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#she still makes like cloths and small towels for the kitchen but she used to make like nisser for christmas and socks and stuff :(
dnlcsml02 · 6 months ago
hi i love your fics!! especially the sakusa one!! i was wondering if you could make a similar one with atsumu as well (where he doest realize you're sick) if it's not too much ask? thank you so much 🥰
When he doesn't realise you're sick
Pairing: Atsumu x gn!reader Genre: angst to fluff Warnings: fainting, miya dialect
a/n: here you go, hope you like it. also what's this weird obsession with porridge i'm developing lol
Tumblr media
You’re Inarizaki’s team manager and you’re pretty close with the whole team, but you’ve known Atsumu the longest
You’ve been neighbours ever since you were kids and used to play together all the time
When you started going to Inarizaki, he convinced you to be the team’s manager
You’ve always had the habit of going along with whatever he decides (it’s more like you can’t say no to him)
You don’t really mind and you always know when to make him step on the breaks if he gets too carried away
This still continued after you two started dating, of course the team wasn’t shocked, especially considering how close you are
You’re not at your best today and seemed to be a little under the weather all day
You’re sure you’re coming down with something due to the cold season approaching. You feel a little feverish and extremely tired. You had already asked the coach for permission to leave straight after practice. Kita overheard the conversation and also agreed it’d be best to go home early and rest.
The boys are working hard during practice for a practice match coming up so you didn’t want to make them worry, especially Atsumu. You could tell he was already in a bad mood since him and the others were making more mistakes than usual.
When he’s like this you always end up coaxing him one way or another, but today you really aren’t feeling up to it. The usual shouting and the squeaking of shoes on the gym floor are starting to give you a headache.
You hate to admit it, but you don’t have any energy at all. You’re struggling to keep your eyes open as you take notes when you notice practice came to an end.
Everyone is making their way towards their towels and bottles, and you take this opportunity to pack your stuff and go home. However, before you can walk out the door, you hear your boyfriend call out to you.
“Y/n, where do ya think yer goin’? We still need to tidy up.”
You sigh, turning around with a smile on your face as you try to hide your drowsiness, “you know, I was thinking of going home a bit early today.”
He glares at you, “we all want to go home, it’s not like we’ve been sittin’ on our ass all day.” Everyone is shocked by Atsumu’s fierce tone and you are slightly taken a back. He clicks his tongue, turning around and walking towards his stuff, “help out and we’ll all be able to go home sooner”.
You notice Kita is giving you a sympathetic look. There’s nothing else you can do so you just shrug, place your bag by the door and join the others. Picking up a broom, you begin sweeping the floor as it wouldn’t be too straining. Your body feel sluggish and your mind finds it difficult to focus.
Before you realise everyone is already finished and heading out, waving goodbye as they leave one by one. Kita gave you a concerned look before he left and he wondered if you’d be ok, only to be given a slightly forced smile, trying to reassure him, in return.
He lets out a defeated sigh and goes home. Not long after, you see Atsumu walking towards the door and you call for him, “hey, babe could you wait for me?”
He doesn’t spare you a glance, “no way yer takin’ ages. I’m goin’ ahead, see ya tomorrow.” Before you even have the chance to ask again, he leaves, not sparing you a glance.
You knew he could be selfish at times, especially when he was mad, but to the point of leaving you behind by yourself? You find it hard to believe he’d actually do something like that, and yet, here you are.
Although the noise up until just recently made your head pound, the sudden silence made it all the more intense. Being left in that silence with your jumbled thoughts, only made your surroundings spin, your vision blurring as you try to focus your eyes.
You place your hands on the end of the broomstick as you rest your forehead on them, noticing how hot it is. You close your eyes wanting to wait out the dizziness before finishing the last section. Then, your head snaps in the direction of the gym door.
“Sorry, forgot my shoes.” You recognise Kita’s voice and nod as best as you can. He sees you standing there alone, stunned at how you’re practically using the broom as a support to keep yourself up right.
He’s aware you’re not feeling well but he can’t believe Atsumu didn’t realise and left you there by yourself. He’s about to leave when he stops and starts making his way to you, asking you one last time, “Y/n will you be alright doing this by yourself?”
You do your best to reply, but feel your body heat up with every second you spend thinking of something to say and your vision becomes even blurrier with every step he takes towards you. As you open your mouth to provide him with peace of mind, everything goes dark.
Meanwhile, Atsumu, who was already half way home, gets a call from a worried Kita. “Yes. What’s up captain?” He feels the floor disappear from under his feet.
His heart drops and without a second thought he turns on his heels sprinting back to the school gym. As he bursts through the door, his eyes fall upon your unconscious figure, which Kita moved to one of the benches.
“What happened?” Atsumu staggers his way to you, unable to comprehend the situation as he barely gets the words out through the lump in his throat.
Kita’s eyes shift from you to Atsumu before closing, showing a disappointed expression on his face, “they haven’t been well all day and fainted on me when I came back to get my shoes.” Atsumu feels his heart tighten, “don’t want to think what would’ve happened if they had been alone.” He feels yet another tug.
He turns cold as his mind jumps back to the look of your pale expression, which he dismissed not too long ago. Also remembering how you asked him to stay behind and wait for you. The guilt built up, shatters any excuse he tries to come up with.
Maybe if he had listened to you, you’d be in your warm bed by now and not on an uncomfortable bench in a cold and humid gymnasium.
When you wake up you feel a familiar warmth against your chest. From the consecutive movements, you can only deduce your being carried on someone’s back. As you try pushing yourself up—with what little strength you have left—to confirm who it is, you hear his voice.
“Yer up?” He pauses for a awkward amount of time before continuing, “how’re ya feelin’?”
You’re too tired to formulate a response so you just snuggle up, enjoying the comforting feeling radiating from his back, in silence. Your heart swells as you feel the, what you assume is he’s jersey, on your back, shielding you from the chilly breeze.
Atsumu continues talking, slightly worried at your lack of response, but soon notices the change in your breathing, realising you’d gone back to sleep.
When you open your eyes again, you’re in your bedroom. The last thing you remember is you sweeping the gym, but the memory is too hazy for you to remember the details. You’re in your pyjamas and in your warm bed.
Your pyjamas? You don’t remember changing. As you try to figure out more or less what happened, Atsumu opens your bedroom door, walking in with a bowl of warm water. He’s surprised and excited to see you’re awake, but controls himself knowing you're not fully recovered yet.
“Hey, how’re ya feelin’?” He asks as he places a hand on you forehead, noting that you still have a slight fever. “I asked yer mum to change yer clothes so ya’d be more comfortable, and right now she’s in the kitchen makin’ ya somethin’ to eat. I doubt I’d make anythin’ edible.”
You follow his lead as he gently lays your head back down on the pillow, pulling the covers to your chin. “How did I get back home?” You question as he dips a cloth in the bowl of water.
“I carried ya back.”
“What, I’m sorry…”
“No,” he interrupts you, twisting the excess water off the cloth he’s holding. “I’m sorry,” he says making you slightly confused, “I’m sorry for not realisin’ that ya weren’t feelin’ well, even if I wasn’t in the best of moods I shoulda realised somethin’ was wrong.”
You turn and lay on your side to face him, skilfully holding back your amusement. Your head is slightly clearer, allowing you to enjoy this rare sight. He tends to be over dramatic about everything, but not this time.
It’s not like you’re mad, but you’re still a little upset that he didn’t notice a difference. On a normal day, you would’ve given him an earful for snapping at you like he did, but you didn’t. However, you can’t blame him entirely.
He gently wipes your forehead with the cloth, nervously waiting for you to say something. You take the opportunity, as he turns his attention to your face, to give him a slightly saddened expression.
He begins to worry, feeling his chest tighten as you begin to speak, “I was just really upset that you lashed out at me like that.” You sink your face onto your pillow, watching his reaction out of the corner of your eye. How cute, you think as he purses his lip out of guilt.
“I know baby. I promise it won’t happen again. Please let me make it up to ya,” he pleads hopefully.
You chuckle lightly, “alright, how about you start by learning how to make porridge,” you suggest, giving him a side glance. “I want to eat the porridge you make next time I get sick.”
He gulps, muttering under his breath, “gotta make sure that ya don’t get sick again then.” You overhear him, nudging him in the process and letting out an unsatisfied ‘hey’.
“I know, I know. I was jokin’,” he says disappointedly.
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bensolosbluesaber · 6 months ago
Returning a Favor (Zemo x Reader fic)
TFATWS Ep. 4 Spoilers!!
Tumblr media
Summary: When your old friend, Sam Wilson, needs your help in Riga you drop everything and go. You knew they broke Baron Helmut Zemo out of jail, but you didn't expect to bond with the villain. (AKA: I thought getting hit in the face by the Shield would at least leave a bruise. Here's how that would go down with a fourth person.)
CW: Blood, wounds, some creepy behavior (not from Zemo), a few Y/N inserts
No smut yet, just cute cuddles and taking care of each other. Maybe smut in the future though! Let me know if you want a Part 2 or added to a tag list for potential future fics! I think the reader can be any gender; I tried to write it that way and be inclusive, but please tell me if I messed up!
If you know me in real life, no you don't:) I write most of my fics on @aurora521 and write on AO3 and under the same name. Please don't come for me about finding Zemo attractive.
Hope you enjoy!
Returning a Favor
Meet me in Riga. -S
That was the text you received from Sam Wilson, your old military friend, yesterday. And now here you are, outside the Riga airport walking toward Sam in traditional undercover superhero attire- a baseball hat and sunglasses.
“Thanks for coming,” he greeted. “We have a little problem.”
“Is his name Baron Helmut Zemo by chance?” You asked, following him to a jet black sports car.
You were very aware of just what type of trouble Sam was getting himself into since you, a SWORD agent, still had access to all kinds of classified information.
“See for yourself,” Sam muttered, gesturing to the back door of the car and climbing in the driver's seat himself.
You hesitated for a moment, then opened the door and slid into the back. And yes, Zemo was there, lounging back with legs spread. He’s wearing a long coat with fur lining, a deep purple shirt, black pants, and shiny leather shoes. He nods to you and smirks ever so slightly. Bucky Barnes, who you had only heard about but recognized immediately, turns from his spot in the front seat and smiles at you.
“I’ve heard a lot about you, Y/N,” he says.
“And I you,” you respond.
Sam pulls out of the parking lot with a screech of tires. The ride is mostly silent, Sam and Bucky bickering occasionally. That made you smile, knowing that as much as Bucky annoyed Sam, this was the type of relationship he craved. Zemo watched you the entire drive, sizing you up.
The home they’re staying at is obviously the Baron's. He’s comfortable there, leaning against the counters, rifling through cabinets, lounging on the couch.
“So what am I doing here?” You finally asked.
The three men interact easily, and either Sam or Bucky is always watching Zemo. There’s no real need for a fourth person to get involved, at least not in your mind.
“Someone needs to babysit the Baron,” Sam explained with an annoyed sigh.
Zemo shrugged with a smirk so innocent it’s sinister. He’s still wearing that ridiculous coat.
“The two Avengers can’t handle him?”
“I believe your friends find it challenging to be around me,” Zemo answered for Sam.
“You shot a man in the head yesterday!” Sam snapped. “You antagonize Bucky at every turn. Forgive us for needing a break from whatever is happening in your fucked up head.”
Zemo tilts his head as if agreeing with everything Sam had just said.
“Anyway,” Bucky interrupted. “We have a lead on Karli. You can sleep off some jet lag while we’re gone, but starting tonight it’s your turn to keep track of him.”
You settled into a small bedroom. The moment your head hit the pillow, you fell asleep. At home it’s nearly ten at night; here it’s midday.
The trio is back all too soon, heralded by a slam of a door, and you force yourself to wake up to adjust to the time change as rapidly and effectively as possible. As you open the door to the living room, Bucky is stalking toward Zemo. He grabs the teacup from Zemo’s hand and hurls it against the wall.
“You wanna see what someone can do with leverage?” Bucky growled, staring at Zemo with an unnerving glint in his eyes.
“Take it easy. Don’t engage him,” Sam jumped up and grabbed Bucky’s arm. “He’s just gonna extort you and do that stupid head tilt thing.”
Bucky’s face softened slightly. Zemo stops tilting his head.
“Let me make a call,” Sam says and walks away.
“You want some cherry blossom tea?” Zemo offers Bucky with a mocking tone.
“No. You go ahead,” Bucky hissed, and after a moment of staring, he followed Sam out of the room.
You had watched Zemo for that entire exchange, noticed the slightest flinch and hint of fear when Bucky had grabbed that cup. The moment the other two men are gone and Zemo thinks he’s alone, he pours himself another cup. His hand is steady, but he draws a sharp, unsteady breath.
You move out of the room, and Zemo looks up at you from his spot on the couch. Without a word, you walk into the kitchen, taking a roll of paper towels and carefully picking up the shattered glass.
“I can do that,” Zemo says, speaking directly to you for the first time.
His voice is calm, accent thick.
“It’s alright,” you answer, then gasp sharply as a piece slices your pointer finger from tip to palm. “Fuck.”
You set the bloody piece with the pile of glass and hold a paper towel to your hand. You used the other hand to wipe tea off the wall and floor before picking up the glass piled on a paper towel and placing it in the trash, carefully tucked in other garbage.
“Let me.”
Zemo’s voice behind you makes you jump. You eye him for a moment wondering if there is some ulterior motive, some way he could hurt you or hold you hostage. Nothing comes to mind, not with Sam and Bucky so close, so you hold out your bleeding hand. He clicks his tongue at the wound.
When he takes your hand in his, his fingers are soft and warm. He moves your wound under a faucet and lets water run, rinsing the blood down the sink. He squeezes the wound a bit, and you wince as it begins to bleed more.
“We bleed to clean our wounds. It is the body’s way of protecting itself,” he says and presses a towel to your finger as he shuts off the water. “Ironic isn’t it. The very thing meant to protect us from future danger, often kills us first.”
“I’m not here to debate the ethics of superheroes with you.”
“Hold that,” he lets go of your hand and opens another cabinet. “I know how I feel about enhanced humans. There is nothing for me to debate.”
Zemo takes your hand back in his. You watch his face as he works. He uses his mouth to remove the wrapping from a butterfly bandage. The bleeding has slowed, and he uses the bandage to pull your torn skin back together. The cut isn’t terrible, certainly not the worst injury you’ve ever had, but it will scar. He adds two more strips, then places an absorbent pad over it and wraps it all in gauze.
“When we get back, I’ll change that for you.”
“I’ll hope you don’t get killed then,” you offer with a grateful smile.
He doesn’t respond but gestures to you to join on the couch. You do, keeping what you feel is a safe distance between the two of you. Zemo hands you a cup of warm tea, but as you grab it, he doesn’t let go. Your undamaged fingers brush his for a long moment and he chuckles.
“Promise not to take after your friend James? I quite like this tea set.”
Your eyebrows knit together as he smiles at his own joke and finally surrenders the cup to you. That’s the last words you two exchange, and when Bucky and Sam return ready for the next part of the mission, they find the two of you sitting in silence sharing a pot of tea.
When the three men returned, Sam and Bucky held an unconscious Zemo between them. You jumped off the couch, the book you had been reading discarded, and let them lay Zemo down.
“What happened?”
“John Walker,” the two men answered in the same disgusted tone.
You leaned over Zemo, finally seeing the blood and bruise on his right temple.
“This one disappeared for a few minutes, shot Karli-”
“Didn’t kill her,” Sam interrupted, sounding relieved.
Much like Sam, you sympathized with Karli’s motives if not her methods. And much like Sam, you were glad she hadn’t died.
“Then Walker knocked him out with the shield,” Bucky finished.
There was no jab at Sam this time for which you were grateful.
“Which is the only useful thing he did,” Sam added. “Zemo destroyed the rest of the serum, so right now he’s above Walker in my book.”
You looked down at Zemo, blood had dripped down his face and neck, though most of it was dried now. His eyelids twitched as he slept.
“Are you two okay?” You asked as you walked toward the bathroom.
“Fine. We ditched Walker, but we’ll need to get out of here as soon as we figure out what to do with Karli,” Sam answered, collapsing on the couch with a heavy sigh.
You dampened a washcloth in the bathroom and on your way back to the living room, grabbed the first aid kit Zemo had used on you earlier.
“What are you doing? He’ll be fine,” Bucky muttered.
He was sitting next to Sam now.
“Returning a favor,” you answered as you knelt at Zemo’s side.
You dabbed at the drying blood with the cloth, wiping it off his cheek, out of his hair. Somehow the coat came out unscathed. Sam and Bucky were talking about something behind you, but you were entirely focused on the unconscious man.
Zemo had a handsome, aristocratic face, and he walked like royalty, like he was untouchable. This was evidence he wasn’t.
You moved to the actual wound next. The cloth was soft, unreasonably so. A large hand wrapped around your wrist, squeezing tightly. You inhale sharply and shift your gaze to Zemo’s hand then his eyes. When your eyes met his, he seemed to relax, releasing you and letting his hand fall at his side.
“Apologies,” he grunted, mouth twitching with pain.
“It’s alright,” you answer calmly, very aware that the other men had stopped talking and were fixated on a potential threat. “Turn your head please.”
You put a hand on his cheek and turned him to face you to get a better look at the wound that was still seeping slowly.
“The new Captain America might force me to reconsider my stance on superheroes. I would enjoy seeing Sam and James have a go at him,” Zemo said as you prod the wound.
You wiped the cut with antiseptic, and Zemo hissed a bit at that but said nothing. Then, just like he had done to you, you placed three butterfly bandages on the cut. It wasn’t deep, just long and jagged.
“You’re my new favorite,” he joked with a little grin.
You laughed and walked to the kitchen for some ice. There were no packs, so you grabbed a bag of frozen peas, wrapped them in a towel and set it gently on Zemo’s temple.
“I can’t have you dying when I need this changed tonight,” you said, holding up a finger.
When you turned around, Sam and Bucky had both stretched out on the couch. They both wore annoyed expressions that Zemo got a whole couch and they got one to share. Bucky bumped Sam’s foot with his own, much to your amusement and Sam’s annoyance. He kicked his partner back, and you decided not to interrupt their little couples spat. Instead, you move to sit on the ground.
Zemo grabbed your wrist again, this time gently. He tucked his legs up, folding them into a V, and motioned you to share his couch. And you did, sitting in the same spot you had earlier, this time near his feet still clad in shiny black leather shoes.
“Hey, you two,” Sam called. “What’s this cozy little couch situation going on here?”
“You two could have a cozy little couch situation too if you’d just talk to each other,” Zemo shot back.
He didn’t even look at Sam, just held the frozen vegetables to his face, eyes closed.
“Y/N?” Zemo asked after a moment. “Can you get me an Advil? Or better yet, some sort of alcoholic beverage?”
“I’m not your servant, Zemo,” you sighed but stood and poured him a glass of some expensive alcohol from a bottle with Sokovian writing.
He sipped it, setting it on his chest between sips as he lounged on the couch with you. Bucky was watching you out the corner of his eye, and you were watching Zemo. Every few sips he would grimace, his lips pressing together and chest catching. Then he’d relax, exhale softly and shift the peas back into place. Eventually you picked up your book and began to read again.
Sam left the room to take a phone call a few hours later and came back shaking.
“Karli threatened Sarah, my nephews. I have to meet with her. Alone.”
“I’m coming with you,” Bucky jumped in, already on his feet. “Walker will be there, and you can’t handle the Super Soldiers and Captain Propaganda on your own.”
Zemo was either asleep or doing a good job pretending beside you. The pea bag had been returned to the freezer. He’d discarded his coat and was now wearing only his black pants and a deep purple shirt with shoulder holsters.
“You got him?” Sam pointed to the sleeping man.
“That’s what I’m here for,” you answered, setting the book aside and watching them prepare to leave.
Both men donned their costumes, Sam strapping his wings on, Bucky ripping the sleeve off of yet another jacket so his metal arm could move freely.
“Call me- us if you need backup,” you shouted after them, knowing full well they would do no such thing.
“If we aren’t back in two hours, take his ass back to jail,” Bucky called back.
Baron Zemo woke up the minute the door slammed shut, which made you doubt he’d been sleeping at all.
“And now it is only us,” he said in that thick Sokovian accent. “I will cook us something for dinner.”
He moved into the kitchen, boiling a pot of water while you watched. You perched yourself on the counter near him as he searched through cabinets. When he noticed you, he paused and chuckled before returning to the cooking. You watched in silence, keeping a close eye on him when he picked up a knife and began chopping tomatoes from a can.
He handed you a bowl of thin noodles with a thick red sauce. It smelled delicious.
“A traditional and simple Sokovian dish, a comfort food you might say,” he explained and joined you on the counter. “I made enough for Sam and James. Call me an optimist.”
Zemo didn’t talk much, you realized, as you enjoyed the food in silence. It was delicious, a bit like pasta. Suddenly, the back door clicked open. You glance around nervously, realizing just how wrong this felt.
“They shouldn’t be back yet,” you say quietly. “And they wouldn’t come in the back.”
“My old associates must have found me,” Zemo jumps off the table, and you notice the same nervousness as when Bucky threw the cup. He cannot know about James or Sam.”
You can hear a single person strolling toward the kitchen in heavy boots.
“I’m going to kiss you,” Zemo whispered, and before you could even process the words, he was standing between your legs and pressing his lips to yours.
His movements are slow and careful, trying not to be invasive as he moves his hands to your back, sliding one up to the back of your head. You wrap an arm around his waist and slide the other hand up the front of his purple shirt, splaying your fingers across his chest. His lips are soft and warm as they move against yours. His hand keeps you from pulling away, not that you’d want to.
“I heard you were back in Riga,” a new voice chuckled. “I had to see for myself.”
Zemo pulls back, feigning surprise, but kept an arm protectively around you.
“And as you have undoubtedly noticed, I am quite busy,” he replied. “Perhaps you could come back tomorrow? I’d prefer not to discuss our business in front of…”
Zemo nods to you. You were staring at the man who you recognized from work files. He was a former Shield agent. When Shield fell, he used the chaos for his own advantage, working for neither Shield nor Hydra and killing anyone who stood in his way. You suspected, but couldn’t be sure, that some of your best friends had been killed by him. Fortunately, you had enough self-control not to shoot him. His mere presence made you tense and uncomfortable.
“Of course, Baron,” he grinned and look at you in a way that made you shift closer to Zemo. “I’ll see you tomorrow, noon. The usual place.”
He gave the two of you one last look and left with a wink to Zemo. Even when the other man had gone, Zemo’s hands were still holding you against him.
“We will have to be gone before noon tomorrow,” he said looking down at you.
For some reason, you were both still wrapped around each other.
“You know who he is?” Zemo said, a statement masquerading as a question. “I am sorry.”
Your face was only inches from him, and you could smell his cologne. Zemo used the hand on your head to pull you against his shoulder. You set your head there, face turned into his neck, and inhaled deeply. And there he sat and you stood, hugging tightly for no real reason except that no one else was there.
Zemo pressed a soft kiss to your head, and rather than protest you let his lips linger. Finally, his head fell on your shoulder. After a moment, he slid you off the counter, took your hand, and led you back to the couch. Without asking, the two of you settled together on the couch, so close your sides pressed against each other. He pulled a gun out of his shoulder holster, and you froze until he set it down on the table, smirking a little.
“I don’t make a habit of shooting people I’ve just kissed,” he chuckled and raised an arm for you to lean against him.
You raised an eyebrow at him, surprised at the forwardness. You shouldn’t be, after all, he had just kissed you and held you on the counter of his kitchen. Helmut Zemo made no sense to you, but in the end, you curled against him. He shifted to lay on his back, head propped on the pillows he was laying on earlier while you tucked yourself beside him, head on his chest.
Zemo wrapped an arm around you. You put a hand on his chest, fingering the purple shirt. He was warm and soft, and you had to remind yourself that you could not fall asleep while you are supposed to be watching him.
“Why are we doing this?” You whisper. “Why are you doing this?”
“Why are you?” Zemo turns his head toward you.
“I haven’t had someone to do this with in a long time,” you answer slowly, cautiously, knowing full well this was a man who could turn on you on an instant or hold onto information until the moment it was advantageous to him.
“Neither have I,” He replied. “German prisons don’t allow much physical contact. Besides, I hope that with enough time perhaps I may kiss you again.”
You tilted your head up to see a grin tugging at the side of his lips, lips that had been on yours a few minutes ago.
“Maybe with enough time,” you answer and brush a lose strand of hair out of his eyes, letting your hand trail over the bruise on his face.
He caged your hand in his, bringing your joined hands back to his chest and holding them there. You felt the rise and fall of his breaths and it soothed you. When they grew deep and steady and the tension seemed to fall from his body, you realized he was truly asleep, not faking like earlier. Soon and against your better judgment, you were dozing off in his arms tossing a leg over his so your limbs tangled together.
Your last thought before you fell asleep was how warm and comfortable you felt with Helmut Zemo, and how completely ludicrous such a thought was.
It wasn’t long before the door opening woke you, still secure in Zemo’s arms. You tried to move, sit up so Sam and Bucky wouldn’t see this little arrangement. You failed. Bucky came in first, stopping in his tracks as he saw the scene on the couch.
“What are you doing? Keep walk- what?” Sam ran right into Bucky’s back then froze.
Their eyes were wide as they stared. Zemo shifted awake beneath you, and you could imagine the smirk on his face. Bucky’s metal fist clenched, and Sam, ever the peacemaker grabbed his arm and opted for a more amicable approach.
“One of you better start talking.”
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oikadori · 7 months ago
First off i really like your work thank you so much for making them, stay safe. And stay hydrated... This is my first time requesting. Ummmm can you please do osamu, sakusa and kenma. Like after the timeskip and the wife is on vacations and they were the one who take cares of the kids for the time being and they leave the lil demon for a moment and he/she destroyed the whole house and their wife is coming home any moment. I wanna know what their reaction and action will be. Thank you.
Tumblr media
⇢ includes: osamu, sakusa , kenma,  
⇢ genre // warnings: fluff , f!reader // swears, dad!sakusa gets kinda mad but then all is good. 
⇢ wc~ 0,9K
a/n: this is so sweet ?? pleasee thank you for requesting nonnie !!hope u like these. special thanks to @hvnlydmn who helped me figure out how i wanted to do these! ILY AINS <33 kithes
reblogs are highly appreciated :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Two pairs of big grey eyes peak from the couch in Osamu’s direction. His sleepy eyes adjusting to the light, unwrapping the chaos his living room has turned into.
Your twins are sitting comfortably on the couch, both of their mouths full of candies and their faces painted with red jelly, the same jelly that is now on the kitchen floor. Snacks are smeared all over the place and the couch is full of crumbs, but the little kids are wearing happy smiles.
“Daddy just went to sleep for fifteen minutes ‘cause he was tired and this is how you are gonna greet mommy when she’s back?”
Osamu’s tone is rather playful than harsh, he doesn’t have the heart to put on his serious face when your kids are smiling at him with those puffy cheeks. He breathes heavily, walking towards them, stopping right in front of the TV to catch their  attention.
“So, which one of ya is gonna help me clean this?”, he crosses his arms over his beefy chest as the little girl and the little boy blink at his words.
“He!” “She!”
They point at the other, looking up at your husband, who’s lips curve into a smile, the scene feeling familiar to him bringing back a piece of his childhood with Atsumu.
“Right…” a deep chuckle leaves his throat as he kneels between them, taking a napkin out, “But first I’ll have to get ya both clean”
He grabs your daughter’s cheek, earning a girly giggle out of her when he whipped away the jelly from her chin. Osamu freezes, feeling his phone buzzing in his pocket.
I’ll be there in 5!!! Love you !
He reads the message in slow motion as his son drops some more candies onto the floor and his daughter puts more sweets into her mouth. Osamu locks eyes with the two kids, fear printed in his face.
“Yer mom is gonna kill me”
Tumblr media
“What…What happened?”
Sakusa says, almost dropping the towel he was using to dry off his dark, wet curls as he stares at the scene in front of him. The walls of the hall are covered with lines and figures and your daughter is standing proud next to it.
“LOOK, DADDY!“. The little girl points with her chubby fingers at the walls showing off her artistic skills to her dad but Sakusa’s face is pale. He moves towards her with his brows furrowed, her smile slowly fading.
“Y-you didn’t like it?”
“It’s not that… but good kids don’t draw on the walls while their dads are taking a shower!”, he points at the drawings, noticing her daughter’s dress stained with yellow, “―and you’ve ruined your dress!”
He doesn’t notice the harshness in his voice until he hears a little sniffle. Sakusa blinks, founding a big pout taking over his daughter’s face, making his breath hitch in his throat.
“I-I just wanted to give mommy a surprise”
She looks at the floor, playing with her fingers and Sakusa’s heart drops to the ground. His eyes soften instantly and he bends down, caressing the top of her head and holding her small hand in his.
“ Hey, I’m sorry love, daddy it’s just a bit tired and he misses mommy too” He thumbs her daughter’s cheek before tracing the yellow spot on her dress with his fingers “let’s change you into some clean clothes, okay angel?”
Your daughter nods eagerly, putting a grin on Sakusa’s lips.
“That’s my perfect girl!” Your daughter smiles again as he picks her up easily from the floor, kissing her cheek in his way to her room but the click the key makes with the door causes both of them to still, looking at each other with wide eyes.
“ it's mom!” she yells with the biggest smile on her face, stealing a chuckle from the spiker.
“Yeah, I’m excited to see her too.”
Tumblr media
“Sorry, I’ll be back in 5. I have to check upon a little something of mine”
Kenma says with a soft grin before taking off his headsets and stopping his stream. He heads to his son’s room when a loud thud makes him freeze in the spot. He trips in his way to the living room, finding your big, flat screen Tv laying on the floor.
“shit“ he curses under his breath, his cat-like eyes widening as he spots his kid standing with an innocent face next to the TV.
“Mmh, I guess this is the part where I scold you….” Kenma hides his hands in his pockets, thinking about his next words. Your son moves towards him, stopping right in front of him to hold his hoodie, pulling the fabric to catch his attention.
“Can you play with me now, daddy?” Kenma’s amber eyes widen and his lips curl into a grin.
“So, you destroyed the living room to call daddy’s attention?”, your child nods, embarrassed, and Kenma tilts his head.
“I’m sorry daddy”
“I guess―if you know it was wrong, we are all good, bubs” Kenma whispers, patting his head and hugging him lightly, “but you mommy isn’t as cool as your daddy”
He grins devilish at his son when a familiar ringtone fills the room. Your son quickly unwraps your husband’s waist to pick up his tablet, a picture of you popping on the screen
Your son looks at his dad in fear and Kenma ruffles his dark hair with calm eyes before grabbing the device to answer the call. He giggles at the way your eyes seem to fall from your face when you catch a glimpse of your living room.
He takes out his wallet, sighing softly before giving you a cocky grin from across the screen.
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll buy you a new living room.”
Tumblr media
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rendevousz · 7 months ago
niagara falls of blood?
avengers x fem!teen!reader
summary: pretty much what the title is, you on your period
warnings: your moodswings ig
word count: 2765
"rise and shine, y/n!" you hear an annoying voice sing just as the lights flickered on. you grumbled something inaudible, hiding underneath your blanket to shield yourself from the brightness that steve just brought upon your room.
"y/n/n, come on. wakey-wakey!" you groan, feeling super unmotivated to train today. you even felt like punching steve in his perfect-looking face just for waking you up at the crack ass of dawn. this was unusual because you loved jogs before the sun came up and trainings before it hit noon.
"steve, if you don't shut the hell up right now, i'm gonna push you into that lake beside our usual jogging route."
"jeez, y/n, woke up on the wrong side or what?" he teases, finally leaving once he saw you were already sitting up. you groggily walked to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth before changing into your workout clothes.
"no!" you whine when you saw that you were on your period. that's why you were in a crappy mood when steve woke you up. you begrudgingly dressed up after putting on a pad, grabbing a small towel on the way out.
like you did every morning, you were gonna go on a run with steve, bucky and sam. while you loved running, you hated how steve and bucky "cheated" —as you and sam liked to call it— with their super soldier staminas. that was why you loved having sam there. not only was he great company but he was also moral support because you two would always be hilariously overtook by steve and bucky multiple times. but that didn't matter because you two would always be completely immersed in your conversations every time.
but not today though. you already knew today was going to be different. you had gotten a bad start to the day with steve's and your usual morning routine which somehow annoyed you this one time. and having to run around with your cramps definitely didn't help lighten your mood.
"kid, you okay?" sam asks from your right side. you'd been silent throughout the whole run and sam knew something was up when you didn't laugh at his jokes like how you usually would. "just cramps. they're hurting a lot so i'm probably gonna skip training today." you explain and he slowed down his pace causing you to slow down too since you always had to run side by side.
"y/n/n, you should probably stop now if you're having cramps. it might make it worse—i think? i don't know, actually. i don't know how periods work but i know cramps hurt a lot so i think you should stop. yeah, you should stop." his rambling speech made you feel a bit better now knowing he wants you to take care of yourself. "you know what? yeah, i think i'm gonna go. sorry i have to leave you with the two cheaters."
he smiled at you, telling you not to worry about it. you were touched and your mood significantly brightened but before you could reply him, rhythmic footsteps echoed from a distance from behind you two and you knew what was coming.
"on your left."
before steve and bucky could just pass by peacefully like they did the past nine times, you managed to throw a punch to steve's side, effectively slowing him down when he stumbled and then completely stopped. "what gives, y/n?!" bucky then stopped too, wanting to know what was up.
"that's for this morning." you glared at him and he looked at you in confusion, holding onto his side where you punched him. though you were significantly smaller than he was—than any of them were, really—, you could definitely throw a punch. speaking of punch, you gave him another on his other side and he flinched, giving you an incredulous look, one that resembled betrayal.
"and that's for being a cheater." you narrowed your eyes at him. "oN yOuR LeFt." you mocked him, rolling your eyes before ultimately leaving the trio to walk back to the tower. they looked at your fading figure and exchanged looks with each other in confusion. "what...what just happened?"
"y/n's on her period so we gotta be careful with her." sam explained and steve being steve, his cheeks tinted slight pink as the thought slightly embarrassed him.
"period? you mean the niagra falls of blood," bucky states, taking a long sip out his water bottle. sam rolled his eyes at this but nodded anyways. "also, she doesn't want training today so unless any of you have a death wish, don't call her down for anything other than for food, got it?"
"yes, sir."
"got it."
"you do it,"
"i don't want to, you do it."
"can one of you just do it? why don't you guys want to wake y/n up?" nat stopped bucky and steve's little argument as she turned away from the stove for a bit. "you two love waking her up and carrying her down to eat. what happened?"
"womanhood happened," steve mumbled bitterly, rubbing his sides where you hit him this morning. apparently you had hit him hard enough to bruise a little. nat rolled her eyes in realisation. "period?"
"no, no, not period. satan's montly ritual inside of y/n. you should've seen her this morning, nat. it was like she was possessed!" steve exaggerates. "okay, let's not be dramatic here," bucky rolls his eyes at his best friend. steve only looked at him with fear in his eyes and bucky sighs. "fine, i'll do it. but if i don't return, tell sam he still can't have my snacks. no one can have my snacks."
nat only shakes her head before turning back to the stove to finish cooking lunch.
meanwhile, bucky was making his way up to your room. deep down he was scared to face you after your episode in the morning. "y/n/n? doll, it's lunch." he spoke when he entered your room. he melted when he saw you all snuggled up in bed, asleep, hugging your life-sized teddy bear that tony gifted you last christmas.
"doll? time to eat," he whispered, gently shaking you awake. you slowly opened your eyes to see bucky sitting on your bed, trying to wake you up from your nap. "what time is it?" you asked, rubbing your eyes, your lips jutting out subconsciously. bucky internally cooed at how adorable you looked. "it's afternoon, you skipped breakfast so nat wants you to eat lunch." he tells you.
"tell her i'm sleepy," you said, adjusting yourself back under the blanket. "y/n/n, you gotta eat. nat's gonna kill me if i go back down there without you." he shakes you again and you look up at him with you doe eyes. "then don't go back down. cuddle me, jamesie!" you pouted, giving him your best sad puppy look.
he had a brief internal battle with himself before losing and giving in, slipping next to you and hugging you, providing you warmth that even your blanket couldn't provide. bucky knew nat would have his head but how could he say no to that adorable face? and you using his real name? ultimate weakness.
soon, you were back asleep, cuddling up to him. he smiled down at you, loving how peaceful you seemed when you were sleeping. and before he knew it, he too fell asleep.
"what's taking him so long?" nat huffed and steve's jaw dropped slightly, looking at her in worry. "who's telling sam he can't have bucky's snacks?"
"don't be ridiculous, steve. go get them or i'm telling sam he can't have your snacks too." steve sighs, getting up from the barstool and making his way up to your room.
safe to say he was expecting pretty much anything but the sight of you and bucky asleep, cuddled up to each other. steve's lips jutted out and he cooed at you both. he snapped a quick picture before approaching you two, sitting on your bed beside your sleeping figure.
"y/n/n? sweetie, you need to eat." he says softly as he shook you awake. the shaking seemed to wake bucky up too and when your eyes fluttered open, steve smiled down at you. "bubba? it's lunch," he looks over at bucky in disappointment for having fallen asleep when he had a task. bucky only shrugs his shoulders as if saying 'hey man, i had no choice'.
"stevie?" you groaned out and he smiled. "come on, let's go have lunch, nat is waiting downstairs." he tries to get you to sit up but you resist. "come sleep, stevie," you pulled the same trick you did with bucky and it's no surprise the blond super-soldier fell for it too. everyone had a soft spot for you.
steve laid next to you and you're then sandwiched between two super-soldiers, already falling back asleep in just seconds.
"you know nat's gonna kill us, right buck?"
"then let her try. we can use y/n/n to get out of it. i mean, can you even recall the last time anyone said no to that adorable face?"
"sam says no to her sometimes."
"yeah but he always ends up feeling bad so,"
"okay yeah, you're right."
"that's exactly why we're stuck in this situation, right dear ol' stevie? so i say we just sleep and if nat tries to scold us, we'll technically be under y/n/n's protection because nat won't scream in our faces in front of her."
"good call. night, buck."
"night, steve."
"i can't believe i sent two super-soldier idiots to go wake up y/n on her period. i didn't think they meant it literally when they were afraid they weren't gonna come back." nat paces around the kitchen and wanda watches in amusement. it had been almost a whole hour since bucky was sent to get you and thirty minutes since steve was sent to do so too and both men hadn't returned with you for lunch.
"do you really think y/n/n is having a temper tantrum or something and those idiots are caught in the middle of it?" nat asks and wanda shook her head. "i doubt. y/n can get a little cranky but only if provoked. y/n on her period is overall a sweetheart like she always is. maybe steve was being annoying this morning. i mean, he always is annoying during morning jogs because he always has to announce when he overtakes us." wanda rolls her eyes at the fact.
"okay, you know what? come with me to get them. i mean with our joint forces, there's no way we're going to get sucked into whatever those idiots did. let's go,"
nat didn't give the younger woman a chance to reply before she's storming upstairs to your room and wanda had no choice but to rush along.
"well? are we going to wake them up or what?" wanda asks nat, not taking her eyes off the adorable sight she was met with right as she entered your room.
"i want to get mad at steve and bucky for not waking her up because she hasn't eaten yet but somehow i can't." nat states, looking like she's having an existential crisis.
"well, no lunch for these three, i guess. they better have dinner though or i'm actually going to get mad. let's go, wands." nat closes your door, but not before snapping a pic of you three cuddled up and sending it to the group chat.
nat: [attached photo]
wanda: stark, she's fine
thor: aw, i hope lady y/n gets all the rest she needs. she looks peaceful 🥰
clint: wait no fair i wanna cuddle her too 🥺😭
sam: dang it does this mean i still can't have bucky's snacks
bucky: stay away from my snacks.
"look who finally decided to show." you hear tony tease when you finally came down to dinner.
after waking up an hour prior, you woke up the two super-soldiers sandwiching you by pushing them off your bed. they couldn't even be mad at you when you had burst out in contagious laughter at your own stunt, before leaving to let you wash up.
"how are you feeling, sweetie?" bruce asks you as you sat in between him and tony on the dining table. "i'm good, bruce, why do you ask?"
"we've been hearin' a lot about you today, cupcake." tony winks at you before continuing to eat his food. you pout at him. "bad things?"
"no, no, no, not bad things, never bad things. you're the sweetest little cupcake and everyone loves you. now eat your food," tony pretends to make an angry face at you and you listen to him, smiling as you do so.
after dinner, you decided to lounge in the common room for a bit to watch tv and thor, clint, wanda and sam decide to join you.
"what are we watching?" sam asks as he plops down next to you on the couch. "i don't know, i'm kinda in the mood to watch my little pony." you quipped happily. "my little pony? that stupid ponies cartoon where the purple unicorn has magic and becomes a princess?"
"it's not stupid," you muttered under your breath, suddenly getting upset that he thought my little pony was stupid. "if you guys don't want to watch, i guess we can watch whatever you want." you told the rest who were already seated, a sad expression on your face.
"bubs! of course we want to watch it! right, sam?" wanda glares at sam as she asked him through gritted teeth. "y–yes! yes, we'll watch my little pony!" he replies quickly. "okay!" you cheer, leaning back against the couch as you turned the show on.
after an episode was done, you seemed to have gotten the others hooked on it because they asked for another episode. well, except for sam because he decided one episode was enough and it was time to sleep so he left.
"okay," you giggled, happy that they liked the show. "but i'm going to go get my snacks first." you walked to the kitchen to quickly get your bag of pretzels from the pantry. you were pretty sure it was the period moodswings that were causing your emotions to be all over the place because you cried. you cried because you were so excited to go get your snacks, only to find that it had been stolen.
you trudged back into the living room with a tear-stained face and wanda immediately stands up. "bubs, what's wrong?" she held both your shoulders as she looked down at you. you hiccup. "i–i think pete took my pretzel sticks." you pouted to try keep the incoming tears at bay but they managed to drop anyways.
"i'll kill him," clint stands up, hands held out in a fighting stance. "how dare he steal y/n/n's snacks." wanda rolls her eyes at his antics and gives him a look that tells him to back down.
"lady y/n," thor calls from his spot on the couch. you turn to him. "i have a stash of poptarts if you want?" he offered and as kind as his intentions were, you only wanted your pretzel sticks. you dropped down to the floor, staring silently into nothing.
"y/n," clint places a hand on your shoulder, trying to get you to get up but you didn't. you looked up at him with a small pout and glossy eyes and he cracked. "alright, thor, come with me to the grocery store. we're getting y/n/n's snacks,"
thor immediately gets up, following clint out the door. you couldn't believe that the avengers' own archer and god of thunder were willing to go out just to buy you snacks.
twenty minutes later, they came back with bags of different snacks but most importantly, your pretzel sticks. you ran to them, giving them the biggest hug you could give, prompting chuckles and hair ruffles from them. "anything for you, kiddo."
despite having just gotten your snack, you fell asleep ten minutes into the next episode and thor goes to carry you back to your room. he sets you down gently on your bed, pulling your blanket up so that you were warm.
"sleep well, lady y/n." he kisses the side of your head before leaving. and sleep well you did because you had an awesome family take care of you.
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waitimcomingtoo · 9 months ago
Cool Kids
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Synopsis: you walk in on some domestic bliss between Peter and your little brother
Tumblr media
“Oh, hey.” Peter noticed your brother in the doorway as he sat at your kitchen table. He was still waiting for you to come home, and he assumed he was home alone. Even though he’d been your boyfriend for over a year, he’d never actually seen your brother before.
“You’re Finn right?” Peter continued. “I’m Peter, your sisters, uh, friend. We were gonna study together but she’s running a little late.”
“Yoda.” Finn pointed to the Yoda pin on Peters backpack.
“Yeah.” Peter looked at the pin and nodded. “You like Star Wars?”
“Yes.” Finn nodded.
“I like it too.” Peter smiled. “I wish I had a Yoda of my own. Y/n is kinda like my Yoda though. She makes all my decisions for me, thankfully.”
“Y/n is my sister.” Finn recited. “She is 13 minutes late.”
“Yeah, but that’s okay.” Peter chuckled. “Does she ever watch Star Wars with you?”
“No.” Finn said simply.
“Do you want to know a secret?” Peter leaned on his chair, closer to Finn.
“Yes.” His eyes lit up and he clapped in excitement.
“She doesn’t like it because she’s not as cool as us.” Peter whispered behind his hand.
“Not as cool as us.” He clapped again. “Do you want to see my room? I have lightsabers that make real noises. I have two of them. One is red and one is blue.”
“Uh, of course I want to see your room.” Peter said like it was obvious. Finn turned around and swiftly walked towards his room, and Peter followed.
“You have to wipe your feet three times.” Finn instructed as he wiped his feet three times on the mat in front of his door.
“You got it.” Peter complied as he wiped his feet as well. Peter began to look around and smiled at how similar Finns room looked to his own.
“These are my Legos.” Finn said as he pointed to a shelf lined with Lego sets of all sizes.
“Woah.” Peter gasped as he walked over to the shelf. “You have the Lego Death Star?”
“Yes. It has 3803 pieces and it took me 4 days to make it.” Finn told him.
“You built this all by yourself?” Peter’s eyes widened with impression.
“Yes.” Finn smiled and clapped a few times. “Legos make me happy.”
“They make me happy too.” Peter commented as he gazed at the sets. Finn silently took two lightsabers out of his closet and held them out to Peter.
“Do you want to play lightsabers?” Peter asked him, and he nodded.
“Me too. But only if I can use the red one.” Peter smiled, taking note of all the blue clothes in the closet and assuming his favorite color was blue. Finn clapped again and gave Peter the red lightsaber before jumping into a battle stance. Peter lost track of time as they played with the various toys in Finns room. He was genuinely enjoying himself, and Finn seemed to be as well.
You stepped into Finns room and wiped your feet three times on his mat. When you looked up, you saw Peter swinging Finn around the room while making “pew pew” sounds.
“Hey Y/n.” Peter paused with Finn midair. “We were just…looking for my calculator.”
“Peter is telling a lie.” Finn said simply.
“I can see that.” You chuckled. “I just wanted to let you guys know that the pizza will be here in 20 minutes.”
“Pizza.” Finn clapped as Peter set him down. “The pizza will be here in 20 minutes.”
“Thank you.” Peter stammered, cheeks growing red in embarrassment. You smirked at him before leaving the room and returning to your own.
“I’ll be right back.” Peter said quickly as he rushed to your room.
“Um, hi.” Peter stammered as he leaned against your door. He knew you didn’t like to talk about your brother and he could only assume you were angry with him now.
“Hey.” You said without looking up.
“You’re home?” Peter asked as he sat next to you. “How long have you been here?”
“About an hour.” You shrugged, setting your textbook next to you.
“An hour?” Peter gasped. “Why didn’t you say anything?”
“You looked pretty busy so I’ve just been reviewing by myself.” You fought back a smile as you looked at your boyfriend.
“I wasn’t…I wasn’t busy.” Peter said sheepishly.
“Really? You seemed pretty busy playing with my brother.” You shrugged casually.
“I know.” Peter sighed. “I’m sorry if I overstepped a boundary but he asked me-“
“He asked you?” You were taken aback. “My brother asked you to play with him?”
“Yeah.” Peter apologized. “I told him I was there to help you study and he started talking to me about Star Wars and one thing just kinda led to another.”
“He doesn’t let me hug him and he was letting you fly him around the room like an airplane.” You looked at the ceiling as you let out a humorless laugh.
“Actually, I was flying him around the room like the Millennium Falcon.” Peter reluctantly corrected you.
“Peter.” You stood up and rubbed your face.
“I’m sorry.” Peter stood up as well. “He was just so excited to show me his legos and I got carried away. I’m sorry.”
“Peter, I’m not mad.” You told him as you turned around.
“You’re not?”
“No.” You smiled softly. “Not even a little bit.”
“But…” Peter looked confused. “But you never let me meet him before. I thought you didn’t want him to know about me.”
“Peter, my brother has autism.” You told him for the first time. Peter tilted his head in confusion and looked at you skeptically. He was pretty sure that was something you would have told him in the time you’d been dating. 
“What?” He asked softly. 
 “Yeah.” You shrugged. “He’s pretty much non verbal towards everyone but me and my parents. I never let you meet him because he doesn’t like strangers.”
“Oh.” Peter blinked slowly as he put it all together.
“That’s why I let you guys play.” You told him. “He doesn’t have any friends at school since he doesn’t like to talk to anyone. When I came home and saw you guys playing... Peter that was the happiest I have ever seen him. I didn’t want it to stop.’’
“Oh.” Peter said again, with a smile this time. “I had no idea.”
“Because he was so engaged with you.” You gushed with excitement. “I mean, he was talking, letting you touch him, making eye contact. Peter, he rarely looks me in the eyes. Do you know how comfortable he must have been with you to look you in the eyes? And the fact that he asked you to play with him? If he needs something, we usually have to figure it out because he doesn’t like asking for things. I can’t believe this.”
“He’s a really great kid. I could already tell that just from playing with him.” Peter smiled as he tucked your hair behind your ear. You smiled back, but it faded as a sadness settled in your eyes.
“He doesn’t hug you?” Peter asked suddenly as he drew back to something you had said before. You looked down and nodded before frowning at Peter.
“When he was little, we noticed he got really uncomfortable with certain fabrics and textures touching his skin, like the tag on his shirt or rough towels.” You began to explain. “Then it broadened to other forms of contact. He has sensory issues so he doesn’t like it when people touch him. I haven’t hugged him since he was two.”
“I’m sorry.” Peter frowned and kissed your forehead.
“It’s okay.” You sighed as you pulled him into a hug. Peter rubbed your back comfortingly as you squeezed him back.
“The pizza is here.” Finn opened your door suddenly. “The pizza costs $13.67.”
“Thanks Finn.” You smiled at your brother as you wiped a tear off your cheek. “We’ll be right there.”
“You’re crying.” Finn stated. “Are you sad? Crying means sad.”
“No, I’m not sad.” You wiped your face and smiled at him. “I’m okay. See? Happy.”
“Finn, why don’t you come in here.” Peter said suddenly as he opened his arms. You looked at Peter curiously as he scooped up Finn and held him on his hip. Your mouth opened a little in surprise, not used to seeing your brother touching people.
“You know how we said Star Wars were cool?” Peter asked Finn.
“Yes.” Your brother nodded.
“You know what’s even cooler?” Peter looked between you and Finn. “Group hugs.”
Your lips tugged into a smile as you watched your brother hang on to every word Peter said. Finn looked at you without making eye contact and slowly opened his free arm.
“Is the material of my sweater okay?” You asked him carefully.
“It’s okay.” He nodded, and that was all you needed. You stepped into the hug and wrapped your arms around your little brother. A tear slipped down your cheek as you rubbed his back, taking in the scent you hadn’t smelled in years. A small noise emitted from the back of his throat and you pulled away, knowing he was uncomfortable.
“Thanks Finn.” You smiled at him to show him you were happy. “Let’s go get the pizza.”
Finn ran out the the room, leaving you and Peter alone.
“I’m sorry if that was-“
You cut Peter off by pulling him into a kiss to thank him for what he had done. Peter happily kissed you back as he wrapped his arms around your waist.
“That was perfect.” You assured him in a whisper. “Thank you.”
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moms-milfs-matures · a month ago
Tumblr media
The girl on the left was staring over the fence while I was sunbathing nude and went to tell her sister.. the one on the right.  I hollered at them, asking why I couldn’t get some privacy in my own backyard and I admittedly used some profanities.
Well, they went and got their mother who came over with the girls and wanted an apology for my language.   So I stood up and offered an apology, then, still naked, I walked to the fence and offered a handshake to each of them and introduced myself as mister Traynor.  They each shook my hand and smiled. It was rather odd and I was now feeling uncomfortable so I said I thought I would just go back inside.
“Do you have to?” the mother asked.  “The girls have enjoyed watching you and I think it’s healthy to have such openness regarding sexual matters.”
The girls nodded their agreement 
“I think I’ve had enough sun for the day.” I said. 
“Well then why don’t you come over for some tea and we can all get acquainted and restore our neighborly friendship?” the mother offered. “Really, Mr. Traynor, I insist.”
I wasn’t sure how to get out of this awkward situation and said I would come over in a few minutes.
So I went in, wiped myself down with a towel and put on some shorts and a t-shirt. Then I walked next door and rang the bell.  After a few moments the door opened and I went in.  The room was dark and it took a minute for my eyes to adjust but as they did I realized that the mother and both girls were naked in the living room.
“Maybe I should have told you.” the mother said, “We’re nudists and never wear clothes in the house.  Would you like to take your things off and join us?”
Things were starting to make sense now and so I took off my clothes too and they suggested that we sit and talk.  As I sat with the girls, their mother went to the kitchen and brought back a pitcher of ice tea and some glasses before sitting down with me too.
I had never done anything like this before and didn’t know if I should keep my legs open or cross them.  I was starting to get aroused as I looked at the girls and also their mother.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it and I heard one of the girls giggle softly when she noticed an erection growing.
“Girls?” the mother said.  “Be polite. You know he can’t help it when he gets a boner, so be nice.” Then she called one of the girls by name and said, “Cassie, would you help him out?”
The girl named Cassie got up and stepped over to me and knelt in front of me. She moved her hand up the top of my thigh and placed it on my hardening cock. I flinched slightly and she giggled.  Then she looked up at me and stroked my cock once or twice before leaning over it and slipping it into her mouth.
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation and as I opened them again the other girl was kneeling beside her and watching intently.  I glanced towards the mother and she smiled at me. “They’re good girls but haven’t had a man in their life since they were small.  I’m trying to raise them right.  ..Is she doing okay for you?”
“She’s doing it very well.” I muttered.  I had begun to feel more at ease now and I put a hand on her head to guide her speed as she ran my cock in and out of her mouth. The sister was staring at the action and I reached out with my other hand and ran it along her cheek. She smiled and scooted closer. Close enough that I could reach her petite tits and I began fondling one.  She glanced at her mother for approval and the mothers smile granted it.
It was about that time that Cassie came up for a big breath of air and the mother said, “Jennies turn now.”  The girls switched places and Jennie  looked at me with the sweetest eyes and she went down on me.  In the meantime Cassie crawled up beside me on the couch and put a hand on my face and turned me towards her and began kissing me.  Cassie had bigger fuller tits and I had one arm around her and I used the other to play with her young boobs.
Jennies blow job was a noisy one and I was excited to hear the slurping sounds every time she pulled off my cock for that brief moment before sucking it all in again.  That combined with Cassies kissing and the softness of her boobs as I played with them, was about all it took and I exploded my cum into Jennies mouth.  She made a gagging sound for a half second and then recovered as I launched semen down her throat. I stopped kissing Cassie and noticed that their mother was now standing behind Jennie, who was kneeling between my legs. “Very good girls.” she said. “Very well done.”
Cassie leaned her head on my shoulder and said, “I wish you’d done that when i was on you, mister Traynor.”
I still had one arm around her and I patted her and said, “Maybe next time?” as I looked back to the mother.
“Yes, yes.” she said. “There will definitely be a next time and hopefully we will all get to experience the moment again and again.”
My friends have wondered what’s happened to me.  I don’t hang out with my buddies anymore.  Every day after work I go next door and spend the evenings with my three favorite ladies.  And every free minute of my weekends I’m at their house and having them do all kinds of crazy, sexy, shit to me.  
And the mom? She gets into the action too and has the girls watch as she explains different positions and techniques. But she says it will all end someday and the girls will need to go out and get a man of their own. That I’m just here to help train them.  But I whisper to the girls that I will always be here for them.
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buckyhoney-library · 6 months ago
volume control, b.b
A/N: Hope all is well, please give me feedback about what you think about this one, I had a lot of fun writing this one!
Request: Hi, I'm not sure if your taking requests right now. But if you are, could you do a Bucky x reader smut where the reader loses her voice so Bucky tries to see how loud she can get in bed without her voice? Thank you. You're an amazing writer.
Warnings: language, 18+, overstimulation, oral (fem rec), fingering, praise kink, unprotected sex (no glove, no love)
Word Count: 2.8k
Tumblr media
Your POV
     The warm ginger flavored tea cooled the burning sensation of my throat. It seemed to be the only thing that I had tried that had calmed the feeling. Laryngitis had made an appearance this week, completely wrecking the use of my voice. Every time I tried to speak; I sound like a boy going through puberty.
     The last couple of days had the worst in terms of soreness- luckily that part is over. All that seems to be left of the illness is the voice cracks and inability to talk about a whisper. It has become more annoying than anything.
      Every time respond to Bucky, you could see the amount of self-control it was taking not to laugh or make a joke about the croaking.
     Dressed in only black spandex and a t-shirt, I pulled myself off the couch with my empty mug in hand. The couch seemed to be my home for the past week. I had called out of work for the week. Knowing that trying to talk to clients while sounding like a pubescent boy wouldn’t be very professional.
     Calling out of work had proven to be more beneficial in more ways than one. It allowed more time to be able to spend more time with my moody boyfriend and catching up on shows that I had been putting off.
     Bucky called off his avengers’ duties this week and took care of me while I wrestled with the illness. Trading in his weapons for running to the store to grab more boxes of tea, throat lozenges, and a variety of ramen.
“How many of those have you been though?” Bucky questions walking past me pouring the hot water in my mug.
     I pulled out a fresh box, ripping the cardboard lid open. It really did seem like we tried everything to relieve the pain. Spoons of honey, throat lozenges, saltwater, nothing helped other than tea. This means I have been drinking it like a madwoman.
“This is the second box since last night,” My voice cracking at the end. We’re making slight progress, the voice cracks getting further apart. I gesture to the bottle of honey; he grabs it from the counter handing it to me, shaking his head.
“You should probably slow down, you’re not gonna have enough for later.”
“That’s why I have you to get me more,” This time he doesn’t hold back on the laughs when he hears the faint cracks and strain. I turn back around in protest of his action, pretending to be upset at him.
     In reality, it was hard to stay irritated with him when he laughs. The pureness of the sound and the smile that would take up his whole face never failed to make me smile.
    He comes up from behind me, wrapping his arm around my torso. With his body pressing against mine, the coolness of the metal against my arms sent shivers down my spine. The hair on his chin tickling my shoulder, watching me as I finish pouring the honey.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing, you’re not feeling good” He mumbles, his lips nipping at the base of my neck. Moving my neck to the side, granting him more access to it.
    Bucky peppering kisses along my neck and shoulder. This action causing me to giggle and buck my hips against his and gripping the edge for the counter for support. A small breathy groan leaves his mouth when my hips made contact with his.
“I’m feeling fine now,” I manage to whisper without the croaking sound. He twists my waist, forcing my body to turn and face his. I look up at his blue eyes, they were darker than normal. His facial hair grown out a bit making him look softer and cuddlier.
“You sound better,” Bucky taunted, his voice had gotten lower and his eyes looking down at the gap between our bodies.
“Does it?” As soon as I thought my voice wasn’t going to crack, the words fall out cracked and broken. Ruining the seriousness of my tone.
Bucky rolls his lips in holding back a laugh.
“So good, baby,” Bucky slides his hands underneath the bottom of my shirt.
     A breathy whine escaping my lips, feeling his cool hand along the sides of my hips. His eyebrows rose at the sound,
“You sound so sexy,” His tone lowered and his eyes piercing mine. I pressed my body to him, wrapping my bare arms around his neck. His lips connecting with mine and his arms pulling me tighter, trying to eliminate any and all space between us. 
I can feel his bulge forming against my pelvis- all because of a moan.
     Sinking into each other, our lips matching in rhythm and pace. A raspy yelp leaving my lips as I feel a harsh smack against my right ass cheek. Completely forgetting the only thing separating it was thin spandex- Bucky’s favorite article of clothing. He says it is one of his favorite things that we have created.
     He liked the way it made my ass jiggle and moved with whenever I took a step. He especially went crazy when they’re rid up when I’d grab something from the top shelf in the kitchen, exposing the bottoms of my ass. He never failed to smack it, sometimes leaving his handprint through the fabric.
    Bucky’s flesh hand grabbing a fist full of ass and jiggling it himself. His release of the flesh causing me to whine again.
    The bulge that was currently trapped in his basketball shorts, started to throb. If only I could take it in my mouth and relieve all the pent-up pressure.
     Bucky’s lips moved away from mine but kissing alongside my jawline and down my throat. His hands now gripping my hips preparing me to jump back onto the kitchen island. I jumped, allowing him to guide me onto the cold granite.
     With his lips disconnecting from the side of my neck, his eyes peering into mine. It’s as if I could read his mind, knowing exactly what he wants. All I do is nod,
“I want to hear you moan, baby,” His hands teasing the waistband of the spandex. Dipping his fingers inside, but not going far. The feeling making my cunt moisten.
     Bucky’s true talent was his ability to tease. He was never in a rush, always took his time making sure that I was dripping before even daring to pull his dick out. It was like he got off on that the sight of the arousal dripping down the sides of my cunt.
“I want to see if you can still get loud,” My breath hitches, and my core tightening. My chest rises and falls heavier at the thought.
     As vocal as I am in bed, Bucky never put to the test how loud I could go. He was always satisfied with how vocal I ended being. What he loved, even more, was seeing me struggle to keep quiet. Teasing my clit with his fingers till I couldn’t help but moan.
     Bucky’s fingers starting in slow circles, watching me twitch and shudder. He’d dip his fingers inside gathering all the juices and using it to add pleasure. He’d moan at the sight of how visibly hard it was for me to stay silent. Some nights, he’d give me a towel or blanket to bite down on. Other nights, he’d want to see me struggle and wouldn’t give me anything to help.
    The moment I would make even the tiniest of whimpers, the pleasure would be ripped from me and I would be left not being able to cum till I could prove I could do it.
Those nights he was ruthless. Edging me till I was in tears.
Every time he’d pull away, making it almost painful to stay quiet the next time.
      I spread my legs giving him access to the place that was about to cause me a great deal of regret. His fingers slide inside the waistband of the shorts, bucking my hips at the contact. His fingers quickly being removed before they touched my clit.
“You fucking tease,” My voice was barely audible, his lips curl into a devilish smirk. Without any sort of permission, I removed my shirt. My breast dropped and Bucky’s eyes flickered to my bare chest, lighting up instantly. My nipples already hardening at exposure to the cold air.
     Within seconds, Bucky taking one in his mouth and his hand squeezing and kneading the other harshly. Eagerly tugging on my nipple with his teeth and soothing it with his tongue. I whimpered with every tug. I could see the smile on his face when I looked down.
     I wrapped my arms loosely around his head, keeping him focused on my breast. The only movement being when he’d move off the other giving attention to it. The nipping and tugging making my cunt completely soaked. I could feel it soaking through the spandex. The harsh treatment towards my breasts making the ache between my legs so strong, I thought Bucky could feel it.
   Bucky took his time giving each breast a moment to be assaulted, leaving them both sore. I silently prayed that my cunt was next.
    Bucky pulled away from my breasts, removing his shirt. The sight of his abdomen and dog tags, causing my pussy to throb a little harder. He places lips on my collarbone, slowly laying back on the counter and shoving the opened mail and assignment files on the floor.
    The combination of the cold granite and his hand made my back arch. He placed small kisses down my stomach till he got to my naval- that’s when he started to drag his tongue down till he got to the band of my spandex. I hold my breath as he removes my shorts, finally exposing my slick cunt. 
    I pushed my hips into the counter motioning the need for something to relieve the throbbing.
“So pretty, baby…” Bucky murmurs sliding his middle finger down the sopping wet folds, teasing my entrance. His finger only sliding into the first knuckle, he still standing while he does so. A scratchy moan getting past my lips.
“Yes, baby, I want to hear you.” Without warning he inserts two fingers and curling them, hitting the spongey tissue. My walls start contracting.
My throat tensing as I unexpectedly whine at the feeling.
“Good girl, I know you can get louder.”  Bucky eyes not leaving mine, I am now propped on my elbows and grinding my hips into his fingers. He adds his metal thumb to my clit, rubbing the bud at an agonizingly slow pace. Bucky removed his fingers from my cunt, bringing them to my lips.
    I open my lips enough for his fingers to enter. I sucked the clean, tasting myself. The saliva from my mouth being used as lubrication before he slid them back inside. The circles around my clit become faster. Our eyes met and his pace quickened. My jaw-dropping from the pure pleasure of his fingers. His mouth dropping with mine and his eyes darkened as he watched my body start to jerk.
A string of curses left my mouth and my vocal cords struggling to get any sound out.
“You’re doing so good” I laid back down, feeling my limbs fall weak to the feeling of my orgasm approaching. The soreness of my throat getting tighter, but not caring.
     Bucky crouched down coming eye to eye with my cunt, still fingering fucking my entrance. His thumb left my clit, but it was replaced with his lips. His tongue swirling around the bud. His facial hair scratching the sides of my legs adding more sensation down there. His fingers haven’t stopped, if anything they had gotten faster.
     My eyes rolling back, not being able to properly keep them open. I groaned and gasped at the fast-approaching orgasm. There was no denying that this would wreck my voice even more than it was before, but the feeling of his tongue and fingers making the future pain bearable.
“Fuck!” I went into pure ecstasy. I jerked my hips towards his mouth, my lower half becoming incredibly sensitive. Bucky doesn’t even seem to notice my body twitching. I gripped the kitchen towel beside me,
“Bucky, I-“ I was interrupted by his fingers curling again hurling me over the edge. My throat tensing again, it felt like it was bleeding inside.
         Bucky continues to attack my cunt with his tongue. His fingers leave my hole and join his other hand holding my hips down. I didn’t know how much more of the pleasure I could take.
“Such a good girl, you taste so good.” His voice muffled against my throbbing pussy as he licks the rest of the arousal up. I manage to prop myself up again, our eyes meeting again.
     His mouth glistening from my juices. His eyes don’t break eye contact, staring at me as a string of spit drips onto my clit. I watched in awe of him, he licks it up flicking my cunt one last time. My body has cooled down from the brutal assault.
“You’re doing so well, princess.” He brought himself up, I see the wet spot against his briefs. He was soaked through with precum. The tip was red and swollen, looking like it was going to burst with only a few strokes.
“But I know you can do better,” I sit up completely and watch as he frees his dick. It’s glistening with his liquid, reach to take hold of it in my hand. Bucky stops my hand from doing so, guiding it around his neck. Bucky gives his cock a few strokes, before sliding it up and down my folds.
His cock twitching against them.
The harsh usage of my voice was starting to affect my ability to even get any sound out at all.
     Bucky pushes slowly into me and in return, I clawed at his back. Our bodies have no room in between us anymore, my forehead pressed against his shoulder. His pace quickening. His cock stretching my walls and filling my cunt. The size of him never fails to amaze me.
With all I might, I managed to croak out a shocking volume:
“Faster, please Bucky,” He whined at the sound of my raspy plead.
    His thrusts turning into pure pounding at this point. His arms tightly wrapped around my torso. With the support around my back, my head falls back at the feeling of his cock ramming into me.
“You’re doing so good taking my dick,” He peppers kisses around my throat and collarbone.
My nails digging into his skin.
    My moans are loud, and the pain of my throat was masked by the intense pleasure building in my stomach. I couldn’t even think with his cock inside me. My orgasm building as his pace becomes inconsistent. He was close as well.
     I was surprised he lasted this long considering how he went in, already wanting to cum. All that was coming out of my mouth were a mix of curses and moans. His eyes lighting up with every sound that fell from my lips.
“I don’t how much more I can take,” My voice was in shreds, it was painful trying to speak at this point, but I couldn’t conceal them anymore. Not with his current speed and power.
“Cum all over this dick,” With his approval, my walls start pulsating and my forehead falls back against his shoulder. I watched his dick disappear inside me while I cried in pleasure, my legs quivering at the intense pleasure.
     Tears welling as the pain in my throat was becoming too much. Bucky powered through my orgasm, before his cock twitching inside me. His load bursting inside me. Bucky holds us in the same position while we are recovering from our highs. My pussy is milking every last drop of him, whimpering one last time as he pulls out.
   My breathing still heavy and the piercing pain in the back of my mouth becoming more prominent. I lay back against the counter, catching my breath.
“You got so loud, baby, I’m so proud of you,” Bucky coos while grabbing the kitchen towel that I was previously using as a grip.
         He glides the fabric against my cunt, whipping away his cum that was leaking out of me. I twitch with the contact with my clit. He takes my hands and pulls me back up to meet his eyes. I try to speak but wince at the pain shooting through my throat like daggers. His face instantly filling with worry.
“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have- “He begins to panic, but I grab his wrists,
“It’s okay,” The only volume I could speak in being below a whisper. I hop off the table picking up my discarded clothes, sliding them back on. I bend down, picking up his briefs, and hand them to him.
“It was worth it,” I chuckle. He takes the briefs from me and looks at the abandoned mug.
“I’ll just have to get you more,”
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eternallytoph · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: A regular day at the compound turns out really great.
Warnings: Fluff, A little tension, Steve in his white shirt
Pairing: Steve Rogers x F!Reader
Word Count: 3k
Tumblr media
“Steve! Stop it! You’re stronger than I am!” you giggle uncontrollably while Steve has you pinned down on the mat as a result of your last sparring session. “Oh really? You sure do like to talk a lot about how much you could kick my ass. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is sweetheart?” He chuckles back, poking at your sides and tickling you. Steve loses his stance and you push him off of you, he flops over, laying beside you.
“I feel so out of shape whenever I train with you.” You chuckle breathlessly while pushing yourself off the ground. Steve pushes himself up and laughs. “You’re doing great, you’re putting the work in and that’s the most important part.” He smiles sweetly.
Steve was always a sweetheart. Half of the time it felt like there wasn’t a bad bone in his muscular body. He had the sweetest smiles and those perfect blue eyes to top it all off. He really was like a golden retriever but as a man.
“Mind if we use the mat? I would enjoy kicking Sam’s ass.” Wanda speaks up, her accent spiking through each one of her words. “Let’s not get too cocky now. You’re what? 5’5?” Sam chuckles back as Wanda glares at him.
“We’re done here anyway, go right ahead” Steve smiles before walking side by side with you, out of Sam and Wanda’s way. You both sit on the bench, drinking your water and catching your breath. “Who are you betting on?” you ask with a smirk. “Oh, so it’s a competition?” Steve replies in an intrigued tone. “I put $20 on Wanda.” you smile confidently. “You’re on,” Steve replies before sternly shaking your hand.
You both watch as Sam and Wanda position themselves. Wanda makes the first move but Sam quickly grabs her arm, twisting it behind her back. Wanda chuckles and loosens her posture like she had given up. Steve chuckles beside you and holds his hand out. You smirk and shake your head at him. He gives you a confused look before looking back at the two on the mat. Sam releases Wanda and chuckles. “I tol-“
Before Sam could even try to finish that sentence, Wanda kicks out his legs and pins him down on the mat. “Yes!” you cheer. She looks up at you with a smile. “That actually works? Men are so stupid sometimes.” She chuckles, her accent coating her words.
“Woah Woah, what was that?” Steve asks in pure confusion. “I would also like to know what the hell that was,” Sam replies, lying lifeless on the mat. “It’s just something I taught Wanda a little while ago, nothing crazy. It doesn’t work every time but it’s very effective when it does,” you reply before taking another drink of water.
“What did you call it again?” Wanda smiles. “3 Second Rule.” you smile back. Sam breathlessly chuckles while getting up off the mat. “So what? You just pretend to give up?” Sam asks. “That's what it looked like.” Steve chimes in.
“Want me to show you?” you ask Steve. He pauses in confusion before shrugging his shoulders and walking back up to the mat. You follow behind him, Wanda giving you a smile on the way. “Let’s do this,” Steve smiles.
“Okay, so let’s put ourselves in Wanda and Sam’s position, just for an example” you state. Steve lightly grabs your arm and holds it behind your back, pressing his chest against your back. You can feel his breath on your neck, tickling your skin.
“Like this?” he asks softly. “Yes.. yeah. Just like this” you stutter. “It has to feel real though, grip my wrist a little tighter. You have to act as if we’re really fighting” you instruct. Steve tightens his grip on your wrist and pulls you closer as you tense up and begin to try and free yourself. “Is that as hard as you can go? Come on Steve, imagine I was trying to kill you, or even someone you love. His grip tightens even more and you’re secure in his grasp.
You smirk at Wanda as she watches you and Steve from the bench. “You’re hurting me... I take it back, I can’t” you whine. Steve’s posture drops and he lets go of your wrist. You swiftly turn around, kicking his legs from under him and pressing your forearm against his neck once he hits the ground.
Sam and Wanda die of laughter on the bench as you smirk at Steve. He looks at you in pure confusion. You remove your forearm from his neck and he lets out a deep breath. “It’s proven that men hardly perceive a woman as a threat compared to a man. So when I become all innocent and act like I’ve given up, you gave in and let your guard down”
You help Steve off the mat as he looks at you in awe. “Once you let your guard down, it’s also proven that it would take you an additional seven seconds to again perceive me as a threat just because I’m a woman” you chuckle at his look of confusion.
“I didn’t believe it when she told me, but it really works” Wanda chimes in. Steve just breathlessly laughs and shakes his head. “It hit you like a truck too, didn’t it?” Sam asks with a chuckle. Steve just nods as he grabs his water bottle from Sam. “Women amaze me more and more every day,” Sam admits. You and Wanda chuckle before you decide it’s getting late.
“On that note, I think I’m gonna officially call it a night. I’ll be in my room if you guys need me” you smile before grabbing your stuff and heading out of the gym. The only thing you can think of is how amazing a shower is gonna feel after all of that, your muscles were already beginning to ache from all the work.
You loved living in the compound, it was spacious and everyone had their own little space. Each room was built like it was a personal apartment minus the kitchen. A comfy bed, decent closet, space for personal items, a bathroom with a good amount of counter space (which was always important). You enjoyed having your own space to decorate and call your own, it felt really warm and welcoming.
You quickly place your stuff down on your bed and head into the bathroom, starting the shower before peeling off your sweaty workout clothes. You pushed them in a pile on the floor before jumping in with a sigh. The cold water eased your aching muscles and felt refreshing.
You took some time to wash and condition your hair before scrubbing your body down and rinsing off. Once you turned the water off, you stepped out of the shower and wrapped your towel around yourself. When you exited your bathroom you immediately glanced at the clock on your wall. 11:18 pm
You dried yourself off, hanging the towel up before quickly picking out your clothes. You opted for your most comfortable pair of pyjamas before heading back into the bathroom to brush your hair. You combed through it, applying a few products so it didn’t go crazy when it dried. Before picking up your toothbrush you decided you wanted to eat something before going to bed. Late-night snacks were always better when there was no one around and the entire compound was quiet.
You quietly shut your door behind you before turning and walking down to the kitchen. Everyone was usually in bed around this time so it was the perfect opportunity. You smiled to yourself as you headed to the kitchen. Once you reached the kitchen, you were surprised to see a very tired-looking Steve leaning against the counter. He was holding a Stark Tablet in his hand, reading over what must be a recent mission report. His hair was messy, still a bit damp from the shower he must’ve had beforehand.
He wore a white t-shirt that was obviously too small for him, but then again nobody was complaining about the view. You cleared your throat and he looked up at you, smiling once your eyes met his. “Evening stranger,” he says softly. “Stranger? You don’t remember me kicking your ass not that long ago?” you reply, keeping your voice low in fear of waking anyone up. He just chuckles as he pushes himself up from leaning against the counter, turning off the device in his hand.
“What’re you still doing up?” he questions. “Well I was about to brush my teeth and go to bed, then decided I wanted a snack” you smile softly before walking up and opening the fridge. The fridge light is bright, filling the room completely. You pull out the washed bowl of grapes that you had put in there this morning, surprised that no one had eaten them.
“Your snack of choice is those grapes?” he chuckles slightly in disgust. “Woah there, what do you have against these grapes” you reply, pretending to be hurt at his tone. “I’ve just never really liked those ones. I hated them as a kid” he replies before reopening the fridge and pulling out a water bottle.
“You're telling me that you haven’t tried them since you were a kid? How do you know if your taste buds have changed or not?” you ask in disbelief. “That’s how bad they were! I hate just looking at them now” he chuckles. You quirk your eyebrows before giving him a smirk.
He looks at you in confusion before realizing what you’re thinking. “Nope. Not in a million years. Stay away from me” he protests. “Just one! If you don’t like it then you can hold it against me forever” you chuckle before handing him a single grape. He looks up and down, switching between your puppy dog eyes and the small grape in your hand.
“Fine. Just one” he groans. You drop it in his hand and he looks at it in disgust before putting it in his mouth and hesitantly chewing. His tense expression drops once he gets a taste of the grape. “I knew it” you smile at him. He is unable to hold back his smile before shaking his head in defeat.
You place the bowl of grapes back in the fridge and Steve leaves the kitchen with you. “Can I walk you to your room?” he asks softly. You nod with a smile. The walk is silent for the first few seconds before you decide to break that silence. “How was your day?” you internally cringe at your attempt at small talk but he smiles at the gesture.
“It was good. Early morning run, hung around until lunch, ate lunch, hung around again until you and I went for training” he replies in detail with a smile spread across his face. “And how was your day?” he continues.
“Good. I didn’t work out much, just kind of watched movies, read, worked on some files. The boring stuff” you smile. Steve was such a productive person, he woke up at 5 am every day for his run, he didn’t spend too much time on the couch or in his room. He liked to interact and move around. In that way, you were opposites.
You finally reached your bedroom and Steve shot you a sweet smile before turning around to head back. “Steve?” you ask, your voice projecting a little louder than you thought. He turns around and smiles “Yeah?” he asks, his tone a lot softer than yours. “Are you tired?” you ask.
He tilts his head and smiles at you before replying. “No, not really” he chimed. With that, you open your door wildly, motioning for him to come in. He hesitantly enters your room and you follow in behind him. You settle in while he stands there, looking around and admiring how you had filled and decorated the room.
“Have I never had you in here before?” you question. He shakes his head as he continues to look around. “I've been in here but it’s only been for seconds at a time” he admits. “Well, this is it” you beam while holding your arms out, motioning to all the things around you.
He chuckles as he turns and his eyes settle on you. You pat the spot beside you on the bed and he obeys, settling in the spot beside you. “You wanna watch a movie?” you ask cheerfully. He nods and you pick up the remote in excitement.
Steve hadn’t seen many movies outside the ones from his time. He had seen some of the classics but only because they were strongly recommended to him. “What do you wanna watch?” you ask while clicking through the choices. “Well, what ones are your favourite?” he asks in a genuine tone.
“I really like classic horror if I’m being honest. Have you seen Scream?” you ask with a big smile. “I haven’t seen that one, sounds interesting” he replies with an equally big smile. You search for the movie and hand Steve the remote. He presses play and you quickly run up out of the bed to turn off the lights, bolting back into bed once they’re off. When you jump back into bed you crash into Steve’s side.
His laugh is low and deep. “Why were you in such a hurry?” He laughs. “I didn’t wanna miss anything” you admit before giving your full attention to the movie. “I thought you said you’ve seen it before” he questions. “I have, I just like it a lot” you admit once again. The darkness of the room hides a lot, including the big smile that comes across Steve’s face as he watches you. Your eyes are filled with enjoyment and you look so happy, he liked that look on you.
As you watched the movie, Steve inched closer and closer hoping you wouldn’t notice and question him on it. When a jump scare came up, he would move slightly closer. Another jump scare came and Steve moved closer, you felt his arm brush against yours and you look over at him only to see he was already looking at you in complete worry. Your expression softened and it eased his worries.
You gently lifted his arm, placing it around your shoulder as you cuddled into his side. Steve’s heart began to beat fast and his skin felt hot. In the light, anyone would be able to see his face all beat red, paired with an uncontrollable smile. Your skin against his felt cool, it eased him and made him feel much better the longer you laid there.
Once the movie came to an end he looked down at you only to see you looking back up at him in anticipation. He furrowed his eyebrows and chuckled nervously. “Why’re you looking at me like that?” He asked. “I wanna know if you liked it or not,” you ask genuinely. His heart basically melts then and there as he sees the excitement on your face. “I liked it a lot. It was really good” he admits, enjoying watching the smile grow on your face.
Now that the movie was over, Steve wasn’t sure if he should leave or not. He wasn’t sure if the sudden cuddling meant that you wanted him to stay or if it was just in the moment. He shuffled a little underneath you and you looked back up at him, a tired look plastered on your face.
“Do you want to stay here tonight? Like this?” you ask softly, a yawn creeping up behind your question. “I would like that” he replies, pulling you closer into him. You make yourself comfortable and place your hand on his chest lightly. You feel Steve’s breath hitch and you look up to check if he’s okay.
“Are you okay? Do you want me to give you some space?” you ask worriedly. He shakes his head frantically and quickly. “I’m just a little nervous I guess” he admits, trying to avoid eye contact. You smile and a soft blush warms your face. The Steve Rogers was nervous around you.
You gently push yourself up to his level before placing a delicate kiss on his cheek. He sighs in relief at the contact. He searches your eyes before slightly parting his lips to speak. He leans in a little closer before softly whispering to you. “Is it okay if I kiss you?” he asks, anything quieter and you might not have heard him.
You nod and he closes the gap, interlocking his lips with yours. The kiss is sweet and genuine, his touch is soft and delicate. It was easy to tell that right now, Steve only had the purest intentions. Once you part, Steve lets out another sigh of relief. “Your lips taste so sweet” he whispers, pressing a gentle kiss on your forehead.
You smirk and let out a small chuckle. “Must’ve been those grapes” you admit. He laughs along with you before pulling you back into his side, holding you as close as he possibly can. His body feels so nice against yours, it’s almost like his physique is all an illusion, Steve Rogers may be 200 lbs of basically all muscle but to you, he’s the softest, sweetest and most comfortable person in the entire world.
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bokutosworld · 10 months ago
home sweet home | hq boys with their kids! 
character/pairing: msby black jackals boys with their kids - hinata, atsumu, bokuto, sakusa!
wc: 1.5k words, pure fluff!
summary: when they finally get a much-deserved break from volleyball, there's nothing that the boys want more than to spend time with their little ones. but what do they do if you're not around for the day?
a/n: inspired by my fave korean show the return of superman! i just cant stop imagining how the boys would be like if they were left on their own with their kids<3 hehe
part two with schweiden adlers trio here!
Tumblr media
HINATA SHOYO He wakes up feeling warm. When Hinata opens his eyes, the first thing he sees is the sight of his adorable son laying peacefully on his chest. He brings his hands to ruffle his messy hair, the little boy pressing his cheeks closer to his father's body. It's been a long time since Hinata felt relaxed in the morning, and he honestly thinks that he could stay in this moment forever. But after a few minutes, he finally gets up and stirs the little boy in his arms awake.
"Dad? Where's mom?" Seiji asked, his bright, inquisitive eyes mirrored Hinata's own and he felt proud that his son took after him. He explains that you were off to your parents' house for the weekend and this makes the five-year-old pout. Despite looking a lot like him, Hinata knew that Seiji was a mama's boy and, though he wouldn't admit it, sometimes felt jealous that you were hogging all of his son's attention. So he was over the moon to have time alone with the boy.
"But don't worry! The two of us will have a great all-boys weekend," he declares. All of a sudden Hinata lifts Seiji over his head and places him on his shoulders. The little boy then got excited, starting to loosen up and laugh as they ran out to the living room. "Wow, look at that, Seiji, you are flying!"
With his dad's hands carefully holding him tight, Seiji felt safe and extended his arms in the air as they playfully circled the house. When they got tired, the two boys collapsed on the sofa. Hinata reached over his to mini-me, wiping some sweat that has formed on his forehead, "Are you hungry now? What do you want dad to make for breakfast?"
Seiji looks up at his dad expectantly, waving his fists excitedly with a big smile on his face, "Can we do that again?" And Hinata happily complies, already looking forward to a great father-son bonding.
MIYA ATSUMU "Papa, can we pwease go to Uncle Osamu's shop today?"
This was the third time Atsumu heard the request from his daughter. The four-year-old has taken a strong liking to his twin, and while Atsumu mostly finds this endearing, he wonders if she likes Osamu better than him. He takes the little girl from her sitting position on the floor and sets her on his lap, brushing some strands of hair that have fallen.
"Aya, do you like Uncle Osamu more than me?" As if on instinct, the little girl shakes her head. Worried that she might hurt herself, Atsumu cups her cheeks to stop her movement, but only to be shocked to see that tears are threatening to spill from her doe eyes. Shit, he thinks. "Okay, darling. Don't cry." He brings her to an embrace in an attempt to calm her down. "Let's get you ready, huh. We'll ask free food from Uncle."
When the door to Onigiri Miya opens, Aya immediately goes to Osamu's side, slipping past the counter and running to his open arms. Osamu lifts her up, "Hello there, little girl. Do you want to cook with me today?" She beams and nods her head enthusiastically, waving a hand to her dad who was standing by the door. "Hey, 'Tsumu. Just take a seat wherever, we won't be long here!"
This was the fourth time this week that they have been to his brother's shop. At this rate, he might as well have Aya sleepover with Osamu and let her spend time with her cousins. He opens his camera and takes a selfie, along with a message that he sends to you. Back at Uncle Osamu's again. She loves food just as much as you, it reads. He hears a bell coming from the kitchen, followed by a pitter-patter of footsteps. When he looks up from his phone, he sees Aya running towards him holding a plate with a small riceball on it.
"Papa, look! I made it for you," she excitedly tells him. Atsumu is touched by the gesture, taking the plate to place it on the table and tacking his daughter in a hug. He peppers her cute face with kisses and Aya is giggling, her laughter fills the Onigiri Miya shop. Osamu smiles and takes a photo of the father and daughter.
"I'm so happy, Aya, thank you." Before Atsumu eats it though, he makes sure to take a photo of her masterpiece. Our little chef made this, he proudly captions it before sending it to you.
BOKUTO KOUTAROU When you left Bokuto alone with your two kids, he was confident that he can handle them on his own. But boy, was he wrong. The whole house has been turned upside down with the seven-year-old Naoki jumping all over the place, and the two-year-old Suki crying on her baby chair. Not to mention their golden retriever barking to add to the chaos.
Sighing exasperatedly, Bokuto approaches Suki first, taking her from the chair and swaying to calm her down. He's having a staring contest with the dog, Tama, as his eldest son continues to wreak havoc. Then an idea pops up in his head.
"Naoki, what do you think of taking Tama out for a walk?" The playful boy stops in his tracks, turning slowly to look at his dad. Bokuto moves closer to him and grins. He knows how the young boy has always wanted to walk the dog, only you were opposing in fear that he might let go of the leash. But Bokuto has complete trust in him, and if things go south, he could always chase the dog. He crouches to his son's level, looking at him in the eyes, "We'll keep it a secret from Mom. What do you--"
Before he could even finish his statement, Naoki was already putting on the dog's collar and leash. Bokuto smiles and walks to the kids' room to change Suki's clothes. He pulls out a baby pink dress and carefully dresses his daughter. He also pretties her up, tying her hair in two ponytails with pink ribbons. When they finish getting ready, the trio proceed to walk in the park.
He notices that Naoki is much more behaved and more mature this time, thinking that he definitely looks the part as an older brother. Feeling much more at ease, Bokuto walks with a spring in his step, subtly bouncing the little girl who is strapped to his chest. Suki giggles at his father's actions, and he can't help but kiss her forehead.
"Hey, dad," Bokuto hears Naoki quietly call out to him. He sees the big smile on his son's face and feels like a proud dad. "Thanks for letting me walk Tama." Oh, you bet he was going to brag to you about today.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI Sakusa and his six-year-old daughter, Shiomi, were currently taking a vacation at your parents' house. As much as you wanted to come along with them, work held you up and you had to send off your daughter and husband, wishing them a good time in the countryside.
It's been three days and the little girl has been enjoying time with her grandparents. Sakusa could feel his heart warming whenever he watches her helping her grandmother doing household chores or when she is sitting in the garden and reading a book to her grandfather. He knows how you never want to miss a moment of your daughter's life so he sends you random snapshots and videos throughout the day.
He was lounging on the tatami in the living room, a book in his hands, when Shiomi came running to him. The little girl tugged on his hand, "Papa, come with me! We're planting a tree!" Completely smitten by her, he puts down the book and goes along with her to the back garden.
Shiomi helps him put on some gloves and hands him gardening boots. "Wear these so your feet don't get dirty!"
As soon as he wears them, the two of them proceed to get their tools and start working in the garden. Time always seem to pass quickly when one is having fun, and before Sakusa knows it, they have planted three sprouts of trees and sowed vegetable seeds in the family garden. He glances at Shiomi who is still full with energy, her eyes shining as she proudly looks at her work.
Sakusa hurriedly takes out his phone. "Honey, come here." He beckons her, and removes his glove before wiping a towel to her face. "Let's show Mama what we did today."
Shiomi goes to the other side of tree, pointing at it before displaying the widest grin. Sakusa sets the front camera and their faces are shown on the screen. With the biggest smiles on their faces, he takes a photo and sends it to you, the caption reading: We missed you. Planting is fun!
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cosmixqt · 4 months ago
Another Chance
I had a scenario if requests are still open. What if Lady Dimitrescu was the only one to survive Ethan's fight and she later finds child reader collapsed in front of her castle and decides to take care of them where they bond (like mother-child) overtime? Love your writings btw!
Requests are still open!! Feel free to send multiple!! Check the directory and masterlist in my pinned post!!
Warnings: HEAVY angst, hypothermia, loss of children, gaining a new child
Comments: whew, sorry that took so long to get out. Let me know what you think!! Also, I apologize for playing with your feelings if I did lol
Also, sneaky genshin reference LOL
Finally...Fucking finally that damn Ethan Winter's was dead. Alcina barely made it through the fight with him. Luckily she didn't have to transform, but she was very close to it.
She had finally had his severed head in her hands. She had dragged the remainder of his body towards her kitchen before stringing it up on one of her hooks. And slamming his severed head on the center of her table, not giving a damn if it made a mess or not. Her maids who were hiding in the maids quarters of the very far left side of her mansion would come down once she ordered them to come down and let them know the coast was clear.
She had told them NOT to question where their other three masters were, if they did, her maids would meet the same fate as Ethan did.
She had her most trusted maid, Rosaria, a lovely young woman go clean up what was left of her daughters and store them in urns with a photo of each of them in her bedroom. No guests or the other maids would be allowed to even look at them.
Whilst Rosaria was doing this, Alcina left the castle to her rose garden. Something she loved so dearly and tended to daily with one or all of her daughters.
The cold had lightened up enough for her to outside. Not that it mattered to her. She really only stayed inside out of habit, thanks to her girls. She never minded it at all.
Outside, she had found a little girl, only around about the age of 4 to 6 years old.
Gods, did she remind her of her babies when they were this young. She gently placed a hand to the girls chest to feel for any sort of pulse.
There was a pulse, a very soft one at that. The girl was freezing. Her skin starting to turn blue.
Immediately without a second thought, she swept the little girls body into her arms and went back inside the castle as fast as she could.
"Rosaria? Come here, please."
"Yes, my lady?"
"Run a bath for this child in Bela's room please. Not too hot though, I fear she may be suffering from hypothermia. I'll bring her up soon."
Not soon after, you had begun to wake up in her arms.
"Momma...?" You asked sleepily, thinking this woman was your real mother. At this, Alcina had begun to tear up fast.
"I... uhm..." She began to tear up. "No, sweetheart, ah... I'm not... your mother. Where's your mom?" She asked, using her free hand to wipe at her eyes. Letting out soft choked sobs in between her words trying to keep her voice stable.
"She went missing...a few days ago, she never came home." You said, also tearing up. Noticing this, Alcina quickly regained her composure.
"Oh, sweetie, no. Don't cry, I'll help you try to find your mother. I will start looking for her tomorrow and you can play with the maids while I'm out." She said sweetly to you. You knew that she most likely wouldn't be able to find her. You knew in the back of your mind that your real mother was gone, she had gone out in a horrible blizzard. You don't know what for, all she had said to you was that she might not be able to make it back in time for dinner that night.
The next morning, you had gone to the mansion in hopes of finding her. Only to be caught up in the storm midway through your journey. You had been able to make it just a few yards away from the castles doors before you had collapsed.
She had begun walking up the stairs to Bela's bedroom where Rosaria had just finished making your bath.
"Oh, Alcina. I was just about to come get you."
"It's quite alright, Rosaria. Would you please go get some clothes together for her? Thank you." Alcina had responded to her maid. Rosaria had quickly left the castle to go to the nearest town to find some clothes for you.
"Now, darling, can you tell me where you think your mother might have gone?" She asked you sweetly as she helped you undress and get into the bathtub that was a bit too large for you. You relished in the warmness of the water. "I'm going to have you stay in here while you warm up."
"Uh...I don't think she's coming back..." You told her. She blinked owlishly at you.
"Why do you think that, little one?"
"She said she might not make it back...before she left." You said, tears starting up again. Alcina was shocked.
"Well, if she isn't going to be coming back, then you can stay here lest she does." Alcina would still go looking for her, even if there was no hope.
"...Can I...?" You asked nervously.
"Can you, what?"
"Can I call you momma...?" You asked with a bit more confidence. Alcina's heart hurt at the question but also swelled with happiness.
Was she being given a second chance?
"I... You know what? Of course you can." She told you with a warm smile. "Now, lets finish getting you cleaned up and into bed." She said before grabbing a wash cloth and some of her daughter's old favorite soap and finishing cleaning you up.
Once she was done, she wrapped a warm, fluffy towel around you and brought you into the bedroom where some pajamas had been laid out for you by Rosaria.
" this your room?" You asked her softly.
"No, this was my daughter Bela's room..." She said mournfully while gesturing over to a photo of Bela on her nightstand.
"What happened to her?"
"She, uhm...She got old enough and moved on."
"What do you mean, momma? Will I ever get to meet her?"
"She...She moved out to travel. And, I don't think so. Not for a very long time." She told you sadly.
"I hope I get to meet her someday!!" You said happily, at the prospect of having a new sister.
"So do I... Now, off to bed, sweetheart." She said sweetly before giving you a kiss on the forehead and turning out the main lights.
She lit a small candle on the dresser for you.
"Call for Rosaria if you need anything. She will come see what's wrong and if needed, she will come and get me for you. Goodnight, dear." She said before starting towards the door.
"Goodnight, momma!!" You called happily before quickly going to sleep.
Tumblr media
"Mother!!! Guess what?" You had called running down the stairs.
"Yes, darling?" She called back to you. You were 18 years old now. She had told you all about her daughters and what she was when you had turned 15. And about what had happened. You had insisted you become like them. You wanted to be able to protect your mother should anything like that had happened all those years ago.
It took her a while to convince but once she relented, she spoke to Mother Miranda and everything else just fell into place.
Once it was all said and done, she had gifted you with a necklace that was identical to the ones her other daughters had had. Yours was inlaid with a beautiful sapphire.
Alcina always referred to them as your big sisters.
"I killed three more mortals this time!! That's one more than last time!!" You told her excitedly.
"That's wonderful, darling. You know what to do." She said standing up, following you as you swarmed towards the kitchen. You were just like her daughters growing up.
She wouldn't screw this up this time, she promised herself.
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hotchsbabygirl · 5 months ago
also. 15+16 with eddie fluff/comfort including chris because he’s adorable
You Feel Like Home
Tumblr media
Eddie Diaz x Reader
Warnings: fem!reader, mentions of alcohol
Prompts: #15: “Did you let yourself in?” // #16: “How did you get in my house?”
Category: fluff
Word Count: 2.1k
Author’s Note: here’s a lil something because I haven’t posted a x reader in so long. Also I didn’t check for errors cause I'm lazy so ignore any mistakes :) 
It’s raining, the streets were drenching with water and muck which you found yourself staring at as you sat in your car at the intersection.
You had left your job, more like you were fired for something you didn’t do but you hated your job, 100 and 10% despited it and everyone there- needless to say, you didn’t mind not being there anymore.
The shitty weather on top of the idea of having to find a new job was putting more than damper on your day. So here you were in the middle of the day driving to your best friend’s house. He doesn't like to admit that he’s your best friend but he is and you both knew that.
The driveway was empty and the house was dark, at least from what you could see. Hopping out of the car, you make your way to the front door, the rain drenching your clothing. The key to his house hanging from the bunch you held in your hand, you let yourself in.
“Anyone home?” shouting into the dark house, slipping off your shoes.
There was no answer, you assumed Eddie was at work and Chris was still at school which made sense considering it was 2:30 on a Friday afternoon.
A puddle of water trialed behind you on your way to the bathroom, stopping to get a towel from the cupboard. The wet clothes get stripped off and tossed into the tub, making a mental note to come back and put them in the dryer after you get something to wear.
The towel now wrapped around you, you find your way down the hallway and into Eddie’s bedroom. There was a basket of folded laundry on the bed, deciding that it’s probably better to get something from the basket than to tumble through his drawers.
Just as you go to drop the towel, you hear the front door open and then a woman’s voice.
“Shit shit shit” you mumble to yourself and look around the room frantically- there’s no way you could get dressed before the person gets to the room, you have no choice but you stay the way you are.
The footsteps approaching the room, a knock on the door before it opens, Carla sticks her head in the room and you let out a breath of relief.
“Jesus, it’s just you” sitting on the bed, you smile at her and she laughs softly.
“Who’d you think it was hun?”
“I thought Eddie had come home, with a woman. That would have been hard to explain- ya know, a woman in a towel in his bedroom while he’s not home.”
“Mhm hm,” Carla has one of her famous mischievous looks on her face. “Sure, because it’s normal for you to be half naked in his bedroom when he isn't home.” She laughs.
“Were you waiting for him?” she teased, your face twists and you groan.
“Carla! No, god. I had a shitty day and I wanted to hang out. It was raining cats and dogs when I got here and my clothes got wet.” you explain what happened and she gives you a hum, stepping back out and leaving you to change.
You can hear laughter coming from the bedroom down the hall, you make your way there. Chris sat on his bed, looking out his window while he was on the phone.
“Love you too dad, bye” the phone is set beside him on the bed, you knock on the door and Chris looks back, his face lighting up when he sees you.
“Hey kiddo” smiling at the boy who’s now making his way over to you, you step into the room and meet him halfway.
“Hi! What are you doing here?” he asks you, hugging you.
“Came by to see your dad but he wasn’t home. I’m better now because you’re free” looking down at him, Christopher laughs and holds your hand as the two of you walk down the hallway to the living room. Carla brings him a snack and joins the two of you in the living room, Christopher telling you both about his day at school.
Eddie runs to the front door from his truck, the rain had been pouring all day.
“I’m home!” he shouts, as he steps in only for Carla to shush him from the kitchen.
His face screws and he makes his way down the hallway to Christopher’s room but he wasn't in there. Carla sat in the kitchen reading her book, she smiles when he steps in the kitchen.
“Hey, where’s Chris ?” he asks, washing his hands and pulling a pot out of the cupboard.
“Shower,” shutting the book, she slips it into her bag. “You’re going ?” Eddie glances over his shoulder, pouting slightly. Carla always helps him with dinner and truthfully, she’s the better cook out of the two.
“I’ve got myself a hot date tonight” She tells him, giving him a smile before making her way to the front door.
Eddie follows her, “what? really? But who’s going to keep me company while Chris does his homework ?” his hand coming up to his chest as he sighs dramatically.
Carla’s hand meets his, patting his chest. “Chris is done with his work, he had help” nodding towards the couch, Eddie follows her gesture to see you sleep on the couch.
“When did- are those my clothes ?” his mouth hung in disbelief.
Why were you asleep on his couch in his clothes ? He wasn't even home, how the hell did you get in ?
“Mhm hm” Carla hums, a soft laugh slipping past her lips. “Have fun sugar, I'll be back in the morning. Tell lil man I said bye” She steps out, pulling the door shut behind her.
The pattering of feet pulled Eddie’s attention away from a sleeping you on the couch.
“Dad!” Chris’s smile lit up the room, Eddie found himself smiling at his son.
“Hey buddy” he kneeled to hug him, holding him close after a long day at work.
“How was work ?” Christopher asks his father as the two make their way to the kitchen.  
“It was a fine, normal day of us saving the city” Eddie chuckled, smiling at his son who was sitting at the table now. “Hey bud?”
“Mhm hm ?”
“When did y/n get here?”
“I don’t know, she was here when me and Carla got home” he shrugs, turning his attention back to something Eddie had left out on the table.
Eddie is half way into the fridge and it was down to its bare bones. A carton of milk, two eggs left in a tray and a half used stick of butter - guess he had forgotten to go grocery shopping yesterday.
“How does pizza for dinner sound?” Eddie turns to Chris who’s nodding eagerly. Pizza was the way to that kid’s heart.
dinner was short, the boys talked about their day. Chris told his father all about his day at school and how they learned about the atmosphere and space in science class and Eddie told him about a resume they had today - the safe for work details of course, he always left out the gruesome parts.
“So Carla told me y/n helped with your homework ?”
“Yeah, I only had math work to do. It was easy”
Eddie hums, it was still relatively early and a Friday afternoon, he thought why not have a movie night.
“Here’s the plan for tonight, you tidy up your room real quick and then we can build a fort and have movie night. How does that sound ?”
“Like a plan!” he smiles at Eddie before getting up. Eddie sits at the table watching Chris make his way into the hallway and towards the bathroom.
The sound of a snore brought him back to reality, he remembered you were still on the couch asleep. He quietly got up and made his way over, crouching in front of the couch.
You looked at peace, which was strange to him because the two of you are always bickering or poking each other about something. The only times he had seen you smile was if someone made fun of him or if you were with Chris - he had never actually seen you relaxed.
“Take a picture and leave or I'm filing a restraining order” you mumble sleepily. Eddie laughed, you were always teasing him about his stare.
Eddie stands, lifting your legs and sitting before dropping them down onto his lap. “How did you get in my house? Did you let yourself in?”
“I used the key” rolling onto your jacket, you shift upwards slightly. The disapproval on Eddie’s face was very much visible.
“I gave you that key for emergencies!”
“It was an emergency!”
Eddie sighs, his hand rubbing the piece of bare skin showing from the rolled up pants. The room is quick, the sound of the rain pouring echoed through the house.
“What’s on your mind ? I can practically see the wrinkles forming on your face”
“Hey!” you nudged him with your foot while he laughed. “Nothing,” sitting up to face him properly. “I just had a shitty day and wanted to see my bes- my friend.”
A small smile appeared on his face. “Your what ?” “Shut up Eddie”
“No no, say it” he grabs your foot, his fingers reaching to the sole of your foot. Your eyes widen, shaking your head. “Don’t you dare.”
“Oh but I do” he smirks before tickling the bottom of your foot. You try to pull your foot away but you’re laughing and wiggling around on the couch so much that you end up rolling off but your foot is still on Eddie’s lap.
There you were lying diagonally off the couch with your feet on his lap. He shifts to the floor, now sitting beside you. The two of you have your backs up against the couch.
“Seriously, talk to me. What’s up ?”
“Just wanted some company. Work was shitty and I- I don’t know. I didn’t know where to go. There’s nothing waiting for me at my place, the weather’s kinda depressing so I didn’t want to go drinking because it would just make me sad” you chuckle, turning your head to face him.
“I got in the car and just drove and I ended up here. This is home, you know? ” you admit. Humming, he smiles.
“I’m glad you felt like you could come here.”
“Well I know you couldn’t kick me out. You love me and my puppy face too much” you pout playfully making his laugh before nudging you with his shoulder.
Eddie’s arm is now over your shoulder, pulling you into his side. “You’re welcomed here anytime.” he presses a kiss to the top of your head.
Tilting your head from his shoulder, you're now face to face with him. There had always been unspoken feelings between the two of you, everyone could see that - even the two of you.
He leans in, a hand cupping your cheek like it was chiseled to fit the curve of your structure perfectly.
The palm of your hand wraps around his wrist, leaning closer to him.
This was the moment you were waiting for.
“DAD!” Chris shouts, causing Eddie to pull away. Not that either of you minded but there does that moment.
“Yeah ?” His hand was still cupping your cheek. “Can we watch a movie now?”
“Of course, pick one out.” He moves his hand to give the remote to Chris, you cheek cold from the loss of touch.
The 3 of you settle into the couch, Christopher between the two of you. The boy settled on Space Jam though he had seen it a million times.
Eddie’s arm is stretched over the back of the couch. It was bent at an awkward position, his fingers barely grazing your cheek, letting you know that he’s right there.
The two of you shared stolen glances all night, watching each other more than the movie. Eventually Chris fell asleep between the two of you.
You felt safe, peaceful, home.
This felt like home.
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volleychumps · 11 months ago
Taking Care of Drunk S/O at a Party w/ Kageyama, Osamu, Ushijima, and Akaashi 
the one in which these volleynerds turn into a bunch of overprotective babysitters
Welcome back lovelies, I’m happy to return :). This is a simple prompt just for me to ease back into things! 
Warning(s): depictions of alcohol usage, slightly pissed off cuties, aged up! bc we don’t condone underage drinking aha
“No, Y/N. No more.” Kageyama’s voice was stern over the music as dark blue eyes watch with exasperation as the flush on your cheeks seem to darken. Your giggles increase as you sway slightly with the music, a pout on your lips at Kageyama’s tired expression, the setter’s arm outstretched with a cup that swished around a deep red liquid. 
“But Tobio...” Your whine starts, and Kageyama sighs deeply before pinching your cheek, irritation evident in his tone as the raven-haired boy forces himself to harden his gaze. 
“If you throw up all over me, I’d never forgive you, you numbskull.”
“A...A numbskull?” You blink in confusion before your eyes suddenly brim with unshed tears. Truth be told, you didn’t even know the meaning of that insult in your haze, but that didn’t stop you from becoming eerily quiet. 
Kageyama curses as the sniffling begins to start, Tsukishima not missing the opportunity to cup his hands around his mouth- 
“We’ve got a ladykiller on our hands!” 
“Y/N’s too good for you, boooooo-” Tanaka chimes, Nishinoya shaking his head in disappointment as the two drunken friends continue their dance off in the middle of Daichi’s living room. 
“Oi idiots! Don’t move so fast, my carpet-!”Daichi palms his face as Tanaka makes a motion like he’s about to be sick.  
“No, the carpet!” You cry, swinging your arms around in panic before Kageyama takes a few seconds to pinch the bridge of his nose as tears begin to slip your eyes. 
“Y/N, come dance away the pain!” 
“That’s a great-!” 
Kageyama catches your collar before Nishinoya’s invitation can be accepted, huffing through his nose as if that were going to ever happen. He ignores your whines as he tugs you into the kitchen, glaring at the instigative Tsukishima before sitting you atop the counter seriously. 
“I...I’m not a numbskull.” You hiccup, Kageyama rolling his eyes before forcefully slipping the ridge of a glass of water in between your lips. 
“Drink this and I might change my mind.” 
“B-But you’re yelling at me...”
Kageyama raises a brow, having never raised his voice before, feeling his cheeks darken at how unbelievably adorable you were being. He clears his throat, pushing the water towards you.
You puff your cheeks out with a glare, Kageyama’s irritated patience seeming to be waning before you give in, drinking the whole glass of water as if you were trying to prove a point. 
“What.” He swipes at the few droplets on the corner of your lips with his thumb, tired gaze screaming to go home to recharge his introverted self. 
“I love you.” 
Blue eyes widen a fraction as you giggle, leaning forward to peck his lips once before your cheek suddenly hits his shoulder, your even breathing filling his ears as Kageyama stands there for a moment, empty glass in hand. 
“You need help in here?” Yamaguchi pokes his head into the kitchen before the glass hits the counter with a slight tap, a hand carefully resting on your lower back to pull you closer as Kageyama tilts his head slightly, suddenly in his own haze. You cuddled closer, hands finding the sides of his shirt mindlessly before fisting the material, nuzzling your nose into his neck. 
“No. I’ve got her.” Kageyama’s voice lacked the tension it usually did as he tucks a single strand of hair behind your ear, ensuring the kitchen was empty again before a hushed voice brushes your ear. 
“That was a direct attack, dammit. I love you too, numbskull.” 
“Y/N’s dancing with your brother.” 
“Mm. Thanks, I didn’t notice.” 
Suna flashes him a thumbs up that swiftly switched into a middle finger at his teammate’s sarcastic tone, Osamu biting the ridge of his own cup. His eyes shined over in slight competitiveness as Atsumu twirled you around, the skirt you were wearing flaring out a bit too high for his liking. He trusted you, however, and he knew Atsumu wasn’t sleazy enough to go for the girl Osamu wanted to marry one day. 
“You don’t think she thinks that’s you, right?” Kita joins in the conversation, startling Suna slightly before Osamu shrugs, tilting back some booze. 
“Depends. What drink is she on? Third? Fourth?” 
Osamu chokes, keeling over to clear out his throat as Kita mildly hits his back, looking over his teammates hunched over form to shoot Suna a you’re a dumbass kind of look. 
“What?” Suna lazily shrugs as Osamu hits him with a deadpan stare. Osamu palms his face tiredly, not willing to admit there was a good chance that you were too far gone to realize what twin you were spinning around with in the dark.
“In my defense, she challenged me-“
But Osamu was already walking away, glint in his eye as he catches your waist mid-spin, tugging you into his chest. Atsumu’s easy grin didn’t falter, tilting his head teasingly as you slur giggles into your boyfriend’s chest.
“Well hello to you too, lesser half. Missing something?”
“I’d punch you, but it’s sadly not your fault we have the same face.”
With that, Osamu tosses you over his shoulder, ensuring to hold your skirt down with one hand as you drunkenly play with the ends of his hair.
“Mr. Kidnapper, I have a boyfriend.”
“I’m sure you do.” Osamu scoffs through his nose, sitting you on the bathroom sink before kicking the door closed. You grumble as Osamu uses a few towels to wipe at the sweat collected atop your head, running some paper towels under water to swipe at the smudged makeup under your eyes.
“You’re real nice for a kidnapper.”
“The nicest.”
“My boyfriend’s gonna beat you up for stealing me.”
“Shiver me timbers.” Osamu’s still unamused, straightening your clothes before finally meeting you at eye level. You look at him suspiciously as you mumble to yourself, and Osamu kisses the top of your head before helping you off the sink.
“That’s what my boyfriend says-“ you pause, slow recognition seeping in as you gasp a bit too dramatically. “Wait, Osamu?!”
“Boo.” His reply is even as your forehead hits his shoulder, tension draining from your shoulders. 
“I wanna go home.”
“Good. Because we threw this party, Y/N.” Osamu cups your face, and you lean into his palm with a confused pout. “We are home.”
“Then I want to go to bed.”
“Smartest thing you’ve said all night.” He picks you up in a bridal position, a small smile tugging at the end of his lips as you cuddle into his chest, already half-asleep.
“Can you bring me those cheese and cracker things?” You mumble with a pout, somehow managing to stick your tongue at Suna over Osamu’s shoulder as he walks.
Osamu’s smile was wider now, ignoring Atsumu’s wolf whistle before brushing some hair away, pressing his lips against your forehead gently.
Yeah. He was gonna marry you one day.
“Whatever you want, princess.”
“If you don’t put a leash on her, I will.”
“Tendou no-“
Ushijima blinked as you laughed loudly, taking the tie out of your hair to allow it to flail messily. He swallowed tightly, noting how attractive that was before looking over at his redhead friend. His back touched the wall, a cup of water in his grasp loosely. Of course, he would be the designated driver for the night.
“She seems fine.”
“Oh? Does she really?” Tendou prompts, throwing another ping pong ball at an array of plastic cups. “Because I’m 80% sure she’s about to strip-“
And then Ushijima’s back was no longer pushed up against the wall.
He made it just in time, sighing in exasperation before covering your bare shoulders with his own jacket as yours goes flying overhead somewhere. Glaring at the group of douchebags who started booing, he spins you around, unhappy with the current situation.
“Y/N.” he grips your wrist, his other hand slipping your drink from your other hand as his eyes slightly narrow.
“Toshi!” You squeal, meeting his stoic stare with a bubbly one. Semi snickers behind him as Ushijima’s resolve seems to chip away as soon as you chirp his name, Tendou already walking back over with your jacket over his shoulder.
“...Come sit down. Please.”
He doesn’t leave you much of a choice, securely placing a hand on the small of your back in order to guide you through the crowd. His sharp glance towards the group of guys wanting you to strip more has them awkwardly sidestepping out of the way.
“Toshi, can I have my drink back?” You mumble, eyelids feeling heavier as Semi easily switches your cup for Ushijima’s cup of water.
“Mm. Come sit here while you drink.”
Semi and Tendou continue their game of beer pong as Ushijima shifts his body so he’s facing the back of your head, the cup of water trickling down your throat as he rummages around in your jacket pocket.
“Let’s get your hair up. You may vomit later.”
“Toshi, you’re like a mom.”
“Mm.” Ushijima secures the tie around your hair, satisfied to see that you were no longer in the mood to strip, covered in his jacket with a cup of water in your system.
“Sorry I’m a handful...” your head hits his shoulder, and you poke his hand, beginning to sober up. He gently kisses the top of your head, turning his palm so you can fit your hand into his.
“If it’s you, I’ll always deal with it.”
“Nothing to see here. Keep walking.”
“You can’t hog her all night, Akaashi!”
Akaashi shrugs, eyeing Konoha and Bokuto with a look that said try me. He strokes your hair as you giggle into his chest, Akaashi sighing as he keeps you from getting handsy before narrowing his eyes at his two teammates.
“This is your fault. You let her drink too much.”
“She can handle her alcohol!”
“Oh? Can she?” Akaashi’s rhetorical question was unanswered by the two as he let go of your wrists, and you immediately curl up in his lap while sniffling to yourself.
“Every day I think about him.”
“About who?” Akaashi questions, not breaking eye contact with his teammates.
“My hamster!” You exclaim, obviously distressed as you kick your legs. “God, Kaashi, you know this!”
“You were saying?” Blue eyes deadpanned Konoha and Bokuto as the former raises his hand in defeat, Bokuto whining about how he wanted to party some more before the two wander off. He peers down at you in his lap, stroking your hair gently.
No answer.
“Y/N, are you asleep?”
“I’m sorry I didn’t remember who Marshall was.”
“You’re lucky you’re literally the sexiest man alive.” You mumble, still upset as Akaashi feels himself chuckle lightly at how cute you were being.
“You’re not too bad yourself.” His breath tickles your ear as he leans downwards, and you shiver. Akaashi gently shrugs his coat off, draping it over you as you begin to fall asleep soundly. Only you would fall asleep in a house this noisy, trusting that he would take care of you and keep you safe.
“Kaashi?” Your eyes open slightly, tiredness heavy in your eyelids.
“We can go now if you want.” 
Akaashi tilts his head back, sighing in relief before bending down to kiss your forehead, beginning to help you up slowly. 
“Oh thank god. Come on, I’ll carry you to the car.” 
General works: @takemetovalhalla @kasandrafaye @savemesteeb @dreebbles @yams046 @let-me-have-my-own-name @deadontheinsidebut @lifeisntjustblackandwhite @curiouslilbeast @aprettyfruit @wisepandaslimeland @h0ngh0ngh0ng @lmkjimin @orangegiraffe7 @dai-tsukki-desu @kac-chowsballs @spikertrash @yamaguwuchi @lord-suneater-explosion @nekomawhore @holaaaf @babyybokutoakaashi @lexysclubhouse
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clown-boy-s · 5 months ago
First post!!!
Tumblr media
-I'll take good care of you-
Heisenberg X reader smut
Gender neutral reader!!
Story description- the scene in which Ethan is captured by Heisenberg and put into the game (this won't be accurate to the game, I'm purely basing this off of the scene) - You wake up surrounded by strangers, before you know it, you're sent into Heisenberg's games. He takes a liking to you and your strong will. He decides to keep you, just for himself
Length of story: long
Warning: smut-fingering, confined space, violence
You blink slowly, your eyes adjusting to the busy scene around you. You raise your arms to wipe your eyes only to find that your wrists are bound tightly by rough rope. You grunt and squirm in the restraints.
"Hey! Stop that, wriggling around ain't gonna get you anywhere!" A ragged voice broke what seemed like silence.
You looked up, a sigh escaping from your lips, and looked at the source of the voice. A rather ragged...yet was peering at you through dark sunglasses. You sneered and continued to tug on your restraints. He hissed through gritted teeth and began to strut towards you.
"what do you want?!" You recoiled as he got closer to you.
He placed his hands over your bound wrists and pulled you close to him. His rough hands pressed against yours, it was both gruesome yet exciting at the same time. You shook the feeling off and grunted against his gaze.
"I told stop. If I were you, I'd do as I say." He spoke in a low voice. His sunglasses slipped down his nose as he spoke, revealing hazel eyes that shone just slightly in the dim light. You caught them for a moment but before he could speak again, you looked away.
As you turned your head, you noticed an enormous lady sat to your left. Your breath caught in your throat as she chuckled and stood up.
"Maybe this one will put up a good show for your games Heisenberg....such a shame that they're mine!" She spoke with a silky voice, laughter teasing at the edge of her words.
Heisenberg...his name must be Heisenberg. You looked back at the man, who was still holding your wrists. He scowled and walked over to the tall woman.
"They're mine! Get your food elsewhere!" He grunted. As he passed his seat, he picked up a large hammer and pointed it towards you.
"Send them down!" Heisenberg shouted, authority in his voice.
"What? I don't understa-" you were cut off by your own scream as you were sent down into a tunnel.
You caught your breath and shook off your drowsiness, it was obvious you needed to run. Your feet squelched against the sludge lining the pathway, it felt like you were going to slip at any given moment.
"It certainly looks like you'll be putting on a good show for me" Heisenberg's voice rang through speakers overhead. You puffed and shook your head.
Two pathways opened up ahead, you paused for a moment before a monster clambered into sight. You grunted and swung at it, the ropes digging into your wrists as you hit it. With a sigh of relief, you dodged the beast and dove down another tunnel.
"Oh excellent job y/n." Heisenberg praised you.
Before you could respond, you felt your body slip underneath you. With a startled scream, you began to grab for anything you could get ahold of...nothing was there. As you slid down the muddy path, you looked behind you...the beast was alive and it was coming down after you.
"FUCK!" You grunted and grabbed onto the walls as you stopped sliding. With a tug on the wooden panels lining the tunnel walls, you regained your balance and began to run again.
The monster wasn't fair behind was wounded but it was gaining on you. With as much force as you could muster, you smashed your fists against a slab of wood. It easily shattered and splinters fell across the floor beside you.
"Hmm, what have we here?" Heisenberg eagerly watched you.
You scooped up the largest splinter lying on the ground and positioned yourself Infront of the monster. As it approached you at full speed, you felt your arms propel forwards as you sent the wooden stake through its slick body. You sighed and let go off the wood.
"Is that good enough?" You looked up at the tunnel ceiling to speak to Heisenberg. You heard a chuckle through the radios.
"Good enough for me." He praised as he opened a trap door above you. You groaned and raised your hands, still bound in the tight restraints.
"I expect you'd like me to take those off?" Heisenberg peered down at you as he pulled out a knife and cut the rope binding your wrist. With a sigh of relief you rubbed your sore arms together and inspected the cuts the rope had inflicted.
"You'll be just fine. Give me your hands" He demanded. You raised your hands, as he had asked, and he grabbed them, pulling you up and into a different tunnel. The floor here wasn't covered in muck, it was wooden and relatively better to walk on.
You looked at Heisenberg with curiousity shining in your eyes.
"Why did you help me out? Surely you'd just leave me down here to die."
"You stand out to me. I think you'd do much better working alongside me." He spoke as he walked you away from the mucky tunnels.
You grunted as a response and rubbed at your aching wrists. Your eyes kept flicking from the floor to wanted to look at him but you didn't want him to know that.
He chuckled. "We're headed to my quarters, I suppose you could take a bath and freshen yourself smell awful."
"You're the one who sent me into a mud filled rotten tunnel!" You snapped at him and furrowed your eyebrows.
"At least I'm offering you a place to stay. As you said, I could've left you in there." Heisenberg laughed. "The thing is y/n..I'm gonna take good care of you. I get why you're angry right now but..I think we'll make a good team."
You grumbled and shrugged your shoulders at the man. Truthfully, his words had lit something inside you and you didn't like it. You wanted him to take good care of you...but he had just sent you into a pit to be killed. It was only luck that he took you out...he was charming though.
"Well here we are. Your five star hotel." Heisenberg smirked as he opened the door and gestured for you to enter.
Reluctantly, you went through the doorway and peered around the room. You crinkled your nose at the sight, it was dark, wet and it smelt.
"This is the basement sweetheart, did you expect us to go from tunnels directly to a luxurious bedroom?" He looked at you playfully and locked the door behind him.
You shook your head and waited for him to continue walking. He placed his hand on the small of your back and pointed to the staircase.
"Just keep walking. I don't think you need me to guide you everywhere, do you?" He spoke lowly. You could feel his body heat radiating against you and you looked down, a blush forming on your face.
With a deep breath, you walked up the stairs and pushed open the door ahead of you. It opened to a small but cozy cottage type building. To your left was a workbench with many tools scattered about, to your right, a tall bookshelf and a couple of armchairs besides it. As you continued walking, you found yourself in an incredibly messy kitchen, you crinkled your nose and walked back out. A staircase was hidden behind the bookshelf and armchairs, it must lead to the bathroom and bedroom- you thought to yourself.
"Keep walking. We aren't stopping down here." Heisenberg placed his hand on your back again..lower this time, as if he knew it was making you feel this way.
He guided you up the stairs and towards the bathroom, keeping his hand against the small of your back. By the time you reached the bathroom door, he was rubbing small circles into your back with his thumb.
"Here, clean yourself up and then go into there...find anything to wear." He pointed to what must be his room.
You nodded and muttered "Thank you."
"Oh you're very welcome sweetheart." Heisenberg smirked at you before descending down the stairs. Your breathing hitched for a moment before you composed yourself and entered the bathroom.
-Time skip (skipped the bath and directly to you picking out clothes in his room)-
Steam rose off of your skin as you sat on Heisenberg's bed in just a towel. You felt so vulnerable and bare...but something about that felt so exciting to you. You shook this thought out of your mind and opened Heisenberg's wardrobe.
"Hmm" you hummed to yourself as you picked at the cleanest shirt you could find. You knew it'd be too big for you, but it looked comfortable and warm. As you tugged the cotton shirt around your body, a waft of patchouli and sandalwood tugged at your nostrils. That was his smell.
You finished buttoning the shirt up and looked in a mirror that hung beside the wardrobe. It stopped just above your was inconvenient but it would do.
With a nervous sigh, you exited his room and began to walk down the stairs. The boards creaked softly underneath your weight, they're probably worn down due to Heisenberg's..large stature. You sighed softly at the thought, trying not to focus on the man's appearance.
"This was..uhm..the best I could find. I hope you don't mind." You spoke quietly as you stared at the floorboards, not wanting to look up at him.
"Hmph, I think it suits you." Heisenberg said teasingly. You could hear him hammering something on his workbench and decided to look up. He had removed his signature hat and sunglasses....and his coat and shirt.
Your breathing hitched in your throat and you looked away instantly, feeling somewhat ashamed. Butterflies swam in your stomach as the image of his back muscles stuck in your mind.
"Like what you see?" He chuckled and turned around. You looked up, a deep blush burning on your cheeks.
"I'm just...I-" Heisenberg cut you off by hushing you.
"Don't get your tongue twisted. Come and sit with me." Arousal dripped off of his voice. You caught his eyes for a moment and saw gold shimmer in them just slightly.
As you went to sit down in one of the armchairs, he tutted and patted his leg....He wanted you to sit in his lap. With a shakey sigh, you stepped across to him and sat on his thigh. The man felt so large underneath you, his broad stature seemed to entirely surround you. Your eyes wandered to his chest, upto his neck..upto his face. His hair hung loosely over his forehead, stray curls hugging his cheekbones. He tilted his head and smirked at you.
"Nervous aren't we?" Heisenberg teased. "How is it that you can handle a monster in one of my games...but not me?"
You let out a quiet, nervous laugh and shrugged your shoulders. Your entire body felt stiff and tight, you had no idea what to do in this man's lap.
"Relax, I don't bite. My sister might though." He laughed before raising his hand and toying with your damp hair.
"Is she the..." You gulped. "The tall one?"
He laughed and nodded. His hand fell down and slid across your thigh, barely clothed by his own shirt. You plucked up your courage and reached out your hand to gently push his hair out of his face.
" was in the way." You tried to make an excuse...the real excuse just being that you wanted to touch him.
"Oh really?" Heisenberg chuckled. Your courage quickly dropped as he began to pull the thin shirt up your waist. Goosebumps broke out on your thighs as they were exposed to the cold air.
"Cold, hmm? I know ways to warm you up." He caressed one finger down your thigh and placed his broad hand across your knee. You whined softly, you'd had enough of his teasing. He'd been upto it all day and something inside you had finally snapped.
"Please, I can't take this much longer." You buried your head into his shoulder and sighed.
"Oh sweetheart, I've barely done anything..but since you asked so nicely." Heisenberg smirked and slipped his hand into your underwear.
Your breathing hitched yet again and you find your hands gripping onto his arms. He purred at your response and slipped one finger inside you. You let out a small gasp and closed your eyes, feeling his beard scratch gently on your forehead.
"I've barely touched you and you're falling apart on me...How sweet.." He spoke, his voice low and laced with arousal. You felt his hot breath against your skin and blushed deeply.
Heisenberg started to move his finger, somehow hitting the right spots already. You moaned softly and held onto his arm tightly. He laughed softly and slipped another finger into you, making you gasp loudly.
"Faster....please.." you felt pathetic whining to him but you couldn't help it. He clearly took joy out of seeing you suffer and beg like this.
As he began to fuck you with his fingers, you felt yourself clenching your thighs around his hands and pressing closer against his body. One hand rested against his collarbone, feeling the muscles in his shoulders and neck. The other was tightly wrapped around the arm he used to fuck you, holding onto it as though it was something you needed to survive. You felt a knot begin to grow in your stomach, you sighed out of pleasure and looked up at Heisenberg. He peered down at you with a lustful, prideful look in his eyes.
The thought alone brought you closer to your high, he could feel you clenching around him. He slipped a third finger into you and sped up yet again. You shut your eyes and felt your toes curl as he finger fucked you into your high. A string of curses and moans fell from your lips as you rested your head against his shoulder.
"I told you, I'll take good care of you." Heisenberg moved a hair off of your face and looked into your eyes softly. You sighed shakily and rested your feet back against the floor.
"Maybe we will make a good team." You said quietly as he rubbed your thigh softly.
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i-cant-sing · 8 months ago
Yandere Rei Hurting Reader Pt2
Yes yes. Its out now. I won't delete this one. Enjoy!
Part 1 is here. Part 3 here.
Check out my MASTERLIST for more!
Yandere Todoroki Clan:
It had been so awful at first. So hard for everyone to adjust to the new change. Of course, it was especially difficult for you to adapt to the new circumstances.
When you had first woken up after the unfortunate incident, approximately 3 days later, you didn't expect to be home so soon. You expected- you hoped that you would wake up in the hospital and have them call the authorities. Then again, you also didn't expect never being able to use your eyes again.
Shotou was the first one to notice when you had woken up from your coma. He hadn't left your side since the accident. He jumped from his seat beside you and held the glass of water to your lips when you tried to speak. The family came rushing in when he called for them, announcing that you had woken up. You could hear Fuyumi and her crying tears of joy as Natsuo came to check your vitals. You knew your eyes were bandaged, which was expected because of the hot oil that was poured on them, but when you asked Natsuo when they were coming off, he went silent. Your heart sank when he told you what had happened, how your eyes were fucking fried to the point that the arteries supplying them were also destroyed, which meant they couldn't be replaced, ever.
You screamed a lot that day; you would've cried but you didn't have any tear ducts. You didn't let anyone touch you at first, especially Rei. You would scream, throw yourself away from her if you felt her come near you. Eventually, Natsuo put some sort of tranquilliser into your IV, finally calming you down.
Being blind was hard, you knew that. But you didn't know that it would also be this humiliating. After the accident, they had starting infantalizing you even more, doing the most miniscule things for you.
Shotou would be the first person who greeted you in the morning and usually the last person to put you to bed at night. He would carry you around everywhere you go, telling you its simply unsafe for you to walk on your own. Sure you bumped into the furniture a few times and it was a bit hard maintaining your balance, but that didn't mean you needed him to carry you around everywhere. You had asked him to get you a cane, but he only said "why do you need a stick when you have me? Just tell me where you want to go". 
Each morning, Shotou would take you down the stairs to the toilet and more often than not, have Fuyumi come and help you, even for brushing your teeth. Then he would take you to the dining table where everyone is waiting for you. Fuyumi would give your breakfast to Shotou, who would cut it up and feed you. Once you're done eating, you would wait for Shotou to finish his food. During breakfast, everyone would make small talk while you remained quiet. After everyone's finished eating, Fuyumi and Rei would take dishes to sink. You would've helped, but everyone's pretty much forbidden you from entering the kitchen.
Shotou would then carry you either to his room or the living room, where he would turn on the TV and tell you what's happening. But since this always makes you remember how you don't have eyes, he would usually just read you some book. Somehow, they're always about princesses and fairytales. You were getting sick of hearing them.
Fuyumi would later come and fetch you, and take you to your bath. While you would be cleaning yourself, after politely declining help from Fuyumi each time, she would be out preparing your clothes for the day. She would explain to you what you're wearing and how you look, and how she's going to style your hair. As if any of these things mattered to you. But even if they did, its not like you'd have a say in anything.
You still remember the first time you were taking a bath, after finally convincing Fuyumi to let you have the "luxury" to clean yourself up. You finally had some time for yourself, alone and away from the rest of the house. You sank in the warm water in the tub, allowing yourself to relax. The privacy was comforting, but not long lasting, as you felt cold hands touch your shoulders. In an instant, you jumped away screaming. "GET AWAY FROM ME! GET AWAY! GET AWAY!" Rei tried coming closer to you but you kept on screeching at the top of your lungs, alerting the whole house. "FUYUMI! SHOTOU! GET HER AWAY! SHOTOU GET HER AWAY!" At that point you didn't even care if they saw you nude, they just need to save you from her. The siblings rushed to the bathroom and upon seeing your huddled form in the corner and their mother sobbing, Fuyumi hastily covered you with a towel while Shotou took Rei out of there.
Shotou tried to make you understand that Rei was just trying to help you. That she just missed you and wanted to take care of you. He was basically telling you not to be afraid of her, and that your trauma is not valid. You stopped talking to him after that, only spoke when absolutely necessary.  
Natsuo would pick you up after your bath while Fuyumi went to make lunch. He would check your eyes (or lack there of), put on some ointments and replace the bandages with fresh ones. Fuyumi would come with your lunch and after she'd fed you, Natsuo would give you your medicine. They always make you sleepy, so you'd be put down for a nap.
Dabi wasn't always around, but when he was, he was still the asshole he was before. He would move your things to different places, or place stuff in your way so that'd you'd trip (he always caught you before you face planted), all so that you would ask him for help he could get a rise out of you. But you would just sigh and move on.
Enji liked to take you to the garden and read you books and newspapers. It was alright you guess, but you wanted to do something yourself, especially since they still didn't take you out of the house. You had asked him for a Braille, but he only replied "You don't need to stress yourself with that. I'll always be there to read you whatever you want." 
If Enji's running late, then Shotou would take you to the swings in the garden, pushing you as he tells what happened at school or with friends. After dinner, you’d be forced to spend some more time with your siblings, before you’d be tucked into bed.
That has been the routine for the past 6 months since your accident. And the family really felt like everything was returning to normal. It was, for them. This is how they always wanted things to happen: you, locked up in the house while they stripped you of all autonomy and infantalized you to the point where it was harming you, both physically and mentally. Your body was growing weak, your muscles got easily fatigued from their lack of use. And the pills Natsuo gave you didn't really help the case. They made you sleepy, and you think they even caused hallucinations since you felt like someone was in your room or someone was playing with your hair.
Even though you were stuck at home all day, you still never talked to Rei. Well she tried, but you would be the one to always flinch away. She wouldn't address herself when she entered your room, but you would still feel her lurking around the corners. And why should you acknowledge her? Especially after what she's done? 
Enji wasnt ignorant of your condition. He could see how quiet you had gotten, and how scared you were of Rei. He was getting worried for you. What were you thinking about? Enji knew if he didn't talk to you, things will get worse.
You were sitting by the lounge window with Fuyumi who was telling you about her day. Fuyumi greeted him when he came in the room. "Hey, dad!" Enji nodded. "Fuyumi, would you leave us? I'd like to talk to Y/n." Fuyumi nodded, pressing a kiss to your forehead before she left the room, only Enji noticing how you stiffened at her affection. He sat beside you and cleared his throat. "How are you?" "Fine. You?"you softly asked. "I'm good, too. I wanted to talk to you about something. About...your mom." "My mom's dead." Enji cleared his throat. "I meant Rei." "Oh. What about her?" "Why haven't you been talking to her?" You remained silent. “What happened was an accident-” “It wasnt an accident. An accident is spilling milk. Not pouring hot oil in someone’s eyes.” Enji knew this was coming.“She didn’t do it on purpose-” You cut him off again. “She did! She knew exactly what she was doing.” “Why would she do that?” “I don’t know. She hates me or something.” Enji grabbed your hand gently. “You know that's not true. Rei loves you very much and she cares about you a lot.” You didn't say anything. “Do you remember the day you came to our house?” You nodded. “Yeah. It was a few days after my parents funeral.” “Yes. And do you remember what Rei said to you?” You stiffened before nodding again. “She said that she may not be my real mother, but she’ll love me more than anyone ever has and ever will. Always.” “Yes. And has she not? Has she not loved you more than anyone?” You nodded slowly as Enji continued. “Between you and me, she’s always favoured you among all of your siblings.” You smiled at that. “So, are you willing to give your mother a chance?” You paused for a few minutes. “I- I cant.” Enji sighed. “Look. I know you’re scared. I understand. I know you want to blame Rei for what happened, but believe me when I tell you it wasn't her fault. It was an accident.” You shook your head. “And what if another “accident” like that happens again? And what if I dont survive this time? And what if-” Your voice broke down. Enji pulled you into his lap. “It won't. I promise. And if something like that does occur, I’ll be there to stop it.” Enji pressed a kiss to your hair. “I’ll save you. I promise.”
With Enji's persuasion, you had started mending your relationship with Rei again. Sure, you still flinched when she touched you and you were still hesitant to initiate conversations with her, but none of that bothered Rei. You were trusting her again, and she was more than happy to do more on her part to make you comfortable.
And you won't lie, but life was better with Rei. She knew when Dabi or Shotou were becoming too overbearing, or when Natsuo was fussing over you for no reason. She was there to stop Fuyumi from chatting your ear away, and knew when to stop Enji from feeding you too many sweets.
And Enji could see that Rei was sorry for what she did. He saw how she would often massage ointments on your face, her fingers barely tracing the charred area around your eyes before pulling away quickly. And other times, like today, as he stood by your bedroom door, he saw how gentle she was with you as she tucked you into your bed. He kissed his wife once she had left your room. "How are my girls doing?" Enji asked Rei in a hushed voice, not wanting to wake you up. Rei smiled. "Good." They slowly started walking back to their room. "Shes an angel, Enji. So sweet." Enji hummed in agreement. "Can I tell you something?" Enji stopped and turned to face his wife. He raised an eyebrow. "I'm kind of glad what her." Rei was smiling. "She's so much better like this. So docile now. I...I don't regret what I did, you know?" Enji's blood ran cold. "Rei... dont tell me- you didn't do that on purpose, did you?" Rei nodded, a bit too eagerly. "I know, I know. It wasn't ethical. And if I could, I would've taken away her pain in a heartbeat. But you must agree that its much better now, right?" Enji couldn't believe what Rei was confessing. "I mean, look at her now. She doesn't even try running away. She knows- she feels safer with us, inside." Rei sighed, running a hand through her hair. "I thought that maybe it wouldn't come to this. I thought that after Touya took care of her parents, she'd be a bit more scared to be outside on her own. That's why we told her they died in a car crash." Rei rested her cheek on his chest. "It scares me what I'm willing to do for her, Enji." Enji knew Dabi had something to do with what happened to your parents, but knowing Rei had a hand in it too, or more precisely, she was the one who told Touya to get rid of them. Enji didn't know what to do with this new side of his wife. But he did know he had to keep her hidden from you, so he ushered his wife to their bedroom, not knowing you had already heard them.
You had realised a couple of things that night. One, Rei and Dabi had murdered your parents. Two, Rei pouring the hot oil in your eyes wasn't some sort of psychotic episode. Three, Enji and the others were going to take Rei's side, no matter what.
A few weeks later, your birthday came around. The siblings had left the house to get some things for your birthday party, leaving you in the care of their parents. Rei was in the kitchen cooking up a whole feast for you, while you sat beside Enji in the lounge as he read the newspaper. Enji had already given you your present. It was giant teddy bear with chocolates from Belgium. They were utterly delicious. When you stood up, he asked you where you were going. You pointed at the box of chocolates in your hand. "I'm going to share them with, mom. Unless, thats not okay?"you asked meekly. Enji still wasn't all that comfortable with letting you and Rei be alone, especially after her confession. But... if he doesn't let you go to her alone, you'll always be afraid of her. And its not like Rei will hurt you again, right? Besides, the kitchen is just down the hallway. He's sure nothing will happen. He nodded. "Okay. Should I walk you there?" "No. Its down the hall. I think I'll be fine on my own." Enji then allowed you to go, telling you to call for him if you need anything.
Rei was chopping up some vegetables when she heard your footsteps. She turned around to find you standing just outside the kitchen. "Hey, angel! What are you doing here?" You remained outside the kitchen as you spoke. "I wanted to share these chocolates dad got for me. W-would you like some?" Oh, you're so kind. Rei quickly wiped her hands on a kitchen towel before walking towards you and leading you to the dining room in front of the kitchen. She helped you sit down before taking a seat next to you. "You want me to have your chocolates? But didn't daddy gift them to you?" You bit your lip as you replied. "Well yes, but I- I wanted to share them with you so that I could- I wanted to thank you for taking care of me. And for loving me. I would've gotten you something else but I'm not allowed to go outside..."you mumbled the last sentence, but that didn't matter as Rei quickly hugged you. "Oh honey! You're so sweet!" Rei took a piece of chocolate from the box that you had extended towards her. "And these chocolates are so delicious! Daddy really loves to spoil you, doesnt he?" Rei pinched your cheek gently. You smiled. "I'm glad you liked them. Especially, after all you've done for me. You deserve them more than I do, honestly." Rei stopped at that. "Honey...what are you talking about?" You smiled. "What? Am I not saying the truth? You deserve these chocolates, and all the sweets and flowers and medals for being the best mother." You popped a chocolate into your mouth before continuing. "After all, the criteria is very high. You need to not only have the intent to kill for your child, but you also have to commit murder. Then kidnap your child and force her to bide to your rules. And if she misbehaves, you must punish her as well, right? Because good behaviour gets chocolate," You popped another chocolate into your mouth. "And bad behaviour gets your eyes fried."
Rei just stared at you in disbelief. H-how did you- you didn't hear them talking last night did you? Or did Dabi tell you? Rei stared at you as you ate another piece of chocolate. "I wonder after you've killed me, will you be given chocolates or flowers?" "D-darling, w-what are you saying? I would never hurt you!" You chuckled darkly. "No no. You've done it before and I know you'll do it again. After all, it scares you what you're willing to do for me." You caressed her cheeks, and when you felt her tears, you wiped them. "I'm not saying you have the intention to kill me. No, you'll just hurt me again, another little accident, but this time I won't survive. I just hope you'll bury me somewhere where there's a lot of fresh air, maybe on a hill with a view?" Rei finally broke down at that, falling to her knees as she clung to your legs. "Please! Y/n please forgive me! Please baby, I- I just wanted the best for you. I don't want you to die, I- I promise I'll never hurt you again! I'm sorry! I'm sorry. Please baby, I'll do anything. Just forgive me!" You sighed. "Anything? I don't think you mean that." Rei nodded her vigorously, tears falling everywhere. "I do! I do! Just tell me what to do!" You tapped your chin, pretending to think. "Bring a knife. A sharp one." Rei's eyes widened. "W-What?" "Well...its only right for you to be punished as well. To atone for your sins, right?" "O-okay." Rei went to the kitchen and brought a big knife with her. "Lock the door." She did as you told her. You extended your palm, waiting for her to place the knife. She did. You stood up, right in front of Rei. You told her to stand against a wall, and she followed. You played with the sharp end if the knife. "I want to hurt you. I want to hurt you so bad. I want you to feel the pain, the hell you've put me through." This is it, Rei thought, you're going to kill her. For some reason, she was okay with that. "I want you to know you failed. I want you to know you're a bad mother. A selfish, bad mother." Rei was full on sobbing now. "Look at me. I want you to remember this." And with that you raised the knife before stabbing yourself in the gut, two screams ripping through the manor. Rei shot towards you, her hands trying to pull the knife away. "What did you do?! What did you do?!" Rei was crying. Enji was banging on the locked door for a few seconds before he burned it down and the sight he was met with...was nothing short of a nightmare.
There you layed on the floor, blood sputtering from your mouth, your shirt stained with blood and Rei. Rei, who was hunched over your body, with a bloody knife in her hand, crying out "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!".
Enji rushed towards you, pushing Rei back roughly. You were coughing up blood, your head turned away from him until you felt him touch your face. "D-daddy..."you whimpered out before your breathing came to a stop.
"No. No." Enji quickly gathered your limp body in his arms, running out of the house towards a hospital. He kept on chanting "no", because he didn't want to believe that he failed to protect you.
That he failed to save his daughter, again.
Tumblr media
I had 5 different endings in my mind and Idc if this isn't your preferred ending (the ending I had in my mind was something out of Quentin Tarantino's movie). I'm just glad to be done with it.
Anyways, exams are coming up and I'm not going to be posting a lot.
And ill be taking up your follow up questions/asks for this part! I'll also be answering godfather hawks asks now that this part is out.
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fanficimagery · 6 months ago
Talking to the Dead
Imagine your sister calling in a favor, only to find out said favor is for the vampire sheriff of Louisiana.
Tumblr media
Words: 6.3K Author's Note: I am not Bill's biggest fan, nor am I Eric/Sookie's biggest fan either. That said, this takes place AFTER all damn drama with King Bill. Eric still runs Fangtasia alongside Pam and Sookie still works under Sam at Merlotte's. They're friends. That's it.
Eric sits behind his desk, the bottom half of his face covered in blood as Pam files her nails. She had been going through Fangtasia's books when she realized the money wasn't adding up and that some of their product was missing. So when Tara brought forward those responsible in making sure Fangtasia was up to date with their taxes and everything, Eric called in a favor from Sookie to get a read on them. Only Eric lost his temper and killed the two men, leaving thousands of his money stashed somewhere only the dead knew of now.
The office door opens and Sookie stumbles inside, still in her Merlotte's uniform. She takes one look at Eric and sighs. "Did you have to kill them? I just wasted a trip out here, Eric Northman."
"How tragic," he deadpans. "You wasted about five dollars in gas, meanwhile I'm still out of thousands, Miss Stackhouse."
"Don't you take that tone with me, Mister!"
Pam snorts. "Shame your little fae powers don't allow you to speak to the dead," she drawls. "That would really come in handy right about now." Sookie opens her mouth to defend her still untrained powers, only to pause and snap her mouth shut. Immediately that catches both vampires' attention and Pam leans forward, interest piqued. "Have you been holding out on us, Tinkerbell?"
"No." Sookie scoffs, suddenly overcome with wariness. "But I, uh, I might know someone who-"
"No." Eric cuts her off. "No witches."
"She's not a witch," Sookie says. "Y/N is, um, she's my sister."
Eric freezes before he leans forward in his chair. "There's a third Stackhouse? How come we never learned of this?"
Sookie sighs and drops onto the couch. She shrugs. "Y/N's powers manifested a lot earlier than mine did and they.. well it drove her crazy. She was in and out of the hospital, and the death of our parents didn't do her any favors. She started rebelling at seventeen and drank herself into oblivion. Constantly."
Pam hums. "Sounds like my kind of girl."
Sookie frowns at her before looking back at Eric. "She's actually due for a visit tomorrow. I'll bring her by."
"How are you so sure she'll do this for us? If I recall correctly, you did not come peacefully," Eric muses.
Sookie rolls her eyes. "Y/N is a free spirit. If I hadn't told you she was my sister, you wouldn't have known we were twins."
"Twins?" Eric seems to perk up, eyes lighting up, and this time it's Pam's turn to roll her eyes.
Sookie scoffs. "Don't be gross. We'll be by after my shift tomorrow."
Tumblr media
Finding an Uber into Bon Temps after the sun had set was almost impossible, but fortunately you found someone who was willing to make the trip. You knew Louisiana had become a vampire hotspot, but you didn't know people had found traveling in the state quite so fearsome.
You don't have much on you, with the exception of a small suitcase holding a few change of clothes, so you opt to be dropped off at Merlotte's rather than your childhood home. And upon exiting the car after making sure your payment went through, you grab your suitcase by the handle and walk towards the entrance. A few whispers attempt to reach out to you, but you shake off the echoes of death and march on.
There's only a handful of locals inside Merlotte's, but the no-good nosy folk still all stop to see who's entering their local establishment. Inside, the whispers get louder, but you reign in your control and shake your head clear. What the hell happened here that there are so many echoes?
"Do my eyes deceive me or is that my favorite Stackhouse?"
You're already grinning as you find the source of the comment, grin widening as Sam's familiar handsome self makes his way towards you. "Come on, Sam. We all know who your favorite Stackhouse really is?"
He laughs as he opens his arms for a hug and you drop your suitcase to step into his embrace. "Jason's bragging again, isn't he?"
You huff a laugh and pinch his side, the two of you not speaking of all the years he spent pining after your sister. "So where is my twin?" You ask as you pull back and roll your eyes when Sam readily picks up your suitcase.
You follow him to the bar as he says, "She's taking a call in the back. Want me to let her know you're here?"
"Nah, but can you put in an order for me? I miss Lafayette's burgers."
"Sure thing, chère. What do you want?"
"Cheeseburger with everything, cut the onions. Extra ketchup. Fries. And whatever beer you have on tap."
Sam chuckles as he's already pouring your beer. "So the usual." You grin as he slides your glass across the bar. "I'll be back."
Taking a seat on the stool there at the bar, you grab your glass and sip at the ice cold beer. It feels so good sliding down your throat that the sip turns into a gulp, and before you know it half the glass is gone. Needing a breath, you set the glass down and inhale deeply. As you exhale, you burp, and then take a moment to stretch in your seat while glancing around. A few people are still staring and murmuring far too low to their companions for you to hear, so instead you raise an eyebrow at them- challenging them to say their opinion out loud. None of them do and you scoff an amused laugh before drinking the rest of your beer.
Sam reappears. "Long flight?" He takes your glass and refills it.
"Flight was fine. It's the people of Bon Temps who annoy the shit out of me." Sam frowns, but you shrug off his concern as he quickly glances around at those in his establishment. You're well aware of what everyone thinks of you and Sookie thanks to Sookie's abilities, and you're grateful you didn't quite get the same ability as her. If you had to hear every living being's thoughts on top of the dead's, you'd have permanently committed yourself long ago.
"Well I talked to your sister in the back. She said she'll be right out."
"That's fine." Accepting your second glass of beer, you smile gratefully at Sam before taking another drink.
"Girl, I knows you ain't tryin' to eat my food without saying hello."
You turn on your stool, one knee crossed over the other as you beam at the cook. "Lafayette!" He approaches with your plated cheeseburger and a basket of fries, setting them in front of you before pulling you into a hug. "I wouldn't have left without saying hello. I just wanted my food first."
"'Course you did," he muses. "How long you here for, little Stackhouse?"
"Um, I'm kind of between jobs at the moment," you sheepishly admit. You quickly grab a fry and pop it into your mouth. "I'll probably stick around until I can find something or Sookie kicks me out."
Lafayette swats you with his dish towel. "You know damn well Sook won't kick you out. That sister of yours misses you lots. She's been talkin' nonstop about your visit."
"If you need a job, chère, I'll be happy to give you one."
You pop another fry into your mouth, grinning over at Sam. "Lord knows you can barely handle one Stackhouse, Sam. No way in hell you can two- three if Jason is around as much as I'm assuming." Sam opens his mouth to retort, but a shriek cuts him off. It's Sookie and she barrels right into your side. "Jesus Sook," you laugh. "Warn a girl."
As you and Sookie quickly catch up (she's all for you staying as long as you need), more patrons enter Merlotte's and Lafayette's forced back into the kitchen. Jason and his best friend Hoyt walk in, so you walk over to join them as Sookie gets back to work also.
Jason is glad Sookie won't be in the house all on her own since he has his own place and Hoyt is just glad to see all the Stackhouses together once again. You finish your cheeseburger and fries there at the table with them, along with three glasses of beer and two shots courtesy of your brother who wanted to properly celebrate your homecoming.
Jason and Hoyt leave, you waving them off when they asked if you wanted a ride home. Sookie's shift is just about over and you remember her asking if you could wait for her because she wanted to take you someplace. So when Sookie comes out from the back to collect you from the bar, you're slightly swaying on your stool as you grin at her.
"Are you drunk?" She incredulously asks. "Y/N, I need you level headed."
"Ooohhh," you coo and reach out to bop her on the nose. "And just what do I need to be level headed for, sis?"
"Can you walk?" She asks instead. You laugh and nod, hopping off the stool and giving yourself a moment to make sure the room isn't tilting. She sighs. "That's good enough for me. Come on. A friend of mine needs a favor." She walks behind the bar to collect your suitcase and a bottle of water from the small refrigerator under the bar. "Bye, Sam! See you later!" She then calls out as she leads you down a hall. You hear Sam's muffled reply from one door in particular and then Sookie's leading you out the back exit and towards her car.
Outside she opens the passenger door to her small yellow Honda Civic that looks newer than the last time you saw it, and tosses your suitcase in the backseat. She pushes you down onto the passenger seat and holds the water bottle out to you. "Drink."
You take the bottle without a word, twist off the cap, and start to guzzle the water as she shuts the door and walks around the car to the driver's side door. You only get half of it down before needing to breathe. "What.. am I.. guzzling water for?" You ask in between breaths.
As Sookie starts up her car, she casts a wary glance your way before looking back to where she's driving. "Shreveport. We're going to Fangtasia. The owner of the bar needs you to listen to some echoes."
"Fangstasia?" Your brow furrows as you try to wrack your brain about why that sounds so familiar. A moment later, however, the answer comes to you and you groan. "First off, I can overlook the vampire bar. What I can't overlook is that of all people to tell our secret to, you chose vampires. Vampires! Do you know we're like crack to them?"
"I'm sorry, okay! I got involved with them a while back, which is a mistake that I can admit now, but Eric actually tried helping me in his own way. Somewhat. We've become friends."
"Sookie." You groan again. Your sister pouts and you decide to keep quiet, sipping on your water and wishing it were something stronger. "So what does this Eric know about me listening to echoes?"
"Nothing really," she says. "I know how you like your privacy, so last night was the first time I mentioned that I even had a sister." You grin, not hurt at all by her not mentioning you to others. "I just said that you could listen in on the dead. They don't know about anything else."
"Good. I like to keep 'em on their toes." Sookie snorts at your all too amused expression. "And besides, I learned a new trick! I can't wait to test it out."
Your sister glances between you and the road, her smile faltering. "Are you- are you sure you're okay to do this? I know how it can get when you're not truly focused."
"We're on the road." You giggle. "No turning around now."
This time it's Sookie's turn to groan. "I knew I should have asked beforehand. Now the night's gonna end with one of us pinned to a wall."
"Oooh. Kinky."
The rest of the drive is painfully quiet, with the exception of some gospel music station Sookie has playing on low. You're humming a completely different song under your breath, right arm hanging out the window and letting the humid air rush over the skin of your arm. Thankfully the drive isn't too long and Sookie is soon pulling into the parking lot with a building partially decorated with neon red lights. The outside of Fangtasia is not what you expected, but seeing the line of both human and vampires in their scantily clad outfits makes you excited to see what's going on inside.
You're practically bouncing in your seat as Sookie parks and she can't help but grin at your apparent excitement. "Get it all out now," she says. "You won't be smilin' the closer you get to the buildin'. Not while you're half drunk."
"Shut up and let's go!"
Sookie fondly rolls her eyes and the two of you simultaneously pull down the sun visors to check yourselves in the small mirrors provided. Happy with your reflections, the two of you climb out of the vehicle. As your sister comes around to your side, you hook your arm through hers and the two of you head for the building.
Instead of heading straight to the back of line, Sookie leads you directly to Fangtasia's bouncer and ignores the grumbled displeasures of those waiting in line to get in. It takes you a few seconds to recognize the dark skinned female checking ID's, but when she turns to greet Sookie and her eyes widen upon seeing you, you grin. "What's cookin', good lookin'?"
"Oh Lord," Tara muses. "Eric's gonna murder the both of y'all."
Sookie huffs and she holds you back as you attempt to poke at Tara's abdomen. "Who put him in a bad mood now?"
Tara shrugs as she swats your hand away. "It's Eric. He's always in a bad mood unless he's balls deep in some fang-banger."
Your sister ew's and you grin, clearly impressed, until Sookie elbows you. Tara just chuckles and gestures inside. "Go on in. You know where to find him. See you later, Y/N."
"Lookin' forward to it." Sookie drags you inside and the second you step foot in the darkened hallway, you sway on your feet as pressure builds up in your head. "Wait, wait, wait." You step aside to lean against the wall, shaking your head clear and trying to build up mental walls. When you catch a glimpse of your sister, you see her smiling sadly at you and are grateful she doesn't gloat about being right. "This is why I don't hang around vampires much," you murmur. "So much death."
"Sorry. I know I should have asked beforehand, but I didn't want to give you a chance to say no. Eric's annoying when he doesn't get what he wants."
"Yeah, yeah." You wave her off, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Once you feel a bite more settled, you push off the wall and meet your sister's gaze. "Okay. I'm ready."
Entering the main part of the club you can't help but look around in wide-eyed wonder. While most would think you were awe, you actually weren't and instead bit back the comment about how ridiculously cliché the establishment is. Everything is in blacks and reds, vampires in leather or electrical tape are dancing on poles, and the humans reek of desperation.
"Huh. No one's on the throne," Sookie muses.
You glance towards a raised platform, eyes lighting up at the sight of two actual thrones. Sookie's grip on your arm, however, stops you from attempting to go up there. "At least buy me a drink before we meet Mr. Scary Vampire." You pout.
"Nope." She starts marching away from the bar and towards a back hallway. "You're drunk enough already. You can have one at home when we're done here."
"Boo. You're no fun."
Sookie stops right outside a black door and impatiently knocks. You grin at her already huffy attitude and then walk in behind her as soon as someone permits entrance. The office is very plain, with the exception of a blood red couch off to the side and the two vampires behind the desk, and you frown as Sookie guides you towards a black leather chair and pushes you down into it.
"So this is the mysterious Stackhouse." The blonde male drawls.
You drag your gaze from your sister to the vampire in question and sit a little straighter in your seat as a lazy smile stretches across your lips. "And you're the mysterious vampire I've only heard about an hour ago." You then look at your sister. "Please tell me you banged this one."
There are simultaneous snorts from behind the desk and Sookie exhales roughly, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Eric. Pam, this is my sister Y/N. She might be a little drunk."
"Just a little," you muse, giggling.
"Well at least we know who the fun Stackhouse is."
You perk up again, putting one finger on the tip of your nose and pointing at Pam who's smirking at you with the other hand. "And don't you forget it."
"As amusing as this is," Eric drawls again, "I need a favor. Are you capable of doing what your sister claims you can do?"
"I wouldn't be here if I couldn't." You smirk. The smirk falters however as you feel a chill slide across the back of your neck. You still and slowly glance over your shoulder, whispers you hadn't been listening to earlier getting louder. You wince and turn back around, strengthening your shields. A moment passes before you clear your throat and say, "But I have two conditions before I start."
Eric and Pam had been watching you closely, intrigued the second Sookie held up her hand to stall their questions when they noticed you zone out and stare at the corner of the room. "Money is no issue," Eric then says.
"Pft. I don't want money."
"Y/N!" Sookie reprimands. "You're in between jobs. Take the money."
Without looking at your sister, you wave your hand at your sister to get her to shut up. You know you've done your job when she swats your hand so you continue speaking to Eric. "First condition, no biting! I don't care how delicious I smell. No gnawing on the tiny little gremlin."
Pam's lips stretch into a wide smile whereas Eric's lips faintly twitch. "And the second?"
"I get free drinks from the bar whenever I'm here."
"You're such an idiot," Sookie mutters.
You look to your sister, bouncing in your seat in excitement. "Joke's on Dracula. I'm gonna be in Bon Temps for the foreseeable future. That's a lot of free drinks for me. Suck it, Pixie."
"Oohh. I like this mouth breather. Can we please keep her?"
You meet Pam's gaze and wink. "As beautiful as you are, sweet stuff, you are so not my type."
Her left eyebrow raises as she's still clearly amused. "Because I'm a vampire?"
"Nah. Because you're female," you say. "I can appreciate a hot as fuck lady when I see one, but I still prefer cock."
"Okay!" Sookie nearly shouts as she stands up. Eric beams at your drunken blunt attitude. "We're here so Y/N can find out where your money is and we're way off topic. Can we please get on with it so I can get her home?"
You snort. "Prude." Sookie slaps the back of your arm and you squeal, slapping her arm back. You glare at her until her lips twitch and then you're back to giggling, looking back toward the vampires. "So let's do it. Do you have anything of the dead guy I'm supposed to be listening for? It'll make it easier to listen in on him."
Pam shrugs. "His blood is still in the dungeon. Will that work?"
"Gross, but yeah. Lead the way."
As soon as you stand, the voices amp up and you sway at the sudden onslaught of voices. You grit your teeth and tune them out, nodding at Eric who had stilled to keep an eye on you. He gestures to follow after Pam and you do, Sookie and Eric following behind you. Pam makes a beeline for the stage of thrones, but before you can follow there's a hand gripping your wrist and leading you towards a door behind the bar.
You're led down into a dimly lit dungeon behind Eric and you can't help the next words that leave your mouth. "It's always such a let down when the dungeon is actually a dungeon and not a sex dungeon."
Eric turns around to stare at you with a leering gaze and Sookie groans. "Been in a lot of dungeons?"
"Not really." You shrug and walk towards the back of the room where there are metal poles sticking up from the concrete floor. Chains hang from each of them and you shiver as your fingers run over them, the metallic rattling immediately tuning you in to the whispers. Subtly shaking your head, you look towards Sookie. "You know the drill."
She nods, pulling small orange styrofoam plugs from her pocket. "If it looks like you're struggling, plug my ears. Or get out."
"Bingo." You grin at your sister before looking at Eric. "If it gets bad, I expect you to vamp speed her little butt outta here."
"And how would I know what bad looks like?"
"Oh you'll know," Sookie mutters.
Grinning one last time at Sookie and Eric, you turn back towards where Eric obviously chains up those who end up on his bad side. So touching the chains again, you let the rattling and whispers overcome your senses.
"..dangerous. Need to leave."
"..bad place. I just want to go home."
"Stupid fuckin' vampers."
The room turns hazy and silhouettes walk to and from around the basement. You stare at them, letting the voices come and go until you find the one you're looking for.
" screwed. Never should have done it." Your gaze zeroes in on the silhouette, watching it pace back and forth. "It was just a little money. Pocket change."
"Never gonna find it. Calm down. We're already dead."
You listen a bit more to their whining, hoping for anything useful when a loud dry sob pierces the air. You wince and whirl around to spot the source of noise.
"Did she- can she hear us?"
"If she can then she can tell that goddamn vamper where his stuff is." You whirl back around, gasping at the too close silhouette. "Hello." A chill rushes through you and your too tense muscles seem to relax as a haze takes over your mind.
"Y/N? You good?" Sookie asks. She warily glances around, she and Eric both noticing the atmosphere in the room thickening.
"Hm?" Your eyes blink rapidly as if clearing your vision. "Yeah. All good," you hear yourself saying.
"Well what did you find out?" Eric asks.
You feel your head turning left and right as if taking in your surroundings before you turn around and walk towards the wall where more chains are hanging. Eric growls at being ignored and Sookie quietly assures him that this is normal. Reaching for a chain, you feel your hand gliding along one chain and picking it up, caressing a metal stake at the end of it.
"Y/N," Sookie cautiously calls out. "What are you doing?"
Getting a good grasp on the stake in one hand, you turn around and smile at Eric- a chilling smile that immediately sets Sookie on edge and lets even Eric know that something is off. "Fuck your money. You're never gonna get it, you dead piece of shit."
"Y/N, don't!" Sookie screams as your arm suddenly thrusts the stake towards the side of your neck, only to stop mere centimeters from the intended target.
Sookie gasps and Eric raises an eyebrow in surprise. "Are her eyes supposed to completely white over?"
"Well she did mention learning a new trick." Sookie nervously shifts beside Eric and they watch you slowly come back to yourself, expression hardening.
Eyes completely white, you stare straight ahead as you lower your hand without any resistance from the spirits. "You dead fucks try that shit again and I will obliterate your fuckin' souls, and mark every soul in your goddamn family. Do I make myself clear?" You seethe. The dungeon gets chilly before the tension seems to suddenly dwindle. The whispers amp up before completely dying out and you stand a little taller. "Good. Now where is the money?"
Eric and Sookie patiently watch Y/N as she lazily glances back and forth before the white recedes from her eyes. Her shoulders sag and she meets Eric's gaze. "That Rafael guy had a building he was renovating over on.. over on.." she trails off, brow furrowing as she tries to collect her thoughts.
"I know of it," Eric says.
She sighs. "Well the money's in the wall on the second floor. Happy demolishing."
Then like a puppet with its strings cut, Y/N collapses right before their very eyes.
          - - - - - - - - - -
A pounding at your temples is what wakes you and you groan as your eyes flutter open. You're apparently still at Fangtasia, back in Eric's plain office and laying on the most uncomfortable couch you've ever laid on.
"You're awake. Good."
You begrudgingly sit up, wincing as the throbbing persists. Glancing around, you frown as you notice you and Eric are the only two in the room. "Where's my sister?"
"Miss Stackhouse couldn't bother a mere hour in my presence so she went out front to pester Tara."
"You two exes or something?"
Not even close. "No. I admit I pursued her once, but it was only to satiate my curiosity about why she smelled so divine." Bill fuckin' Compton was also a cock block of epic proportions.
You snort. "Cock block. Who is Bill and why did he cock block you from Sookie?" Eric stills and he goes quiet. You frown at him and then between one blink and the next, Eric is kneeling in front of you.
Can you hear me?
"Um, yes?" You say. A moment passes and then you realize your slip-up. You groan. "Okay, so yeah. I can't read the minds of humans, but apparently I can read the minds of vampires. It only happens when I'm at my most vulnerable and being slightly possessed makes me vulnerable."
Eric slowly smirks. "Well aren't you my new favorite Stackhouse."
You fall back against the back of the couch, groaning. "Whatever. I don't have the energy to argue with you. Just please don't tell Sookie. She gets all huffy when I can do something she can't."
Another blink and Eric is sitting beside you on the couch. "Is there a reason why you can read vampires and she can read everyone else but vampires?"
"Your guess is as good as mine." You shrug. "I eventually came to the conclusion that we're just a part of different courts. She's Light Fae and I'm Dark. She flourishes under the sun and I under the moon. I don't really know."
"Have you tried getting answers from other Fae?"
"Yeah, no. I met a member of the Fae court and that's a hard pass. Those fairy fucks can keep their imposter foods. I like this realm just fine, thank you very much."
Eric's lips twitch. "If the vampires find out about your powers, they're going to fight to put their claim on you."
"Is that your not so subtle way in trying to convince me that I should ask you for protection?"
"I'm the sheriff of this area, sweetheart. You won't be able to find anyone better suited for the job."
You huff a quiet laugh. "Keep your fangs to yourself, sweetheart. I can take care of myself."
We'll see about that.
Tumblr media
Settling in at what was always known as Gran's house, you almost take Sam up on his offer to become a waitress or bartender at Merlotte's. But then a day after doing Eric a favor, a check arrives for you- a check worth thousands of dollars- along with an offer from Eric to work every other day at Fangtasia to read the vampires coming and going from his area.
You didn't get back to him right away, instead choosing to just keep to yourself for a bit and re-familiarize yourself with the town. And then just when you think you have a lid on things, a constant buzzing makes a home just at the back of your skull.
For days Eric tries reaching you through texts and calls, but you just don't have the patience to deal with him. The buzzing is non-stop, the echoes of the dead sound as if they're underwater, and you can't hold a conversation longer than a minute. Sookie seems to understand that you can't be around people, so she leaves you be for the most part.
Your sister is currently at work so you have the house all to yourself. You haven't been able to clear your head and the buzzing is only getting louder and louder. You're nearing your breaking point, so when there's a knock at the front door you try to ignore it.
The knocking persists so you reluctantly roll out of bed, frowning as you march downstairs and towards the front door. Through the screen door you can see Eric standing there. You scowl at him, he grins, and when you push open the door he's immediately leaning against the door jamb. "You've been ignoring me."
You sigh and cross your arms over your chest. "I haven't been feeling well. Something's.. off."
That causes his faint grin to drop. "Is it something serious?"
"I'm not sure. I just- it feels like something bad is on the way."
"Well in that case.." Eric straightens up and stares down at you. "You're going to invite me in so I can protect you-" you scoff, "-or have primal passionate sex with you. You pick."
Though your mind is on overdrive, you can't help but faintly grin at the tall vampire. "I'll take a raincheck on the sex, but if you still want to come in, then come in."
Eric smirks as he crosses the threshold of the house and you shake your head at him before turning around and leading him to the living room. You take a seat in the corner of the couch, curling up with a pillow in your lap, and Eric sits on the middle seat to be as close to you as possible. "How long have you been feeling like this?"
"Few days now," you tell him. "There's this.. buzz. It's constant and it just keeps getting louder and louder."
"And the voices?"
"Muffled. No matter how much I concentrate, I can't hear them clearly. It's like they're trying to tell me something, but I can't tune in to the right station. It's annoying." Eric hums in thought and you attempt to change the subject. "So what brings you down here to Bon Temps? Surely my first impression wasn't that memorable."
He smirks as his arm rests along the top of the backrest of the couch, his fingers tugging on a few pieces of your hair. "It's rare for someone to amuse me these days. And you weren't what I was expecting Sookie's twin to be."
"Between the two of us, Sookie got all the perkiness. I, uh, I got stuck with all the doom and gloom." Eric quirks an eyebrow at you and you chuckle, wincing a moment later as an lingering echo screeches in your ear. Your attention is immediately drawn towards the kitchen where you see a silhouette walk by and the buzzing amps up.
Without uttering a word, you get up and follow it.
Eric watches as Y/N laughs one moment and then in the next second her expression is completely blank and attention elsewhere. Normally he'd be offended, but after learning what he could from Sookie he knows to never bring Y/N out of a trance. So in order to protect this little fae that just continues to become more and more interesting, Eric gets up and follows Y/N through the kitchen and out the back door.
He keeps several feet between himself and Y/N, his curiosity piqued as he notices her stop in the middle of the field behind her home. She glances back and forth as if searching for something, slowly turning in a circle. She winces and stumbles back, eyes wide and heart pumping furiously. Whatever's going on, Eric's instincts suddenly kick in and he doesn't like it. He doesn't like the look of fear on Y/N's face.
One sudden stumble sends Y/N to her knees, hands clamping around her ears.
"No, no, no," you mumble. The buzzing is extremely loud now, voices are screaming but you're still unable to make out what they're saying. Rocking back and forth, you glance around and your heart sinks as you watch Eric standing there across from you. "Go. Get away. I can't-"
"What's wrong? I can help you."
You shake your head. "You can't. You need to go. Get away from me. Please."
Eric watches you and you whimper when you see his resolve strengthen. He's not going anywhere. Clenching your eyes shut against the onslaught of noise, you slam your hands down on the ground in front of you and your fingers dig into the earth. Your breaths come faster and faster, and when you can't take it anymore your eyes fly open as you open your mouth and scream.
Your scream drowns out the buzz, the voices become clearer and it's only there alongside your scream do you understand them. You don't know how long you scream for, but when you stop your throat feels raw.
"What was that?" Eric asks.
He's immediately kneeling before you, fingers under your chin to tilt your face upward. "What did you say?"
"My sister. She's not- she's not safe."
"She's at work under the ever watchful eye of the shifter."
"She is. Until she walks out back to take out the trash," you say. "Please," you beg. "Just.. just go check on her."
Eric continues to hold your gaze for a moment longer before he gives you a terse nod and then stands tall. Your eyes follow him as she lifts off into the air and it's like a weight is lifted off your chest. You sob in relief, curling in on yourself with your face in your hands.
"..inside.. safer.."
The hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your cries immediately cease. Sniffling, you sit back up and glance around the field you're in. Hearing the chirping insects and the ruffling of tree limbs puts you at unease, so you climb to your feet and hurriedly make your way back towards the house. You don't breathe until you're inside, behind closed doors, but even then you're still a little tense and wondering if your sister is okay.
The minutes tick on by as you pace back and forth in the kitchen, and you yelp when you turn around and Eric is standing right there. You raise a fist in order to punch him, but stop halfway there and instead poke his chest as you push him back a step. "Don't do that."
He smirks. "Sookie is fine. A couple of human junkies needed some money for their next fix. The sheriff is on the way to take care of the issue."
"Thank you." You sigh. As you move aside to take a seat at the table, you glance back at Eric and see a blood trail falling from his ear. Your eyes widen and you rush towards him, uncaring about boundaries when one hand lands on his chest and the other grasping his chin to turn his face sideways. "Your ear! I told you to leave before I screamed. Why didn't you listen?" You let go of his chin and then shove him a step back as you go back to pacing.
Eric chuckles. "You've been keeping secrets. You're not just Fae, are you?"
You shrug. "I'm not really sure what I am. I only found out I was part Fae because you guys told Sookie she was. The mind reading is from Fae abilities, but the screaming-"
"The wailing is a whole different breed."
You stop pacing and face him once more. "There's only one creature that wails," you say, "but I gave up on digging into our family history a long time ago."
"You truly are a rare breed, Miss Stackhouse. Half fae, half banshee. The vampires are going to be in a tizzy over you."
You groan. "A problem is inevitable until I agree to a claim, isn't it?"
"Aren't you a smart cookie."
You scowl at Eric then, holding his gaze until you sigh. "If I say yes to a claim, can I have your word that you won't take advantage?" He smiles then and though this vampire is ridiculously good looking, you rather not be someone's pet. But alas, you know he's right. "If the offer for a job at Fangtasia is still open, I'll take it. I don't plan to leave Bon Temps anytime soon and I'm going to need the cash."
"Sweetheart, if you agree to be mine I'll give you all the cash you could want."
Your nose wrinkles. "I'm so gonna regret this." There's a faint click! as Eric's fangs appear, his eyes darkening as he readily bites into his wrist. "Don't tell my sister."
Drink up, little one. We're going to have some fun.
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catboyatora · 5 months ago
mother’s day
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ꕤ| pairing: oikawa x fem!reader
ꕤ| warnings: mentions of alcohol, oral (f receiving), a peppering of praise and degrading, dumbification, breeding, choking if you squint
ꕤ| wc: 1.3k
ꕤ| a/n: this is my first time postin sumn like this.,., i am Nervous !!!! but first one has gotta go to my bby ♡ i know mothers day passed Please do not bully me time is not real!!!!!
Tumblr media
mother’s day brunch started off how it usually does, almost like clockwork. handing your mother-in-law lovely, fragrant tulips as she comments on how beautiful your dress looks. 
“did you change your hair recently, mom?”
“just a trim, y/n, i’m surprised you noticed. not even my own son complimented me!”
toru’s hand on your lower back becomes firmer as he guides you across the kitchen. “i always notice,” he says, laughing, “y/n just beat me to it.”
the small talk continues as the three of you catch up. between mom’s retirement bucket list, toru’s ever-growing career, and your job; it’s been hard for you and toru to check in every once and a while. terrible, you know, but that’s why you make the effort and drive on days like this.
so you talk. and talk and talk and talk. until the inevitable “mom-talk” makes its way to the table. your mother-in-law reminisces on when her baby boy was no taller than the kitchen counter, standing on his tippie toes trying to steal a peek and see what she was making.
or when the countless times he cried outside of his daycare, clinging to her hip and telling her that he didn’t wanna go to school and leave mommy.
as she rambles more about all the scrapes and bruises he’d adorn, it’s hard to ignore toru’s hand sliding up and down your thigh underneath your dress. you look at him to try and get a read on him, but before you can steal a glance he’s squeezing your inner thigh to keep your eyes locked towards mom.
“i wasn’t all that bad as a kid,” he jokes 
“oh not at all,” she says lovingly. “you’ll get it when you’ve got a kid of your own.”
toru’s back to stroking your thigh.
“i guess so,” he smiles. and the conversation changes topic and continues.
after a lot of shared laughter and mom’s seemingly bottomless mimosa glass, it was finally time to head home.
will you go grab my coat for me, honey? toru asks, almost mockingly. quiet enough that mom thinks it’s endearing, but subtle enough that you have to double check that you’re not overreacting. the glare peeking behind his glasses tells you otherwise, and you rush to grab his coat.
toru loves to play this little teasing game whenever the two of you are in public together. subtle ways of keeping you in your place. commanding you to do the little things, the thigh squeeze, even the hand guiding you around the house as if you haven’t been there hundreds of times before.
you hand him his coat, kiss mom goodbye, and head on home.
toru holds your hand in his the entire ride back, gently kissing the back of it every so often as the two of you laugh and gossip about all the new hobbies your mother in law picked up in her spare time.
you’re not even halfway through the door when toru is pushing your hair out of the way and placing kisses on the back of your neck. you lean into them as he closes the door behind him, reaching around to cup his face in your hand.
“toru, what’s gotten into you?” you giggle between his kisses.
he slides his hand up your dress, snaking around your waist as his towering stature guides you to the bedroom.
“well,” he starts, taking the time to kiss you between his words, “i couldn’t stop thinking about having a few kids of our own running around the house. wouldn’t it be fun to actually celebrate mother’s day on our own?”
you eventually hit the bed, falling on it on your back. he helps you slide your dress off, quickly taking off his shirt and undoing his belt as well, tossing his and your clothes out of the way.
he leans over you, taking your face in his large, calloused hand, and stroking your cheek with his thumb. his voice is soft.
“so what do you say, baby? want me to pump you full of my cum, yeah?”
all you can do is nod, almost pathetically, as you can feel the wet spot in your panties grow bigger at his words.
“oh, good girl”
he sticks his thumb in your mouth, and out of habit you begin to suck on it.
“that desperate, are we?” he asks, beginning to move to your core and removing your panties.
“t-to-toru...” you stutter out. he pulls his hand out of your mouth and trails it down your body. “i n-need you-u.” 
“hm? sorry, i didn’t catch that one.”
he takes off your panties and nearly cums at the sight of the string of slick connecting the cloth to your bare cunt. 
“wow, this wet and i’ve barely even touched you. you really are a desperate whore, aren't you?”
hooking your leg over his shoulder and grabbing your waist, he starts lapping at the slick coating your thighs, slowly making his way to your core. 
before you have a thought about the heat pooling in your core, he slides a finger inside of you, pumping at a rate that has your hand fisting his hair. his speed picks up on both ends, looking up at your flushed face as he sucks and licks all he can find while curling his fingers inside of you.
“t-tor-u, m gonna-”
“cum? already?”
you nod as he doesn’t seem to slow down his pace.
“hm. fine. cum on my tongue, since you’re that desperate”
so you do. you’re moaning and shaking and bucking your hips, nearly putting him in a headlock as your thighs jerk around looking for some release.
“so good, such a good girl,” he says between lapping up the cum coating your thighs and cunt. after gently kissing your inner thigh, he wastes no time standing above you.
“on all fours,” he commands, pumping his cock with the beads of precum that have leaked out.
following directions, you get on your hands and knees. 
“always such a perfect angel, doing as you’re told. you’re gonna be a great mom.”
you feel him slam into you, your walls burning to accommodate his cock. before you can let out a yelp, his hand’s around your neck forcing you to look up as he sets a brutal pace.
“you’re always so tight for me, sweetheart,” he groans in your ear.
it’s not long before you’re seeing stars. you’re still so sensitive after your first orgasm, and it doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down anytime soon. 
eventually, he pulls you up by your arms until your back is flush against his chest. one hand finds its way to your neck, gently applying pressure as he continues to fuck you at a relentless pace.
“what was that?” he asks, “i think you need to learn to use your words”
“a-ah... oh!”
this new position lets him pound into you, touching all the spots you didn’t even know you had. you feel euphoric as you begin to use him for support.
“does that feel good baby?”
you barely hear him. not one coherent thought fills your mind. you’re just incessantly babbling and moaning his name like its the only word you’ve ever known. 
“i know it does” he says, brushing the hair sticking to your face out of the way to give you a kiss.
the cord inside begins to slowly snap. 
“’m..i’m c-c-cu-”
before you can even try and stutter it out, you come totally undone. more violent than the first. your entire body is shaking as you’re giggling between the moans, drowning in the euphoria. 
your clenching walls are enough to send toru over the edge, and his cock paints your walls white as the two of you flop onto the bed in exhaustion. you just coexist in silence for a few minutes, before he takes your chin in his hands to sloppily kiss you on your lips. he smiles, and you push his hair out of his face. he pulls out, and without saying a word makes his way to the bathroom to grab a towel and your robe.
left in the afterglow, you watch the man you love clean you up with gentle touch and immense care. 
feeling full, your mind can’t help but think about what a loving and perfect father he’d be.
Tumblr media
all content © catboyatora 2021. do not repost, modify, steal, or copy without permission.
Tumblr media
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𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 ; 𝐮𝐤𝐚𝐢
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐩𝐝𝐚𝐝 𝐮𝐤𝐚𝐢 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐲 𝐧𝐢𝐱𝐢𝐞
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐰 ; 𝐩𝐬𝐮𝐞𝐝𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐭, 𝐝𝐮𝐛𝐜𝐨𝐧, 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨𝐱𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 (𝐚𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐡𝐨𝐥), 𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲, 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 (𝐦𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠), 𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚, 𝐯𝐢𝐫𝐠𝐢𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫, 𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐮𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤, 𝐮𝐧𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐨𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐡𝐲, 𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐩, 𝐩𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐞
𝐚/𝐧 ; 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜 𝐟𝐨𝐫 @sugawara-sweetheart 's 𝐝𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐛! 𝐌𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐟𝐢𝐜!
𝐰𝐜: 𝟑.𝟏𝐤
Tumblr media
The party had begun winding down around midnight, you mother’s friends starting to grow drunker and more tired. You weren’t allowed to drink, being the sole sober adult in the house in case of any emergency.
Thankfully, the night had been a huge success and once your mom had blown out the candles on her intricately decorated birthday cake, the group of guests began to thin.
You were in the kitchen, the laughter and clink of wine glasses coming from the living room telling you that some people remained even though your mother had already excused herself for the night.
She had a bit too much to drink so you were anything but surprised when she went to bed early, missing out on the last few moments of her own birthday party.
It was after she had curled up in bed, sleeping like a rock that your stepdad had come to keep you company as you worked on the many dishes that had been dirtied throughout the night’s events.
“Want some company?” Keishin asked, fingers running through his blonde hair as he fixed his signature headband. He didn’t wait for your response as he walked further into the kitchen, opening a cupboard behind you and pulling out a glass.
He set it down next to the sink, looking at you through the corner of his eye as he grabbed a bottle of white wine and poured it into the glass.
“I’m not drinking tonight,” you reply softly, a smile innocently gracing your plush lips. If only you know just how much your stepdad wanted to see them swollen and wrapped around his cock.
Ukai looked at you with his head slightly tilted to the side. “Oh, come on. A couple of drinks? The party’s nearly over, you can relax.”
Your eyes flick back and forth from the glass and back to your stepdad before smiling. “Okay. Fine, you’ve convinced me,” you tease, drying your hands on the kitchen towel and taking the wine glass from him.
The older man had cleaned up nicely for the party, wanting to make a good first impression on some of your mom’s co-workers who had attended.
You took a seat at the kitchen island, figuring you deserved to take a break after tending to the party and still having a lot of clean up to do before the end of the night.
He took a seat next to you, a new wedding band gleaming on his ring finger as he swirled his own drink and started asking about your life at college.
“Any boys?” Ukai asked in the teasing way that fathers usually did but maybe you would have noticed the gleam in his eye if it wasn’t for the fact that he had just poured you your fourth glass of wine.
You shook your head, feeling a little woozy once you stopped moving. “I want to focus on school first,” you explained, cheeks flushed as you became more and more intoxicated with each glass that he had given you.
One more glass down and a wave of tiredness flooded your body, causing you to yawn. It was getting late and everyone had already made their way home, leaving you, your stepdad, and your sleeping mother alone in the house.
You decided to get back up, swaying a little in place as you walked back over to the sink to finish your task from earlier.
“Come on, that stuff can wait until morning. One more drink,” you stepfather said playfully, getting up and walking around the kitchen island to stand behind you.
“Mm, gotta finish. No more,” you giggle, starting to wash the dishes again but stilling when you felt a presence looming over you.
Ukai’s fingers trailed down your spine calmly, enjoying the way you shivered under his touch. One arm snaked its way to wrap around your waist, pulling you tightly against him.
The curve of your ass against him was driving him insane. He didn’t think you’d be so hard to convince, but at this point you were slurring over your words and he knew that it would be easy to convince you to keep the night going.
His master plan was unfolding as he brought a shot glass up to your lips, clicking his tongue in mock disappointment when you pressed your lips together in refusal.
Hesitantly, you opened your mouth, letting him tilt the glass and pour the liquid into your mouth. The vodka burned as it slid down your throat, making you gag slightly as the rough rubbing alcohol taste lingered on your tongue.
“Good girl,” he hummed, putting the shot down on the counter and burying his face in the crook of your neck.
You were intoxicating. The gentle scent of your flowery perfume filled his senses and he pressed himself closer to you, bringing his free hand to pet your hair.
Could anyone blame him for not being able to stay away from his stepdaughter any longer?
All night he had to resist the teasing way your skirt graced your thighs, lifting almost enough for him to see your satin panties each time you leaned over. He knew that a couple of drinks would make you easier.
You sighed softly, leaning your body against him subconsciously, probably from the amount of alcohol flooding your system and making it hard to keep your balance.
His hands ran down your sides as you let out a soft yawn, his hands rubbing little circles into your thighs. “Tired, princess?”
You nodded, eyes half lidded and lips parted. Keishin’s hips rolled slightly against the curve of your ass and you could feel his cock straining against his pants, but were a little too far gone to notice it immediately.
“Lets go get you to bed,” he hummed, taking your hand and pulling you out of the kitchen, helping you stumble up the stairs.
He was much more coherent, only having a couple of drinks earlier in the night as opposed to your much more recent countless drinks that he had purposely kept pouring for you.
Your stepdad helped you into your room, sitting you on the bed before returning to the door. However, instead of leaving how you thought he would, he shut the door and turned the lock.
“Hm?” you hummed, head tilted to the side as you watched him, your vision spinning and unfocused.
Keishin walked towards you, standing in front of you and running his fingers through your hair before tilting your chin up. “Don’t worry, princess. I’m just making sure you get to sleep alright.”
He moved to grab a soft and satin negligee from your dresser, holding it up to you and waiting. “Go ahead and change.”
You nodded slightly as you took your pajamas from his hands, standing to change and slowly removing your clothes, looking at your stepfather through your lashes. He nodded, “You need to be comfortable to sleep,” he explained, motioning for you to continue.
You didn’t think much of it, finally stripping down to your panties and removing your bra. You were about to slip on the flimsy nightgown when your stepfather descended on you, his hands wrapping around you from behind and cupping your breasts. He could smell the alcohol on you and that’s how he knew he would get what he wanted.
A small whine came from your lips when his fingers began to pinch at your nipples, your movement to get away from his hands only making you step closer to his chest. He ground his hard cock against your ass, beginning to grow more and more annoyed with the clothing separating the two of you.
“All those boys back at your college don’t know how to make you feel good, do they?” he hummed in your ear, biting softly at your neck to draw more of those small desperate noises from you.
Your cheeks felt warm as you shook your head, “I-I haven’t…” you admitted quietly, embarrassed.
“Let me teach you then,” your stepfather hummed, leading you to the bed before seating himself at the edge and pushing you to your knees between his legs.
“We shouldn’t be doing this…” you trailed off, eyes showing just how nervous and intoxicated you were.
“No, it’ll be fine. Don’t you trust me to take care of you?” he asked, locking eyes with you as he gently shoved your head forward towards his crotch.
Your mind wandered, giggling slightly at the sight of your stepfather sitting on your pink sheets before nodding. He tapped your cheek slightly to bring you back to focus, brushing his thumb against your lower lip.
Hesitantly, you let him move your hand to feel his arousal, gasping slightly at the way he groaned under your delicate touch. Your mind grew hazy, a wet spot forming on the delicate fabric of your panties as your hand stroked your stepdad’s cock.
“Use your mouth, princess,” he ordered, slipping his belt off and unbuttoning his pants.
You sat back on your heels, lip quivering slightly as you watched him kick his pants off. You shook your head, knowing this was wrong but a bit too drunk and desperate to deny yourself the pleasure of watching his every move.
“mm... don’t feel good,” you slurred, eyelids fluttering as your eyes stuck to the ground as you felt your stomach turn. Ukai frowned, bringing his hand to your chin to force you to look at him.
“I’ll help you feel better, princess,” he coerced, bringing you closer again, this time guiding your hands to the waistband of his boxers.
Ukai could see the confusion spread across your features, uncertain of what to do and if you should even be doing it in the first place.
With an encouraging hand, he helped you remove his underwear, relishing the look of purity and curiosity you gave him as you wrapped your manicured fingers around his erection.
“Use your mouth,” he hummed encouragingly, pushing your head closer to him. You licked your lips before slipping the head of his cock into your mouth, tongue swirling around the tip as you slowly got used to the feeling.
You peered up at your step father through your lashes, the look of pleasure gracing his features and making your stomach turn. This was wrong and you knew it, but through your clouded judgement, your needs took priority.
When Ukai felt you start pulling off of him, he furrowed his eyebrows, one large hand grabbing the back of your head and pushing himself down your throat.
You gagged, pushing back against his grip as his hand pushed and pulled your head with little regard for the soreness creeping into your jaw. Tears glossed over your eyes, the mascara you’d been wearing for the party leaving dark trails on your cheeks.
Seeing how destroyed you looked with your lips wrapped around his cock, Ukai wanted nothing more than to see you speared on his cock but he wanted to see you with cum and drool dripping down your chin first.
“Yeah, good, baby,” he panted, his head leaning back slightly. “You look so pretty around my cock, taking it so well.”
The image of your eyes looking up at him pleadingly as he fucked your mouth was getting to be too much for him, his hips starting to buck up into your mouth, his neatly trimmed pubes tickling the tip of your nose.
One final thrust into your mouth and he was cumming down your throat, too preoccupied with his own release to pay attention to your thrashing and futile attempts to pull away from him.
Your mind hazy, he finally let you go, causing you to fall backwards slightly. Your lips were plump and raw, eyes still teary from enduring the assault on your throat.
“Swallow it, princess. Don’t be ungrateful,” Ukai scolded, peeling his shirt off and taking a moment to regain his composure. He took pride in being the only man who had been intimate like this with you, not really minding that you were too drunk to reject him in the first place.
You followed his instruction, wiping at your eyes and sniffling before he grabbed your arm and pulled you onto the bed. He lay you back and pried your legs open when you desperately tried to keep them shut.
“Come on, daddy’s not done with you yet,” he hummed, settling between your open legs and preventing you from closing them again. Your stepdad leaned down, licking a stripe up the column of your neck and nipping at your collarbones as you stared blankly at the ceiling, eyes fluttering tiredly.
His hands squeezed at your waist as his mouth latched on to the supple skin of your breast, sucking on your nipple and holding you down as you squirmed under him in response. You were surprisingly responsive physically, but he couldn’t say the same for your mental state as you kept blinking in and out of consciousness.
He trailed kissed down the middle of your chest, sighing softly and peering up at your absent-looking expression. He was about to get what he had wanted from the day he had met his step-daughter.
Ukai placed one last kiss at your stomach, taking the fabric of your panties between his teeth and pulling them down your legs before tossing them somewhere in the room.
“Stop,” you groaned weakly, eyes fluttering shut as your stepdad kept your legs open, cunt exposed to him. Keishin licked his lips, ignoring your whines of objection as he leaned down, his tongue running up your folds and collecting your arousal on his tongue.
He pulled away, watching your face with predatory eyes as he slipped a finger into your hole. Everything you did spurred him on, the whimpers from the uncomfortable intrusion, the way your eyes would shut and you would still as though you were falling in and out of sleep, and the little hiccups that shook your chest from the volume of alcohol pumping through your body.
“Shhh, it’s alright, daddy’s gonna make you feel good,” Ukai whispered, slipping a second and then a third finger into you, grinning at the way your walls clenched around his digits while he pushed them in and out of you.
He kept his free hand on your hips, keeping you from bucking them as he set a quick pace, fingers massaging your spot and causing moans to start spilling from your lips.
Your stepdad clamped a hand over your mouth, “Shut up, we don’t want your mom hearing us.”
Your eyes widened slightly, his words sending chills down your body as the tight knot building in your abdomen came loose. Your back arched, pussy clamping on his fingers as you came, shocks of pleasure making your toes curl and your fists tighten on your sheets that were now soiled with your juices.
“That’s it, princess,” Ukai cooed, rubbing circles into your hip as he pulled his fingers out of your spent hole and brought them to his lips, sucking them clean and moaning softly at the taste of you.
You could barely process your surroundings, the room spinning and your body feeling like jelly from the mix of alcohol and the mind-numbing orgasm you just experienced.
No wonder you didn’t see your stepdad stand up and set his phone on the dresser, camera pointed at your naked body.
He quickly returned to your bed, flipping you over and grabbing at your waist. It was as though he was maneuvering some sort of doll with how pliant your state had left you.
“Stay like this,” he ordered from somewhere behind you, your ass now in the air presenting yourself to him and your chest against the plush mattress.
All you could muster was a small groan in response, “no..”
“It’s alright, princess. You’re doing so good for daddy. I need this, alright?” Ukai reasoned, stroking his cock a few times before guiding himself to your hole. He teased you a bit, slipping the head of his length up and down your slit before pushing in slowly.
The pain did little to sober you up, gasping and whimpering at the intrusive stretch, new tears forming in your eyes as he slowly pulled out. His strong hands grabbed at your ass, parting them so he could watch his bare cock slip back into your pussy.
“You’re being so good for daddy, princess,” Ukai groaned, using his bruising grip on your hips to push you back onto him with each thrust. He brought one hand to grab both of your wrists, pinning them against the small of your back, pushing you further into the mattress.
He didn’t care about how you felt anymore. You probably would’ve been able to tell from the way he was roughly jackhammering into you with no regard for the rough pace he had set, abusing your cunt.
“This-This is all for daddy,” he moaned, the idea that he was the first and only man to fuck your tight little hole driving him closer to the edge.
Ukai needed to be deeper, he decided. One hand wrapped around your waist, the other grabbing onto your shoulder and pulling you onto his lap, using all of his strength to hold you there and thrust into you rabidly.
“Fuck, fuck, you’re taking me so well, princess,” he moaned in your ear, biting your neck when your head lolled to the side, an indicator of your inebriated state.
Your stepdad held you tightly as he started to messily thrust up into you, pulling you tight against him and grabbing at your breasts before pushing as deep inside as he could and coming into you with a throaty moan.
He held you there for a little, listening to the shallow sound of your breathing and using his fingers to gently wipe the tears from your face. He pushed you back down into your previous position before pulling out of you and grabbing his phone, stopping the video.
“You look so beautiful, princess,” he hummed, using one hand to part your folds and another to take a photo of his cum leaking out of your destroyed cunny.
He then flipped you over, seeing the glazed over look in your eyes as he pushed your knees to your chest, snapping a picture showing what he’d done to your whole body.
His favorite part was the mascara running down your face.
Ukai put his phone down, leaning over to kiss your forehead as you curled up on your side, his cum dripping down your thighs and onto your sheets.
“Goodnight, princess. I’ll see you in the morning.”
Then he went to bed, sleeping peacefully next to his wife.
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luci-in-trenchcoats · 6 months ago
If I Fell For You (Part 2) - Baseball Caps & Stroller Naps
Tumblr media
Summary: The reader gets into the swing of things around the Ackles household and starts having more one on one time with Jensen. He even offers to set her up with a friend of his. When he invites her to a family outing as a friend though, she gets another glimpse that he might not be as put together as he appears...
Pairing: Jensen x nanny!reader
Square: Daddy!Jensen
Word Count: 5,900ish
Warnings: language, mention of death of a spouse/death of a parent
A/N: Things are starting to happen! This was also written for @supernatural-jackles​ Tell Me A Story Bingo!
“Good morning,” you said the next day as Jensen walked into the kitchen covered in sweaty workout clothes.
“Morning,” he said, going to the fridge to grab a drink. “Get the kids to school okay?”
“Yup,” you said, Jensen sniffing the air and humming as he walked over to where a loaf of banana bread was cooling in the rack. “Ah, it’s still too hot. Wait another half hour.”
“Fine,” he grumbled. “It smells amazing by the way. I don’t think anything’s been baked in this house in six months.”
“I’ve always enjoyed it,” you said, Jensen taking a seat on top of the counter. He chugged down the cold bottle of water, some of it dripping down the corners of his mouth. “Enjoy sleeping in today?”
“You don’t know the half of it. I feel amazing.”
“You look rested for the first time since I’ve met you,” you said. “You should sleep in on the weekends more too. The kids don’t need to be up at dawn.”
“No, they don’t,” he said. “I do love sleep too. You do okay with getting the three of them going on your own today?”
“Yeah. JJ’s old enough to get herself dressed and make her bed and do a few things on her own. The twins are a balancing act but the trick is to give yourself double the amount of time you think you need and you’ll never be late.”
“Not a bad tip,” he said as you finished wiping off a glass and picked up a pad and pen. “Whatcha working on?”
“Ideas for crafts and that sort of thing. You guys have a lot of supplies already so I was thinking of some ideas to do this week,” you said.
“You can stick them in front of a TV too. They have their shows they like. We aren’t big on tracking screen time,” he said. “As long as they play and do some kind of creative thing everyday they can watch TV for a few hours in a row if they want. Our parents didn’t worry about that shit when we were kids, you know?”
“No, they didn’t do that,” you said. He lifted up the bottom of his muscle tank and wiped off his face, your eyes going straight down to the pad so you wouldn’t risk staring. “Any work scheduled for today?”
“I gotta wash up, head to the brewery for a few to check on things. I have some voice acting work I’m doing right now so I go to a place downtown and record that. That’ll be my afternoon. I can handle making dinner tonight. I should be back around four thirty, maybe a hair after,” he said. 
“Alright,” you said. “Anything you need at the store today?”
“Nah, we got plenty here,” he said. He wiped off his face with his shirt again, using his collar this time. You handed him a dish towel and he smiled, rubbing it over his neck and head. “Sorry. I’m dripping aren’t I.”
“A little. Do you work out a lot?” you asked. 
“No more than the average person. Try to do thirty minutes in the morning most days of the week. It’s sort of been my only alone time lately,” he said.
“Are you a runner?”
“God no. I’m not built for that. I like boxing and HIIT, weights, that sort of stuff. Part of my job is to look a certain way so if I’m gonna be the tough guy…”
“You gotta look like a tough guy?” you asked. He smiled and you looked him up and down. “Don’t get me wrong. You’re a strong guy, that’s pretty obvious. But you’re not a tough guy.”
“Oh I’m not?” he asked but there was a lightness to his voice.
“Tough guys tend to be assholes. You’re too nice for that,” you said. 
“I suppose you have a point,” he said, sliding off the counter. He stepped over to the banana bread and picked up the knife nearby, slicing off a piece for himself and popping it in his mouth. “Hot. Hot.”
“I told you so,” you said with a small laugh.
“Tastes delicious though,” he said with his mouth full. You shook your head as he ate another piece and turned to go upstairs.
“Jensen,” you said, pointing at the sweaty dish towel. 
“Ugh, yes mom,” he said, swiping it away with a smile. 
“Thank you,” you said, tapping on your notepad. You felt his presence beside you, not to mention the smell, and turned your head up, Jensen smiling back. “Yes?”
“Aren’t you due for a break?” he asked.
“You don’t really get how this nanny thing works yet, do you.”
“Yeah well...I’m not a shitty boss so I guess you’ll have to get used to that too. Take a break Y/N. Have some coffee on the balcony. It’s a sunny January day. Enjoy it,” he said. You rolled your eyes and he pointed at the back door before he headed upstairs. You bit your bottom lip and glanced at the clock. You had been going for over three hours non-stop and one of those had been spent trying to convince a four year old he had to wear pants to daycare.
You turned to leave the kitchen when you heard a tsk. You jumped and slipped on the rug in front of the sink, falling backwards straight down to the hardwood floor.
“Sorry! Sorry!” he said as he rushed over. “I’m always tripping over that thing.”
“I’m fine,” you said as you sat up with his help. Your ass hurt but you knew you’d be alright. “Maybe we move the rug from the very trippable area?”
He swallowed and stared at you for a long moment before you smiled.
“How about we put it outside your office?” you asked softly. He nodded and you picked up one end of the long strip of fabric. He went to the other end and picked it up, backing up as you walked it over to the other side of the house. You laid it out in front of his closed door, smiling as you straightened it up. “There we go. Safe and sound.”
You headed back to the kitchen, Jensen lingering behind you.
“I was...gonna say you can can use my coffee machine,” he said quietly. 
“Okay,” you said quietly. “Jensen.”
“Stuff is stuff. This isn’t a museum. It’s a home. It’s gonna change over time.”
“I know. It’s just that is so damn ugly and I hate it,” he said with a smile. “I wanted to get rid of it the day she brought it home.”
“Wives have a way of getting the last word in,” you said. He chuckled and you got out a mug for yourself. “Tell me to shove it if this is too personal but are you sure you want to get back out into the dating world? It’s rough out there.”
“It is. Until it isn’t,” he said.
“You’re a hopeless romantic, aren’t you.”
“Guilty as charged.” He rubbed the back of his neck and his cheeks flushed for a brief moment.
“Women like hopeless romantics,” you said. “Just don’t get taken advantage of for that. There’s some not so nice women out there too.”
“Afraid I’ll fall for some ditz?” he asked.
“No, I don’t think you’d do that. But someone might hurt you and you’ve been through enough. Maybe just...don’t fall in love at first sight or something like that,” you said. “Alright?”
“Never was much good at that,” he said to himself while you grabbed your coffee mug. “You believe in that sort of thing?”
“I’d like to. But you’re more of the expert on falling in love than I am,” you said.
“Maybe it’s not first sight but within a few days, a week, yeah I knew I was in love,” he said.
“Well if that happens again let me know and I’ll make sure this chick is good for you,” you said.
“I didn’t know my nanny came with bodyguard services,” he chuckled.
“That was under special skills on my resume,” you said as you headed over to the door to the balcony. “You should wash up. Don’t want to be late.”
“No I better not be,” he said. He turned to head upstairs, pausing on the first step. “You know, no one’s an expert at falling in love. Even those of us who were once married.”
“Oh don’t be a hopeless romantic for me getting my shit together too. We’ll be here for years,” you laughed. 
“Just sayin’...maybe we’ll both find somebody. Not that we need anyone to be happy know what I mean,” he said. 
“Men don’t really talk about love like that you know.”
“I do,” he said. You smiled and he returned it. 
“That’s why all the good men get taken early, the ones that talk like that,” you said.
“I was older than you when I got married. Maybe I’ll get married again someday. We’re out there. I promise.”
“Go shower,” you said, waving him off. You slipped outside, closing the door behind you. You leaned over the railing with your mug and let out a sigh. “You have to a be a fucking hopeless romantic too don’t you. Fucking perfect at everything.”
You lowered your head and took a deep breath. 
“It’s a crush, it’s a crush,” you said, closing your eyes. “Just a crush. He’s your boss and a widow and he bought a birthday cake for me.”
You opened your eyes and glanced into the mug, taking another deep breath.
“He’s just nice. That’s it. Even if he’s…” you trailed off. You took a long sip of the hot liquid, not caring you were burning your tongue. Jensen was simply a nice person and that was that. You had a crush on the attractive single dad you were nannying for. There was nothing wrong with that and you knew for a fact it’d be gone by the end of the week tops.
“Ow,” you groaned a few days later. You opened your eyes and heard a knock at the door to your suite. “Yeah?”
“You okay in there? I thought I heard a crash,” said Jensen. 
“I’m fine,” you said, sitting up with a grunt, leaning back against your bed. “Shit.”
“Y/N, are you sure you’re alright?” he asked again.
“No,” you said with a sigh. “The door’s open.”
You peaked through your open door down the hall, Jensen opening the one to the suite and offering a friendly smile. You nodded and he walked inside, frowning at your cut up knee. 
“I got blood on the rug,” you said. “Do we have bleach?”
“I thought we agreed earlier this week a rug is just a rug,” he said, squatting down and looking at your knee. He looked up and saw your overturned garbage can in your closet where you’d been trying to reorganize a few clothes. “Next time use the step stool in the garage?”
“Yeah,” you said, your face hot. “I’m fine really. Just want to clean up the blood before it sets in.”
“It’s a few drops,” he said, helping you stand with a wince. “You got any first aid stuff?”
“Yeah,” you said, Jensen crossing his arms. “No.”
“Come on,” he said, putting his hands on your shoulders and walking you down the hall. “Scraped up knees are my specialty.”
“Jensen,” you said, stopping at the kitchenette island and bending your leg a few times. 
“I’ll be right back,” he said. He left and you hopped over to the couch, stretching your leg out. The bleeding had stopped, just a thin cut on your knee cap where you’d hit it, but you knew you were in for a nasty bruise. He returned with a bottle and cotton ball in one hand, a bandage and ice pack in the other. 
“Sorry,” you said, Jensen setting the items down on the coffee table.
“Why would you apologize for getting hurt?” he said.
“I should have my own first aid supplies,” you said. 
“Ah. So you’re as stubborn as I am when you’re not feeling great,” he said. You looked down at your lap and took a deep breath.
“Am I fired?” you asked. 
“No? Why the fuck would I fire you?” he said. 
“I don’t know,” you said, picking up the bottle of rubbing alcohol.
“Have you been fired for getting hurt before?” he asked, watching you hold the cotton ball against the open bottle top and tip it over, soaking the liquid in. You pretended to not hear him and put the bottle back, wiping the ball over the cut, a deep red mark already on your skin. “Y/N.”
“Yes, I have,” you said. You set the ball on the table and picked up the bandage, trying to angle it over your knee. He rolled his eyes and took it out of your hand, bending down and turning it around, pressing it gently over your skin. 
“I’m pretty sure that’s illegal,” he said as he looked up at you.
“Do I look like I have an HR department I can go to? They were dicks anyways,” you said.
“If you’re ever hurt, big or small, just tell me,” he said. He rested the ice pack over your knee and you sat back, throwing it up on the couch for you to lay there. “Promise I won’t fire you for it.”
“Well if I can’t do my job I’m not much use to you,” you said.
“Are all wealthy people assholes that act like that?” he asked. You shook your head and smiled. “Good.”
“I’ve nannied for eight different families, nine counting yours. Some were very good people,” you said.
“But you were just the help to them, even the good ones,” he said.
“I am the help. That’s the whole point of me being there,” you said. 
“Do me a favor? Don’t assume just because you’re someone’s employee that they think of you as just the help,” he said, picking up the first aid supplies.
“Why do you apologize for…” he said, muttering to himself as you looked down. “If I ever make you feel like that, smack me in the head, alright?”
“Alright,” you said quietly. He nodded and left with the items, returning a moment later with some cleaning spray, ducking into your room for only a moment before exiting.
“It’s all clean,” he said. He lingered at the door and put a hand on it. “Leave that ice pack on for fifteen minutes and pop it back in the freezer. Put it back on for a bit before bed.”
“Thanks,” you said. 
“It’s no problem,” he said. He still lingered and you took a deep breath.
“You should call someone, talk to them,” you said. He looked over his shoulder and you smiled. “You seem like you want to talk to somebody tonight is all.”
“I think I’m gonna go for a drive, maybe stop at a friend’s. The kids are all in bed,” he said. “If that’s cool.”
“Yeah go take a second for yourself,” you said. “I got everything here.”
“Thanks,” he said. “Goodnight, Y/N.”
“Night, Jensen.”
One Week Later
“Y/N,” said Jensen as you washed your car in the driveway on a Saturday morning. You dropped the soapy sponge in the bucket and straightened yourself out. “Got plans today?”
“Uh, I was gonna run to the grocery store in a minute but other than that, no. Need me to watch the kids?”
“No. We were going out to lunch and then going to a little car show was all and we were wondering if you’d like to join us. Totally up to you. My treat.”
“You don’t want me to watch the kids?” you asked. He laughed and crossed his arms at you. “I’m confused.”
“Do you want to hang out with us today? For fun?” he asked.
“Oh,” you said. “That’s okay. You enjoy your time with the kids.”
“How do I make this clearer,” he said, walking over to you and looking down. “I want you to come with us, as a friend, to do something fun, like friends do. This is not work. Come if you want to.”
“You sure you want me to come?” you asked. He rolled his eyes and plopped his baseball cap on your head as he walked away.
“Yes. And wear sunscreen,” he said. “We’re leaving at eleven thirty.”
“Alright, alright. I’ll see you guys then.”
“There’s something about a burger that’s been cooked in a greasy pop up kitchen that just adds to the flavor,” you said as you took a bite of your cheese burger at the car show.
“It’s probably the grease,” he said, walking one hand on his burger, the other holding Arrow’s hand. She wiped her own little hand on his leg and he sighed as he looked down. “Arrow. I got napkins in my pocket.”
“Oh,” she said, wiping her face against him.
“No one mentions this part,” he chuckled. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulders once he was done with his food, humming as he pushed the stroller with a sleeping Zeppelin inside. 
“Dad, I gotta go to the bathroom,” said JJ. 
“I’ll take her and we can catch up with you guys?” you said. He mouthed a thank you to you as you headed over to the women’s room. You used the bathroom as well, finishing before her and waiting outside for her. “All set?”
“Yeah. Can we get fried dough?” she asked.
“Sure,” you said. You let her lead the way in line and got a plate for the two of you, taking a seat at a picnic table so she could dig in. “Taste yummy?”
“Oh yeah,” she said. “Dad likes fried dough a lot too.”
“Everybody does,” you said, taking a piece off the corner.
“Y/N, you don’t have a mom either right?” she said. “That’s what dad said.”
“Well that’s a funny question. I got a mom and so do you. They just aren’t around anymore is all,” you said. “What’s up?”
“I’m happy you stay with us I guess is all. I know you’re not mom and you work for dad but you kinda are and I like it when dad’s happy again,” she said.
“Me too. You doing okay, kiddo?” you asked. “It’s okay if you still miss your mom.”
“I do but I’m not sad anymore. Dad says when I get real old I can see her again so that’s cool,” she said, taking a big bite.
“It definitely is cool,” you said. “Maybe our mom’s are hanging out right now.”
“You think so?” she asked.
“Maybe. I bet they get up to some fun stuff up there,” you said. 
“Me too,” she said. “Dad’s really happy you came with us. He’s been cranky lately.”
“Your dad’s gonna be just fine,” you said as she finished off her food. “So do you like having a nanny? I know that’s kinda new and funny, huh.”
“Yeah but I really like you being home. Dad gets flustered sometimes.”
“Flustered?” you asked with a little laugh.
“He works on a lot of stuff and he didn’t pick me up on time from school and stuff a few weeks ago. Too many chickens in a basket,” she said.
“Too many eggs in one basket,” you said.
“Isn’t an egg gonna be a chicken though?”
“I...never thought of it that way,” you said. You nearly jumped when you felt some hands on your shoulders but JJ was smiling as Arrow climbed up next to you.
“Ah. I see you ladies found the fried dough. Twins you want some?” asked Jensen.
“Yes please,” they said and he chuckled as he went off to buy some more.
“Look at her,” said Jensen twenty minutes later, pausing at a deep blue Impala, the twins both conked out in their stroller. 
“Isn’t that the same car you have?” you asked, lifting up the brim of your baseball cap to get a better look.
“Mine’s a 67. That’s a 63. I love that color though,” he said. “Blue’s my favorite but it looks good on that car.”
“I think it looks good in black,” you said, walking again when you saw JJ a few cars ahead of the two of you. “Where’d you get your car?”
“Work,” he said with a quick smile, hiding behind his sunglasses and hat. 
“Aren’t you an actor?” you asked.
“You have very obviously never seen an episode of my show,” he chuckled. “Which is totally cool by the way. I drove that car in the show for well over a decade. She’s one of my true loves.”
“Ah, gotcha,” you said. “So you’re a car guy.”
“Kinda. I don’t know everything but I enjoy them. What about you, you like-JJ! Stay closer,” he called out when she kept walking ahead. “So do you like cars?”
“I guess so. This is kinda neat, walking around and looking at the old ones. They had more style back then,” you said, walking past a pair of guys your age, one of them looking you up and down as you went by. “Did that guy-”
“Yup,” he said, glancing back over his shoulder, throwing his arm over yours for a few moments. “Looks like he got the message.”
“Jensen,” you laughed. “I wasn’t offended. It’s not like he was gonna come up and ask for my number.”
“I don’t like the look of him,” he said.
“Neither did I,” you chuckled, Jensen dropping his arm from around you. “You’re that guy friend girls have that will do shit like pretend to be a boyfriend and all that stuff, aren’t you.”
“At your service,” he said with a mini curtesy. You giggled and he straightened up, JJ rushing over.
“Dad can I get an ice cream?” she asked.
“How about some apple slices,” he said, reaching under the stroller and grabbing a cooler. He pulled out a little baggie and handed it to her, JJ shrugging and walking ahead of the stroller again. “Shit, that probably means I can’t get ice cream now too.”
“We can always get some on the way home for later,” you said. “I won’t tell on you.”
“I’m putting this on your performance review,” he said. You shot him a side glance and he smirked. “I’m joking. I don’t want to do that as much as you don’t.”
“Thank you for that,” you said, stopping and looking at a red challenger for a moment.
“You like that one?” he asked.
“It’s nice,” you said before you started walking again. You fixed your hat and caught back up with him, Jensen slowing down as JJ took her time ahead of you. “So I should probably know this but what show were you in where you were driving around a muscle car?”
“You really haven’t looked me up online yet?” he chuckled. You shrugged and he laughed to himself.
“I may have peeked at your IMDB page but that was it. Was it that show you were on a long time? Super something?”
“Supernatural,” he said, a big smile on his face. “Yeah, I drove it for that.”
“Oh yeah, that was the really scary show, wasn’t it,” you said. 
“You’re too sweet,” he said, chuckling to himself. “It’s not that scary. I promise. Give it a try sometime. You might like it.”
“I’m sure someday I will. If I’m brave enough.”
“I think you are,” he said, JJ running up ahead again before he called for her to hang back. He sighed and threw his head back. “It never ends, does it?”
“I’m sure someday when she’s older you won’t have to worry so much.”
“I’m gonna worry about that kid when she’s forty years old,” he said.
“That’s cause you’re a good dad,” you said. 
“You haven’t known me that long,” he said.
“Do you love her? Worry about her?” you asked and he nodded. “Well any dad that does that and tells his kid that someday they’ll get to see their mom again to help her grieve when he well and truly doesn’t know the answer to get the picture Ackles?”
“I could be better,” he said.
“Everyone could be better. They don’t need the best dad ever. They just need the best dad for them and you seem like you’re doing a good job of that from what I’ve seen so far,” you said. “You’re gonna screw up but so does everyone. Try to just enjoy it and not be too hard on yourself.”
“You’ve spent a lot of time with kids haven’t you,” he said.
“I’ve been in the mom role more than once as a nanny,” you said. You kicked at the dirt and shrugged. “It’s how I know the difference Jensen. You don’t need me or want me to be their mother. You just need help sometimes. That’s an important difference. Asking for help, especially when you don’t want it but need it, that’s a good dad move.”
He was quiet as he walked, stopping at a yellow mustang. He stared for a moment and swallowed. 
“Thanks, Y/N. That means a lot. Really.”
“Come on dad,” you said, walking away and up towards where JJ was. “Let’s go see if we can find one this one’s gonna be asking for on her sixteenth birthday.”
“Those three are finally down and out for the count,” said Jensen as he walked downstairs to catch you in the kitchen wiping up the pan from dinner. “Thanks for eating with us tonight.”
“Thanks for inviting me,” you said, putting the pan away. He looked out the back window and bit his bottom lip. “Everything alright?”
“You’re not like, hanging out with us cause you think you have to right?” he asked.
“Trust me. If I didn’t want to, I’d be down in my room,” you said. “Besides, I’ve thought about it and you know what, why don’t you set me up with that friend of yours.”
“Really?” he asked, a little alarmed.
“Why not? The age thing doesn’t bother me at all. Unless you think it’d be a problem for him?”
“No, he doesn’t really care about that sort of thing. I think he’d prefer it’s just someone he clicked with, had a connection, you know?” he said.
“Perfect. Why don’t you set us up for next Saturday night then?” you asked.
“I need you to watch the kids next Saturday night. I have-”
“The gala. Sorry, I forgot. Um, just, I’m free whenever. You know my schedule so you can set something up and just let me know?” you said. He smiled and nodded. As you were starting to leave he grunted. “Yeah?”
“I have some friends coming over for a drink in a bit. Small backyard fire. Whiskey and smores. You’re welcome to join.”
“Jensen. You’re not asking because you feel like you have to right?”
“No, not at all. I like hanging out with you. I’m sure whatever you’re binging on TV will be there if we bore you too much,” he said.
“Alright. I’ll be out in half an hour or so. Just wanted to freshen up from the show earlier,” you said. You ducked back to your room, taking a quick shower and changing into some leggings and a flannel. By the time you were out you could hear a slight mumbling and walked downstairs, catching Jensen with some guys on the patio pouring some drinks.
“Hey,” said Jensen when you stepped out of the slider door. “Guys this is Y/N.”
“Ah we get to meet the world’s best nanny,” said the tallest one. “I’m Jared.”
“Hi!” said a redhead that slipped out of the door behind you. “I’m Ruth.”
“Y/N. Your hair is kinda amazing by the way,” you said.
“This is what happens when you invite the girls,” said Rich.
“Normally we just talk about Jared’s hair,” chuckled Jensen. You grabbed a chair and helped gather up some snacks to bring over to his firepit, Ruth hanging back to help you.
“Jensen said you live here with him and the munchkins?”
“Yeah. He works so much it makes things easier on him. Are you an actress?” you asked.
“We all are. Only Jared lives close by. The rest of us haven’t been down here since…” she said and you nodded. “I really am happy you’re here. It’s nice to see a smile on our boys face again.”
“He’s a great boss. He’s very kind. We’re becoming friends,” you said. “He’s trying to set me up with his friend actually.”
“Oh which one?”
“Dunno. He just said he’s 42, an actor and is single. Age stuff doesn’t bother me.”
“Rob is a bit older than myself. It really doesn’t matter in the slightest, especially when you’re a little older,” she said. “Jensen says you’re great with the kids.”
“They’re pretty easy going. Normally the parents are the hard part of my job but he’s been great. He really loves his kids,” you said.
“Yes he certainly does,” she said.
By the end of the night you found yourself really enjoying Jensen’s friends. It was clear they cared for him at more than a surface level, especially Jared. You’d heard Jensen speak to him on the phone a few times and call him his brother but it really was apparent they had a special bond that went beyond a typical friendship.
“I’ll catch you guys for brunch before you head home,” said Jensen, waving night to them all as you helped pick up. You were just about finished and heading back for your room when Jensen caught you in the kitchen. “You have fun tonight?”
“Yeah. Your friends are great,” you said, a small pair of footsteps coming down the stairs. You both turned and saw Zeppelin there with tears in his eyes.
“What’s wrong, honey?” asked Jensen as he walked over and squatted down.
“I had a bad dream and I want mommy but she’s gone,” he whined. Jensen instantly scooped him up and held onto him tight, kissing his head. “I want mommy.”
“I want mommy too, baby,” said Jensen quietly. You mouthed go and he nodded, taking Zeppelin upstairs while you finished cleaning up. 
You got up early the next morning and made a big batch of chocolate chip pancakes, plenty leftover for breakfast the next morning. Jensen padded over from the hall where you knew the home gym was, sweaty and tired but a smile came onto his face when he saw you.
“What’s all this,” he asked, getting a bottle of water from the fridge.
“Chocolate chip pancakes make everything better,” you said. He put a few on a plate for himself and sat down at the counter as you made up some more, stealing a few for yourself.
“These are delicious,” he said. You stored away some for when the kids got up, making up your own plate before you dug in. “Sorry about last night. I feel like I ruined the fun.”
“Not at all. He’s a toddler. I literally can’t imagine being in your position. I’d have fallen apart instantly,” you said.
“No you wouldn’t. You care about those kids,” he said. “You push on for them.”
“I know it’s not really my place to say so but-”
“Y/N. I’d prefer if you just talk to me like a friend, really,” he said.
“You made it sound like you were ready to try dating again. Last night you seemed kind of...maybe not so ready.”
“I’m ready. I will always miss her. I’ll always love her. But that doesn’t mean I can’t love anyone else ever again like that too, you know? I don’t believe there is a limit on how much love a person can give,” he said.
“Your wife was a very lucky woman,” you said.
“I was lucky. She was patient with me,” he chuckled. “You guys would have gotten along really well.”
“Can I offer a bit of advice?” you asked.
“What’s that?”
“Keep telling your kids about her, all throughout their lives. They’ll still get to know her that way, you know?” you said. “Tell your future girlfriend too. That’s how you’ll know if they’re a good one for you.”
“Why do you say that?” he asked.
“You’re a kind soul. I would expect your partner would be as well,” you said.
“I hope so. Mine kinda has a permanent handle with care warning label on it,” he chuckled.
“I don’t think so. Just need somebody that understands, not try to fix you. There’s nothing wrong with you in the first place,” you said, taking a bite of your pancake.
“Thanks, kiddo,” he said.
“You’re not that much older, bucko,” you chuckled.
“Nah, I’m keeping kiddo,” he laughed. “You good to watch the kids for a few hours around eleven?”
“Sounds good. Go have a mimosa with your friends for me,” you said.
“Will do, Y/N. Will do.”
A/N: Read Part 3 here!
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parkersroses · 10 months ago
1:32 AM | harry styles.
summary: a series of moments in yours and Harry’s life together that seemed to occur around 1:32 AM.
pairing: harry styles x fem!reader
word count: 3.6k words
warning(s): nothing but fluff with a bit of husband!/dad!harry
a/n: (disclaimer: gif is not mine and belongs to @harryisart) hope y’all like this! i thought it was a cute concept. reblogs/feedbacks are very much appreciated <3
Tumblr media
It was half past midnight.
You couldn’t sleep and it was practically driving you insane. You blame yourself for having a last minute coffee before bed. So stupid, you thought.
You tossed and turned in bed, drank some water, even tried counting sheeps; but to no avail, you could not get a wink of sleep. You sighed, thinking of ways to get yourself to sleep; you were lucky that tomorrow - well, today - was Saturday. 
You grabbed your phone from your nightstand, groaning as the bright light from the screen hurt your eyes. You scrolled through your contacts to find the number you were looking for. Harry.
You stared at the contact photo he personally set, your thumb hovering on the call button. You remembered the day you took the picture. It was the both of you lying on the hammock he had at his house. You were all cuddled up and he thought it would make a great picture. So, he snapped a few pictures, some of them which you both pretended to be asleep for the joke of it. 
You smiled at the memory but remembered why you wanted to call him. You hit the call button and waited for his response. 
You heard the line being picked up. “Hello?” you heard Harry say, his voice hoarse and deep from the sleep he had woken up to. 
“Hi, Harry,” you said softly, a sheepish grin on your face appeared. Harry chuckled on the phone. “‘Ello, love. Any reason you woke me up at nearly one in the morning?”
You buried your face in your pillow in embarrassment, grateful how he couldn’t see you right now. “Couldn’t sleep. Was wondering if you could help tired me out or somethin’,” you said sheepishly. 
Harry laughed at this. His girlfriend, his silly, lovely, and beautiful girlfriend, waking him up just to ask for sleeping advice. If he was being honest, he actually liked the fact that she called him. It gave him the excuse to go visit and cuddle with her. At this point, he should’ve just asked her to move in with him. 
“Hmm,” he hummed as he got up to grab a shirt and a pair of sweatpants.
“Hmm?” He heard you copied back. 
“I can think of ways to tire you out, love,” he said teasingly, and he could imagine the blush on your face. “Harry,” you whined, prolonging the ‘Y’. He chuckled at her. “What? I’m just saying I got a lot of options,” he said innocently as he grabbed the keys. 
Your eyebrows furrowed at the sound of keys being picked up. “Wait, what are you doing, H?” you asked as you sat up on the bed. “On my way to tire you out, love,” he said casually as he locked his door. 
“Harry, no. You don’t have to come over. Just stay at home, and I don’t know, talk me to sleep or something?” you said questionably. You didn’t actually think he would get up and walk out the door just to visit you because you couldn’t sleep. “Where’s the fun in not visiting my girlfriend in the middle of the night? Besides, I might stopped by somewhere to buy some snacks,”
“Harry, I don’t think-,” You’re cut off by the sound of his car starting.
“Sorry, love. Engine’s too loud. See you in a bit. Bye!” he said quickly, prolonging his ‘bye’ as he hung up. You stared at your phone in disbelief, scoffing at Harry’s childish behaviour as you put your phone on the nightstand. 
You might as well wait for your loving boyfriend to come help you sleep. 
“You know you didn’t have to come over,” you said as you sat by the island, watching Harry put away the bags of snacks he managed to buy. He scoffed in response. “And what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t attend to my girlfriend’s call for help?” he said dramatically. 
He walked over and gave you a gentle kiss on the forehead as he hugged you. You sighed happily into his chest as you breathed in his faint cologne. “So, what are we going to do?” You asked, your voice muffled against his shirt. 
He unwrapped his arms and proceeded to pull you with him to your room. “We’re going to watch The Notebook because you tend to fall asleep halfway through the film, nearly every time,” he said sarcastically. You were about to object that statement but realised that he did have a point. “Hmm, fair point,” you said, sitting on your bed as he set up the movie. 
“Scoot over, bubs,” he said as he walked over to the other side of your bed. You cuddle on his side as the movie started to play. 
“Harry,” you said, looking up to his face. “Hmm?” he hummed as he looked at you. 
“I love you,” you said, feeling a little blush forming on your cheeks. It was the first time you said those words to him, nevertheless, you couldn’t be more sure of loving him. Harry smiled at you, his dimple making an appearance. “I love you, too,” he said, leaning down to give you a gentle kiss. 
And he was right. Nearly halfway through the movie, you already sound asleep. He paused the movie and switched off the television as he adjusted your position on the bed. 
It was 1:32 AM when you both fell asleep together. 
You were sitting on the kitchen floor with Harry. Boxes of plates, cups and other kitchen appliances surrounded you. Some were filled with porcelain and China dishes that you might not even use and instead just put them on display.
You both finally did it. You finally moved in together. It did take a lot of Harry convincing you about it, but with his impossibly good way of charming you, you managed to give in. 
You found a moderate-sized house, nothing too big and fancy but nothing too small either. The thing that sold you the most was the amazing backyard, complete with a pool and large space for outdoor activities. It was perfect to the both of you. 
You were still in the process of putting everything in place. The bedroom was the first to get done, mainly because Harry was excited to make love to you as many times in your new home. It felt really good to call it that.
It was already late, nearly one. You were tired to say the least but you wanted to put things in their places as much as possible because you couldn’t stand to bump into another box. Harry let out a big yawn as he put away the last dishes of the current box. 
“Close your mouth, bubs,” you said, not looking up at him as you started to open another box. “Y/N, maybe we should take a break,” he said as he attempted to pull the box away from you. You pouted at him. “There’s still so many things to put away, though,” you whined a bit.
Harry chuckled as he cupped your face in his large hands, the coolness of his rings sending shivers up your spine. “And we can do them in the morning or the afternoon. We just moved here 3 days ago. We got time, there’s no rush,” he said softly. 
You sighed but you knew he was right. You were beginning to feel tired too and sleeping sounded heavenly at the moment. You glanced outside the glass sliding door and an idea popped into your head. 
“Hey, wanna go swimming?” you asked excitedly. Harry’s eyes widened at this and let out a small laugh. “Love, it’s nearly one. We should get some sleep, don’t ya think?” 
“Yeah, but I really wanna go swimming. In our pool,” you said and Harry knew he would never get tired of hearing that. Their pool, their bed, their couch; their home. 
He sighed, knowing he couldn’t just deny this innocent request of yours and smiled at you. “Fine, let’s go change,” he said. 
You smiled cheekily and stood up. “Who said anything about changing?” 
You quickly rushed out the back door, taking Harry by surprise as he hurried after you. You could imagine his shock as he saw you stripping out of your clothes, down into nothing. 
Fuck, he thought as he was entranced by your beautiful body. 
“Are you coming?” you called out to him and smirked as you jumped into the cool water. Harry broke out of his trance and quickly undressed so he could get in the pool with you. 
He quickly got in the pool and cursed as he was submerged into the freezing cold water. You giggled at him and swam gently towards him. “Feels nice, doesn’t it?” You smirked at your boyfriend. 
“Yeah, great! It’s not like my balls are freezing in ‘ere,” he said sarcastically. You hummed as you wrapped your arms around his neck, your legs around his hips. He was quick to hold you in place by your thighs. 
“You’re mean. Stripping off naked in front of me just to get me in this bloody pool. Mean, I tell ya,” he said as he pouted at you. You giggled at his silliness and pressed your forehead on his. 
“You love me, anyway,” you said teasingly. “Yeah, I might just reconsider that,” he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes at you. You gasped dramatically and began to pull away but he kept you stuck to him. “No, don’t go! You’re very warm, lovie,” he whined as he buried his face in your neck. 
“I do love you, darlin’” Harry said lovingly as he kissed the base of your neck, making you smile at the gesture. 
You both continued to swim around until you decided to get out of the freezing water before you turned pruny. You carefully made your way to your now shared bedroom, leaving a wet trail behind because you didn’t bother to bring out towels. 
It was 1:32 AM when you finally fell asleep in your shared bed; your shared home. 
Harry slowly parked his car in the garage, shutting off the engine. He turned to you, smiling as he saw you sleeping in the passenger seat even though you insisted on staying up to keep him company.
You had gotten back from an event that Harry had attended. It was nice to feel the glitz and glam sometimes but even Harry would agree that it would become too tiring to handle. They ended staying back quite a bit until they realised how late it was and decided to go home then.
Harry gently shook your shoulder as he tried to wake you up. “Lovie, wake up. We’re home,” he said softly. You groaned a bit as you were disturbed from your slumber. Your mind was hazy and your vision was blurry as you looked around. 
You sighed and closed your eyes for a bit. “I fell asleep, didn’t I?”
“Yeah, felt a bit lonely actually,” Harry joked. You were always the one to think that you should be awake to keep him company as he drove, that and making sure he didn’t crash. 
You smiled sleepily at him, “Sorry, bubs.” You said, kissing his knuckles.
“No worries, darlin’. Let’s go to bed now, yea?” He said, already unbuckling his seatbelt, you doing the same. 
Your mind was still hazy from your sleep so Harry had to help guide you upstairs to make sure you didn’t trip and fall. You fell on your bed on your stomach, sighing into the soft comfortable mattress. Harry chuckled at this but knew if he didn’t help you out of your dress and clean off your makeup before bed, he’d be in big trouble.
“Lovie, c’mere. Gotta clean you up,” he said gently, slowly lifting you off the bed and guided you to the bathroom. You whined in exhaustion but followed him anyway. He began removing makeup gently and making sure you washed your hands and feet. Both of you were lucky to have showered earlier before leaving. 
You sometimes felt like Harry was too good for you. But you loved how it showed how much he loved to take care of you. The simple things he did truly warmed your heart.
“Can I wear your shirt?” You asked, sitting on the bed in just your underwear. Harry was already ahead of you by lending you his white shirt. “You forgot that I know you too well,” he smirked at you as you sheepishly put on his shirt. You’ve always had a habit of sleeping in his clothes so tonight was no surprise to him.
After putting on his sweatpants, he began to tuck you in bed. He gave you a gentle kiss on the forehead before pulling away. “No, come back,” you whined as you reached out for him.
Harry chuckled as he kissed your palm. “Just gonna get some water for us, lovie. Be back soon,” he said assuredly. When he came back, he turned off the lights and quickly got in beside you. 
You cuddled with Harry, burying your nose in his neck as you soaked in as much warmth as you could. “I love you, Harry,” you said with your eyes closed already. 
Harry’s eyes wandered on your features as you began to drift off to Dreamland. He brushed off the hair that was covering your face because he loved seeing your face before drifting off to sleep. Your head leaned in a bit to his palm that was resting on your cheek. 
Harry was truly in love with you, he realised that a long while ago. And he knew you felt the same. One year down into your relationship and he had never been more sure of spending the rest of his lifetime with you. 
He closed his eyes and sighed into his pillow. “Y/N,” he whispered in the dark. He heard you hummed in response. “Will you marry me?” He asked softly. He kept his eyes closed, feeling afraid of your answer.
Harry felt your hand on his cheek and he sighed at the feeling. “Harry, look at me,” he heard you whispered. He opened his eyes, seeing you looking at him with watery eyes. “Of course I will,” you said tearfully, smiling at him.
Harry let out a breath of relief. He leaned in to give you a kiss which you quickly gave in. Breaking away, he wiped off your tears that you didn’t realise were running down your cheeks. 
“Let me get your ring, yea?” Harry said happily as he got off the bed to search for the ring he bought for you weeks ago. You giggled at him, feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness and warmth.
It was 1:32AM when you slept with a ring of your finger, right next to your fiancé.
It was cold but the fireplace filled the room with a lot of warmth. Some Christmas music was playing softly in the background. 
“You look very cute, darlin’,” you heard Harry say as he sat down next to you on the couch, handing you a mug of hot chocolate. Both of you were repping your Christmas sweaters in honour of the holiday. 
“Hmm, thank you, bubs,” you said as you carefully sipped on your hot chocolate. 
Both of you had a small Christmas eve dinner together with your families. When they said it was the most magical time of the year, you couldn’t deny that statement. It was because your home was filled with joy and laughter, drinking up on some warm milk and glasses of wine.
It was already past midnight, which meant it was already Christmas morning. While you agreed to wait until the morning for opening presents, you still were tempted to give Harry one gift that you’ve been saving. 
“Hey,” you said as you looked up to him. Harry hummed in response, sipping his drink out from his pink mug. “Got a present to give ya,” you said smiling at him. You kissed his cheek and put your mint green mug down on the coffee table as you got up to get your gift for him. 
Harry whined as you left your spot from beside him. “Babe, let’s do this in the morning. Just want to cuddle with my wife,” he called out to you in a whiny voice. You giggled as you rummaged through your drawer. Grabbing the red box, you hurried down to your husband, nerves building up as you approached near him. 
You sat down again next to him and handed him the box. Harry shook the box a bit to get a hint of what was inside. “If it’s something you’re gonna wear f’me later, then I don’t want it,” he said as he wiggled his eyebrows in a teasing manner. 
You rolled your eyes at him. “Just open the damn box,” you said as you sip on your drink again. He hummed in response as he took off the lid of the box, rummaging through the paper tissues inside. 
“I’m just saying, love. If it’s lingerie, might as well put it on-,”
Harry paused on his words. His eyes were fixated on the sonogram that sat in the middle of the box. Shakingly, he lifted it up to his face, rubbing his eyes as if to see if they were tricking him. But it was there. 
Harry looked at you with wide eyes and you could see the tears starting to form in them. You smiled nervously, not knowing if his reaction was a good one. “Y-You’re pregnant?” he asked, his voice wavering as he spoke. You nodded at him, tears escaping your eyes as you put a hand on your growing stomach. “I’m pregnant,” you confirmed with your voice cracking.
It was the most heartwarming reaction you thought as Harry broke down in front of you, wrapping his arms around you as he laid his head on your stomach. You laughed tearfully at him as you held at his shaking body tightly against you. You felt him pressing kisses on your clothed stomach and you could feel your heart bursting at the gesture. 
“We’re having a baby,” he cried out.
“We’re having a baby, bubs,” you repeated his words as you rubbed his back.
Harry pulled away and cupped your face, kissing you passionately in which you returned. You could feel the tears on your faces as you kissed, giggling at how much of a mess you both were. 
“I love you,” he mumbled out into the kiss. To him, no other Christmas present would ever top this. And it truly was a merry Christmas.
“I love you, too,” you said lovingly. 
It was 1:32 AM when you both slept in each other’s arms, Harry’s hand on your stomach, where your little love was growing. 
Harry was awakened from his sleep when he heard loud crying. Sighing, he turned to see you still sleeping and huddled up in the blankets. He got out of bed, stretched his muscles a bit, and put on some sweatpants before attending the crying child. 
Parenthood was indeed a challenge to the both of you and you couldn’t deny that. It was hard at first adjusting to the new chapter of your lives, with all the sleepless nights and cleaning up baby puke, but you managed to pull through. Though it seemed like maybe this was another one of your sleepless nights. 
Harry opened the nursery door, the crying of his baby appearing louder than before. “Hi, sunflower,” he cooed as he walked over to the crib where his baby girl was writhing against the blankets. Little baby Rosie’s cries seemed to tone down after seeing her father. She lifted her chubby arms to him, implying that she wanted to be held. 
And who was Harry to deny this request to his daughter as he lifted her out of the crib. He grabbed the little pink blanket that he sewed for her - fatherhood really changed him. Harry cooed at his daughter who was staring at him with big wide eyes, the green eyes reflecting his. It was a notable inheritance, look-wise. Rosie babbled a bit to him and Harry nodded at her to make it seem like he understood. 
Rosie was gripping one the little blanket Harry gave her when he felt a pair of arms wrapped around his waist. He smiled as he felt you putting your head on his shoulder, sighing tiredly as you looked at them. He pressed a kiss on your forehead, turning his body a bit so you could see your daughter. 
“Bed’s cold,” you pouted as you stroke Rosie’s head gently. Rosie cooed at the gesture before nuzzling her head against Harry’s chest. “Sorry, lovie. Our little sunflower here wanted some company,” he said chuckling at the little baby in his arms.
You smiled as Rosie’s eyes were threatening to close. You sighed deeply as you pressed a kiss on Harry’s bare shoulder, which sent some shivers throughout his body. Harry could never get over with your every kiss and touch you laid upon him. He realised now how lucky he was to have come so far with you, despite the fights or arguments you had before. 
“C’mon. She can lay with us,” you chose to say because nothing would warm your heart more than sleeping with your husband and daughter. Harry nodded and carefully carried the nearly sleeping baby into your bedroom. He laid Rosie in the center of your bed, putting her blanket over her little body. 
As you got in your bed, Harry grabbed your arm. “Kissy?” He asked, pouting his lips at you. You giggled at your husband’s silliness and leaned forward to give him a kiss, humming at the feeling. “I love you,” you mumbled softly as you tucked yourself in next to him and Rosie.
“I love you, darlin’,” he said in return. 
And it was 1:32 AM when Harry fell asleep next to his beautiful little family, feeling grateful for everything that has happened in your life together.
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marginalmadness · 11 months ago
Summer Nights: Chapter 1/4
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rabbit!Hybrid Jungkook x Y/N
Rating: Teen (later explicit)
Genre: Hybrid!Fantasy, Romance, Fluff
Synopsis: A freak weather anomaly leads to a chance encounter with a rabbit-hybrid, and your kind nature results in you gaining a small, fluffy lodger, who questions your taste in television shows. It’s won’t be for long...will it?
Warnings/Tags: None right now, will add with additional chapters
Author’s Note: So the beautiful, wonderful, ever patient @johobi commissioned as we went into lockdown the first time, and it took me forever to write, and ended up being about 4x longer than I expected because, feelings and plot kept getting involved. Anyhow, the fic is finished, but with NaNoWriMo this month, and my already teasing this, I’m releasing this in 4 chapters, as I edit it, the next one will be next Friday, so I hope you all enjoy this, I got some wonderful comments from @johobi​ and she made this WONDERFUL HEADER <3, and I hope you all look forward to Chapters 2-4
Chapters: Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Word Count: 4.3K
Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. The events depicted here are entirely of my own imagining, and have no basis on actual people or events.
Summer Nights
The weather report this morning said nothing about rain. Not a shower, not a sprinkle, and even now, as you check your phone for the thousandth time, there’s no indication of the storm that is currently darkening the sky over the entire city.
You fight your way out of the subway station, pushing past people rushing down the stairs out of the deluge. As you clamber your way up through them and onto the street, it feels like you’re pushing against a wall of water.
You curse yourself and the umbrella that sits serenely dry and unused under the side table by your front door. Because according to the highest-rated, “most accurate” weather app available, it was supposed to be nothing but dry, sunny spells through the end of the week and staying warm and dry over the weekend.
You dash across the road, taking a shortcut through the park, hoping to find some relief under the canopy of trees but somehow the drops feel heavier under the leaves. Cold rivulets of water run down your neck, under the collar of your coat, completely defeating the purpose of you clutching it closed.
You’re halfway home when, as suddenly as it started this morning, the rain stops. You look up through the branches and the sky is miraculously clear, dappled sunlight falling across your face as birdsong suddenly fills the park, nothing but dripping leaves and ground puddles to indicate the previous weather. This must be the sunny spell that was previously promised.
You wipe your hand across your face to remove some of the hair clinging to it, but since your hand is as wet as everything else, it’s a losing battle. There’s just as much water on your face after wiping it, and strands of hair are now just pulled across your forehead rather than limply clinging to your cheeks. You sigh, readjusting the strap of your bag and hoping the contents inside aren’t as soaked as you are, when for the second time in less than a minute you are stunned to another stop.
Before you is a tiny, shivering, soggy ball of fur.
You could swear it wasn’t there a second ago, but it’s possible it darted out from under one of the surrounding bushes and you startled it as much as it, you.
Crouching down, you reach a hand out towards the small creature, which lifts its head, twitches its nose and shuffles towards you. It’s hard to tell under the sopping wet fur, but it doesn’t look like what you’ve seen of regular wild rabbits. Its fur is darker, but that might just be an effect of the rain. It also seems longer, but again it’s hard to tell when wet. The biggest giveaway that it’s no regular wild rabbit are the two long, floppy ears that hang down either side of its head, dragging along the path as it moves towards you.
“Hey cutie pie,” you say in as soft a voice as possible while shivering from the wet and the cold. “You don’t look like you’re from around here.”
The creature makes a full hop towards you and sniffs at your hand, and you’re almost 100% sure it’s a rabbit and not a hare. You slip your other hand beneath its tiny body and stand, clutching it to your chest. You wait to see if it’s going to resist or fight but it only snuggles into your coat. “Okay, let's get you home and dried off, and then see if we can find your owner,” you say, scratching its head gently.
Almost as soon as you tuck the tiny creature under your coat, the rain starts again, skies grey, water coming down in sheets as though it never stopped. You run the rest of the way through the park and across the road, not minding that you step into a puddle since your feet are already so wet. You barrel your way into your apartment building, stopping to catch your breath as you wait for the elevator.
As soon as you’re through your front door you carefully step out of your shoes, drop your bag and shuck off your drenched coat, vowing to come back and clean them up later. You’re so soaked your clothes cling to you, as though you weren’t wearing a coat at all, and you hit the thermostat on high as you run past on your way to the bathroom.
“Why don’t we get you all nice and snug in a towel? Let you warm up while I take a shower, hm, little buddy?”
Grabbing a hand towel, you carefully wrap the trembling creature in your arms, rubbing the wet fur carefully before placing the bundle in the sink and stripping down to jump in the hot shower.
The hot water stings your chilled skin the instant it makes contact, but it warms you up quicker than waiting around for your apartment to heat up or hiding under your duvet would. Stepping out of the shower, you wrap a warm, fluffy towel around yourself and notice the small rabbit has its eyes closed. You pick it up in its bundle, and it seems to blink in alarm at being moved.
“Awww,” you coo aloud. “Did the warm steam lull you to sleep, lil’ bun?” The rabbit looks up at you and then closes its eyes, nuzzling back into the towel covering it. You carry it into your room and place it on your bed before changing into something warm and snuggly and drying your hair. By the time you’re all done, the bunny has fallen asleep, curled up in a little cocoon of warmth.
You head back towards the front door, picking up your coat and moving your waterlogged shoes into the bathroom. You pick up your bag and hope your phone was buried deep enough inside to escape water damage. Luckily, all of the contents inside seem untouched and you send a prayer of thanks to whoever was watching over you to pull that one off.
Grabbing your phone, you quickly search for a local vet that’s still open, hitting ‘call now’ when you find a decently-reviewed one. You kneel at the foot of the bed until you’re eye level with the fluffy, dark-furred rabbit. It watches you with curiosity, whiskers twitching as your face gets closer to it.
“Hello, Park Place Animal Hospital,” a tinny voice says pleasantly through the phone. “Eric speaking, how can I help?”
“Hi,” you say cautiously. “I found a rabbit in the park, and think someone might have lost it. It doesn’t look like a wild rabbit.” Maybe it was a wild rabbit, you argue with yourself; you’re not exactly a rabbit expert.
“Can you describe it to me?” Eric asks.
“It’s got long, dark fur; black or maybe dark brown? Seems… fluffy?” you say with uncertainty. “It was drowned-looking when I found it in the storm, and it’s wrapped in a towel drying now. But its ears are long and floppy. Really long. Really, really long,” you emphasise.
There’s a chuckle on the other end of the phone. “Well it certainly doesn’t sound like a wild rabbit. Possibly a member of the lop family. It could be a lost pet, but are you sure it’s not a hybrid?”
That stops you. A hybrid? Never even crossed your mind. Why would a hybrid stay in animal form in a storm and let a stranger take them home?
“I-” you stutter. “I don’t know. I’m a mundane, I don’t know how I would be able to tell.”
“Well, scent is the easiest way to tell, but you wouldn’t be able to use that as a mundane and it’s a little late to bring it into the clinic. You could talk to it, ask it some questions.”
You frown down at the bunny. Maybe you were missing something. “I don’t speak Bunny.” You could hear Eric holding back his smile over the phone.
“But hybrids understand human speech,” he says, holding back his laughter. “Assuming you speak the same languages.” You purse your lips, eyes glancing around the room, cheeks burning in embarrassment. “Where are you right now?”
“In my bedroom,” you say. “The bunny-hybrid-whatever is wrapped in a towel on my bed and I’m kneeling on the floor at the foot of it.”
“And what is the ‘bunny-hybrid-whatever’ doing?”
“It's-” You look at the rabbit and are a little taken aback to realise it’s watching you, head raised, nose twitching inquisitively. “-watching me.”
“Okay, unwrap it and leave the room. Tell it, if it’s hungry, to follow you to the kitchen. If it’s a hybrid, it will understand and follow you.”
You blink owlishly at the creature, before nodding in determination. “Okay.” You unwrap the towel and move to the doorway. The bunny watches you leave.
“I need to make dinner. If you’re hungry, follow me. I have some veggies you can eat.” The bunny stands up on its hindquarters, giving itself a shake until its fur is sticking up in funny-looking spikes. It jumps down from the bed and lops after you as you walk towards the kitchen. You turn your attention back to Eric on the phone. “I promised the bunny veggies, and now it’s following me into the kitchen.”
“Congratulations, you have a hybrid-rabbit in your home.” Eric laughs. “It’s late now, we’ll be closing soon, but if they haven’t turned by morning you can bring them by the clinic and we’ll be able to either issue a T.o.C or take them in until we can find out where they came from.”
“T-O-C?” you ask slowly.
“Treaty of Care. Hybrids who stay in their animal form for extended periods of time need special care. It’s usually infant or adolescent hybrids born in animal form who haven’t turned for the first time yet, or hybrids hurt in animal form who need to heal before they can transform back. A Treaty of Care is usually served to a close friend or family member, but it can be anyone.”
“Even a stranger?” you ask, stopping in your tracks and looking down at the small creature by your foot. It looks up at you with big, dark eyes.
“If they didn’t fight you when you first picked them up, and they haven’t shown any signs that they want to leave, then they feel comfortable with you. At least for the time being. So the decision seems to be yours. Think about it tonight, and come in tomorrow.”
“Will do. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” you mutter, biting your lip and shuffling from foot-to-foot.
“No problem, have a nice evening,” Eric says politely.
“Thanks, you too.” You hang up the phone, motioning with your head towards the kitchen. “There’s apples in there.” The bunny-hybrid zooms off, hopping towards the kitchen, and you let out a little giggle at its enthusiasm.
Once there, you head to the fridge and pull out what you need to make yourself dinner, plus some extra veggies for your unintended guest. You dump them and the promised apple into the sink, making sure to give them a good wash before you start chopping things into rabbit-convenient pieces. A gentle pressure against your calf stops you, and you turn to find the long-eared bunny leaning against you as it stands on its hind legs, either trying to get a better look at what you’re doing or begging for a snack.
“Are you nosey or impatient?” you ask, and the hybrid drops to all fours before hopping around your feet. You lean down to pick it up, placing it on the counter next to you and offering it a slice of apple. Its tail—no, its entire body wiggles in appreciation as it munches on the apple slice, nibbling away with its eyes contentedly closed. You finish chopping the veggies and place a selection on a plate, setting it in front of the hybrid. The bunny hops high, kicking its back legs in excitement before diving into the pile to devour it.
With a tentative finger, you reach out to scratch behind the rabbit’s ear. To your relief, it doesn’t recoil. Encouraged by this, you settle your hand on its head and gently stroke its fluff. The hybrid leans up, nuzzling its face into the palm of your hand. You smile appreciatively, tickling the rabbit’s chin before you turn to cook your own dinner.
The rest of your night you spend relaxing, curled up on the sofa watching TV.  The hybrid decides to join you, settling at the opposite end away from you. Normally you wouldn’t allow a pet or an animal on the furniture, but it’s not really an animal and you’d feel bad forcing a guest to sit on the floor if there was space on the sofa. You’re second-guessing your decision, though, when the rabbit expresses opinions on your choice of entertainment, nudging the remote when it wants you to change the channel and thumping its feet when it sees something good. You spend a good twenty minutes having a one-sided argument with a creature that communicates through nothing but foot stomping and nose twitches before you come to a consensus: a superhero movie that you never got to see in the cinema. You drop the remote and the rabbit hops closer to you, shuffling into a loaf by your feet. Like that, the pair of you spend the night watching six unlikely heroes and their friends save the world from total destruction.
Your first real, big conundrum is when you go to bed and the little ball of fluff follows you, jumping onto your comforter.
“No. Don’t be ridiculous, you are not sharing my bed,” you try to say forcefully, but the surreal nature of what's happening makes your tone just a little bit hysterical. The hybrid simply lowers its head to the comforter, making itself smaller, lopping closer to your hand until it’s nudging it. It wiggles its head beneath your fingers. “Is this you asking for permission? No! Off! Down! Off the bed!” The creature shimmies its fluffy tail and doesn’t move an inch. “I know you can understand what I’m saying, and it’s weird,” you whine. The tail-twitching stops. Big, dark eyes blink up at you as it sits up on its haunches, front paw waving at you like it’s trying to grab you.
You can’t help but feel you’re in a pouting contest with a rabbit.
“Fine,” you huff, flopping back on the bed dramatically. The hybrid lops towards you and you turn to watch. Fluff obscures your vision as it boops you gently on the nose, and you laugh at the tickle of its fur. You shuffle under the comforter with a yawn and turn off the lamp. “Okay. Tomorrow, when I get your Treaty of Care, I’m picking you up an animal bed. This is only for tonight, because you’ve obviously had a stressful day, so don’t get used to it.” The second you say it, you know it’s a lie. You’d lose a pouting contest with that bunny every time.
Ten weeks later, the rabbit now has a side of the bed. 
The side of the bed where his animal bed sits unused on the floor. 
The vet had given the hybrid a clean bill of health, identified it as a young adult male and given you a T.o.C for as long as it wanted to stay with you. Or until you returned it. But that would never happen.
Somehow you’d just fallen into a routine; breakfast for the both of you, rushing to and from work, changing the litter box, dinner for two, TV in the evenings. And now somehow, suddenly, it’s summer. Gone are the spring storms that brought the two of you together. Now you have the stifling heat and humidity of the peak of summer.
All the windows in the apartment are open and have been for at least a week. You don’t even sleep with a cover anymore, just collapse on top of it in the flimsiest two-piece that can cover your modesty. Honestly, even that feels like too must most nights, sticking to you in the humidity. It’s so hot that the hybrid - who you had simply called “Bun” for lack of a better name - no longer lay close to you, but far on the other side of the bed, stretched out on his side, ears akimbo. The city desperately needed a storm to break the humidity.
Half way through summer, you get your wish. You flinch, even in your sleep, as the room fills with blinding, white light. The crack of thunder that immediately follows is explosive in the silence of your room thanks to all the open windows. The storm startles you awake. Turning away from the window, you bury your face in your damp, sweat-drenched pillow, just as the gentle roll of heavy rain starts to beat against the heated concrete city.
“You okay, Bun?” you ask in a sleepy, raspy voice as you reach for the small creature. But where you expect to meet soft fur, you meet soft skin, solid muscle coiled tight beneath it. It takes a second for your brain to register the foreign sensation, before your head snaps up and your eyes open. You’re used to sleeping next to a small rabbit-hybrid, but in its place is a very naked young man, curled in the fetal position. His large, terror-filled eyes stare at you.
You scream, scrambling off the bed and across the floor to press your back against the wall. The naked man shrinks in on himself when you yell, curling himself into a tighter ball. You can see just enough of him over the edge of the bed to spy a long, floppy ear drape over one of his arms.
“Bun?” you ask in a breathless voice. He lifts his head, and those eyes—those large, round eyes are just as dark as they were when he was a rabbit. 
They’re the same. 
He moves up onto his hands and knees, crawling cautiously across the bed to peer down at you. His fingers curl over the edge of the mattress, long ears dangling either side of his face.
“Sorry,” he whispers in a soft voice. He’s still tucked in on himself like a loaf, like he would sit when he was a rabbit. You can hear his foot tapping against the mattress; he’s agitated. “I woke up like this a little while ago, before the storm was over the city. I guess it scared me into transforming back.”
“Why didn’t you wake me?” you ask, finally getting a handle on your breathing. It’s not everyday you wake up with a naked man in your bed…or any day recently, if you’re being honest.
“You’ve had trouble sleeping because of the heat. I didn’t want to disturb your rest.” Your heart aches. You knew the hybrid living with you was friendly and sweet-tempered, but hearing it makes it difficult not to reach out and pet and coo at him like you regularly would. There’s just enough light coming in from outside for you to see him bite his lower lip in the darkness. Your heart pangs again when you notice that he has bunny teeth even in his human form.
You shift, getting to your knees and moving closer to the bed. The hybrid doesn’t stir, still huddled in on himself, floppy ears falling each side of his face. They blend seamlessly into his long, dark, wavy hair. His eyes are impossibly large, as dark as the night sky, and reassuringly familiar. Just over his shoulder, down the slope of his back, you spy a fluffy tail twitching at the base of his spine. Resolutely, your eyes snap back to his face.
“That was very kind of you,” you say softly, watching his face spread into a warm smile, front teeth prominent and pressing into his bottom lip.
“You’ve been very kind to me,” he practically whispers, and you smile in return, resisting the urge to pat him on the head. You don’t know if it’s appropriate now he’s no longer a rabbit.
“Do you have a name?”
“Jungkook, but you can keep calling me Bun, if you want. I like it,” he says, louder this time. Confidently. And you decide, screw it, you’re going to pet him. But then thunder crashes again, bright light simultaneously filling the room, and for a single, breathtaking moment, in the stark light of the storm, you take him in. 
And he is absurdly beautiful.
Jungkook ducks his head. Curling into himself, one of his feet taps incessantly against the bed. You reach out, threading your fingers through his soft, chocolate brown locks until you’re rubbing his head, fingernails scratching lightly.
“Don’t worry, Jungkook, you’re safe. I’ll not let anything happen to you.” Slowly, he raises his face; eyes searching yours. “Treaty of Care, remember.” You give him a small smile. Jungkook leans forward then, pressing the tip of his nose into your cheek. 
You still. 
He used to do this all the time as a rabbit. It’s normal behaviour. Your research told you hybrids behave similarly to their animal counterparts. When in animal form, that is. You never expected it in human form.
His nose skims across your cheekbone until he’s rubbing it against yours. You can’t help but sigh at how incredibly intimate the act feels, and Jungkook must take that as some sort of sign, because the next thing he does is gently caress your lips with his. If it weren’t for how focused his eyes are, gauging your reaction, you might write it off as an accident. But then he does it again.
You pull back suddenly, shaking your head as though to clear it. “Let me get you something to wear,” you say, climbing to your feet and closing the blinds on your way to your draws. “I don’t know if they’ll fit you, but these are some old sweats.” You throw them to him on the bed, turning back to find him a shirt; something loose. You dig out an old t-shirt you won in a radio contest.
“Are you covered?”
“Yeah,” Jungkook says in a small voice. You turn around, extending the shirt toward him and short-circuiting when he stands at his full height. Your eyes are immediately drawn to his sculpted abdomen. All of him could be cut from marble. You stare, open-mouthed, as he shuffles foot to foot, awkwardly rubbing his elbow.
“Is that for me?” He asks finally, motioning to the garment in your hand. You nod, holding out the t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of a radio station you don’t ever recall listening to. Just as he takes it, thunder claps again and brightens the room and his arm flexes, dragging you into his personal space before you can release your hold on the fabric. His chest heaves, breaths coming heavy.
“I’m tired. Let’s sleep tonight and we’ll talk in the morning, okay?” you say softly, going for the bed. Jungkook just nods and moves towards the door. “Where are you going?” you ask, laying a hand on his arm.
“The sofa.” He ducks his head, ears hiding most of his face. “I didn’t think you’d want me sharing your bed anymore since—” he motions to his human form.
You swallow. It’s loud in the quiet of the room. “Is that why you stayed a rabbit for so long? So I’d let you stay?”
Jungkook looks up at you through his lashes; you can see him biting his lip again. “Kind of,” he mumbles, avoiding your eyes. “You were so kind to me when you found me. I was scared you’d want me to leave if I transformed back, and I wanted to stay for a little while.”
“Why?” you ask softly. “Didn’t you want to go home?” He smiles, but it looks embarrassed, his nose scrunching.
“No, not yet,” he says meekly, dipping his head. He hides behind his chocolate brown waves and long, floppy ears. “Going home is… it’s complicated.” 
You lean forward, carefully reaching up to brush one of his ears aside so you can better see his eyes. His ear twitches but he doesn’t pull away, instead looking at you with all the stars of the cosmos in his eyes. “You can tell me when you’re ready,” you encourage with a soft smile. “There’s no rush. I’m also not going to make you sleep alone when you’re scared,” you say, taking him by the hand and tugging him towards the bed.
“Are you sure?” he asks, looking over your shoulder towards the bed. But his face is hopeful, so you can tell he’s only asking out of politeness.
“There’s plenty of space. And besides, you’ve had weeks to hurt me and you haven’t. I trust you.” You let go of his hand and clamber into bed.
Jungkook perks up and slips the shirt hurriedly over his head, inside out and obscuring those perfectly sculpted abs. He scrambles over the mattress to his usual side of the bed, a buck-toothed smile all over his face. His human form is impressively built, but somehow, when his head hits the pillow and he curls into a ball, he looks almost as tiny as he did in bunny form.
You lay facing him, watching him carefully. His eyes are huge and flitting between your face and the window, like he’s waiting for another crash of thunder. You sit up, reaching down to where your thin blanket had been kicked out of the way when the heatwave started, holding it up, your meaning obvious. Jungkook immediately shuffles closer, curling into your side and burying his head under your chin. It startles you for a second, your entire body going stiff, but you take a deep breath and wrap an arm around him, willing yourself to relax. You thread your fingers through his soft, brown locks, caressing his head the way you did when he was still a rabbit. 
And before either of you realise the storm has already passed, you drift off together into restful sleep.
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