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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#she was so confused

my mom was leaving a friends house and saw a squirrel and it didnt have a tail so he was talking abt it & wasnt paying attention to the road and i told her to watch the road & she said “sorry, squirrel moment” and i



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Throwback to that time I was picking a DND character name with my mom and in the recommended names for my race was “Hentye”

I then proceeded to cough up a lung dying of laughter

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the other day in class we were taking notes and this girl that sits behind me asked for help so i helped her and she tells me that i’m a good person and my friend that was watching the whole thing started laughing so the girl is kinda confusing and my friend tells her, and i quote. “i just think it’s hills that you ser good in this devil” and i….

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Kinda funny

So I got this gf, right. Well since we live on other sides of the state, many people at my school dont know I have one. So explaining that is fun.

I have a male friend who had grabbed my water bottle and held it away from me jokingly. Its important to not he also has a girlfriend. This girl starts ‘ooooo'ing (like a goddamn five year old).

We passed saying at almost the exact same time

“I have a girlfriend.”

Cue girl looking shocked and yelling what?! She came up to me and questioned me.. blah blah.

I just thought this was funny and wanted to share

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Hi. I'm really enjoying your Libahunt story. Just out of curiosity, was the name Grigori random or did you pick it out from something? I'm only asking because I saw one of Smii7y's death run videos and it had a character named Father Grigori. If you've already answered this type of question, it's totally fine. I was just curious about where you got the name.

The name of Grigori was found when @firstaidquarters and I went searching for a bad ass name. I found some evil stuff, Bels found a porn site. XD Omg you guys I was in tears from how she reacted to it. But she is technically the one who ended up finding the name. I just call him Greg. 

But yeah, Grigori’s name is technically a hint as to what’s going on with him, but I ain’t saying much else about that. ^.^ 

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Yo I just had the best conversation about Kreids with my mom. She thought he was 29-30 years old and married with a baby. I had to inform her that he is actually a year younger than my brother and he is neither married nor does he have children. And now I can’t stop laughing about it.

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Sent my girlfriend a picture of some mums…

What the fuck? It looks like a dream catcher that was fucking thrown up on.

They just slapped a fucking teddy bear on it.

Wait? You fucking wear it?

I don’t understand. Is it a hair pen? Is it an apron?

Texas, explain.

@thegrimllama, are you okay?

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my friend trying to remember the name of falsettos:

  • whizzer
  • book of mormon
  • 2 bitching jews
  • lesbian from next door
  • whizzer has aids?!?
  • everyone has aids?!?
  • not the one with the light switch
  • 60’s maybe
  • rent?!?
  • whizzer’s dating a cheater
  • canon gay charecters
  • les from newsies?!?
  • marvin is the married boyfriend
  • everyone hates marvin
  • everyone hates chris?!?
  • “i don’t think you’ve written fanfiction about it?”
  • the odyssey?!?
  • a capellas?
  • chess games
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today while me and some of my classmates were talking about Kingdom Hearts

Our teacher: so are those like, the games where Mickey is evil?

Me: no but he wears a black coat so I get the confusion

classmate: oh yeah I always wondered, how DOES Mickey get an Organization XIII coat?

Me: Its not necessarily an Organization coat but a coat that lets you traverse between worlds without falling to the darkness

Our teacher: darkness?? well okay then

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