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#she ra incorrect
Bow: Hey Adora, you seem down! What's wrong?
Adora: It's just Catra's death traps.
Bow: Yeah, those were stressful-
Adora: They're so impersonal now!
Adora: I mean, an electrified floor? One of my powers is absorbing energy! She forgot one of my powers! Where's the fear? The psychological torment?
[Bow takes a step back but Adora grabs him by the shoulders]
Adora: It was bad enough when she hated me, but what if she doesn't care at all?!
Bow: I'm not qualified to handle this level of gay drama
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sithzuko · 11 months ago
catra: glimmer, tell adora she’s an idiot but i love her
glimmer: why don’t u tell her urself?
catra: bc we’re in a fight
glimmer: you’re sitting on her lap???
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spopatlatlok · 9 months ago
Catra: My girlfriend is too tall for me to kiss her on the lips. What should I do?
Lonnie: Punch her in the stomach, then when she doubles over in pain, kiss her.
Bow: Tackle her.
Frosta: Dump her.
Mermista: Kick her in the shin.
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sheraincorrectquotations · 8 months ago
Angelica: Now, for the last time, “your” is the possessive. Like “your shirt” or “your socks”, whereas “you’re” is a shortened version of “you are”.
Glimmer: My fire
Bow: The one
Adora: Desire
Mermista: Believe
Perfuma: When I say
Scorpia: I
Frosta: WANT
Entrapta: IT
Spinerella: THAT
Netossa: WAY
Seahawk: TELL ME WHY
Angelica, in a monotone: -do I even try to talk to any of you
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teenagedirtbag080 · a year ago
Headcanon: Double Trouble sent the message
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Please give the credits if you post it on another social network :)
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alysurr · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SPOP Palentine’s Day 1: Meetings and Beginnings Based on this text post by @good-ho-mens Check out the prompts and join in on the fun @spop-palentines!
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incorrect-spop · 21 days ago
Adora: So, um.. I'm in love with her. Catra
Glimmer, incredulously: Catra? From the Horde? That Catra?
Adora: Yeah. Thoughts?
Bow: And prayers
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Catra: So apparently the ‘bad vibes’ I’ve been feeling are actually ‘severe psychological distress.’ Adora: *concerned girlfriend noises* Glimmer: fucking mood.
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curiousscientistkae · 3 months ago
Glimmer: Go big or go home!
Bow: I am begging you, Glimmer. For once in your life, go home. Please. Just this once. Go home.
Glimmer, whispering: I'm going big.
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Catra, a doctor: Look, I know we used to date, but let's keep this professional, okay?
Adora: Okay!! So, did I break anything?
Catra, slamming down the X-Ray results: MY HEART!
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Adora: You want another slice of pizza, Finn?
Finn: Naw, I’m full
Adora: *Chuckles* Who are you and what have you done with my kid?
Finn: *silent*
Adora: ....Finn?
Finn: *Shifts back into Double Trouble and sprints out the room* SH*T SHE’S ON TO US!
Adora, Shera-ing: WTF?!?!
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perfumasflowers · 2 months ago
catra: i’m really upset & there’s nothing that can make me feel better
catra: no
catra: don’t
bow: *leaves & comes back with adora*
catra, fighting back a smile: fuck
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incorrectadora · 27 days ago
Adora: i just realized something. I had a bad childhood.
Bow: yeah, we know.
Adora: what do you mean, “you know?”
Glimmer: look at you!
Adora: what do you mean, “look at me?”
Glimmer: look at the way you stand.
Bow: People who had good childhoods don’t stand like that.
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multifandomnonsense · 3 months ago
Adora: It just so frustrating
Catra: What is?
Adora: Glimmer keeps dropping obvious hints that she likes Bow and Bow is still completely oblivious
Catra, wearing a shirt that says 'please date me, Adora' in bright pink letters: Haha, yeah that's crazy
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solqngelotp · 26 days ago
catra: do you want to know your gay name?
adora: my... my gay name?
catra: yeah, it's your first name-
adora: haha. very funny catra-
catra: *gets down on one knee* and my last name.
adora: oh- oh my god.
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incorrect-spop · 8 days ago
Adora: That’s ridiculous, Catra doesn’t have a crush on me
Glimmer: Yes she does
Bow: Yes she does
Entrapta: Yes she does
Catra: Yes I do
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