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#she ra fanfic
sunsetaurora · 8 hours ago
Over the years, Catra had only seen Adora cry a handful of times. Even when they were kids, and she was sick or hurt, Adora never shed a tear. Unsure of what to do, Catra wiped her hands on her jeans and took a big breath to calm herself. She watched as the tears freely flowed down Adora’s pink cheeks and how she angrily wiped at her eyes with the back of her good hand.
“Sorry,” she said, voice shaking. “I didn’t mean – I got carried away. Sometimes I want” – her blue eyes flicked towards Catra and away again – “things I can’t have. It’s stupid of me.”
Catra’s heart was beating so intensely that it echoed in her head. She thought back to the song and how Adora had looked at her in a way she had only ever dreamed of.
So soft and hopeful and wanting.
With wide, unblinking eyes, Catra asked, “What… things?”
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antibronybenswolo · 14 hours ago
I made a Bat-Ra AU, and I wanna make it into a fanfiction
Adora as Batman
Madame Razz as Alfred
Bow as Robin
Glimmer as Batgirl
Queen Angella as Commissioner Gordon
Catra as Joker/Catwoman
Shadow Weaver as Carl Grissom
Perfuma as Poison Ivy
Sea Hawk as Penguin
Mermista as Fish Mooney
Entrapta as Riddler
Frosta as Mr. Freeze
Scorpia as Harley Quinn
Hordak as Two-Face
Double Trouble as Scarecrow
Huntara as Bane
Light Hope and Mara as Thomas and Martha Wayne
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tippenfunkaport · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mermista is hosting a murder mystery game with the whole gang, but winning is not going to be quite as easy as she thinks.
So, Sea Hawk was the killer, huh? Mermista couldn't help but grin. He'd totally had her fooled before with his whole, "Oh, dearest! Bow's awfully shaken up about Glimmer! I offered to team up with him, give the poor boy a little muscle as backup!"
Damn, RIP Bow. She'd probably trip over his body any minute now. The boys had headed off down the south wing so she turned in that direction.
Fluff: 1,406 words
Read on AO3.
This prompt came in via Discord...
Tumblr media
...and I specifically said only canon ships but Aly and I are Discord married so I’ll allow it... but platonically.
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ace-of-whatever · 22 hours ago
A She-Ra fan fiction that reads like a book version of a sitcom (is that still called a sitcom?) about a group of ex horde soldiers all moved in together post war.
Pranks and visits from rebellion parole officers and "guest appearances" of the actual She-Ra characters. And of course stupid and still kind of comical misunderstandings.
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nny11writes · a day ago
“You could pay that bounty off on her behalf, send word out to her. And there. You didn’t forgive and you didn’t take her back, but you kinda apologize for the whole throwing her off a moving train business.”
“You ain’t ever gonna let that go are you?” Glimmer groused.
“You threw her off a moving train as a Deputy!”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Quick, kinda bad, sketch of Catra in her dress from chapter 11 of That You Are Here by Sapphire_and_Emeralds
If you haven’t read this fic yet, go do it now! Seriously, it’s soooooo good!
(hands are hard don’t @ me)
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sunsetcatra · a day ago
you’d be paranoid too (if everyone was out to get you) chapter 3
pairing: catra/adora
chapters: 3/7
chapter summary: adora makes a little bit of progress with catra
summary: Adora wins the opportunity to shadow internationally famous pop star Catra on the last week of her tour. At first, the glamour of fame and stardom seems as perfect as anyone would think.
But Adora soon learns that everything is not as it seems.
Especially Catra.
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Authors note: This was a little writing practice because I’ve gotten rusty, and before I take on bigger and more challenging projects I wanted to write a oneshot with @evounopandemony‘s character (Fae) and mine (Marley). Nothing in here is canon, I just imagine them both as traumatized sweethearts who love each other dearly after Primes reign of terror came to an end.
Their soft skin felt so fragile between Marleys fingers, and that was only their scalp. He was braiding little braids into Faes hair, stroking the rest of it behind the large bat-like ears.
„Your hair. It is very pretty and soft.“ He saw how Fae seemed to take on color in the cheek area.
„Marley… how come you are so good at braiding anyway? I don’t see you braiding your own hair often.“
„I used to do it when… when Prime… used my body. It was easier to fight with because it didn’t fall into my face or eyes.“ Fae froze up. That was right. Marley was one of the clones that… had a more direct relationship with the former false god. Marley used to be a vessel for combat. This soft man couldn’t hurt a fly, and Prime used him to commit terrific acts of wrath. But Marley was his own person now. He was free. And Fae tried to reassure him that despite what Prime made him do all those years ago he was still a good person. Marleys large but soft fingers had stopped braiding, he seemed to drift away into his own thoughts, as far as Fae could tell they were rather unpleasant because the big shoulders tensed.
„Marley… Whatever Prime— this monster made you do, it was not your fault.“
„I— I know you mean to be kind. But Fae, I will never be… never be able to move on from all of the unspeakable things I did, mind control or not, their blood, the blood of innocent creatures still flows through my fingers. I cannot move on.“ Fae turned around, putting their arms around Marleys neck, stroking over his scarred face. Marleys eyes were blinded on the left side, from the four that were in the same position as primes only two remained healthy.
„Marley. You are a beautiful, kind soul. He holds no power over you. I cannot force you to move on, nor do I want to. It is up to you when you feel ready. But: It is your decision what you do from here on out, entirely. You have so much love to give, I know, but give some of that to yourself, hm?“ They were not imagining it, when Marley nodded his slashed lip moved into a soft, shy smile.
„I‘ll try. For your sake.“
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