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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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#she ra adora
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Yesterday was Adora’s birthday (January 19th). I know I’m a day late, but happy birthday to my baby!!!!!!!!!!!

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*catradora having a staring constest*

Glimmer: what are you guys doing?

Mermista: theyre having a staring contest. Whoever loses has to kiss the other one

Glimmer: wait but that’s not-

Mermista: sshhhhh i wanna see how long it takes for them to realize

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Wait She-RA is an Aquarius. Love that for her

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society if she ra got voltron level animation

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I just saw an adora hc thread on twitter and it’s good to know a lot of us are in agreement that adora uses they/them pronouns, be it that she uses she/they, he/they, they/them, or any pronouns.

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Happy Birthday, Adora! Aka dorky lesbian🎉🎉

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