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"A Rose For You," Dolores x Mariano Fanfic !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
╭── ⋅❃ ⋅ ── ❀ ── ⋅❃ ⋅──╮ summary : when dolores asks her boyfriend, mariano, that it is time for them to go on their first date, in which mariano finally decides to take her out on a midnight walk through the encanto, and gives her a very special surprise ! . . . written in : third person word count : 1,002 ╰── ⋅❃ ⋅ ── ❀ ── ⋅❃ ⋅──╯
Tumblr media
It was many days since Casita was rebuilt again, and the people of Encanto could’ve never been happier. For instance, Isabela doesn’t just sit down a look pretty, growing flowers from time to time, she also helps grow plants and crops for the farmers. 
Luisa has also changed as well. She no longer has to worry about carrying things for people everyday, she now gets to relax and is allowed to sleep in from time to time. Even Abuela was more excepting of people nowadays. She doesn’t mind that her family isn’t perfect, nor the people living in the Encanto. In fact, she plays along with Camilo’s silly jokes. She helps Mirabel sew dresses, she even plays games with Antonio and his animals in his room. All was well, and nobody could’ve been happier. All except Dolores. Of course, Dolores wasn’t the type of girl to complain about anything. She watched as her cousins and siblings all had fun with their gifts, embracing their powers and living their best life, but what about her? Her boyfriend Mariano had been busy ever since the rebuilt, so she was basically invisible again. She was only spoken to when they needed her.
It seemed that nothing really changed, at least to her. That evening, Mariano was going to stay for dinner with the Madrigals. Everyone was getting ready. Abuela had to fetch a few extra chairs, one for Bruno, of course. Julieta was cooking with the small help of Agustin. Antonio was asking the animals to warm up Mariano’s seat. Camilo was shape-shifted into Mariano, pretending to be him. “For rehearsal, to make sure everything is perfect.” Dolores told him.
Isabela was growing flowers and plants all around, decorating the dining area ever so beautifully. Mirabel wanted to give him a present, a hand-sowed neck tie, just for him.
Dolores wanted to ask Mariano to go on a date with her, she was waiting for so long for Mariano to ask her out but he never got the message. He was always like that, oblivious.
She waited at the front door of Casita, waiting for her beloved Mariano to arrive with his mother. She was excited, finally she would have a break from being unseen and hardly spoken too. Dolores wanted tonight to be perfect for her boyfriend. 
She saw Mariano with his mother and shouted with joy. “He’s here! He’s here!” Her family rushed to put the food out and all sat down at the table, waiting for Dolores to walk him into the dining room.
She walked with him, their arms linked together with his mother on the other side of him. They sat down in their respective spots, Dolores sitting right next to him, beaming.
Dinner was amazing as always, Julieta’s cooking could’ve never been better. After dinner, Dolores rushed out towards the door before Mariano could leave.
“Wait, amor!” she called out to him. He turned around when he heard the nickname, then waved at his mother to go on without him.
“Dolores? Is something wrong?” He asked her.
“Mariano, I was just wondering, since we are dating an all.. that we could go on a date?” She asked him nervously.
“Was this not a date?”
“I-it was.. I just, want it to be just you and me.” She looked away from his eyes as he held her hands.
“Of course, mi vida. Why didn’t you ask me before?” 
“Because,” she started. Dolores sighed and looked into his eyes. “Because I wanted you to ask me first.”
“Aw, Dolores.” He hugged her. “I’m sorry. I will let you know when our next date will be, alright?” 
Dolores smiled. “That would be nice. Thank you Mariano.” They hugged one last time before waving each other goodbye.
It was around eleven pm, everyone was sound asleep. Well, everyone except Mariano.
He pathetically climbed the vines leading up to Dolores window, and knocked lightly.
Her eyes instantly fluttered open and she turned her entire body towards the window. When she saw Mariano, she was confused. He motioned for her to follow him and dropped down to the floor. 
Curious, Dolores got dressed and climbed out the window, awaited by her boyfriend.
“Mariano?” She whispered. “What are you doing here, and at midnight as well?”
“Well,” he began. “You said you wanted a date, so here! A date!” he giggled like a little girl. “Its beautiful, quiet, and we are alone. Come, follow me.”
Dolores was a little hesitant before following him towards a beautifully decorated area near the lake. The area was decorated in pillows and blankets and lanterns as well as lights hung up on the lamp posts. In the middle of the place, there was a bowl of chips and dip and some wine.
Dolores was on the edge of tears, she was so shocked and surprise, but above all was overjoyed. She hugged her boyfriend and they walked down towards the place.
They talked (well, more like whispered), giggled, smiled, kissed for about two hours. To them, tonight was the most perfect night they had ever had.
“Ahem, Dolores,” Mariano looked down, holding her hands in his.
“Yes?” she giggled.
“I have something to give to you, a present.” he said.
She giggled once more. “You’re not gonna propose to me, are you Mariano?”
They both laughed before he shook his head.
“No, not yet, mi amor.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the most beautiful and red rose Dolores had ever laid her eyes on.
“Oh my! Mariano! This is..” she was at a lost for words.
“Do you like it?” he smiled at her.
“Yes! I do!” she giggled and he placed the flower in her hair.
“Now it looks even prettier in your hair.”
Dolores blushed as Mariano pecked her cheek. She felt happier then she had ever felt in what seemed like forever. She smiled at her boyfriend. She was his, and he was hers, and that’s all that mattered.
Tumblr media
Heyy everyone! I hoped you like this fanfic!! I worked really hard on this despite me having a pile of school work to do. Give some more request if you’d like!! I have about 4 as of right now BUT I do have much more motivation than before. LMK if you want more Dolores x Mariano fics?? tysm for reading! cya soon!!
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Antonio saying “I need you” to Mirabel during his ceremony is probably the first time she’s heard anyone say that they need her and only her.
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Hello can u write some tiny story or headcanons for Camilo Madrigal being jealous when his SO (she/her) gets complimented by other boys from the village? Whichever u prefer! Thank you so much for your time!
꒰ ➼ ❝ off limits ❞ ꒱
Tumblr media
camilo x reader
warnings: nothing
a/n :: i just did a tiny story, i hope it’s enough for your liking!!
Tumblr media
you passed through the town, camilo making sure to match your spec so he was by your side every step of the way. alma had requested you go out to get decorations for antonio’s gift ceremony. it was important for camilo, and so were you, so who would he be to not tag along?
he helped you browse potential streamers and hang up decorations, showing you all of the good stores to go to, but just because he was wrapped up in finding such items didn’t mean he didn’t notice other things.
you noticed it too; you weren’t stupid. you just didn’t react because you were loyal to camilo, but the thing was he didn’t know that. it was always in the back of his head, but there was always a voice telling him that things might go south one day and you would leave him for one of the other more handsome boys in the town.
‘wow, y/n! you look stunning as always.’ camilo winced on the inside as your eyelashes fluttered, clasping your hands together as you murmured a thank you, before walking along. after a while, camilo trailed behind you, his posture slumped.
jealously was an ugly emotion. very ugly. and he didn’t want to feel it, not especially because of you. but he couldn’t help but notice how that guy who just complimented you seemed to hover his gaze dangerously low when it was on your form. he hated it. clenching his fists, he let out a puff of air.
‘camilo? are you listening?’ you asked, placing a hand on his clothing to snap him out of his trance. he yelped, his magic activating and turning him into a replica of the man you just saw. you let your face contort into one of confusion, but you didn’t mention it.
‘ah!’ he shook his head, snapping from his trance and returning to his natural state. ‘of course, cariño!’ you stared at him unimpressed.
‘oh really? then what bouquet did i suggest we get?’ he looked confused, and swerved from the subject.
‘er… cant isabela just make some…?’ he laughed nervously as you shoved him gently, rolling your eyes as you turned your attention back to the stand.
‘wrong. i thought perhaps we could get the geranium one…? it would add a lovely effect to the atmosphere.’ he nodded along, before watching as you caught the attention of the store manager. he wasn’t sure he could even call him that, because he knew who he was. he saw him helping around town, his charming smile always seeming to attract attention as he tirelessly walked around the town, but his most important job was his fathers flower shop.
‘hello, y/n.’ he grinned, flashing his teeth as he handed you a bouquet with a pink bow, camilo sinking back behind you as he frowned. ‘don’t even think to worry about paying this, it’s for free, i insist!’ it took him a moment to try and not let his emotions get the best of him before he pushed past you, pushing the bouquet away from your reach, despite your confusion and protest.
‘i think she is just fine without your flowers.’ he grasped your hand, pulling you away in a haste. he pulled you away from the busy crowd of people as you protested, pulling away.
‘camilo! what was that for?’ you exclaimed in confusion, folding your arms. he frowned.
‘you don’t need flowers from that bad store anyways!’ he replied, holding up his arms in fake surrender. ‘trust me, i know much better places—‘
‘don’t tell me you’re jealous, amor?’ he hesitated, before shaking his head and stuttering.
‘no! not at all, i promise.’ he grasped your hand, his expression dropping a bit before he kissed you on the cheek. ‘i just don’t want them bothering you, hehe. you can do so much better than that!’ rolling your eyes, you smirked.
‘oh, come on camilo. i’m not going to leave you.’
‘not for the world?’ he questioned, pouting slightly.
‘not for the world.’
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Just Like Father
Bruno Madrigal x Son! Male Reader - PLATONIC
Tumblr media
Plot: M/n is tired of holding back all his feelings for years and finally snaps.
Warnings: Angst.
Word Count: 1100+
M/n was already exhausted, both mentally and physically. But it was only the morning, he still had a lot of things he had to do around Encanto before he could rest.
He had a headache from overusing his powers the previous day and it was taking a toll on his health. Eye bags, messy hair, he had it all.
Being able to change people’s emotions at will wasn’t exactly what he would call a gift. The amount of anger and sadness one town could muster up in a single day was overwhelming.
He had to keep everyone calm and content, though some would call him manipulative. The happiness he gave people was fake, so they were right in a way.
It wasn’t his fault his abuela would make him help around. He didn’t have a choice but to listen to her orders.
M/n managed to pull himself of his bed and out his room’s door, only to bump into his younger cousin, Mirabel. Seeing her slightly improved his mood.
Ever since Bruno left 10 years ago, Mirabel was one of the reasons he hadn’t fallen into depression. But when she wasn’t enough, M/n would change his own emotions using his powers, leaving no room for any sad thoughts.
But the feelings he gave were just like drug induced joy, only temporary.
No one ever talks about his dad, it was forbidden. Even for him. But he still missed his father, just in secret. He would even sneak into Bruno’s room sometimes.
The male didn’t have a mother in his life either. She passed away giving birth to him, so he never got to see her.
“Good morning, Mira.”
“No offence, but are you sure it’s a good morning? You look horrible.”
“Thanks, I needed that.”
“You know what I mean.”
“M/n! Mirabel! Breakfast is ready!” Julieta called from the lower floor.
“We’re coming, tía Julieta.” the older replied before looking back to his cousin. “I’ll be fine.”
They both made their way down, meeting up the Mirabel’s mother and walked outside to the table together.
M/n treated Julieta like she was his own mother. Being deprived of both parents, he had to find some sort of replacement. On the other hand, Julieta always saw her brother in M/n as they had similar features.
“Come on, hurry up and sit down, I’m hungry.” Camilo complained.
In just a few seconds, everyone was at their seat with a plate of food in front of them.
“M-Mamá, one of the birds g-got hurt.” Antonio cried, making a small cloud appear above Pepa’s head.
“It’s okay honey, tía Julieta will make it all better.” she replied, looking at her sister for help.
“Yes. Don’t worry, Antonio.” Julieta chipped in.
“Shhh, the bird is going to be fine, I promise.”
“Pepa, you have a cloud.” Alma pointed out.
“I know, I’m trying to get rid of it.”
“Well, try harder.”
“Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…” Pepa repeated, rubbing her hair to try and calm down, but failed seeing her son's sad face.
“You know what? M/n, use your gift.”
“What?! No abuela, I won’t use my power on my own tía.”
It was a rule he placed for himself, to never use his gift on the family.
“Why not? It’s good for her.” the old woman excused.
“Can’t she be stressed for once without you being on her neck?”
“Don’t speak to me with that tone.”
“Abuela, M/n is very tired today.”
Mirabel tried to defend, only to get shut down by her abuela.
“Stay out of this, Mirabel.”
“Why does she have to stay out of this? Why do you have to always be so controlling?”
“M/n, Stop being so selfish with your gift.”
“I’m the selfish one?!” M/n stood up, getting angrier by the second, tears building up in his eyes. “I always put everyone above me! I can’t be sad, I can’t complain about being tired, I can’t even mention my own father's name!”
M/n was unconsciously making the family feel the sadness he was feeling, leading to a bigger cloud forming because of Pepa’s powers. But that didn’t stop abuela.
“We all have to make sacrifices for the family.”
“Well, I wish I wasn’t part of the family!” M/n yelled, turning around and walking further from the Casita.
“Running away. You’re just like your father.” Alma yelled, drawing gasps from the rest of the family.
After hearing that, M/n was speechless. He had no power to fight anymore. At that moment, all he could think of was getting far, far away.
He ended up by the two mountains just outside the town, giving his a good view of Encanto.
“Why couldn’t I just be normal, like Mirabel? Why was I born like this?”
Suddenly, M/n heard some noise coming from a nearby bush and got very scared. Who could blame him? He was all alone in an unfamiliar place. “Who’s there?!”
Out of the bush, walked the person M/n least expected to be there—his father.
Bruno walked closer to his son but stopped when he stepped away from him.
“M/n… I-” he didn’t know what to say, he rushed without thinking here after hearing the argument from within Casita’s walls.
M/n didn’t know what he was supposed feel. Happy he was seeing his father he missed for many years? Angry he was abandoned and left an orphan?
While he tried to process the situation, he didn’t notice Bruno approaching him and pulling him into a hug.
“I’m sorry, hijo.”
“W-Why did you leave m-me, Papá?” M/n finally broke down, staining Bruno’s shoulder with his tears. “Do you not love me?”
“Of course I love you, M/n. I just… It’s difficult to explain.”
The embrace lasted a few more moments before M/n pulled away and looked into his father’s eyes, smiling.
“You’re not going to leave again, right? You’re going to stay with me.”
Bruno stayed silent and looked down, sorrow written all over his face.
“I’m sorry.”
“Why? Why can’t you stay?”
Bruno paused for a second to think before speaking. “I can’t tell you right now, but just know that I’m closer to you than you think.”
“That’s Mirabel. They must all be looking for me.” M/n pointed out, clutching Bruno’s hands tightly in his.
“I can’t let her see me.”
The young male was still holding his father, not wanting to get separated again, but Bruno didn’t have a choice or much time before his niece would find them.
He cupped his son’s face in his palms and planted a soft kiss on his forehead. “I love you, M/n. Don’t forget that.”
After those words left his mouth, Bruno was gone. Back into hiding, leaving M/n alone again.
Mirabel finally arrived at the scene to see her cousin smiling at nothing with a tear-stained face.“M/n! There you are.”
“Hey, Miral.”
“We talked to abuela, everything is going to be… fine. Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m good. Let’s go back home.” M/n replied, still having a big smile on his face.
“Oh, okay then.”
He missed his father so much that seeing his face made him the happiest he’s been in a very long time. Genuine happiness that wasn’t influenced by his gift.
“What’s got you smiling like that?” Mirabel chuckled.
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Mi eterno amor secreto (Julieta x Fem!Reader) Epilogue
Tumblr media
first part
a/n: wohoo!!! we’re finally here!! Thank you so much for the support and the patience!! I love you guys!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
You took a deep breath as you slowly saw the town appearing in the distance. God, how much you missed it, your beautiful Encanto. Life outside it was…interesting, it definitely taught you a lot! But you couldn’t find another place to call home, no matter how much you tried. 
Even after you and Julián broke up (you ended in good terms, tho. You just were better as friends), you decided to continue traveling the world. But you always felt the need to return. So, after thinking about it for a long time, you decided it was time. You wanted to go home. It didn’t have anything to do with the pair of brown eyes you dreamed of every night since you left. 
If you were honest, you didn’t know what would happen. Would you even be welcomed back? Well, the mountains already let you in, so it was a good sign, right? But more than that, what would she think about you coming back? Your feelings for her never disappeared (that’s why you really didn’t care when you broke up with Julián), but would she even still want to be your friend?
“Just a way to find out” you thought and continue your way
The weather was nice and you smiled at the thought of Pepa being happy. You missed her and Bruno too! They were also your friends, you even brought gifts for them! If they accepted them of course. You stopped at the river thought. You didn’t know what to do. Should you go check to see if your old house was still there? Should you go to the Madrigal house and see if Alma accepts you back in town? You didn’t know. 
You jumped and turned to see Bruno hidden behind a tree. You smiled at the sight of him and wished to run and hug him, but you knew that he could get scared. So you just waved at him and waited until he walked up to you. 
“Hi Bruno” you said “I missed you”
“You did?” he looked surprised for that 
“Of course! Life isn’t the same without your stories”
“I’m sure you found better ones out there” he said but still smiled 
“Nope, not even close. No one has your touch” you promised. 
You two giggled and you silently asked him for a hug by opening your arms. He hesitated for a moment before closing the distance between you two and hugging you tight. He missed you too and had been waiting for this moment for years. 
“I got you something!” you said giving him a small box “But you don’t really seem surprised to see me” you raised your eyebrow
“Thank you” he said softly, taking his gift “W-well…when you left, Pepa asked me to see if you’d ever come back, so…”
“You knew I would” you smiled when he nodded “I’m assuming your sister hates me”
“Which one?” he asked “Pepa was mad, and she’ll be again when she sees you, but I’m giving her 3 minutes before she hugs you tightly”
“Good to know I won’t be hit by a lighting today” you joked “...and Julieta?”
Bruno stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. You felt guilty coming back to you.
“She…she was hurt. She still is” he said “I…I’m not sure how she’ll react, it wasn’t clear in the vision, but I know she still looks outside the window, hoping to see you…She’s still waiting for you”
He gave you a moment to think about it. You felt a weird mix of hope, fear, guilt, and love. She was still waiting for you, she still cared about you! But you left her, you didn’t choose her when you had to, what if she wouldn’t forgive you? But you couldn’t back down now, not when you finally had the chance to see her again, even if it was for her to yell at you. It would be worth it. 
“And your mother?” you asked softly
“She’s waiting for you too” he said 
“I had to tell her, right?”
“Oh no…is she waiting for me with a belt?” you half-joked
Bruno laughed and shook his head. You two fell into an easy conversation while he accompany you to his house. It was as if time never passed. 
Pepa stormed into Julieta’s room, making her sister jump. The redhead locked the door and ran to her. 
“Pepa? What’s going on?” 
“She’s back” Pepa said, a cloud forming above her “She’s back in Encanto”
“What?” Julieta felt her heart stopping. No, her sister couldn’t mean…you couldn’t be here “A-are you sure?” she asked
“Julieta, Y/N’s back!” The redhead grabbed her sister by the shoulders “She’s downstairs talking with mamá!”
Before the brunette could say anything or even register her sister’s words, her mother’s voice came, almost as if she was waiting for Pepa to say those words.
“Julieta! Come here! Someone wants to see you”
Pepa looked at her older sister, the cloud becoming darker and darker. She was excited to see you again because you were the only one who ever followed her silly games or asked her to dance in the rain, but she was also angry. You hurt her sis!
“Do you want me to scare her?” she asked “I can throw a lighting next to her”
Julieta smiled at the redhead’s words. She was really lucky to have such an amazing sister. But she wasn’t sure she wanted her to scare you. Not after all these years waiting for you to come back. 
She tried to forget you, she really did. She tried to bury the feelings she had for you, but they just grow stronger with each year that passed. She just wanted to go out of Encanto and look for you herself instead of waiting for you, not knowing if you’d even come back someday. But now you were here, waiting for her downstairs. And she didn’t know how to feel about it. 
“I guess we’ll have to go downstairs,” she said, taking Pepa’s hand “And we’ll see what happens”
The redhead just nodded and let her sister guide her. She knew by the way Julieta was squeezing her hand, that her sister needed her now more than ever, and she swore that even if she missed you too, she’d kick your ass if Julieta said so.
You giggled as Alma continued to look at you, commenting on how much you have changed, how big you were, and how beautiful you have become. It was nice to see that the usually stern and cold matriarch still had a soft spot for you. 
But time stopped when the two Madrigal sisters entered the kitchen. Pepa was taller than the last time you saw her, but she still had that childish sparkle in her eyes. She seemed conflicted to see you like she wanted to run to you but something was holding her back. 
Probably the brunette that was hiding behind her. 
Julieta seemed unable to look at you. You could only see the part of her that wasn’t covered by Pepa’s hair, but she seemed a little shorter. You were going to say something when, three minutes later, as Bruno said, Pepa couldn’t contain herself and, leaving her sister on her own, threw herself at you. You were surprised but quickly wrapped your arms around her.
“Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, you’re here!!!” she squealed “I missed you, I missed you, I missed you!!!”
You couldn’t help but laugh when she spun you around. Some things never changed, and you wouldn’t have her any other way. It was Pepa’s charming after all.
“I missed you too, fire girl” you said, using her former pet name
“I’m going to kill you for leaving us!” she growled “but after I hug you a little more”
“Works for me!” you laughed. 
The rain was already falling on you two, and you heard Alma scolding her daughter for it, but you couldn’t care less. Until she whispered something in your ear.
“Juli was really hurt. Hurt her again and I’m really going to kick your ass”
You gulped and only nodded. Pepa finally let you go and step aside. You offered her the gift you brought her and smiled when she ran to the other side of the room to open it. You then looked back to Julieta, who had her eyes pinned to the floor. 
You heard Alma whispering something to her other kids and saw Bruno dragging Pepa out of the room by the corner of your eye. But you didn’t really pay attention to it. All you could think was that she was there, in front of you. She was real. 
You approach her carefully, not knowing if it would be welcome. You really didn’t want to scare her. Julieta couldn’t help but shiver. All the feelings she had for you, good and bad, were suddenly blooming in her skin. It was overwhelming. 
“Hi” you said softly 
“Hi” she answered
Then silence. The two of you felt a little awkward, and it hurt you because this isn’t what you were. This isn’t what you had. It felt wrong having to be so careful around the person that was your other half.
“I missed you” you said “I really did” 
Julieta wanted to say she missed you too, but the words just wouldn’t come out of her lips. Why couldn’t she talk to you? Why couldn’t she just confess it all?! She lost you once because she was too scared to speak, and she promised herself that she wouldn't make the same mistake twice, but there she was, unable to speak. 
What do you do when words fail? You act. 
She took you by surprise when she tackled you, almost making you fall. It took you a few seconds, but you returned the hug as tight as her. God, you missed feeling her in your arms. 
You stayed like that for a few moments before you felt something warm and wet on your shoulder. She was crying. But when you tried to push her to look at her face, she squeezed you more, so you let her there, allowing her to find the comfort she craved for years. 
Julieta cried for minutes, too scared to let you go, in case this was a dream and you’d disappear. She let years of missing you out and she let the tears wash away the pain. You were here, you really choose to come back to her. You choose her this time. 
“I’m sorry” she sniffed when she finally pulled away 
“For what?” you frowned. It was you who had to apologize, not her.
“For not being brave enough. For letting you go. For being too scared and pathetic and not getting the courage to tell you how I felt. I should have stopped you, I should have begged you to stay with me. I should have said that I love you”
The brunette couldn’t stop the words. They just decided to come out at that moment, and if she was honest, it felt right to say them. No matter how surprised you looked, no matter if you’d push her and leave again, she just had to say it. 
But you didn’t push her. No. You cupped her face in your hands and smiled. It took her a moment to realize what you were going to do. In her defense, who squeezed someone’s cheeks after they just confessed? The rudeness. 
But you didn’t stop at that. Nope, you decided to bring all the childhood weapons and started to leave small kisses that quickly turned into little sucks all over her now red face. Ugh, she still hated it. 
“Y/N! Stop!” she said and tried to push you. But you were still stronger.
“Say it again” you said “Say it again and I’ll let you go”
“Say it, Juli!”
“I love you! I love you! Now let go of my face!”
You giggled and stopped kissing her, but you didn’t let her go. You stared into her eyes lovingly. 
“I love you too” you whispered 
Julieta gasped “You do?” 
“I do” you nodded “I told you I’ll always find my way to you…I just wished it didn’t take me so long”
“It doesn’t matter” she smiled, feeling the tears coming back “you’re here now.” 
“And I’m yours” you smiled
“I’m yours too” she answered “We’re soulmates, after all”
“we’re soulmates” you nodded.
You asked for permission before she nodded and closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around your waist to pull you closer. You closed your eyes too as your lips met hers and the earth met the sky. Years of missing each other were erased and all you could feel was her warmth and how she fit perfectly with you. Two pieces of the same heart meeting at last. 
When you broke the kiss, you didn’t let go of her cheeks, because those cheeks were yours! Julieta giggled and rolled her eyes fondly, promising you that all of her was yours as long as you were hers, A deal you gladly accepted.
Because between us
There is no distance, no time, no space
Our love will always be eternal.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Julieta tag: @emril-osvigne
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ᴀ ɴᴇᴡ ꜰᴀᴄᴇ ɪɴ ᴛᴏᴡɴ
ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: ɪᴛ ᴡᴀꜱ ᴀ ɴᴇᴡ ᴅᴀʏ, ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ ɴᴇᴡ ᴛᴏᴡɴ ꜰᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜ! ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜ ʏᴏᴜ ꜰɪɢᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜɪꜱ ᴘʟᴀᴄᴇ ᴛᴏᴏ ʜᴀᴅ ꜱᴏᴍᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇꜱᴛɪɴɢ ᴘᴏᴡᴇʀꜱ! ᴀ ᴍɪʀᴀᴄʟᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴏᴡɴ! ʏᴏᴜ ᴀɴᴅ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘᴀʀᴇɴᴛꜱ ᴅᴇᴄɪᴅᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴍɪʀᴀᴄʟᴇ ᴀ ꜱᴇᴄʀᴇᴛ ꜰᴏʀ ɴᴏᴡ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴀ ᴄᴇʀᴛᴀɪɴ ʙᴏʏ ᴅᴇᴄɪᴅᴇꜱ ᴛᴏ ꜱᴀʏ ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ, ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴇᴛ Qᴜɪᴛᴇ ꜱᴛᴀʀᴛʟᴇᴅ.
ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: ꜱʟɪᴄᴇ ᴏꜰ ʟɪꜰᴇ
ᴄᴀᴍɪʟᴏ (ʜᴇ/ᴛʜᴇʏ) x ɢɴ!ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ: ꜱʟɪɢʜᴛ ꜱᴘᴀɴɪꜱʜ ɪɴᴀᴄᴄᴜʀᴀᴄʏ(?)
ɢɪꜰᴛ ᴇxᴘʟᴀɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ: ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀɴ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴇ ꜱɪʟᴋ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ʏᴏᴜʀ ꜰɪɴɢᴇʀꜱ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴏꜰ ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ, ʙᴇ ɪᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛɪɴɢ ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ꜱɪʟᴋ ꜱᴛʀᴀɴᴅꜱ, ᴄʟᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴏᴘᴛɪᴏɴꜱ, ᴏʀ ᴀ ʟᴀʀɢᴇ ᴀᴍᴏᴜɴᴛ ᴏꜰ ꜱɪʟᴋ ᴀᴛ ᴏɴᴄᴇ.
ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 2,036 ᴡᴏʀᴅꜱ 10,715 ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀꜱ
‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ♡ °̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥ ·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙·̩̩̥͙*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ °̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥ ♡ ‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ♡ °̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥ ·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙·̩̩̥͙*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ °̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥ ♡ ‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ♡
You let out a breath, you stared at the sky, and you let out a groan. You hated moving, you hated it so much. You didn’t want to leave all the friends and memories you made where you used to live. But this place, apparently it would be way better for you and your family. 
You had no idea how you got from your old home to here as you ended up falling asleep on the way, and when you awoke, it was like as if no time passed at all, and you were there! Maybe you just ended up sleeping through an entire night without a single disturbance. You were always a pretty heavy sleeper. But once you did arrive, your eyes widened in such surprise. The place you had just rode into was such a beautiful view. The mountains, the architecture, and just the community as a whole seemed so welcoming. You couldn’t help but smile a bit. 
Maybe this place wouldn’t be so bad, hm?  It didn’t take long for you to think this as you hopped out of the wagon that carried most of your things. Your mother and you rode in one wagon while your father rode in another, allowing you to carry as much as needed to your new home. You walked out towards the empty house that would soon serve as your new casa, and as you looked at it, you smiled. 
You would look over to your mom who called your name, smiling to you as you did, seeing that you weren’t too upset. She knew you were nervous about this move, and seeing you excited about the home that sat in front of you warmed her heart. 
“Now, (Y/n), do remember we’re trying to keep our gifts a secret until I can talk to the head of town, hm?” She said, smiling gently to you, placing a hand gently on your cheek. You soon leaned into the touch, giggling a bit as you nodded. “Yah mama! I know, you’ve only said it like 10 times before we got here!” You said, exaggerating the amount your mother had spoken the phrase. She rolled her eyes playfully. Right your gifts. You heard that the people of this town were famous for the gifts they held to allow their community to prosper. But they weren’t the only people in the world that were granted with a miracle. When your mother was injured and sick, almost dying, your father got down on his knees and prayed, and soon a light engulfed his hands, healing your mother with the touch of his finger. Though he can’t do it often, only if someone was about to die. 
Your mother wasn’t granted with such a gift, but you were. A gift to create silk from the very fingertips of your hands. You could create any piece of clothing or even a ball of silk around anything. It was quite fun to mess with, and it was the reason your family decided to move here. The clothing you made and practiced making became better and better over the years and your father thought it would be a good idea to move elsewhere to start a business with your cloth making. You were upset at first, but it didn’t take long for you to be convinced.
“Go buy some food for lunch as me and your papa start to unpack the carts. We’ll need something quick to eat.” She spoke. “I will be going to meet with the... the Madrigals I think it was, soon and I would like us all to be not on an empty stomach,” She told you and you couldn’t help but nod excitedly as she handed you some cash. It was time to head down to the town square!
As you walked, eyes were on you as people began to wave to you, telling you soft welcomes as your feet clacked down on the hard stone bellow you. You had a gentle smile on your lips as you walked, waving to anyone who did to you. You were honestly excited to introduce yourself to such kind faces. You didn’t think you could see nicer looking people than where you used to live, but every single one of these members of the community just looked like the sweetest people. 
It didn’t take you too long to get to your destination, as the Encanto wasn’t too big. You would walk down the streets, stretching out your arms, into the plaza of the town. It was bustling with people. You couldn’t help but look at all of the faces, the presences and feel a pitting feeling in your stomach. You were good with people, you couldn’t help but admit it, you had to be to work in a shop, but when it comes to crowds, you loose all of your strength to even face socializing. 
As you looked at it all with a shaky breath escaping your lips, you were about to take a step forwards into the area, until you felt a tap on your shoulder. You jumped from your skin, swearing your soul had just left your body as your head whipped around. 
But what you saw was more than shocking. It was you! As if you were looking in a mirror! You would let out a small gasp as you put up your hands defensively, shutting your eyes tight as if the one in front of you was a threat. For all you knew they were! You didn’t know why there was someone who looked just like you right there.... that was until you thought of something.
The Madrigals! 
Your face whipped back around to see a large ball of silk surrounding the one that looked just like you. Your eyes widened almost right away as fear consumed your chest as you would look down to your palms, laced with string and silk. You felt eyes glued onto you, and anxiety crushed your shoulders like a weight of an anvil was dropped onto you. 
You threw your hands up into the air and soon the silk was completely gone, forced into disappearing into thin air, being removed from the tips of your fingers and allowing the, now curly haired boy, in front of you to see the sun once more. The boy’s jaw was dropped, his eyes wide in surprise, and you couldn’t help but tear up as they all stared. 
You inhaled sharply, mumbling a sorry as you rushed passed the poncho wearing boy, back towards your home. You just got here and you already made a fool of yourself and went back on what you promised your mom not to do. You felt guilt build up in your chest so quickly, a cloud forming in your thoughts, but right as you were about to let it all consume you, you heard a voice. 
A voice deep and beautiful. 
You turned back towards it and you saw the same boy. They were chasing after you, but why? He actually looked worried as he came up to you, letting out heavy breaths from having to run after you. “Who are you?!” They asked in an almost panicked fashion before he caught himself, covering his mouth for a moment, “Oops, didn’t mean to sound like that! Ehe... Uh, you’re the new person Abuela said was moving in. She said there was going to be something special about you all but...” They had a smile on their features, putting a hand on their hip, moving the yellow cloth from his side.
You would look them up and down, before taking a deep breath. They weren’t mad... you couldn’t help but feel a wave of relief throughout your entire being. “Uh, I’m (Y/n...),” You say, nervously putting a hand on the back of your neck. “And uh... yeah...! I guess, uh, you guys aren’t the only ones with gifts...?” You shrugged a bit, letting out an awkward chuckle. 
The boy’s eyebrows seemed to raise some, kinda surprised in your sudden change in expression and demeanor. When not in a crowd, when in an open space, that’s when you’re able to calm down and be yourself. Crowds just made you so nervous. “Oh yeah, that I got. What was that though? Some sort of string?” 
You put out your hand, shaking it left and right a bit as if to say he was kinda on the right track. “It’s silk. Kinda similar to clothing material!” You said, seeming to relax more and more the two of you spoke. They seemed to smile at this, their own body becoming more relaxed.
“Oh gotcha! So can you make like clothes with it then?” The question made you giggle a bit as you nodded. He seemed genuinely curious, and you didn’t mind answering any questions. You were just glad he wasn’t mad at you or anything. But with that kind of face, you couldn’t really imagine him getting mad at all!
Why did you just think that? You would look over his features, now actually being able to see them without feeling panicked and scared. The freckles that decorated his cheeks, the tone of his skin, his beautiful chocolate brown eyes, all of it was so beautiful to you, and you couldn’t help but allow a small red color to dust over your own cheeks. 
You shook your head, clearing your throat, “Uh yea yea! I can ehe!” You say, after finally noticing you hadn’t responded to his question. “Uh, say, I didn’t catch your name,” You would comment, really wondering what kind of name would match such a handsome face. 
“Camilo! Camilo Madrigal.” They say, smiling proudly. Soon, he seemed to turn right back into you, getting every single one of your features accurate. It still took you off guard, so your expression shifted to surprise and slight fear. Seeing yourself on someone else, when not in a mirror was so odd and nerve racking. 
Though he did take quite a bit of note to this as his own eyebrows seemed to rise, “Ah, forgot you don’t entirely know what I can do huh! I can shapeshift!” They exclaim, doing a bit of a jazz hands towards you. 
“Oh! Ah I see! That’s really cool but uh, can you not turn into me?” You would ask, a nervous expression moving across your eyes. 
“¡Ah, lo siento, lo siento! Didn’t mean to offend!” He says, placing a hand on his own neck, seeming to become nervous himself. Talking with a new person, one who wasn’t born in the town was quite the interesting experience for him. 
“No no, you didn’t! I just, it kinda unnerves me.” You said, shaking your head. 
As you both looked down to the ground for a moment as an awkward haze moved throughout your conversation, you both seemed to blush out of slight embarrassment. 
“Uh-” “Um-” You both tried to speak at one time,
“Oh no, you go first!” You insited, 
“No no, you were gonna speak first! ¡Adelante!” He told you, and you couldn’t stop a giggle from escaping your lips.
“Okay okay! Uh, well, we’re gonna have dinner soon yes? I seemed to have taken... quite some time to try and get some food. I could barely even get myself to go and get something.” You would say, glancing to the sky as the original blue that painted above turned into pinks and oranges. 
“Yea! I was just gonna mention that! Uh, you want me to walk you there?” Camilo would ask, smiling warmly at you. 
Your heart couldn’t help but skip a beat at the look of him. God he was so cute and he had no idea. You would chuckle some, “Sure!” You say.
The boy would put out his arm to you and you would link your own around his. You smiled up/down at him, letting out a small sigh. “Say... wanna be friends?” You would suggest.
The boy’s face lit up! “Would I!” They exclaimed before their face quickly reddened. “Ahem, I mean, Sure!” 
You both let out small giggles after a small moment of silence before beginning to walk to the casita Madrigal.
‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ♡ °̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥ ·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙·̩̩̥͙*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ °̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥ ♡ ‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ♡ °̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥ ·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙·̩̩̥͙*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ °̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥ ♡ ‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ‧̍̊·̊‧̥°̩̥˚̩̩̥͙°̩̥‧̥·̊‧̍̊ ♡
A/n: Hi this was of my own Idea and I hope you guys enjoyed it! 
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thebrownssociety · a month ago
Encanto - Headcanon - How The Miracle Works
So, I’ve seen a few headcanons floating around about why Mirabel didn’t get a gift and I’ve also seen a headcanon about how Mirabel is meant to be the next ‘guardian of the miracle/Abuela’ whatever you want to call her. Abuela’s replacement basically. 
So, let’s expand on this.
How the next couple of years work for the Madrigals.
After the casita gets rebuilt - which takes a year - they end up with a new front door and every member of the family who had a room before gets that room restored. For some of them (like Julieta and Pepa) their rooms look just the same as before. For some like Luisa and Isa their rooms are changed slightly. Isa's now has more catci-type plants and all of Luisa's stone furniture is replaced by soft furnishings.
Mirabel, however, still has no room. This promote a family discussion because what with Dolores and Mariano now dating it is assumed that at some point in the future they will end up with children of their own which will go in the nursery. That Mirabel is currently living in.
Alma's theory is that the magic will realise this and will either grant Mirabel her own room when Dolores becomes pregnant or maybe a new nursery will appear seeing as the nursery is is considered (by the family) to be officially Mirabel's room.
Augustin - being practical - says that that may well be but they don't know that, therefore a back up plan is needed.
After much discussion it is decided that they will decorate Mirabel's room and make it more 'grown up' and she will remain there until Dolores becomes engaged. (Dolores having told the family that she wants to date Mariano for at least another year before getting engaged, so they would have been going out 2 years [22-24] by that point) If all goes well Mirabel will be 17 at that point. (The reason she doesn't share with her sisters is because they tried that when she was younger and the room refused to allow another bed in there, simply sliding said bed out onto the floor. Same for Dolores. Camilo wasn't considered for obvious reasons)
Working together it takes the whole family 6 weeks to re-decorate Mirabel's room. It's painted a mix of purple and light blue.
1 year later Dolores and Mariano get engaged. [Dolores is 25] Nothing changed with the house.
At this point Augustin became very concerned - fearing that when Dolores had children [which would be very soon after they got married, from what Dolores had told them] the nursery would either exclude Mirabel from it or that she would literally live the rest of her life in the nursery. So he organised building Mirabel a house. It was a pretty standard house, not as fancy as what the Madrigals lived in, but it was built adjacent to the main family home so that Mirabel wouldn't be very far away [and hopefully wouldn't feel excluded] and it was designed with a main bedroom for herself and any partner she might end up with and another bedroom for any future children. [The idea being that if Mirabel had more than one they could expand the house.]
Mirabel was both very excited and very nervous about the idea of having her own house. On one hand she'd be on her own, on the other her family had made it very clear that not only was she welcome to come back any time she liked but they were planning to visit a lot. "You won't be able to get rid of us." Luisa had joked.
By the time Dolores and Mariano got married Mirabel's house was complete. She was 18. She was very nervous to move out - even thought the house literally couldn't be any closer without actually being in the casita - but she took it slowly and by the time Dolores was ready to give birth [about 11 months after she got married] Mirabel was 50 percent there. It helped enormously that she ate with her family and really only slept in the house during that first year.
Dolores and Mariano's first child was a little boy - who I'm thinking they call Bernardo [Guzman-Madrigal] - and nothing happened. There was no room for Mirabel. She cried a bit about it and expressed her frustration, but thankfully she did have a house and a place to call her own, so the sting was taken away a little.
Over time more children were born - including Mirabel's own son [I'm thinking the name Inigo] - and all of them gained their own powers.
The next shift came a few years after the Triplets 60th birthday [so 10 years from the film]. Basically - I'm still figuring it out - I think Isabela ends up with twins [and another older child] and her twins [who I've given the names Kale [Boy] and Teanna [Girl] inherit Pepa's and Bruno's powers respectively. [Bruno was horrified]
The next big shift after that was that Alma died at the grand old age of 90, when Mirabel was 30. The image on Alma's door of was replaced by a picture of Mirabel and her husband on it. The rest of her family [understandably considering the history] celebrated this and started talking about Mirabel [and her family, of course] moving back into the actual casita. I'm not sure if she does or not, I've not got that far. If she does, then it's simple, she moves back in and her old house is just kept as an asset. If she decides she prefers her own little house, with her husband and child then I'm thinking she may ask the house to make her room either a spare room [so if any future child ends up without a gift they won't be stuck in the nursery] or a kind of 'room of requirement’ for each family member.
After that the next child who gets a gifts is Inigo [Mirabel's son]. He inherits Julieta's. I should point out Pepa, Bruno and Julieta all still have their own gifts. They didn't lose them, another generation inherited them.
The next child after this was Camilo's oldest child, Nacio [Who - in a weird coincidence - was only a few months younger than Inigo] It was thought that he might inherit Isabela's powers [as the next oldest after the triplets] but he didn't. He got a completely separate power from the rest of the family again.
Now, this next bit took a few generations for the Madrigals to work out but eventually they worked out that 60 seemed to be a key age for the family. Everytime a family member turned 60 [or would have turned 60, if they died younger than that] there gift would be inherited by the next child to receive a gift, SO, going back to Mirabel:
This is why she didn't end up having a gift and why it was HER specifically. After Alma's 60th birthday, she was the next child to get a gift.
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desiree610 · 16 days ago
Mer! Bruno Madrigal x GN! Reader: Part 4
Tumblr media
If you haven’t read any of the chapters before this one. You can check out the links below.
⏪Part 1⏪Part 2⏪Part 3
As Mirabel made it back to the casita, she was happy at the fact that her Tio found someone. But there was only a problem, well a few. One was that they were human, the other reason was that her Abuela hated humans. She never wants to bring it up. But the story always ended with Abuelo was ‘forever lost.’ She never told anyone in details on what really happened. Antonio; the youngest of the Madrigal family held a crab who he was listen too. “A real one? No way!” Mirabel was curious to know what her little cousin was doing. “Hey hombrecito. What are you two are taking about?” Antonio looks at Mirabel with excitement. “My crab friend told me that Tio Bruno has a new friend.” Mirabel’s face when from joy to fear. “Uh oh…” Mirabel looked around, luckily no one was around to hear them. “Please Antonio. You gotta keep this a secret.” This sweet boy knew what Mirabel was taking about without her having to go in full detail. “Don’t worry. I’m just happy Tio Bruno made a friend.” Mirabel sign in relief, but the only person who heard was Dolores. But she was in her room, getting ready for her beauty sleep. Dolores has been hearing a new voice for some time but didn’t know where Bruno kept his new friend. I mean he is trying to keep it a secret but still, a human being of all things.
Back at the cave, it was so dark outside. It was very late, Bruno didn’t want to leave Y/N alone. So he was staying with them another night. “Bruno? Could we go outside?” “Outside? Um… I think it’s okay. Everyone is sleeping at this time.” Y/N got excited and jumped in the water, swimming next to Bruno. “Lead the way.” Y/N held onto Bruno’s arm. They could feel him trembling as he was leading the way out. Y/N thought that Bruno was just getting nervous being caught with a human. He had to make sure that no other mermaid was outside. “Okay. Just,um, just stay by my side.” He was still trembling so you placed your hand on his shoulder, which made him tense. “No need to worry. I trust you Bruno.” You said after giving him a smile to lighten the mood. Suddenly he cross his fingers and held his breath while leading you near the closest shore. The island he lived in was so beautiful. You loved seeing a land of nature that hasn’t been touched by technology. You would love to live here. “Whoa… so pretty.” Bruno stopped with holding his breath and wondered what you meant by pretty. “The, you mean the island?” You nodded your head. “It must be so nice to live here.” Bruno shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know…” You were taken back. I mean he lived on an island with his family that had no humans to ruin it. “Sorry. What I mean is… I like it here. But some of the merfolk fear my gift.” “Gift? You mean your future visions?” He nodded. “Some of them would say that I purposely give them bad visions. I hate it.” You remember back at the carnival when he read your vision. It was rudely interrupted by the ring leader, but you did see yourself getting hurt on the shoulder. You didn’t see how it would happen or who caused it. When it did happen, it surprised you that his vision came true. “Hey.” Bruno turned to you and you held his face. “I don’t think you purposely made that vision for me to get hurt… It happened because I made my choice to help you. Your visions just saw a outcome of my actions.” Bruno’s face stared to heat up, you couldn’t see much because the moonlight wasn’t enough. “I would gladly put myself in danger for you.” You blushed at your response. Gosh, that sounded corny. “Um, no wait. What I mean is… um. I would put my life on the line-… no, I would… I want to…” You face palm yourself. You wanted to sound cool and brave for Bruno. You thought Bruno was thinking you were moving things to fast. That’s what it felt like to you. That’s when you suddenly felt his hands reach from behind your head and pulled you close. “You’re wonderful to be around.” He place his lips to your forehead, giving you a kiss. His little hairs tickled your skin, but your were more focus on the kiss he gave you. “I… I wish I could be a merfolk.” You whispered to yourself. “I’m sorry. Was that not okay? If so, I won’t do it again.” You hugged him close, bury your head in his chest. “I don’t mind. Actually I like it.” Bruno hugged you back, rubbing your back. “Wanna go back?” You nodded and held Bruno close as he swims you both back to the cave.
Part 5⏩Part 6⏩Part 7⏩Part 8⏩Part 9⏩
Part 10⏩
((So now Antonio and Dolores knows, don’t worry. Antonio is a good boy. He just wasn’t his Tio to be happy. Dolores will just be listening like it’s another one of Bruno’s telenovela.))
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dikanamai · a month ago
“And everyone always assumes the worst”, an Encanto fic
Since I wrote this post, my love for Bruno and Dolores as the perfect duo of uncle and niece hasn't stopped growing. I really love tío Bruno being the best tío ever with all the kids, but I still think his bond with Dolores has a loooot of potential, and both have the perfect characteristics to have a very especial relationship. So I needed to write this to honor them.
Besides, something I like a lot about Dolores as a character is how resigned she seems all the time in the movie. Not in a salty way, but just with total acceptance of the situation she's living (being at Isa's shadow, the Mariano issue, etc.). To me, she has this 'ok, this is my life' kind of vibe, and I wanted to explore it here with Bruno's prophecy as background. I also think her gift made her mature very soon and, while I can picture Isa as very goofy and childish when she was little, I imagen Dolores way more serious and mature even at 12.
Since this one is written from Bruno's POV, there're a lot of indirect triplets content included (this time, many Bruno-Pepa dynamics, because I love them too). Thus the length, but I hope you enjoy it :)
Title: And everyone always assumes the worst Characters: Bruno and Dolores Word Count: 10.549 Rating: G Warnings/Spoilers: none, if you've watched the movie. This one ties directly with my previous one, 'The life of her dreams', and has some winks of 'It will always be the three of us', if you want to check them first. This time the family fluff is more bittersweet than ever, so grab you tissues, just in case. Summary: Three times in a row, Bruno was asked to look into his nieces' future. The first one was Isabela, a perfectly good omen turned into an awful warning under his mother's perfectionist look. The last one, the one that changed everything, was Mirabel, that fateful night full of fear and anxiety about a vanished door. But the one that hurt the most, the one that really made him reach his limit, was the second one. A request in the tiny voice of his dearest niece and a vision that made him wonder what was the point of having a miracle that felt like a curse.
(Friendly reminder that English is not my mother tongue, and I'm not used to write fiction in this language. So this text is probably closer to Spanglish. Anyway, I hope it's readable enough and you can enjoy it. Thanks for your time!)
Three times in a row, Bruno was asked to look into his nieces' future.
The first one was Isabela, feeling already trapped in her gift at twelve. She hadn't told him, but it wasn't necessary. Bruno understood in a blink that look in her eyes; he knew what it meant, he knew perfectly. The eagerness to find your own voice, to free your true self, to find out what else you could be beyond the frame imposed by your gift. Her request had been born from hope. And, at least, he was glad his oldest niece had been able to enjoy her power in a more or less healthy way along those seven years, thanks to her blissful obliviousness. Because she'd have surely understood by now that Madrigals weren't allowed to hope. Mamá would make sure of explaining her why.
The second one was Dolores. But she was anything but oblivious, so her request was born from concern. And it was the hardest one Bruno had to face in his entire life.
It took place one afternoon, a couple of weeks after Isabela's vision fiasco, when he was dozing off in his hammock, trying to focus on the sound of falling sand to empty his mind. He closed his eyes one second and, the next one, he found another pair of big, round eyes peeking at him over the edge of the cloth, below two buns of fluffy curly hair.
She always did that, sneaking in his room without asking, whenever she wanted. She knew she was always welcome. And his uncle always greeted her with the same joke.
"Hm, I didn't know this floor grew wild nieces."
Dolores smiled and sat up, half kneeling beside the hammock. "I'm as silent as the wind," she said, with that tiny voice of hers. "I slide under the door like a breeze."
"How poetic of you. So that's your real gift? Had you been fooling us all these years?"
Bruno couldn't help a weak laugh and offered her his hand with a grateful look. Dolores took it between hers and pressed it briefly against her cheek, before crossing her arms on the hammock's side to lean on it. "How's doña Catalina doing?"
Bruno lifted a handful of curls to show her the old, sleeping rat curled in the cozy corner where his neck met his shoulder. "She's very tired today. I have the feeling she's gonna leave us soon."
The corners of Dolores mouth turned downwards with sincere sadness. "I'm sorry, tío Bruno."
"It's ok, pajarito. Rats' lives are short anyway. But I'm gonna miss Catalina III, she has always been very loving. Catalina II had an awful character, she was a steel matriarch. Benevolence was a refreshing change, for once." And he gave his rat a soft, affectionate pat, covering her again with his curls and hoping his last remark hadn't sounded too salty.
If Dolores noticed, she didn't comment on it. "Have you already chosen Catalina IV?"
"Nah, not yet. But I have some candidates, I'll give it a little more thought."
"Could I attend the succession ceremony?"
Bruno laughed again. Among all his family, Dolores was the only one who took seriously his stupid rats stories. She knew their names, their bloodlines, their tangled affairs. Most of that information was made up, of course; not even he was able to keep a constant track on whatever the house's rats were doing. But Dolores was really invested on their story and played along with his antics and was always helping him to plan out new plot lines. The life of the Madrigal rats was even more extraordinary than their own, and he loved to share that little game with her.
"Of course you can," he promised. "You'll be our guest of honor."
She gave him a wide smile, resting her chin on her crossed arms. But he knew her too well to be fooled. Her eyes still looked clouded by worry, and all that detour had just been a tactic to make him feel at ease. What she really wanted to ask came then.
"How are you?"
Bruno sighed, looking away. "World is finally upside down if my niece has to come to check on me, instead the opposite."
"I like to check on you. You're always checking on everyone."
"You think too well of your uncle."
"You think too ill of yourself."
He sighed again. "I'm fine, pajarito. I just— I-I just need to be left alone with my rats for a while."
"Should I go?"
Bruno chuckled and patted her head kindly. "All my niblings are part of 'my rats', so you can stay."
"That's awful. I'll take it as a compliment."
He laughed a bit louder this time and looked at her with a sad but also loving smile, to answer more honestly. "I'm fine, really."
"You're not." She paused, with a side look at the ceiling. "But don't worry. I know you're in those days."
Bruno raised an eyebrow. "Did you… really say right now I'm in those days?"
"Yes," she nodded, shrugging. "Like mamá. Those days in which she just can't take it anymore, and needs a break and to be alone. You two are the same."
He was about to protest, but pursed his lips pensively instead and gave her an accepting nod. "Yeah, well, yes, I suppose that's pretty accurate. You know, we both have the theory that Julieta was the only one who got enough oxygen in abuela's womb, that's why we're always malfunctioning." Bruno laughed at his own joke, but Dolores just looked at him, brows raised and eyes half closed, with her usual 'stop beating yourself' expression. That girl was terrible.
"I heard what happened this morning with don Eduardo," she said plainly, right to the point at last. "You shouldn't feel bad for refusing. You did nothing wrong."
Bruno held his breath for a moment and then exhaled, laying down his head on the hammock to look at the ceiling. Of course she had heard. Of course he hadn't done anything wrong, and still he had. But how could he explain it?
It had been quite difficult days, with all that tension filling the house, and he had been feeling awfully since what happened with Isabela. Upset stomach, migraines, insomnia— nothing new, but pretty worse than usual. And he had that dreadful feeling again: the feeling that he was on the verge of something, something bigger and even worse, so close he could almost feel it breathing on his neck, and it was none of his rats. That strangling anxiety had plagued his dreams with nightmares, and he felt so exhausted, so worn out, that even after everything at home calmed down and life went back to normal, he couldn't get rid of that ominous sensation of fatality hanging over his head.
He really couldn't take it anymore. He needed a break. He needed to be alone some time to recompose himself. And attending to stupid requests of neighbors more than willing to see the worst in his visions was the last thing he wanted. He already felt like sending everyone to hell, along with their fears, their paranoia and their resentments.
But he shouldn't have refused to help that man. He had no right to refuse. Madrigals weren't allowed to refuse, either.
He could almost hear mamá's voice in that very moment: is this a good example for your niblings?
It wasn't.
"I-it's not like I didn't want to help him," he started babbling, waving one hand and scratching his chin nervously with the other. "I-it's just— I-I'm not feeling good lately, and doing visions in this state is not the best idea, you know, if I don't have my mind clear, I could— A-and that Eduardo, come on, his cousin Taís still resents me because I told her to check on her fish more often and the poor thing ended up dead, she thought I had done it mal de ojo. Have I told you that story? One of my greatest hits! Dios, how much she loved that fish, it's been almost twenty years and she's still mourning that damn fish!"
Dolores chuckled and Bruno suppressed a relieved sigh. Distracting her was never easy; when Dolores wanted to talk about something important, it was hard as hell to make her loose her grip on the subject.
"You're trying to change the subject."
Dammit. "Loli, look, it's just—" He gave up with another sigh. "I didn't do right, ok? Madrigals have responsibilities, like it or not, a-and we should never— w-we should never be selfish, we should…"
He trailed off and his words faded. They should what? Sacrifice themselves. That's it, they had to sacrifice themselves, because papá had sacrificed himself, and they had to be worthy of that sacrifice, they had to, it was too important, it was mandatory, even if it cost them their own lives. At least, that was mamá's philosophy.
But what would have papá thought if he could see them like this now? The family turned into such a mess.
Dolores stared at him for a moment, as if she could hear his very thoughts, and then stood slowly and leaned on the hammock, lying face down across his stomach and letting her head and arms hanging from one side and her legs hanging from the opposite. Bruno snorted and was about to tell her that position wasn't a good idea, since he really felt like throwing up and the added pressure wasn't helping. But he couldn't complain. He knew his niece just lay on him like this when she was feeling worried or anxious, or when she felt he was worried or anxious. Pepa had always done the same thing when they were little, even if she was way bigger than him; both collapsed perpendicularly on Pepa's bed, belly against belly, he looking at the ceiling, she burying her face on the mattress, without talking, just lying together miserably. Julieta called it 'the cross alignment' (Oh, no, you're doing the cross again?), till Pepa came out with the brilliant explanation of 'We're neutralizing each other's pain, ok?!', and since then Juli had always teased them to stop neutralizing each other.
Bruno felt his eyes stung at the memory and gritted his teeth, trying to remain calm. Moving slightly to free his arms and get more comfortable, he laid his hands on Dolores' back and patted her gently, following the old soothing rhythm he had always used to make her sleep when she was a baby. Getting restless by the change of weight, Julián and Ana María, that had been sleeping on his chest under his ruana, crept to his collar and slipped away, climbing the hammock's rope to the shelf he had hung for them along the wall, near the ceiling. They disappeared through a hole gnawed there, leading to who knows where. Sometimes, he envied his rats. Whenever they wanted to avoid something, it was as easy as disappearing into the walls.
"You're not selfish, tío Bruno," Dolores whispered after a brief silence. "You're the least selfish person I know. You were tired and annoyed, but you stood there for half an hour talking with that man to calm him down, and you managed."
"I only wanted him to stop pestering me," he snorted, rolling his eyes.
"Don't lie. I have noticed, you know. The people who visit you— Most of them are just worried and want to talk. They come to tell you their problems, expecting you to soothe them."
"Yeah, I know," he sighed absently. "They should visit Padre Sebas more often and leave me alone, I'm not a confessor. But they think I can give specific answers to specific questions. They want me to solve everything with magic. And I can't do that." He twitched his mouth in a bitter grimace, glad Dolores couldn't see it. "More than thirty years and they still don't understand how my gift works…"
"But you really like to help people, it's just— you also want to be heard."
Bruno stopped the soft patting and looked at her, frowning. "What do you mean?"
Dolores swayed her feet, touching the floor with her toes to make the hammock swing slightly. "The problem is not your gift or your visions," she answered quietly. "The problem is not you. It's people's demands. Everyone asks first for a vision because they want to know, but they don't listen to you, so they don't understand. And you don't like doing visions that way, because that's why everyone always assumes the worst. Just like abuela did with Isa's."
Ah, there it was. The real core of the matter. Bruno let out a heavy sigh, wondering why she had to be so perceptive. "Abuela has her reasons to be worried, Loli. She carries a heavy weight on her shoulders and—"
"I know," she said softly. "I know she's worried. I hear her every night talking to abuelo Pedro. She misses him so much. Sometimes, she cries. I know she's always suffering, and it's getting worse lately."
Bruno forgot how to breathe for a second and stared blankly at the ceiling, eyes wide and moisty, feeling his heart crushed by those words. He knew it, of course. But hearing it in the tiny voice of his twelve years old niece made it sound even worse. He had to press his lips together to prevent them from trembling. "I'm sorry you have to hear those things, pajarito," he babbled, gulping. "You're too young. You shouldn't have to deal with the messed up heads of your elders."
"I rather hear those things. You know I like to understand what's happening." Dolores paused and swung the hammock again. "You talk to abuelo too, right?"
He almost choked and shot her an alarmed look, before letting out a weak, wavering titter. "There's no way you could hear that…"
"I don't hear it," she admitted, raising her torso to rest her elbows on the hammock, with her eyes closed and a peaceful expression. "But at night, when everything's quiet, I close my eyes and I can see Casita in my mind. If something moves across the house, I can see what's doing. And I know you go down to the kitchen for water before sleep, and you stand in the stairs for a while in your way back, before abuelo's painting. So I've always thought you're talking to him." She finished with a sweet, loving smile, but it faded quickly when she looked at him and saw whatever was in his face. Ashamed and nervous, Dolores rushed to bow her head again. "S-sorry, that sounded— t-that sounded super nosy. I didn't mean to—"
"It's ok," he cut her off gently, clearing his throat. "I'm not upset, Loli, it's ok. I just— I-I had no idea you could do that… bat thing." And he smirked and gave her some comforting pats again. "That's amazing."
Dolores glanced at him pursing her lips, but her pout turned into a grateful smile in a blink. "So you really do it?"
"I do," Bruno nodded and looked away, trying to hold back the sudden wave of melancholy. "I like to… tell him things and ask him things. I often ask him for help, too, for guidance. I wish he could tell me what should we do to fix this mess, what would he do to help abuela and… and everyone else." He paused for a moment, taking a deep breath. "I wish I could also look into the past to know him better, because maybe that way it would be easier to guess his words. I wonder what he would think of us, if he'd be proud or disappointed or…"
He couldn't finish the sentence. He saw out of the corner of his eye how Dolores stared at him, but he couldn't face her either. And, for a brief moment, the silence grew thicker, till his niece sighed. "You know, I think he would— Oh." Dolores stopped, eyes wide, and titled her head as if listening. "Aha. Yes. Yes, I see. Ok, I'll tell him." And then she looked at him with a satisficed smile. "Abuelo says y'all are wonderful and he loves you with all his heart."
Bruno gaped at her, dumbfounded. It took him a good time to realize she was joking, and then he cracked up laughing breathlessly, on the verge of tears. "Santo Dios, so now you can also hear the dead?"
Dolores' smile grew wider. "That would be awesome, ah?"
"Actually, it would be a nightmare," he joked back. "Hearing the living is more than enough."
"But that way we could be the perfect duo," she insisted, almost dreamy. "The fortuneteller and the ghost talker."
"The perfect duo of Madrigal freaks, you mean?"
"Yeah, we could terrify the town together."
Bruno chuckled and shook his head. "That's… actually tempting, but I wish a better life for you."
"There's no better life than being your sidekick," she kept teasing, and he rolled his eyes at her exaggeration, but laughed again anyway.
"Ay, what have I done to deserve such an amazing niece?"
"That's an easy one: being an amazing uncle." Dolores elbowed him cheerfully, and they shared a long, knowing look. "Don't worry, tío Bruno," she added, a bit more serious. "You know I understand."
"Yes, I know." Bruno gave her a bittersweet smile, because he understood her very well too. And that shadow in her eyes was still there, too old for a girl so little. "But I wish you couldn't. That would mean you haven't had to go through all this yourself, right?" Dolores' smile faded again slowly under his intent look and Bruno twitched his mouth. "You know, all those wise words of a moment ago about wanting to be heard and people's demands and assumptions— I know what they mean and where they come from. You did a pretty good job trying to change the subject yourself, but I'm smarter than I look."
Dolores was pressing her lips together in a flat line by then, looking as caught as a mouse in a trap. With a soft 'hm' of surrender, she collapsed again on the hammock, letting her limbs hanging lifelessly, like a rag doll.
"There, there." Bruno patted her back sympathetically. "Come on, let it out. The cross alignment is meant to neutralize each other's pain, now it's your turn. What's happened?" Dolores just made another 'hm', so he tried again. "Isa told me you've been pretty worried lately, and I've noticed too. You've said it yourself: people visit me to tell me their problems and seek some comfort. Don't you wanna talk about it?" Dolores shook her head. "If you don't tell me, I'll have to guess. Remember I'm pretty good at guessing." She shrugged with another 'hm'. "Oook, so… has something bad happened at town? Has someone hurt you?" She shook her head again, and Bruno gritted his teeth. "Are you… worried about abuela's behavior and Camilo's gift?"
There was a pause, and then Dolores spoke very quietly, without moving. "I'm not worried about Camilo. Mami and papi will fight for him, and he will always have his big sis to protect him. He will be fine. And abuela will eventually find a way to put his gift into good use and she will calm down. As always."
"Then has something happened at school?" Silence. Bruno sighed. "Has some classmate asked you some stupid request that turned out terrible bad and blamed you for the consequences as if it was all your fault, and now everybody is upset around you and you're feeling like a total failure?"
Deep, deep silence. Bingo. Bruno sighed again in frustration. Were they already in that age? Why did they have to grow so fast? He wished kids could remain kind and innocent their entire life, but he knew better than anyone that there wasn't anything worse than a bunch of pre-teens trying to take advantage of a Madrigal's gift. That could get messy as hell.
"Loli, you shouldn't—"
"Tío Bruno," she whispered in a burst, as if she had been holding back the words for too long and couldn't do it anymore, "would you look into my future?"
Her ask made his heart skip a beat and he almost choked on his words. "What?"
"I know Isa told you. I didn't want to ask you, I wasn't going to, but—"
"I rather not," he retorted, too abruptly for his taste, but unable to bite it back. His stomach, far calmer than before thanks to her company and her chat, seemed to twist again and he felt like throwing up one more time. Bruno shifted in the hammock, feeling suddenly trapped. "W-what are you t-talking about, anyway?" he stuttered nervously. "Are you serious? After the talk we just had? Whatever the problem is, a vision won't solve it and you don't—"
"I don't want it to solve anything. I just want to know something."
"What is it? Tell me, and we can just talk it over and—"
"I don't want to talk about it. I'm tired of words. I already know what you're going to say. I just want to see what's going to happen."
Bruno stared at her, brow frown and lips parted in confusion. That awful dread was creeping up his throat, and he had to gulp to suppress a screech. "Loli…"
"You know I can do it. I understand. I'm not some ramdo from town, I know how it works and I'm not afraid."
"So said Isa, and now she can barely look me in the eye."
"She's not afraid of you, tío, she's afraid of abuela," Dolores said quickly, almost impatient. "She thinks she has failed you and she's feeling miserable, but she wants to please abuela at any cost. There wasn't anything wrong in her vision. You gave her hope and—"
"I didn't give her hope, I gave her despair," he finally exclaimed, losing his nerves. "I showed her the future she loved the most just to find she can't afford it, so she's gonna live in fear of her own dreams and wishes from now on. Don't you see it? I should have never looked into Isabela's future, and I'm certainly not going to look into yours."
Dolores shut up and kept quiet for so long that he felt almost strangled by the anxiety. The thought that he had been too loud or rude or harsh made him panic, and he covered his face with his hands, exhaling a desperate growl of frustration. "Argh, sorry, sorry, sorry. I didn't— I just— I-I just think you're not getting the point. T-this is not a good idea, it's a horrible idea, and abuela would freak if I do it again."
She let out a muffled sound he didn't get. "Abuela doesn't care the slightest about my future."
There was something in the way she said that, in her flat tone, so lacked of anger or resentment, just full of plain acceptance, that broke his heart. "Loli," he babbled, trying to swallow again the lump in his throat. "Loli, don't say that. Abuela loves you so, so much, you're her—"
"Sorry," she cut him off quietly. "I didn't mean she doesn't love me. I know she does. I mean she's not worry about my future, because my gift isn't dangerous. It can't get out of control or hurt people. If it gets out of control, I couldn't hurt anyone but myself."
"That's not a comfort at all." Bruno groaned, palming his face. "A-anyway, gifts aren't everything in life, and this is— i-it's about your life. If I see something bad in your future, your mother will never forgive me."
"I won't tell her. I won't tell anyone. I don't want anyone to know, anyway."
"Loli, please, just—" He bit his tongue and shut his mouth, laying down his head on the hammock again with an exhausted sigh. He stared at the ceiling and counted to ten, to twenty, to twenty-five. But that didn't make his voice any steadier when he kept talking. "O-ok, there's— there's something important you must understand. If I see something bad in your future, I will never forgive myself. And it will probably kill me."
"Don't joke with that, tío."
"I'm not joking." Bruno shook his head and lowered his voice even more. "I'm not joking, mija, that's the point. I couldn't bear it."
Dolores raised her head to look at his face, but Bruno forced himself to keep his gaze fixed on the ceiling. His eyes stung more than ever, and he couldn't afford to have a breakdown in front of his niece. But he wasn't joking. He meant it, he needed her to understand that. And she understood. She slid off the hammock and sat on the floor again to stare at him intently, waiting for him to meet her eyes. And, since he didn't, Dolores gripped his ruana and tugged gently, in that childish way to demand his attention; till Bruno gave up, took a deep breath and finally looked down at her. Big, round eyes looked back at him.
It had always been like that, since the very first time Félix had put her in his arms and the newborn Dolores had opened those big eyes to look at him. She hadn't smiled, but she hadn't cried either, just stared curiously as if wondering who he was. And Bruno had laughed and teased Pepa, telling her the baby was so beautiful she obviously hadn't taken after her.
Isabela had been born a few months before, so technically he was already an uncle when Dolores arrived. But he hadn't had many opportunities to feel like that. Julieta and Agustín were very efficient parents, they seemed to be able to manage on their own, and baby Isa needed nothing more than her mamá and papá during those first months of life. But Pepa was different. Dolores had been her miracle, and she was so afraid of failing, so scared of doing something wrong and hurt her baby, that her first months of motherhood had been a hell of a struggle. It hadn't helped at all that Dolores didn't eat enough, didn't rest enough, didn't sleep enough. She had always been a quiet baby, but so, so restless. Pepa didn't want to ask mamá or Julieta for help, she wanted to do it on her own too; but the anxiety kept growing bigger and bigger over the weeks. And, when the inevitable breakdown hit her, Bruno told Félix: 'She needs you now more than anything; take care of her and let me the baby, I'll try'. His brother-in-law had looked him in the eye for five seconds, and then nodded and wrapped his torso with a shawl in a blink to carry the baby, sending him out with a list of instructions to know how to react to diverse scenarios.
Sweating by his own nerves, Bruno had taken Dolores for a walk, away from Casita and away from town, striding along the path that leaded to the forest. He had been mumbling and humming the whole time, just looking around and describing everything for his niece, rambling nonsenses nonstop. And when he had finally gathered enough courage to look down at her again, he had found her sleeping deep and peacefully for the first time in weeks, curled against his chest. That shocked him for an instant. He was so shocked that he sat down on a rock and stared into the nothing, and then cried. He had cried and cried quietly, almost sobbing like a child, and he had felt so damn ridiculous but also so damn happy and relieved, crushed by the sudden realization that he had one task and he had accomplished it successfully. That little human being had trusted him and had calmed down, because she had felt safe and sound in his arms. He had managed. And he couldn't remember, he was utterly unable to remember, when had been the last time he'd had the feeling of doing something right.
Bruno knew perfectly he would be an awful father. He had always known. He could barely take care of himself, far less take care of children of his own. He wasn't meant for parenthood at all. But he had always hoped, he had always wished, he could be a good uncle. Not a parent or a brother or a friend, but something in between. The extra support for his niblings, their confidant, their guide, if they wanted him to. He had always hoped to be some kind of counterbalance to mamá's pressure, the uncle who's there to remind the kids that they were valid, they were loved, and life could be more than just a magical gift. And then, sat there with the snoring baby, he believed he could do it. He would do anything for them. He finally felt like a real uncle, with a goal to meet.
And he had whispered to Dolores for the first time the words that he would repeat later to all his niblings when they were born.
"Don't worry, Loli. I'm here. We're all here. You'll be fine. You have an amazing family. You have an amazing house. And now we have an amazing you."
He had gone back home when he managed to pull himself together, and had found Pepa and Félix waiting for him. Before he could say anything, his sister looked him in the eye, and Bruno knew she could see his very soul. She understood immediately, and he understood too, because Pepa had been feeling the same way since Dolores' birth: the overwhelming joy of being able to do something right after so many failures. Neither of them said it out loud, but it wasn't necessary; and he had the feeling Pepa had given her blessing to the newly set bond between uncle and niece.
After that, she and Félix had slid smoothly into parenthood and everything had gotten better. But Pepa stablished that nap time was tío Bruno's duty, and he welcomed it with open arms, every day, week after week, month after month, even when the girls got old enough to settle together on the nursery. He was caught there one day by Pepa, when he was laying one year old Dolores on her cradle after their usual walk, and he felt embarrassed as hell at how proudly his sister looked at him.
"Who's your favorite nieceee?" Pepa had whispered in a teasing singsong.
"I have no favorite," he muttered in response, looking away.
"Yes, you haveee," she pushed smugly. "You know it. I know it."
And Bruno had no choice but to sigh dramatically and pout at her. "Just— don't tell Julieta."
"Yasss!" Pepa made a gesture of triumph, and a rainbow glowed over her head. "You've been mocking me for years about my 'creatures', but noooow mine is your favorite, mine is your favorite…"
And she kept singsonging and performing a goofy dance around him, shaking her hips to bump him, till Bruno rolled his eyes and growled, "Grow up, ¿quieres?"
Next thing he knew was Pepa's arms were wrapping his head, stifling him. "Who needs to grow up, ah, canijo? Who needs it?"
"Stop it, jirafa!"
And they were struggling and slapping each other as children, till a soft chuckle caught their attention and they saw little Dolores awake again, clapping at the show. It took them half an hour to put her back to sleep, but that stupid rainbow had been crowning proudly his sister head for weeks.
Years had passed and more niblings had been born, and he loved them all greatly. Luisa was a kind, noble soul, always caring about the others, always willing to help. Camilo was the embodiment of joy and mischief, always laughing, always proud of making others laugh. And lil Mirabel was pure energy and innocence, always bouncing around, always asking, just like Isa. He would always treasure the memories of those nighttime tales in the nursery diverting the kids before sleep, first with the older girls and then with the youngest ones. All those times he had fallen asleep somewhere and had woken up with two or three kids using him as pillow. All those days of babysitting while the children were learning to walk and speak, and the excitement brought by their first steps, their first words, their first jokes and witty comments. All the little tricks he prepared for them and all those hours of playing with blocks or board games, reading together, making crafts. He had grown accustomed to walk around with some kid clung to his ruana, and to be climbed immediately when he sat on the couch, and to hear their laughs in the cave when they were there playing with the sand. Over those twelve years, they had been the light of his life, and he had felt so lucky to be there to see them grow and know them, as their personalities developed and got defined.
But Luisa had always had a big sis and a cousin to look up to; and when they grew up and left the nursey, she got a lil sis and a lil cousin to look after. By Camilo's birth, Pepa had more experience and felt more confident, and she coddled him so much he was very attached to her. And Mirabel, who had arrived at a house full of children to play with, spent most of her time stuck to Camilo or running after her sisters. Among all of them, Isa and Dolores had been the first ones, and his relationship with them had been always different, a bit closer; a bond that had never stopped getting stronger. And between them both… Dolores still was the apple of his eye.
It wasn't about favoritism; it was just affinity. It had always been, even more after getting her gift, when she started sneaking in his room every now and then, seeking peace and silence and reassurance. She dozed on the hammock or played on the floor in silence when he was busy writing, reading or drawing, just content to spend time by his side. She had been there while he trained his rats and they had plotted their stories together, and joked together and laughed together. She still liked to snuggle up to him to nap or to talk quietly about anything, because she still trusted him, he still made her feel safe and sound. They had thousands of little habits and routines. And they were so similar, they understand each other so well, that even Pepa admitted once: 'You were right; she has taken after you'.
How could he explain all that to the girl who was staring at him now, asking for a prophecy that could destroy her life? How could he ruin the most important of the few things he had ever done right? He didn't feel this way when Isa asked him for a vision; maybe because her mood was far different, and facing the ritual with the proper mood was something essential. Now, under the pressure of Dolores' anxiety, the simple thought of doing a vision for her made him feel like crying. He already was on the verge of tears again.
But she held his gaze, tightening her grip to his ruana, and whispered, "Have I ever told you? The night I got my gift— Have I ever told you what I was thinking?" Bruno shook his head, and Dolores closed her eyes and titled her head. "I was feeling far behind everybody. Isa had already gotten her gift, and it was beautiful. She had already had a little sister, and she was great. Her mamá was the most respected by abuela, by everyone. And I had the feeling there were a lot of things happening around me that I didn't understand. I wanted to know. I wanted to know everything, to understand why people acted as they acted, and said what they said. I thought that way I would be better and know what everyone needed, and I could help a lot of people, and they would see me and think 'Oh, Dolores Madrigal! Such a great girl!'. Then I touched the doorknob and ¡tachán!, I could hear everything." She opened her eyes and gave him a smile far too tired for a girl her age.
Bruno gritted his teeth again, but forced a sad smile too in response. "That sounds familiar. I was always scared of the future. Unexpected changes made me sick, it always took me far too long to get used to new things. And I thought it would be great to be able to see what was going to happen in advance, to get ready and process it with time." He chuckled bitterly. "Beware what you wish, ah?"
He offered her his hand, and Dolores took it again between hers to press it against her cheek. But this time, she didn't let it go. She rested her head on his hand and kept quiet for a moment, eyes closed again.
"There's something in my mind, tío Bruno," she explained finally. "I can't get rid of it, and it's driving me crazy. Mami has already noticed, and I don't want her to worry. Papi is trying to find out what's happening and I think he's gonna ask tío Agus to keep an eye on the kids at school. And I don't want them to get involved, because nothing has happened actually. It's just me." She looked at him, a sudden flash of anguish shadowing her face. "I can hear the present, but I can't hear the future, so I need you to show me. That's all. I— I-I need to know, I just want to know, and then— then I can get ready and calm down and… and settle for it."
Settle for it. What the hell was going on there? Bruno frowned and sat up carefully, taking doña Catalina from his shoulder and laying her on his lap. The sleepy rat looked around, disoriented for a second, but then stretched and started cleaning herself thoroughly. "Will you tell me what's the matter?"
Dolores hesitated, but nodded at last. "I'll tell you after the ritual. I promise."
He frowned even more, suspicious. "Why all the mystery?"
And she lowered her gaze, twisting her hands with embarrassment. "I… I don't want you to think I'm dumb for worrying about this."
That confession melted his uneasiness and Bruno exhaled, rubbing his forehead. "Loli, I would never think you're dumb for worrying. Unless you're worrying about some goldfish or losing your hair or something like that."
Dolores choked on a chuckle and shook her head. "No, it's nothing like that." She looked up and made an obvious effort to smile again. "Listen, if we see something good, we can laugh together about it. If we see something bad, we can cried together and let it all out and… close this chapter. Deal?"
He kept staring a little longer, knowing deep inside he was going to regret whatever decision he chose. But he also knew how maddening the sting of concern could be, scratching one's brain constantly, at day, at night. Dolores didn't deserve that. She was too young, dammit, she was still too young. But again, since when were the Madrigals even allowed to rest? There was no rest for the Madrigals. Dolores —as well as her mother, as well as him— had been pulled away from childhood since the very moment she had touched her magic doorknob.
So, with a heavy sigh of surrender, he nodded. "Deal."
Dolores smiled widely, a sort of smile very rare on her. Lifting the rat to his shoulder again, Bruno stood up and offered her his hand to help her up too. She took it and stood, but then pulled him into a hug and wrapped him in her arms so, so tightly it almost hurt. She was trembling; perhaps she was about to cry in relief. And he just could press his lips together and embrace her back, also as tightly as he could, to rest a cheek on her hair.
"O-ok, let's do it," he sighed weakly after a while, with a last squeeze before letting her go.
"It doesn't have to be now, if you don't feel up to," she said, frowning in worry.
"It's ok." Bruno shook his head and waved a hand in a gesture of determination. "I-it's ok. The sooner, the better. You're right, if it's— i-if it's something bad, you'll get rid of it once and for all, and— and we'll cry, and at least we'll have enough time to pull ourselves together before dinner and don't look as if someone had beat the daylights out of us. Oh! Wait, wait." He stopped and turned to his shelves, searching them from up to down frantically. Among books and notebooks, Pepa's fulgurites, Luisa's little wooden animals and the babies' ragdolls, he finally found a wooden box decorate with Isa's dried flowers. Inside, there were the ear plugs Dolores used to wear when she napped in his room. "Here, take them. The ritual is very noisy."
His niece stared at the ear plugs, looked up at his face and then hugged him again. When they headed to the sand clock door at last, she was still clung to his arm.
Before crossing the threshold, Bruno stood still for a moment and gulped. He knocked on wood, and Dolores did it too. He placed his free hand under the falling sand, took a handful of it and threw it over his left shoulder. Dolores mirrored him. And they entered the cave, holding his breath and crossing his fingers, with that dreadful feeling pulsing again inside his chest.
As they approached the stairs, he had to suppress a gasp while looking up, counting. That damn place had grown at least two rounds more of steps since the last time, and his shoulders dropped in despair. It didn't matter how much he tried to keep control, it didn't matter how many times he tried to fix it; his room was always acting on its own in response to his real mood, as revealing as Pepa's clouds. The more alienated he felt from his gift, the more inaccessible got the chamber of visions. It was like looking himself in a mirror and getting a perfect picture of how messed up his mind and his heart were.
"Want me to use a shortcut?" he tried to joke, when they reach the stairs.
But Dolores shook her head. "I want to climb on foot. Isa said you must overcome this challenge to get the prize."
"Yeah, well, yes, but actually, hm, Isa cheated," he coughed. "Isa cheated a lot."
"I would like to make the way with you." Dolores looked at him, her big eyes wide open. She was nervous. "Would you mind?"
And he couldn't refuse. "Of course not, pajarito. Come on."
Even so, he touched the wall as they climbed. Shorter, he ordered the stone. Shorter, shorter, shorter. Make it shorter for my niece. Dolores titled her head, probably hearing the distant movement at the top, and glanced at him raising an eyebrow. But he just shrugged and gave her an awkward smile, telling her he was adjusting it for a twelve years old visitor. And the joke made her chuckle and relaxed her a bit.
Their way to the top was so different from the previous one with Isabela that Bruno couldn't loosen the lump on his throat. There weren't jokes, laughs or silly teasing, but silence and soft talk. Once in a while, they stopped to take a break and rest a little, before going on. They took turns carrying doña Catalina, as the old rat jumped from Bruno's shoulder to Dolores' head and vice versa. And, for once, his stupid rule about the cave's stairs seemed to actually work, because he noticed each step was soothing his niece's nerves a bit more.
"I love this sound," Dolores said, when they were halfway.
"What sound?"
"Your sound." Dolores titled her head with a little smile. "The sound of falling sand. I focus on it at night to sleep. But—" She lowered her gaze, ashamed again. "I'll stop if it bothers you."
He snorted a laugh. "Why would I be bothered? I feel honored."
"If I focus on this sound, I can hear anything what's happening on the cave or your room."
"Oh." He blinked and then shrugged, lips pursed. "There's not much to hear, actually. You can hear me scribbling, snoring, talking with my rats… talking with myself… ok, that could be creepy. Oh! Sometimes I fart, like any other human being…" Dolores elbowed him, laughing quietly, and he couldn't help a laugh himself, before smiling fondly at her. "Don't worry, Loli, I don't mind. If you're listening, I'll say you goodnight from here before sleep from now on."
He hadn't said anything groundbreaking or extraordinary, but the look she gave him in that moment left him breathless: a wide, wavering smile full of emotion and big, moisty eyes full of love. She seemed so starved of approval, of validation, that his heart sank painfully. But he couldn't add anything, because she burst into words, almost stuttering.
"Y-you know, I can already block any sound at night without the help of my room, have I told you? I'm getting better and better at it, and I only keep an ear on the nursery to check on the babies, now on Camilo's room too, and on abuela's in case she needs something, b-but— but this…" She looked around and then looked at her feet again. "This is just for me. It's my safe place. Besides my papis, you're the only one who thinks my gift isn't annoying, tío Bruno. Well, you and Isa. She thinks I'm amazing."
"That's because you are." Bruno prayed for his words to not sound as strangled as he felt.
"I'm not." Dolores kicked a little stone out of their way. "I've been wondering… what's the point of my gift."
Bruno inhaled and looked up, at the top of the stairs, trying to calm his heartbeats and steel himself for that talk, now that his niece seemed to feel more comfortable to open up. Support, reassurance, guidance. That was what Dolores needed, a wise uncle with wise answers, not the anxious wreck who could barely hold the tears. He had to gulp twice and cleared his throat, but he managed to said, "Protecting the Encanto, of course."
"How?" She sounded confused, but not skeptical.
"Your gift had always been pretty similar to mine. I'm supposed to warn our people about any danger in advance, so we could be prepared if something bad happens. You're the same, some kind of… lookout, our guardian. If any danger approaches the Encanto, you could hear it and warn the town. You're the one meant to keep everyone safe."
There was a brief silence, while Dolores stared blankly at the stairs, as if processing his words. "You… You really think so?" Bruno nodded and she frowned. "I had— I'd never thought of it that way. Abuela only asks me to keep an ear on people to check if there's anyone unhappy, uncomfortable or angry. She wants me to track what's everyone's doing to know if there's any problem in town that needs to be solve."
Yeah, in town. Bruno suppressed a sigh at the irony. "Abuela is a bit overprotective sometimes."
"But I don't feel like I'm protecting anyone, I just feel… nosy." She twitched her mouth, dejected. "I rather protect people for real than keep this policing. But I don't know how to do that. I don't think they see me as a protector either. Everyone's always jumpy when I'm around."
"Yeees, that sounds familiar too. But, you know, you said it yourself: the problem is not you or your gift. Our gifts can be used in many ways, and it should depend just on us what to do with them. We're the ones who must decide what we want them to be. But sometimes people don't fully understand the purpose of the miracle and they act weirdly around us, just because they assume the worst."
Dolores nodded and kicked absently another little stone. "How… How was it? When you were twelve."
Ah, great, finally getting to the point.
"Messy." Bruno tried to laugh it off, and hoped he had sounded more nonchalant than hysteric. "The other kids were amazed by my cool powers and they were always making stupid request just to see me prophesy. They just assumed I knew everything and wanted answers right away. I knew how dangerous could be doing visions without the ritual, but I didn't want to let them down, so I did it secretly for a while just to please them. And it was a disaster. Without the ritual of projection and away from my room, my visions are just random flashes of info. They saw me sitting there in trance, babbling nonsenses and glowing like a firefly, and I scared the hell out of them. But they kept asking because— you know, kids sometimes have this morbid fascination for creepy things, and I was the creepiest thing ever. I almost broke my brain. Till one day Pepa and Juli caught us in the act and, well, that was the end of the show." He smirked at her. "Your mamá knocked out half of town kids that day. You know Germán's nose? It's crooked because she broke it. And Juli refused to heal it."
Dolores was gaping at the story, eyes totally round. "Seriously?"
"Oh, yes." Bruno couldn't help a dreamy, nostalgic smile. It was a bittersweet memory, of course, because the migraines that came after that, the rumors about his creepy visions and bad omens and his 'coronation' as the Madrigal weirdo weren't funny things. But it had been glorious seeing Juli shouting like crazy and Pepa punching people and chasing them with a thundering cloud, even if he had been punched too for being so stupid. Even mamá took sides that time to defend her children, which was pretty unusual when they did something irresponsible. "The moral of this fable is to never do anything against your own safety or better judgement, no matter what people ask you for. We're meant to help and we must honor the miracle, but we're not tools, far less to please the people who treat us like circus freaks. And never forget that the best part of being a Madrigal is that you can count on the backup of your family anytime." He gave her a significant look and, by the face she made, he knew she had taken the hint. "You know, I understand you don't want your papis to get involved, but I'm pretty sure Isa's excellent at punching."
Dolores pouted, as if feeling caught, but then sighed tiredly. "She is. But they know it too. That's why no one says anything in my face. Nobody wants to get on Isa's bad side, everybody loves her. But they know I can hear them. So they keep saying things, just… from far away."
Bruno gritted his teeth, but freed his arm of her grip gently and put it around her shoulders to squeeze her in a reassuring side hug. "You should let her break some noses. She would enjoy it greatly, and you'd be avenged."
She chuckled. "Nah, she would get in troubles with abuela."
"Abuela," Bruno snorted and rolled his eyes, joking, "always setting limits on our talents."
Dolores laughed a bit louder and leaned on him, hugging him too in gratitude. "Tell me more, would you? Were there good things too?"
"Oh, of course!"
And he spent the rest of the way telling her stories of the triplets' childhood, funny, good, tender stories, about the three of them, about the few but loyal good friends they still had and those first years of the Encanto. Trying to make her understand that life didn't have to be a burden, that things were always changing, that there was always room for things to get better, to get fixed.
When they got to the top, both of them felt a bit better and a bit calmer. They crossed the bridge, they crossed the hall, and Dolores looked around without asking anything, because she didn't need to. Bruno left doña Catalina with the other rats before entering the chamber of visions, and his niece helped him to prepare the ritual, just as Isa did, without leaving his side once. As they sat together before the fireplace, side by side, Bruno glanced at her one last time, bracing himself for whatever could happen, and asked her softly, "You ready?"
Dolores put in place her ear plugs and nodded, wrapping his arm with hers.
"Do you have in mind what you wanna know?"
She nodded again, suddenly shy.
And he faced the burning fire, taking a deep breath. He made an effort to let its light burn up every stray thought in his mind to empty it. He tried really, really hard. But the fear rose up, as strong as the flames. Please, he prayed. Please, let it be a good omen. Let me show her something good. Let me bring her hope. Please, please. And he felt the roots of his dread creeping up his throat and reaching his brain, digging their way on it with a burst of blinding pain, just before the world faded around him and turned into green light.
The vision was a chaos of swirling, half formed imagens, melting with each other. He fretted, trying to focus and regain control, lost in the sand whirlwind with the only anchor of Dolores grip to keep him grounded. It took him several seconds to find sense in anything, but the first flash of green he managed to transform into something comprehensible was a quick imagen of a grown up Dolores clung to the arm of a young man. His niece had to see it too, because he felt how she jolted at his side and straightened up in tension.
"Is that—" Bruno frowned, seeking more in the sand, as the meaning of what they were seeing sank on his mind. "Have you really brought me here to ask me about boys?" he exclaimed, with a high pitched screech.
"I-it's not about boys!" Dolores complained weakly, but she sounded so mortified he almost cracked up laughing.
So that was the matter? Bruno didn't know if he found it hilarious, endearing or worrying, but a wave of relief soothed his mind and the vision got clearer, more precise. More imagens of that young man took form in the whirlwind, and he felt a wide smile tugging at the corner of his lips, imagining Félix's face when he discovered his little girl was in love.
"Who's that guy? I see him everywhere!"
"I don't know!" Dolores seemed as surprised as him. "I don't recognize him!"
"Well, I bet you're gonna know him pretty well in the future. He looks like the man of your dreams!"
Dolores' grip tightened so much she almost left his arm numb, and he felt like laughing again. But there was something off. Looking eagerly around to catch every bit of information, an odd feeling struck him. In most of those glimpses, they didn't seem to be together. The man appeared doing many things, living his life, while Dolores watched him from the distance. Bruno's smile started to fade and he pushed his power to its limits, trying to see more. Till a clear imagen of the man kneeling at a young woman's feet offering her a ring gleamed before their eyes.
"He's proposing!" he cried out.
"That's not me."
Dolores' remark hit him like a slap. She was right. Straight hair instead of curls; hooked, sharp nose instead of a broad, round one. The woman betrothed to the man of her dreams wasn't her. A shock of panic left him breathless, kicking his concentration away. And the heat of his power burned his mind as the touch of a branding iron.
"No," he gasped. "No, no, no, NO! STOP! STOP IT!"
His shout made the chamber of visions rumble, and he lost control over the ritual. The fire exploded in a final burst, the whirlwind blasted so wildly it almost threw them to the ground. And, since nobody reached for the green plate half formed in the air, it plummeted and hit hard the stones, shattering and scattering all over the floor. The sudden silence that came then was even more deafening than the roaring wind, and Bruno panted frantically, trying to catch his breath. He couldn't see, still blinded by the headache and the ritual's abrupt end, and blinked furiously as he felt around for his niece.
"Loli," he gasped again. "Loli, a-are you ok?"
A little hand grabbed his tightly. "I'm ok."
Her tiny voice sounded awfully weak in the darkness. Bruno felt his lips trembling, and he had to bite them to suppress a scream of rage. Dammit, dammit, dammit. Bold of him to assume he could see something positive! But the weight of this failure was heavier than ever, and it crushed him more than anything else. "I-I'm sorry," he babbled. "I'm so sorry, mija. I-I didn't—"
"It's ok." He turned to her, squinting to focus her face. His sight cleared slowly, and he saw Dolores sitting on her ankles, looking blankly at the glowing pieces of broken glass. "It's ok, tío Bruno. It's what I expected." She looked at him and tried to smile, but her cheeks were crossed by tears. "Who would want to be with the Madrigal sapa, anyway."
That was like a punch. Sapa, gossipy, big mouth. His heart skipped a beat. "Loli, y-you're not—"
"That's what they say," she cut him off, and then the words flowed like a river with no dams. "The know-it-all sapa. They want me to tell them the secrets of the others, but then they say I'm an awful, nosy sapa, that I have no friends because nobody trusts me, that I'll be the next Madrigal spinster because no one could ever love me. And they're right." Dolores pressed her fists to her face, cringing. "They're right, tío Bruno. I-I have no friends. I feel so lonely. I don't want to be alone forever, I just want someone to see me and love me, like papi loves mami. But no one will ever give me a chance, because everyone always assumes the worst about me."
He stared, petrified, holding his breath as his niece teared the wound of her heart and let out the poison of her worries. He saw how she bent over, covered her ears, started sobbing and then cracked up crying, louder and harder than ever in her life. And her sobs kicked him again into reality, and he reached for her, and pulled her into a tight hug, wrapping her in his arms, wishing desperately he was actually able to neutralize her pain somehow.
Dolores curled up in his arms and cried, desolate. He rocked her and mumbled that she wasn't awful or unworthy of trust or love. He reminded her she was already loved, because her papis adored her, he adored her, and Juli, Agus, abuela, her little brother, her cousins, all of them adored her sincerely. But even he felt those words weren't enough this time. He tended to forget that he wasn't the norm, that most of people did want more, need more, and that being alone by choice was far different to believe you didn't deserve any company.
She kept crying till there were no more tears to shed; and he cried with her, of course, as they had promised. Neither moved again till they managed to calm down, and Dolores begged him to keep quiet about the vision, about the kids' words, about everything she had told him. Still with moisty eyes, she also begged him to not worry and not blame himself, because she really rather know instead of being on tenterhooks for years.
"It's like you said, tío," she whispered, her head on his shoulder. "You warn us about bad things to be prepared."
And Bruno wondered why his own words, meant to make her feel better and more valid, sounded suddenly so wrong and twisted.
Dolores concealed everything very skillfully. Before the rest of the family, she seemed to calm down and go on, and her parent's worries faded bit by bit. But she grew even quieter, even more introvert, almost turning into an invisible ghost who avoid stubbornly being in the spotlight. She resigned so hard that it was heartbreaking.
Bruno, however, didn't recover from that experience, as he had predicted. The wound of showing his dearest niece a loveless future didn't heal. He refused to do visions for weeks, as stubborn as Dolores, and when he was forced to stop avoiding his responsibilities, he didn't even try to pretend he wasn't sick of everything and everyone. His visions were awful even for himself, he spat prophecies without any tact, he didn't bother to look for the good side, he showed no more patience towards the villagers and their problems, or mamá's pressure, or the whole situation around the Encanto and the miracle and their gifts. He wondered, too, what was the point of all that, what else they had to sacrifice, why their kids had to sacrifice anything in the first place, how he was supposed to comfort his niblings when he was feeling so broken and helpless himself. He stood for long minutes before papá's painting every night, wondering why the miracle had to feel like a curse, asking him what they were doing wrong, how could they fix it or if there was actually room for it to get fixed, after all. He asked him for help one more time, and then wondered if he was even listening. He felt as if the salt of his rituals had been absorbed by his body and was infecting his very bloodstream.
That's why he did what he did when the last request finally reached him, a few months later. A request born from fear and despair, made in the heat of the moment, during the second worst night in the history of the Madrigal family. When mamá looked him in the eye and asked him to look into Mirabel's future, he knew what was going to happen. He knew, because he was Bruno, and he was a mess, his visions, his gift, his warnings, all of him was a harmful mess. And he couldn't bear to destroy the life of another niece, barely a baby, with any more bad assumption.
Later, he would find out that Casita was hiding a lot of cracks behind its walls since who knows when. But the first thing that cracked beyond any repair that fateful year in Casa Madrigal was him.
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intoguyswayhotterthanme · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal - Trying to make you happy (please do not steal!)
PLOT; Reader (they/them) recently lost their mother, Camilo tries to surprise them but it backfires…
warning; angsty and fluffy (i got you). Camilo not knowing his worth 😩
You had rarely left your house, and Camilo had exhausted every attempt to get you outside but nothing seemed to work.
You had lost your mother not long ago, he hadn’t ever seen you this upset, you always seemed so happy and strong with him. You had helped him feel that way about himself.
Even if he didn’t know who he exactly was yet.
He had met your mother enough times to even make the teenage boy cry at her loss, and he needed you more than ever and maybe the fact that you didn’t need him hurt more.
He still decided to invite you to Antonio’s Gift Ceremony, he had checked the mail constantly waiting for a response from you.
Then finally the day before the ceremony, he hadn’t left the mailbox since early morning, afraid he’d never receive one. The mailman walked up, smiling at Camilo since he had been there every morning.
“Camilo!” He greeted reaching into his bag and holding out a letter to him “The wait is over, have a good day Madrigal!” Camilo smiled waving the letter as the man left before turning and ripping the letter open to see its contents.
His eyes feverishly ran along the letter reading the words written in your beautiful handwriting, although sloppy he admired it still.
Hola mi amor,
I’d love to attend and i can’t wait to see all your familia! Just needed some time alone with my thoughts, thank you for understanding.
Love, Y/n
He cheered, thrilled to be seeing you tomorrow before he froze, he hadn’t picked an outfit yet since he assumed you wouldn’t attend.
Although the two of you were dating he still liked to impress you since you blushed rather easily whenever he admitted dressing for you. That was enough for him.
You had grown so anxious about the ceremony that you had thought about jumping into bed and forget about it but you knew about how much Camilo needed this.
He went rogue without you, you didn’t need anyone to tell you that the two weeks he had constantly come by to check on you told that for itself. And you loved him for it but this wasn’t something he could fix because you needed to stand up to it alone.
But you needed a bit of happiness right now not fixing and that was something he was quite amazing at.
Before you knew it it was time to get ready for ceremony. You had prayed all morning for Antonio to get a gift, you were quite young when Maribel had hers so it couldn’t quite remember it. But you comforted her whenever it brought her down.
But you didn’t see the girl any differently than the rest of her family, you were friends with her before any of the Madrigals, she of course didn’t plan for you to fall in love with her brother.
She and the rest of her family had figured out the feeling that you harboured for the boy before even you could. Until one day you went to arrange a date with a person you had met at the market one day. Camilo had ran to your house in the rain; Pepa was feeling nervous about Antonio’s ceremony.
She was very nervous
Rapid knocking woke you up, your mother thanked you as you approached the door, turning on the light to better your vision and saw a soaked head to toe, Camilo in the midnight air as you opened the door.
“Camilo! What’re doing?! Get inside” You usher your friend in as you quietly shut the door behind him. You looked at him in shock as he racked his brain for how to even start this.
He was about to admit his feelings for his friend who was actually more of his sisters friend than his own, how the hell do people do this?
“Camilo? Please answer me” You pleaded, fatigue hitting you again since you had be abruptly woken.
“Please don’t go out with them” Your eyes widen at demand.
“What? Who?” You ask unsure of what he was speaking about.
“The person you met at the market the other day” He gazed at the ground as he spoke, not prepared for the moment when he had to admit his truth.
“How did you even-“ You think for a moment before scoffing lightly “Dolores?” He nods and you let out a huff “I get that you care about me, Cami” You smile at him and for a second he thinks that he doesn’t even need to say it as he looks up at you for the first time “But I can protect myself, i’m sure I can handle them”
He groans and you raise your eyebrow at him “That’s not what I meant” He speaks frustrated and you frown, unsure of why you can’t seem to understand him.
“I’m sorry, I don’t have any idea what your trying to say here. Please just be dire-“ Before you could even finish the curly haired boy pushed forward pressing his lips against yours.
He threw caution to the wind and prayed that you gave him something to build from, and when he felt you kiss back that’s all he needed.
You could feel how cold his lips were from the cold outside, taste the rain on his lips and the aerpas that lingered on his tongue.
Your fingers tangling themselves into his hair before the lack of air caught up to the both of you so you pulled away pressing your foreheads together
“Well that was definitely was worth getting soaked” He said making you laugh before pressing another kiss to his lips and pull away to look at him.
You stuck some hair behind his ear, loving how they feel between your fingertips. “I’d have to agree. I’m glad you woke me up” He smiles brightly missing your lips already.
“Can I kiss you again” He asks politely and it warms your heart. You press you lips against his.
“Don’t ask” You mumble against his lips as he groans pulling you closer than you thought possible.
The force of his pull sent you two falling his way right into the table causing you to pull away and gasp at sound of a lamp breaking. Sending them into complete darkness. A moment later, your mother turned the light on and looked with worry before sighing relief as she approached seeing neither of them hurt.
“Whats going on?” Your mother mumbled out, shuffling into the light “Cariño, why’re you dripping wet on my carpet” He stands in fright, feeling like he was being scolded by his own mother.
You step forward “Sorry, mamà. Camilo wanted to talk so he came over and-“ Thunder struck inside causing you to jump at the crack, “Sounds like your needed back there” You comment lightly, a blush raising in your cheeks, the lamp did not do justice to Camilos beauty, now you could see him in the light.
He liked you! That was insane to think.
Your mother frowned stepping forward “No, hay un huracán ahí fuera. Camilo, cariño, Y/n compartirá su cama” (No, there is a hurricane out there. Camilo, honey, Y/n will share their room with you)
“Mamá!” You blurt out, the thought of sharing a bed with Camilo made your head spin.
You look at your mother shocked and she notices your red cheeks, rushing towards you and pressing the back of her hand to your forehead “Why’re you so red, bebé?”
You go even redder as you notice Camilos smirk from the corner of your eye. “And your lips! Their swollen” This makes Camilos smirk drop instantly, as your mother put two and two together.
“Ay! About time” She rolls her eyes leaving the two teenagers shocked “I know it when i see it, bebé. And you two did not hide it” She huffs, crossing her arms.
You frown as she laughs, pinching your cheek and bringing Camilo into her arms, pulling away from him before speaking again “I wouldn’t want anyone else for my little one”
“Mamá” You groan out “I’m not little anymore”
Camilo chuckles “Being my common arm rest makes me disagree” You shove him lightly before you laughter fills the air, before you yawn.
“We should get to bed.” Your mother says before looking at Camilo with a serious look on her face “Sofá”
He nods nervously before she bids her farewell and closes her door leaving the two teenagers “Will you go out with me?”
“You stand there like i’m not going to say yes” You snicker lightly, stepping towards him and grabbing his collar lightly and pulling him into you “Is it too early to say that i love kissing you?”
His eyes widen as he smiles, “If it is we’re both going a little fast” You kiss him again before helping him set up the sofá.
After that you guys never spent a day apart, you didn’t realise how much until this moment. The aching in your heart could’ve been fixed long ago if you had spent time with the one person that meant the world to you.
Camilo would’ve understood the pain, you’d been so selfish. And you only noticed now.
You wore an appropriate outfit for the event before making your way to La Casita, the house never failed to amaze you as it grew closer and closer.
Your nerves heighten when you saw your boyfriend greeting people at the door, you smiled to yourself as a calming sensation spread throughout your body as he approached with an adoring look on his face.
“Mi amor!” He exclaimed pulling you into his arms, you smiled brightly as you tightened your arms around him, never wanting to let go again. “I’m so glad you came tonight. I don’t know what i would have done without you. I’ve been so nervous for Antonio” He admits, shaking his head as he wipes his face.
Luisa begins greeting the guests once she sees you, sending you a wave which you return before going back to your boyfriend “Antonio it’s going to be perfect. He will get a gift and if not, then we comfort him until he’s ready”
He nods, smiling at you in amazement “You’re here for a minute and already have cleared my thoughts. You are truly my gift” He mutters, stepping close to you before connecting your lips.
The sensation of him agaisnt you sent your mind reeeling, you had missed him so much from your time apart but you didn’t know what else to do.
“I thought I needed time to myself but god, I missed you so much. I love you” You whisper the last part, he was the only one that needed to hear it as he stared at you, a smile on his face.
“And I love you” He kissed your temple before smiling past her “Mi amor, head inside. I’m sure, Ma would love to see you”
You nod your head, lifting his hand and kissing it before letting it go and heading inside
He watched you walk away with a smile on his face before his Abuela motioned towards the guests and he sighed defeated before putting on a smile and greeting guests again.
— — —
“I can speak to animals!” Antonio spoke happily to you and Dolores who had just been teasing you about her little brother.
She always teased the two of you but she truely loved you together and she said mostly because you were around more often.
“Woah, Ant! That’s incredible, I wish i was cool as you” You poured as he giggled wrapping his arm around your waist gazing up at you.
“But you’re way cooler than me! It’s not fair that Camilo gets you to himself. I want you!” He scowls but he looks incredibly adorable on his small face.
“Ay, don’t let Cami hear you. He won’t be happy to hear his little brother trying to steal me” Dolores shakes her head giggling at the entire scene.
“Pascal and I can take him!” Antonio raises his fists before Felix approached picking up the child.
“Alright, that’s enough out of you tough guy” Felix laughed out as he placed the child on his waist.
Mirabel ran in yelling capturing everyone’s attention.
“The house is in danger!” She repeated twice “The tiles were falling, and there were cracks everywhere. And the candle almost went out” The minute those words were uttered all whispers dissipated.
Mirabel had alerted everyone of the house breaking. But once they arrived at the scene everything appeared normal.
After that, everyone bid their farewells and since you hadn’t spoken to your boyfriend much since when he’d first spoke to you at the beginning of the night.
You gazed around the room when you noticed that you couldn’t see any sign of your boyfriend but only his mother.
“Pepa!” You called softly, alerting the red headed women causing her to turn as her nervous rain cloud dispersed and turned into a rainbow at the sight of you, wrapping her arms around you.
“Ai, Y/n/n. We’ve all been missing you so much. How’re you doing?” She asked heartedly as she grips your shoulders lightly peering at your face.
You shrug, “I’ve been as okay as I can be” You smile gushingly at her “It has really been good to see you all though, it’s helped a lot”
Pepa swoons as your words, pulling you into another bone crushing hug “I’m sure you didn’t stay here for me” Pepa says sadly, as she pulls away “I’m pretty sure I saw Cami go into his room, Goodnight Y/n”
You smile thanking her before walking up the stairs to Camilos room, you thought to knock but decided against it before heading inside.
The deafening silence made you nervous, you looked around waiting to see the familiar bundle of curls but to no avail he was nowhere in sight “Camilo!”
Just as you went to shout again your eyes are covered by some cloth as a hand finds yours and just as you go to react they speak “Woah! Mi vida, that would’ve been a killer punch if that landed” Camilo speaks teasingly, you groan.
“Ah, Cami, don’t do that. You know I scare easy” You pout as he chuckles, a feathering feeling landing on your cheek as you blush.
“I have a surprise for you” He admits guiding you to sit on his bed, feeling the soft material under you as you sit.
“If I knew you got me something I would’ve done the same for you” He tuts as he pinches your cheek lightly
“I don’t ask that of you, mi amor” He says as you hear a rustle before a deep breath “Okay, take the blindfold off”
You decide to also take a deep breath before pulling off the fabric and looking at where his voice came from but you shoot up in surprise in who you see.
Your mother. A bit smaller than her usual height but her all the same. She looked just how she did before she… You couldn’t do this. You weren’t ready.
“Mi amor?” Camilo noticed your silence and changes back quickly, your eyes grew teary and you looked mortified. Oh no.
“I- I need to go” You rushed out before brushing past your boyfriend and sprinting out of his room and house all together.
“Y/n!” You heard his yell behind you but you couldn’t, you needed time.
— — —
You hadn’t seen Camilo since Antonio’s ceremony a couple days ago, this time he wasn’t outside your door each day instead you were met with the bustling noise of the town around you.
You knew it was wrong leaving the way you did probably leaving Camilo confused on what even upset you but you were awful at expressing your feeling.
Feelings were just another burden on someone else’s shoulder when they were spoken, so you carried them yourself even when they were to heavy you still stride.
You put some basic clothing before heading out into the Encanto, it was truely a beautiful place and you were happy to be here and even luckier to be blessed by the Madrigals.
You approached the large colourful house watching Luisa carry some donkeys and petals flying out Isabelas window. They were truely magical.
You didn’t run into any of the Madrigals face to face as you approached the door and knocked, shifting on your feet as you awaited someone to answer.
And before you knew it the door flew open and the exact person that you wanted to see stood at the door. He seemed just as surprised as you to see who was at the door.
He cleared his throat at he peered at you with guilt on his face as he huffed “I’m sorry, I know I overstepped a lot of boundaries”
You sigh, shaking your head “I should’ve been more forward with how I was feeling. I just don’t understand, why’d you even do it Camilo?”
“You didn’t need to be forward with stuff when I knew that you were upset and I thought seeing her would make you happier” He explained and it all made sense now.
“Oh no, mi amor” You smile fondly at him, stepping forward and holding his face with your hands, your thumbs brushing over his freakles, which you could sit and count all day “You don’t need to be someone else to make me happy, i’m happiest when i’m with you”
His eyes widen, “But I- me? Why me? What’s so special about me” You can’t believe what you’re hearing, the boy you adored didn’t adore himself the same.
“Cami, let’s just say your gift is the least unique thing about you” You place a kiss on his cheek before his nose and then his lips, this kiss is slower and meaningful than anything they’d ever experienced “I love you, Camilo. You make me happy”
“But I don’t even know who I am. How could you love me when I don’t even know that” He shudders at the thought, pulling away slightly but you don’t pressure him so your hands fall from his cheeks and take his hands.
“You’re Camilo Madrigal, the boy who cares so much and loves with his whole heart and that’s all you need to be for me to love you” He smiles gratefully at you before throwing his arms around you.
You were truely the best thing to ever happen to him and he had no idea how much he meant to you. He sighed before pulling away from you “I’m sorry for being an idiot, you’ve had a lot going on you didn’t need this”
You shake your head, intertwining your fingers together “Mi amor, nothing is more important than you”
“I can think of one thing” He smiles lovingly at you before he presses his lips against yours, harder this time and you can’t help but thread your fingers into his curls.
“Ay! Not at the front door, Nieto!” Abuela calls out, giving you both a disapproving look as she enters another room.
Camilo turns back to you before you both erupt into laughter, but he’s quick to surge forward again and connect your lips but only for a moment before he hears an alarm go off and the tiles lift as Casita shows the alarm clock to him.
“Oh crap, I have to babysit today!” He turns back to you an apologetic look on his face before something clicks and he’s quick to pull you closer “You could come help? I’m not quite ready to let you go yet”
“Mi vida” You hum, kissing his neck softly “I’d love to”
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encantofics · a month ago
What A Wonderful World - Chapter 1
Here is my first multi chapter Encanto fic. Hope you enjoy.
AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35629597/chapters/88832242
Title: What A Wonderful World
Chapter 1: It Is As Natural To Die As It Is To Be Born
Length: 1435
Tags: Minor Character Death, Self-Doubt, Death in Childbirth, Description of Death In Childbirth, Bruno is Mirabel's Dad AU
Summary: He promised himself that night, as he cradled Mirabel so, so gently. He promised he would always be there for her.
Kissing her forehead softly, he moved them out of the nursery and downstairs. He did not notice the magic of Casita shaking ever so slightly.
He did not notice how the magic had bonded them even closer.
In truth if he did, he wouldn’t care.
Not whilst he had his Mirabel to watch. ------------------------------------------------------------------
An AU in which Bruno is Mirabel's Dad and that both changes everything and nothing.
Why did he have to be cursed?
Bruno Madrigal sobbed silently as he held his little girl in his arms. His little miracle. His Mirabel.
She was everything he had ever wanted in this life. Everything he never knew he needed. Right from the soft brown curls on her head, to her tiny little wriggling toes.
She had opened her eyes ever so slightly earlier. Just looked around lazily and blinked. Such a small motion that held so much for him.
Oh his little miracle, Rosa had given him such a blessing and how had he repaid her? By taking it from her. By killing her.
No matter what his Mamá and his sisters said, he knew it was his fault. He wanted children (she did too but how could she have known just how cursed he was, just how much it would cost her to have children with him), he was the one who proposed, he was the one who asked her on a date.
He loved her so much, so he should have just left her alone from the start.
He knew how the town saw him. A bad omen. A man to be feared. A curse.
And he was, he was all that and more, this was proof of it.
How long would it be until he ruined Mirabel’s life as well? A day, a month, a year even?
He wanted everything for his little girl. He wanted her to have everything he ever had and everything he ever didn’t.
How could he give that to her? How could he provide for her when everyone hated him so much. Even his own family saw him as a burden. They loved him, he knew, and he loved them but….but deep down he knew that he was as much of a burden to them as he was everyone else.
He had no father figure in his life. His Papá was a good man, a brave man. He had never met him but that was how they got here. How they got their gifts. His sacrifice meant their family could thrive.
But how could he learn to be like that, be a Papá like Pedro was, when he was already dead and gone.
Dead and gone like Rosa was.
His Mamá had warned him. Childbirth wasn’t easy and it could be dangerous. Rosa was so small and when she grew so large they’d honestly been worried it could be twins or more (it did run in his family after all) but no, no other baby but his little Mirabel.
But once Mirabel had been born, they thought they were fine. Out of the woods. Ready to start a new life with their little girl. They’d both cried watching her, Rosa holding her in her arms. Naming her after her mother. He was glad of the choice. He loved his Mamá dearly, but their relationship was…complicated at best.
It was only later in the night when she started sweating and calling out nonsense sentences that meant nothing that he knew something was wrong.
He’d shouted for Agustín, for his Mamá and Julieta to come help. He knew he’d probably woken the whole house, never mind his little niece Dolores (and oh how his nieces and his new nephew loved their Tiá Rosa. How could he have taken her from them as well)
When they’d all returned to the room she’d been fitting and sweating even more. Agustín had kicked him out quickly, needing to exam her without Bruno in the way.
(Years from now Bruno would realise this was just something a professional did. He wasn’t telling him to leave to be cruel or because he thought that Bruno would make it worse. He told him to leave so he wouldn’t interfere or see his wife dying)
(But at that moment, Bruno felt the weight of a thousand stares at his back. His fault. His fault. His fault. His fault)
Not even Julieta’s food or Agustín skills as a Doctor could save her. Eclampsia they called it. She fitted and her air ways closed up and just like she was gone.
Only Mirabel’s cries from the crib to be heard.
He won’t ever forget the sight of her there. Ashen and still. He clung to her and wept. Why, why didn’t he see? Why didn’t he look? He should have looked but he didn’t want to check the future for fear that whatever dire omen he saw would come true.
What good was he to anyone?
Now he was here, days later after they’d put his wife to rest, holding his little girl.
The sound of the nursery door creaked open and there his Mamá stood. Draped in black, her eyes made her look even older today. He knew she grieved as well. They had all loved Rosa.
“Mamá” he said softly
“Oh Bruno, how are you doing mi hijo?” she said equally as soft, as she sat herself down on Luisa’s bed. She was still to remain in the nursery for another year, when she would get her gift.
Bruno let out a warbled chuckle as he looked at his mother.
“How did you do it Mamá? How did you carry on losing the person you always thought would remain?”
Alma sighed deeply as she stared at her only son and youngest of her triplets.
“It will be hard mijo, so hard. But you must remain strong, you understand? For Mirabel and for Rosa’s memories. She will be your priority now. It will be hard but mijo, it is the greatest reward you will ever earn in this life”
Bruno signed, taking his eyes off his mother to sooth his now slightly fussy daughter.
“What if I ruin it? What if I ruin her?”
“It wasn’t your fault Bruno.” Alma said firmly, taking her son’s hand in hers tightly.
“There was nothing we could do”
“I should have looked” he sobbed
“I should have seen”
“And you would have blamed yourself regardless of the outcome. Bruno, we do not always get what we need in this life. But you have your family. We will help you, no matter what. We will help”
“Thank you Mamá”
“You’re welcome” she smiled softly at that moment before standing up and heading for the door.
“Come down soon cariño, your family wants to see you and little Mirabel as well.”
“I will Mamá, just let me get her settled.”
Alma smiled as she shut the door gently behind her.
Bruno let out a soft sigh himself as he stood and began getting Mirabel dressed into something lighter for dinner. She was too young to sit with them of course (she was only a few days old for god sake) but she could sit in the little soft bassinet type seat they made for her.
In truth he wondered more and more about the future. About himself as a father and Mirabel as his daughter. What would her gift be? Would it be like his? Could he help if it was, so she didn’t feel alone like him? What if she blamed him? Hated him?
Oh his heart would break if his little angel hated him.
Bruno stared down at his tiny, precious gift as he readied himself mentally for a family dinner.
He wouldn’t see into the future. Not willingly. Not about his Mirabel. He could ensure her a fate worse than Rosa’s if he did and he could never forgive himself if that happened.
Perhaps one day he would understand how his father could leave, to not find another way. But right now, come rain or shine, he couldn’t imagine living without his little baby.
His Mirabel.
So, he would stay. He would endure. Endure the disapproving stares and whispers of the village. Of getting the same treatment from his family.
(They loved him they did, but he could never be what they wanted. What Mamá needed. Soon time would pass and he would be glared at again. Better him than Mirabel. No one would ever hurt his Mirabel)
He would raise his sweet bundle of joy to the best of his abilities.
He promised himself that night, as he cradled Mirabel so, so gently. He promised he would always be there for her. Kissing her forehead softly, he moved them out of the nursery and downstairs.
He did not notice the magic of Casita shaking ever so slightly.
He did not notice how the magic had bonded them even closer.
In truth if he did, he wouldn’t care.
Not whilst he had his Mirabel to watch.
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dadshirtsandarson · a month ago
This is based off a TikTok by @/despairful.encounter where Mirabel was never found after Casita fell and here are my thoughts/add ons to it because it is so angsty and I need more.
Casita collapses, Mirabel runs away to the river and after a little bit she realizes that the Madrigal family would be better off without her so she runs away, out of the whole encanto for good
The family and the whole town searches for Mirabel for weeks before they realize she’s gone, they don’t know if she’s dead or lost or she just plain ran away
The towns people help them rebuild Casita but without Mirabel to restore the magic, Casita doesn’t come back to life, and the rest of the Madrigals are left powerless
Without their powers they have a lot of free time to reflect on their past and the loss of Mirabel
Without Mirabel they notice not only how much attention she never got but also how many little things she did for the family that went unnoticed
She was an early riser and woke the house up with her cheery attitude but now everyone wakes up to a quiet, lifeless house
Mirabel has a passion for sewing and embroidery (shown in the movie), so when they need help fixing their clothes, Mirabel isn’t there to help anymore
She was obviously the unspoken glue for the family and after Mirabel is gone they all slowly drift away, its not apparent at first but soon the house is quieter than it used to be
There is also an effect in town, she would play with the kids and just be a general smiling face without that the town starts to lack a sense of positivity
Julieta, Augustine, and Antonio are the most in grief about Mirabel’s disappearance while Abuela and Isabela are in the most regret about how they treated Mirabel (especially after Isa and Mirabel had their moment during What Else Can I Do)
I imagine Augustine and Mirabel were quite close because while the rest of the family was helping the town, they both didn’t have gifts, so he would spend time with his youngest during the day
So even after everyone else stops looking for Mirabel, he still goes and searches for her, because his little girl is gone and he will never stop searching for her in the hopes that one day she’ll come home
He knows that Julieta won’t be able to heal him anymore if he gets hurt and he doesn’t care because he wants nothing but to find his daughter
Antonio misses Mirabel more than any one else and for months he cries everyday clutching his stuffed animal she gave him because she was his best friend and anytime he needed her she was there, and now she’s gone
As he grows up he is the most detached from his family because of what happened with Mirabel and he blames them for it because even though he was only five, he wasn’t stupid
Even if the weren’t as close the rest of the family feels the affects of Mirabel’s disappearance
Sometimes Dolores thinks she can hear whispers of Mirabel’s voice and she wants to cry every time knowing that unlike Bruno, Mirabel was actually gone
Without their powers Abuela reflects on her treatment to Mirabel and she accepts that Mirabel was right, it was all her fault
She accepts the resentment that she gets from Julieta and Augustine
Her dreams haunt her of a little girl with round glasses who runs around Casita with a giggle
Every night Abuela asks Pedro to look over Mirabel, wherever she is
As the family gets older they start to forget what Mirabel looked like, the small traits about her, and it pains everyone so much because they are aware of it happening
They look back at family photos and notice how Mirabel is missing, the only evidence of her existing being the family tree tapestry
I just live for the idea that they finally realized they messed up and they realize just how crucial Mirabel was to their family
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imthebean · a month ago
The Fortuneteller, Chapter III: A Cunning Man
Chapter 3: A Cunning Man
With the blessing of the priest, Bruno started offering his visions to the villagers. Initially, he received praise, but with the passage of time, his gift became more of a burden.
Prophecies could go either way, and if there is something to be known about people is that they have a negative bias. Bad things are more easily remembered, and to Bruno’s misfortune, his visions were no exception.
It started with him predicting a woman’s goldfish would die. Then came more serious auguries such as the failing of a crop, health problems and just overall bad incidents that although part of normal life, no one wanted to hear about. Even if this wasn’t directly Bruno’s fault, people began to imply that he was jinxing them. Some started referring to him as “ave de mal agüero” (expression meaning bird of ill omen). They would dodge his gaze as they walked past him. He could hear them gossip behind his back. Julieta and Pepa tried to distract him, to keep him home as much as they could, but there was no denying that Bruno’s reputation was waning and perhaps even affecting the family name.
Bruno was fifteen at the time. An age of inner turmoil and susceptibility. The way people were judging him was getting to him. He was becoming more anxious, paranoid, scared that someone out there might try to hurt him as payback. He would often turn around to look if anyone was following behind him. Ever since things took a turn for the worse, Bruno noticed changes in his mind, his energy. He felt tired most of the time. The things that he used to find exciting didn’t sound so entertaining anymore. His appetite was dropping. His sisters were genuinely concerned for his health, and his mother, well, Bruno tried his best to conceal his inner world of emotions from his mother. The fear of rejection or confrontation was such that he’d rather pretend everything was going according to the plan rather than express himself sincerely.
But the rumors took no time to reach his mother’s ears. One afternoon when they were having lunch, Alma addressed the elephant in the room.
“Bruno, I have been hearing some upsetting comments about you. What do you have to say about that?” she asked, with a serious expression.
“Well, you know, some people don’t like my visions. I mean, I have the visions but technically it’s their visions, so we could say people don’t like the visions I have of them and—”
“Bruno. We have talked about this before. We went over this for years. No matter what you see, you need to word it in a way that isn’t displeasing. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” “Mamá, that is not right!” Bruno exclaimed, raising his voice. He stopped himself in his tracks when he realized he had spoken with the wrong tone. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He cleared his throat. “It really isn’t the way I say it. I have been careful. They don’t like their future. They think it is my fault. They think I am making the things happen, and I am not! I only see them because they want me to, I never asked to have this power in the first place!” Bruno said frustrated.
“Bruno Madrigal!” Alma yelled at him. Bruno lowered his head in fear. “How dare you be so ungrateful towards the miracle that our family was granted! Your father died so we could have this blessing! Do you have any idea of how upset he would be if he heard—”
Alma couldn’t finish her sentence. Bruno left the table without finishing his food, and he ran from the house. Julieta and Pepa were going to chase after him, but Alma gave them that look, and they knew they had to stay or else.
Bruno left the house, his face flushed and his hands tightly forming fists. He wanted to get as far away as he could from the house, and the only place he could think of was the river that separated the village from the mountains. He would often go there with his sisters who loved swimming, but he wouldn’t dare get near the water. Not after that vision he had when he was five, of the man drowning in the river and all the nightmares that followed. For that reason, Bruno never had any interest in learning how to swim, and he would only watch his sisters from afar. The place was still a safe haven and somewhere he knew would offer much needed solitude.
When he arrived, he sat by a rock and just stared at the water. The river was flowing gently that day, but a part of him wished it was moving more dangerously. His mind was flirting with the idea of being in danger and he quickly dismissed the thought because it scared him, although a part of him felt in that moment of anger, that perhaps his mother would prefer if he were gone.
He felt a familiar smell suddenly, realizing somebody was lighting up a fire nearby. He knew the villagers had myths around the river and wouldn’t wander that far to where he was, so curiosity got the best of him, and he followed the scent. As he walked upstream along the river, he noticed a figure hunching over a bonfire. It was the figure of a dark-skinned man, long silky black hair, indigenous features, and a shoulder bag knit with a beautiful crocheted pattern. The man could be in his 50’s. He noticed Bruno and calmly gestured for him to approach. Bruno followed and walked up to the man. He knew for a fact that he had never seen him before, and he was probably an outside traveler.
“Hey boy. You shouldn’t be wandering alone around this area. He whom doesn’t understand the language of nature and is unable to predict when a flash flood is coming, could be in great danger” the man said.
“I’ve predicted worse things than a flash flood” Bruno said chuckling awkwardly. “I’m sorry, that was kind of rude. I just needed to get away. I hope I’m not bothering you. Oh and my name is Bruno. Sorry I should have said that before the other things. Oh well.”
“Bruno. I have heard about Bruno. You are the young man who does the fortune telling, is that right?” The man asked.
“Uh, yes I guess so. In that case you probably haven’t heard anything good about me.” Said Bruno, defeated. “Wait, how have you heard about me? I don’t think you are from around here.”
“Some rumors travel beyond the mountains, boy. Especially when it comes to the notorious Madrigal family. I came here because I wanted to see for myself, at least before I take off to the war.” The man replied.
“I’m sorry, what war? You are scaring me.” Bruno said uncomfortably.
“Oh, not to worry in your case. It is a war that has been following my peoplefor a long time. The few people left that have my heritage have done anything to survive but we continue to be displaced. They first took our language, our names, our gods, and now they want to take every inch of land that we have managed to hold on to. I must return in a few days, but before facing that fate, I wanted to see if the stories about the Madrigals were true. And so, El Encanto has brought you to me on this day!” the man said with delight.
“I’m sorry, who exactly are you?” Bruno asked, with curiosity. The man had an alluring aura to him. The way he spoke, both the toughness and gentleness in his eyes, he seemed like someone who had walked the earth and was full of stories.
“I’m Hernando.” The man answered.
“Nice to meet you Hernando. What interests you about my family? I mean, my sisters’ powers are pretty awesome, but mine is kind of depressing. Heh.” Bruno said, scratching his head.
“My people have resorted to magic for generations and generations. It is part of who we are, the cunning people of the mountains, but unlike your magic, young Bruno, ours is borrowed. We ask the spirits for help, and they might or might not concede. You and your family however, it is inside you. You do not need to ask; it simply is given. That fascinates me.” He said.
“You said you do magic? I thought only my family had access to that kind of power. I have never met anyone else in the village who understands this kind of life. I need to hear more. Please tell me everything” Bruno said, with desperate eyes that expressed much need for information.
Hernando proceeded to tell Bruno the stories of his people, how their traditions were passed from generation to generation, how they had a connection with nature so deep that they could channel its powers if the spirits of nature so desired. Bruno had never been more interested in listening to what someone had to say in his life. He suddenly felt seen. He felt understood. Two things that he had always longed for and were always out of reach. When the man was done answering most of Bruno’s questions, he pulled out a large flask and started drinking. The contents of the flask had a strong scent, it reminded Bruno of the alcoholic beverages the villagers would drink during parties. With the urge for danger still lingering in him, he asked Hernando, “Hey, could I have some of that?” Pointing at the flask.
“No way. You are too young to be drinking.” Hernando said, half smiling and testing the boy’s will.
“I’m not that young! I am turning 18 next week.” Bruno said, a terrible liar.
“Hah, well, I am not responsible for you boy. If you want to try go ahead but pace yourself.” The man said pointing at the flask that was now resting between two rocks.
Bruno took a sip and furrowed in disgust. Hernando let out a chuckle. Consumed by pride and a rebellious spirit, Bruno took another sip. And then another. After some thirty minutes had gone by, Bruno’s face started flushing and he started talking a lot faster.
“See, here is the thing. I didn’t ask for this gift thing. It is actually more like a curse. Yes. It is TOTALLY a curse!” Bruno said, speaking louder than necessary and making big gestures with his hands.
“Why do you say so?” Hernando asked. “Because people hate me! They hate me because I tell them what is going to happen, and if what is going to happen is bad, then they think it is my fault! If they don’t like what I got to say, then why do they come to me in the first place?!” Bruno continued, fully unhinged. Hernando was fascinated. The previously shy and awkward boy was now letting it all out.
“My mother even said… she even said I was ungrateful! And she brought up my father dying so we could have this. How am I supposed to feel? What am I supposed to do?” Bruno’s voice broke with the last few words. All the frustration and despair he had been carrying with him for the past 10 years was finally coming out. Because he let his guard down, he hadn’t realized he was doing that thing he learned not to do in front of his mother. He felt the hot tears roll down his cheeks. He looked away embarrassed.
Hernando put his hand over Bruno’s shoulder. “Hey boy, it’s ok. You have been through a lot.”
Bruno looked like he was about to say something else but instead he lay his head over his knees and started sobbing.
The older man just stayed by his side smoking from a pipe and giving Bruno the time he needed to center himself.
After some time, Bruno started talking again. “You know, sometimes I am afraid I just have bad luck. Like if I was someone different, my visions would perhaps be more positive ones.” He said.
“Listen now. There is no such thing as a bad vision. It is our perception of things that taints and distorts. See for one, nature itself. Is nature good? Is it evil? You can focus on a rabbit that got devoured and how unfortunate it is for him, or you can focus on the starving eagle that finally found a meal for itself and its hatchlings.” Hernando said, smoke coming out of his pipe. Bruno looked fascinated. Everything Hernando said was filling a void of unanswered questions he’d had all his life.
“Now, on the other hand,” Hernando continued, “If it is luck you are worried about, or perhaps if you want to shield yourself from bad energies, there are many things that you can do. I can tell you what works for my people, if it makes you feel any better.” He said.
“I am very much interested, yes.” Bruno said anxiously. “Alright but please stop biting your nails, you are going to hurt yourself.” Hernando said. Bruno quickly put his hands behind his back, embarrassed and gave him a half-smile.
Hernando started chanting a song.
“A grain of salt, bad spirits will halt.
The smoke of sage, for a cunning mage.
Knock on wood, things will go as they should.”
He gave Bruno a serious look “And most importantly, always stay within the magic circle. A circle of salt will protect you when you are most vulnerable during a ceremony. That’s the basics of it all, young Bruno. But of course, do as you please”. He concluded.
Bruno started repeating the song over and over under his breath, as to memorize every word. While he worked on memorization, he saw a huge bird suddenly land on Hernando’s arm. It took him by surprise and he jumped, falling from the boulder where he had been sitting. Hernando let out a laugh.
The bird was the most magnificent looking eagle Bruno had ever seen in his life. He did not remember having seen that kind of eagle before. It had dark grey and light silver feathers, a large mane-like head and stand-alone feathers that circled its head as if forming a crown. The eagle was probably half the size of Bruno, which he found terrifying.
“This is Aludra. My familiar. She is a Harpy Eagle.” Hernando said.
“Wow. She is very uh, um, imposing.” Bruno said, still fearful. “Wait, she’s your what?” He asked in confusion.
“My familiar. An animal that has affinity towards magical folk. When you need them the most, they will come to you. They do tasks on your behalf. In my village, there is a woman that can control an entire colony of ants. It is very fascinating.” He said. “Maybe one day you will find your familiar too. Anyway boy, I think it is time for you to go. The sun is starting to set, and I must be on my way as well.” Hernando said.
The words hit Bruno like a bucket of icy water. He was so entranced with the magic, mystery and wisdom of the past hours that he completely forgot in what terms he left his house, how his angry mother would receive him, and the terror of her finding out that he had been drinking. Hernando was right though. He needed to be on his way, he had already taken enough time from the traveler who was kind enough to listen to him and offer so much advice. Bruno wanted this conversation to go on forever, but it was time to face reality. Hernando gestured Bruno to get on his horse, that he would take him home. He didn’t trust Bruno to be sober enough yet to walk on his own. The ride back to Casita was quiet. Bruno could only breath in and out every second he had left under the wing of this stranger who in such a brief encounter had become a mentor, a fatherly figure.
When they got close to the property, Hernando stopped at distance enough so he wouldn’t be seen. He took a deep breath and said “The Madrigal home everybody has been talking about. How wonderful. I’m glad I got to see it at last. It will be a nice memory to take with me.” “Wait, you won’t come back?” Bruno asked. “Burno, I am heading off to war. There is no way of knowing what will happen. I wanted to see this magical place before, well, you know. I just wanted to see it for myself. I am very grateful I got to meet you as well. Please remember everything I taught you.” Hernando said.
Bruno was trying to find the correct words to say, but the tight knot that had taken over his throat rendered him unable to speak. He could feel his eyes begin to well up again.
“Don’t be sad, boy. Each and every one of us needs to face their destiny sooner or later. I have a reason to believe you too, have a really important role to fulfill out there. And I am not talking about your gift. A gift is only something that was given to you. You don’t need to use it. You don’t need to like it. Ask yourself, who is Bruno without those powers? Who do you really want to become? What is it that truly makes you happy? Then live your life for the sake of that. Therein lies the true miracle.” Hernando said, smiling. He gave Bruno a pat in the shoulder and with a nod, he got back in his horse and prepared to take off.
As Hernando rode away, Bruno asked one last question from a distance. “Aren’t you afraid?”
The man turned around, put the hood of his poncho over his head and said with a joyful grin,
“I am Hernando and I’m scared of nothing.”
Bruno stood before his house for a long time before finding the courage to walk in. Fortunately, that was not necessary because Pepa found him first. “Bruno!!!” She said in a loud whisper, and ran towards him. When she was close to her brother, she noticed the smell of alcohol that emanated from him. “Oh my… You… You were drinking!” She exclaimed, wide-eyed. “I… Uhh…. Please don’t tell mom. Please.” He said very anxiously.
“Are you joking? I’m mad because you didn’t get me any!” Pepa said. Bruno was still processing his sister’s weird reaction, when she grabbed his hand and started dragging him into the house. In order to hide them both, Pepa summoned a thick fog that took over the place. She took Bruno straight to Julieta’s room. She could probably sober him up pretty quickly.
When they got to Julieta’s room, she gave Bruno a lecture about how much trouble he could get in if Alma found out he had been drinking, and then gave him some enchanted arequipe that took care of the remaining alcohol in his body. He thought to himself how fortunate he was that his sisters were on his side. He had few words to say that night, because his head was elsewhere. He couldn’t stop thinking about everything Hernando had told him. Who he really was, what purpose life had for him, his path as a magical practitioner, etc. His train of thought was interrupted by Julieta.
“Hey Brunito…” she said.
“Yes?” He asked.
“Please… Please don’t ever leave us like that again.” She said, and both her and Pepa embraced him in a hug. The triplets stayed like that for a moment. No matter how difficult things got, they would find their way the same way they came into this world; Together.
Disclaimer: I know some of you will be shocked by the idea that a 15 year old is drinking but culturally speaking, and especially in that time period where Encanto takes place, it is pretty common for teenagers to start drinking at a very early age. I’m not saying it is good and I am not encouraging anybody to do so. But it is very commonly seen in our latinx culture.
Having said so, I hope you guys are really enjoying this story. I have done a lot of research to stay as truthful to the characters as possible. Certain scenes are hard to write because I love the character of Bruno so much it, well, hurts. Please let me know if you are reading and enjoying this. I need your feedback y’all! And stay tuned because chapter 4 is gonna be lit.
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imlonelyalt · 27 days ago
hello! Can I please request and Isabella x female reader, Where Isa and reader have a secret relationsip and she tries to break up with the reader because she has to marry Mariano but after the rebuilding of Casita they get back together and the family finds out
꒰ ➼ ❝ just the way it is ❞ ꒱
Tumblr media
isabela x reader
warnings: angst to fluff, nothing really
a/n :: this took me a while to figure out because i wasn’t sure when to cut it off or to have a timeskip :’) hehe i hope you like it though, because this was a really good idea!!
potential encanto spoilers !!
Tumblr media
‘no, you aren’t listening!’ isabela exclaimed, waving her arms around with frantic movements. ‘i’m only doing this for the family!’ she cried, her head falling into her hands.
‘isa…’ you murmured, coming over to cup her face in your hands, and she looked up, stray tears falling from her eyes. ‘i understand now.’ you muttered, sighing.
‘we can just… put pause on everything.’ she offered, cringing at her sentence as a cluster of hydrangeas bloomed behind her.
‘…but you, yknow, get married...’ you finished, frowning. she closed her eyes in deep thought before she pulled away from you.
‘i just don’t want to make this worse for you, y/n.’ she reminded, shaking her head. ‘or for me. i just… it’s over.’ you were surprised with her collusion, before you saw yourself out of the casita, avoiding the watchful eyes of the curious family. you resigned yourself to your room for the rest of the day, hell, was it longer than that? you couldn’t tell. eventually, you urged yourself to go outside. you weren’t just a kid that could hide away from your problems; you lived alone, you need to take care of yourself. so you went to the purchasing end of the town, to get goods for your dinner. that’s when you saw her again.
it was not that hard to spot her, as she dazzled the townsfolk with her gift once again, her blooming flowers decorating the houses and carts surrounding her in no time. but by her side, you saw who she had referred to as mariano, or in other words, her husband of the future. he was, you had to admit, not a sore sight to look at. he had looped an arm around isabela and they were engrossed in conversation. isabela flickered her eyes away from him just for a moment, and she managed to catch a glimpse of you. eyes widening, she averted her gaze and grimaced. you frowned and delved into the townspeople, disappearing just in time for mariano to not catch a glimpse of you.
you had heard about the ever so perfect madrigal family going through a rough patch, if you could even call it that, cracks in the house then spreading to the town, causing a ruckus as people demanded answers. no, you didn’t know what was causing it, but you knew that a cluster of people bothering the family would make the situation worse. since it had started, the weather had been lightning and thunder, constantly making people live in fear of going out and getting struck.
you were aware that the proposal was in a few days, and you wondered if that played into the cracks. as terrible as you felt about it, part of you wished it went badly. you slipped outside, greeted by a downpour of rain. failing to cover yourself, you were in search of fresh produce to take for the day, before you listened closely. looking down, you noticed the pebbles on the ground shaking, a cluttering mess against the floor. turning your attention to the casita, you watched as a crack slowly spread up the middle of the building, before making it’s way to the town. you suppressed your scream of horror, taking a few steps back in fear before trying to run, other people witnessing the tragedy not seeming to notice the casita and it’s downfall, focusing more on getting to the safety of somewhere without the rubble falling down.
once the cracks had stopped, people peered to see where the source was, and you widened your eyes at the sight of the casita in crumbles. only one thought ran through your mind: isabela. you ran in a hurry of emotions, panic, stress and fear combining to become determination.
‘isa!’ you exclaimed, grasping what you could to hurl yourself over the remnants, approaching the family. out of breath, you looked around panicked. you eyed the group before seeing her, and the state of her. ‘isa..’ you whispered, shrinking back slightly as the family tuned their attention to you. at the sight of you, she relaxed slightly, running up to embrace you in a hug. ‘are you okay?’ you whispered, tightly wrapping your arms back around her.
‘i’m fine.’ she reassured, and as she cupped your face you realised that there was still no ring prominent on her finger. confusion evident, she shied away, looking away as pink carnations bloomed on her dress and decorated the ground beneath both of you. ‘oh, right.’ she looked away, taking a glance back at her family. ‘i… things happened. we didn’t go through with it, so i guess i should ap—‘ you kissed her, pressing your foreheads together as she wrapped her arms around your neck.
‘no, isa. don’t apologise.’ you muttered. abuela coughed from behind you. quickly pulling away, isabela was quick to drop her head to the ground. camilo looked on curiously, giving a few nudges to mirabel as he smirked. most of the family looked more surprised and shocked than anything else, others also sad about the state of the house. abuela simply smiled, placing a hand on isabelas shoulder as she nodded approvingly. nothing needed to be said; the interaction said enough as isabela let out a relieved sigh, turning and grasping your hands in hers.
‘please, stay with us.’ she begged, rubbing her thumb in circles on your cheek. ‘rebuild the house with me, together.’ smiling, she pulled you off in a haste to grab tools to start the fixing of the house as you protested behind her.
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pepa-madrigal · a month ago
No Clouds Allowed In The Sky, Ch. 1
“Clear skies” had been her life’s motto, it was the only thing she had at times to keep the lid on her emotions, and keep the weather outside from becoming disastrous. Totally an effective solution to her problem with no foreseeable issues, right?
5 times Pepa’s emotions cause her to lose control + 1 time she can finally let them out
Ao3 Link
Word Count: 2406
A/N: I started this as 5+1, realized I was writing way more for the first section than I usually would for a 5+1, thought I should make this just a one shot, then decided “fuck it. let’s make a multi chapter 5+1”, so each chapter will be one of each of the moments.
Also to explain why I chose the title, I kinda imagine when Félix said that line in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” it was a way of pointing out that it wasn’t just that there weren’t any clouds in the sky, but he could see Pepa was struggling to keep them from happening because in her mind they weren’t allowed to be there even though she wouldn’t say it like that, and I feel like that’s a good way to sum up the idea behind this fic. Moments when she struggled to keep the emotions in that weren’t “allowed”.
1. Age 5
The Madrigal triplets may have only been 5 years old, but they were already no strangers to their responsibility to help out their community. (For the most part.) Ever since they had each received a gift only a month earlier, their Mama had taken them into town often to share their miracle as best as they could. At first it was mostly Pepa and Bruno trying, with Julieta tagging along behind them. They had known her power had to do with food, but it took a week or so before any of them had figured out what it was exactly.
Then one day Pepa came running back to their Casita, tears in her eyes after slipping in mud and scraping herself all up. While their Mama sat her down to clean her up and dress her wounds, her sister tried to cheer her up with one of the baked goods she had made earlier in the day. They all watched in wide-eyed amazement as every cut and bruise healed itself instantly. Pepa remembers how proudly their Mama looked at Julieta, a look she knew neither her nor her brother had yet to receive. Her sister’s gift was one that could truly help people.
It also didn’t take much practice for the older triplet to figure it out either. Once she was taught a few recipes it had been pretty straightforward from there. For Bruno and Pepa, it wasn’t so easy. Bruno struggled to figure out how to have visions at his own will, and they came sporadically and at the most inconvenient of times, often offering information that was unremarkable and sometimes even unpleasant. Their Mama thought perhaps Pepa could help with the farms, it had been so dry out and the crops were in desperate need of water if only she could just make it rain for them. But it became a bit of an unethical conundrum when they soon realized they could only get her to do so if they made her cry.
The days passed by and more often Mama is bringing Julieta to town alone, leaving Casita to watch over the other two and keep them in the home as they struggled to figure out how to control their own gifts.
One day, after they’ve all had breakfast and their Mama and sister have headed off to town, Pepa finds herself very bored, Bruno having run off somewhere in the home before she could bother him. She plans to return to her own room, but stops short at the top of the steps, sitting down and wondering whether she can get Casita to make a slide today. It’s not as much fun without her siblings though, and a slight cloud forms over her head, and more in the sky as she thinks about how much she hates being left alone.
Lost in thought, she fails to notice her own brother sneaking up right behind her. Carefully he creeps forward until he grabs her shoulders and yells behind her, eliciting a shriek from the girl, and the sounds of thunder and rain begin in her cloud.
“Brunoooooo!! You’re lucky I didn’t zap you!!” She warns him, getting up to chase after her brother who is already running away. It turns into a game as the two kids run around and play, the sounds of laughter replacing the sound of thunder. They’re running back to where they began when Pepa realizes the floor is still wet from her own personal rain cloud.The warning she tries to give her brother comes too late, as he only whips his head around, not stopping until he slides on the water and crashes forwards into a wall. Hard. Their short lived moment of sunshine gives way to more clouds as Pepa begins to panic.
“Oh no no no no!! Bruno are you okay??” She practically yells as she rushes to his side.
He groans, slowly turning around and trying not to cry, “I don’t think arms can usually bend this way.”
Pepa nearly faints at the sight of his broken limb. His ankle looks bruised and swollen as well. The clouds outside become darker, and the sight of them only makes her more nervous. She’s running her hands through her braid over and over again, an anxious habit she only recently picked up.
“This is bad, this is so bad, this is very not good,” she’s saying to herself, beginning to pace around the floor in front of her brother. Bruno briefly wishes he could grab her by the arms and make her stop. There’s no need to worry, not when their sister has a super awesome healing power and had been cooking up a storm the night before.
“Pepa.” No response. “Pepa, it's okay.” Not listening. “PEPA STOP.” She finally snaps out of it, surprised by Bruno’s yell. He apologizes for being loud, but tells her his plan. All she needs to do is go downstairs and find some of the food Julieta had made yesterday. No one would have to know. She blinks, slightly calmer, and slightly embarrassed she hadn’t thought of it herself.
Turning on her feet, she starts scrambling down the stairs and towards the kitchen. Casita has already found a towel from somewhere and dried up the rain from earlier to prevent a second accident from happening, but still has to put in a little extra work anyways to make sure the girl doesn’t trip and fall as she rushes.
Bruno waits for his sister to return, still in pain but handling it impressively well for a 5 year old. He knows his sister hates to disappoint their Mama, and definitely was scared of getting in trouble for this. So he kept a cool head, wanting to be the calm to her storm. But soon he begins to worry too. Pepa is taking much longer in the kitchen than expected, and he knows something is wrong when it really begins to storm outside. She comes running back, crying and empty handed.
“They took all of Julieta’s food to town today,” she yells. Bruno is out of ideas, and is frankly beginning to become more concerned and slightly impressed with the weather outside. He knew his sister could make it rain, but no one knew she could have this much power. She follows his eyes upwards to the sky and jumps at the sight before her, absolutely terrified at the realization that she was the one causing all of this. Everything felt unreal to her, the space around her was spinning, and she began to feel like she couldn’t breathe despite the rapid gasps of air she was already taking in.
Bruno is scared for his sister. She’s not really responding to him anymore, and he just wants to help her calm down, help her figure out how to handle her emotions, but he is just as inexperienced with this as she is, and doesn’t know how to help yet. He feels helpless as he can only sit and watch his sister suffer through her very first panic attack.
Alma Madrigal knew something was wrong. When she and Julieta had left this morning, the weather had been nice and slightly cloudy. The sun had even fully come out for a short while in the middle of the day. There had been no signs that a storm like this would be coming, and she had a strong feeling she knew exactly what the cause was. Or rather who the cause was. Everyone around them was packing up and rushing back to the safety of their homes before the weather could get worse. Julieta herself had barely filled her basket back up when her Mama grabbed her arm and began to rush them back to Casita.
It feels like it takes forever to get back, working against the wind and the rain. Alma briefly thinks to herself, How can a 5 year old cause this much damage? , and decides to carry Julieta the rest of the way so they can get there faster. By the time they’re entering the front doors they are completely soaked.
“PEPA!” She yells for her daughter, but she doesn’t see her kids anywhere, and there’s no response from her daughter. Any irritation the woman felt quickly turned into concern. She yells her daughter’s name again
“Mama?!” she just barely hears her son cry from upstairs, “Mama please help!!”
And she runs up those stairs as fast as she possibly can, briefly taking in the scene before her. Her Bruno is sitting under the awning that covers all the doorways, cradling his arm in pain. And her Pepa, sitting in the middle of the storm, eyes red from crying, still breathing rapidly, and a look of terror across her face. Her heart aches at the sight.
She crouches down in front of her daughter, gently places a hand on the girl's arm to let her know she’s there. When Pepa looks up at her, she starts to cry more,letting out a string of “I’m sorry!”s and “I didn’t mean to!!”s. The woman tells her it’s okay, starts to rub her back in a soothing motion, until the girl leans forward and her Mama embraces her tightly, offering her the comfort she so desperately needed. In reality, everything isn’t okay, but her daughter is scared, and she needs to take care of that first.
After moments pass full of comforting whispers and rocking Pepa back and forth, Alma can hear the rain lighten up into a drizzle. She lets her daughter stay in her arms as she moves on to Bruno, wincing at the sight of his broken arm, and the state of his ankle. Pepa doesn’t miss the look on her face. Julieta hasn’t moved from the spot where her Mama left her when they got home, waiting to hear what has happened or to see if she is needed. When her name is finally called she rushes up those stairs, basket in hand and it’s clear what she needs to do.
She hands a baked good to her brother who eats it readily and relief can be seen on his face as his injuries heal in seconds. She pushes a treat towards Pepa as well, who refuses it at first, but then reluctantly takes it when she sees the pleading look in her sister’s eyes. She takes a bite. The aches in her body and her sniffles from the rain disappear, but Julieta is confused when she still sees pain across her sister’s face.
She’s unable to ask about it though. Their Mama brings them to their own bedrooms, pulling out towels and clothes so they can dry off and get changed into something warm. Then she moves on, heading downstairs to start dinner. It’s a bit early to do so, but it’s been a long day and all the triplets will be tired.
Once it’s time to eat, the table is uncomfortably silent. Pepa, who usually loved to fill meals with loud conversation and noise, wouldn’t say a single word. Bruno tried to fill the silence with jokes, and Julieta tried to talk about some of the people she helped this morning, but none of it could overcome the awkward feeling left hanging in the air.
When the meal was over, and the dishes all cleaned up, Alma dismisses her children to their rooms. Just when Pepa thought she had somehow gotten away with the day's events and was following her siblings upstairs, her Mama stops her. She told her to come with her, and her face scrunched up with worry as she realized they were going to her Mama’s room. That always meant it was something serious. She cautiously trailed behind the woman as they made their way over, Pepa being sat on her Mama’s bed when they get there. Her little hand drifts back up to her braid to tug at it while she waits for the woman to speak.
“Pepa, mija, tell me what happened today?” Alma asked, the concerned look on her face from before returning. The girl mumbled her words and looked away from her Mama, worried she was about to be a disappointment to her Mama.
“Pepa, ” the woman’s tone changed, becoming more stern, “Your storm today caused damage, and we can’t let that happen again. I need to know how to help you.”
The girl let out a huff of air and began to speak up, “Me and Bruno were playing when he fell really hard and got hurt. I got worried, and then more worried because none of Julieta’s food was here and I couldn’t help him.”
She conveniently left out the part where he slipped on her rain water. She didn’t want her Mama to think that Bruno getting hurt was all her fault too.
Pepa began to speak faster, “But then we saw my gift happening and it was really scary looking this time and I got even more scared because I couldn’t stop it and then it just made everything worse and worse and worse and then I didn’t even know what was happening anymore but it felt scary like really really scary and-“
The girl could’ve kept on rambling, but her mother quietly shushed her.
“Have you been feeling like this more often lately?” A nod from the girl. “Did it get worse with your gift?” The girl paused for a moment, worried she’d sound ungrateful if she answered. Then, another slower nod.
“Ok, it can be worked on. Anytime you start to feel like this again, feel a storm coming on, I want you to take a deep breath, and try to keep all the bad from coming up by thinking about calm clear skies, alright? Say it with me, ‘clear skies’” Pepa did as she was told and spoke with her mother.
“Now off to bed, all three of you will come out tomorrow so we can help clean up any damage the storm may have caused. You can apologize to those who were affected as well for the accident.”
Fear gripped Pepa once more and tears began to prick the corner of her eyes, “They’ll hate me.”
“They will not. They might be upset, but that is why you must apologize and help clean up the mess. It’s important you learn to take responsibility for your actions.”
Pepa nodded along, not entirely listening as she was still scared for the next day to come and what might happen when she faced everyone. She said good night to her Mama and headed to bed. Instead of falling asleep, all she could do was try and keep making herself think of clear skies all night long.
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bassclarinety · 3 days ago
I want to psycho analyze the Madrigal’s gifts by the triplets’ line.
Bruno’s is the most obviously worse out of the Triplets. Physically taxing, mentally scarring in some cases, and drives a wedge between him and everyone around him. I think if Bruno had had any cannon children, their gifts would have been similarly bad. -100/10, the future is overrated.
Pepa’s line is interesting to analyze in my opinion.
Pepa has a difficult gift in the first place- she has to bottle up her own emotions to maintain a perfect weather cycle, has to force negative (in most cases) ones to change the cycle, and her bottled up emotions have a chance of exploding in a quite nasty way. I think we can see her gift’s difficulties reflected in her children’s. 2/10, I would be raining all the time, and I would give a big fat middle finger to anyone telling me “you have a cloud!”
Dolores’ is obvious in my opinion- she literally has a heightened sense tuned to what seems to be roughly a mile around the Encanto (give or take), and if she is able to concentrate on a certain set of noises, which in of itself is a difficulty, she’s left with the decision to either share or act on anything she hears. Her gift has slim to no upsides, and I’d go as far as saying that it has no upsides at all. -∞/10, even though my hearing sucks atm.
Camilos’ is a little more subtle, but certainly still prevalent- he/they literally have the ability to shift any part of their body into anyone he has a clear image of- or to even change things about his body he doesn’t like- hello, body dysmorphia?? And I can’t imagine that this ability isn’t taxing- so if he wasn’t constantly eating Tia Julieta’s miracle food, I would bet that his muscles would be sore ALL the time. And having to eat constantly to replace burned energy! -7/10, I already don’t like my face, but I don’t want to have a cure-all for it!
As for Antonio, I don’t honestly know if his gift would have huge upsides like his siblings- but I think it would be like Julieta’s side- subtle, but really serious. Antonio can understand any animal- and they’re probably more compelled to be nice to him (i hope) but that would mean that Antonio probably won’t be doing much socializing outside of his family. Possible social anxiety? He’s got a really good net of people to help him though, so I can’t honestly see much downside to his gift. 10/10, the only good rating, I want to hear gossip from animals about the humans.
And oh, ho, ho! We’ve arrived at Julieta’s side of the family!
At first glance, I think Julieta’s gift looks pretty much without downside- just eat some of her cooking and wow! No more seriously broken bone!
Two things immediately pop out to me- this hinges on Julieta’s cooking, nobody else! I’m obviously not sure how persnickety magic is, but assuming it’s extremely picky, Julieta has to do everything- that means from raw ingredients to fully cooked, and she has to make a LOT. No rest for the weary here!
Second- relying on a magical cure for sickness and injury is concerning to me in two ways. What happens in a situation where (like after Casita falls) Julieta’s cooking isn’t a heal-all? Does she know anything about identifying injuries or treating them? I’d wager very little- given how much time she has to spend preparing her magical food.
And lastly- we saw a pattern here! Julieta has no time (or very little) to do literally anything else other than working with her gift. I’d wager she’d kinda get resentful of having to cook so much- it keeps her from paying attention to people who need her, not her food! Julieta’s gift gets a -2/10 for me, and that’s with me considering that her food could remove nausea.
Isabella Perfecta- on the outside I’d see her gift as pretty damn amazing- grow any flower, make a tree speed run growing, make any garden flourish? Cool!
But I think before Isabella actively changes what she’s growing, I think she could cause more harm than good. Any non-native plant can become an invasive species, if left unchecked. Now I think this is where it gets more complicated- I have a feeling that at least a certain amount of Isabella’s abilities are linked to her emotions, and if she set her mind to it, Isabella could likely remove plants in a wide area, much more effectively than a regular person. So, meh on the oof scale.
However! Her gift is incredibly unique, and we certainly saw that she used it ALL the time, often to try to appease Abuela. Now I’m going to try not to rant about Abuela’s influence on this side of the Madrigals, but the sheer energy Isabella spent on appeasement must’ve meant physical exhaustion. On my scale I’d say 6/10, because I realized that her abilities would help curb deforestation. In terms of taxing, 5/10.
Luisa. Oh, wonderful, beautiful Luisa.
I don’t have a lot to say really, your gift means you’re expected to do all the heavy lifting. You’re taken advantage of to move a building (seriously why did they have her move the church? No enough godly light??) and other things that HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING MOVED! REROUTING A RIVER IS NOT A THING TO BE DONE BY ONE PERSON!
This also means you’re away from the people you want to spend time with- you can pry my thoughts about how much Luisa loves her little sister from my cold dead hands, I’m a last child, I know how older siblings (with 5+ age gap) really want to treat their siblings, and it’s to play/spend time with them at the drop of a hat.
On top of all this? Her entire mental image of herself is being able to serve others in increasingly over complicated ways. She lost her cool at the dinner because she couldn’t do what a GUEST asked her to do. If I was the head of a household and my guest asked my (overpowered and certainly capable) child to move a large object for their own whim, I would kick them out! (Seriously! Mariano is fine, but Señora Guzman is on thin fucking ice!)
In my terms, Luisa’s gift is a 3/10, and that’s because she’s gotta have a heightened balance ability somewhere in there too.
And finally, Mirabel. Oh Mirabel, I literally sobbed every time you felt the gap between you and your family members- as a third child, you are so relatable and it broke my heart!
As a giftless Madrigal, you were seen less than, maybe not intentionally- but the feeling of uselessness was constantly being projected onto you, just because those with gifts wouldn’t allow you to help.
Because of that feeling of uselessness, I think Mirabel overcompensated- tried to do things that would “make my family proud”, show that she’s just as special as the rest of her family, and she shouldn’t be pushed aside just because she has no gift.
However, in a way, I think the lack of a gift saved Mirabel a lot of pain- the pain of never being enough, not if she couldn’t stretch herself to her very limits just to make people happy.
My diagnosis? Mirabel’s lack of a gift is a 8/10, and it’s only an 8 because no gift caused her so much pain.
Long story short, I think that the Madrigal’s family followed a pattern in gift types/burdens, and in the end I would call the gifts the drawback of creating a safe haven. They might be cool, but I would not want a Madrigal’s gift for myself, not even if it meant clear skin.
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milf-maul · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
strap yourselves in because i’m ready to talk about isabela
first of all i love her beyond reason she is one of my absolute favs, and her character is so interesting (to me) because her issues are subtle but they cut deep
from the start we see her looking and acting perfectly, literally putting on a show and growing decorations all over the place, except for when she’s talking to mirabel
all isabelas struggles are rooted in her powers and people’s expectations. the vision bruno had about her put her in a neat little box that said everything had to be perfect. her actions, her appearance, her choices; none of them were for her own sake.
during bruno’s song all the others were airing their grievances and she only had this posetive perfect prophecy to tell. if you listen closely to the overlapping parts of the song you can hear her singing ”i’m fine i’m fine” over and over, sounding more desperate and tense over time. because for all her effort and dicipline she isn’t fine and she isn’t happy, but she can’t say it out loud
so the person she takes it out on is mirabel, who comes clamping in with good intentions and zero understanding, because she thinks isabelas life is effortlessly perfect, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.
all the madrigals keep themselves in line and try to help out and keep the family safe, strenghten the family, make the family proud. and since isabela’s gift isn’t as practical as any of the others, it comes with extra pressure to perform and measure up. maybe even compensate for her own flaws (or just make sure no one looks too closely and sees them) everything hinges on fulfilling that prophecy and helping out, which (partly) means getting married and having children (do not reduce the movie to this sentence it's part of the larger picture and the whole situation and because she doens't feel like she can refuse without digging into all her complicated feelings which she really doesn't want to bring up at the dinner table ok. behave.)
personally i think that mariano was a safe choice for her. if i had to guess she probably talked herself into a corner a long time ago. maybe she latched onto him because she got asked who she liked and she needed to deflect, maybe people said they would fit perfectly together and she nodded smiled and agreed because she wanted them to be proud of her and it was convenient to do so, maybe it was arranged and they were trying to see if they got along- who knows? the point is that he wasn’t objectionable to her because she put her family’s success before her personal feelings, and when everyone seems to be giving her what she wants who is she to say it makes her unhappy when she's given no indication that she's dissatisfied with anything in her life
is she unreasonable when she blows up at mirabel for ruining her proposal? they’re both under a lot of stress for various reasons but her sister is breaking her facade and she’s losing what little control she has over her narrative. all her built up frustration boils over and it’s the first time we see her completely honest. she even seems surprised bt her own words ”i never wanted to marry him i was doing it for the family” as if she never expected to say it out loud. the Anger in her voice really shows how long she's been surpressing her feelings about this
and for contrast: her absolute joy when she grows he cactus!!! not uniform, not a flower. Prickly and Asymmetrical. Hers. she’s never been allowed herself to (pressure and boundries to keep herself under control, internallzed to the extreme)
we’ve already seen how her imperfections have been corrected during the movie, most obvious being the white flower she grew in surprise at the dinner table, which abuela removed while saying she was their ”perfect isabela”, leading us to the conclusion that imperfections are heavily frowned upon (supported by abuela keeping their family facade towards the village as happy and calm as possible during the circumstances. no clouds allowed, perfect flowers, how everything hinges on antonio getting his gift as proof that the magic is strong etc), NOT TO MENTION she's literally wilting when abuela catched her and mirabel on the bed of flowers after she had her first taste of freedom the flowers disappear and turn dark so fast and she just shrinks in the background
which leads me to the heartbreaking point: since she had to act happy all the time and she is good at what she does, she has everyone convinced she WAS happy when she’s crumbling inside, which makes her pain practically invisible! how can she be unhappy when she has everything she could ask for? how could she even begin to express any kind of objection when the things she’s asked for happen? bruno’s vision seemed fulfilled in everyone elses eyes but it only came true after she broke free!! before this it weighed her down just as much as the others, with the big difference being she couldn’t air her grievances (not that the others did either but it's hard ok it's so fucking hard) because she’s made her facade into a perfect mask (and mirabel put cracks in it and undermined all her efforts and ruined her proposal and reputation and her chances at chasing her family's support) she just wants to be good enough but she wants to be enough on her own merit and i'm so glad she got a happy ending and that bruno's vision came true for real my heart is bleeding for isabela ok i love her so much she deserves the world
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luckycheesefoodie321 · 28 days ago
My first viewing of Encanto made me think it was too short. (Hear me out)
But I reasoned that was bc I started it before midnight mass Christmas Eve and couldn’t finish until in the afternoon the next day and my parents were making all sorts of noise so I couldn’t absorb the story properly (didn’t stop me crying in the last 30mins or so)
So I watched it again, uninterrupted in my room
And I think it feels short after Mirabel and her personal history as well as her current mission has been established, it’s like a full speed through all the Madrigal trauma.
She hears from Dolores that Luisa was twitchy so she finds Luisa and suddenly after a few annoying sibling jabs and qs, Luisa launches into her song Surface Pressure (which I adored) and then Mirabel gives her a hug, Luisa acknowledges she overdoes it and has too much pressure on herself. Move on.
Luisa tells Mirabel to go find Bruno’s room. Mirabel goes to his room. Finds the prophecy. Stresses about it. We Don’t Talk About Bruno sequence. Agustin finds out about the prophecy. Dolores finds out. Whole family finds out. Disaster engagement dinner.
Mirabel chases the rats. Finds Bruno. Finds out the truth about Bruno. Finds out the truth of the prophecy. Has to go find Isabela.
Argues for a hot second with Isa. Isa launches into her song. Mirabel sees her in a new light. Happy days.
Then Abuela comes home. They fight. Casita dies. Mirabel runs away.
Abuela finds Mirabel. They hash it out. Dos Oruguitas (*sobs*). Abuela’s trauma is addressed. Go home.
All of You. Rebuild the House. Doorknob scene (*more sobbing*). Ending.
And in many ways I would’ve loved if the warm colours Madrigals had more focus. More family time. But that’s just how it is given Mirabel is the focus.
But despite the almost speed run through the personal plights of the Madrigal kids, I think it almost makes sense.
Basically all Mirabel needed to do was let them vent and get their feelings out and listen and watch as they come to their own conclusions.
This isn’t to say that everything has been resolved and their inter-generational trauma has been fixed with one convo with a compassionate 15 year old. Indeed it really is just the foundation for a stronger family (as reflected by them rebuilding their home without powers and done together).
But that was never the point. It wasn’t to fix anything. It was to address that it was there. That pain was there. That they were all quietly suffering and they didn’t need to be! All it took was a compassionate ear and an acknowledgement that yes their feelings were real and valid and deserved attention and should not be repressed!
That goes for Luisa, Bruno, Isa and especially Abuela Alma, but the whole family too! despite desperately wanting to talk about their feelings and thoughts (see the entirety of We Don’t Talk About Bruno), they just shove it under a rug and soldier on. But Mirabel pokes at their reasoning once or twice and the dam bursts.
And just by acknowledging these feelings and thoughts, they come out so much freer and happier. Before Luisa started to feel her strength disappearing, she seemed more centred and less tense after her song. Isa obviously experiencing a cultural revolution by exploring completely new and imperfect plants she had never thought she could produce. Bruno, despite dodging Mirabel, actively invited her back to his little home in the walls of casita because she gave him the warmth and acceptance and assurance that he wasn’t a bad guy that he’d desperately craved since he’d gotten his gift!
Alma, after 50-odd years of repressed grief and service as the lone leader not only of her family but the whole village finally returned to the place where her husband was murdered and she had been blessed with the miracle and realised how much she had been restricting and pressuring her own family, out of fear and desperation not to lose anyone else. And she realises the blessing of Mirabel coming into her life to realise that the gift was her family and not the magical perks. Where originally the miracle was born out of grief and anguish and desperation to protect the remains of Alma’s family and people, the casita was destroyed by this same grief and desperation and anger. It was never a strong enough foundation to last. But then the casita magic was reborn and returned once the family AND THE TOWN came together to rebuild out of love.
So yeah it does feel very short. And I agree we should be getting a tv show!! But while I would’ve loved more other content within the movie regarding other characters, I don’t think I would’ve changed how they approached addressing Luisa, Bruno, Isa and Alma’s personal traumas. While quick, it really implied what Mirabel did in listening to them, was just a first step in a direction they never thought they could go down. The songs didn’t try to do too much or suggest everything was immediately ok. The pain and effects are still there. But now at least it’s out in the open.
So anyway yeah I warded off sleep to write down these thoughts. Idk if it makes sense
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sparklyaxolotlstudent · 5 days ago
Abuela Alma was right: It’s all Mirabel fault.
Another theory out of spite, because I’m tired of all the theories about Mirabel being the next candle holder, about Mirabel’s gift, and/or about Mirabel wiping her hands.
There is not a single Holder of the Candle. The Candle, the miracle, was born out of the bonds of family, their union and how they relate to and with each other.
For years, Alma Madrigal lead the family, and the town, as best as she could. She was strict, and no-nonsense. She didn’t know why they were granted the miracle, but she feared that it could be taken away any moment, so she strived so that herself, and her children, would always be worthy of the miracle and the gifts it bestowed.
But as we know, the miracle was freely given, no need to earn it. Alma’s attitude put in risk the very thing she was trying to protect: Her family.
By the time her grandchildren were born, the idea that the Miracle and the gifts had to be earned was very much ingrained in Alma. She loved her family, and her family loved her, but due to the trauma and her fear, they also feared disappointing her, and the consequences that that might incur, and the bonds of her family, strong like steel, had started to weaken.
They needed to talk about how they were feeling, but no one really wanted to do it out of fear.
Casita, and the Miracle, are clearly not human, but wanted to help their family to get all in the open, and made a plan. If one of the children was without a Miracle, everyone will surely help them and repair the bonds!
But that ended up not happening. Ironically, out of love, they accepted the non-gifted child as any other, and everyone kept suffering in silence. The bonds weakening.
Mirabel grew as a non-magical person in a house full of magical people.
Mirabel is the first to notice something was wrong, because, in a moment of vulnerability, she was honest with herself. She felt like she didn’t belong with that family, so she was the first to be able to se the cracks in the foundation of Casita. Of Home.
And then she goes on her magical journey of self-discovery, and while there, she lends an ear to hear the woes of her sisters. And they break down their own barriers: They’re not happy.
She makes Luisa admit, even to herself, that she feels like she has to serve, otherwise her life has no purpose. She reassures Luisa that she doesn’t have to carry the world on her shoulders. It’s okay to stop and smell the flowers!
And speaking of flowers… She makes Isabela admit that the perfect life that Mirabel is so jealous of, is a fabricated lie, she feels that she has to put on a persona so Abuela, the family and the town are happy. Again, Mirabel makes Isabela realize that this is not necessary, and while taking other people in consideration is nice, she should live her own life, in her own terms.
The candle shines the brightest because Mirabel’s relationship with Isabela was one of the most damaged. They hated each other guts. It was barely noticeable with Luisa because their relationship wasn’t on bad terms, Mirabel just hadn’t realized how bad Luisa was feeling.
And then Abuela and Mirabel fight, and the house gets destroyed.
And it was Mirabel’s fault.
But you know what?
This was necessary!
Yep, baity title. My mom likes to watch the “Home and health” channel, and A LOT of shows are about renovating house. You know what they do when a house becomes unlivable? The demolish and make a new one!
And this is what happened in Encanto. The way they were living was unsustainable. It was bound to destroy the family eventually. So Casita and the Miracle, decided, basically, that they would sacrifice themselves so the family could heal. So their situation could become livable again.
Unfortunately, they’re not human, so their wishes and methods were not precisely understood, and it took them a while to do the whole thing.
Mirabel doesn’t have a gift, never had, and never will. She doesn’t have a special connection to Casita, she isn’t meant to take the Leader of the House role from Abuela. She just is.
And that doesn’t make her any less special than the rest of her family.
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alloutdisneyfan · a month ago
the storm part 2 of encanto au
part 1 of the second au:
*mentions of character death/burns/fire/blood/violence*
song recommendation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGGWhOUYObc
The townspeople are usually really suspicious of turq and osha because they never really come out much and if they do it’s not in the town it’s in the jungle to either collect food or play with some animals other than that they don’t interact with people especially since they know how people treated Bruno. It’s been 5 years since Bruno moved in and everything has been really smooth and happy but at some point or another, there has to be some rain or even a storm.
past: Turq and osha(in their human forms) was in town searching for a certain seasoning for some food, Osha got enough attention by the dress(made by Bruno as a b-day gift) she was wearing and she was just being followed around by all these kids complimenting her and wanting to dance with her
Tumblr media
meanwhile, Turq was being harassed by this man that would not leave her alone for anything in the world even when she cussed him out it didn’t work so she eventually had to say that she had a husband (she basically does) and the man was so nosey he even wanted to know who her “husband” was and that was when it was time to go home so she pulled Osha away from the kids and quickly left but this man was now furious and didn’t like being rejected, married or not he will have you and if you keep saying no that’s the last word you will say, so when turq wasn’t looking he followed her home and that’s when he saw Bruno outside waiting for them. Frederick Gocia (the stalker) was a very evil man with a kind face and he thought if he can’t have her nobody can so he ran to the madrigal family and told them the situation BUT he also said that Turq had been harassing HIM and that she was a witch, he wasn’t wrong with that part she is a witch but a nice one, Abuela was furious about this and decided to get the town involved in the problem saying “if they ever come in this town again show them the way out”
sunset 5-6:00 pm
Osha was in town by herself wanting to play with some kids and hang with Mirabel and Camilo (yes they are friends) but that wasn’t going to happen. Thanks to Abuela osha was getting strange looks while she was in town and right after she noticed Camilo and Mirabel grabbed and rushed her to the side
Cami: you need to leave
Mira(Mirabel): you need to leave NOW
Cami: Like the town just LEAVE
Osha was generally confused about what he was saying but instead of asking questions she was going to run off but before she could Camilo’s mom (Pepa) grabbed both cami and Mira tightly away from osha
Mira: RUN Osha just GO
without a second thought osha ran off back to her home in a panic, so much was going through her mind “did I do something wrong? “did they find out?” “what’s happening?” while she was running she felt like she was being watched the entire time so she speeds up running on all fours back home(and just a little tip, Bruno, osha, and turq don’t live in the hill anymore they live in a large treehouse, and bruno has a pet Jaguar that attacked him 3 years ago and has a scar on his right eye) “moooooooom” “brunooooo” “we have a problema” she screamed running up to her house
Bruno: what’s wrong princess?
“my friends they said we have to leave, but I do-”
before she could finish she and turq heard stomping in the near distance, it took a while for Bruno to hear it because his hearing isn’t like theirs. after a few short minutes, half of the village and the Madrigal family was near their treehouse with torches in their hands (it’s about 7 o’clock about now). Turq being the proud woman she is went down to greet them in the most family manner she could .” may I help you?” she said in a polite tone, Abuela didn’t take kindly to it at all
“We need you and your....family to leave” The way she said “family” would have made you think she despised the word itself
“and may I ask what for?”
for terrorizing this good man here and with associating yourself with HIM, Turq looked over to the man who had shown himself and almost threw up and lashed out then and there
turq: first of all I have done nothing of the sort it’s actually quite the opposite THIS man here harasses ME almost on a daily basis and who is this MAN you speak of?
Frederick: you said you have a husband didn’t you?
turq forgot that she said that she had a husband and wished she hadn’t made the comment a few seconds ago
turq: yes I do but what does he have to do with anything?
Abuela: we all know who it is so he doesn’t have to hide but I rather not see his face
turq: so let me get this straight, you want me to take my daughter and my.... husband and just walk off into the wilderness at NIGHT? can you at least give us until dawn?
Abuela: until dawn that is it.
after everyone went back to their homes, it was insanity at Turq’s because their treehouse wasn’t really small it was very big and as always big houses have lot’s of things in them so everybody was scrambling with what they could bring and what they couldn’t and where on earth they were going when it came to 12 o’clock osha was told to go to sleep until 7 because Bruno had the brilliant idea to just leave when osha was asleep but Tuq wasn’t going for it.
It was a sunny day at the treehouse and Osha just woke up with a big happy stretch, after that she walked out of her room but only to see that her mother and Bruno were on the floor with blood on them, she rushed over to see if one of them were alive but they were both pale (osha’s mom has a dark chocolate skin/fur color so it would be hard to see paleness in someone like that) and none of them budged she happened to turn around out of hopelessness and the house was on fire she turned back to her mother and uncle there was a gun in her face then the sound of a gunshot.
end of nightmare
Osha shot up screaming bloody murder to the point where Bruno heard her and he’s a hard sleeper, turq was outside with a rifle in hand because she felt something was going to go wrong aka she couldn’t help at that moment instead Bruno ran to her room with worry on his face, when he saw her on the bed looking like she just ran a marathon he rushed over to ask if she was ok “I..you...mom...you....you were....” “hey hey calm down, tell me what happened” “you and mom you were de-gone and the house was on fire and there was a gun and a shot and” “ alright alright slow down you're okay I’m here mom’s here we’re all here
after he said that a gunshot was heard but it wasn’t turn's it was somebody else’s and before osha and Bruno could do anything a liquor bottleS with a burning rag was thrown into the house, osha was filled with rage so she went out to help her mother who was handling her own business and this is just what she looks like for reference
Tumblr media
right now Turq is clawing and knocking out anyone she can get her hands on at this point and while Osha’s trying to help in her wolf form she’s getting hurt badly but doesn’t really care, Bruno is helping out too and the only reason he knows how to fight is because Turq taught him how, she wasn’t going to have two idiots in her house, but what osha and Bruno didn’t watch out for is flying fire bottles and they both got hit, for Bruno, it was he left eye and for osha, it was the back of her head. They both put it out in time because they still lived near a lake but that just gave an advantage to the people who were trying to hurt them but thankfully Turq was nearby and wasn’t having it and sliced the two people who were trying to drown them
all this was just because of misunderstandings, greed, and spitefulness
more to come ;)
feel free to share or reblog :)
chapter playlist:
outcast nf:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7MYJ8Kxhwc
intro III NF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdLLRj1Ge7g
control halley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so8V5dAli-Q
copycat billie eilish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebb5AinKxWI
paint it black ciara: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYPWxymohWs
therapy session nf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgMzxQW2raE
how villains are made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plPtZPem94o
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