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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#she speaks

As much as I adore 2PM, I CANNOT stand Jay Park. That man just rubs me the wrong way 😖. Patiently waiting for the day ChaCha decides to leave his ass in the dust 😔.

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okay i have a plan for tomorrow.

chia pudding with cherries (175 kcal), a cup of earl grey tea with 4oz milk and 3 packets splenda (77 kcal), and then watch hamilton. for dinner i’ll have konjac ‘fried’ rice (86 kcal) and maybe i’ll add some tofu to that somehow or use up some of the tempeh i have in the fridge for protein. also green tea and sleeytime tea. but most importantly hamilton on disney plus with chia pudding and earl grey. god my american ancestors would hate that i’d have been on the revolutionaries’ side

also i think once my nails grow out again i’ll do a hand check

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(warning: nsfw)

like you just know he would love to film you getting yourself off - just posted at the foot of your bed as you give him a full view of yourself finger fucking yourself with one hand, fondling your tits with the other hand. the juxtaposition of him being fully clothed, seated with a camcorder while you’re naked, putting on a show? lord 🥵

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lol xkits not working? bc of the tumblr update? lol the one time i actually have inspo to come here and update my stuff :( 

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fuck this is actually easy when i keep myself busy. i made dinner for my grandpa and then dinner for my mom and then i made chia seed pudding with cherries in it for breakfast tomorrow, sunday, and monday and that way if it’s good on sunday i can make more for the week

also if it’s good i’ll post the recipe i used

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