. Max in s2 says she鈥檚 afraid of becoming like Billy (her ab*ser). We see Billy mimic his ab*ser neil and inflict pain on max. In s3 we see the roots of his behavior are linked to mimicking Neil- Neil in a flashback says聽 about baseball 鈥渨hat are you scared?鈥澛 鈥 did i raise a p*ssy for a son鈥. So young Billy later in a fight says to a boy 鈥 what are you scared to fight me? fight me p*ssy. (as he beats the boy)鈥 Deflecting his anger of his father on to someone else. In s3, We see as a kid he used to say to Neil聽鈥渄on鈥檛 hurt her鈥 (his mom)-specifically after聽 Neil backhand slaps her -but we later see possessed Billy backhand slap Max (just like neil).聽 The resentment to his mother leaving - festered into how he views women and max negatively . And his attraction to mrs wheeler prob is linked to him subconsciously missing his mother.聽Max in s2 even says聽聽he can鈥檛 take it out on her mother so he does so to her instead (we even have Billy hallucinate hurting mrs wheeler).We see in s2 the cycle of abuse is there- Billy mimics Neil, and then Max mimics Billy. Billy harrasses Max and yells聽鈥淪AY IT!鈥 (mimicking Neil).聽 Max like Billy later聽 yells 鈥淪AY IT鈥 and uses a bat /violence to stand up for herself against Billy- which earlier she said she was trying to combat 鈥 explaining she can be angry like Billy sometimes but she never wants to be like him (her nickname symbolizing this: aka 鈥榤ad max鈥).聽 Billy鈥檚 last dying words were an apology to Max- for becoming her neil. And we hopefully will see Max break this cycle.
- Will says his now memories (that he describes like dreams) are聽鈥済rowing聽鈥,聽鈥渟preading聽鈥,and 鈥渒illing鈥. While Kali says they need to face their father and (as Brenner) says El has to confront her 鈥渨ound鈥 or else it鈥檒l 鈥済row鈥, 鈥渟pread鈥 and 鈥渆ventually it鈥檒l kill her.鈥 Kali says she used to be like El . She used to bottle her pain away and it聽鈥渟pread.鈥 But she then says聽 鈥淚 confronted my pain and I finally began to heal (from those wounds).鈥 We also see with jonathan and nancy when describing聽鈥渟hared trauma鈥 zoom in onto the scars on their hands. The wound heeled into a scar so to speak.
both have Hopper do a speech that delves into dealing with trauma/depression but still finding good along the way.
-s2 Hopper outside the snowball:聽鈥渉ow are you holding up? Yeah, that feeling never goes away. It is true what they say, you know. Everyday it does get easier.鈥
-s3 Hopper monolouge :聽鈥 Feelings jesus. For so long, i鈥檇 forgotten what those even were. I鈥檝e been stuck in one place,in a cave you might say , a deep dark cave (cough s2 supernatural cave). For the first time in a long time, i started to feel things again. I started to feel happy. Life... yeah sometimes it鈥檚 painful .sometimes it鈥檚 sad, and sometimes it鈥檚 suprising... happy.. And when life hurts you, because it will .remember the hurt . The hurt is good. It means you鈥檙e out of that cave.鈥
BUT YES- St has nothing to do with mental health/trauma, we鈥檙e just聽鈥渃razy鈥 and聽鈥減rojecting鈥. It鈥檚 not like some of ya鈥檒l聽 act pompous when you just have a bias and get pissy at the idea of relating to characters you聽鈥渙ther鈥 as聽鈥渃razy鈥 or聽鈥渄amaged鈥 irl or anything (so attack people for pointing it out). Or (benefit of the doubt) you are just like.... oblivious... or just a kid who doesn鈥檛 know better XD
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phoenixyfrienda year ago
The Naruto/Frozen Crossover
So I was聽planning on just doing an image ID thing for this post, but apparently the formatting on desktop is such a mess that it鈥檚 easier to just make a new post that鈥檚 text only. I can also like. Bulletpoint it so that it can be a little neater. All ideas were made with @firebirdeternal鈥嬧榮 help, because they are the most efficient enabler I have.
Also I added some bits at the end.
Under a cut, because it鈥檚 Long As Heck.
I originally had two options: either Mid-teens Elsa and Anna being transported to ninja land sometime pre-canon and running into Haku and Zabuza... or just like. Born as a Daimyou's daughters.
Spoiler alert, we鈥檝e got nukenin and I鈥檓 a sucker for an intrusive crossover, so transported to ninja land it is.
Suggestion from Birdie:
Mechanism for crossover: Elsa ices over a Wishing Well by accident after having Wished for someone else who understood her, Anna and her fall in and get Ice Mirror Portaled to Ninjaland, falling out of an iced over pond near a shrine that Haku recently prayed at for similar lonely child reasons?
Which I like! They don鈥檛 end up there soon enough to run into Haku, because I want a dramatic chase first, but I like it.
Obviously, Anna is forced to learn about Elsa's powers because it's the only thing keeping them safe
Or at least alive
(Elsa will do ANYTHING to keep Anna safe, and if that means she has to get her hands dirty...)
...neither of them knows Japanese, so, you know. There鈥檚 that.
I'm thinking that they end up in/near Kiri at first
And they aren't FAST ENOUGH to get away so Elsa panic-enchants a giant reindeer made of snow to run away across the suddenly-frozen ocean.
She and Anna have to ride and Elsa is probably crying the whole time.
Oh shit this is like. RIGHT after their parents die, I forgot. So that鈥檚 a thing! They are in mourning and all that fun聽stuff.
Point is, they use the powers for a Self Defense thing and BBY Haku is just !!! "Master can we rescue them for Ice Cousin reasons?" Zabuza: Yes, and only for those practical reasons and not because I collect endangered children like people collect pokemon cards.
I imagine that maybe they track rumors of a Yuki-onna down, or the Giant Snow Reindeer rides by and Haku鈥檚 just like Wat
The girls just tag along with Zabuza because. Like.
Do they like him? No. Do they trust him? No. Do they enjoy the fact that he considers them pathetic civilians? No.
However, Haku is Baby.
Zabuza is REALLY annoyed at them being Useless Civilian Royals 鈥渂ut Haku likes them so I guess聽they can stay.鈥
Age at meeting, three years pre-canon:
Zabuza - 23
Elsa - 18
Anna - 15
Haku - 12
Elsa is 90% anxiety/depression master combo BUT if Zabzua protects her then she's WILDLY dangerous so like. Whatever
Elsa's bingo book nickname options, uninspired:
Winter Witch
Winter Queen
Ice Queen
Snow Queen
Something about a Yuki-Onna maybe
She's Very Stately and kinda breakable but Winter is her Bitch
I mean like, the fact that, if protected, she can shut down the agriculture of a fucking country?聽That's an S-rank even if she's not that useful in a fight.
She's like. Jinchuuriki-level destruction. Generally speaking she wouldn鈥檛. But she could.
Elsa:聽What the fuck is a chakra? Elsa: my snow monsters are self-sustaining. Elsa: I'm gonna build us a house.
Zabuza has NO idea how her powers work and it is INCREDIBLY frustrating but聽鈥渢here鈥檚 no chakra cost to keep these things going and we have shelters on demand鈥 is too convenient to question after a while.
Haku: Delicate, deadly, incredibly fast ninja work. Elsa: I can't dodge a kunai but watch me wreck your entire country's ecosystem in under a day.
Elsa is a siege weapon.
Meanwhile, Anna is really, really into the physicality of ninja practice.
She's clumsy and she's not very good at ninja stuff, but she sure is determined!
Anna also gets on Zabuza's nerves because she keeps insisting that Haku get to be a kid.
Anna: Let's make flower crowns! Zabuza: No, he needs to train, not- Anna: FLOWER CROWNS
Consider: Haku saying Elsa-nee-sama and Anna-hime.
Or just calling Elsa聽鈥渙nee-sama.鈥
Anna is also younger than Elsa and way more Fun so she probably gets adjusted to Anna-chan or Nee-chan.
If Zabuza calls Elsa聽鈥淗ime-chan鈥 or聽鈥淓lsa-hime鈥 or, Sage forbid,聽鈥淓lsa-sama/dono鈥 then he鈥檚 VERY MUCH making fun of her and he鈥檚 probably getting his soup frozen that night.
At one point, Elsa... tries to like. Convince herself to have a crush on Zabuza or Kakashi or something until Zabuza just puts a hand on her shoulder and asks "do you even like men?" "...that's an OPTION?"
Zabuza urging her to try and ask out a Cute Kunoichi and Elsa's like.... I can't decide if she's bright red and a useless lesbian or uncomfortable and ace.
I am SO invested in the siege weapon thing.
It's not her fault that every single other combatant on the continent is Massively Dangerous in melee! She took a very traditional back-line build!
Enemy:聽Doesn't it GRATE to protect someone so pathetic, Zabuza? Zabuza:聽She literally froze an entire castle of enemies to death because they harmed her sister, so. No.
Most Ninjas: Sharp Knife. S-Rank Mega Ninjas: Gun. Elsa: High Yield Explosive Rocket Launcher. Literally loses fights to the Knife People, because she can't bring her power to bear on that scale. But if you can give her Time and Prep? No contest.
Long distance AoE
Like聽 you know how Nagato is literally dying of starvation due to illness and can't walk, but he's also capable of leveling powerful villages more or less on his own?
Elsa is the same Vibe.
It鈥檚 like sealing a bijuu in a civilian.
She's honestly both more and less powerful? Like it'd be hard for her to kill everyone in Konoha in the snap of a finger? But also, she could starve out the Country of Fire in a summer.
She WOULDN'T, but she could.
I always read Elsa as gay or ace but my brain keeps trying to ship her with dude ninjas and I have to yank it back on a child leash.
People insinuate that Zabuza is interested in Elsa and he's just "What? Ew she's like five."
"I'm eighteen."
Elsa! Might mistake trust and companionship for a crush!
I can see THAT happening despite gay/ace.
Also like. I don鈥檛 think Zabuza is straight.
So mlm/wlw solidarity?
And Haku is probs genderqueer.
Anna is like, the Straight Friend who will go to the mat for her queer friends. Like vicious. In-your-face barking like a mean dog at people who were being bigots.
You know how Elsa in the second movie uses her powers to make toys for kids out of ice?
Okay, so her practicing by making things with Haku.
But yeah, Elsa can't really do "throws ice senbon," but she can do Delicate Geometry Things since she apparently, canonically studies math for fun and loves fractals.
Haku: I can trap you in a prison of ice mirrors, and you are at my mercy. Elsa: LOOK AT THIS CASTLE I MADE???
Haku wants to do Pretty Things like Elsa
Elsa makes... snow bunnies..
For the ninja distraction reasons but also because it's a Soft Thing that makes her feel better about, uh, everything. And Haku likes bunnies.
Zabuza still takes The Dirty Missions but Elsa gets upset when he does something that hurts innocents and Nobody wants Elsa upset. Even Zabuza doesn't want Elsa upset.
When Elsa gets upset, overnight accommodations are suddenly Very Uncomfortable for everyone except her and Haku.
And then Anna gets upset, which makes Elsa even MORE upset.
And then things just keep getting colder.
Zabuza doesn't want Elsa upset for many reasons, not limited to: "Is actually capable of killing me from outside of Sword Range if she's mad enough, even if it鈥檚 not that easy" and "the Small Children would be unbearably sad if she died and honestly so might I."
She's more of a friend than a ward and he's not entirely sure he's okay with that.
Zabuza: "Ew, friendship."
He has absolutely no idea how to have a social interaction with people he isn't Bullying, Raising, or Threatening to Kill.
Elsa and Anna have no trouble convincing people they're related, at least. Different coloration with almost identical bone structure.
A tendency to burst into song when they feel emotions.
Identical weird accent that nobody can place.
The girls are royalty, they don't know how to COOK.
But they also want food from HOME.
It's a lot of trial and error.
More error than not, since they have both no knowledge and also a language barrier to overcome. It probably takes YEARS before they can describe things like Unfamiliar Flavors well enough for people to say "OH that sounds like spearmint."
When they run into something they know that鈥檚 familiar, it鈥檚 life-changing.
Chocolate is more common in the elemental nations than in Arandelle and Anna may or may not cry about it.
Anna is loudly bossy, even at Zabuza.
Zabuza is gruffly commanding, to everyone.
Elsa doesn't actually like being in charge, but when she talks, people LISTEN.
(Haku is just happy to be here.)
Elsa radiates two things: Anxiety, and Natural Command, and she basically just fluctuates between those.
"I don't want to be in charge but also I'm vetoing this."
So, obviously, the main reasons that Zabuza keeps the girls around is that Elsa is a living siege weapon and he thinks she could be convinced to help him run a revolution in Kiri, and also that the Ice Queen schtick is like. Really good for Haku and Zabuza can鈥檛 really say no to the kid.
HOWEVER, Anna is clumsy and messy and all that, so Zabuza starts training her in Ninja stuff. Elsa joins in on the聽鈥淚 need to know how to Run Fast to get away from fights I don鈥檛 want to have in the first place,鈥 but Anna鈥檚 the one that鈥檚 like聽鈥淭EACH ME HOW TO SWORD.鈥
It鈥檚 honestly not that hard to teach her, she鈥檚 just really, really, REALLY enthusiastic.
Once or twice someone asks why she鈥檚 so bad at this yet running around with an A-rank nukenin and Zabuza鈥檚 just like聽鈥淚鈥檝e only had her for a year and a half, shut up!鈥 because it鈥檚 not that he鈥檚 a bad teacher, it鈥檚 that she was a very pampered civilian聽until like a week before he met her.
He should get a MEDAL for even getting her to low Chuunin.
Zabuza: I'm taking a job from Gato Elsa, who has Training in economics and politics and bureaucracy: I have a better idea.
This is actually not entirely what I鈥檇 do but I wanted to make the joke first ANYWAY here鈥檚 an actual plot or something.
Oh, also by this point everyone is Canon Ages so Elsa鈥檚 21 and Anna鈥檚 18 and Zabuza鈥檚 26 and Haku鈥檚 15.
Elsa is getting paid to keep the water from interfering with construction, by way of....
Elsa with Haku as her Guard while Zabuza is off running his own mission? Which Anna begged to go on because Cool.
Elsa also kind of keeps her involvement on the ice front semi-secret by claiming she鈥檚 there as an engineering consultant.
LISTEN canon made her like geometry, I can ENTIRELY believe she鈥檇 be excited about the bridge-building.
Gato has hired someone else on the danger level of Zabuza, who is Threatening to Team 7 + Haku? But then when things look bleak Anna and Zabuza arrive and then Scary Sword Man is on our side and oh dear that's a lot of blood.
Which, you know, fun!
Birdie suggested Raiga which I鈥檓 not feeling but I do feel the need to bring up as an option.
It鈥檚 also not Kisame BUT
Kisame:聽[giant lake dome filled with sharks]
Elsa: uhhhhhhhhhhh...
Giant lake dome:聽[is now a giant ice dome]
Gato: I'm hiring an army. Elsa: [giant ice wall around his compound] Gato: ... these guys can walk up walls! Elsa: [adds snowman guards] Elsa: ... Elsa: [adds a ceiling]
Just puts Gato's entire mob in a fucking snow globe.
Zabuza shows up twenty minutes late with (Throwing) Star(buck)s just like "Oh, they dead? No? Want 'em to be? Okay cool I'm gonna go pick up Haku, I'll be back in like an hour."
Anna would... LOVE Naruto
"I found us a baby brother!" "No, we already have Haku." "BUT LOOK AT HIM."
Anna is only a year or two older than Itachi.
I wanted to make a joke about how Naruto also vibes with her because he's less judgmental that she can't really... talk properly.
Sasuke is Judgy and Kakashi is Paranoid and Sakura is Uncomfortable.
Meanwhile Naruto is just like "And I Shall Scream."
Anna, who learned Japanese from Zabuza (rude) and Haku (uber polite): WELL FUCK YOU, GOOD SIR Naruto: YEAH WELL FUCK YOU TOO, LADY Elsa, overly formal: I am... so very sorry.
Anyway, generic missing nin fights and all that.
Elsa gets injured in the process and after a variety of arguments, Naruto manages to convince them to take her to Konoha for medical attention.
Elsa is... usually the one getting injured.
Zabuza and Haku are FAST and Anna is at least learning (even if she鈥檚 only been doing it for three years), but Elsa is The Squishy Wizard.
If someone throws a kunai... she can鈥檛... really dodge...
So yeah, gut wound.
Normally they find a nukenin medic to patch them up but Konoha is reasonably close聽and has some of the more skilled medics on the continent and they DID technically help the Konoha nin so like. Gah.
That鈥檚 Zabuza鈥檚 final thought. Gah.
Just聽鈥淔uck it, let鈥檚 save the ice queen.鈥
Elsa ends up in a half-literal-ice stasis state on the way there and it鈥檚 happened before (it is not the first time she鈥檚 been stabbed), but it鈥檚 always terrifying.
Especially to the Konoha genin who are just like WHAT THE HECK IS THAT.
So they get to Konoha, there鈥檚 a whole bunch of stuff about extradition treaties and聽鈥測ou are bringing a literal WMD of a woman into our town鈥 and聽鈥渨e can鈥檛 just let MOMOCHI ZABUZA in.鈥
Anyway, it ends up being that Zabuza has to wait outside the village while Elsa is treated inside, and one of the Teenagers goes in. Obviously, it鈥檚 Anna, because Zabuza is INCREDIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE with letting Haku enter a village that鈥檚 known for having lots of bloodlines, and anyway, Anna鈥檚 the sister.
Bunch of stuff, she鈥檚 healing, etc, and then one day Anna comes in and is told聽鈥測our sister had a bad reaction to the anesthetic, we couldn鈥檛 save her, I鈥檓 sorry, she鈥檚 gone.鈥
She flips out, gets shown the corpse, flips out MORE, gets escorted out to the village walls where Zabuza and Haku are waiting.
Horrified reactions
Zabuza doesn鈥檛 want to admit that it鈥檚 EMOTIONS because this is his FRIEND, he is clearly just upset about losing the living siege weapon.
Haku is just super confused and goes聽鈥淏ut she鈥檚 not dead.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 not dead, I can feel聽her, I can always聽feel her, it鈥檚 like sensing but just her, because we鈥檙e both ice. She鈥檚 alive, somewhere over... there?鈥
And points right in the direction of the Hokage Mountain, which for the purposes of this fic and also Drama is where ROOT headquarters is.
YEP we absolutely have that plot point.
Is Danzo overused as a plot device? Probably. Am I going to diabolus ex machina him anyway? Ye.
They kick up enough of a fuss that the Hokage gets called down.
He wouldn鈥檛, normally, he鈥檇 leave it to a couple of skilled jounin and call it a day, except Naruto got involved so like. You can鈥檛. Ignore that.
There鈥檚 lots of shouting.
Just like. A lot.
And then part of the mountain explodes!
Elsa comes flying backwards out of the hole, catches herself on a spontaneous ice slide, gets to her feet.
Girl is swaying like MAD.
There are absolutely ANBU (both fake and real) coming after her.
At least one of them gets speared through by an ice spike.
Anna runs up to her, tries to hug her, gets batted away.
Elsa鈥檚 staring at her in sheer TERROR and starts muttering something about how Anna died years ago, this isn鈥檛 real, etc.
Nobody except Anna understands most of it, but Haku picks up enough to translate when Anna鈥檚 freaking out.
Elsa starts doing her Ice Castle thing in the middle of Konoha as a coping mechanism, mostly so she can get Up and Away and Shielded By Ice.
This is not a good look.
Especially because she鈥檚 singing,聽which Zabuza always thinks is a bad omen because it means shit is getting real and one or both of the girls are about to get a powerup or be beaten even harder than otherwise. When they start singing, things get More Dramatic And Extreme).
(Zabuza does not like Disney Musical Rules)
Danzo shows up.
There鈥檚 a bunch of arguing.
All the medics insist that nothing she was given at the hospital should have caused amnesia, psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, etc.
It鈥檚. Not hard for Hiruzen to guess what happened.
Namely that Danzo, upon finding out that chakra dampeners didn鈥檛 do shit since none of Elsa鈥檚 powers come from chakra, decided to keep her drugged up and start using genjutsu to make her more malleable.
Because like. An injured WMD just showed up in your village. What are you supposed to do, not聽try to kidnap her and turn her to your side? Like, come on. What was he supposed聽to do?
Not that, Danzo. Literally Not That.
IDK how it gets resolved, probably Anna getting to her with the power of love, because Elsa is ultimately Super Disney.
I also don鈥檛 really know where to go from there other than聽鈥淢aybe Jiraiya can get you home, but also I鈥檓 pretty sure Zabuza wants you all to get the hell out of here and take over Kiri鈥 but who knows.
Imagine Ino getting a puppy crush on Elsa.
IDK that鈥檚 it for now.
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lalapoloser3 months ago
Gossip Girl Reboot 1x01
I聽 just finished watching the first episode of the new Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max, and surprisingly I聽 have to say I am impressed!
First: How the Plot started and is going
As insane and problematic as it is to have the teachers be Gossip Girl it is actually really interesting. I聽 mean there is no way this can end well, right? I mean they are not only taking inappropriate pictures of their UNDERAGE students but they are posting them with messy rumors about their lives outside of school. It also adds a bit of comedy because how does a small group of teenagers a whole administration this pressed? It will be interesting to see how this plays out (and who goes to JAIL) but I聽 predict somewhere along the line a student is going to begin assisting the teachers with tips and thats who they will ultimately label聽鈥淕ossip Girl鈥
Second: Characters and Relationships
Julien & Zoya: I kinda hate that the main rivalry is between two sisters because I think that will make the characters not always be as ruthless as they would to someone who is not blood. Because of her act of kindness and her recent break up I聽 believe Julien won鈥檛 always have the tough girl demeanor and will be kind to others at times. Zoya is smart and doesn鈥檛 care about the same things as the rest of the group so I聽 fear she will be ruthless to get what she wants but also like good for her. I聽 like them both.. so far
Monet & Luna: Okay, I LOVE Monet, say what you want but she could take over the world if she wanted to. Luna kinda faded to the back to me, she was just there to add more mean commentary towards Zoya but Monet鈥檚 delivery just sets her apart.
Audrey, Max & Aki: This threesome is giving me some strong Elite vibes and I am here for it. Since I聽 predict Obi, Zoya and Julien love triangle to more of an emotional one we need pure chaotic behavior, I am glad we have this group to watch.
Obi: Eh, snooze. We got our Dan聽鈥淕oody-goody鈥 here which I聽 guess every teen drama needs one (but do we?)聽
The teachers: I聽 see the main blonde one (forgot her name) to be the one to lose herself in this mess and mess up her life more than she would have if she never created a gossip column about her students. I think one by one the other teaches will realize how risky this whole thing is and slowly back out.
The Parents: Like the OG GG They will probs never be around or have their own beef with each other and the school.
I look forward to what comes next with such a strong pilot. The wardrobe and music is strong, the cast is strong and I hoping the storyline follows throughout the rest of the season.
What are your thoughts on the pilot? Who are your favorite聽or least favorite聽characters? What are your predictions?
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mashiraostaila year ago
who do u think r the biggest simps??
1.) Hizashi: THIS MAN IS SUCH A SIMP IT鈥橲 PRESENT MIC I DON鈥橳 CARE EVEN A LITTLE BIT THIS MAN IS SUCH A FUCKING SIMP!!! I can鈥檛 explain it honestly i just...i can so picture him being the biggest idiot for his s/o he鈥檚 always looking at pics of them and staring at them when they鈥檙e around and he鈥檚 gonna compliment everything they do period. Like aw the way you sit is so cute, aw I love how you twirl pencils with your fingers when you鈥檙e trying to focus, aw your stutter is precious. And god even a tiny CRUMB of kindness from you will put him on cloud nine. Oh you like his jacket?? Okay, he can happily die now. He has pretty eyes?聽Excuse him he has to go cry in the bathroom. The sappier you get the easier it is to get your way. . He gives so many gifts, little stupid things that make him think of his s/o but also big extravagant gifts tht always leave them totally flustered and embarrassed. Biggest simp. Simp of the year.聽
2.) Sekijiro- Sorry but.. Vlad king supremacy?? Idk why he鈥檚 such a respectful simp I just get those vibes from him. Like he鈥檒l do anything his s/o asks, need something lifted? Ok he鈥檒l be there in 5 minutes. Oh need help reaching something? Sure thing whatever you need. Had a bad day? Oh no well come sit here with me and we can talk about it or watch your favorite movie if you don鈥檛 wanna yet! This man loves love, if he gets hurt on the job, or has a bad day all he鈥檚 gonna wanna do is curl up with you and get all the kisses and loves and back rubs. If he鈥檚 having a bad day he鈥檚 def gonna sit around daydreaming about you. His phone bg is def either a pic of you together or just a pic of you, he has a lot of pics of you and he enjoys them very much. It鈥檚 always your way, you have to beg him to just tell you what he wants sometimes, and no聽鈥榳hatever you want babe鈥 isn鈥檛 a valid answer!!! sorry not sorry about it!!聽
3. Toshinori- GOOODDDDD THIS MAN IS A SIMP. He鈥檚 totally stupid in love w his s/o the minute they meet. He鈥檚 all blushy and stupid and smiley at them and he鈥檚 always paying little tiny thoughtless compliments like聽鈥榦h you have really nice hands鈥 or聽鈥榶ou鈥檙e always so helpful (: I鈥檓 so lucky to get to work with you!鈥 He鈥檚 just happy to be around his s/o and he鈥檒l do whatever they want. Shopping? Sure he鈥檒l tag along. Got a bunch of boring errands to run? He鈥檒l keep you company. Need to do a ton of house work? He can help! He also loves giving small gifts, and any matching thing on the planet will make his heart soar, rings of course, but also bracelets, key chains, mugs anything this man will want it. If you say a song reminded you of him he will listen to it on loop for weeks. He鈥檚 totally fantastically infatuated and it鈥檚 such obvious puppy love too.
4. Taishiro Toyomitsu- PLEASE again this man is a major simp gentleman. He holds doors he gets you flowers he cooks you dinner he talks about you all the time. Seriously all the time. Tamaki probably knows your whole life story by now all he does is brag about you. Complete a slightly difficult task? Everyone Taishiro interacts with is gonna know it. Even the villains. If he ever does an interview you鈥檙e getting brought up. He doesn鈥檛 care how much he has to bend over backward to do it, he鈥檚 gonna talk about you or he鈥檒l perish. When you鈥檙e together it鈥檚 kisses and hugs all the time, he barely ever walks by without giving you some form of kiss, and god the amount of times this man says聽鈥榠 love you鈥 in one day, hell one hour, should be illegal.聽
5. Kugo Sakamata- he鈥檚 not a super simp BUT he is still a simp, and the nicer you are to him the more simpish he becomes. If you have a normal comfortable give and take dynamic that鈥檚 good with him, but if you鈥檙e ever very affectionate with him he鈥檒l be total putty in your hands. The longer you鈥檙e together the worse it gets. He loves gift-giving and there truly is nothing you can鈥檛 have. If you want it then it鈥檚 your鈥檚 Kugo doesn鈥檛 care, why would he? If it鈥檒l make you happy then you can have as many as you want. So all in all, may not be a super simp at first but you can def mold him into one.聽
6. Keigo Takami- He doesn鈥檛 simp at all in the beginning, he鈥檚 actually an annoying little turd. But the longer he spends with you the more infatuated he becomes until eventually it feels like going 6 hours without a kiss from you is majorly pushing it. Tokoyami has heard about every accomplishment you鈥檝e ever made from your job to how quickly you did the dishes the night before. He has seen a thousand photos of you and probably knows you really well if he for whatever reason hasn鈥檛 met you. Because Keigo is always stopping to visit on patrols, or begging you to come to see him at the agency for lunch or just a quick hello if you鈥檙e going to be passing through. When he gets to know you all he wants to do is make you feel good.
7. Aizawa Shouta- people probably wanted him higher on this list but idk he doesn鈥檛 scream simp to me. In public he def does NOT simp, he might stare at you a little too long if he isn鈥檛 expecting to see you and he鈥檒l always smile back if you smile at him but don鈥檛 expect him to plaster pictures of you everywhere and constantly talk about how much he loves you because that isn鈥檛 his style. In PRIVATE though?? This man can simp for the right cause. And sir can this man SIMP. What do you want? A bath? Okay I can do that. Your favorite food? Sure that鈥檚 easy. Massage? You don鈥檛 even have to ask! He likes the effect he has on you, watching you get flustered and melt at his affection is something he starts to really enjoy the longer the pair of you stay together.聽
8. Mirai Sasaki- At first he doesn't simp, but once you hit a few milestones he鈥檒l start. He likes making you laugh, and seeing your smile is at the top of his priority list, he has tons of photos of you smiling and if anyone is having a bad day he鈥檒l think of some silly story about you to tell to cheer them up. Like others, his intern, Mirio, has heard all about you and probably knows you really well. He probably made it a point to introduce you after working with Mirio for a while. Mirio probably sees you as a package deal at this point.聽
9.Nemuri Kayama- Girl does NOT simp. You simp for her聽 and you like it that way, periodsm!!! No actually though at first she also doesn鈥檛 simp at all, she doesn鈥檛 care, she can have pretty much anyone she wants so if you don鈥檛 like her then you can pack it up and find someone else. But the longer you stay with her the more she starts to warm up to it, she likes seeing you happy, so going the extra mile even if it is a bit much for her is something she鈥檚 going to start doing more and more. She鈥檒l remember all your favorite things and give you random gifts. She鈥檒l take lots of photos of you to keep for herself聽 and she鈥檒l send you plenty of her own. She starts to also find a lot of comfort in you and will be looking for ways to spend time with you.
10. Enji Todoroki- I aint explaining this. Mans aint no simp.聽
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kitsu-katsu7 months ago
Let me just have a little demi-ace rant because I've been thinking鈩 and I have to put it somewhere
So I'm demi-biromantic ace, I've known for almost three years now, it's awesome, I'm completely fine with my identity and felt so much joy when I first found out I could identify as that and that there were other people like me, and there were even relatable memes, all fun and good times
And I truly love being ace and arospec, because I don't know what it is to not be, but I like how I am. I've always felt this way and even before I knew what it was, I just knew that I didn't have any interest in romance shit, I just expected to like one day just catch feelings for some random dude at like 16 or something, I was expecting to just develop the het鈩
But I didn't
I fell for one of my best friends I'd known for almost two years
She was a girl
There started the self discovery
I had to question if I was a lesbian, but I didn't quite feel like it was right, because the attraction was just so specific towards her, and other girls could be gorgeous, cute, pretty, but I'd look at them how you'd look at a painting, same with gorgeous, cute and pretty guys (which I later learned was aesthetic attraction, because "people pretty" isn't the same as "I wanna bang/be with people"). Then I went "what about bi?" And that one seemed to fit better, because outside of her I felt the same towards guys and gals
So I considered myself bi for like 2 months
But then rocking to the song "never been in love" by Will Jay and being like "ME" I saw a bunch of people saying "aroace anthem" in the comments
And I started searching
And OH, romantic and sexual attraction aren't the same thing? And you can feel just one of them without the other? And it is like a spectrum?? Woah
And bam, there it is, got my perfect label made of combining three, so, demi-biromantic ace
To this day I feel strongly aligned to it, which I didn't know if I would later down the line at the time
Now, what's my problem? The one a lot of aspec and arospec people will identify with: Societal expectations are a bitch
And especially when I see my own mother pressuring cousins along with a bunch of 40-50 year old aunts into having a kid because "You're almost 30, the age has come, get going, get a man who'll have you, have kids already, your other cousin had kids, give them a playmate"
I can see so many things wrong there, and being 17, almost 18 in a few months and knowing that they'll want to pester me like that one day is... Man
And half my family is homophobic, my mum really was and just became a bit less in recent years, so what if whenever I feel some sort of attraction again is for a girl? They'll pester me double the amount probably. Like half of me wants to get attracted romantically to a girl and get a girlfriend to kiss in front of them out of spite
And my mother is just thinking "Oh she's just not into that yet, she's just focused on studying", which yeah, I am, but my aro-ace-ness has nothing to do with that
It's just such a hassle to think about the future in the romantic scene when the only thing I know is that I'll probs have some family member breathing down my throat because "BuT hAvE kIdS tO bE pLaYmAtEs", and am already a bit insecure about whenever my friends decide to get married later down the line and I'll continue being me on my own, which on the one hand I'm fine with, but on the other societal expectations plus maybe I'll feel left a bit behind, I don't know what will happen man, I just want to have a dog and a good living space whenever I go to live on my own
And in the present, with a mostly bi friend group who only knew "oh she's just not interested" once when they were talking about orientations I decided to come out
And I had to try and explain it all
Almost pulled out a graph
And they didn't quite get it, but they accepted me
And I think they legit forgot I even came out ever because to this day they just say "oh she's just not interested"
And honestly only a good keysmash can accurately portray my feelings because english is great, spanish is too, but neither can quite convey this turmoil: gskallanahwjakzjzgkalalsbsbzkzjghbqqkhx
TLDR: I love being me, but other humans will try to make my life difficult and not understand, so you know what? I have my graph explaining the split attraction model and aro-ace spectrums and my memes to make me feel sane at the ready
Here's to all the arospec and aspec people who may relate to this mess of a post, cheers, may we use our godhood to transcend this mortal plane riding dragons and eating cake
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queen-bunnyears10 months ago
Chapter Two - Christmas Eve
Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader, Tom Holland x Reader (not at the same time)
Summary: Every year with Christmas Tom, his brothers, some friends and you rented a house in Scotland to celebrate the holidays and New Years Eve with a lot of friends. Last year鈥檚 christmas you and Harrison had something special going on, and this year he brings his new girlfriend. Chaos ensues.
Am I ignoring corona christmas lockdown in this fic? You bet your ass I am.
Am I posting three chapters in one night cus I forgot to post the first two? Yes ma鈥檃m I am.聽
Wordcount: 1,6k
Warnings: consuming of alcohol, probs some swearing.
Chapter one - Chapter three
Tumblr media
24 December 2020
Your car looked lonely in the empty parking space next to the cottage. You and Tom were early to make the house ready for everyone. Decorating the house with Tom and Harrison was tradition, but Harrison couldn't make it in time so it was just the two of you. You took boxes with lights, food and drinks from your trunk. The whole car was stuffed to the ceiling with enough food and drinks for everyone who was coming, about 10 friends.聽
"Hey dreamy! Could you get those light strings? If you hang them around the porch I鈥榣l take the beer crates inside," Tom said, waving his hand in front of your face. You laughed and got to hanging strings of small lights around the porch and fence. When you were done the whole garden lit up. In the meantime Tom had emptied your car. You walked into the house. The christmas tree wasn't decorated yet, but the house already looked cosier than before. Tom walked in, two beers in his hands.聽
"A beer while decorating?"
"Let's 铿乺st pick rooms. Is that okay? I want to have a good room if I am gonna be the only single lady this week," you laughed, taking the beer from his hands, "but I won't say no to beer,"
You raced Tom up the stairs, going left and opening a door. You threw your bag on the bed and sat down on it, taking a sip of your beer.聽
"Okay you won," he laughed. The room you had claimed was the prettiest of all rooms in the house. It had an ensuite bathroom, and a balcony. A large queen sized bed made the dream complete. Most other rooms were half the size of this one, so you were always 铿亁ed on claiming it as soon as you arrived. Tom and Harrison usually shared the other master room next to yours, with two single beds, so Tom wasn鈥檛 really upset you beat him. He threw his bag in the room next door and raced you down the stairs again.
Decorating time had started, and you knew you were going to be putting up lights and christmas decorations for hours. All I want for Christmas came on, you started singing along, hearing Tom bring in the ladder and scream from the top of his lungs, singing the song you had heard four times in the car already. Nothing could beat christmas.
Tumblr media
鈥淪am!鈥 you hugged Sam tightly. You and Sam were close every year at christmas. Your shared love for cooking got you spending hours in the kitchen together, making two excessive dinners for the actual christmas days, but also making lots of snacks and often cooking supper for everyone. You had met over coffee a week ago just for planning meals and groceries.聽
鈥淵/n! So good to see you. How are you?鈥 he asked. You chatted lightly, helping him and his girlfriend put their stuff in one of the empty rooms. By five Sam, Tuwaine and Jacob had arrived, only Harrison and Harry hadn鈥檛 yet. Everyone was in their bedroom, unpacking their bags. You walked to your car to grab your pillow you had left in the car, when you saw Harrison standing next to his car.聽
鈥淗ey Haz, 鈥 you said, waving with your pillow in your hands.聽
鈥淗ey,鈥 he said. Damn he looked good. His hair had grown a bit since you saw him last time, half a year ago. It looked more like last Christmas.聽
鈥淚 should go back inside, see you later,鈥 you said awkwardly, and turned around hurrying back into the cottage.聽
"Oh, this room is pretty!" You looked up over the bag you were unpacking and saw a pretty woman standing next to the door.聽 "I see it's taken. I'm sorry,鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry 鈥榖out it. There has to be an empty room left. You are Harry's girl right?鈥
鈥楴o Harrison鈥漵 girlfriend actually,鈥 she smiled.聽 鈥淟ily,鈥 she extended her hand for you to shake, 鈥測ou must be Y/n. Hazzi told me so much about you!鈥
鈥淥h, did he?鈥 you said, shaking her hand, 鈥淚 suppose only the bad parts. Please tell me everything he said during dinner,鈥澛
鈥淥h I will! He spoke in detail about your talents for cooking,鈥 you laughed. When she left you sat down on your bed, trying to oppress your laughter. How did he find her? You had never met someone who looked so subtly like you. The haircut, colour, her eye color, body shape鈥 Yet there was something quite different about her. You remembered her calling Haz Hazzi, and you smiled. You were never gonna let him live that down.聽
Tumblr media
鈥淗ey, so Haz brought his girlfriend,鈥 you looked up to see Tom standing in your door, his pillow in his hands.聽
鈥淵eah I just met her. So you came here to fix the bed situation?鈥
鈥淲ell Haz proposed swapping rooms, you and me sharing the double and them getting this one,鈥
鈥淗e can kiss my ass. No way I am giving up the private bathroom and balcony for his unprepared ass,鈥 you muttered. Harrison wasn鈥檛 going to take your room, you weren鈥檛 gonna let that happen.聽聽
鈥淚 thought so. So can you share your queen bed with me? I really don鈥檛 feel like sharing a room with them,鈥 Tom said, already throwing his pillow your way.
鈥淪ure,鈥 you looked at your massive bed, 鈥淚 think there is enough room for both of us.鈥
鈥淲hat did you think of her?鈥 Tom let himself fall onto the bed, sat up and patted the spot next to him. You sat down.
鈥淩eally Tom, I am fine,鈥澛
鈥淥kay, if you鈥檙e not you鈥檒l tell me right?鈥 he asked, eyes studying your face.
鈥淵eah Tom, I will. The only thing is,-鈥 you hesitated, and Tom nudged you to keep talking, 鈥淚s it just me or does she look a bit like, well鈥 Me?鈥 Tom laughed a bit.聽
鈥淵eah I thought so too. I guess Haz has a type,鈥 you laughed too, giving him a hug.聽
鈥淕o get your bags, before I have taken up the entire closet,鈥 you said. You were happy he was moving into your room. It was less lonely, and wasn鈥檛 that what Christmas was all about?
鈥淎ctually, I gotta do a last grocery run. Sam wanted a specific spice he hadn鈥檛 put on the list,鈥 Tom said, making a funny face.聽
鈥淎nd you just go get it?鈥 you rolled your eyes, 鈥淲ell you do you,鈥
Tumblr media
鈥淗ey Y/n鈥澛
鈥淛eez, should I put a non disturb sign on the door?鈥 you muttered, looking up to see Harrison. 鈥楬ow are you doing Haz?鈥澛
鈥楿hm yeah,鈥 he hesitated, 鈥淕reat. How are you? How鈥檚 the bathtub?鈥澛
鈥淚t鈥檚 lovely,鈥 you rolled your eyes, 鈥淭ell me, you didn鈥檛 actually think I would swap rooms with you did you?鈥澛
鈥淣o not really. I鈥檝e known you for long enough to know you won鈥檛 give up your room because someone else was unprepared or unannounced,鈥 he laughed. You smiled, glad it wasn鈥檛 as awkward as you thought it would be.聽
鈥淲ell I just value my bathtime,鈥 flashes of him fingering you in the bathtub last year flew through your mind, but you tried to ignore it. He hadn鈥檛 changed much since last year, but that was probably just the outside.聽
鈥淗ave you met Lily?鈥澛
鈥淵eah I have. She seems really sweet Haz,鈥 you said honestly. 鈥淚 am happy for you both.鈥澛
鈥淭hanks. I was afraid it was gonna be awkward between us you know,鈥 he said.聽
鈥淵eah me too. But it鈥檒l be fine. See you later,鈥 you hesitated, but then added teasingly, 鈥淗azzi,鈥
鈥淕od isn鈥檛 that embarrassing. A terrible nickname, but she really likes it,鈥 he laughed.聽
Tumblr media
You didn鈥檛 exactly know how many glasses you had of Harry鈥檚 鈥淐hristmas eve special鈥, but you knew you were drunk. It was one A.M., and you and Tom had been singing 鈥淟onely this Christmas鈥 from the top of your lungs, dancing around together, nearly knocking over the Christmas tree. Most were already to bed, but Harrison, Harry, Tom and you were still up. You broke yourself free from under Tom鈥檚 arm, heading towards the bathroom. You felt a hand on your arm and tried to shake it off.聽
鈥淵/n,鈥 were you mistaken or did Haz look completely sober? You apparently said that out loud, because he laughed. 鈥淵eah I haven鈥檛 drank anything love,鈥 You stepped back.聽
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 get to call me that anymore Haz,鈥 you said, stumbling towards the hallway. 鈥淕o to Lily,鈥
鈥淚 just wanted to say that you look good,鈥 you weren鈥檛 sure if you heard him right. Your head was slightly spinning, and somewhere in your mind you registered Harry asking if you wanted one last drink.
鈥淲hat?鈥 Your eyes half closed, you tried to focus on what Harrison said.聽
鈥淵ou look good Y/n. Happy, I mean,鈥澛
鈥淥kay. I am,鈥 he kept his hand on your arm and you really needed him to let you go. You needed to pee. You wanted to have fun, not have Harrison make you sad. 鈥淚 gotta go.鈥 you said, shaking his hand off.聽
When you finally sat down on the toilet you held your head in your hands. Being drunk around Harrison appeared to be a bad idea. When you made your way back to the living room he was gone. Only Tom and Harry were there, together on the couch watching The Grinch. Tom looked up when you came in and gestured beside him on the couch. You dropped your body down and took another sip of your drink. Stupid Harrison.聽
Chapter three
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yukiette8 months ago
Tumblr media
11/15 鈥 Durarara Izaya's Route 鈥 (Pink colour is pretty kiyot bruh)
馃毀 Below Spoilers 馃毀
Had a limited people MC to converse with,
As usual, he's gathering informations as Izaya's assistant.
There we see the Yellow Scarves leader and his trusted subordinate talking with each other..
Tumblr media
(Yeh I forgot to take a pic, kinda lazy too lols.)
Honestly I didn't play his route on 1st game.
I wasn't surprised because there's lots of hints before this but it's great to have my guesses proven.
Tumblr media
(Mikado tolds him that he had to take roundabout path & many of Yellow Scarves glared at him along the way.)
Ahh, it's a minor hint to his identity I suppose. Quite cool 馃槑
Tumblr media
(Yellow Scarves took a notice of Yoshi and was planning to capture him due to suspicions of him being one of the Dollars.)
Yoshi nigetazo, yoku yatta desu! 鉁笍
Tumblr media
(Chiaki informs Yoshi that there's change of plan and told him to finish the job fast.)
Y'know what, one of good reason to play his route is we being able to know everything that's going on in Ikebukuro, lols. 馃挄
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Yagiri tells him that she doesn't know what bait Izaya put for MC to cooperate with him but he shouldn't involve himself with Izaya. But MC probably insisted and was told that "Whatever happens, you better take responsible of it and don't complain later on.")
Y'know wat, I think mc has been warned thousand times alr by this point lols, sorreh mc-kun but I wanna know wat happens in this route.
Tumblr media
"Hey~ Sorry I wasn't able to welcome you out there."
"You see, I went to Ikebukuro to scour for information a little today but Shizu-chan and I ran into each other."
"There he threw the road sign with tremendous speed and I kinda got my leg injured there."
"Hm? Ah~ It's totally fine. No need to worry that much."
"I'm walking just fine and this wound won't take that long to close."
"Shinra's being in Ikebukuro was a lifesaver."
"Right after the treatment I was able to go back immediately, I'm honestly grateful."
"But still, I'm really glad that I only got off with just this."
"If that directly hits me it'd result on instant death."
"We've known each other for a long time so I'm at least knowledged about Shizu-chan tendency movement patterns here and there that's why I was able to got off with this only-"
"But normally to have that thrown at you, it's a big deal, y'know?"
"It wouldn't even be weird to have that incident shown on newspaper front page."
"But, since it's not quite a mysterious phenomenon like Headless Rider, people don't take it seriously and dumb strength of his apparently got overshadowed."
"Geez, I really do wish that Ikebukuro Police can take and execute their job more seriously and properly."
"You see, back then, I schemed to trick and trap Shizu-chan."
"But unfortunately in the end of story he was able to get away with it."
"Don't you think that kind of primitive and ferocious creature ought to be enclosed and trapped in cage or something?"
"You know, I love all sorts of human."
"But Shizu-chan.. I can't even bring myself to look him in positive outlook."
"Even I gave an effort to bring myself to love Shizu-chan, y'know?"
"I thought about treating him with care the first time we met." (He talked as if Shizuo is a kind of object way.)
"However, he's like oddly sharp and somewhat keen to my schemes.."
"With that primitive like intuition he always without fail sniffs them out. All sorts of things."
Tumblr media
"Even when I planned my observation plan carefully.."
"He really suddenly appears and ruins everything, that Shizu-chan."
"Let's see.. Its just like building blocks."
"You spent a lot of effort and went through all of the troubles to carefully place a piece one by one in order to build a grand tower you desire."
"And only to have them be drop-kicked before your eyes.. Was the kind of anger that built up."
"Even though, who did that was me."
"That's why it'd be nice if he could just drop dead soon."
"Shizu-chan is pretty stubborn, you see."
"World really doesn't go as you want it to be, huh~"
Tumblr media
"Hey, hey. In your opinion, what means that will be enough to kill Shizu-chan?"
Choices :
鈥 Impossible (Correct)
鈥 Knife
鈥 Drugs
"Right~? I also do think so."
"I do wonder if Shizu-chan is really a human, category wise."
"Personally I highly doubt it, really."
"Ah. Right, right."
"Speaking of that oil drum, that one you carried was the one that I made in the past."
"It was when I was still a student along with Shizu-chan."
"I just thought. Maybe this one will at least be of use for countering Shizu-chan."
"But in the end I didn't use it."
"Well to be precise, I wasn't able to."
"It was found out and that's it."
"Though, I do remember the teachers contemplated where could they dispose it during that time.."
"Well, well. Didn't expect it to be at that place."
"I'm just gonna say this but I wasn't the one who equipped it with a bomb."
"I only put gasoline in, okay?"
"Ahh~ I do wish that with this incompetently executed incident Shizu-chan could get entangled somehow."
"That's why I warned them how it's still too early, geez."
"Oh well~ Can't be helped, I suppose."
"Because this will result on their own stubbornly wanted outcome, after all."
"Well, we did what we're assigned with."
"As for the rest, why not we enjoy what'll happens together."
(A/N : Ya im ded, probs i shouldnt have translated all of em 馃拃)
Welp, kiwotsukete, sankyuu n mata otanoshimini! 馃尭
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potterologya year ago
fave dylb scenes bc I can't get over and I鈥檓 already rewatching and noticing little things heheee聽
- first meeting outside the restaurant. ohh how I love how awkward yet endearing they both were when they finally introduced themselves to one another. rewatching it made me realize that JY was already smitten by SA since the start. (like literally since the start y'all!!! he didn't even know her yet and wanted to stop the car to get SA an umbrella and this was in the first ep!!)
- when JY switched coffee cups with SA bc she spilt her cup and he started drinking it so she can鈥檛 refuse even though he doesn鈥檛 like coffee. Like he just did it bc he was compelled to do so?? like dude what if she already drank from it??? This scene was so funny to me and I love it cuz I dont think SA is used to being the one taken care of like that so it was just v cute
- when the noona was trying to get them to talk banmal but SA was like oh noooo he鈥檚 a superstar. This was cute bc you can actually see that JY was disappointed. Also they keep sneaking peeks at each other lol cute fools聽
- waiting for taxi scene- this was so freaking adorable. shows how considerate they both are for each other and it鈥檚 so freaking awkward when they both realized they were standing there waiting for each other to get a taxi- but like in the cutest way
- when they were both outside that restaurant and SA asked if JY enjoyed his performance at granny鈥檚 house and I think this was the first time someone asked our boy if he likes what he does for a living and you can just tell his heart went soft for her(same dude same)
- spontaneous non-date date. ohh I love the first time they ate together at that beer place. they really started to get to know each other there. the mood and how that scene was filmed was just chef鈥檚 kiss~~
- rehearsal room we should be friends scene. when homeboy transitioned from moonlight sonata to happy birthday, y'all knew it was over for SA- god damn I would have swoon over too
- by the river聽鈥淚 wanted to see you鈥 scene- high key JY sucks at communicating but I love how he is just so taken by SA that he just flat out says he misses her and as soon as he says it he was almost shocked himself. so pure
- the midnight call. I MEAN. guys. guys. he wanted to just talk to her and ask her out but tried to be nonchalant about it. ahhh they literally portrayed the first stages of dating so well聽I'm goo for it !!!!!!
- first walk together in the walkway. this was just so adorable. the almost hand holding. the chemistry!! the shy smiles聽:鈥欌欌)聽
- SA鈥檚聽birthday when she thanked JY for just being there for her. I love how she quietly acknowledges him and it was such an intimate interaction between them. I replay that scene a lot in my head
- when he ran to SA to give her his signed CD. He was so worried about her he forgot about JK lmaooo. Also the fact the he validated her as a violinist when SA was at a very low point... I mean... boyfriend material ugh
- the scene when SA told JY every little thing he does concerns her and that she didn鈥檛 want to feel that way about him anymore. As soon as SA said that homeboy PANICKED!!! I don鈥檛 even think he knew how much he liked SA until she said that :鈥)
- the lunchroom scenes 1) when they were teasing each other and 2) when JY announced that they were dating lolol I love how stoic he normally is but for SA he becomes a softie hehe
-ice cream day date; lol when SA won鈥檛 let JY tie her shoelaces bc聽she didn鈥檛 want to fall for him lol ok girl
-night ice cream/ stairs date. y'all know already. shit was just adorable. SA going for the kiss. I melted with the ice cream
- when JY asked SA for her handkerchief!!! it鈥檚 such a small gesture but they both knew it had a special meaning and I love how it put SA over the moon. (Also let鈥檚聽include all the other times we see JY actually use that handkerchief- especially after they broke up. like homeboy was holding on to it for his dear life bc it was the only thing he had of SA~~ my fragile heart!!) ps did we ever see SA get a handkerchief from him???? No??? Sbs give me that pls
- when MS was telling JY in the car that SA has only openly confessed liking two things in her life and one them was JY. He was so flustered and couldn鈥檛 hide his smile and dimples... bruhhhhh he was full on swoon. Also when JY heard SA say that she really likes JY like he was so proud of himself lmao he鈥檚 like 鈥測eah my gf LIKES ME鈥 lolol
- when the lovebirds fought who was gonna clean up the broken glass at JY apartment. I love loveee this one bc SA has been beaten down so much by everyone calling her talentless that she didn鈥檛 even consider how important her hands is to her as a musician. And JY being like honey ur a violist and a musician too- UR HANDS ARE PRECIOUS. This was just v touching. Again showing how JY has always considered SA as an equal despite all the shit people say about his gf. luv him :鈥)
-all the moments JY just stood by SA鈥檚 side and held her hand when she needed comfort. I love how he鈥檚 just there for her. His silent support was just enough. (One thing that would have been nice is if we saw SA do the same thing, I felt like the writers were almost there but just didn't go all the way which is a shame tbh)
- Their lil聽day trip to JY鈥檚 hometown. I like how JY was so open to SA here. When he proclaimed that he never felt聽鈥渢his way before鈥 聽I screamed!! It was at that moment you clearly knew as a viewer that JY never really loved JK. He might have he loved the idea of her, yes. But he never truly loved her the way he loves SA. And his realization of this in that particular episode just made me so so so happy
- Handholding in the bus scene. That shit was so freaking tender bc you can tell how content JY was. He was beyond smitten- homeboy was IN LOVE AT THIS POINT
- when JY dropped SA home. I mean everything about this scene really makes ur heart soft right?? How both of them were beaming? How SA feet probably hurt bc homegirl was wearing heels the whole day and walked another 30 min just so she can spend more time with JY? How she literally ran back to him and JY just had this impression watching her like 鈥渕y gf is cute af鈥?? How SA said something along the lines of JY having somewhere to belong to now and you can tell this had a double meaning for him bc at this point he prob considered SA as his home..I was literally mush oh my god.聽
-break up scene. I know, v painful- but this was a rare one in kdramaland where I actually thought it was necessary for them to split (still wish it was done earlier but alas聽I'll take it)聽It was a graceful and needed breakup. Also when JY pulled out that umbrella for her.... bish it was over for me
- SA鈥檚 recital. I MEAN HOW IN SYNC COULD THEY BE. I normally skip the musical performances whenever I watch dramas that are music related- but this show makes it so magical I simply could not. PEAAAKKK ROMANCE
- JY鈥檚 recital- when he played that last song I was a big mess cuz we all knew it was dedicated for SA :鈥欌) (I listen to this piece all the time now and im so emo when I hear it bc like god WHEN)
- First I love you scene. JY just going for it and chasing his happiness without caring if SA might reject him. We love to see it
-Second I love you scene. YALL. YALLLLL the way JY just releases his breathe when SA said she can't be friends bc she loves him more than a friend will forever slay me. Kim min jae鈥檚 acting here was real good.聽I love how JY said I love you four times and just went for it. top kissing scene in a krdrama for me hehee聽
- dubokki date. lmao at JY with the spicy level. just plain cute
-the quick side by side peek to JY new album in the last episode. the way it showed how their relationship evolved. how he signed it as聽鈥渇or my love song ah鈥 BISH I WANNA DATE A MUSICIAN TOO NOW
- that lil scene where JY wrote SA鈥檚 name as the planner bc he knows she works just as hard as the musicians and deserves the recognition. get u a boy who will vandalize a program notice for u :)
- basically all the scenes at the end of ep 16. I wish all of them were longer. I wanted to see more of them dating and happy!!! But I just love how they are both so INTO each other and you can see how happy JY is bc he finally has that person back that understood him since the beginning and it makes you feel so warm knowing they鈥檙e each other鈥檚 support system ahhhh I love their love !!
- also just all the scenes that JY looks at SA lovingly ~~ which literally happened since ep 1 I mean they are literally heart eyes emoji for each other every time :鈥))聽
- oh oh OH special shout out to ep 11 when JY just can鈥檛 stop holding SA鈥檚 hands !! the way he does it is so freaking INTIMATE like if I can only describe how I feel whenever I see compilation gifs of that episode where JY just reaches out and holds SA鈥檚 hands so steadily and tightly...it鈥檚 literally the most heartwarming thing.. idek how to explain what I鈥檓 trying to convey but I just vibe with it so much?? it鈥檚 so intimate and romantic.. Kim min jae I will die 4 u my love
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saeyoungs-sunflowera year ago
hi i just found your blog today and i really liked reading the posts in your masterlist! if requests are open and it's not too much trouble could we get jumin, zen, and jaehee with a MC who's a few years younger than them/college age? thank you so much!
Hi anon! Wow, thank you so much for reading my stuff and for saying that, I really appreciate it and I鈥檓 so glad you enjoyed them馃槉 Here ya go!
Jumin, Zen and Jaehee with an MC who鈥檚 college age
鈾 honestly he鈥檚 a little cautious at first
鈾毬犫淒oes this make me a...cradle robber?鈥澛犫淥h God Mr Han has been on urban dictionary again鈥
鈾 there is a bit of an age gap between you so he didn鈥檛 want you to feel uncomfortable
鈾 but when you actually met it was fine!!! you both got on amazingly and completely forgot about the age difference
鈾 and you鈥檙e both adults so as long as you鈥檙e both okay with it then there鈥檚 no prob
鈾 if you鈥檙e at college, he lets you use his office to study if the libraries are super busy, especially around exam season
鈾 he says it鈥檚 because it鈥檚 quieter and you鈥檒l be able to focus more easily but really he just wants to sit with you while he works lol
鈾 you ain鈥檛 complaining though hehehe
鈾 you get super embarrassed when he decides to pick you up from places when you鈥檙e with your friends
鈾 they didn鈥檛 know about your relationship at first and were like okay why is there a swanky car pulling up with the literal director of C&R wAIT MC WHAT THE HELL WHERE ARE YOU GOING ARE YOU AN INTERN OR SOMETHING
鈾 you鈥檙e lowkey thrilled by it though like actually聽this is my super hot and super caring boyfriend yes he has a driver and yes he happens to be very rich聽and successful WHAT ABOUT IT
鈾 the age gap does become very obvious though when you make a reference and he just doesn鈥檛 understand what you鈥檙e saying
鈾 *stubs toe*聽鈥渕other TRUCKER that hurt like a butt CHEEK on a STICK鈥澛犫淚鈥檓 sorry MC but what was that鈥澛犫渁 vine鈥澛犫済rape vine? is it a wine joke? i know loads of them...鈥
鈾 ok boomer
鉂わ笌聽鈥淶en I鈥檓 only a few years younger than you and Yoosung is literally the same age鈥澛犫渙kay we have two babies in the chat鈥澛犫淗EY鈥
鉂わ笌 but quickly comes to realise that you are in fact not a child and then you start to really hit it off
鉂わ笌 if you鈥檙e at college then he really respects your work ethic and dedication, he never went to college but seeing the amount of work you get left him speechless
鉂わ笌聽鈥測ou have ANOTHER essay??鈥澛犫淶en that鈥檚 kinda the point鈥
鉂わ笌聽 even though he doesn鈥檛 treat you like a baby anymore (mostly) he鈥檚 still a little more protective than he would have been had you been older
鉂わ笌 it鈥檚 honestly just instinct like he doesn鈥檛 even realise he鈥檚 doing half the time
鉂わ笌 he鈥檚 all for you going out and having fun with your friends but he INSISTS that you call him once your done so he can pick you up
鉂わ笌 he trusts you, he just wants to see with his own eyes that your safe and bring you home himself
鉂わ笌 will not, and i mean will not stop making fun of the fact that you鈥檙e younger
鉂わ笌聽鈥渙h sorry MC are you allowed to do that aT yOuR aGe???鈥
鉂わ笌 yes Zen i can buy alcohol yes Zen i have a driver鈥檚 license yes Zen i can DO ALL THE THINGS YOU CAN DO OKAY聽LEAVE ME ALONE
鉂わ笌 you called him old once and he cried
鉂わ笌 who鈥檚 the baby now huh
鈽 when she found out your age she chilled out on the whole聽鈥渋 don鈥檛 trust you鈥 thing hahah
鈽 like she still didn鈥檛 trust you, but she was more subtle about it lmao
鈽 once everything was all sorted out though you got along super well!
鈽 Jaehee kinda missed out on her聽鈥榶ounger鈥 years because she was working so hard, so she enjoys getting to know you and listening to your stories and living vicariously through you
鈽 big hugs for Baehee :(
鈽 at college? she scolds you for working so much and so late and excuse me ma鈥檃m SAYS YOU
鈽 but she鈥檚 also super encouraging bc she knows how tough it can be so she鈥檚 cheering you on the whole way <3333
鈽 when you stood up for her in the chatroom she was like damn
鈽 you are so young but here you are having a go at the director of one of the biggest companies in the country who is literally like a decade older than you and you are showing no sign of fear what
鈽 Jaehee is turned on impressed
鈽 you love taking her out with your friends that are also your age and she just finally gets to be young and a bit reckless and just enjoy herself
鈽 she鈥檚 not聽鈥渁ssistant kang鈥 or some work machine, she鈥檚 one of the gals and she gets to go on nights out and have girly nights in LIKE SHE DESERVES OK FIGHT ME
Thank you for the request, anon! I hope this was you were looking for :) have a wonderful day!!馃挍
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idio-cies11 months ago
Jatp- Perfect Harmony Dissection
Holy Moly this show has taken me by surprise in the best possible way.
I forgot how good Kenny Ortega is... and omg the dynamics in this show are just *chefs kiss* anyway that鈥檚 for another post
All of these songs left an impression with me, but Perfect Harmony just got the cogs working in my brain so I wanted to dissect it because I can鈥檛 stop thinking about it.
This will be long but I hope people will bear with me.
I found out that Madison and Charlie wrote this one together for the show, so that鈥檚 cool. So, even if this is Julie鈥檚 fantasy/daydream, it objectively also has 鈥淟uke鈥檚鈥 input as well, considering Madison and Charlie were writing with the characters in mind.
The lead up to this song is Julie realising she is falling for Luke, and has Luke on the brain, so she slips up with calling Nick, Luke yadayada significant to say her crush has changed as well blah blah blah.
I first thought it was strange that they are all in black? They weren鈥檛 performing for anyone other than for merit. However Black is of course associated with death, mystery etc, but in this context ,with them being 鈥渇ancy鈥 it deems them as more elegant than anything. I like using this site for colour reference. Please make of it what you will, but I鈥檓 sticking with classy and mysterious with this performance.
Then I noticed how Julie and Nick are the centre of attention, plus Nick and Julie seem to improvise? They aren鈥檛 doing as the others are. Whether they are meant to or not. I think this is meant to draw parallels, with Nick sliding on the floor and Luke tumbling, then also the lift, how here it鈥檚 short and sweet, yet with Julie and Luke there are two and the second is drawn out and more meaningful etc.
I think she must be dancing normally in reality throughout this, but I鈥檒l come back to that later.
So let鈥檚 get into this song.
鈥淪tep into my world鈥- I find this interesting because Luke is the one stepping over into hers, but also this is like some 鈥渋n-between鈥 that they're in; 聽significant of the Limbo that the guys are currently stuck in and also the fact that Julie is the bridge. The world is probably metaphorical for music as Luke helps re-establish it in Julie and is also the guy where music is his whole world, as he lets all of his emotions out and connects with people. It鈥檚 a running theme being called up again. However, you cannot deny the possible connotation of Julie potentially stepping over with them. It鈥檚 also ironic as Luke 鈥渟teps鈥 into Julie鈥檚 world 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry we came into your life鈥 - Luke, ep 1, and literally steps over here.
鈥淏ittersweet love story about a girl鈥- undeniable. Their story is bittersweet. Impossible to be together; yet have a connection that runs so deep.
But now we see the scenery, and it鈥檚 all monochrome and the candles just scream romance, but also to me, of serenity.
I mean even the dancefloor reflects to make it look as if they are dancing on water or in an in between world. The reason why I point out monochrome gives the intention of 鈥渂lack and white鈥 there is a lack of complexity, it is clear about how true their bond is, and to them it isn鈥檛 complex. Also I can鈥檛 help but think of yin and yang which can also be included here as they balance each other out. Julie yin, Luke yang. This is ironic considering Julie is always symbolised with light and Luke the contrast with a dark and being, you know, dead.
I also came across a gifset of the parallels to dirty dancing that Perfect Harmony dance had, and again, the colours are flipped with the pair which is just... interesting in this instance.
鈥淪hook me to the core聽 鈥淰oice like an angel, never heard before鈥- pretty simple, Luke has always been amazed with Julie鈥檚 talent, plus a metaphor commonly attached to Julie, being called an angel. He is also calling her unique. Passage of touch.
But then we get the touch. So I think this whole hand passage thing is reflected in the time they tried to hold hands, then the last time and they could then touch. In this instance though it鈥檚 like Julie is the one being resurrected. Again, this could be another metaphor of his hand in helping her find her music again, but you cannot overlook the other implications.
So here is where they dance. I am no dance expert, but dance does have it鈥檚 own language that I think everyone can interpret, but I will try my best to explain. I also think 鈥渉armony鈥 can be a way to express dance partners as well.
鈥淗ere in front of me鈥- I do think this is in reference being able to touch them, but the drawing up to her hands is so interesting because of the eye contact and draw. It鈥檚 more intimate.
Then they go into something similar to what the routine is meant to be in reality, but instead they make it like a pulse on the line 鈥渢hey鈥檙e shining so much brighter鈥
I point out a pulse because it鈥檚 鈥渓iving鈥 and it just juxtaposes with who Julie is talking about; the guys.
A twirl and lift on 鈥渢han I have ever seen鈥- This is Julie talking about the guys. Ray calls them angels and then at the end of season they literally freaking glow so... (also pronoun change to collective when Julie starts singing)
鈥淟ife can be so mean鈥- ep 8, after Luke told him their demise would be one of three ways, Julie was going to be hurt all over again. Julie and Flynn had an understanding that the world was being cruel when they were discussing it. Also I just feel their dance here is like they are interpreting a rough ride/rollercoaster. They swing arms then tuck and twist.
鈥淏ut when he goes, I know he doesn鈥檛 leave鈥- Luke will be in her heart, like she found with her Mum. She did let them go, and she understands she will have to do that, but they will live on in her heart.
Also hand over heart, as she 鈥渇alls鈥 into him and he doesn鈥檛 let her fall. That鈥檚 just cute.
鈥淭he truth is finally breaking through鈥- either their feelings or just what will be revealed to us. Though they are parted and Luke does the spinning on the ground so I expect a pitfall somewhere along the way (probs Caleb)
But he rolls right back to her
鈥淭wo worlds collide when I鈥檓 with you鈥- Well, the fact that they are the living and the dead.. so. Plus in-between. Don鈥檛 know how to interpret the dance here, I just like the swishy steps
鈥淎 voice is rising so, so high鈥- how Julie comes out of her shell. Also can鈥檛 help but link to the angel motif. Plus, Julie is lifted up, she is the catalyst, she is rising up in fame really. Luke is one of the people who helps her soar as well.
鈥淲e come to life, when we鈥檙e in perfect harmony鈥- Julie always being told she looks 鈥渁live again鈥 when she鈥檚 doing music again. 聽Music and playing with Julie is what makes Luke and the guys feel alive. I gotta say, Charlie and Madison do exhibit some good harmonising.
The lift that happened is like the improv that Nick and Julie do, but then Luke and Julie here make eye contact as she comes down again, but goes back to similar to the dance she is meant to be doing. Until she reaches up on the line 鈥淲e say we鈥檙e friends鈥, he also helps lift them up.
鈥淲e play pretend鈥. I mean, they kinda do. Luke tries to pass off his feelings with the guys, but that boy is WHIPPED.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e more to me鈥- right off the bat, I like it. Arms out and a hug. YES. Also just look at that bliss on her face, bless her.
鈥淲e create鈥 well yes they create 鈥渢he perfect harmony鈥
The cut off is abrupt as Julie snaps back to reality. Then she looks in the mirror and realises Luke isn鈥檛 there and that she must鈥檝e gone insane. This is what gets me. I think this is the moment that she realises that her feelings for Luke are deeper than she realised and I think she truly thought that they may have been dancing together in the end.
Is this just an extremely vivid daydream, because she had one of these when she mentally performed 鈥淚 got the Music鈥 and she must鈥檝e done something during that time as she took someone鈥檚 drumsticks during her little renaissance. So what happened in real life? Did she just dance around a little, humming a bop? I just... I imagine that this is just a very lucid daydream, which is fair enough, relatable, but it just interacts so much with real life rather than actually just being all in her head. I just find it interesting.
The full version has some lines that I also want to point out. In the second verse there are these lines:
鈥漎ou set me free鈥- Luke sings this line which can mean that she will set his soul free- she is a part of his 鈥渦nfinished business鈥
鈥淵ou and me together is more than chemistry鈥- Julie sings this line. We know that chemistry was pointed out by Alex and Reggie to Luke, and I believe Flynn also says about them being an appealing pair when performing. But they are more than chemistry. I mean they do work well together and they care about each other deeply, but I also can鈥檛 help but think of the 鈥渟igns鈥 her mother was giving her, and believing that the guys were sent to her.
鈥淟ove me as I am, I鈥檒l hold your music here inside of my hands鈥- This is sung by both of them. They already do this, but holding their music in each other鈥檚 hand is interesting. I guess this is saying about trust and that they will do it together. I also think this relates to being able to finally hold hands. It鈥檚 like the saying 鈥淲hatever鈥檚 mine is yours鈥. They share pain, they share lyrics, their passion for music etc.
Then in the bridge we have the lines 鈥淚 feel your rhythm in my heart鈥- I have a feeling that they are in sync with each other, they can immediately click and tune in with a melody. It鈥檚 also ironic as Luke doesn鈥檛 have a heart.
鈥淵ou are my brightest burning star鈥- Luke sings this line. It makes sense. As I have said previously, Julie is this beacon of light, Luke clearly is in awe of her and inspires him. He also straight up calls her a star in ep 9 as well
鈥淚 never knew a love so real鈥- oh man, the irony. Their connection is pure and true, it鈥檚 just so annoying that he鈥檚 a ghost
鈥淲e鈥檙e heaven on earth, melody and words鈥- again with the metaphor of the middle ground where I suppose Julie sits. I understand the idiom and the bliss that they feel, and the connection they have and share with people. It鈥檚 just interesting as at the moment earth is currently Luke and the guys鈥 afterlife.
Anyway, that has been my dissection of Perfect Harmony. Thanks for reading if you鈥檝e gotten this far 馃槄
PS. the lack of visual aids is because Tumblr hates me, I apologise
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thirsthourdemona year ago
Haikyuu boys and what gifts they would give you
Includes: Karasuno, Aoba Johsai, Nekoma, Shiratorizawa, Fukurodani, Inarizaki
A/N: Aha Aha Aha
Tumblr media
Hinata: He would give you a rock that him and natsu painted on. On the rock there鈥檚 a silly face on it, from natsu, and then a volleyball, from hinata, then an I love you at the bottom part. He gave that to you when you guys went on a park date with natsu.
Kageyma: The first give he would have ever given you was a milk box and you were so happy because he never really shares his milk. This was actually how he confessed to you like he wrote 鈥淲ant to go out with me?鈥 Or something like that at the bottom. He was blushing the whole time.
Yamaguchi: This baby boy would give you his scarf and a warm drink because you were both walking home from school and it was really cold but you forgot your scarf at home so he just gave you his. He would blush whenever he sees you wearing it now.
Tsukkishima: Salty boy gave you a playlist ever since you told him what type of music you liked. He wouldnt give it to you right after making it though. He would have given in when you鈥檙e stressing out over homework or something like that and he鈥檇 just put it on speaker for you waiting for you to ask whose playlist that was.
Nishinoya: An ice cream stick. Why? You called him senpai the first time you met him and he just- He automatically fell in love and asked you to an ice cream 鈥渉ang out鈥 because it wasnt a date or anything! He was just being a good senpai. He confessed to you by making an ice cream stick and the stick had a heart carved into it.
Tanaka: You and him went to a matsuri, shrine festival, with the team. He decided that he was going to be a man and catch you some goldfish. It took him a while however but you still appreciated his victory even though he spent most of his money it. You named that single goldfish 鈥淩yuu鈥.
Suga: It鈥檚 not technically a gift but he gave you a mechanical pencil with your name on it. He was supposed to keep it for himself but you were borrowing a mechanical pencil during lunch time and he just gave you his pencil case only late to realize that it was there. When you saw it oh boy were you confused. Ended up confessing to you that way.
Asahi: OH MY- He gave you a handmade hair tie. Like he saw how you were struggling with your hair so much so he just decides to make one but he didnt plant ahead on how he鈥檇 give it to you. He was forced by suga and daichi to give it to you but in the end noya did that because he was too nervous to even tell you. Noya just 鈥淥h hey! Y/N! Asahi thought you might be having trouble with your hair! Here鈥 and just gives it to you. Blushing mess.
Daichi: The traditional gift 馃槫 He gave you a response chocolate he made with suga during white day. You gave him chocolate during valentines and he responded by giving you chocolate gift back. He gave it to you after practice and though the chocolate was a bit soft now he still gave it because the effort? Not letting that go to waste!
Ennoshita: Another traditional man. You gave him chocolate and he didnt know what to do so he just...Huh? He gave you chocolates back and let鈥檚 just say things started from there on 鉂わ笍
Kiyoko: You were stuck in the friendzone for quite a time too. She gave you matching keychains for your bag but like...Yachi also has it. 馃様
Yachi: 馃槼馃槼馃槼 She drew you once for 鈥渁rt class鈥. Baby didnt have 鈥渁rt class鈥 but when it came out better than expected she gave it to you when she confessed along with a letter. Let鈥檚 be real she was blushing and saying sorry the whole time.
Im sorry, guys but Im a big yachi-stan. Yachi is THAT bitch for me.
Aoba Johsai
Oikawa Toru: He doesnt give you 1 or 2 no no...He gives you 5 service aces. Shows off in the game more when you鈥檙e watching and for Seijoh it鈥檚 a sure victory once he does his little service ritual for you.
Iwaizumi Hajime: One time you called oikawa 鈥渟hittykawa鈥 during class he instantly fell in love with your fierce attitude so he legit treated you good food after that time. It became a ritual for both of you to eat out whenever they one which was often. His comfort food cannot be complete without you eating it with him.
Mattsukawa issei: His horsecock. That shit is a gift in itself. A big gift in fact.
Kyoutani Kentarou: People may see him as a very scary person but he actually gave you a stuff toy you wanted at the arcade. He saw how you looked at it with such longing that one time and proceeded to get it for you whenever you werent around. It took him such a long time but gosh was it worth it to see you smiling like that.
Kuroo: This man gave you...A headache. No fr hahahaha he gave you a spike actually. The first time you watched him play in a told you that if he stomped twice then it was a spike for you. He actually did win the game with that one spike because nekoma was losing and team morale was low. The moment he spiked that ball with that subtle double stomp he managed to score and boost morale again.
Kenma: He always gives you gifts but more like...Health potions, resources you need, animal crossing gifts tbh 馃ズ. He didnt really give you much gifts physically but virtually? He would specifically go and get rare items in doubles just to give you the other one and say he 鈥淎ccidentally got another one鈥.
Lev: Alisa鈥檚 cooking. You were both out during lunch time and he saw that you were only drinking something so he decided to feed you his sister鈥檚 bento for him. My baby is so sweet- and also headaches. He also gives you headaches.
Bokuto: He gives you either his jersey OR a spike as well. Better yet he gives you his jersey for a game then does a spike for you. Bitch didnt even have a signal he legit shouted 鈥淭hat one was for you, Y/N!鈥 And pointed at you. Kill me please- Needless to say everyone was looking at you so much.
Akaashi: You cant convince me he doesnt give you a copy of the book you wanted and were looking for. He just so happened to have it, yeah sure...馃檭 Little did you know that he went all over miyagi for that fucking book. He probably gave you a bookmark along with it too. 鉂わ笍 Ya nerds
Date tech
Aone takanobu: Surprisingly enough he gave you a small vase for the flowers he gave you last time. He even told you how to preserve them more. He be teaching you all about plants whenever he you two go home together. He doesnt speak he you books or he shows you himself sometimes.
Futakuchi: He gave you his sour gummies 馃槚 TOO ADORABLE FUCK. You were staring at them and he just offered you some and now you鈥檙e in love.
Ushijima: Waka baby gave you a service ace. He isnt one to give you anything big and he didnt know what to give you so he just gave you something he knows he could. Before the game itself he actually told you that he promised you a service ace the first time he would be given the chance. Volleyball Idiot 馃ズ
Tendou: MIRACLE BOY STRAIGHT UP GAVE YOU ONE OF HIS SHONEN JUMPS. He gave you the one that you really liked and said it was 鈥淣ot a big deal鈥-It was a big deal considering how in love he is with them.
Goshiki: Im sorry but...good head. He gave you heavenly head. 馃様 King of oral right here. No really hahahaha tsutomu probs gave you a shrine charm that says 鈥渁bsolute victory鈥. You keep that little charm whenever you watch his games now. Though you tell him that its the charm working he says you鈥檙e his actual lucky charm.
Miya Atsumu: A migrane. His fangirls keep threatening you and you had to keep on telling them that you were just their team manager. He just- I mean I wanted to say he gave you a service ace but mf just gave you a migrane.
Miya Osamu: Unlike his brother this guy is actually pretty reasonable. As an asian you have no idea how happy your parents would be when this man gives you half a sack of rice. I know everyone expects the 鈥淥nigiri鈥 answer but I enjoy being given a sack of rice more. 馃崥
Aran Ojiro: I- IM SUCH A SIMP! He gave you his a batch of cookies. This headcanon is from @oof-she-needs-therapy by the way because I fell in love with their works so much. He just 鈥淔elt like he had to make an extra batch鈥. This boy 100% made that for you alone. Dont play me. He even fed you one and just to tease back you kissed the tips of his fingers. Practice that day was E V E N T FU L.
Tumblr media
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rzrbite25 days ago
馃懌 yes please
thinking 聽 about 聽 italy 聽 24/7 聽 rn 聽 so 聽 of 聽 course 聽 without 聽 a 聽 say 聽 i 聽 need 聽 to 聽 state 聽 they 聽 probs 聽 planned 聽 it 聽 way 聽 ahead 聽 of 聽 the 聽 time, 聽 / 聽 ripped 聽 off 聽 some 聽 not 聽 so 聽 poor 聽 lil 聽 man 聽 to 聽 get 聽 the 聽 luxury 聽 tickets 聽 for 聽 first 聽 class 聽 flight 聽 to聽 聽Naples, 聽 ordering 聽 the 聽 most 聽 expensive 聽 meals 聽 till 聽 his 聽 card 聽 reaches 聽 the 聽 negatives 聽 since 聽 it鈥檚 聽 the 聽 best 聽 time 聽 of 聽 their 聽 lives 聽 babey 聽 ! 聽 the 聽 stores 聽 in 聽 Italy 聽 usually 聽 have 聽 such 聽 cute 聽 stuff 聽 so 聽 they 聽 practically 聽 spend 聽 half 聽 their 聽 days 聽 just 聽 walking 聽 around 聽 going 聽 into 聽 every 聽 expensive 聽 brand鈥檚 聽 store, 聽 but 聽 also 聽 since 聽 they鈥檙e 聽 shit 聽 starters聽 聽so聽 聽they 聽 buy 聽 from 聽 there, 聽 act 聽 all 聽 mighty 聽 & 聽 mispronounce 聽 the 聽 names 聽 on 聽 purpose 聽 for 聽 the 聽 staff 聽 to 聽 get 聽 ticked 聽 off, 聽 yet聽 聽at 聽 the 聽 same 聽 time聽 聽they聽 聽get 聽 too 聽 intimidated 聽 cos 聽 those 聽 bitches 聽 really 聽 purchased 聽 half 聽 the 聽 store 聽 uh....聽聽 on 聽 the 聽 other 聽 hand, 聽 when 聽 mariah 聽 is 聽 busy 聽 doing 聽 her 聽 own 聽 thing, 聽 midler 聽 just 聽 walks 聽 around 聽 alone 聽 & 聽 if 聽 she 聽 ever 聽 sees 聽 anything 聽 briefly 聽 cat 聽 related, 聽 be 聽 it 聽 a 聽 fashion 聽 garment, 聽 perfume 聽 or 聽 literally 聽 a 聽 cute 聽 toy 聽 for 聽 a 聽 cat 聽 i 聽 hope 聽 you 聽 know 聽 she 聽 instantly 聽 thinks 聽 mariah鈥︹β 聽goes 聽 in 聽 & 聽 buys 聽 it 聽 for 聽 her 聽 without 聽 any 聽 hesitation 聽 even 聽 if 聽 it鈥檚 聽 expensive 聽 as 聽 all 聽 hell, 聽 / 聽 literally 聽 just 聽 calls 聽 it 聽 a聽 聽small 聽 gift.
to 聽 add 聽 to 聽 their 聽 italy 聽 shenanigans, 聽 they 聽 ofc 聽 go 聽 & 聽 see 聽 the 聽 most 聽 expensive 聽 fashion 聽 weeks 聽 in 聽 Milan 聽 for 聽 sheer 聽 entertainment 聽 & 聽 to 聽 discuss 聽 any 聽 cute 聽 fits 聽 they 聽 see 聽 they 聽 could 聽 possibly 聽 inspire 聽 off 聽 of 聽 because 聽 honestly 聽 they 聽 very 聽 much 聽 give聽 聽鈥樎 聽i鈥檇 聽 rather 聽 die 聽 than 聽 dress 聽 fugly 聽 sorry聽 聽鈥 聽 vibes. 聽 the 聽 idea 聽 of 聽 them 聽 picking 聽 each 聽 others 聽 outfits 聽 & 聽 doing 聽 each 聽 others 聽 make 聽 up 聽 before 聽 going 聽 out 聽 will 聽 forever 聽 live 聽 in 聽 my 聽 head, 聽 i 聽 don鈥檛 聽 even 聽 care. 聽 continuing 聽 the 聽 shopping 聽 streak, 聽 they 聽 probably聽 聽drag 聽 people 聽 along, 聽 like 聽 mariah 聽 brings 聽 tiziano聽 聽& 聽 midler 聽 forces 聽 prosciutto 聽 to 聽 be聽 聽there 聽 just 聽 so 聽 the 聽 both 聽 of 聽 them 聽 can 聽 carry 聽 their 聽 bags 聽 since 聽 that鈥檚 聽 now 聽 their 聽 role 聽 for 聽 as 聽 long 聽 as 聽 those 聽 two 聽 are 聽 in 聽 italy 聽 & 聽 if 聽 they 聽 disagree 聽 in 聽 anyway 聽 they鈥檒l 聽 just 聽 get 聽 hit 聽 with 聽 a 聽 鈥 聽 why 聽 are 聽 you 聽 a 聽 misogynist 聽 ? 聽 鈥 聽 & 聽 wave 聽 of 聽 the 聽 finger. 聽 the 聽 image 聽 of 聽 the 聽 men 聽 they 聽 bring 聽 along 聽 that 聽 have 聽 been 聽 carrying 聽 their 聽 one 聽 hundred 聽 and 聽 five 聽 bags 聽 for 聽 three 聽 hours 聽 now 聽 without 聽 any 聽 rest 聽 as 聽 the 聽 m&m 聽 duo 聽 just 聽 stares 聽 through 聽 the 聽 glass 聽 window 聽 checking 聽 out 聽 lingerie 聽 or 聽 they 聽 literally 聽 just 聽 sit 聽 in 聽 a 聽 cafe 聽 gossiping 聽 like 聽 the 聽 day 聽 is 聽 all 聽 that 聽 long,聽 聽/聽 聽is 聽 canon 聽 & 聽 araki 聽 simply 聽 forgot 聽 to 聽 include 聽 it 聽 in 聽 vento 聽 aurero 聽 so 聽 i鈥檒l 聽 do 聽 it 聽 instead.
they鈥檙e 聽 pretty 聽 much 聽 inseparable 聽 type 聽 besties 聽 in 聽 every 聽 way 聽 possible 聽 because 聽 no 聽 matter 聽 how 聽 sappy 聽 it 聽 sounds, 聽 mariah 聽 really 聽 means 聽 a 聽 lot 聽 to 聽 midler, 聽 even 聽 if 聽 she 聽 outright 聽 won鈥檛 聽 say 聽 it 聽 in 聽 a 聽 casual 聽 conversation. 聽 to 聽 her, 聽 they鈥檝e 聽 been 聽 bound 聽 to 聽 meet 聽 by 聽 fate 聽 if 聽 no 聽 other, 聽 because 聽 what 聽 is 聽 the 聽 chance 聽 they 聽 would 聽 meet 聽 like 聽 this 聽 ? 聽 that 聽 they 聽 would 聽 get 聽 along 聽 so 聽 well 聽 ? 聽 she 聽 considers 聽 her 聽 to 聽 be 聽 her 聽 soulmate 聽 mind 聽 you, 聽 / 聽 no 聽 matter 聽 how 聽 silly 聽 it 聽 might 聽 sound 聽 part 聽 two聽 聽鈥 聽 she 聽 definitely 聽 got 聽 them 聽 matching 聽 accessories 聽 that 聽 mirror 聽 the 聽 ying 聽 & 聽 yang 聽 aesthetic, 聽 or 聽 even 聽 asked 聽 if 聽 they 聽 could 聽 paint 聽 their 聽 nails 聽 to 聽 match 聽 because 聽 no 聽 matter 聽 how 聽 much 聽 midler 聽 hates 聽 the 聽 idea 聽 of 聽 sharing, 聽 being 聽 alike, 聽 it 聽 became 聽 something....聽聽 tolerable 聽 & 聽 fun 聽 when 聽 done 聽 with 聽 her. 聽 she 聽 feels 聽 they 聽 relate 聽 on 聽 a 聽 spiritual 聽 level, 聽 as 聽 women 聽 who 聽 have 聽 been 聽 wronged 聽 & 聽 simply 聽 want 聽 to 聽 work 聽 towards 聽 better, 聽 / 聽 ofc 聽 luxurious, 聽 don鈥檛 聽 forget, 聽 living. 聽 midler 聽 likes 聽 to 聽 joke 聽 about 聽 how 聽 cool 聽 it 聽 would 聽 be 聽 if 聽 they 聽 lived 聽 together, 聽 but 聽 there 聽 is 聽 some 聽 honesty 聽 in 聽 it 聽 because 聽 she 聽 wouldn鈥檛 聽 feel 聽 bored 聽 with 聽 her 聽 around 聽 for 聽 sure. 聽 i 聽 mean 聽 if 聽 she 聽 wants 聽 to 聽 visit 聽 japan...the 聽 tickets 聽 are 聽 right 聽 here 聽 for 聽 you 聽 ma鈥檃m......
since 聽 they 聽 have 聽 a 聽 lot 聽 of 聽 spare 聽 time 聽 at 聽 dio鈥檚 聽 mansion, 聽 i 聽 imagine 聽 they 聽 must鈥檝e 聽 gotten 聽 curious 聽 about 聽 each 聽 other鈥檚 聽 stands 聽 at 聽 least 聽 once, 聽 thus 聽 cue 聽 a 聽 montage 聽 of 聽 the 聽 various 聽 ways 聽 they 聽 nearly 聽 kill 聽 the 聽 people 聽 walking 聽 past 聽 because 聽 midler 聽 turned 聽 hp 聽 into 聽 a 聽 pair 聽 of 聽 scissors 聽 n 聽 mariah鈥檚 聽 magnetism 聽 flung 聽 her 聽 with 聽 a 聽 speed 聽 of 聽 thousands 聽 of 聽 chinchillas, 聽 but 聽 that鈥檚 聽 what 聽 experimentation 聽 is, 聽 / 聽 also 聽 my 聽 anger 聽 cos 聽 they 聽 didn鈥檛 聽 put 聽 midler 聽 in 聽 eoh 聽 um 聽 the 聽 combos 聽 her 聽 & 聽 mariah 聽 cld 聽 have 聽 鈥 聽 ya鈥檒l 聽 so 聽 dumb 聽 OHHH 聽 MY 聽 GOD. 聽 anyhow, 聽 it鈥檚 聽 an 聽 interesting 聽 process 聽 that 聽 allows 聽 them 聽 to 聽 bond 聽 whilst 聽 also 聽 going 聽 a 聽 little 聽 crazy, 聽 / 聽 their 聽 training 聽 dummy 聽 is 聽 hol 聽 horse 聽 naturally, 聽 n鈥檇oul 聽 if 聽 they鈥檙e 聽 feeling 聽 a 聽 lil 聽 brave 聽 on 聽 a 聽 particular 聽 day, 聽 but 聽 usually 聽 leave 聽 him 聽 alone 聽 because 聽 he鈥檚 聽 scary 聽 & 聽 gets 聽 their 聽 clothes 聽 wet 聽 & 聽 nearly 聽 electrocuted 聽 them 聽 like 聽 once. 聽 they 聽 learn 聽 some 聽 dangerous 聽 moves 聽 eventually 聽 & 聽 become 聽 those 聽 annoying 聽 pair 聽 of 聽 twins 聽 that 聽 always 聽 run 聽 up 聽 to 聽 their 聽 mom 聽 going 聽 like 聽 look 聽 what 聽 we 聽 learned 聽 except 聽 its 聽 to 聽 dio 聽 & 聽 its 聽 to 聽 show 聽 off 聽 that 聽 men 聽 at 聽 this 聽 mansion 聽 suck 聽 ass 聽 but 聽 they 聽 could 聽 never.
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