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#she ra au
crypticpaw · 7 hours ago
Creepy concept for the Hordad au. Imagine: Hordak is in his sanctum working on his tech having a rough time, when suddenly, young Adora comes in and helps him calm down. They talk and eventually Hordak starts talking about the future of the Horde and how he can't wait to see how she will grow up to be a strong leader and how they will conquer Etheria together. Adora is happy and says how she is excited for that day to come. Eventually he gets up and both start to leave the sanctum.......revealing an furious looking Horde Prime from behind them. Watching the memory as they both leave happily and without worry. And his glare is set on both of them, until it finally sets on little Adora.
THIS!!! This is amazing!!!!
This is why I love Tumblr so much! I adore interacting with you guys!! Y'all are so creative!!
I need to make more comics!
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joako84 · a day ago
you guys...
so i was rewatching she ra and entrapta’s house appeared and i dont know if any of you have already noticed this but i need to know !!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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motherofchimeras · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I got more cute art commissioned for my DND AU because I have a need for all the art and all the Catradora. I really love this story, and I feel bad because this is the longest I've gone between updates. It just takes a bit longer to write than some of the other little WIPs I have. I think I'll be able to update it in the next couple of days though.
Because, I mean, Catra needs more chances to be carried around by Adora. I like to think that the second pic is after Catra tells Adora all the terrible things she's done (b/c rogue life) and Adora's like yeah sure but I like you anyway.
Work commissioned from @linnart26!
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ushigashira · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
AU Beast
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thatcatangelwriter · 4 days ago
Dirty Streets Edits
Made these a while ago were used in one of the covers for this au.
Tumblr media
This one, reflecting on Adora and Catra's crumbling friendship also they do not end up together in this au.
Tumblr media
Finally this one ! Showing the main moto that the street kids (Adora, Catra, Lonnie, Kyle and Rogelio) developped after
anyway learn more about the au here
and heres a drabble
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crypticpaw · 4 days ago
The writing was amazing!!! Gives more detail into how different Prime is in the Hordad AU compared to the Canon universe. It kinda almost gives me an idea how he reacted or what he was thinking when he looked at Hordak's memories and saw Adora. What do you think?
Aaaahhhh! Thank you!!! I'm not very confident on my writting, so I'm glad you liked it!
And, yeah, Horde Prime was first confused, then angry. Like I mentioned in the precious ask, an heir of any kind would be a big offense to him, so not only was he mad at Hordak, he wanted to get rid of Adora straight away!
When he found out she was She-Ra, though...! He tried to chip her, but failed! Thank goodness for Entrapta!
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thebeardoesart · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I rarely post here but I really like how the colors came out here , I drew myself as shera for an Au I did with my friends. QwQ.
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handb14 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Another DTIYS I did on instagram
She’s sad and I’m sorry.
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crypticpaw · 5 days ago
I really loved the concept you made about why Hordak should have raised adora as his own in canaon, and how the show would have gone. The Hordad AU is one of my favorite au that I am in love with. And I gotta ask, how different would the interactions have gone between Adora and Horde Prime? Cause I feel that he would be the same amount of creepy on everyone else, but even creepier on Adora.
Oh, boy... He would NOT have been pleased!
One of the things that I really like on Prime is his mannerisms, and he was faily "calm" during his screen time. That would not happen in the Hordad!AU!
It wouldn't be right away, but I really wanted to see him lose his composure!
So, I imagine when the gang goes to rescue Glimmer and Catra, they get separated. Bow finds Glimmer and Catra, Entrapta goes off to find Hordak, and Adora gets captured and dragged in to Horde Prime.
He does his whole monologue, all the good villain stuff until Adora mentions her "father".
Horde Prime freezes for a second, she can't see his face, his ears twitch and the tip of his tail wags in irritation. The menacing needle on the end of it inches from her face.
"'Father'...?" He laughs. "No, my dear. You have no father." He circles her, never taking his eyes off the dog.
"Cut the bullshit, Prime! You know I'm talking about Hordak! Where is he?!" She barks.
His smirk drops with his ears, his lips curl up a bit.
"Your 'father' is no longer!" The lion growled. "He returned to the Hivemind with his brethren, his rightful place. Understand, my dear, an heir to any of my little brothers would represent a need for a substitute after I am gone. But the thing is:"
He lowers his head to her. "I will never be 'gone'. Prime's Light is infinite! Undying! And I shall go on until this universe inplodes on itself! Your 'father', as a defect, might have forgotten that for a tiny bit, but I made sure to put him back on the right path!"
"We'll see about 'undying' when I cut off your throat!" Adora barked, the fur on her neck raised in anger.
Horde Prime snaps his head back to her. "You are testing my patience!" He growled. His eyes shot wide for a second as Adora could see an idea forming on his head. "But of course," He approached her with another creepy smile, purring. "I couldn't expect my defective little brother to educate you properly on the ways of the Light. Allow me to... Enlighten you!"
His massive paw came down on her, forcing her face on the ground. She barked and struggled underneath his hold, but his grasp wouldn't budge.
"What are you doing?!" There was more panic on her voice as she would like.
His purr got louder, as one of the snake-like needles left the port on his chest and took aim at her neck, ready to plundge in whenever.
"Just a second, my dear. I need you to sit still for me just for a moment." He said in a gentle voice. "You'll be with your 'father' in no time!"
Adora realised what he meant. Her tail hid between her legs and she shut her eyes in anticipation with a whimper.
Until she felt Horde Prime's pressure on her face fade and heard a blood-curdling roar.
She shot up, struggling to get up against her pawcuffs. Horde Prime tossed around his throne room, yowling, as he tried to shake an angry Entrapta off his face.
"Adora!" She heard one of the clone's voice call to her. It was Hordak! His eyes were red once more and his fur was a little disheveled.
"Dad!" Adora's tail wagged.
"Are you alright? Are you hurt? Did he do something? Did he touch you?" He said in a terrified voice, as he broke her out of the cuffs.
"GET OFF ME! DEMON!" Horde Prime roared, clawing at Entrapta's ears and little body.
Entrapta refused to let go of him, she had bitten him right on his three eyes, her little claws dug on his snout, and her ears snaked around his throat in an attempt to suffocate him.
"Get him! Get him!" Adora cheered Entrapta on as Hordak watched in horror.
"Adora!" Catra called out to her. Glimmer and Bow ran after her, stopping when Hordak turned to them.
"What is HE doing here?!" Glimmer barked.
Adora was about to reprehend her, but Horde Prime had managed to tear Entrapta away from his face. She hit the ground hard. Her mouth covered with acid green blood. She was about to strike him again, but Hordak grabbed her by her scruff.
"Let me at him! Let me at him!" Entrapta barked and wriggled on the cat's grasp. "I'm gonna beat his ass!"
Prime rubbed at his wounds. As he saw the blood on his paws, his eyes shot open. A growl rising in his throat, he turned to them, murder in his eyes. And roared a loud ear-piercing cry.
A rumble of thousands of paws running towards them, on their way to avenge their God's wounds.
"RUN!" His voice muffled. "RUN! NOW! RUN!"
They bolted right out of there.
Sorry about the long writting, I guess I needed to get this off my sistem😅😅 And sorry about any grammar mistakes, english is not my first language 😅
And it gave a little idea of how things would go!
Prime gets even more batshit crazy when it's just Entrapta and Hordak fighting him, but that's a story for another day!
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motherofchimeras · 6 days ago
If you love my take on Catra as a nerdy gifted kid who definitely isn’t lazy, you might enjoy my newest AU: Untitled Rich Catra Story
This is my attempt at lending my own take to sugar daddy AU trend for our sweet Catradora. While the others are so much better than mine will be, I thought Catra needed more chances to be the rich one.
Rating: Mature (though possibly will up to Explicit later on)
School had never treated Catra very kindly, and so she decided to end the relationship immediately after high school. Instead, she took a risk and launched an ambitious start-up with one of her best friends. Now, she’s three years into being richer and more successful than she had ever dreamed of. Still, it felt like something in her life was missing. When a certain oblivious, beautiful blonde started working at her regular coffee shop, everything changed.
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a-good-friend-to-you · 9 days ago
So @hostilemuppet , there are some characters that are necessary to the plot, but not included in the post so I decided them myself:
OTHERS PLEASE NOTE: these are comparisons of the CHARACTERS, not the actors themselves
Second note: my knowledge on the dsmp is limited, as I have not had enough time to catch up on it fully, so most of this is from absorbing lore from posts
Angella — Puffy
Foolish’s dad
Cares deeply about foolish/glimmer
Doesn’t respect ponk/adora (only at first for adora, unfortunately for ponk, not so much)
Also colorful.
Frosta — Tommy
Cold (get it? Huh huh)
Tries to act serious but is still a kid at the end of the day
LBR frosta probably has trauma, just represses it.
Shadow Weaver — Dream
Mentally abusive, especially to Catra/Sam
Looks fucjed up (Shadow weavers face and Dreams torso Face)
Double trouble — Purpled Bedwars
Non human looking (purpled’s old skin)
Loyal to the Mf BAG
People hc that they are related to another character (Dt being glimmers cousin & Punz Purpled brotherhood)
Spinnerela — Tubbo
MLM and WLW solidarity
You draw him chunky and I love that
Very sweet but can go apeshit
Netossa — Ranboo
“Excuse you, that’s my spouse your talking to!” Vibes
People forget their powers even though it’s very obvious
Once again, wlw and mlm solidarity
Sea hawk — Red Velvet
Literally the only reason is the crack ship between ant and velvet. That’s it
Castaspella — Quackity
The vibes of someone who’s Chill but also busy
He has uncle/aunt vibes. Like someone you don’t see a lot and it’s great when you see them.
He seems like he’d be magic
Wouldn’t hesitate to do violence to Shadow weaver over hurting her brother Vs. Tourtured war criminal dream bc Sam was being abused by him mentally
Huntara — Tecnoblade
Gets cocky too soon
Resting bitch face
Gets bested by ponk/adora (yes I’m counting ponk killing techno for lagging the server)
Rogelio — Fundy
Mostly Quiet
Furry/scalie solidarity
The concept of twig fundy being Beefy™️ is sending me
Kyle — Slimcicle
Not plot heavy but people still enjoy them
Kinda gets picked on slightly but can go apeshit
Funny bitch
Lonnie — Hannah
Routinely does hot girl shit
Mara — Eret
I needed to balance the scale bc of male purpled being enby dt
Also they would ROCK that outfit
Lighthope — Allysa
Inactive for a while
Non character(or non detailed character) info
The horde
The horde is called the badlands
Horde prime is known as just Prime (also looks kinda fucked up; think biblical angel meets horde prime meets body horror)
Horde clones look like egged bad
Wrong hordak is Wrong bad
The reconditioning chamber looks simmilar to the obsidian cage
⬆️you are shoved in and forced to be exposed to the egg, then chipped. The chip directly injects spores into your bloodstream egging you.
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cosmosrebellion · 13 days ago
Evil Queen Glimmer AU!!
Catra: Glimmer, stop! This isn't you, you've gone mad with power!
Glimmer, her eyes glowing, dark magic crackling arround her: Well of course I have. 
Glimmer: Have you ever tried going mad without power? 
Glimmer: It's boring.
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pleasejustbecanonnow · 16 days ago
It's been a long, long time
Read on AO3
Adora had always been good at following orders.
Although they were called "instructions" back at the orphanage and they were as simple as making her bed in the morning, doing chores, or brushing her teeth three times a day. Later in the army, they were called "orders" and a usual doing what she was told to do kept her away from trouble.
Even better, she was good at it, she always knew that following orders would be necessary if she wanted to be a soldier and do her part in stopping the war.
Once she was enlisted, after she had finally been accepted in the army (with the help of Dr. Erskine, to participate in the super soldier program), following orders was the only thing that had kept her in the program. After all, those doctors who had rejected her applications before did have done so with her best interest in mind. The program was brutal and even on one or two occasions, she worried about passing out and dying in the middle of training. But focusing on the goal, and on what she needed to do in order to achieve it, kept her alive. The stolen moments she managed to glance at Agent Applesauce's profile were just a plus.
So for Adora, orders were like work acquaintances that have guided her through all her life and had helped her get to where she was in life. And it was those acquaintances, those daresay, companions that helped her go through the hardest time of her life.
It was after stopping the Evil Horde and being forced to crash the ship off the coast in Greenland, that she woke up in a staged sickbay. After panicking and bolting from there so sure something had gone wrong, so sure she had been captured and became a  Horde's poisoner, that the strangest part of the life had begun.
Turns out, the serum had allowed her to enter a cryogenic state that instead of dying of hypothermia kept her alive for almost 70 years sleeping on ice. The war had ended but, in all that time they were never able to duplicate the Serum. She was the only super-soldier of what was supposed to be an Army, and now everyone thought she was some kind of superhero.
Everyone seemed to know her, although they were really nice, in reality, they just knew about her. People also called her a Captain although nowhere in between all those years she had been officially promoted.
There was even that time when a nice waitress used her 15-minute break to helped her install and use a banking app (and had also saved her phone number in Adora's phone just in case she needed more help in the future) just because she had run out of cash and ATMs were still difficult to use. She was grateful that almost everywhere she went a lot of strangers had shown kindness, but in the end, they were all still just strangers.
Everyone and everything was unfamiliar. She has a hard time adjusting to her new surroundings and still struggled from time to time, so she had tried (per her superior's instructions) to go out there and find something to do besides the army.
In paper, they seemed to be good instructions, so she gave it a try. But no matter which hobby she tried to engage in, the yearning and loneliness in her heart never lessen, never disappeared. Everything was so loud and bright, even in the day, there were screens everywhere. It was great that health and education had also improved but she missed the old times, she missed home.
However, the good old times were not the only things she missed.
There was a persistent emptiness that had woken up with her, a constant reminder of the abrupt ending previous life had.
Even after 70 years since she had last seen her, 70 years since she had last talked to her, 70 years after she had almost kissed her and it didn't matter how much she avoid thinking about it, Captain Greyskull still missed her as if no time at all had passed.  
So after a lot of half-started hobbies, she returned to do what she did best. She officially joined the avengers, trained all day, and follow orders. At the end of each day she was exhausted, enough to almost fall unconscious just to avoid dreaming about blue and gold bright eyes.
It was for the best, every time she indulged in those dreams the cold pulsating pain on her chest was unbearable for days. That longing and aching for a place she never got to call home just because she had been too coward to get what she really wanted was torture. She had saved the world but had lost whom she craved to protect, craved to care for, craved to love.  
So Adora yearned, missed something she didn't even give herself a chance to have. She had chosen duty over her own life and as some form of punishment she had woken up to live out of duty alone.
When these thoughts plagued her, she was usually at the Avengers tower and would exercise until she could not feel anything anymore. But here, well, here there were no distractors, so she was running by sheer willpower.
She had gotten to enjoy some moments in her new life, it was fun fighting the bad guys alongside the rest of the avengers. Life had been simpler when all she did was what she was told.
Now that she had time for reflecting, after project "Rebirth" she followed instructions because she believed in her superiors. She always trusted they were all working toward the same goal, if it was necessary to be working closer and closer with Agent Applesauce, so be it.
Then, after waking up she continued following instructions just so she could have something to do, anything to distract her from the hollow space in her chest every time she thought about said agent.
In fact, everything she did after waking up in a perpetual nightmare was specifically to stop her from thinking about a pair of cute pointy cat ears alongside that dazzling smile that showed just the tiniest tip of a sharp fang. Anything to stop thinking about a date she never made it to. She had zero experience in the dating game, but she figured not showing up was bad.
Dying, sacrificing herself to save everyone else had been easy, and she thought it made a valid excuse to stood someone up on their first date but not showing up because she had been sleeping was dumb and stupid and a terrible excuse, and thinking about it made her face blush, her blood boil, her ears burn, and her stomach to flip.  
So Adora had been perfectly okay with following instructions as long as they didn't contradict her moral compass (like that time with the Sokovia accords...)
When she was a soldier, Adora followed orders because it was necessary in order to achieve the common good and to protect the people she loved, it didn't matter the cost. It was her mission after all. Later, as an Avenger, she followed orders because of the common good, now that everyone she ever loved was dead, there was no one to protect, she changed her foucus to protect the whole world.
In Summary following instructions, obeying orders, protecting civilians, saving Earth, was something Adora was good at, and it was what had brought her here, to this exact moment.
Here she was, back in time.
Adora was instructed to return all the infinity stones, each one in a specific order, then to return to base once she had finished, all of that without being seen.
All the infinity stones had been returned, it had not been easy but all of them were returned exactly as she was instructed, after all, Adora had always followed instructions to the letter.
Until today. Today, Captain Adora Greyskull was deliberately disobeying them.
Here she was, standing at the front of a white big house, in the middle of a suburban area without being able to ring the door's black ring bell for god knows how long.  
Every muscle in her body was cramped, screaming at her to move after too much time of inactivity. Yet she could not bring herself to move. It was so stupid, she had rung plenty of bells throughout her entire life, hell she rang bells in the year 2011 because thank god they still existed. But it seemed she was incapable of ringing this particular bell.  
She glanced around noticing how nice the house was and how big the garden was. A black motorcycle was parked right in front of the garage door. It was the same one Agent Applesauce used back in the day, well not back in the day but in the present day. Adora shocked head, she needed to focus.
The bike was right in front of the garage door, yet Agent Applesauce would rather leave it outside under the sun and the elements just to avoid the big, extenuating, not really that hard chore of opening and closing said garage door every time she needed a ride. At this thought, the corners of her lips turned upward her gaze softening, there were some things that never changed she figured smiling.
But what if things did change? What if Agent Applesauce had forgotten about her and moved on?
She had been a fool! Never had that idea crossed her mind until today. She never got to think that far, was it because of pure gullibility or stupidity she could not tell.
After all, forcing herself to never think about Agent Applesauce had been what had saved her of the millions of questions that were now swarming her mind:
Had she ever wondered what had happened to Adora after the ship crashed?  
-Had she ever recalled fondly those moments of friendship they had shared while fighting a war together?
-Alone, at night, without a war to fight had the Agent ever thought about that almost kiss they never got to share?
-Had she ever miss her?
Although their time together had been short it had been enough for Adora to decide she would never dance with anyone else, but had that short time spent together be enough for Agent Applesauce to decide the same?
No, she was not being fair. There was no way for the Agent to know. Adora was, in fact, declared missing in action and for years no one knew what had happened to her, by the time she woke up… It was too late for her to know.
She could never bring herself to visit the cemetery just as she could not bring herself to ring the damn bell. Adora was so closed to finally see her, to say all those things she had thought sleepless after sleepless nights that she just wished she could say to her.
All Adora had ever wanted was behind that door, yet she was incapable of moving. The fact that Adora had not met someone else didn't mean the agent had not done so as well. What if someone else opened the door? Like a partner or... a kid. What could she possibly say to them? That would be an awkward conversation.
Her hands got cold and clammy, her breathing was getting faster, nausea raised in her belly and her vision got blurry, but she knew it was a terrible time for one of those. Adora gathered herself and focus on her surroundings as she had done millions of times before. She saw the white door and the black ring bell, she smelled the fresh cut grass and the faint smell of baked bread from the bakery two blocks down, and she heard...
She knew that song.
She knew that song!
It was the song Agent Applesauce promised to show Adora how to dance with... Suddenly a loud buzz resonated in her ears. Adora blinked to clear her vision and her head. When she opened her eyes the buzz was still resonating and she saw her hand pressing the back ring bell, her fingers turning white because of the pressure. The music stopped, next, she heard steps approaching her, someone was coming and opening the door. Adora was frozen in place, unable to remove her hand from the bell, only able to see in slow motion how the door opened in front of her.
It was too late to run now, if it was a kid or a partner there was no escape, at least the bell was not ringing anymore was it because she had finally removed her hand or the bell had simply stopped working she could not tell.  
"Okay, okay, coming! If this is about the bike I swear-"
There she stood. Her hair was longer, tied in a high ponytail, her eyes as bright as she remembered. Said eyes were wide opened and her mouth was moving without making a sound.
She was not sure how, but Agent Applesauce was even more gorgeous than the last time she had seen her. Yet the Agent could not form any words.
"Hi" came Adora's raspy and squeaky voice, she cleared her throat to force herself to form more words "Um, remember me?" she asked hopefully but the Magicat remained motionless with her mouth agape. Adora's nerves were killing her "Please, say something" she begged while reaching for the Agent's hand looking directly at her eyes for permission to touch. It wasn't until she saw the small nod of the Agent's head when Adora finally held her hand.
the Magicat's hands were cold Adora noticed, so she guided her inside the house and helped her take a seat on the sofa "I'm sorry, but my orders included not being seen and since I'm not going back... not being seen is the least I can do" She apologized while letting go of the agent's hand to finally close the door behind them with a soft click. She then returned to the living room, the agent still seated where she had left her, she seemed catatonic but Adora was running out of time so she kneeled in front of her and gently snapped her fingers in front of her face "Are you okay, Agent?"
It might have been the wrong thing to say because the agent grabbed Adora's wrist in a vice grip and in a quick motion a knife was pressed against Adoras's throat "wait-" she tried but more force was applied to the knife at her throat and to her wrist shutting her up.
"Of all the dirty tricks I have seen, this is the worst!" she growled inches away from Adora's face "The audacity! not even basic background research... I'm the Director now" she added while pushing Adora away from her.
Captain Greyskull lost her balance and fell backward, in the few seconds Adora needed to get back to her feet a gun was already aimed at her chest "Okay" she said in a squicky voice while raising her hands up in a surrender gesture as slowly as she could, this reunion was not turning up as she had imagined it would go "Director Applesauce it is"  
The Magicat growled at Adora, the hand holding the gun trembling with rage "You have one minute to tell me who sent you and what were you planing to do"
Adora was not sure how long it had been since the end of the war so she was not sure what she could tell and not tell about. Honestly, she had no plan, after returning the last infinity stone she had activated the time travel thingy Stark had given her while thinking about going back home and somehow hand ended up here. She figured to start from the beginning was a good idea so she narrated woking up in the future, she then told her about the avengers and lastly about the infinity stones and her mission to return them back in time.
The Director had listened attentively through the whole story, it seemed she wanted to ask some things but waited until the end when she finally asked "Wait, are you telling me you are disobeying direct orders just to come and see me? Adora would never do that! If you think you can come to my house with a crazy story about time travel and aliens and even worse, if you think I could believe it, then you are an idiot"
"Yes," Adora slowly nodded "But with all due respect, Director" she added, a smug smile forming on her lips "I am your idiot"
It might have been the right thing to say because after a pause she asked "Is it really you?" showing a vulnerability Adora had just seen once in the past from the Director.
"Yes. it is me" Adora affirmed, desperately tears forming in her eyes "I swear everything I have said is true"
without leaving her sight from the Captain she dropped the gun and took a seat on the sofa again. Sighing, the Director closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose "So you woke up in the future, joined a group of superheroes, saved the world, and found the time to come visit old me?" she asked.  
This time Adora didn't nod "Not, exactly" she said while putting her hands down "I'm here because I miss you" she added while walking toward the record player next to the sofa the Director was sitting in "I'm here because I have not been able to stop thinking about you and because I was not strong enough to resist the opportunity to see you again" The record player was turned on and a trumpet melody accompanied by an orchestra filled the room and she faced the Director. Adora finally faced the Magicat and offered her hand "Director Applesauce, may I have this dance?"
Instead of an answer, the magicat threw herself at Captain Greyskull. Adora wrapped her arms around her waist as tight as she could without hurting her.
Thanks to their height difference Director Applesauce was able to burrow her nose in the crook of Adora's neck inhaling her sent "Enough with the Director thing" she said feign annoyance but the sound of her purring betrayed her "Please call me Catra" she finally mumbled while they both began swaying slowly with the music.
Adora Chuckled "Okay," she said softly, her lips gently brushing  Catra's ear "Catra it is"  
"Catra?" Adora asked while putting enough distance between them so they could look at each other's eyes "Can I kiss you?"
The magicat nodded and she dived in, she was finally home.
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marmarkow · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
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marmarkow · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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marmarkow · 16 days ago
An unnecessary ship
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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marmarkow · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
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cosmosrebellion · 18 days ago
Glimmer: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it.
Bow: Glimmer no.
Catra: Mistlefoe.
Adora: Please stop encouraging her!
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marmarkow · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
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