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#she wore it once to try it on eww
denial-permanente · 5 hours ago
Hello, firstly let me say I love the blog and how astute and deftly you handle the numerous asks you no doubt receive.
My partner and I are just beginning our journey of denial and I wanted to ask how easy it was and how long it took you to become settled in your new sex life? I have a strapon that I use on my partner while caged but after she’s climaxed I find that her interest in the whole idea plummets until she is horny again. How have you kept the ‘spark’ and maintained your interest in keeping him locked up even after you’ve climaxed?
First, thank you for mentioning our questions. I'm often surprised at how many we get, especially because we don't fit into the popular mistress and slave mold that is so common around here.
I can sort of understand what your partner is going through. Over the years, Tom has asked me to try different things, like bondage and stuff. Sometimes I'd try them once or twice, and then never again. Often Tom would be... upset or sad when I didn't do them again, because (he would tell me), I seemed to be enjoying myself quite a bit when I was in the middle of it. But afterward? I wouldn't be interested enough to do it again.
I was sort of the same way with him when we started using a strapon faux cock (I still hate the term "strapon." Isn't there something nicer?). In hindsight there were probably a few reasons.
One, and it's obvious now, is that most dildos are junk. They smell weird, they feel weird, and they are cold. What you don't realize is that a room temperature dildo is still 30 degrees colder than your insides. Yes, it might warm up, but when you first put it in it's... eww! 🥶
Another thing is that for a while, I always felt like I "should" want my husband inside me. I mean, I did of course, but I felt like it was something that I had to do for the intimacy.
I can't tell you exactly what happened, but after we had been doing this for quite a few years, I had a work assignment in another country, and I was gone for an entire month. Something "clicked" for me when I was there, because when I got back, I felt more... it was like my being gone and knowing I locked him before I left gave me confidence in my control. When I got back, I told him that I wanted to keep him locked up. And I did, for like another 6 months.
A lot of what helped me through this was that we already had the Vixskin, which was very lifelike. It didn't feel weird, and Tom used to warm it up. Plus, he figured out how to adjust things so that it felt natural when he wore it. And that natural position helped me by allowing me to feel his body against mine, which made everything feel more intimate.
I would purposely see how long I could go without feeling the need to unlock him. When I got to feeling comfortable with the situation after 2 months, I knew that I could do this indefinitely. So... practicing? lol, I'm not sure if this helps.
On your end, just keep reassuring her that you enjoyed it, and that it was really exciting for you, and thank her for indulging your fantasy. She may not want to make it permanent, but she will probably learn to feel less weird about it.
Finally, most women aren't thinking about sex 24/7 like men seem to do. You might just be asking her when sex is the farthest thing from her mind. If she enjoys it sometimes, then just let her enjoy it, and don't try to analyze or obsess over it.
Tumblr media
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captnjacksparrow · a month ago
I always see people for say SS fans making paralles of the relationship between Sarada and Boruto as a Sakura and Sasuke one. Saying for example "I feel like, just as for Sasuke it was always Sakura, for Boruto it will always be Sarada." And ...what a shit? They do just compare these 2 pairs because they are just 2 straight ships???
I don't like Boruto nor Sarada but they are in no way similar to SS dynamic. Also because SS had never proper battled even once together in canon, just twice in ova and movie, excluding the gaiden.
Tumblr media
While Sakura raised this girl, it's obvious that they are trying to portray her as with Sasuke personality, I think. Tho she still has some Sakura features.
I can not say they are as SNS because these 2 are lame, but I think they will be endgame in the end
But anyway what do you think, in question of their relationship and whom does Sarada maybe... resembles" the most?
Oh these SS jokers!!!!
Boruto series is a big joke which has nothing to talk about in a serious discussion. Even if we are blind in both eyes, the way that Boruto brat speaks and reacts are very similar to Naruto.
How can SS shippers take Boruto in place of Sasuke??? I really wonder.
That Brat never acquired any of those Sasuke's characteristic attributes, say, analytical ability, sharp decision making skills or logical sense or a signature Jutsu passed down from Sasuke.... Nothing.... And they are standing at 200+ episodes. By this time, Naruto had already learnt 'Kuchiyose No Jutsu' and his signature 'Rasengan' from Jiraiya... And his ideals as well, that is, 'A Shinobi is someone who endures and never give up'.... [[What is Sasuke's Ninja Way anyway? I never saw any mention of this in the Manga]]
What did Boruto learn from Sasuke??
In my opinion, Nothing. Atleast, for now.
Other than the Raiton (Lightening) Element, they don't have anything in common. So, Boruto is just a clone of Naruto. That's all!!
Tumblr media
In this Much-Touted Dark opening, Boruto was seen wearing Sasuke’s Cape, acquired Sasuke’s Sword and Hitai-Ate (Head Band). This is very similar to how Boruto wore Naruto’s classic Orange Jumpsuit in Boruto Movie. So, Boruto will eventually learn to handle Katana at some point. When we look at the above picture, Boruto really resembles Sasuke.
So, Boruto is the representation Naruto + Sasuke. Not just Sasuke or just Naruto. 
As for Sarada, 
Ummm.... She is definitely not like Sakura in many aspects. 
Like Salad is neither Horny nor Extremely Selfish unlike her mother. She is not a bitch towards her other teammates Mitsuki and Kawaki whereas Sakura was a total S-Class bitch towards Naruto or anyone else other than Sasuke. Salad makes battle plans for her teammates unlike that Horny Good-for-Nothing idiot who performed a Clown Show before Madara without discussing with her teammates... Eww... 
At the same time, Sarada was introduced in Boruto the Movie, with Sakura's characteristics not like Sasuke. Sometimes, she speaks in an insensitive manner towards Boruto, just like her mom.
Tumblr media
Even in Gaiden, Salad was punching stuffs here and there and that was seen as her Power Display. She is good at Shuriken Jutsu and knows Katon No Jutsu. Now that she had learnt Chidori, I think that's the extent of Sasuke we can see in her. I don’t think we will ever see Sarada awakening Mangekyou Sharingan and using Susanoo. Because, Overusing MS will lose eye sight unless they have a Sibling who can give EMS, which Sarada don’t. And Sasuke only has EMS in one eye. 
We all know, Boruto is a Monthly Manga, Right?... So, Every Pages and Panels really counts and they won’t be dedicating panels for some useless or random stuffs. There are some informative panels which the Anime hasn’t explored yet. I think they plan to develop in detail in the upcoming episodes. 
That is, 100 Healings Jutsu which Tsunade developed and Sakura also mastered. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All these conversation happens right before Jigen Fight. But the Anime never animated these scenes. Look at how many panels dedicated to this information.
Which means we can easily see 3 or 4 episodes dedicated to Sarada where she is learning this Jutsu and find out the mystery of Karma which can eventually help Boruto and Kawaki in the Future. I mean, she doesn’t have to be just a Healer like Sakura, I could see Sarada evolve this Jutsu and find a new variant of it and awaken a mini Karma in her Forehead just like Sakura.... Maybe after the Time Skip. 
And that’s why I feel, Sarada won’t be using Susanoo in the future because it will never help Boruto in the Battle. Whereas this Byakugou No Jutsu might!!!! (I am just speculating)
In any case, Sarada is a better and useful version of Sakura. There’s no doubt about it. And maybe because of personal Bias, I simply couldn’t see Sasuke in this girl. 
Anyways, they will be the Endgame for sure. Whether they resembles a Clown version of SNS or a better version of SS or a new version of NS, is yet to be seen. 
SNS is all about overflowing love, equal standing, devotion and unconditional Care.
SS is simply toxic, thirsty, horny, abusive and dysfunctional. I really don’t think this disgusting ship’s dynamics will be repeated ever again. SS peeps can delude whatever they want, but this is not happening.
NS is miles better compared to SS/NH and looked fun in Movies and Fillers. 
In my opinion, BoruSara aesthetically looks like SNS but their dynamics is a better version of NS, I mean, minus Sakura’s stupid Punch and rabid obsession towards Sasuke. I simply can’t see a single shred of SNS dynamics in these idiots. 
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cobrakaisb · 7 months ago
hi bestie! i’ve had this idea for a while, but i haven’t seen it. can you do like a head cannon of what miguel, robby, and eli/hawk would be like as an older brother? it can be totally based off what you think :) thank you <3
of course! sorry it took me a while but i needed to to be perfect. i also added two bonus boys at the end (hope you don’t mind). little note: i wrote this with a fem reader in mind because of the mentions of periods. 
Having the Cobra Kai boys as older brothers
Tumblr media
you and miguel are so close
the age difference does not affect him at all
he is very protective of you before cobra kai
but once he joins cobra kai that over protectiveness 📈📈📈
let’s just say that this kid is bothering you
miguel definitely notices and scares them off
you act annoyed about it, but you’re highkey grateful that he did that
“my brother is the all valley champ so back the fuck off”
you were so excited for him at the all valley
you wore one of his cobra kai shirts and everything
miguel is so supportive of whatever extra curricular you do
karate? yes he stans, theater? you bet he’s at all your shows, dance? you know he’s bringing you some flowers, another sport? he’s at every game cheering for you
miguel knows about periods, and he has no shame in buying you tampons/pads
“hey y/n, i noticed you were running low so i got you some more” 🥺🥺 
you wear his hoodies all the time
they are very big on you, but very comfy
you help him with sam
“i punched her in the face” “what why?”
“y/n what do you think about this?” “it looks great miguel. sam will love it”
when he dates tory you're a little on edge about it
“miguel, weren’t you like trying to win sam back two days ago?” “i like tory now” “okayy” 
johnny loves you as much as he loves miguel
y’all hang out together
his friends are your friends and vice versa
your friends definitely think that miguel is cute but “eww that’s my brother”
when miguel is in the coma you blame johnny
“he showed mercy because of you! you did this!”
but then you cry into his chest
when miguel wakes up you’re at school
you don’t find out until after school when carmen picks you up
you hug him so tight, rambling about how much you love him
“i love you too y/n now get off me”
you can’t keep up with his love life
“y/n i’m with sam again” “what?” 
overall your bond is amazing and you couldn’t ask for a better brother
Tumblr media
you and robby both live with your mother (because we aren’t basic here)
you’re the odd one out (your mom does drugs and robby sells them)
“you got caught with molly? i thought you and sara were hooking up?” “the drug y/n”
when robby starts being friends with those punk kids, the two of you start to drift
you actually go to school, unlike him
“just skip y/n” “no robby”
it isn’t until he gets back on track because of daniel that you two start getting close again
“i’m gonna get back on track y/n i promise” and you believe him
you go to the skatepark with him
he skates while you read or draw or skate (whatever you’re into tbh)
when you’re on your period robby will buy you stuff, but he doesn’t like to
he feels so awkward about it
“um are these the right ones?” “yes thank you”
robby gives the best hugs (idk why he just does)
i feel like robby is also really good at reading emotions
like he knows when you’ve had a bad day at school or when you’re stressed about something
he also knows how to cheer you up :)))
“i know you did not just eat cereal with water???” “and what about it?”
when your mom comes back after being gone for days robby pulls you behind him
because he really doesn’t want you to be exposed to that
you cry into robby’s chest once she leaves
“why can’t she just be our mom?”
when daniel asks robby to move in with him he denies
but quickly explains that he can’t leave you
daniel tells robby that you can come too
“thanks for helping my brother mr.larusso, i really appreciate it”
you definitely walk in on robby and sam making out at some point
“hey robby- oh my god i’m so sorry” slaps hand over eyes and immediately leaves the room
when robby pushes miguel off the balcony it's the first time you’re genuinely scared of him
you visit him in jail, but it takes awhile for you to go
“i’m sorry y/n” “i know robby”
you just understand each other
when robby joins cobra kai he tries to get you in too
you agree to one lesson, and know it’s not for you
you have many arguments about this
“he’s brainwashing you!” “he knows what’s best for me, for us!”
robby feels so betrayed when he finds out you’re staying with johnny
the two of you definitely drift after that, but you find your way back to each other, you always do
Tumblr media
okay so before he flips the script you defend eli, no matter what
you cry with him about the bullies and definitely try to fight kyler more than once
you wear his sweaters (fight me on it)
you encourage him to do karate
when he flips the script you’re very happy for him he finally feels confident in himself and you love that for him
now the roles are reversed
hawk protects you now
no one even dares to look at you because they are scared of him
i feel like he has a tattoo for you, whether that's your name or your favorite flower idk but he gets one for you
“um wow okay we’re doing that now” “do you like it or not?” “yeah but i wasn’t expecting it”
sometimes he’ll let you pick his hair color “how about purple” “maybe” 😉
he definitely flirts with your friends “hello ladies!” “hi hawk!” “get out!”
you’re the only one that is allowed to call him eli
“eli i need ten dollars?” “for what?” “a snack” *hands over the money*
“eli can i have your sweatshirt? i’m cold” “yeah take it”
“i can’t, me and eli are going to the movies today”
one day you’re sitting with him and his minions (you refuse to call them friends) at lunch
“so eli” -one of the cobra kais “shut the fuck up! you can’t call him that!” -you
hawk has a proud brother moment
anything that you do hawk is like “fuck yeah that’s my sibling!”
his friends are not allowed to look at you, talk to you, have a crush on you, or even think about you
“woah dude she’s hot” “that’s my fucking sister! stay away from her!”
“eli who’s your friend-” “NO!” 
as eli he will buy you period products but is very shy about it
as hawk he will not be caught dead in that isle of cvs
“eli i need them!” “i don’t care! i’ll drive you there and you can run in and get them”
when hawk breaks demetri’s arm you don't speak to him for weeks
you confront him about his new behavior
“this is who i am!” “no it’s not! you’re not my brother!” 
you’re crying and then storm off to your room
that breaks him
is highkey the start of his redemption
when he’s at the fight at the larusso house, and he sees demetri about to get his arm broken, he thinks of your words: “you're not my brother!”
literally motivates him to fix things
you see hawk and demitri and just know that your brother is back
you hug him so tight
“you were right y/n. i’m sorry” “of course i was. i’m always right” “gee thanks” “love you”  
Tumblr media
bonus demetri:
he is a nerd, you are a nerd
the two of you watch star wars, marvel, harry potter, etc. together 
“daddy anakin” “please shut the fuck up”
you want to punch him in the face because he is so sarcastic 
it gets on your nerves 
bust out laughing when johnny makes fun of his pi shirt 
“stop laughing” “if it’s funny i'm gonna laugh”
even though you’re a nerd you’re cool 
like you have a lot of friends in your grade 
“demetri if i don’t talk to you at the halloween party that’s why” gestures to his costume 
listen to his rants about how eli’s changed 
you try to give him advice, but it doesn’t work out
so proud of him when he joins miyagi-do
“i'm glad you’re stepping out of your comfort zone” 
demetri tries to get you to join miyagi-do
if you do join great more sibling bonding
if you don’t join no biggie y’all are still besties
y’all go to the comic book store together
its sibling bonding time
you threaten to fight hawk after the laser tag thing 
“hey asshole you leave my brother alone!” 
you sign his cast first
you definitely write some inside joke that only the two of you understand
you see him kissing yas and do a whole 🤮
“so you dating yas?” “idk why” “just checking”
very obvious about your distaste for her
when him and hawk become friends again you’re very wary
“he broke your arm” “he apologized” “he broke your arm!!!”
eventually you and hawk are on semi decent terms
“demetri forgave you and that’s fine but i’m still not over it”
your relationship = the perfect mix of love and teasing  
bonus bonus king bert 🙌🏻:
you are older than him by like a year
but you’re still besties for life 
you’re very proud of him when he joins cobra kai
“im joining a karate dojo” “period pop off”
you always ruffle his hair 
cheer for him at the all valley
“yeah bert!”
but also like you can’t watch 
when he gets eliminated you cringe 
he’s sad about it 
“i just wanted to impress you” “im very impressed bert, you did great” 
your opinion matters so much to him
he’s such a small cinnamon roll 🥺🥺
seeing him with the older cobra kai boys makes you soft
“y/n i’m going out with hawk and miguel can you drive me?” 
bert admires you a lot, like you are his hero
y’all are the best sibling duo and that’s on period
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romanogers101 · 2 months ago
This is a one shot that's set in the same universe as Posture is KEY (I might just add more one shots to this universe in the future when inspiration strikes). I forgot about it and then I saw the Black Widow movie on July 8. I looked back and realized that I had promised @naaadineee98 the whole thing but I didn’t know what else to do with it. So, here’s a one shot where Yelena raves over her Maid of Honor dress that she wore to Nat’s wedding.
Also, for some reason, this AU that I made has it so that Nat was born in 1928 rather than 1984. Everybody here is old like Steve but remain looking young because they all have some sort of superserum. In this AU, everybody was part of a mission like the one in the movie but it took place much earlier and they took down the Red Room much earlier, as well. The family have been reunited for longer and they have a better relationship since they had more time to reconnect.
The Black Widow movie has made me want more Widow family fanfiction and the ones that I have read so far are just perfection. I’m still angry with Avengers: Endgame for doing Natasha so dirty though.
[hallway of the wedding venue]
Melina [in hallway]: Yelena, what’s taking you so long?
Yelena [in her room]: I’m trying to do my hair.
[something being set down in anger is heard]
Yelena: FUCK!
Melina: Yelena, let me into your room. Stop getting angry. I’ll help you get ready. [Alexei walks into the hallway wearing pajamas]
Melina: Alexei, why aren’t you dressed?!
Alexei: We don’t have to be ready for another 30 minutes and suits are uncomfortable.
Melina: [shaking head] Please go get dressed. You have to walk Natasha down the aisle.
Alexei: [flexing while walking back to his and Melina’s room] Fine. I’ll go stuff this muscular physique into that cloth prison you call formal wear.
Melina: [winking and speaking in a sultry voice] If you do… I’ll make it worthwhile once the wedding and reception is over~
Yelena: [standing in her open doorway] Eww, gross. Please don’t be like this at the wedding in front of everybody.
Melina: [walking into Yelena’s room and sitting down on the couch and motioning at Yelena to sit on the ground in front of her] Lena, you should be happy that your parents are still in love and that your father has regained his physique after years in jail.
Yelena: [sitting on the ground and grimacing] Mama, the two of you love each other too much. Wait, is Natasha going to be like this now that she’s marrying Steve?
Melina: [brushing Yelena’s hair] I’m sure that they’ll be worse than Papa and I. Now, sit still and let me braid your hair.
Yelena: [smooths down dress] Ugh. At least this wedding has an open bar and Natasha got bridesmaids dresses with pockets.
Melina: [braiding Yelena’s hair] You’re really that excited about pockets?
Yelena: Yes! It has POCKETS! Do you know how many dresses don’t?!
[Melina tightens the braids a bit too hard]
Yelena: Ow! What was that for?
Melina: You moved and your braid became loose. I had to tighten it.
[5 minutes later]
Melina: Alright, you can get up now. You look beautiful sweetheart.
Yelena: [gets up off the ground and opens her phone camera] Thank you! Where’s Papa?
Alexei: [walking into Yelena’s room] I’m ready to do this!
Melina: [grabbing her bag] I’m going to go check up on your sister to see if she’s ready. Yelena, you’re the Maid of Honor, come with me.
Yelena: [begrudgingly following Melina] Do I have to? She’s probably all set to go. Y’know, she’s like you… the two of you are always prepared ahead of time.
Alexei: [sitting down on the couch in Yelena’s room] Let me know when she’s ready to go. I’m going to go see what’s on the television.
Melina: Try not to get wrinkles in your suit!
[wedding reception]
Hope: Yelena, that’s a really cute dress!
Yelena: [beaming] Thanks! It has POCKETS!
Natasha: [walking over and hugging Yelena] If I hear you exclaim that your dress has pockets, I will make sure that at least one of your organs will be inside those pockets.
Yelena: [sighing] Fine, you won’t hear me talking about my pockets again.
Natasha: [letting Yelena go] Thank you. Now, where is that husband of mine?
[minutes later]
Sam: Nice dress!
Yelena: [whispering] Thanks, it has pockets too!
Sam: Why are you whispering? Yelena: [continuing to whisper] My sister said that she’s going to kill me if she has to hear me tell one more person that my dress has pockets.
Sam: Ah, yes. Natasha is quite scary.
[Yelena’s room]
[Melina is wearing pajamas and ready to go to sleep while Yelena is still in her dress]
Melina: [lightly tapping Yelena’s shoulder] Lena, wake up and take a shower. I took your braids out but there’s still hairspray in your hair. Also, you stink of alcohol.
Yelena: [still half-asleep and definitely drunk] Thank you Mama.
Yelena: [slowly standing up and twirling around] Mama, my dress has pockets!
Melina: [exasperated] I know my little spider. It’s a beautiful dress.
Melina: [under her breath] Next time someone brings booze from outer space, I’m making sure that you and your father stay away from it.
Alexei: [passed out on the couch in his and Melina’s room… two doors down] *SNORE!*
Melina: [quietly] What the fuck?! I’m not going to be able to sleep there tonight.
Yelena: [now asleep on her bed (still in her dress)] *zzz*
Melina: [turning the lights off and talking to herself while heading to Yelena’s couch] I give up. I guess I’m going to have to stay here if I want to get any sleep.
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padfoot-and-prongsie · 9 months ago
Arranging Fate || Regulus Black
Character: Regulus Black
Word Count: 3k
Requested: Yes, by @innernutbeard​
Summary: After your parents arrange your marriage with Regulus Black, you slowly find yourself falling for the boy who does everything to drive you crazy.
Warnings: Swearing, sexual innuendos
Disclaimer: I did not make this gif, credit to the person who did
A/N: This was requested by @innernutbeard​! I loved the prompt and it was so fun to write <3
Tumblr media
You briskly walked into the Great Hall, heart pounding. Clutched tightly in your hand was the crisp letter from your mother stating the arrangement she had made with Walburga Black. You and her youngest son Regulus were to be married after you graduated from Hogwarts in two years. 
You could barely wrap your head around the idea, sure you had always found him attractive, but now you were supposed to marry him. Did he even like you, much less want to get married to you?
Regulus sat at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall, once more rereading the letter his mother had sent him, the letter that said he was to be married to Y/N L/N, the shy pretty girl he had known since first year. Her wealthy noble pureblood family was the exact type of people Walburga would want her good son to marry, providing the Blacks with more connections within the Wizarding World. 
Regulus had never seen you as more than just a fellow classmate until now, and as he watched you nervously step into the Great Hall, he found himself wondering how you felt about the news.
You quickly walked towards the Slytherin table to sit with your housemates. You shyly looked up at Regulus, then glanced back down at the floor. He had been staring at you since you walked in. You looked up again, then back down, trying to hide your glances but knowing he saw each one as his eyes hadn’t moved from your face.
You took a seat at the end of the table, several yards away from Regulus, unsure how to broach the subject with him yet. Regulus seemed to have other ideas though, as he picked up his plate of ham and eggs and walked down the stretch of benches.
You quickly looked down at your empty plate and grabbed a piece of toast. With a slight clatter, another plate, this one full of food, dropped down next to you. You didn’t need to look up to know who’s it was.
“Morning, love,” the last word was held out, as he rolled the idea of it over in his mind.
Your cheeks flushed red and you choked on your pumpkin juice. “Pardon?” you coughed, surprised by his bluntness.
The bench moved beside you and Regulus dropped his tall body into the seat next to you.
“You did get the letter, right love?” This time a smile played at his lips as he called you “love” again.
You forced yourself to look at him. “I did,” you replied stiffly.
Regulus noted with a grin how red your cheeks had become. “Then why so flustered, love?” 
He knew full well that he had said “love” way too many times in the past few minutes, but he was trying to get a feel for you, testing the waters. And right now, he could see that you were easily embarrassed.
“I’m not flustered,” you defended, “I’m just still trying to wrap my head around everything.”
“In a good why though, right?” He asked.
You raised an eyebrow. “How do you mean?”
Regulus grinned. “Like you can’t believe the stroke of good luck that just got you betrothed to someone as charming and good looking as me.”
“Good looking is not the word I’d use,” you muttered under your breath.
“Should I have said devilishly handsome, sexy, attractive?” Regulus tried.
More like bloody hot, you thought, though instead you said, “I’d go with ‘a slight upgrade from a niffler’.”
“Good thing for me women find nifflers cute,” Regulus winked, stepping up from the bench. “See you around, love.” As an afterthought he added, “Is it too early for a goodbye kiss?”
Your eyes widened in surprise and you were sure your cheeks were flaming again.
Regulus grinned at your blush. “I’ll take that as a yes.”
After that you began to notice Regulus everywhere. You could barely step into a room without first noting if he was there. And at that, Regulus did seem everywhere, as he had taken a sudden interest in you and made it his obligation to sit next to you in class, bump your shoulder in the halls, and sneak up behind you in the common room. To top it off he had taken a liking in shamelessly flirting with you whenever he could, causing your face to be constantly red whenever he was in the room.
You weren’t complaining though. You actually quite enjoyed his persistence, finding it just fine to be bothered by the better looking of the Black brothers and your would-be husband, though that last part you still couldn’t fully come to terms with. But for now, you let it go, even flirting back every so often just to catch him off guard.
That evening you had gone for a walk, enjoying the one nice day in the otherwise cold and rainy December. Your feet had unconsciously led you towards the quidditch pitch where it seemed the Slytherin team had just finished up practice.
“Fancy seeing you here, love,” Said a voice directly behind you, causing you to jump violently.
“Damn you, Black,” you cursed, placing a hand on your chest, trying to steady your racing heart.
Regulus laughed at the way he had scared you, knowing full well that you hated it.
“Whoops, my bad,” he said, still shaking in laughter.
You glared at Regulus, partially annoyed with yourself for letting him scare you so bad when you knew he was a seeker and would therefore be at practice.
“What are you doing here?” he asked, slipping his quidditch bag over his shoulder. “You weren’t trying to sneak a peek at me in the locker room now where you?” Regulus wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.
You scrunched up your nose. “Eww no.” Though a slight brush rose to your cheeks at the thought.
It was no doubt he was, in your own words, bloody hot. And boy did he know it. Even now you couldn’t help yourself from taking small side glances at him, his muscles tight from quidditch practice and showing predominantly through his shirt. 
Regulus noticed your attempt to subtly check him out. Smirking, he ran a hand through his thick dark hair, simultaneously stretching the shirt tighter against his abs.
Regulus winked. “Enjoying the view love?” He asked.
If possible, your face got even redder and you shyly looked away. “Nope, not at all,” you quickly said, a bad attempt to cover it up.
Regulus’s smirk got bigger. “You are a terrible liar, love,” he said teasingly, taking a few steps closer. “You have permission to openly gawk at me anytime.”
You gulped at his close proximity, heat rushing to your face, your heart racing.
Regulus grinned. He enjoyed the effect he had on you, the way he could so easily fluster you.
“By the way, mum invited you over for Christmas break. She wants to properly meet her future daughter-in-law.”
“Oh okay,” you said, still trying to regain your composure. “I think my mum briefly mentioned that in her letter this morning.”
“I suggested separate rooms, but if you can’t keep yourself away from me I’m sure we can make some new arrangements.” Regulus said, winking.
Your coloring had finally returned to normal, but at those words your cheeks went red once more. You looked down at the floor and muttered a gruff, “I think separate rooms will be fine.”
Regulus shook his head in silent laughter. It was so easy to get to you.
“You know you’re cute when your flustered, love” he said, his comment only making you blush harder. “Fortunately for me that happens quite often.” He winked, before stepping past you, making his way back towards the school and leaving you red faced and frozen standing in the grass.
You walked stiffly through the large doors of number 12 Grimmauld place. It was your first ever visit to the home of the Black family. 
It was the week of Christmas, just three days after you had come home from Hogwarts, and now you stood in the doorway of your in-laws to be. Your mother had gushed about the opportunity to visit the Blacks and spend time with them for the holidays, but you struggled to find her same enjoyment. Regulus had actually turned out all right, but from the few times you had seen Walburga she had down right terrified you and Sirius Black wasn’t your favorite person at Hogwarts.
“Who's there?” A sharp voice asked, and you heard the click of heels down the hall.
“M-m-me,” you stuttered, startled by the harsh tone of the voice. “Y/N L/N,” you added.
The footsteps grew louder and a tall thin woman rounded the corner. Her thick dark hair was in an elaborate updo and she wore dark red robes. Her burgundy lips seemed to be permanently pursed and she held her head up high, causing her to look down at you in an almost judging matter. So this was Regulus’s mother.
“You are a pretty one now aren’t you?” Walburga said, almost as if she were speaking to someone else. “I do pick right, yes I do.”
You looked down at the floor, trying to avoid her critical gaze. You felt uncomfortable by the way she spoke about you.
“Look at me when I’m speaking darling,” Walburga instructed. “A noble witch never looks down when being spoken to, but always up in respect.”
You quickly looked back up at her. “Yes ma’am,” you replied formally.
Walburga gave a curt nod. “Good.”
Then she turned to look down the hall. “Kreacher!” She yelled, snapping her fingers, “get Miss L/N’s bags and take them up to the guest room!”
There was a loud pop and a house elf, much older than your own family’s, appeared in front of you. Kreacher wore a scraggly yellowed pillowcase knotted at his shoulder and his large ears flopped down in age. His eyes narrowed up at you over his bony hooked nose. In a manner almost as judgingly as his master, he eyed you, taking a read for you that left you desperately wanting to avert your eyes.
But not wanting to be scolded again by Walburga Black, you kept your head up, avoiding looking down at your shoes.
Finally Kreacher stopped scrutinizing you and you felt your body relax.
“Of course Mistress,” he said, bowing deeply at Walburga, “Kreacher will take Miss L/N’s bags.”
He grabbed your two bags and with another loud pop, disappeared once more, presumably reappearing in the guest room.
“Regulus!” Walburga now shouted, causing you to flinch at the sudden raise in volume. “Come show Miss L/N to her room!”
There was a light patter above you that grew louder until Regulus appear on the stairs behind Mrs. Black.
“It will be my pleasure, Mother,” he said, winking at you when Walburga’s back was turned.
You blushed lightly, hoping she hadn’t noticed and stepped past her to follow Regulus up the stairs.
“Ladies first,” he said smugly, gesturing for you to go ahead when you reached the first landing.
You gave him a suspicious look, wondering why he had suddenly become such a gentleman.
“Thank you..?” you replied wearily, your response coming out more like a question.
You stepped in front of him, rounding the corner and immediately realizing why he had insisted you go first.
You let out a loud scream, stumbling backwards where you fell against his chest, for in front of you was a large display of stuffed house elf heads. Regulus was smirking widely.
“Bloody hell,” you breathed, trying to slow your racing heart.
“I know,” Regulus whispered lowly in your ear, causing you to jump. “I would be pretty surprised too, falling into these arms.” To prove his point he gave you a slight squeeze, pushing you closer against him.
You ignored him, though you couldn’t help the blush that filled your cheeks. 
“How can you live with that?” you asked, still rather disturbed by the line of house elf heads.
“I actually live with myself quite fine, and in a few years you’ll be living with me too, love,” he replied smuggly, his arms still wound tight around your waist.
You rolled your eyes. “You're annoying, you know that, right?”
Regulus grinned. “I do, and I know you like my annoying.”
“Cut the cheeky smile,” you muttered, unlooping his arms from around your waist.
“Put you like my cheeky smile,” Regulus pouted back.
You shook your head, trying to hide your grin. “You keep telling yourself that.”
“Oh I will, love,” Regulus winked.
You made a wide berth around the elf heads and made your way up to the second floor, where a long halfway lined with bedrooms greeted you.
You stopped short of them though, instead finding your attention drawn to another room with its walls covered in a large intricate tapestry. You stepped into it curiously, discovering upon closer examination that it was in fact a family tree.
“The Black Family Tree,” Regulus supplied, confirming your suspicions.
He stepped further into the room, pointing to the back wall where there was a branch with two dark haired boys on it.
“Is that you?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. His portrait depicted him with a serious expression, one you found difficult to picture on him in real life.
“Handsome right?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows. “And that,” he pointed to a blank spot beside his face, “is where yours will go.”
“Oh really?” you asked teasingly. “Your horrid picture will actually make me look at you for once.”
“You don’t need to be next to bad artwork to achieve that, love,” Regulus replied, grinning. 
Your heart skipped a beat as you registered what he was saying. Your cheeks flushed red.
“And there it is,” Regulus said, poking your cheek. “You blush so easily.”
“Only when I’m around you,” you couldn’t help but mutter.
Regulus’s grin widened. “I’m truly honored, love. You know the reddest I’ve ever seen you was on the stairs back there when you threw yourself against me.”
You rolled your eyes. “I was startled by the heads,” you corrected, “and you didn’t have to wrap your arms around me.”
“Now who would I be to turn down an opportunity such as that?” Regulus asked innocently. “You can fall into me anytime love.”
“I will definitely consider that offer,” you replied, almost wanting to do it right then just for the feeling of his arms around you once more.
“And if you ever want to ‘accidentally’ fall into bed with me, that can certainly be arranged too love,” he winked.
“Regulus,” you said seriously, looking up at the boy that had somehow, through flirt and humor, managed to capture your heart.
“Yes love?” he asked, taking a step closer.
“You talk too much.”
As those words left your mouth you slowly pressed your lips up against his. 
Regulus responded almost instantly, kissing you back passionately. His arms once more found their place at your waist, pulling you tighter against his chest. He walked you backwards, not once breaking the kiss until your back hit the wall.
“Jump,” he muttered, his voice husky.
You did so, now wrapping your legs tightly around his waist. Your hands knotted into his hair, pulling at the roots, causing Regulus to let out a low moan against your mouth. A shiver rolled down your back at the sound. Someone let out a whistle.
You both broke apart at the noise, simultaneously turning to the figure in the doorway.
“We’re kind of busy here, Sirius,” Regulus said, throwing a look of annoyance at his brother.
Sirius smirked. “I can see that.”
You had never had much interaction with Sirius at Hogwarts, with him being a year older and a Gryfindor. You had also never particularly liked his friend James Potter, finding them both rather rude and childish. Now that he stood before you, you couldn’t help the blush that rose to your cheeks when it occurred to you that he was seeing you in a rather compromising position.
Sirius noticed your red face. “Hello, Y/N, nice to meet my future sister-in-law. It’s good to see you two kids getting along so well.”
Your cheeks turned a darker shade of crimson, whilst Regulus rolled his eyes. “Go away Sirius.”
Sirius grinned. “Got some unfinished business?”
“Some that I intend to take care of right,” Regulus smirked back, then he kissed you again, whispering against your mouth, “my room.”
You blushed harder as he released his hold on your thighs, letting you drop to the floor. He picked you up bridal style, and looked down at you, grinning.
“Mother may be old fashioned, but I don’t see a need to wait until marriage,” he whispered into your ear, kissing your temple.
You laughed, looping your arms around his neck. “I won’t tell if you don’t,” you said back quietly, placing a light kiss on his jaw.
That was all the confirmation Regulus needed, for he wasted no time in carrying you back out into the hall towards his room.
As you passed him Sirius smirked. “Have fun you too,” he winked. 
As Regulus opened the door to his room, Sirius once more called out after him.
“Try to be quiet, I’m right next door you know.” As an afterthought he added, “and use protection! I don’t need nieces and nephews yet!”
Regulus raised his middle finger at his brother before shutting the door with a slam.
Almost instantly you were pushed up against the wall, his mouth against yours once more.
You kissed him back enthusiastically, your body tingling in anticipation at what was to come.
“I want you,” Regulus moaned against your mouth.
“I want you too,” you whispered back.
You felt Regulus smirk against your lips, and in one quick motion you found yourself on his bed with Regulus looking down at you.
“You sure about this love?” he asked, looking into your eyes.
You nodded fiercely. “More than I’ll ever be.”
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anogete · 10 months ago
Watch me vomit up my thoughts
It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I’m sorry I’ve disappeared on everyone.  It’s been... a year.  I think that probably goes for everyone, not just me.  If you’re interested in a personal life update, then read on.  If you’re looking for an update on my writing then I regret to inform you that I haven’t written a single thing this year.  Maybe next year, though.  There is always next year, right?  I think I saw a blurb that we’re getting Sam and Bucky back in March.  And Loki shortly after.  Maybe that will be my inspiration.
I’m fortunate enough to have a job that lets me comfortably work from home.  I’m also fortunate enough to own a home.  And my last blessing is that I don’t have kids, so I didn’t have to figure out the nightmare of childcare and home schooling like some of you.  My library on the second floor of the house has been my office since mid-March.  I’ve been transitioning into the Associate Financial Advisor roll this year and that has been going well.  I’m supporting the clients I’ve worked with as an assistant for the past nine years, so it’s been easy-going.  I’m able to order my groceries for pick up to avoid going in the stores and I live in an neighborhood where it is easy to get delivery from restaurants.  I’m incredibly lucky to have all these things going for me and I am thankful every damn day.
I fell into a bit of a funk this spring and early summer, but managed to pull myself out of it in August.  I started planning my meals, walking 2-5 miles every day, and exercising on the Peloton bike I bought a year ago.  I also started reading again and zipped through almost 50 books between June and now.  By November, I was feeling strong and healthy.  I felt like I had found a balance between work and activity and self-care.  I was still coming to terms with my grandma passing in March of last year and with Ferguson (my sweet doggo) passing in September of last year.  But I was trying and things were getting better.  I felt like I had my feet underneath me.
Lemme stop you here if you don’t want to read about death and some general medical stuff.  Because that’s mostly what you’re getting from here on out.
On November 21st, my mom texted me at 5:30am.  I got it right away because I usually wake up around that time, alarm or not.  She said she had dropped my dad off at the hospital because he was having difficulty breathing.  Apparently, he’d been feeling bad for a week, but insisted to everyone that it was just his sinuses draining.  I called her and began questioning her like I was cross-examining a star witness.  I was able to piece together a really fucking shitty story.
My dad always went to a friend’s house on Friday evenings to have a couple beers and hang out.  We’d all warned him since March that he needed to stop, but he insisted it was fine.  He bought into a lot of the cavalier attitude that the Trump fans have over this virus. Plus, he was 64-years-old and didn’t take any medication so he probably thought it was no big deal.  He spent a few hours at his friend’s house on November 6th.  Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, he received a call from that friend on November 11th that the friend and the friend’s wife had tested positive for COVID.  He didn’t share this info with my mother, my brothers, or my uncle, all of whom had been near him.  By November 15th, he was coughing but insisted it was drainage when my mom suggested he take something for it and go to the doctor.  By November 18th, he was worse and admitted to my mom that his friend had tested positive but that he hadn’t seen him for almost two weeks so his problems were just sinus-related and not COVID.  My mom hates confrontation, so she accepted this and didn’t tell anyone, including me and my brothers.  By November 19th, he had a fever and was having trouble breathing along with a persistent cough.  He finally agreed to take some cold medicine, but refused to call his doctor’s office despite my mom asking him many, many times.  At 4:30am on November 21st, he woke my mom and asked her to take him to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe well.  She dropped him off and returned home to text me since they wouldn’t allow her in the building.  She also texted my brothers, who admitted that they felt like they’d had a cold for several days.  I live 4 hours away and haven’t traveled since March, so I hadn’t seen any of them.
A nurse called my mom a couple hours after she dropped my dad off to tell her that he was positive for COVID and pneumonia and they were admitting him to put him on a bipap.  From what I understand, that’s the oxygen mask that pushes air into your lungs.  Later that day, the health department called my mom and told her to quarantine for two weeks.  My mom cooperated and gave them my brothers’ phone number (they live together), my uncle’s phone number, and the name and number of the person we suspected my dad was infected by (his friend).  My brothers opted to get tested and were positive.  They quarantined for two weeks and had mild to moderate symptoms (brief fever, very tired, cough, drainage).  My mom had virtually no symptoms with the exception of some drainage that she took Mucinex for.  She didn’t get tested, but she lived and slept in the same bed with my dad for a week while he was symptomatic.  If my brothers got it from 30 minutes in the same room as him, surely she got it as well.  My uncle and his son got tested, but they were negative.
My dad was cooperative with the doctor and nurses at first, but as the first day wore on he became irritated.  He’d been without his chewing tobacco (yes, I know: eww) for several hours and was going through nicotine withdrawal, but wouldn’t admit that to the nurses or doctor.  The next day he was put in ICU, still on the bipap, and even more unruly and rude to the staff taking care of him.  They called my mom to ask her to talk to him and convince him to cooperate.  They said if he couldn’t recover on the bipap and required a ventilator then “things would be very bad.”  My mom tried to talk to him by text and he just continued to insist that he was well enough to come home.
I used to be close to my dad when I was a kid, but we’d grown apart over my adulthood.  Over the past 20 years, my dad morphed into someone different.  Everyone around him, especially my grandmother, told me they saw this happen the same as I did.  The result was that my dad became someone I didn’t like and didn’t want to spend time with.  He also didn’t seem to know how to talk to me anymore.  To be fair, I didn’t give him much help in that regard.  I texted him to see how he was doing and the conversation quickly devolved into him complaining about the care and insisting he was well enough to come home.  I tried to reason with him and appeal to his love for my mom by saying that my fear was him coming home and giving her the virus.  He told me that he’d decided he was no longer contagious and this was just a bunch of bullshit.  This conversation via text continued through Monday and Tuesday (November 23rd and 24th), but it took a turn for the delusional.  The doctor can only assume that the virus and the lack of oxygen had resulted in hallucinations and delusions.  My dad told my mother and I that he was in an office building owned by a man named Mr. Pritt.  He said he was the only patient and that this man was having his workers experiment on him and that they would eventually kill him.  He demanded that we come get him immediately so he could recover at home.  When we told him he’d die if he came home because he was too sick, he insisted he wasn’t sick at all and became very angry with us.  He accused both my mom and I of conspiring to kill him because we wouldn’t help him.  One day he told me that I’d confirmed what he’d known all along.  I asked him what that was and he said, “That I always loved you more than you loved me.”  This really hurt because even though I knew he was loopy, I also knew that he’d probably actually had that though before.
He began refusing treatment on those days and wouldn’t accept the steroids they were trying to give him and raised hell when they tried to take him for a chest x-ray.  He also told them he didn’t want to be placed on a ventilator even though he had agreed to one when he was admitted.  He was texting all of his friends and telling them he needed a ride home.  He attempted to get up and leave the hospital twice, falling in the floor both times because he was so weak from lack of oxygen once he took the mask off.  He also told my mom and I that he was secretly removing the mask when the nurses couldn’t see to prove to them that he wasn’t sick.  He was taking and sending blurry pictures to us of the room as “evidence.”  He told my mom to forward the pictures to “the feds.”  The pictures were of his hospital bed, the whiteboard with his nurses’ and doctor’s names on it, his IVs, etc.  By the morning of Wednesday, the 25th, I was getting some off-the-wall texts from him.  He was begging us to come check him out of the hospital at that point and we were trying to play along and tell him we were getting everything in order for him to come home soon.  Eventually, he told me that he wasn’t getting out of there alive and that he loved me.  I told him I loved him too and begged him to do whatever the doctor said because the doctor wanted to help him get better.
A few minutes later, the nurse called my mom and asked if she’d been on the phone with my dad.  My mom said she and I hadn’t spoken to him by any way other than text since he arrived at the hospital.  The nurse said he had been on the phone with a woman, trying to convince her to come get him.  The nurse made him put the call on speaker so she could tell the woman that he wasn’t well enough to leave.  Because she was concerned that her message didn’t get through before my dad hung up, she called my mom to make sure he hadn’t convinced my mom to check him out against medical advice.  My mom assured her that we had no intention of breaking him out of the hospital, but she didn’t know who the woman was.  It wasn’t her or me.  We called a long-time former co-worker of my dad’s that I’ve known since I was a kid and she said she hadn’t talked to him.  We called his best friend and asked if he’d called and spoken to the man’s wife.  Not her either.  More on this later.  I’m sure you know where it’s going.
We were stumped, but didn’t have time to deal with it because the nurse practitioner called and told my mom that my dad was delusional and could no longer make his own decisions.  They said he had no chance of survival if they didn’t put him on a ventilator immediately.  My mom called me.  I told her to agree to it.  The nurse called her back and gave the phone to my dad.  He had agreed to the ventilator as well and wanted to tell my mom that he loved her and me and my brothers and his dog.  His speech was slurred and muffled from the bipap mask, but she at least heard that.  They intubated him right after the call.  He was on a paralytic for a week.  When they backed off on the paralytic, they had to increase his oxygen.  A week later, the nurse tried to kindly tell us that he wasn’t getting better and his chances of survival were low.  She suggested we start to talk about turning off the ventilator and letting him go.  We did talk about that, which was very upsetting for everyone, but the doctor said he’d been on the ventilator for two weeks and we’d give him one more week to see what happens.  By this point, he no longer had pneumonia. But the damage COVID did to his lungs couldn’t be repaired.
The ventilator was on full blast (highest pressure, highest oxygen) just to keep him somewhat stable.  The days were ticking by and he still wasn’t making progress.  Any step forward was followed by a bigger step back. My mom would call and get the update from the nurse most days, but I did call myself a few days.  When I’d call and talk to the nurse, I’d get a grim picture that my mom didn’t seem to get or understand. I talked to her on December 12th and asked her if she was trying to protect my brothers and I or if she really thought he was going to get better.  She admitted that she’d had a feeling for days that he wasn’t going to get better.  We decided to just wait for the doctor to call.  The nurse called my mom on Monday, December 14th and told her that my dad’s blood pressure was all over the place and they were struggling to keep him stable, that the ventilator was turned up to the highest settings and it was barely enough to keep him going.  My mom texted me and told me she asked them to call me.  The doctor called me within about 20 minutes and basically told me that my dad wasn’t going to make it.  They’d had him on a ventilator for 19 days and within a couple days his throat tissue would likely become necrotic from the pressure of the cuff keeping the tube in place.  They could only continue the ventilator if they could put in a trach and he wasn’t stable enough for that.  In addition, he needed more support than the ventilator could provide.  I was told he was either going to go into cardiac arrest while on the ventilator and die or they’d be forced to take him off the ventilator because of the damage to his throat.  The most damning thing he told me was that he’d removed the sedation but my dad didn’t wake.  He wasn’t responsive, wouldn’t squeeze their hands, wouldn’t flinch when they tested his reflexes, nothing.
I was told we could come sit with him and say goodbye when the ventilator was removed.  I asked when and the doctor said soon.  I live 4 hours from my parents, so I told him I’d leave right away and have my mom call to make arrangements for me to come to the hospital.  I called my mom and told her all this and asked her to let the hospital know.  I packed a bag and rushed out the door.  On my way out of town, the doctor called me back and asked if I was on my way.  My mom had told them that we’d come by the next morning and he was worried my dad wouldn’t make it through the night.  So, I had to have a shitty conversation with my mom about how we couldn’t schedule my dad’s death for 7am on Tuesday, that it needed to happen at 8pm on Monday.  I do not recommend these types of calls.
I got into town around 7pm and picked my mom up because she’d decided she wanted to come with me.  My brothers said they couldn’t handle it and decided to stay at my mom’s house.  My mom and I were taken to the COVID floor, given gowns, and gloves, told he was COVID positive so we’d need to continue to wear our cloth masks (no medical mask, is that safe?!), and escorted to his room in the ICU.  Guys, he looked so fucking tired and so sad.  It was heartbreaking.  The nurse said their ICU was full and most of the patients were in the same shape as my dad.  We talked to him for a few minutes, held his hand and all that shit.  He didn’t respond in any way, so I don’t know if he was even there.  We stepped out of the room while they removed the tube and gave him some medicine.  When we went back in, his breaths were labored and it looked like he was gasping for air. My mom almost lost it because she wasn’t expecting that.  I told her she could go wait in the hall and I’d stay with him until he passed.  The nurse was kind enough to give him a little more medicine to make it less dramatic, but it was still difficult watching him breathe in that way.  My mom sat so she couldn’t see his head to make things easier on herself.  We sat there with him for about 40 minutes before he passed away at 8:32pm on Monday, the 14th.
I stayed with my mom last week and helped her arrange a private graveside service and the burial.  She wanted to do a funeral and I thought that was the worst idea, so we agreed on doing a celebration of life next year when things are a little better (hopefully).  To my knowledge, I haven’t had the virus.  I operated under the assumption that my mom and brothers had it and were immune for now and wouldn’t transmit it.  So, I was able to be with them without mask, but I did wear a mask when anyone else was around.  I can’t say the same for the fucking funeral director and the locksmith’s employee who opened my dad’s safe for us, though.  I live in a bigger city and mask wearing is pretty wide-spread here, but I saw so many people in my hometown (a more rural area) who didn’t bother with them.
Anyway, while all these graveside preparations are going on my mom goes through the bag of personal items from my dad that the hospital gave us.  She tossed his clothes in the washer and placed his two rings into a bag to give to the funeral home so he could be buried in them.  She also pulled out his wallet and his cell phone.  His wallet has a picture that was obviously cut from an old driver’s license of a woman named Deb.  Apparently, this woman lives in Florida and had attended junior high school with my dad.  About two years ago, my parents took a trip to Florida and visited with her for several days.  She even friended my mom on Facebook.  So, the old driver’s license picture of her was very weird.  What was even more disturbing?  His wallet also contained a plastic bag of hair that very obviously is not my mom’s.  And there was a piece of paper with three phone numbers on it.  His phone was locked with a PIN and was set to wipe itself after 20 incorrect tries.  I did tried to break into it, but wasn’t successful.  My mom admitted that she suspected he’d been talking to someone on his phone for years, but she never directly confronted him about it.  She’d just make comments about him always texting on his phone and being secretive.  Two Christmases ago he bought her a ring at a store that she has an online login to.  This particular store posts the receipts for all purchases linked to the customer’s account to the website.  She saw that my dad had purchased two pieces of jewelry even though she only received one.  My dad has never in his life bought me a Christmas present without my mom assisting, so she knew it wasn’t for me.  She still didn’t confront him, though.  She just told him that she could see the itemized receipts online.
I sympathized with my mom because I’ve experienced the infidelity of a partner in a relationship and if I were her then I’d want to know.  But I also told her that I don’t know digging into it will make things any better and may not even give her the truth.  He’s gone and there is nothing that can be done about that or anything else.  While I was running errands for her the day before the graveside service, she messaged Deb in Florida and asked if she wanted her picture back.  She also called the three phone numbers in his wallet.  One went to Deb.  The other two were the cell phone and work phone of my dad’s best friend’s wife, Anne.  The same friend and wife who likely gave the virus to my dad.  My mom told me when I got back that she’d done this and admitted she’d always felt like my dad was talking to Anne and might have an inappropriate relationship with her.  I suspect my mom is right.  Gut instinct is usually accurate.  She said she didn’t think anything physical was going on with Deb, but she did think my dad was carrying on a flirtatious relationship with her via text.  In both cases, he tried to hide it.  And if you hide it, then you know it’s wrong.  That night Deb messaged my mom back and said she had heard about what happened to my dad and was very sorry.  She said that my dad was always clear that he was married and nothing went on that was inappropriate, but that he gave her someone to talk to when her husband was sick and dying five years earlier and they’d always kept in contact.  Again, I don’t think my mom can count on anyone to give her the full story without spin or deceit.  A couple days ago, she texted me a picture of a receipt from my dad’s truck.  It was from last Christmas from a department store.  It had two pieces of jewelry on it.  She looked them both up using the UPCs listed and found the necklace he gave her last year and a ring she doesn’t recognize.  We don’t know if he was giving this jewelry to Deb in Florida or Anne, his friend’s wife.  Or someone else we don’t even know about.  And we’re probably never going to know.  Do I want to call Deb and Anne and tell them I want to full story?  Fuck yeah.  Do I think it will fix anything?  Fuck no.
TL;DR?  I finally found some balance in my life late this summer.  This balance was destroyed when my dad got COVID and died after three weeks in the hospital.  And when you’ve already got a not-so-great relationship with your dad, you get all kinds of feels when he dies in a traumatic way and then you find out he’s been screwing around on your mom.  I also have lots of anger toward him for knowingly exposing my other family members to the virus simply because he didn’t want to own up to getting it after doing something we’d all told him to stop doing.
Health-wise?  I think I’m okay.  It’s been almost ten days since I was with him in the hospital and seven days since his graveside service.  I haven’t had any symptoms yet and I think most people show symptoms by now.  Regardless, I’ve been at home since I returned last Thursday evening and I intend to stay home until January 2nd.  My boyfriend is also home and will be here until January 2nd as well.  Just to be safe.  My brothers are mostly recovered, but both still have a bit of a cough.  My mom never had much in the way of symptoms and seems fine.  My dad was 64 and overweight.  We found out once he was admitted to the hospital that his regular doctor had told him he was a diabetic and my dad insisted on “treating” that with cinnamon instead of actual medicine.  Other than those things, he didn’t have any health concerns.  Be careful, ya’ll.
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pink-imagines · a year ago
anything for you
request: Bakugou wrangling his rowdy children?
a/n: so i made this into a whole other thing but it still has the basis of what you wanted, so i hope this is okay!
warnings: none (unless you don’t like kids, idk?)
Tumblr media
You could hear the shouting and laughter as soon as you got out of your car to walk up to your house. A smile graced your lips as you hurried inside to not get too wet by the rain.  Once inside you hung up your jacket on a hook and took off your shoes before you walked inside. When you walked into the kitchen your smile grew even wider at the sight in front of you. Katsuki was trying to make dinner as your oldest child, Kimiko, was playing around with her newfound quirk along with her younger twin brothers, Ryuji and Ryo.
Kimiko was almost identical to her father, in both looks and quirk. Tiny sparks were flying from her hands as she ran around Katsuki’s legs. Ryuji and Ryo were running after the best they could after their big sister, but they really stood no chance.
“Oi! Stop that!”, Katsuki shouted at them, “You’re gonna get yourself hurt, Kimi! We can practice after dinner!”
“It’s pouring outside, so I wouldn’t recommend it.”, you chuckled and revealed yourself to be home.
“Shi-”, he stopped himself, “You’re home already?”
“Sorry, should I have stayed at work longer?”, you joked and walked into his arms so he could embrace you.
“No, no... I wanted to surprise you with dinner, baby.”, he said softly and kissed the top of your head.
“Thank you, honey, but I really don’t mind helping.”, you smiled and gave his lips a quick kiss.
“Eww!”, Kimiko exclaimed, her brothers immitating her shortly after.
“Hello to you too, darling.”, you said and crouched down to your daughter, “You didn’t bug your dad too much when I was gone, did you?” You and Katsuki had a schedule; he worked one day, you worked the other and once a week you both stayed home.
“Nope! I practiced my quirk too!”, she grinned.
“That’s great, Kimi.”, you smiled and kissed her forehead.
“Can I show you later?”, she asked.
“Maybe tomorrow? It’s raining a lot outside, and you know you can’t use your quirk inside.”, you told her softly.
“Okay!”, she nodded.
“Can you take care of your brothers while dad and I make dinner?”, you ask her, which she nodded to. Kimiko walked out of the kitchen along with her brothers after you had said hello to them too.
“How do you do it?”, Katsuki chuckled as you stood back up.
“Just bribe them with TV and their fine for a few hours.”, you shrugged and went over to the kitchen island to keep chopping up what Katsuki had started, “So, what are we making?”
Once dinner was ready you all sat down and had dinner like a normal family. It had been a while, usually it only happened once a week when both you and Katsuki gets home. 
When dinner was finished and you had helped Katsuki do the dishes the two of you tucked the kids into bed. Ryo and Ryuji were surprisingly easy to put to bed tonight... unlike Kimiko. Katsuki had gone to bed after getting the boys to fall asleep, so it was your job to tuck Kimiko in.
“Kimi, honey, you need to sleep.”, you muttered to her tiredly.
“But I don’t wanna.”, she yawned, “I wanna practise with daddy.”
“Daddy also needs to sleep, darling.”, you put a few strands of hair behind her ear, “You can practise tomorrow morning.”
“Then... can I sleep with you so we can get up early?” The thought of getting up early on your day off with Katsuki almost scared you, but you couldn’t say no to the adoreable face of your daughter.
“Fine, c’mere.”, you lifted her up and carried her to your’s and Katsuki’s bedroom, quietly not to wake Ryo and Ryuji.
Katsuki was in bed with a book when you got inside, the sheets covering his legs but not his bare torso. The sight gave you a warm, but tired smile.
“I see you’ve brought a visitor.”, he smiled and put down his book on the bedside table so that he could take Kimiko in his arms.
“She wants to wake us up early in the morning.”, you chuckled and gave Kimiko over to Katsuki. He sighed as you walked around to the other side of the bed.
“Well then, the princess gets what she wants.”, Katsuki kissed Kimiko’s forehead, making her let out a quiet giggle. Katsuki put your daughter between you two in the middle of the bed. Both of you cuddled up next to your daughter and fixed the sheets.
“Goodnight, my girls.”, Katsuki whispered after he had turned off the bedside lamp.
“Night night, dad.”, Kimiko whispered back.
“Goodnight.”, you kissed the top of Kimiko’s head before leaning over her to kiss your husband.
You woke up to an empty bed and the smell of something good cooking in the kitchen. The sun had managed to find it’s way through the blinds and got right in your eye. You moved around for a bit before eventually just deciding to get out of bed. 
Suddenly, Katsuki walked in through the door.
“Thought I heard shuffling in here, guess I was right.”, he smiled, “Goodmorning, baby.” He walked up to you and embraced you in a hug, which you responded to by hugging him back.
“Goodmorning.”, you took a deep breath to take in his scent. His shampoo, which you loved the smell of, and what was smelling so good in the kitchen.
“Are you making me breakfast?”, you smiled against his chest.
“Yes, so don’t go into the kitchen yet.”, he kissed the top of your head, “I want it to be a surprise, so if you could go back to bed I’d appreciate it.”
“Okay, okay.”, you chuckled, “I’ll go take a shower and then I’ll pretend to fall asleep again, sound good?”
“Sounds great.”, he nodded.
“Are the kids alright? Have they eaten yet?”, you asked softly.
“Yeah, I let them eat breakfast while watching TV... you were definietly right about that, they’ve been completely quiet.”, he said, “They’re completely glued to the screen.”
“Just don’t take advantage of this now.”, you giggled.
“I won’t.”, he smiled and started walking out the door, “Take your shower while they’re distracted.”
“Alright. Thank you, Katsuki.”, you smiled.
“Don’t worry about it, honey.”, he smiled back.
When he closed the door you stood still for a while. You thought about how much he had changed. How he was like during your time in UA, where you had first met. Sure, Katsuki still had his moments but he was never aggressive or rude towards you or the kids. Something in him had changed, for the better. A smile made it’s way on your lips and you hurried your way to the shower.
As soon as you put on one of Katsuki’s shirts, that you liked to steal, and had gotten into bed the door opened.
“Goodmorning momma!”, Kimiko ran in along with her brothers.
“Hey, hey, hey!”, Katsuki exclaimed as they ran around his legs.
“Mom, we made you breakfast!”, Ryo exclaimed and got up on the bed, though he couldn’t pronounce “r” so it sounded more like a “w” when he said breakfast. He engulfed you in a hug and soon enough your two other children came running over the soft bed.
“Oh my goodness! Thank you!”, you smiled wide as they all piled on top of you.
“Dad made pancakes!”, Ryuji grinned, showing off the few teeth he got.
“Then I’m sure they’re delicious.”, you looked up at Katsuki and smiled.
“I helped too!”, Kimiko said proudly, “I poured in the flour and the milk!”
“Then I’m sure they’re even better than usual.”, you nuzzled her nose with your own. You looked back at Katsuki, who was putting the tray on the bedside table. The sun hit his skin in a way that almost made him glow and when he looked at you with that beautiful smile your heart absolutely melted.
“It’s a beautiful day outside! Why don’t you kids go to the backyard and play for a bit?”, you said kindly.
“Okay!”, they all answered at the same time and started running out.
“Don’t play around with your quirk when we’re not there, Kimi!”, Katsuki shouted after her and she gave him a thumbs up in response.
“And don’t forget to put on your coats!”, you added.
For as long as you could, you looked at your kids running to the back porch to go out to the yard. When you couldn’t see them anymore you shifter your gaze towards Katsuki instead. You stared at him with a content look on your face for a while, until he noticed you.
“What are you looking at?”, he chuckled and got into bed, getting the tray as soon as he had settled.
“Just the most wonderful human being on the earth.”, you smiled.
“Oh, stop being cheesy and eat your food.”, he scoffed, but you could see the hint of a blush striking his cheeks and the smile on his lips that didn’t seem to fade. The two of you ate in silence, it was a warm and welcoming silence, and you felt your entire body relax. As if you had taken a deep breath after being under water for too long. You scooched over to Katsuki and rested your head on his shoulder once you had eaten your breakfast and he lifted away the tray.
“Thank you.”, you whispered.
“Anything for you.”, he whispered back.
“We should get to the backyard.”, you sighed.
“Just a minute...”, he kissed from your temple, to your cheek, down to your jaw and left small sweet pecks on the side of your neck.
“Katsuki...”, you laughed tiredly.
“Just one more minute, please.”, he whispered and finally kissing your lips. You turned your body towards him before falling down on your back onto the bed. He followed your every move, never breaking the kiss. The thin silver chain he always wore around his neck lightly carressed your neck and jaw.
“Mommy, could you help me with my jacket?”, Ryuji walked into the bedroom, jacket and shoes on.
“Fu-”, you stopped yourself, “Coming, honey! Don’t walk in with your shoes, please!” You gave Katsuki an apologetic look before hurrying after your child.
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hollypastl · 9 months ago
the disappearance of [REDACTED] ch.3
miya atsumu/reader
Summary: "MISSING: MIYA Y/N" It reads. Underneath is a picture of yourself. Age, height, weight. Everything important is listed. How embarrassing.
Genre: angst/mystery
Warnings: missing persons, time skip spoilers
Notes: crossposted on ao3
[y/n] 10:27pm: i’m heeeereeeee
[y/n] 10:29pm: i said i’m here you asshole
[y/n] 10:29pm: hurry tf up
[y/n] 10:29pm: did you fall asleep
[y/n] 10:29pm: i’m leaving if you don’t respond in the next 30 seconds
With a painful squeak, the window slides open. “Wouldja shaddup?” He hisses. “Yer gonna wake up ‘Samu if ya keep buzzin’ my phone so much.”
“Too fuckin’ late, asshole.” Osamu groans. You can hear him rolling over in bed and Atsumu disappears from view, courtesy of a pillow flying towards his face at light speed.
You take over the spot he’d been occupying to pop your head in and lean over the windowsill. “Hey, how are you?”
“Then go back to sleep, stupid ‘Samu.” The killer arm flies out again and this time the pillow lands. Atsumu’s head gives a sick crack against the drywall.
You let out a low whistle. “Nice one.”
He finally sits up and comes into view. “[l/n], right?” He’s obviously tired, and you feel kind of bad for waking him up.
Your face quirks a performative smile, remembering that you do still have to respond. “The one and only.” You straighten your arms and hoist yourself up, over, and in through the window, taking a seat and holding out your hand to shake. “Hey, you don’t mind if I call you by your first name, do you? It’d be kinda weird to call you Miya when I already call Atsumu, Atsumu. You can call—”
Without warning, you shoot to the other side of the room and stick yourself to the wall.
The door swings open.
From where you stand, Osamu’s eyes connect with the person at the door, darting towards Atsumu for a split second. He realizes there could be big trouble really quick. His mom might be pretty chill, but having a random girl sneaking into their room? Does he realize that? He was suffering from brain damage at the moment.
A silent conversation takes place between the brothers and their mom, who stands silently at the door. It kind of freaks you out, how you can see her shadow splaying out from the light in the hallway and not hear a sound.
“Go to sleep.” She commands, slamming the door shut.
A breath of relief leaves all three of them.
It swings back open. “Sorry fer slamming the door. G’night, love ya.”
“Love ya, too.”
“Love ya, mom.” They chorus, slightly out of time with the other. When they speak in tandem like that, you can’t tell who’s voice is who’s.
“And close the damn window; it’ll mess with the AC.”
The door clicks closed, the lights in the hall are flicked off, and footsteps walk away.
You hop over to give Atsumu a hand up. He’s still sulking against the wall. “Like I was saying, you can call me [y/n].” You pat him on the shoulder, which is slightly awkward because the boy is so much taller than you. You wonder what their mom feeds them. Then you remember why you’re here in the first place. Seems like the trauma of almost getting caught redhanded was getting to you.
“[y/n] can we hurry up and go?” Atsumu whispers in your ear. You’re not paying attention, you’re too busy rustling through their closet and dresser.
“I’m kinda busy, right now. And we’ve got plenty of time. What difference is a few minutes gonna make?” You slide one drawer open after the other. “Eww. Teenage boy sock drawer.” Atsumu kicks it shut and you almost lose a finger in the process. You can’t see it, but intuition tells you he’s red in the face.
“Do I even wanna know what you two are up ta?” Osamu drawls.
“We’re breaking into an abandoned sweet potato farm.” You throw a different shirt at Atsumu. “Change into that.”
“Because I said so, that’s why.”
“I meant why are you breaking into an abandoned sweet potato farm?” Osamu corrected. You faltered. Why did their voices sound so similar?
“The third years are planning a party to kick off summer break, but they need a location. We just need to check if it’s safe, and we’re in.” Your head shot back at Osamu and you ignored Atsumu stripping in the corner of your eye. The room was dark enough. “Wanna come?”
“Uhh, I’ll pass.” He flops back down on his mattress with an audible whump and throws the duvet over his head.
You shrugged. “Suit yourself.” You turned to Atsumu, now dressed in a shirt that wasn’t cringy as hell. “Ready?”
He was already lifting himself out the window and extending a hand to you. “Bye, Osamu!” You whisper-yelled. “Sleep well. I promise Atsumu will try to not wake you up when he gets back.”
Outside, it was much brighter. From the light of the moon and stars, you could fully appreciate the scowl Atsumu directed at you. “What?”
He shuts the window first, obviously struggling not to slam it. “Didja have to spend twenty minutes flirtin’ with my brother?”
He’s already hiking his way up the hill that they called their front yard, probably looking for his bike. “Oh, was I? I didn’t even realize.” It takes you a second but you find it fallen in the bushes of his neighbor’s lawn. “Can you blame me? He’s pretty cute.”
Atsumu sputters, yanking the handlebars from you. “Will ya stop teasin’ already?”
He’s so easy to rile up. “I’ll have you know I’m never anything but truthful.” He swings his leg over the bike and checks the road.
“Hurry up and get on. Let’s go.”
“Yeah, one sec.” Without warning, you stick your thumb and middle fingers in your mouth and whistle nice and quiet. Wouldn’t wanna wake the neighbors.
The hair on the back of his neck shoots up and he waits a good thirty seconds for the lights to switch on in one of his neighbor’s houses. “WHAT THE HELL?” He whispers. When he looks back, you’re just tapping your foot and debating whistlin’ like a banshee again.
“Just callin’ our friend.”
Finally, a giant dog bounds up from the woods, surprisingly silent for his size. “Good boy, coming here.” You rub his face affectionately and finally sit yourself down on the back of the bike. “Taro, meet Atsumu. Atsumu, meet Taro. Taro-taicho, really, but he’s not militaristic about his title.”
“Whydja introduce the dog first?” He grumbles, toeing the kickstand up.
The bike jerks forward and you wrap an arm around Atsumu’s waist to balance yourself. It’d be inconvenient and uncool to fall off. A piece of dried jerky is also tossed to Taro with your free hand and you call for him to follow.
The air feels nice, breezing through your hair and tickling your skin. July heat has been unbearable, you’ve hated it ever since you were a child. But it felt nice with the sun being long gone. Even the crickets and cicadas relentless buzzing was oddly tolerable. Maybe you should make late night summer outings a habit.
After twenty minutes of coasting up and down hills and towards their destination, Atsumu breaks your comfortable silence. “Yanno, this is kinda romantic.”
“You. Me. Alone. Under the stars.” Objectively, he’s not wrong. Last time you heard, sneaking out with a boy in the middle of the night did fall under the spectrum of dumb high school romantic activities to engage in. You might have even entertained the thought of playing along if Atsumu hadn’t carelessly pointed it out.
“Don’t forget about Taro.” You reminded. “Or that I wanted your dreamy brother to come along—” You fail to deliver the line flat and a laugh bubbles up.
“Will ya stop with that?” He lurches forward and peddles twice as hard, putting his frustration into kinetic output.
You cackle and lean against him. “C’mon, I can’t help it, Atsumu.”
“Help what?” He sounds exasperated, like he regrets even agreeing to this whole adventure in the first place.
“Making fun of you whenever you try to flirt with me.”
He scoffs. “M’not flirtin’ with ya! That’s just how I am!”
“M’kay.” You hum. You don’t buy it for a second. “Well, that’s just how I am too.”
“Fine.” He huffs.
“Fine.” You mirror his tone and he isn’t sure if you’re teasing him again or not. “Turn here.”
“Yeah, yeah. I got it.” He swerves to the left and you let out a short whistle to alert Taro. Just because you’re feeling extra nice tonight, you toss the dog another piece of jerky, which he leaps in the air to catch.
“Hey, want some jerky?” You’re already pulling apart a nice, soft piece for him. You’ll feed the tough bits to Taro.
“You mean the stuff you’ve been feedin’ the dog?”
“It’s for humans, too.” It definitely wasn’t.
He thinks it over for a second. “Only if you feed it to me.”
Oh, the stuff that just pours out of his mouth. Does he think before he speaks? You’ll miss hearing it someday. Just to play along, you let your breath catch. It’s just loud enough for him to hear.
“C’mon, my hands are busy, just give it here.” He argues, turning his head slightly so you can see his mouth but he can still see the road.
“‘Kay.” You pop the meat in his mouth. “Huh.” You stare at your fingers.
He groans. “What now?”
“I’m just surprised you didn’t try to suck on my fingers or anything!” You explain.
At that, you can feel him stiffen up immensely. “I—If anything, y—you’d be suuuuuh…” He trails off.
But you know exactly what he wants to say. “I’d be…?” You almost miss the sign. “Oh, hey we’re here!” You bounce off the bike before Atsumu has a chance to stop, and run up to the gate. “Wow, lucky it’s only rusted shut.” You give it a few good kicks before the metal snaps open. “It would’ve been so annoying to lug my bolt cutters all the way back here. Hey, you’ve got your tetanus shot, right?” You shoot over your shoulder.
Taro beams ahead once he can wiggle through and you’re right behind, waving the flashlight on your phone around and picking your way through overgrown weeds. You’re glad you wore tights under your denim cutoffs or else your legs would be itching like crazy right now.
“Atsumu? You coming?”
He shakes his head and runs his hand through his hair. He must be tired. It is almost midnight after all. After a moment, he follows after you. Even from several feet away, you can see his eyes drooping and the sluggishness in his step. Right, he did just bike forty minutes with you balancing behind him and not helping in the slightest. Not to mention your personality can be… grating. Or so you’ve been told. When he gets close enough, you offer your hand and he takes it without any fanfare. This old place is creepy as hell and he’s not gonna say anything to make you take it back.
To Taro, you direct three short whistles, signaling him to lead the way, but stay close. He picks his way through the field carefully and you follow dutifully behind. The fields are full of holes and pits, you’re again glad that you wore clunky hiking boots with ankle support over some flimsy sneakers. The LED light on your phone can only help so much.
“Should you be wavin’ that thing around?” Atsumu asks, voice low with trepidation.
“What thing?” You ask.
“Yer flashlight.” He clarifies, halfway between a hiss and a sigh.
Your brow involuntarily furrows. Where had he gotten that idea? “Why? Kind of need it to see, ya’ know?”
“But what if someone sees?”
You stop in your tracks, drop his hand, and turn around. “There’s no one around for miles, Atsumu. Nobody’s gonna see.”
“Then why are we even here?”
“To check if it’s safe, I told you that.”
“From what? Some old farmer’s ghost?”
“When did I— Actually, you know what? That’s a good point. I didn’t think about the place being haunted.” Considering what you knew about the history of the property. You continued to mutter under your breath and swiped your phone on. Did you have a signal here? Could you download a ghost detector app? “Maybe I’ll just have to borrow one from the paranormal club at school. They owe me a favor, after all.”
“Can you PLEASE stop rambling and tell me what we’re doing all the way out here in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night?” His palms land on your shoulders. From the way his fingers dig into your skin, you’re glad he religiously clips his fingernails.
He shakes you, roughly. “EXACTLY?”
You dropped your arm from where it was held in the air, trying to get a better signal for your phone. “We’re checking for bombs.”
The annoyance in his expression drops and leaves you looking at… You didn’t really know what that emotion was. “What?”
“I told you it was abandoned in the 40’s.” Maybe you hadn’t been clear enough when discussing it with Atsumu the day before. In your defense, it seemed pretty obvious. Why did he think there were people here? You had said it was abandoned.
“You’re tellin’ me...” He sputters.
You cock your head to the side. “I mean, why did you think I brought Taro?”
His eyes dart behind you to where the dog is patiently waiting.
“We’re leavin’.” Before you know it, Atsumu has a vice grip on your wrist and is dragging you back the way you came. But you can’t leave yet, you haven’t cleared the property. At the very least, you wanted to make it to the old farmhouse and see if the floorboards were safe for dancing!
A sharp twist and tug of your wrist frees you for a split second, but his reflexes are quick, even when he’s not looking and it’s dark out. “Let go!” You whine. He doesn’t. Any attempts, physical or emotional, are useless. You’re caught off guard by just how much stronger he is than you and you’re not sure what makes it more infuriating: that you’re weak, or that you’re stupid for not knowing.
Taro barks and your eyes widen. On instinct you grab the arm Atsumu’s dragging you with and throw your entire weight back. By the grace of the gods, it’s just enough to send him stumbling back and you both topple over in the thistle.
“Owwwww.” You moan, already second guessing yourself. There are thorns digging into every inch of your skin and Atsumu’s bony elbow has planted itself in between your vital organs.
Slowly, he lifts himself up. “What the hell was that for?” By now, Taro has bounded over and is shoving his nose in your face. He growls when Atsumu extends a hand.
“Taro, heelAHHH!” One after the other, you take the proffered hand up, tell Taro off, and rise up. Except when you put weight on your ankle, it screams in protest. Tears prick your eyes and you grip onto Atsumu for support. You feel bad for him. Your nails probably hurt.
“Don’t step back.” You warn, remembering at least that through the pain searing itself up your leg.
He shifts his weight and Taro barks a warning again. “Is he barking because of the…”
From your spot hanging onto him, you can hear his heart beating faster and faster. It wasn’t a situation you were familiar with. Should you just tell him not to be scared? But that tactic never worked for you in the past.
He’s the first one to work up some courage and kick his mind back in gear. “Can you walk?”
You test it, setting some weight on your heel. Probably not as carefully as you should have because you hiss in pain.
“I’ll take that as a no.” He sighs, gingerly turning around and crouching down, listening for Taro’s warning the whole time. “Hop on.” You comply. “Taro-taicho? Lead the way.”
The dog stares Atsumu down while you bury your face in his back. You’re so angry. At what? You’re not quite sure. Definitely not Atsumu. It’s not his fault. Then again, why did he get so mad anyways? It’s not like you were purposefully— That’s a lie. Abandoned farm from the 40’s wasn’t specific enough. Even with the additional context of your bomb sniffing hound. You let him assume and from how quiet he’s being, he’s pissed. You would be too if the roles were reversed.
Vaguely, you process him helping you back onto the bike, giving his shoulder for you to hang onto. The person you’re mad at is yourself.
“Why’re ya snifflin’?”
If this were a movie, your tears would be shining in the moonlight as the wind whipped them off your cheeks. But it isn’t and you’re glad he’s not looking at you.
“I’m sorry.” You choke out. Your throat is closing up and they’re the first words you can think of. “Are you mad at me?” They’re whispered as loud as you can make them, but you can’t put any real force behind them because the frog in your throat is getting bigger by the second. The atmosphere is nerve wracking. His answer can’t come quick enough because your mind is already jumping to different, more effective, ways to apologize. What should you do? How do you make it up to him? You’ve never been good at gift giving. Was running an option? Let him take you home and then lock the door before he can say anything. Delete his phone number and ignore him at school.
The manipulative bitch inside you wonders if giving him a piece of yourself would suffice. Would he even want it? He sure spoke like he did. Sometimes. How far would be enough? A kiss? On the cheek, or lips? How long? What if he wanted more?
He had asked before. Half joking, half serious. Unwilling to commit. Back then, your rejection had been painless. The both of you laughed immediately after and went back to normal.
But that was then and this is now. 'Now' is painful and suffocating. It's a shot in the dark, but maybe the opposite action would give you room to breathe.
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Jyoumi Challenge Day #13: Family/Vacation
Once again, I wanted to do both prompts because what’s cuter than a cute family vacation with Joe, Mimi, and their sons? I was, once again, feeling a bit eh about this, but I hope its suitably cute and y’all enjoy it!
The cool winds, the bright sun, the warm sand, and the crystal clear water left the sight from their beach chairs nothing short of heavenly. It was the perfect day to be sitting under a nice umbrella and relax.
And that was exactly what Joe and Mimi Kido were doing at this moment. Joe, of course, had opted to read a book he had gotten himself not long before the trip, and Mimi was enjoying a little shade after some tanning earlier, enjoying an ice cold bottle of water as she looked out at the ocean.
“Are you really not going to sit out in the sun with us at all?” Mimi whined, Joe taking a moment to put his bookmark in his book, close it, and set it in his lap, before looking to his wife.
“Well… I do burn pretty easy. Remember our honeymoon?” he asked, quirking a brow.
“How could I forget? Oh, it was wonderful. We’ll have to visit California again!”
The woman paused for a beat, before realization became apparent on her face.
“Oh, your sunburn wasn’t too bad! We got you some aloe vera lotion and I gave you a great back massage! And you slept so peacefully that night! You were adorable!” she cooed sweetly, which had turned Joe’s expression of relative disbelief into a soft blush, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.
“I mean… it was a really good sleep… and a really nice massage…” he said, leaving Mimi with a smug sense of satisfaction, which, admittedly, Joe didn’t mind.
“Even if it was nice— which it was, yes— I still burn horribly! Not like you, you tan,” he said with an exaggerated gesture towards all of her. Mimi shot him a sly grin, stretching out on her chair, holding out an arm to pose. Joe’s blush deepened, the man feeling his face heat up intensely.
“Give it another try! We can splash in the water, or get cute little drinks in coconuts and walk along the beach… it’ll be fun!” she insisted, reaching over to hold onto his shoulder and shake him.
“Plus you’ll be so bored when me and the boys go and have tons of fun and you’re just sitting here!” she teased.
Joe shook his head, offering her a kind smile, “I really don’t mind, though. You know me, I like relaxing when I can.”
“But I want you to have fun with all of us, too! Please, sweetie?” she whined softly, leaning over to him, placing a soft kiss on his cheek.
Before she could give her husband the chance to argue, she hopped up from her beach chair, walking out from under the umbrella’s cool shade, hands on her hips.
“Shin! Masao! Come here!” she shouted, two boys no older than ten turning from their sandcastle to run over, both the blue-haired boy Masao and the brunette Shin stopping on a dime in front of their mom.
“Yeah, mama?” Masao asked, looking up at her with a sweet, curious tilt of his head.
“Well, your papa is being extra stubborn today, so I was hoping you two could help me convince him to come and have fun with all of us?” she asked, and both of their kids nodded.
“Yeah!” Shin said, scrambling under the umbrella, Masao following immediately after. Mimi simply stood there, arms folded, waiting to see her plan unfold.
“Papa, c’mon! We’re finishing up a sandcastle right now! We need your help!” Shin pleaded.
“Yeah! We need all of us to do it!” his brother added immediately, both now tugging on his wrists. An exasperated look befell the man’s face as he looked between his two boys, then to his wife, who looked so pleased with her handiwork.
A soft chuckle escaped him at the whole situation that had been laid out before him, and Joe couldn’t help but smile. And when Mimi saw him smile, her own smile got wider and warmer, now starting to giggle at it all.
“Ok, ok,” he said, sighing in mock resignation, “Just give your old man a minute to get up,” he said, pushing himself up from the comfort of his chair. He set down his book, and as his sons ran off towards Mimi, he followed behind them. As he approached, Mimi ran towards him, throwing her arms around his neck and planting a kiss on his lips. One of her legs kicked into the air before she pulled away, letting her forehead rest against his.
“So we finally wore you down, huh?” she asked, playfully sticking out her tongue at her husband. He nodded, laughing all the while, and glad to take the teasing in stride.
“I figure there’ll be time to read when all of you are napping later,” he chuckled softly.
“I mean, I may need someone to cuddle into, and you can’t say no to that, can you?” Mimi giggled, enjoying even more as her sons seemed to be grossed out.
“You guys are gross!”
“We are not gross!” Mimi said, pulling away from joe and shaking her head at the two boys, “We are incredibly sweet and romantic. Isn’t that right, sweetie?” she asked, turning to look at Joe and fluttering her eyes.
“Kids? Listen to your mom,” he said, leading their kids to groaning again.
“Can we finish the sandcastle before you two get all mushy again?” Shin asked and Mimi nodded.
“Let’s do it! Family beach day starts now!” she cheered, pumping a fist triumphantly in the air as the family of four headed towards the small sandcastle Shin and Masao had been working on earlier.
The day had been great— even if Joe did burn about as much as he suspected he did. The initial small sandcastle had become a masterpiece to the Kido family, one which the two parents had lauded their sons for the work the boys did. Mimi had made sure to drag Joe into the ocean to cool off, which turned into a splash fight between the two, filled with lots of laughing and Mimi nearly pulling him into the water.
Hours later, as the sun was slowly starting to lower towards the horizon, the family had adjourned back towards their chairs. Masao and Shin still drying off from extended time in the ocean, Joe was finally sitting back again, having gone through another chapter in his book, while Mimi was downing a bottle of water, looking through her phone.
“We’ll have to head back to the room soon to get ready for dinner, but we still have a bit more time on the beach,” she mused before an idea clicked in her head. “Ooh!” she shouted out, causing the three boys to look towards her, Mimi looking up at them with a bright smile, “Family picture! I wanna send this to everyone!”
Masao and Shin were quick to huddle by her, flashing big smiles reminiscent of their mother’s, Joe taking a moment to mark his spot in his book, then knelt down behind the group.
“Ok everyone, get ready!” she said, pointing the phone at them all, throwing up a peace sign. The others followed suit, and Mimi tapped the screen to record.
“Hey everyone! Hawaii is paradise! None of us have a care in the world! And we’re all wishing you were here!”
She waved goodbye to the camera, before turning off the recording and sending it to the group chat that contained all their friends, already receiving messages from Sora, TK, and Yolei and Ken about how adorable they were.
Frankly, nothing left Mimi beaming with pride quite like a compliment towards her and her family.
She dropped her phone back in her bag, before she turned to look at them, clapping her hands together. “Ok! We have dinner in an hour, and we’ll still have five more days for vacation, who’s ready?”
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Love Story Part 4
Tumblr media
A/N: Here’s the final part! Hope you guys like it!
Summary: The war is over. Ben saves Y/N’s life and tries to make amends for his past.
“As I fell, so falls the last Skywalker!”
“No!” Y/N screamed as Palpatine thew Ben off the cliff. The love of her life. The last member of the Skywaker bloodline. Gone.
She and Rey were still facing Palpatine. Y/N screamed as Palpatine started draw the life force out of her. She finally collapsed on the ground.
Rey stared at her unconscious form in shock. Y/N was her friend. She didn’t have anything to do with this.
“Let your death be the final word in the story of the rebellion,” Palpatine says. He tries to electrocute Rey, but she blocks it with her lightsaber.
“You are nothing!” Palapatine says, trying to electrocute her again. “A scavenger girl is no match for the power in me! I am all the Sith!”
“And I am all the Jedi.” Rey used the force to summon another lightsaber, she guessed Y/N’s. She wields both lightsabers as Palapatine tries to electrocute her again, making the electricity reflect off the lightsabers and electrocuting Palpatine. The electricity started to electrocute the entire building around them, causing it to collapse.
Rey hurries over to Y/N’s side and tries to shake her awake. She takes Y/N’s wrist in her hand and feels for a pulse as Ben climbs back up onto the cliff.
He races over to them, kneeling down on Y/N’s other side.
“She’s gone, Ben,” Rey says, letting go of Y/N’s wrist.
Ben doesn’t say a word, just places a hand on her stomach and closes his eyes as the force begins to revive her.
Y/N opens her eyes to see Ben and Rey hovering over her.
“Ben,” Y/N says. Tears start to form in both of their eyes.
“I love you,” Ben said, kissing her. Ben pushes a stray hair out of Y/N’s face and strokes her cheek.
He starts to feel his life force weakening. He only had minutes left, if that.
“It’s okay,” he said, wiping a tear from her cheek.
Ben lies back down slowly, looking at Y/N as he lets out a final breath and then closes his eyes.
“Ben?” Y/N calls out, getting no response. She kisses his forehead and begins to sob.
“Come back…”
Ben opened his eyes. He was in a dark, endless void.
“Hello?” he called out, hoping for an answer. A man appears before him. He had long blond hair and blue eyes, and he wore Jedi robes. It was Anakin Skywalker. His grandfather.
“Hello, Ben.”
“Where am I?” He asks Anakin.
“The World Between Worlds.”
“Am I dead?”
“No, but you are dying,” Anakin says. “Ben, you did what I never could. Saved the woman you love.”
“I had to. She deserves to live.”
“And you don’t?” Anakin asks.
Ben remained silent. He didn’t want to admit it. That a part of him wanted to die.
“You still think it’s too late, Ben. You can be saved,” Anakin says. “It’s never too late.”
“I believe you once said that you would finish what I started,” Anakin says.
“You see, Ben, I turned to the Dark Side because Palpatine manipulated me. He had me believe Padmé would die in childbirth and had me convinced he could show me how to save her. She died anyway. And I never learned that power, but you did.”
“I thought you said I didn’t finish it,” Ben says, confused.
“You need to live Ben, make amends for your wrongdoings. Have a life with the woman you love. Live the life I could’ve had.”
“Okay,” Ben finally says.
Ben feels himself being pulled away. He was coming back to life.
Y/N felt Ben’s pulse start to beat again. It was slow and weak, but it was there. He still remained unconscious, but he began to breathe again.
“Let’s get him to the ship,” she says. Rey nods as the two of them attempt to carry him to the ship.
The members of the Resistance rejoice as the ships landed at the base. Finn and Poe ran up to Rey as she exited Luke’s old X-wing, pulling her into a hug.
Meanwhile, Y/N and Ben exited their ship, Y/N supporting him as he walked. Ben was still very weak.
Silence washed over the crowd as Y/N and Ben approached. Poe pulled out a blaster instinctively and pointed it at Ben’s head. Finn and a few other Resistance members did the same.
“What is he doing here?” Poe asks.
“He’s on our side now, Poe,” Y/N says.
“He’s Kylo Ren!” Poe retorts.
“He saved my life,” Y/N replies.
“Dammit,” Poe mumbles, putting his blaster down. “Take him to the infirmary.”
Y/N and Rey supported Ben, wading through the crowd to get to the infirmary.
Ben laid on a cot, sleeping, while Y/N sat in a chair, holding his hand. C3PO enters the room.
“Mistress Y/N, Master Poe wants to see you,” He says.
“Thanks, Threepio,” Y/N says, standing up. She walked out the door, where Poe was already waiting for her.
“What?” Y/N asks.
“He can’t stay here,” Poe says.
“Come on, Y/N! He abducted you. He kept you in the First Order for years!”
“Poe, he didn’t abduct me. I went with him willingly,” Y/N replies.
There was a look of shock and betrayal on Poe’s face. His sister, his little sister had been part of the First Order all along.
“But you were a spy for the Resistance!” Poe exclaims. “I can’t believe this!”
“It was a very complicated situation, but it’s over now, so it doesn’t matter anymore.”
“Well, I still don’t like him,” Poe says.
Poe walks away and Y/N opens the door to check on Ben. Ben was sitting up on the cot when Y/N walked in.
“Mistress Y/N, Master Ben is awake.”
“Thanks, Threepio,” Y/N says. The droid exits as Y/N sits down next to Ben on the cot.
“Ben!” She pulls him into a bone crushing hug, holding onto him like he might slip away if she doesn’t. “Don’t ever do anything like that again!”
She finally lets go of him. “How are you feeling?”
“I’m okay,” he says. “The yelling woke me up, though.”
“Sorry, Poe’s kind of pissed off,” she says.
“I understand. I’m the last person he’d want around here,” Ben says.
He looks up at Y/N. “So, what do we do now?”
“Well, first, you need to get your strength back. You nearly died, Ben. Then, I think it would be a good idea for you to make amends with everyone,” Y/N says.
“And then what?”
“Whatever we want.”
Y/N stood as someone knocked down the door. “That must be your mom.”
She opened the door and Leia entered, tearing up at the sight of her son. Leia crosses over to the cot, since Ben was still too weak to stand. She pulled him into a hug. Both of them were crying.
“Mom, I’m sorry… I’m so sorry,” he repeats over and over again.
“I forgive you, Ben.”
Leia stood and pulled Y/N into a hug.
“Thank you for bringing him back to the light,” she says.
“You’ll never defeat me!” Ben exclaims.
The little boy “stabbed” his father in the stomach with a toy lightsaber.
“You’ve vanquished me!” Ben falls to the ground and plays dead. A laugh escapes Ben’s lips and the boy pokes him.
“Daddy! Play dead better!”
A dark haired little girl grabs the toy lightsaber as Ben pulls himself off the ground.
“My turn! My turn!”
“No, it’s still mine!”
The kids started to play tug of war with the lightsaber until the girl used the force to bring the lightsaber to her hand.
“Daddy! Leia took my lightsaber!”
Ben grabs another toy lightsaber and hands one to both of them. The quarrel was quickly forgotten as they both started to play Jedi with Ben.
Y/N walked out into the backyard a few minutes later.
“Ben, Luke, Leia, time for dinner!”
Ben grabs Y/N. “You lose, Jedi, I’ve got the princess! Mwahahaha!”
“We’ll save you princess!”
The twins start pretend hitting Ben with their toy lightsabers and he falls to the ground, playing dead again. Y/N kneels down to Luke and Leia’s level.
“Can my little Jedi Knights wash up for dinner?”
Luke and Leia race into the house while Y/N holds out a hand to help Ben up off the ground.
“I’m getting too old for this,” he complains.
“Are you too old for this?” Y/N asks, pulling him down towards her for a kiss.
“Eww!” They looked over at the twins standing in the doorway.
“I thought I told you two to wash up!” Y/N says.
The twins hurry back into the house.
“You coming in?” Y/N asks, looking back at Ben.
“Just a minute,” he says and she nods, walking into the house. Ben looks up at the starry sky before turning around and facing the force ghosts of Anakin, Luke, and Leia standing in front of him.
They smile back at him and wave before fading away. Ben smiles, turning back towards the house before waking inside as the sun sets behind him.
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Right Back to You
@andcontemplation @baldrambo @unpredictablybittersweet @tightropeflea @starmaammke @hopbyers98
Joyce sighed as she sat cross legged just outside the band of teenagers. It was a week until graduation and she felt like she was wasting time, sitting at this boring party of Benny’s. 
Benny was like a local celebrity in school. Through working with his Dad at the restaurant, he already had his own small place (that he rented from his dad) and a car. So it wasn’t the height of luxury, but the place was just big enough to hold the ‘cool kids’ of their class.
Joyce fiddled with the hem of the sleeve of her thin black sweater. How she had been invited to this party, she had no clue. Well, she did know. Karen had dragged her here. And so now she sat here nursing a beer that she hated the taste of and trying her hardest to disappear. 
She watched as Benny spun the bottle and it landed on Marissa and the crowd busted out in laughter. “No no no!” She protested but the group broke into chants of ‘CLOSET! CLOSET! CLOSET!” 
After enough goading, the two teens, with Benny twice as big as Marissa’s thin frame, crowded into the closet. “Enjoy your seven minutes!” Kevin Vanderbuilt, the school quarterback, grinned as he shut the door on them. 
Everyone waited with bated breath as music played in the background just a bit too loud.
Joyce shivered to herself, thinking how embarrassing it must be to come out of that closet with everyone staring. Honestly, how naughty can you get up to in seven minutes? It was a stupid game, she decided as she drank from her too-warm beer and had to work her hardest to swallow it. 
There was another cheer as the two emerged. Marissa had a blush across her cheeks and her lipstick was just a tad bit smudged. The small crowd hooped and hawed, causing a big ruckus.
The game continued and Benny’s dog, Sparky, strutted over to Joyce and lay his grey head on her knee. He was an older dog, had been Benny’s childhood dog, and Joyce had slowly made friends with him over the course of the night. Joyce stroked his head and kissed his droopy ear. “You understand, right? Humans are dumb, aren’t they?” She said lowly to the dog who huffed in response. 
Another pair, Chrissy and Joey, ended up in the closet. Joyce looked over at Jim, Chrissy’s on and off again boyfriend, and noticed a scowl on his face. If what she heard was right, this was an off week for the pair. Still, he didn’t look too happy as he stared down Joey. Joyce missed Hopper. 
They were best friends as children until he was old enough to notice girls. Joyce just always figured she wasn’t blonde enough for him. Not curvy enough. And her skirts weren’t short enough. Still she had a pang of jealousy whenever she saw him watching the closet door with a glum look. 
Joyce was suddenly glad Lonnie wasn’t around, secretly thankful that Benny and Hop didn’t get along well with him. Lonnie would have made her play. He would have gloaded when he ended up in the dark with another girl and probably start a fight if she ended up with anyone else. 
The night wore on and Joyce laid on her side behind Karen, still petting Sparky. 
“Are you just gonna spend the whole night petting the dog?” Karen asked over her shoulder.  
“Are you gonna spend all night playing that stupid game? I want to go home, Karen!” 
“Alright, this is the last round then I’ll take you home. It is almost eleven, my parents will kill me if I’m not home by midnight.”
Ted Wheeler called out from another part of the house and Karen jumped up, eager to find him. They had been having this odd sort of fling. He’s rich, and Karen was ready to get hitched straight out of highschool, but they agreed to date around then decide after graduation. In other words, thinly covering up the fact that Ted had some major commitment issues. 
Joyce completely fazed out, facing away from the circle with Sparky curled against her chest. 
There was a loud rush of voices and she tried to block it out. She had a splendid headache blooming at the back of her skull. The half of the beer she managed to get down was starting to wear off and between that and the noise, she was aggravated and tired. Karen would probably get her home past both of their curfews now that she was wrapped around Ted’s finger somewhere. 
“JOYCE!” Benny’s loud voice pulled her out of her own thoughts and she sat up before looking around at the party. 
She sat up and the whole group was looking at her. There was a gap where Karen had been sitting, and it just so happened that Joyce was sitting in just the right place for the bottle to be pointing at her. 
She scanned the group’s faces and couldn’t determine who had been the one to spin it. 
“Guys, I said I wasn’t playing.” She said sternly. “Come on, this is the last spin!” One voice chided. “Yeah, he hasn’t gotten a turn yet, you gotta go!” 
“Closet! Closet! Closet!” They chanted again. “Someone will take you home if you just go in the closet just this once!” Benny said.
She looked around the group and saw that Hopper’s ears had grown red, a telltale sign that he was embarrassed. 
“Who spun?” She asked and the group all pointed at Hop. He shrugged. 
“Come on Joyce, let’s go sit in the dark and get this over with. I won’t do anything.”
Joyce scoffed and Hopper made the boy scout hand sign. “No funny business, Scout’s honor!” 
She shook her head and stood, her head held low as she walked to the closet. She sat in the corner of the closet. She could see Chrissy giving her a death glare and she drew her knees up to her chin, making herself as small as possible in the tiny dark space. 
“Relax, Chrissy!” Jim said on his way. “Don’t look so bitchy. Joyce is just a friend.”
Just a friend? Why did that sting a little? Sure, she thought about Jim’s handsome smile sometimes and missed him, but she had never liked him like that. She wasn’t going to do anything with him in here. 
He sat down beside her and sucked in a breath. The crowd began laughing when “Put Your Head on My Shoulder’ began playing. 
“Make sure and hold her tight, tiger!” Benny goaded before he shut the door. 
The music was faint inside the closet but she could hear Jim breathing beside her in the dark, and she sniffled. 
“It’s just me, Joycie. I’m sorry you got sucked into this.” He apologized. 
“Why couldn’t you have landed on Chrissy?” 
“I’m glad I landed on you, so I could apologize for my idiot friends dragging you into this. You’re clearly not having a good time.”
She felt a small tug at her hand that was laying on the floor between them, and she realized that it was his pinky, ever so slowly wrapping around hers in what he hoped was a comforting gesture. 
“This is so dumb. Remember that time we were playing hide and seek and I hid in the closet? You couldn’t find me so you just wandered off and left me in there for like half an hour.”
Joyce chuckled. “Maybe I didn’t want to find you, you lou bobby!” He laughed, remembering that nickname that she had used when she was a kid. Whenever someone made her mad, she would stomp her foot and call them a lou bobby. 
“God, I haven’t thought about that in years!” He chuckled. “I think you are a lou bobby, you haven’t been talking to me anymore.” He said, his hand moving to cover hers and his fingers wrapped around the side of her palm. 
“Only because you’re up Chrissy’s skirt all the time!” 
“Is that jealousy?” He taunted playfully. 
“Eww! So gross!” She laughed. “I was there when you pooped your pants in elementary school!” 
He let out a loud chuckle, squeezing her hand. “Yeah? Well I was there when you took a swig of straight tequila, puked it up, then asked who puked?” 
“Not as bad as pooping your pants.” She teased. 
“Better than that time you puked on me.” “You knew I was sick!” She protested. “And you came over anyway!” “And you threw up my Mom’s chicken noodle all over me!” 
They were both laughing when the door opened. Quickly they jerked their hands apart and into their own laps. 
“Oh! Oh! They’re both smiling! Something happened!” Benny called out. 
“Ewww!” Jim said, passing Joyce a wink when no one was watching. “Gross!” She added in, shoving Jim’s shoulder and catching him off guard so that he fell over and began laughing. 
Chrissy peeped in just as Joyce wrapped her hands around his arm to pull him upright, both of them laughing. 
She made a noise of frustration and hurt. “Joey, let’s leave! I don’t want to be here anymore”
Jim shook his head and stood up, offering Joyce his hand. She took it and he helped her out of the closet. “Wanna go get some beer?” He asked Joyce. 
“Can you just take me home?It’s already past my curfew.”
“Shit!” Jim said. “Nope, fifteen till. Come on, I can get you home by then!”
“You’re a life saver!” She smiled.
“Your welcome, Lou Bobby!”
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A night at the pub // Roger Taylor x OC
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey theeere. It took me a while but I finally found some inspiration for my first Roger x OC blurb/one shot, whatever you wanna call it. I think I might even have an idea for another, so we’ll see :D
But as always, if any of you has some ideas/wishes, whatever, just let me know. I’m always grateful for some inspiration!
Have fun :D
,,Can I have another Gin and Tonic, please?”, I smiled shyly at the bartender who probably pitied me already. It was my fourth drink of the night, I’ve only been here for a good fourty five minutes, and I didn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. It was friday night and I had actually planned on having an amazing start to the weekend by partying with my best friend but she had been in such a bad mood that it had pissed me off and we’d started fighting.
Actually I was quite a patient person but if I couldn’t handle something then it was people being negative all the damn time. Yes, life was tough but it didn’t get better by dwelling on the things that got us down, right? And anyway… today was supposed to be about celebrating and forgetting about what went wrong, but no, negative Nancy couldn’t stop whining and then I just snapped. She had left the pub half an hour ago, storming out and leaving me behind like a fool. Okay, to be honest… I felt bad now, maybe I had been too hard on her and I’d definitely apologize tomorrow… but tonight I’d get drunk and hopefully have a good time after all, and if I had to do that by myself, I was fine with that.
,,Here you go!”, he put two glasses down in front of me and I raised my eyebrows. Was I so drunk already that I had ordered two drinks? No, definitely not. ,,Uhm-” ,,This blond guy ordered it for you!”, he said, gesturing to a table behind me. I immediately turned around and spotted a table with four guys around it, one blond and the other three with darker hair. Our gazes met and I rolled my eyes, turning back to my drinks, but just a second later this guy appeared next to me.
,,That was quite a show earlier!”, he said and I rolled my eyes once again. Great. Was that his way of flirting? Or was he just trying to make fun of me? Or did he pity me because of what happened with my best friend? 
,,Well, I’m always happy to entertain people!”, I replied sarcastically, pushing the glass with the clear liquid in it over to this guy, taking another look at him. I had to admit that he was quite handsome. His long, ruffled blond hair, the blue eyes and the boy-ish features. Some necklaces were hanging from his neck, he wore a black shirt with a v-neck, a pink blazer over it and black pants… and damn, he looked good in it. 
,,Come on, have a drink with me. I think you deserve it after what happened!”, he pushed the drink back in my direction, as I folded my arms in front of my chest. ,,I can buy my own drinks”
,,Are you joking? You’re a feisty one, aren’t you?”, he chuckled, ordering one more drink, probably to clink glasses with me. Okay, whatever. One drink and then he’d leave me alone, right? 
I took a deep breath, before I reached for my glass and held it out to him. ,,To… having an amazing friday night and… to no more drama!”, he said before our glasses clinked and I downed the liquor with one gulp, only to pull a disgusted face. Eww, pure vodka. Absolutely disgusting. 
,,Not a fan of Vodka, I suppose?”, the mystery guy was laughing, as he was putting his glass down, ordering another round of shots, before licking his lips. Oh my… ,,Not really!” 
,,What are you drinking then? Oh and are you gonna tell me your name or am I gonna have to name you feisty one for the rest of the night?”
I shook my head, tucking a strand of my black hair behind my ear. ,,My name is Ava. And what’s yours, generous mystery man? Aren’t your friends missing you?”, I asked, turning around to look back at the other guys who seemed to have a pretty good time without him though. ,,These idiots are gonna be fine… they don’t need me as a babysitter!”, he answered. ,,Ava. Okay, I can remember that! I’m Roger!”, he introduced himself and held his hand out to me, which I took to shake it for a brief moment. ,,We need to drink to that!”
And with that said we drank the next shot of… ew, this time it was Tequila. Not really better, but hey, whatever. My night just got better because I got to drink with this handsome man and I didn’t even have to spend one more penny. He ordered round after round, shot after shot and I got more drunk with every single one of them.
In between, Roger and I talked about everything and nothing, mostly nonsense, smalltalk… but damn, he got more attractive by the second and maybe I was going crazy but it felt like his eyes became even more blue, now that he was slightly drunk. Or pretty drunk, judging by his slurring. ,,You know, Aver-” ,,Ava”, I corrected and he waved his hands, then putting one of them on my thigh and leaning into me, to whisper the next words into my ear. ,,You look so damn hot!”
With a smug smile on his lips he looked at me, stared right into my eyes and I was hooked. I couldn’t move or speak, all I was able to, was to stare back into these beautiful blue eyes, as he came closer again. I felt the back of his hand slightly brush over my cheek and suddenly I had goosebumps all over my body. Fuck. I was so drunk that I couldn’t see or think straight anymore. I didn’t care about anything. Not about the fight with my best friend, not about the fact that I barely knew him, not about the fact that tomorrow I’d probably regret what I was about to do…
And with that I leaned forward, crashing my lips hungrily against his. He seemed surprised at first and for a split second I was afraid that I totally messed this up, but then his lips moved against mine and soon we stumbled from our seats. Breaking the kiss, he took my hand and pulled me with him to a secluded, more quiet area of the pub. With a smile on my face I leaned against the wall, pulling him closer to me and his lips soon found mine again. My hands were all up in his hair, while his hands were on my hips, tracing the bit of exposed skin there was. God damn, I was so lucky… and I wanted more of this boy. So much more. 
Much too soon he let go of me again. He took a deep breath, looking into my eyes again and there was something special about this glaze… or maybe I was just super drunk. ,,Do you wanna get out of here and continue this… somewhere more private?”
Ohh yes, I wanted to. That’s exactly what I pictured when I talked about an amazing evening… and for us it had just started.
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hailing-stars · a year ago
febuwhump day one: lost -small miracles 
read on ao3
A cursed song played.
It screeched out from a plastic wand, and, even more cursed, Tony was singing along to the princess toy. Not out loud, of course, just in his head. He knew all the words. Hell, he even knew all the dance moves, all the steps and swings Elsa took as she belted impossible notes while building her ice castle.
He would’ve blamed Morgan, but Tony suspected most of the blame fell on Peter’s shoulders. Just a day earlier, he’d been singing at the top of his lungs, dancing around in the jet, making Morgan giggle and Tony blast the volume on the classic rock pumping through the plane’s speakers.
He smiled at the memory. It was just a day old, but it didn’t make it any less good.
Tony looked down when Morgan started tugging at the bottom of his shirt. She stared up at him, eyes wide, with a face full of fake innocence, the kind that let Tony know she was about to ask for something, or rather, kept asking for something.
“Please dad.”
“Come on, Mr. Stark,” added Peter. His eyes were also wide, and his brown hair stuck up behind a pair of black Micky ears. “Please.”
“But – “
“It’s bad enough that I paid fifty dollars for two pairs of glorified headbands,” said Tony. “I don’t need to make myself look like even more of a fool.”
“Aww, dad, you’re ruining the atmosphere,” Morgan chimed in. She continued yanking at the bottom of his shirt.  
Tony resisted the urge to mock the atmosphere. The thousand screaming kids, who carried souvenirs that played even more cursed songs.
“Yeah, Mr. Stark. Have some Disney spirit.”
He looked at the kids. His kids. They were both there, both alive and breathing and well. They both wore ridiculous mistakes of the fashion industry on their heads, and they both were pulling their most convincing puppy dog eyes. He only lasted just a couple seconds longer about caving and handing his credit card to the cashier.
A third pair of Micky ears cost him another twenty-five dollars and a rush of humiliation once he put them on over his head and walked out of the souvenir shop, but the grins on Peter and Morgan’s faces were a memory he’d always have.
“Looks like the weather needs to get in the Disney spirit,” said Tony, looking up and around at the clouds that had rolled in while they were in the shop.
The sky was grey. No trace of sunlight anywhere. A breeze blew through their hair, bring a chill with it, one that made any of the water attractions unthinkable.
The kids didn’t seem to notice, though. If they did, they didn’t care. Morgan was too busy naming all the Disney characters she wanted to meet, and Peter was too busy trying to find their location on the map as she listed them off.
Tony didn’t know if he should be concerned that most of the ones she wanted pictures with were villains. Later, he’d ask Pepper. Some SI emergency had her back in the hotel suit, dulling out her wisdom and orders via Skype.
“Ok, umm,” said Peter, sliding his finger across the map. “If we start here, we should be able to get pictures with all of them.”
“You sure, Pete?” asked Tony. “Meeting them all might take the day. This is your vacation, too.”
“It’s okay,” he said, with a smile. He folded up the map and slid it into his back pocket. “We still have tomorrow to see all the Star Wars stuff and go on rides.”
Morgan gave an excited little jump, and Tony clapped Peter on the shoulder, wondering how he’d gotten lucky enough to have two perfect kids.
They spent the day taking pictures with Disney characters and going on the occasional ride, and ended it with room service in their suite, with Morgan showing off her pictures to Pepper. She painted gold sparkles on Peter’s Micky ears while she told her mom all about how the Evil Queen was really just misunderstood and while Peter texted Michelle.
Or, probably.
He was probably texting Michelle. He had that goofy smile on his face only she could be responsible for.
Tony smiled and put his metal arm around his wife. It didn’t really matter to him he was missing his real arm. After the war, after Thanos was destroyed and the lost were brought back, Tony had never felt so whole, so content.
He should have known it wouldn’t last forever.
Their second day at Disney World started the same as their first, right down to Pepper explaining that she’d be spending the day in the suite, once again, trying to put out fires at SI. She pushed him and the kids out the door, assuring him everything was fine and that he should enjoy the day, that there was nothing he could do.
“Alright,” said Tony, after Pepper pulled the door shut behind them. “What’s the plan today?”
“Star Wars,” was Peter’s immediate answer.
“Star Wars it is.”
“Yes!” Morgan leaped and did fighting poses as she glided down the hallway, towards the elevator. “I’m gonna get a lightsaber!”
“Volume, little miss,” Tony told her, looking around at all the closed hotel room doors. “And no hitting anybody with it, once you have it.”
“We’ll see!” said Morgan, in a sing-song voice. She darted into the elevator as the doors opened.
Peter laughed as he pressed the button to the lobby. “Don’t worry, Mo. We’ll have epic lightsaber battles on the plane ride home.”
Tony grunted, hoping to come off like he hated the idea when actually he didn’t mind it. Anything to prevent another sing-along, dance-along, that got yet another Disney song stuck in his head.
Peter’s head was buried behind the Disney map, only the Mickey Ears he still insisted on wearing were visible. He was the very definition of nerd then, at the moment, standing on a crowded path at Disney World, wearing a shirt that described various sounds of the weapons in Star Wars.
Tony hoped he never changed.
He could stay like that forever, seventeen and content to spend a week humoring his little sister, but Tony knew he wouldn’t. Time marched on, even now that everything was perfect, even now that Tony was retired and had nothing to look forward to except living in the moment, every moment, as they happened.
Peter closed the map. “It’s over that way… just let me run to the bathroom real fast, Mr. Stark.”
Come to think of it, that could change.
Peter could drop the formality and start calling him by his first name. It was a fool’s errand to even suggest it.
There were only a handful of occasions Peter slipped up and called him Tony, every one of them were he was distressed, like that time he was delirious with the flu, or the last time, after Tony had snapped Thanos and his army away and Peter had been sure Tony was dying.
Peter disappeared into the bathroom, and Tony grabbed Morgan’s hand and guided her towards a nearby bench, preventing her from running after some other kid who’d already gotten a lightsaber.
Five minutes passed. Tony checked the time on his phone, mentally cursing Peter’s questionable food choices.
Ten minutes passed and Tony’s leg started to bounce. He shouldn’t be worry. There was nothing to worry about, and even if Peter was on the floor of a bathroom stall, getting violently ill from something he ate, he wouldn’t appreciate being checked up on in the bathroom.
He pushed down his paranoid parental instinct, his nagging anxiety that something was wrong, or at least, he held it back as long as he could.
Fifteen minutes passed and Tony no longer cared what a seventeen-year-old would find embarrassing. He stood up from the bench, grabbed Morgan’s hand, and marched off towards the bathroom.
“Eww, no dad,” said Morgan, stopping when saw she was being tugged towards the men’s room. “Boys are gross, and they smell. I can’t go in there.”
A point was made, but Tony couldn’t stand the thought of letting go of one child when he was terrified something had happened to the other. He lifted her into his arms, told her put her head down in his shoulder and close her eyes, then walked into the men’s room, noting that Morgan had been right.
It did smell, despite being soul-crushingly empty, besides a kid standing at the sink washing his hands.
“Peter?” asked Tony, looking around.
There wasn’t a response. He didn’t know why he thought there would be. All the stall doors were open and there weren’t any feet visible under any of them.
“Hey,” said Tony, getting the kid’s attention. He turned off the facet and looked at Tony. “Seen a teenager in here? He had on some nerdy Star Wars shirt and Mickey ears?”
The boy shook his head and hurried out of the bathroom, forgetting to dry his dripping wet hands.
Tony’s heartbeat pumped through his ears. His eyes raced around the small bathroom, as his brain tried and failed to come up with explanations to where Peter could have gone. Panic and paranoia, along with the truth that Peter was too polite and considerate to simply run off without telling him, took over and dread twisted a tight knot his belly.
For the second time, Peter Parker had disappeared into thin air, and Tony had done nothing to prevent it.
Tony sat in a tiny, hot room, between two sweaty men who hadn’t bothered with deodorant. His legs were shoved under a tiny wooden table, his back was hunched forward, and his eyes were glued to the security monitor.
He watched as Peter left him and Morgan by a bench on a pathway and disappeared into the bathroom. After that, there was nothing. No sign of Peter leaving the bathroom, no sign of Peter at all. Tony sped up the footage, rewound and played it again, only to see it play out in the exact same way.
A low shakily breath escaped Tony and both his hands flew up to grip the table. Not again. This couldn’t be happening again. Not to Peter, not to his kid. Thanos was gone. The world was set right, or had been, up until the very Peter had wandered into the bathroom and didn’t come back out.
Tony’s world would never be okay with Peter Parker in it, even if the rest of the world spun on without a blip. That was the thing about saving the world, he supposed, it always needed saving.
There was always someone out there, waiting and watching and wanting to cause harm in one way or another. Whoever it was this time really messed with the wrong retired Avenger. They took the wrong kid.
He’d get him back. Tony couldn’t imagine a future where he didn’t get Peter back. The world, the universe, would simply cease to be.
Tony left the security guards in their sauna and set out to find Peter’s phone. A quick look at the tracking software on his own led him to the opposite side of the park, where he saw Peter’s cellphone in a patch of grass under a sign.
Carefully, he picked it up and rubbed his thumb over the freshly cracked screen.
“Really, kid? Again?” asked Tony. He examined the third phone Peter had ruined that month. “You’d think someone with sticky fingers would have a better grip.”
Peter laughed and shrugged. “Maybe I just like the aesthetic better that way.”
Tony blinked away the memory and shook his head, looking forward to finding Peter so he could buy him another phone and, probably, many more after that.
“Where are you, Pete?” asked Tony, as if he expected the phone might answer.
It didn’t, of course, and as the day wore on, Tony was beginning to worry he might never get his answer, might never had the chance to berate the boy about cellphone responsibility ever again.
At some point, Disney security notified the police, who arrived to take Tony’s statement and start a search party. It yielded nothing, except panic and chaos and concerned parents leaving the park early with fears that someone dangerous might be lurking about.
Pepper called May and Happy, and Tony put out a distress call to the Avengers, though he refused to go back up to the suite with Pepper and Morgan to sit around and wait.
Instead he wandered around the darkened, abandoned Disney pathways, clutching Peter’s broken phone in a tight fist and wishing the day had ended the way it had been supposed to end, with epic lightsaber duels and laughing.
Now all he had were echoes of what was supposed to be.
Disney World was eerie at night.
Tony couldn’t quite pinpoint why, exactly. Most likely it was a combination of things. The silence, the lack of little kids with capes and princess wands running around, screaming, the lack of his own family surrounding him.
It was dark and empty and cold, devoid of any charm or warmth.
It reminded Tony of the way the world looked and felt after he’d made it back from space and witnessed the greater devastation Thanos’ snap had caused. Maybe that was just him, though. Maybe that was just the effect of Peter Parker’s mysterious absence had on his onlook.
That’s what kept him going, kept him searching. Peter had to be out there somewhere. Tony wouldn’t consider any other option.
He shook his head and checked his watch, muttering under his breath about the Avengers being so late. Cap had turned into an old man and suddenly everyone else became slow.
“Mr. Stark.”
Tony startled, and jerked his eyes away from his watch. He looked around but didn’t see anything.
“Mr. Stark! Up h-here!” Peter’s cry was desperate and panicked but filled kindled warmth within Tony’s chest. He found him. He found his boy and he was alive.
He looked up and spotted Peter hanging off the edge of a ride, clinging to its tracks. His legs wiggled around in the air as he struggled to keep his grip.
“Pete,” yelled Tony, frowning. Something was off. “Stop struggling, just stick and climb down.”
“I c-can’t,” said Peter. “Please, Mr. Stark, you have to help me. I don’t know – I don’t know what’s happening, my powers – I lost th – I can’t – “
Tony rushed forward when Peter’s fingers slipped off the metal and he dropped to the ground below. His head smacked against the concrete and blood oozed out from his forehead, matting his hair together
Tony rushed forward, but before he could get there, before he could even think about calling a suit, Peter’s fingers slipped off the metal track and he dropped to the concrete below. Peter’s head smacked against the ground and blood oozed out from his forehead, matting his hair together and stabbing at Tony’s heart.
“Peter, oh god, Pete!” Tony sunk to the ground near Peter’s limp body. He stretched out a hand, needing to provide some sort of comfort, needing to provide his kid with something, but was stopped dead when Peter fixed him with an empty, sad stare.
“Too late, Mr. Stark,” he croaked out. Blood continued to pour out from his head. “Why are you always too late?”
His eyes fluttered close. His chest stopped moving, then, just like that, his lifeless body faded away and nothing was left of Peter Parker. Not ashes, not even his blood. Tony pressed his palm up against the concrete where it had been stained red. His hand came back clean.
He stared at it, flexing his palm, in utter confusion and shock, until the edges of his vision started to blur. The Disney pathways, the rides, all the bright colors, disappeared and it was just Tony, sitting in a sea of blackness.
Slowly and carefully, he stood and looked around at all the nothing, the darkness that stretched as far as he could see.
The sound of Peter screaming broke the silence.
Tony broke into a run. His feet propelled him forward through the black, towards the gut-wrenching sounds of Peter’s pained, desperate cries. Eventually Tony came upon a light, which turned into, once he got closer, a room with a large, glass window.
Inside the room Peter was strapped down on a medical, while men in white coats hovered around him, poking him with needles.
“Hey! Let him go!” Tony yelled. Nobody seemed to hear him. He took a step forward, ready to beat his fist against the glass until it broke, but an eerily familiar voice stopped him.
“Stark.” The man who seemingly appeared out of nowhere sounded like Ross. Though his face was still familiar, Tony couldn’t place it. “No use trying to save him now.”
Tony redirected his attention into the room. Peter had stopped screaming. Whatever they had been injecting him with had killed him.
“Don’t look so shocked,” said the man. “Did you really think you could hide him from me forever?”
He couldn’t take his eyes off Peter’s dead body. He couldn’t make his mouth form words.
“Did you really think this all this would end any other way than his death?”
Tony swung his fist into the glass and it went straight through. The glass dissolved into nothing, into the darkness, at his touch, along with anything else. Gone was Ross-voiced man, gone was the white-coated scientists, gone was Peter’s corpse…
Then, once again, it was just Tony and the black. There was no screaming that time, just silence. No running, now that Tony didn’t have a reason to move.
That didn’t matter, though. The trouble came to him instead.
Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson appeared out of the darkness. In Bucky’s arms, limp and lifeless, was Spider-Man sans mask.
“We’re sorry, man,” Sam told Tony. “There was nothing we could do.”
“That’s bullshit,” the words fell from Tony’s mouth, but it was as if someone else were saying them, as if he were watching from someone else above. “You were supposed to watch out for him! You were supposed to keep him safe!”
“Oh, please, Stark.”
Tony turned and he was in the Parker living room, only dimmer and less inviting. May Parker stood in front of him, glaring at him.
“Like you should talk,” said May. “You killed him the day you walked into his apartment and recruited him for your little war. He’d still be alive if it wasn’t for you dragging him into it. I hope you’re proud of yourself, Mr. Stark.”
She grabbed an ern, Peter’s ern Tony realized, and walked towards him. “Take him. You had no problem taking him from me when he was alive.”
May shoved the ern into Tony’s arms, but at contact, it turned to dust and slipped through his fingers, the same way Peter had slipped through his fingers back on Titan.
May and her apartment faded away and Tony was thrown back into the darkness.
It wasn’t all black that time, at least not for very long, as Tony was assaulted with flashes of his worst nightmare over and over again. Peter in a dark alleyway getting stabbed through the stomach. Peter getting crushed by a building. Peter getting electrocuted until his face was blue and foam bubbled from his mouth.
Peter drowning in a cold lake, pounding on the ice that separated them, and staring up at Tony with pleading eyes, begging for his help. Tony didn’t move. He didn’t stomp on the ice or try getting him out. It didn’t matter what Tony did.
The story ended the same each time, with Peter’s death.
Peter went still, sunk away from the ice and disappeared into the water’s depths. His hand was still, too, but it remained outstretched, as if he were still waiting for Tony to grab onto him and lift him to safety.
Tony watched him float away, until he couldn’t see him anymore, until he was staring at s concrete Disney pathway that had once been red with Peter’s blood.
He breathed hard and looked around, wondering what the hell kind of acid trip he’d just lived through. His brained race with just one thought. Peter. Was he alive, or dead? He needed to see him, touch him.
He needed to know he was still breathing. That he was real.
Tony turned and saw Morgan standing still behind him, watching him. Her hair was crumpled and caked with dried blood.
“Morgan?” asked Tony. His voice had a shake. “What happened to you? Where’s mom?”
She didn’t have an answer for him. Just a stare, one Tony had always feared he’d receive from Morgan. She looked at him the same way he’d learned to look at his own father as a boy.  
“Why didn’t you save him?” she asked. “Why do you keep letting him die?”
“Morgan – “
“You let Peter die! You killed Peter!” she yelled. She turned, and ran, forcing Tony to run after her.
He followed her off the main pathways and through some grass. She finally stopped her sprint when she got to the edge of a body of water. She turned around and Tony reached out his hand, only for her to turn into dust and blow away with a breeze.
Water from the lake ran over Tony’s shoes, bring with it a pair of Mickey ears he was compelled to pick up. As he examined them and the gold fingernail polish painted onto them, gears turned behind his eyes.
He thought back to the Ross-voiced man with a familiar face, finally realizing how he recognized him. He pulled his phone from his pocket, keeping his eyes on the abandoned building across the lake, and dialed Pepper.
She answered on the first ring.
“Tony – “
“Is Morgan with you?”
“Yeah, of course,” she told him. “Where else would she be?”
Tony felt a warm blanket of relief cover his body. “Tell me what’s going on a SI.”
“Right now?” asked Pepper. She sounded surprised, but went on anyway. “Someone broke in, stole some technology. We’ve been trying to figure out how they breached security and track down what’s missing.”
“What technology?” he asked, though he thought he probably already knew.
“I’m gonna kill him.”
Tony hang up before Pepper could say anything else. He didn’t have the time to waste. He had a deranged man to bury and a son to rescue.
“Come on, Mr. Stark, hurry up,” muttered Peter, twisting his wrist around in the handcuffs that had them locked together. His skin was red and itchy underneath, and that bothered him more than the glass cage he was locked in.
He stretched out his legs and gave the glass a good, strong kick. It didn’t break. Not even a little bit, not even by a tiny crack. Without thinking, he tried, not for the first time, to pull his hands apart, only to growl in frustration and drop his hands into his lap.
This whole thing, this whole being handcuffed and locked away in a dark, damp building, wasn’t how Peter wanted to spend his day. Plus it was dramatic. It was overkill and a little redundant.
Mysterio – as Peter had nicknamed him – had only rolled his eyes and chuckled a little after he’d told himself, after he’d asked him to either let him out of the glass prison or loosen the handcuffs.
He supposed dramatic and overkill were good ways to describe his captor. He wore a costume as if he were an actor on the set of a CGI heavy movie, and he spoke like there was an audience watching.
Regardless, Peter popped his head up when Mysterio strode back into the room.
“Hey, you’re back,” said Peter. He scrambled to his feet, stumbled around a little bit as the task of standing was made difficult with complete use of his hands, and stood at the edge of his cage. “You didn’t bring me any food? That’s rude.”  
A strange, unsettling smirk split Mysterio’s face as he stopped, turned, and slowly approached. “You know, you’re a good kid, Peter. I almost feel bad about this.”
“You know,” said Peter. “I’ve actually heard that one before. It’s a little cliché.”
“It’s just too bad you got mixed up with someone like Tony Stark,” Mysterio told him. His voice squeaked as he struggled to turn an oversized facet.  
“Too bad for you, actually,” Peter frowned, both unimpressed by his complete lack of physical strength and trying to figure out what it was he was attempting to do. Peter had a bad feeling, but he also had Mr. Stark’s words of advice floating around in his head, given in case he ever found himself in a situation like this one.
Keep them talking. Distract and stall.
“I feel sorry for you.”
Mysterio stopped his struggle, looked back at Peter, and snorted. “Why? Because the self-destructing cycle of revenge only leads to the dark side?”
A villain making fun of his shirt. That was a first, but Mysterio wasn’t technically wrong.
His vendetta against Mr. Stark was both insane and self-destructive and couldn’t end well for him. It was embarrassing sometimes, the extremes Mr. Stark would go to when someone was threatening his kids, though Peter was thankful for it during times like these.
“No,” said Peter. “Because Mr. Stark’s going to beat the shit out of you.”
“Maybe,” said Mysterio. “But I wouldn’t count on it.”
“You’re pretty confident for a guy who can’t turn… whatever it is you’re trying to turn.”
Mysterio chuckled, his hand still on the oversized facet. “Imagine Peter, seeing your loved die over and over again and not doing anything to stop it. Imagine what it might do to a person and the guilt they’d feel knowing they did nothing to save them… guilt like that, it’d ruin a man, or at least, a man like Tony Stark.”
The facet groaned when Mysterio finally gathered up enough strength to turn it and Peter felt the floor beneath him shake. Water seeped in from the slits on the floor, quickly covering the area of the glass cage and soaking into Peter’s shoes.
A shiver went through him, and Peter was about complain at Mysterio, about to tell him he could’ve at least used room temperature water if he was going to try and drown him, but he was cut off by a deafening boom. Wood shattered on the wall to the left of them, and Mr. Stark stepped into the room.
His regular hand, the one that wasn’t metal, was covered in armor. The gauntlet water, Peter guessed.
“Mr. Stark…” said Peter, his voice both filled with relief and with a tremor. The water was rising fast, so cold that it stabbed at Peter’s legs like knives. “Perfect timing.”
Mr. Stark didn’t acknowledge him. Instead, he stared straight at Mysterio.
“Hi crazy eyes,” greeted Mr. Stark. “Having fun with my tech?”
“It’s – “
Mr. Stark waved a hand at him. “Know what? No. Whatever you have to said isn’t anything we all haven’t heard before. You can cut your villain monologue shit too, just tell me where my kid is so I can blast you into that wall.”
“He’s right there,” said Mysterio. He pointed to the cage, to Peter, but Mr. Stark refused to look.
“Mr. Stark,” said Peter, a second time. It didn’t change anything. Mr. Stark kept his eyes on Mysterio, and for the first time that day, Peter started to worry. His legs were numb, the water had risen to his waist.
“Not falling for it,” said Mr. Stark. “Where’s Peter? Don’t make me ask again. You’ll regret it.” Mr. Stark paused, amended. “Well let’s face you’re going to regret this either way.”
“It’s m-me,” said Peter, quietly, his teeth chattering. Either of the men in the room heard him, and he doubted it would matter if they did.  
He wracked his brain for something, anything, like some sort of secret passage word Mr. Stark would understand, would have to realize he wasn’t an imposter. It was hard to think, though, with the water knifing him, with his breath coming so fast.
“Mr. Stark!” Peter shouted that time, he ignored the ache in his wrists and brought both hands up against the glass. It didn’t break. “It’s me, it’s Peter, help!”
Finally, at last, Mr. stark spared him a look, but the relief Peter felt was short-lived. It died out when he saw the look in his eyes. Mr. Stark had never looked at him that way before. Not even during the regrettable ferry incident. Like he was scum. Worse than scum. Like he was Mysterio.  
The stare had been colder than the water. Peter went still, went quiet, and Mr. Stark looked back at Mysterio. The water rose up to the bottom of Peter’s neck.
“If that were really Peter,” said Mr. Stark, taking steps closer to Mysterio, who started to back up. “He’d broken that glass to bits.”
“I can’t!” Peter shouted. Mr. Stark ignored him. “I c-can’t! I - I lost my powers!”
“That’s a nice try, Beck. A+ for the dramatics, but word of advice, never try to pull the same trick twice.”
Peter gave the glass a kick as the water hit his chin, kicked it again when his nose went under, and a third time when he was completely submerged.
He opened his eyes under the water. Mr. Stark had a hold of Mysterio’s shirt and punched him across his face with the prosthetic hand. At least Peter had been right about one thing. Mysterio would be very lucky to leave Disney World with all his teeth.
It didn’t seem to matter, though.
Peter was dying, drowning, with Mr. Stark standing just a few feet away, and it didn’t matter how many punches, how badly he beat Mysterio, Peter knew if he died, died this way, it’d be a blow Mr. Stark might never recover from.
He’d be wrecked with guilt, just as Mysterio said, and Peter wasn’t going to let that happen.
He pushed up off the floor, as hard as he could, and thrust his head above the water.
“T-tony!” Peter managed to yell out, water spilling into his mouth as he sunk back down.
Mr. Stark whirled around. His eyes went wide when he looked at him, really looked at him, with warmth and worry. His eyes were completely absent of the previous coldness. He dropped Mysterio, who hit the ground hard, stretched out his arm and pointed his palm at the glass cage.
There was a beam light, then Peter was sliding down to the floor with the water. Shards of glass landed around him and Mr. Stark ran towards him. He immediately pulled Peter up into his arms, covering the side of Peter’s head with his hand and slamming it up against his chest.
Peter relished the warmth he stole from Mr. Stark and the air traveling freely through his lungs.
“God, kid,” said Mr. Stark. He swiped a mop of freezing, wet hair from Peter’s forehead, as he shivered under his arms. “I’m sorry. I – I didn’t think you were real.”
“’t’s ‘kay,” said Peter, still breathing hard as he tried to speak. “You got me, I’m okay.”
He’d hoped his words might comfort him, but Mr. Stark shushed him and told him to focus on getting good breaths. He got a few more breaths in before repeating himself again, attempting to calm Mr. Stark’s heart as it hammered away in his chest.
“It’s alright,” Peter breathed. “I’m real, you got me.”  
Tony walked into Peter’s room, carrying a plate full of corndogs and an entire bottle of mustard.
Peter had been standing by the window, but when he turned and saw he was coming, he scurried back to his bed and under the heated blanket, as if he thought doing it quickly would change the fact that Tony saw him at all.
“I had one condition for not taking you straight to the hospital,” Tony told him. “One.”
Peter rolled his eyes. “Mr. Stark, I’m fine.”
It was truer than it wasn’t. Peter was fine. His powers were back. He was breathing and warm and real, but it was Tony’s job to make sure it stayed that way. That Peter stayed under his blankets and fully recovered in time to enjoy Star Wars in the morning.
The same couldn’t be said about Quentin Beck. He’d been carted onto the Quinjet after the Avengers decided to show up and was probably, at least Tony hoped, locked away on the raft.
“We really gotta move past this Mr. Stark business,” said Tony. He sat down on the edge of the bed and watched Peter shift around under the covers, trying to get comfortable.
“But then we’d have to think of another password.”
Tony handed him the plate and the bottle of mustard. “Don’t worry about it. It’ll be easy enough. Something like ‘corndogs are disgusting.’”
“That’s uncalled for,” said Peter. He squeezed an ungodly amount of mustard all over his food, then had the audacity to lift one up by the stick and put it in Tony’s face. “Wanna try one?”
“Absolutely not.”
“You’re missing out,” he told him, as he chomped down on the corndog Tony rejected. “It’s tradition. I always have corndogs after I almost die, or a mission goes wrong.”
Almost dying shouldn’t be normal for him, should not in any way have its own traditions, and yet, it was and it did.
That wasn’t Tony’s fault. He may have recruited him into the Avenger’s, but he hadn’t been there when Peter decided to put on his pajamas and fight crime in his backyard.
All it took for him to realize how ridiculous it was to think Peter would ever do anything than try to world the world, or at least his neighborhood, was a series of illusions from a deranged, pretend wizard.
“We need to get you a more sophisticated palate.”
“What like cheeseburgers?”
“Hey,” said Tony. He gave Peter’s shoulder a little push, needing to feel that he was real, that he was really there. “Don’t knock the classics.”
Peter laughed and threw an empty corndog stick at him.  
“I changed my mind,” said Tony. “No Star Wars tomorrow.”
Peter only laughed again in response. He damn well knew Tony would keep his promise and take him to the Star Wars part of the park. That he would take him anywhere if only he asked. He supposed that was his problem now. Two spoiled kids, two miracles, and a long retirement with plenty of time to spoil them.
When morning came, Peter was as good as new and spent their entire breakfaster together fidgeting around, rushing everyone and playing on his phone.
Tony couldn’t say he blamed him for being angsty. One day in a glass cage, missing out on the Star Wars adventure he’d been promised, would make anyone eager to start the day.
They made up for it, though, eventually.
They saw everything, rode every ride. Tony and Pepper were forced to sit behind the kids on most rides, unless they wanted Morgan to loudly call them out when they were being what she considered gross and exchanging kisses.
Tony liked it better that way. He got to watch his kids, watch Morgan smile, laugh, scream and cling to Peter. He got to watch and listen to Peter console her during the few moments she was afraid.
“Don’t worry, Mo,” he told her, as the cart crawled up the hill. “I’m sticky. I can’t let you go.”
When the cart, dropped, sped down the incline, all Tony saw in front of him was Peter’s curls, thicker and wilder in the Florida humidity, blowing through the air.
It was a good day, a perfect day. One to erase all the panic and chaos and anxiety of the day that had come before, as if it’d never happened. As if it was all one big illusion, like a nightmare they woke up from and forgotten by breakfast.
The day ended with buying Morgan a lightsaber and watching her go through the Jedi Academy. Tony stood off to the side, with Peter, and with the other parents, with his phone ready to record Morgan’s duel with Darth Vader, but that wasn’t how it played out.
Instead of hitting Darth Vader with the lightsaber, Morgan kneeled down and declared her allegiance to the dark side of the force. She was meet with a roar laughing and cheering and clapping from the onlookers.
Tony kept his phone steady and pointed at Morgan, but turned his body towards Pepper and asked, “Should we be worried about her?”
“She’s your daughter,” said Pepper. “We should always be worried about her.”
Peter erupted into laughter and bothered Tony the rest of the day to send the video to his phone, so he could text it to MJ and Ned.
That day was supposed to be where the vacation ended, but like everything else, that hadn’t gone according to plan, either. Peter was to blame. He forced them all to watch Harry Potter in the hotel room, and the next thing Tony knew, he was buying tickets to Universal and standing in a Wizard’s clothing store, pretending to be a sorting hat.
“Peter is without a doubt a Hufflepuff,” he said, yanking a pair of Hufflepuff house robes off a rack, and seeing as how there was no other option for a boy like Peter, he accepted with a smile and a nod.
Tony sorted Pepper into Ravenclaw and himself in Gryffindor, leaving just the youngest. His hand hovered between shelves, then moved towards a set of Slytherin children’s robes.
“You went to the dark side,” Tony told Morgan, dropping the robes into her hands. “You’re getting green.”
“Aw, dad,” said Morgan. “I only went to the dark side so Vader would let his guard down around me and then I could wait until he fell asleep and chop him up with my lightsaber.”
Tony, Pepper and Peter paused, the three of them trading looks.
“…ok,” said Tony, after a beat. He clapped his hands together. “You’re still getting the green.”
Morgan shrugged. “MJ always says you gotta keep your enemies close.”
“That doesn’t say great things about your relationship, kid.” Tony clapped Peter on the shoulder and headed towards the check-out counter.
“Guess what dad?” asked Morgan. She did an excited jump and didn’t wait for him to guess. “Peter and MJ kiss!”
“Morgan!” whined Peter.
“Oh really?” asked Tony, giving Peter a smirk, watching his ears go pink.
“Yeah! I saw them during Aunt May and Uncle Happy’s wedding, behind Gerald’s house. They gave me candy to go away and keep it a secret.”
“Which technically you should give back now!”
“Too late,” said Morgan. “Already gone.”
Peter growled under his breath and Tony put his arm around him. “Relax kid, everyone already knows you two kiss. Even Gerald.”
Tony paid for their robes, which they all put on immediately, before heading out of the shop and into the cobblestoned streets of Diagon Alley. Tony stretched his arm around Peter, while he continued to grumble about lack of privacy and snitches while Morgan mocked him.  
It was another beautiful day, a perfect day to be dressed like a wizard with his family, and the future stretched on with the promise of many more.  
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tewqut · a year ago
A New Transition Part1 (AON Prequel)
This is part one of A One Night Prequel. 
She stayed up all night and day with a maximum of 3 hours of sleep for months to finish a velvet long dress with black stones all around it. This was her best work and it would be modeled in a famous fashion show in New York.
Tiredly, Marinette walked up to her apartment that she already shared with her future husband. She had everything she ever dreamed of as a teen. She was in a lovingly relationship with the man of her dreams. Her dress was going to be modeled in an important fashion show in New York. She was still in contact with her friends. She still helped her parents with the bakery. Everything in life was perfect.
Until it wasn’t.
She opened her apartment to see a trail of clothing which led to her bedroom. Her eyes started watering when she heard a high voice along with the voice she was in love with.
“Are you sure she’s not coming?” She recognized that voice. It was one of her models.
“Of course not. She’s too busy with that silly dress of hers.” Her fiancé said, breaking her heart with each word.
She didn’t know why she opened the door, she already knew what Adrien was doing with her model. She found Adrien on top of her, kissing and touching every part of her body, in a way he never did to her.
She broke out of her frozen state when she heard the model gasp and tapped Adrien on his shoulder. He seemed to be confused as he stood there for a few seconds before turning around to see his fiancée standing there with tears falling out of her eyes.
She had never seen him get out of the bed so fast before, coming to her and telling her what every man said once they were caught cheating.
“It didn’t mean anything to me, she doesn’t mean anything. Bugaboo, I love you.” Grabbing her wrist to prevent her from leaving.
She broke free from his grip with no effort, she was stronger, thankfully from being Ladybug. Even Adrien was surprised by her strength. She just glared at Adrien and wiped away her tears. With no comment, she left shutting the door harshly behind her.
Luckily for her, it was late and everyone was tucked into their beds. Alya’s house was a couple of blocks away from her, this was her best friend who would’ve supported her in anything so she didn’t understand why her heart told her to go towards the Seine which was further away.
When she looked up from the pavement for the first time since she ran away from her apartment, she was aboard on The Liberty. Confused as to why she was here, she was about to take off and go to Alya’s when his voice startled her.
“You okay, Marinette?”
She turned around to see Luka. His hair was sticking out all over the place. He wore a red and black flannel pajama pants with a black tank top. She guessed he was sleeping before she arrived as he was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
Before she realized it, she cling onto Luka, finally letting go of everything she bottled up before she got here. Her tears started to fall rapidly onto his tank top and the only sound that could’ve been heard from the houseboat was her uncontrollable sobs. He held her and kissed her temple before he started to rub her back.
“He was perfect, he was the love of my life.” She choked a sob before she continued “Am I really that bad that he had to find someone else to make him happy? Did I do something wrong?”
He instantly knew what had occurred. He pulled her away and lifted her chin to look into her bluebell eyes “You did nothing wrong, Melody. He did.” He wiped away her tears with his thumb, “You’re still the most extraordinary girl, Marinette. As clear as a musical note, as sincere as a melody. After all these years, you’re still the music that’s been playing inside my head since the first time we met.”
He was surprised when she kissed him right there and then with no hesitation. She was as surprised as he was, to have actually made such a bold move, but she really needed him. She needed to feel his warmth in this cold darkness feeling she felt. She started to pull his tank top up, but he placed his hand over hers and stopped her.
“We can’t.” He said as his lip was being bitten softly by Marinette in which he was definitely turned on. She shushed him as she attacked his neck with kisses.
Her heart did a flip when she felt his hand cupped her cheek as he deepened the kiss. She had never felt so free yet so chained to one’s touch, his touch.
“I promise I’ll make you feel loved again, I promise.” He murmured, causing her to blush before he carried her, bridal style into his bedroom where they spent the night loving each other.
After their love-making, she was ready to leave and crash at Alya’s place. She didn’t want to intrude on Luka more than she already had. She wasn’t sure what people did in one night stands so she assumed she would just leave. When he asked her to stay for the night, she felt her heartbeat accelerate again. He didn’t want her to leave, and to be honest; she didn’t either. She curled next to Luka and rested her head against his chest, hearing his heartbeats. Her eyes slowly started to close as she felt his arm wrap around her, holding her in a way she never felt before; safe. They both fell asleep feeling each other’s warmth. Her problems faded away when she was with him since the first day they met.
The light of the sun harassed her eyes, making her squint as she looked around for her phone, she needed to know what time it was before she was late for work. She tried to get out of bed, however she noticed an arm wrapped around her waist, clinging onto her. She didn’t remember the last time Adrien did this. Happily, she cuddled against her fiance. After a few minutes, her eyes widened as her clouded minded became clearer. She looked up to see the man she spent the night with. Luka.
She let out a squeal, rolling hard onto the ground. She was sure she had woken him up yet when she lifted her head to face him, she saw him sleeping peacefully. She stayed in that position, admiring his features. He was handsome from the inside and out. Her face broke into a smile, hearing his soft light snores. His hair was a mess and she knew she was probably to be blamed for it after their last night activity.
Her face started to turn red as she remembered how he caressed her body, how he held her as if she were his world, how his lips fitted perfected with hers, how their heartbeats harmonized.
She broke from her daydream when she heard footsteps coming from deck, followed by the familiar voice of Anarka.
“Rise and shine, Lad!”
She let out another squeal. She needed to leave immediately if she wanted to prevent Anarka from seeing her like this and traumatize her. She started putting her clothes on rapidly, whispering fuck for the millionth time.
Her heart stopped when she saw the door handle twist and that’s when she opened the cabin window, jumping into the seine. She swam her way out, shivering as the coldness of the morning air and wetness of the Seine took over. She walked her way to Alya’s apartment, leaving a trail.
Alya, at the sight of seeing her friend shivering and wet, rushed her into her small apartment she shared with her husband, Nino. She provided her with some warm clothing and fresh tea. When Marinette told her about Adrien’s infidelity, she was ready to send her big sister- No, cross that! She was ready to go after him to give him a piece of her mind.
Marinette grabbed her arm and told her to calm down. “I know, Alya. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but it’s fine.”
Alya almost had a heart attack right at that moment. “Fine?! How is him cheating on you, fine?! You’re his fiance for Christ’s sake.”
Marinette just shrugged, “I guess I should have known.”
Alya wasn’t sure how much she could have handled without slapping her best friend some common sense. “No! Girl, what’s wrong with you? He cheated on you and you make it seem like it was okay. Honestly if you wanna go wreck his new car, I have a spare bat in my closet.”
“Okay, first of all, why do you have bats in your closet? You or Nino don’t even play baseball.”
“You never know when you’ll need it like right now plus it’s badass. Let’s go!” She walked straight to her closet.
Marinette bit her lip, trying to contain her loud mouth from talking when- “I slept with someone else!” Marinette cried out.
She heard a crash before Alya walked back, like a zombie, into her living room, sitting done with her eyes wide open. “You did what?!”
“I slept with someone else.” She repeated, this time softer. She started playing with her fingers as she couldn’t bring herself to look at her friend.
“What? When? How? Wait- Eww, don’t say how.” Alya pretended to gag.
Marinette closed her eyes, sighing “Last night.” She ran her hand through her hair, “I know, it was stupid of me, but when I saw Adrien on top of her, I felt so used and betrayed. I wanted to feel loved again.” Tears were crawling out of the corner of her eyes.
Alya frowned before she hugged her best friend. “Hey- no crying.” She paused, feeling Marinette hugging her back. “Yes, you did something stupid, but I mean, it’s not like he was a faithful fiance. You seeked for something he refused to give you.”
They stayed like that for a few minutes before Alya broke the silence. “Who was it? Who did you slept with?”
“With Luka.” Marinette murmured as they pulled away from their warmth hug. Alya didn’t miss the unmistaken blush on her friend’s face, but she was too shocked to even tease her about it.
Alya was sure she was dreaming since there was no way this was happening. She pinched herself just to be sure, yelping as she felt pain on her arm. She would need so much therapy after this.
“You mean to tell me that YOU slept with Luka. Not just any Luka, but Luka Couffaine?”
Marinette let out a groan. She should have known Alya would react like that. Luka was Juleka’s stupidly-hot brother and Juleka was their friend. “Please, can we not talk about this anymore?”
“Absolutely not! We’re going to talk about it right now.” Alya rubbed her hands excitedly. “Is he a good kisser?” She wiggled her eyebrows, causing Marinette to laugh.
“Yes, he’s a great kisser.” Marinette blushed.
Alya squealed, “So he’s that good? Hmm- Does he have a six pack?”
“Don’t you have a husband, Mrs. Lahiffe?” Marinette raised her eyebrow at her.
“Yes, happily married, thank you very much.” Alya showed off her wedding ring, “Doesn’t mean I can’t find people attractive anymore.”
Marinette shook her head with a smile planted on her face. “Yes, he has a visible six pack which is thanks to me, by the way.” She joked around.
Alya rolled her eyes, “Of course, Ladybug. Viperion carried the whole team for years, it got him a six pack.” She replied sarcastically. “Where’s mine? Wait- don’t tell me you have a pack too.”
She only grinned at her friend.
Her secret identity was no longer a secret to certain people. All the miraculous holders revealed themselves to each other when Hawkmoth was defeated, yet the city couldn’t know for their own safety. That’s how her and Adrien started dating for 2 years, up till now.
“I have one last question though. Last one, I promise.”
She knew better to let her reporter friend ask away since she wouldn’t leave her alone if she didn’t. “Go ahead.”
“Is he really a sex god like they say?” Marinette almost choked on her own saliva when Alya asked her that question. How was she supposed to answer THAT?
“Alya!” She hissed, receiving a sheepish smile from the other woman. The other end of the question reached through her mind “Wait- like they say?”
“Yeah, almost all women in Paris talk about how he caresses their face and spend a passionate night with him.” Alya responded as if it were obvious to the whole world.
No, she refused to believe that. He wasn’t that type of person. She knew him. “He wouldn’t and isn’t like that.”
“I didn’t believe it too, but when Lila- ”
“Lila? Of course she would say that.” She scoffed. It seemed the world wouldn’t allow Lila to stop tormenting her after all these years.
“She said he has a small scar on his thigh and small musical notes tattooed on his ribcage wrapped around three round flowers. She said he did it for her after their first night together to always have part of her with her and-” Alya continued, leaving Marinette in a deep thought.
Luka wasn’t the type of man to show off too much skin in public even in pools, so there was no way Lila could have seen his secret tattoo she caressed last night as well as the scar, unless she actually did slept with him too. For the first time in her life, she wanted Lila to have lied about it like she always did, but for her, there was no other explanation.
“I mean it’s not like you actually like him, right?” Alya asked her, bringing her back to reality.
She faked a smile before getting up, “I need to go. Thank you for everything.”
“Go? Go where? You just got here.” Marinette was long gone before Alya finished her sentence. She was wrong. Marinette did care about Luka. She did it again, she screwed up big time.
Marinette headed to her apartment to break things off with Adrien. She was outraged. Two men already screwed her over in less than 24 hours. That must have been some kind of record.
When she entered her apartment, Adrien was already on his knees, begging for forgiveness and making meaningless promises to her. She pushed him away and ordered him to leave at once, but of course, Adrien put up a fight.
“Bugaboo, please! I love you.” He weeped, following Marinette into their room.
Marinette snapped at him, “If you did love me, you wouldn’t have done what you did!” She threw his clothes at him, hitting his head with his shoe. “Go!”
“You’re creation and I’m destruction. Master Fu once said we are meant to be. We balance each other out.” This is what got Marinette to stay with him. Master Fu was her teacher and even though she knew him for a small amount of time, she respected and loved him. She didn’t want to disappoint him so if he said Adrien and her were meant to be, then that was enough for her to stay.
Adrien tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away, “I’m not ready.” Luckily for her, Adrien respected that.
The next time she saw Luka was the next day. She was in a fashion show with Adrien. She was meeting new designers when her eyes landed on his. A pain expression filled his face upon seeing Adrien’s hand holding hers before he covered it with a smile and continued to tune his guitar along with his father, Jagged Stone. She wasn’t surprised when he told her many years ago. He was as talented as his father and they looked alike.
After their performance, she decided to leave before he even had a chance to talk to her, leaving Adrien alone and confused. He shrugged it off and began to flirt around which didn’t go unnoticed by the other man.
A few days later, she received a message from Juleka while she was working on sketching a new design. She was invited to Luka’s depart party. She didn’t want to go and wasn’t planning to, but unfortunately Adrien had received an invitation too and he refused to not go without her.
“Great! Just my luck.”
A/N: Alright so part one is done! I’m sorry for keeping y’all waiting and maybe it’s not what you guys wanted, but I needed to show Marinette’s point of view. I’ll write one or two more parts before I go back to present time. Thank you! I hope y’all like it! 
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alexajanecollins · a year ago
James Maddison - Family of three - Final part
Better late than never! @cam-blog98 @chilly-me-softly
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 
Hope you enjoyed this series! Let me know your thoughts & every request is welcome! 💙💙💙
The first days were pretty much the hardest. Ever since that exact weekend you decided it was best for you and James to end things between the two of you, your life had taken a complete twist. The first weeks were spend at your best friends place until you find yourself a new place. A small, modern appartement, just big enough for you and your little girl. The little girl still a bit confused of why she wasn’t living with her daddy anymore, the endless moments of explanation pretty much starting to make her to understand it all a little bit better.
James being as busy with his career as always realised he didn’t had much time to spend with Maybelle ever since you weren’t there to take care of her whenever he was away. Pretty much after your break up, the girl that caused this all moved in with James. You were in shock when you find out, but not really surprised as James was not a person to stay single for a long period of time. You had met the girl a couple of times already, she always being there whenever you dropped Maybelle of to spend some days with James. You not being the biggest fan of some unknown women taking care of your daughter whenever her daddy isn’t home. The fact your daughter needing a lot more health attention than a normal girl her age, making it even harder each time you bring your daughter over to stay at his.
You and James talked, but mostly about stuff related to your daughter, never about what happened between the two of you. How his stupid mistake lead to a decision he thought would never be made. A situation he always hoped never to be in. Still, you blamed him. Besides the fact you did realise you find your own peace again, now that you only had to focus on yourself, your career and your amazing daughter. The years spend with James were amazing, but you pretty much realised you lived the life he wanted, and not one you wanted yourself. Beter late than never, but that didn’t mean you weren’t left broken because of the whole situation. 
This exact morning you were woken up by your little girl running inside of your room, all excited. “Mummy, it’s my birthday!” She shouted while getting up the bed herself. You were awake in an instant smiling at how excited she was. “Happy Birthday little princess!” You shouted yourself pulling her into your arms while sitting up. “You’re getting so big, little girl.” You smiled kissing her cheeks a couple of times. “I am not little anymore.” She says crossing her arms on her chest while looking at you. You laugh, her reaction being an exact copy of whenever James protested at something you had said. “You will always be my little girl.” You smile reaching for something that was hidden under the bed. “Guess you don’t want this then?” You ask showing her a present wrapped in some paper. “Ohhhhh mummy, yes!!” She smiles reaching for the present instantly wrapping it open when you hand it to her. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She says all happy giving you a big hug. “Mummy, can we go see daddy play today?” She asks looking at you. You think for a second, remembering James asked to come to the game this evening, for her birthday but also for him to see her on this special day. “If that is what you want, then yes.” You say nodding while getting up from the bed. “But first, we are going to have a ladies day.” You say putting on some hoodie asking for the little girls hand. “This is the best birthday already!” She smiles holding the present while taking your hand getting up from the bed. You both getting downstairs for breakfast and your day filled with activities to keep the girl busy until the game. 
You let James know you were coming to the game. Only because your daughter asked you, especially on her birthday. You sighed to yourself once you parked the car at the King Power stadium, you haven’t stepped foot in the stadium ever since, and even though you had spend almost every home game in here, you didn’t feel any near welcome anymore. “How do I look?” Maybelle asked smiling towards you as you painted her cheeks blue and even put a blue scrunchie in her ponytail. “You look amazing, as always!” You smiled while helping her out of the car, a weird feeling getting to you when you read ‘Maddison 10′ on the back of her shirt. “I hope they win and daddy scores.” She says all excited while walking with you inside of the stadium, you directly walking towards your seats as you weren’t in the mood to meet James before the game. 
After a while, the game had already finished, with Leicester winning and James even making a goal, of course dedicating it to his little girl. Your daughter was over the moon, being at her favourite place, her daddy scoring on her birthday. She couldn’t stop talking about it when she walked with you towards the dressing room. The little girl wanting to meet her daddy after the game. You were nervous to see him again, especially in the stadium because of all the memories. “Happy Birthday princess.” Ben smiles nodding an hello to you both when you pass him in the hallway, he quickly continuing the post match interview he was having. Maybelle just waving towards him with a big smile as you told him he was busy and couldn’t talk right now. “Here she is, my biggest supporter.” James says all excited when he walked out the dressingroom towards you both. “Eww, daddy where is your shirt.” Maybelle laughs trying to push James away a little as he was holding her tight in his arms. You laughed a little by the girls reaction, realising the view in front of you was still giving you feelings you thought you didn’t have anymore. “Happy birthday princess.” He says kissing her cheek. “Will you wait for me?” He asks taking a look at you for a second. “We’ll wait upstairs.” You nod referring to the business room, family and friends from the teams usually come together after games. “Perfect.” He nods placing the girl down on the floor again. “I will be there soon.” He says walking inside of the dressing room once Maybelle started dragging you down the hallway already. 
James was right, never in all those years was he ready this quick as today. You were standing and talking with some of the other girlfriends you used to spend time with whenever you came to a game. Maybelle playing with some of the other children. You didn’t see James enter the room as he instantly walked over to Maybelle. “Oh hi.” Maybelle smiles wrapping her ams around his neck as he picked her up. James and her starting a conversation while he walked around the room, looking for you between all the people, smiling a little as he saw you in the crowd. “Daddy, can you keep a secret?” Maybelle asks looking at him for a second. “Ofcourse I can.” He says a bit confused at what she was going to say. “Mummy is pregnant.” She whispered in his ears, the secret you had kept for yourself the passed weeks finally slipping through your daughters lips. James got confused when she said that, instantly looking at you when he realised. It was true, you were indeed hiding a little baby bump under the oversized hoodie. The one you also wore when you were pregnant of Maybelle and you didn’t want people to find out already. The hoodie James had bought you the moment you told him you were pregnant. And there he was, completely in shock, being pretty sure the baby is his. Your daughter looking at him with a big smile, not even realising what she just revealed. 
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szopenhauer · a year ago
Think of a movie and now give me that movie title: random Elvira: Mistress of the Dark 
Quote a line from that movie:
Tumblr media
Name a song: random MARUV & Boosin — I Want You 
What’s a line from that song? Baby turn me, turn me on All night long What’s the last word spelled backwords of that line? GNOL XD Whats the relationship between you and the last person you texted? my fiancee What would your name be if you replaced T’s with S’s & A’s with E’s? Zuzenne Would you ever legally change you name to that? nah Your boyfriend/girlfriend say they can’t hang out & it’s been two weeks. You? ok How often do you think about death? all the time Where were you when you had your first sleepover? Your house or a friends’? friend’s - P.W.
Are you hungry?: thirsty
What did you buy last time you went to the store?: food? bread not food? trinkets - for example - two books and a tiny stuffed dog
Do you think stained glass windows are pretty?: I don’t know tbh
Are you a chocoholic?: not at all
Have you ever been carded when buying something? : not even when I was buying cigarettes
Do you have a favorite highlighter color?: yellow
Do you have a flashlight?: I do
Do you like watermelon?: nah
Has anyone ever walked in on you while you were on the toilet?: obvi, many times but usually just family members
Do you like a lot of ice in your drinks?: noooo
Have you ever painted a room?: bathroom Have you ever petted a donkey? from what I remember
Out of all 24 hours, which one is your favourite? hmm... Have you ever been in a lighthouse? nope
What time are you planning on going to bed tonight? no idea Have you ever been bit by an animal? yeah Did it rain today? kinda What was the name of the last dog you pet? it was my dog - Łasuch Do you find that you have a certain meal you eat every time you go to certain restaurants? sure Are you constantly judging people? could say so Have you ever had anything stolen from you? sorta Which would you rather, a snowy day, sunny day, rainy day or cloudy day?: cloudy or sunny maybe rainy but definitely not snowy How long have you ever spent away from home? month? Has your luggage ever been lost at the airport? Did you get it back? - About how many times during the night do you wake up from your sleep? few Are there any air fresheners in your house? What kinds? no What scent of candle do you burn the most? we don’t For what reason did you last cry? ugh... What kind of surveys do you wish there were more of? deep
Last time you were attacked by an animal? this summer? Are you paranoid all the time or just during the night? more often during the day actually  Have you ever dated someone without knowing their name? last name, not first, I was a stupid kid and was dating a guy online once and several boys at camp just to show off somebody likes me that way even tho I wasn’t really interested nor knew anything about those matters
If you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet, how much do you really eat? a tiny bit If you need to ask a question in class do you raise your hand? of course How many times have you been engaged (if any at all)? once, currently Do you have to see something to really believe it? jak niewierny Tomasz - często Have you ever gotten so dehydrated that you passed out? I’m surprised that I didn’t :x If your friend was being cheated on, would you tell them? absolutely Do you always assume the worst? that me indeed Are you sick and tired of life? sadly Have you ever been busted for under age drinking? I wasn’t drinking underage, I still don’t drink  Do you have a picture of you and your lover kissing? 1 and a tik tok Have you witnessed a fight at school? bunch
What is your favorite time of day to run? when I’m late for the bus lmfao
When was the last time you talked to your mom? recently Do your parents crush your dreams? sometimes Did you sleep in today? I didn’t Do you hate sleeping in? I love sleeping in  How late do you consider too late to sleep in? noon, 11am is already late  How long have you had a smartphone? less than 5 years Do you keep lists of names that you like? even tho I don’t want kids :P Have you ever butt-dialed someone? it happened
First letter of the names of everyone you have kissed, like *that*; M.
Do you like going to school sports games? eww, boring Have you ever worn your boyfriend’s clothes? guy from camp gave me his cap for a day Have you ever stolen your sibling’s clothes? I had to wear them when she was growing up, gross Have you ever loved someone and HATED it? later? Do you like Starbucks or would you rather just have water or something? just water lol Have you ever walked into a door before? po maturze zapomniałam, że woźny zamknął drzwi, które się same otwierały i walnęłam w nie, raz przytrzepałam sie w futrynę bo za szybko skręciłam w nocy do pokoju, mama uderzyła mnie drzwiami jak byłam mała i stałam za blisko wejścia dzwoniąc do domu więc spadłam ze schodów, a ojciec stuknął mnie tymi dworcowymi przy wiadukcie i wylałam na siebie sok - to chyba wszystkie przypadki Do you know anyone who’s like, psycho-religious? fanatic? my uncle is one of those Have you ever been stuck on a ski lift? luckily never been there to begin with Do you know who Nancy Sinatra is? ain’t this the gal who sings “those boots were made for walking” or smth like that? Have you ever bought anything from an airport? I wasn’t there so... If I asked you who you were gonna marry a year ago, you would say; omg Do you snore, talk, sleepwalk, or drool? drool at times, sorry also roll/kick around and fart ^^” When you woke up this morning, what was your first thought? I was wondering why Nat fronted If you could start completely over knowing what you do now, would you? possibly
If you drink coffee, do you have a favorite flavor & brand? If so, what? not applicable Have you ever personally known a pair of Conjoined twins? woah What is your first thought when you see people kissing in public? "get a room” Would you ever consider being a professional stunt-person? I have no abilities/skills/health etc for that kind of job and it’s really sad actors get prizes for stunt-ppl’s work
How about a Mailman? my father was and that ruined his body so I doubt it (Besides Hello kitty) Do you have a favorite Sanrio character? If so, Who? Hello Kitty is evil Do you flinch when strangers touch you? don’t touch me! Can you remember the first time you went to a movie theater? I believe Is there something in particular you like to look at photos of? What is it? I have strange interests... Do you actually like the taste of Diet Soda? didn’t try and don’t plan to What brand of toliet paper do you normally use? I don’t give a shit ;) Do the Charmin bears make you feel uncomfortable? xD fact that they’re red makes me uneasy On average, how many cans of soda would you say you drink daily? zero Did/do you ever stick your chewed -up gum under tables? I spat it on grass when I was younger and had stuck it in my hair years before as well but every other gum I trashed properly Can you remember the last thing you watched on the news that upset you? that’s why I avoid news How do you feel about red lipstick, is it whorish? it’s my fav but I no longer use makeup What is your definition of feminism? fighting for equal rights between women and men like pay in workplaces Are you comfortable in shorts? am not So, have you watched that Bob’s Burgers show? Do you like it? fragments 
Do you ever get the feeling you dont belong? always Do you believe actions speak louder than words? good actors will use both ways to lie
If your friend tried to commit suicide infront of you how would you react? how, why, who, when etc. Ever had a rumour spread about you? plenty Have you ever tried to impress someone before? majority of my life and I hate myself for that If someone jumped on your back what would you do? die? If you had a child and they turned out just like you would you be happy? poor kid... If you could choose the gender of your child what gender would you choose? not that I want kids but girl
Name three people you want to meet in Heaven. from those who died or are alive rn?
What could be the theme song of your life? I was taking a quiz today and they gave me Kero Kero Bonito - I'd Rather Sleep
Do you have any embarrassing health issues? :( Who do you wish you could talk to? grandma and/or brother Do you lose or misplace things a lot? very rarely lose, misplace more often but still usually same item like my scissors What was the name of the street you grew up on (if you don’t live there now) I live here! Does it still feel like summer where you live? it’s too cold for that Do you have a Paypal account? I wish Have you ever had a brand or company reach out to you on Instagram? polyvore What is the last thing you purchased from Etsy? I have no bank account to be able to buy stuff there Do you sell on Etsy? I’d like to someday Do you have a favorite aunt, and if so, who is it? aunt Alice Who is your favorite cousin? no one Have you bought next year’s calendar yet? yup What year did/will you turn 30? 2022 What’s a food that you like, but it makes you feel sick? no comment Do you like the name Addison? sounds like a shoe Is there anything that you regret getting rid of? ... Have you ever stood up to a bully? couple of times Do you own striped tights? nude and transparent Have you ever made your own Halloween costume out of clothes from ur closet? yep When was the last time you received a hug? this day Do you have anyone who hugs you regularly? dad? Would you rather have the bottom bunk or top bunk? bottom Window seat or aisle seat? window, aisle if in church  Have you ever thrown up on an airplane? that’s one of the reasons I won’t fly Have you ever seen anyone else throw up on an airplane? that’s another... Have you ever gotten sick in the car? almost Do you still wear clothes from the children’s section? whoops you got me What color is your watch? I need to buy watch for Nat... What color was the last pair of flip-flops you wore? last time I was wearing flip flops was before middle school and they were pink I suppose Were you born in your favorite season? in the worst! Have you eaten oatmeal lately? regularly... Do you enjoy editing photos? if not a snapchat filter selfie then I prefer them “natural” What is your favorite app on your phone? Choices forever! lately I begun playing The arcana and it’s pretty good, Lisa downloaded Addams family mystery mansion or smth but it’s not that cool and I used to play the detective story which was awesome <3  Do you answer your phone every time it rings? hell no Do you like to decoupage things? scrapbooks/collages are way better How many tabs are open on your browser right now? 9 with this one but I forgot to close the background music 
How many times have you had sex within the past two years? Guesstimate? personal How many times in a month do you go to the movies? How much do you spend? not at all
When was the last time you heard thunder? Where were you at anyway? this month? home When was the last time you were in trouble with your parents? If so. it’s complicated Do you know anyone who claims to have the ability to see the future? I have dreams that come true and my parents do, also my gf When you go to the movies, do you actually watch the movies or not? ... what else would I do in the cinema? oh, you mean kiss and such? waste of money Do you love or loathe the Eurovision? I don’t mind it Have you ever wielded a sword? wanna try :D If you were famous would you want a statue or a building names after you? what for Can you erect a tent? hope I didn’t forgot How tall is the tallest person you know? didn’t ask Have you ever ridden a camel? might try What’s your opinion on rats? cute
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etlunainmorte · 2 years ago
🖤 I See My Future Before Me 🖤
Galatea found Vergil in the library that day, and when she approached the little boy, she saw him drawing something on a cover of a hardbound book with a blue crayon.
She might have smiled at the boy's little project but, the erratic movements of his little hand as the worn down cerulean crayon chaotically glided through the book, making jarred lines and messy curves, slightly unnerved her. And as the huge letter V finally started to form on the book's cover, she realized what he's been doing.
"You know, William Blake would not appreciate what you did to his book if he sees that." She gently told the little boy as she took a seat on one of the chairs next to him.
Vergil looked up at her, letting her see the ugly bruise on his cheek ( most probably Dante's doing ), and frowned. "I want to make this book mine!"
"I know, dear. It's just,... you're going to ruin the book. And if it's ruined, you won't be able to read it properly again."
"BUT - !" The boy almost cried. "It's Dante! He always takes everything away from me! I'm putting my name on it so it can truly be mine!"
"Sshh, sshh, sshh, alright, calm down,..." Galatea hushed as she held up her hands in front of the boy. "I understand. No need to get mad."
"But,..." the boy looked down at the ruined cover of the book, his tears now steadily flowing from his eyes. "... will Mr. William Blake really get mad at me for doing this?"
The girl smiled as she took the boy into her arms and wrapped him in a very warm and gentle embrace. "I think," she explained. "... that he will be very proud of you for picking his works over others. He will say that you're a very clever boy, and that you deserve all the love and affection in the world."
"You're joking, I know,..." Vergil argued, calmly but still with a hint of disappointment.
"I'm not! Okay, if you'll let me borrow your book,..." Galatea answered as she took the book from the table. "... then, maybe I could do something with it,..."
Later that night, the girl showed up at Vergil's bedroom, both her hands behind her back and a mischievous smile on her lips. The boy left his bed and went over to her side.
"Galatea, what are you hiding?"
The girl smirked as she finally showed what she's holding. It was the same book, only that it has now a brown leather cover with a huge golden V, along with intricate lines around it, emblazoned on both the front and the back.
The little boy's eyes widened with complete wonder, gasping excitedly as he received the newly covered book from her.
"It's like,..." Vergil almost stuttered, his excitement getting the better of him. "... it's magic! How did you do it?!"
Galatea playfully rolled her eyes. "Magic."
The little boy threw himself at her, hugging her as tightly as he could. "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!"
"Ah, it's nothing." Galatea answered as she put her arms around the boy's tiny body. "By the way, I put something in - "
"I'm so excited to read this!"
The boy ran to his bed, bouncing happily in it as he started to surround himself with the wondrous and imaginative world of Blake.
"Never mind." Galatea murmured more to herself than to the little boy. "Good night." She whispered as she quietly closed the door,...
Little Lamb who made thee,
Dost thou know who made thee,... ?
Tumblr media
"Sunny day sweepin' the clouds away.
On my way to where the air is sweet!
Can you tell me how to get?
How to get to - "
"V! Wake up!"
The poor poet woke up to someone shaking him on the shoulder and the sound of that sickly cheerful music on the television. He opened his eyes, letting them adjust to the bright morning light that seemed to add insult to his self - inflicted psychological and emotional injury, and saw the woman peering down at him with utter disgust.
"Eww, what happened to ya? Ya, like, cried yerself to sleep or somethin'?"
V ignored her stupid question as he sat up from the sofa ( which was mercifully soft, thank the Heavens ) and took a good long look around the now bright room.
During his awfully stressful slumber, Nico has managed to enter the premises ( of course, she has her own key ), parted the heavy curtains, and actually made something decent for breakfast.
And its smell was now actually wafting from the kitchen to V's sensitive nostrils.
"Breakfast time!" The tattooed woman announced as she went over to the television to turn it off.
"HEY!" Griffon, who was sitting on the floor beside Shadow, pointed an accusing finger at her. "WE'RE STILL WATCHING!"
Shadow, who was eagerly watching the children's show with Griffon, flinched when the television screen went from colorful to blank, and started crying like Nico just took her candy away from her.
Griffon and Nico both looked up as they heard V's intentionally loud scream and immediately stopped bickering. Shadow, on the other hand, went on crying like nobodies' business.
And it was to an awkward silence when he left the unit to clear his mind. He knew he has an obligation to take care of (Y/N) and he was fully aware that he must not leave her with Nico and Griffon ( who were both as perfectly capable as two clashing, idiotic hominids ) but, he really needed to get away for a while, to ease his anxiety and to calm his senses. He wanted so much to get rid of the throbbing pain on his head, and he needed get away from too much noise for a while.
He wanted to breathe some fresh air,...
All of a sudden, like something that could only happen in cheap novels and low - budget movies, a single piece of flyer flew from somewhere and landed on his face. He picked the piece of paper off his tired and greasy face, took a good long look at it, and almost swore out loud. Almost.
Of all the places that could lure him in,...
An hour later, he found himself face to face with the familiar wooden door with the huge neon sign right above it. The one place that old flyer advertised.
It was the same place,... that changed his fate forever. Not to mention the others he intentionally and unintentionally dragged along with him and his blunders.
He opened the door, stepped in,...
... and saw, in his utter shock, the huge interior of a grand, old cathedral. He was now standing next to one of the pews, and when he looked down to his left, he saw (Y/N) actually sitting on it, her eyes transfixed to, most probably, the choir practicing from the far right corner of the cathedral.
"Willst du ihnen beitreten?" Came the voice of an older woman who suddenly went through V ( like how Alicia did ) and placed a hand on her shoulder. It was a middle - aged nun with the most gentle features he has ever seen.
The nun must have noticed (Y/N)'s confusion upon being asked in a different language, and shook her head. "Oh, vergib mir. I mean, forgive me. I was asking if you want to join them." She asked, then gestured towards the choir.
(Y/N)'s mouth opened as she was about to say something but, then, hesitated. She just smiled sheepishly and shook her head.
"You'll love it there."
"I'm sorry, I can't,... I really can't sing like that."
"Oh, is that so? Hmm, you do seem to like music." The nun sat down next to (Y/N). "Then, what brings you here? You do seem like you came from a very far place. I may be able to help." She asked as she looked at her casual clothes that were inappropriate for such a cold weather.
The girl, who looked like she was about to burst into tears, nodded as she bowed her head. She, then, looked at the nun's eyes and spoke, "I was looking for - "
"V?" Came a familiar voice. The poet glanced at the vicinity of the choir once more and noticed Dante standing just next to the old conductor, his arms crossed. "Hey!" His younger brother went towards him, looking confused, and when he finally patted him on the shoulder, his surroundings abruptly changed from German rustic to American modern. He was back to his own reality with the familiar atmosphere of the Devil May Cry office before him. "Finally came for a visit, eh?"
"I,... guess I' am. Yes."
Dante rolled his eyes and gestured for V to follow him towards his desk. "So, what happened with the Vergil disguise?"
"It wore off." It was the truth
"Can you put it back on?" Dante mildly asked as he collapsed on his chair and placed both of his feet on his messy table. "Be my brother for a while?"
"Do you want me to?" V inquired as he threw his cane in mid air and caught it with his right hand.
The Devil Hunter in red just shook his head. "Nah. Would it make any difference, though? We'll still try to kill each other anyway."
"Was that the only memory we had? Of us at each others' throats?"
"Seems like it."
There was a moment of awkward silence, and when Dante spoke once more, V felt that there really was a reason he was led back to this place.
"That day, when I was fighting the Dreadnought's horde, some names came up my head. Something like Andromeda, Cassandra, and Galatea?" His statement made V smirk as he shook his head in disbelief. And this very unexpected gesture irked Dante. "What?"
"You heard the man, Cassandra." V spoke, much to Dante's utter confusion. "It is time you explain everything."
For a few moments, Dante only stared at V, thinking that his "brother" has completely gone insane, and lo and behold, something materialized right next to him, and it made him almost fall off his chair in shock.
"Dante, I'd like to reintroduce you to Cassandra, the Aspect Of Future, eldest of the Sisters of Fate."
Dante raised an eyebrow. "Wait a second here, reintroduce? Did I hear that right?"
V's gaze felt like daggers against Cassandra's skin. She looked down in shame, unable to speak.
"Cassandra, if you please?" V asked. No. More like ordered.
The Sister of Fate nodded and went closer to Dante. The man quickly stood and drew back in terror, uncertain why a tall and lovely woman was approaching him. "Let your sight be opened." Cassandra spoke clearly as she took hold of Dante's head, making his eyes roll back and his muscles tense. After a few moments, she let go of his head, making him stumble to the ground. And the moment he opened his eyes, he finally remembered everything.
"H - how could I forget?!" He muttered. "Cassandra, were you the one who sealed our memories?"
"Yes." The woman answered with much guilt. "I only did it to protect you from Mundus and all of Sparda's enemies. I' am very sorry."
"Ha." The man mocked as he stood up and brushed some dirt off his jacket. "And surely you've realized that your bright idea did nothing to keep us safe!"
"That is enough, Dante." V quietly interjected.
"Can you explain what this is all about?"
Which was exactly what V did for the next couple of hours. He explained everything, from the day he commissioned him to take on the Demon King Urizen, to the day the Sisters returned to him. And, of course, he told him everything about (Y/N), how he felt about her, how he fell in love with her,...
... how he hurt her,...
"To be quite frank," Dante began as he rubbed his stubble. "... you've been a total douchebag, V. No offense. Just saying the plain truth."
"I know. And I'm sorry." The poet, now settled on one of the chairs beside the desk, answered.
"Nah. What's the point in falling in love when you don't make a blunder or two? It's called, falling in love. And, damn, it hurts. Look what happened to me." Dante shook his head and stood. "Speaking of (Y/N), I just remembered something. Wait here." He stated as he made his way to the back of the office, occasionally throwing weird glances at Cassandra, who was quietly standing at the far corner of the room.
When he got back, he was carrying a pale pink fur coat and what looked like an instrument case. "(Y/N) forgot this the last time she's here. Can you give this back to her for me?"
As V was about to take the parka - like clothing from his brother, his visions returned, flinging him back to the old rustic church where he saw the same nun from before handing him the thing instead of Dante. A pair of hands went through V, taking the parka from the kind, old woman. He moved aside to see (Y/N) lovingly clutching the warm, wooly parka close to her chest.
"Thank you so much, Sister,... ah?"
"You may call me Sister Christina." The old woman smiled. "May you finally see the man you've been searching for." The nun made the sign of the cross and kissed the younger woman on the forehead. "Möge dich Gott auf deinen Reisen segnen."
"V?" Dante's voice once again brought him back to the present. "You okay?"
"Yes. Forgive me."
Dante just stared at V with a raised eyebrow as he handed the coat to him. "Oh, and, ah, her birthday is coming soon, and I couldn't think of anything else to give. I mean, I don't know what movie she hasn't already seen, and I'm sure she's not gonna appreciate Twilight. So, I got her this." He handed him the instrument case he's been holding.
V was right. It was a violin. A real one, and not a weaponized version.
Dante scratched his head in confusion. "Ah, I know she's tone deaf. But, you can teach her, right?"
"Of course." V answered. "Can I open it?"
"Sure. Open it, play something with it, whatever you want."
V carefully opened the case and saw the exquisite, wooden thing inside. He took it and appraised it like an expert.
"Guarneri? You can afford Guarneri?!" For the first time since those stressful days, V actually felt the mirth going back to his system at the thought of Dante buying an expensive instrument for the girl he loves.
"Guava?" And he clearly sounded that he had no idea what he just got himself into.
"Guarneri." V repeated dryly. He just can't accept people being ignorant about the popular Italian Luthier - the maker of Paganini's violin.
"Guava. Guanini. Whatever. Besides, I just bought it from an antique shop and had it fixed."
And apparently, it cost too much, V thought, taking note of the dark atmosphere of the room. His brother wasn't able to pay the bills again and was probably fast approaching bankruptcy.
V pushed the thoughts aside as he positioned the violin below his left jaw and raised the bow,...
"Allmächtiger Vater, Segne diesen Mann auf seinen Wegen und Reisen. Segne ihn in seinem Denken und Handeln. Segne ihn in seiner Seele und seinem Herzen. Dass dein Licht ihn stets umgibt, und ihn auf deinen erwählten Pfad sicher leite. Geleite ihn durch die Stille und Leere, auf dass er an deiner Seite die Hoffnung und das Glück entdecke. Im Namen des Vaters, des Sohnes und des heiligen Geistes
The two brothers both looked at the other end of the room and saw (Y/N) standing there, her back turned against them.
"What the hell?!" Dante mumbled. "(Y/N)?!"
However, V was fully aware who she really was. And he knew she wasn't (Y/N).
The girl turned and finally revealed her face. It was, indeed, Galatea. "Almighty father," she went on with her prayer. "Bless this man on his roads and travels, bless him in his thoughts and actions, bless him in his soul and in his heart that your light always surrounds him and guide him safely on your chosen path. Guide him through the silence and the void so that by your side he may find hope and mirth. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. It's what (Y/N) always prays at night before she sleeps. It was taught to her by the nun who gave her that parka. She prays for you each night, Master."
"Galatea, is that you?!" Dante gasped, pointing at another one of the Sisters of Fate who kept materializing in his own office.
"That name was given by your father, Sparda. Before that, I was,... nothing. A shell of what truly mirrors the illusions made by him." Galatea explained.
"What do you mean by that?" V questioned.
The girl smiled. "Do you remember that night when I fixed that book of yours, Master?"
"Of course. As clear as day, dear."
The girl nodded, her expression very serious. "Then, please, take the cover off the book."
"NO!" Cassandra shrieked all of a sudden. She crossed the room and made her way to her younger sister, hugging her as tightly as she could.
Like Galatea was going to leave her,...
"You can't do this! Please! We'll lose you! I beg you, don't do this!"
The youngest sister only smiled as she embraced her sibling. "But, you've seen it?"
"Yes!" Cassandra was crying, and it unnerved both V and Dante. "So, I beg you! Don't make him do it! Please! I've lost mama and papa. I don't want to lose you!"
It's just a book. What would happen to her?
Galatea closed her eyes as a single tear rolled down her eye. She, then, looked at V. "Master, do it. And see for yourself. Do it for me."
Despite the heavy and unexplainable feeling that suddenly weighed on his chest, he placed the Guarneri and the bow back on their case, took out the William Blake anthology from his coat pocket, and opened it, noticing the part where the leather cover began. With mild curiosity, Dante inched closer to V, watching his brother tear off the brown leather cover. A few moments later, a single piece of paper fell from it to the floor, making all eyes focus on it and it alone.
And as V picked it up and noticed what it was, his eyes widened and his lips parted. It was a very old vintage photograph of a little girl holding a stuffed lamb.
It was an old photograph of (Y/N).
"I was created to mimic her image. To provide mama with a daughter. Without her, the girl in that old photograph, I' am nothing. The moment I came to life, I always dreamed of actually meeting her in person. And I found her," Galatea let go of Cassandra and went directly to V. "... and brought her to you."
All the pain in his chest went back, reminding him of every bit of mistake he has done to her. He clutched the photograph closer to his chest. "But, I don't deserve her. I,... hurt her."
"I know. So, promise me you'll find her and get her back."
"Find her? Galatea, what do you - ?" V was startled when her body was suddenly engulfed with multiple little orbs of light. "What's happening to your body?"
"I used up all of my powers. I found her, fulfilled your wish, healed her. My mission,... has ended." She answered. She was dying, and yet, there was a content look on her face.
She knew her fate all along. And she embraced it.
"Farewell, Master."
And with those final words, she vanished, leaving behind her true form: an antique porcelain doll clutching a stuffed lamb.
That image was still on his mind when he left Dante's office and made his way back to (Y/N)'s unit but, something else was bothering him.
Find her? What does that mean? It's not like (Y/N) suddenly vanished or anything. That’s impossible.
But, then, something flashed in his mind: an unknown visitor, a tear - stained note, an open door,...
V practically sprinted towards the building, his heart rate going higher and higher as the vision finally took over his mind.
It can't be! She can't do this! She can't - !
The poet flung open the door and saw the frantic look on Nico and Griffon's faces.
"Where is she?"
Nico and Griffon immediately went towards V. Something really was wrong.
"Okay, V. No need to stress yerself even more. We just went out to get some stuff and,... she's just - " Griffon began but, he was immediately cut off.
Nico, who was the calmer of the three of them, tried to stop V as he made his way towards (Y/N)'s room. "Calm down, man! She will go back. I know she will - "
She will go back?!
He almost rudely brushed the two aside and ran to her room. He flung open the door,...
... and didn't find her there.
But, just like in his vision, there was a single note on the bed. He picked it up and saw the shaky scribbles on it.
“One of these days, and it won’t be long,
You’ll call my name and I’ll be gone,
Fare thee well, my honey, fare thee well.”
And just like in the vision, the note,...
... was tear - stained.
🖤 Special thanks to @la-vita for the German dialogue and translations. And for introducing us to Sister Christina. 🖤
🖤 @beyond-the-mirror , @gothghoulfiend , @vergils-daughter , @micaelagua , @ehrzeth , @ceruleanworld , @simmy-ships , @boundbysoul , @diabeticsugarush , @lessy86 , @heaven-on-a-landslide , and @krazy06 . 🖤
As they made their way back to their home, he saw his wife stop at an antique shop, her eyes transfixed on something in a glass case. He took a curious look at it and realized it was a beautiful vintage porcelain doll holding what looked like a stuffed lamb. And just above the doll's glass case was a photograph of a real human girl, clutching the same stuffed lamb, who must have been the inspiration of whoever made the toy.
He smiled at her. "Do you want her? I'll get her for you."
His lovely wife looked up at him, her smile slowly diminishing. She shook her head and grasped her husband's hand, leading him away from the shop with a sad look on her face.
The week after that, the husband introduced his wife to three girls. And he called one of them Galatea.
"Galatea?" She gasped in wonder as her hands glided against the girl’s smooth porcelain - like skin. Like that of a doll's.
She was,... simply perfect,...
The little girl smiled at her as she carefully touched her hands with her own, little ones. "Mama?"
Little Lamb who made thee,
Dost thou know who made thee,... ?
🖤 P.S. I Love You 🖤
~ A V X Reader set in a modern Alternate Universe.
~ Life goes back to normal after the fall of Urizen, the Demon King. V, one of the Demon Hunters who survived the demonic invasion, officially joins Devil May Cry and takes on small jobs to make ends meet. One day, a female client hires him to drive away an evil spirit that haunts her home. Along with Nico, who brings along her new state - of - the - art gadgets to help him on his new mission, and his familiars, Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare, V moves to his client's home - a mansion rich with history, both happy and dark. And in that mansion, he finds a diary that once belonged to the client's great grandmother, a woman named (Y/N) (L/N), who is, somehow, connected to the hauntings of the restless spirit he must drive out.
~ To be released on the 1st week of October.
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hell-bound-stories · a year ago
Curraway woods- The girl
Diana took a sigh of relief the moment the doctor had left. She pulled the sword out of the manticores burgundy main, using it to block the sun from her eyes as she looked up at the sky (yes she has a hat shut up). 
“Ok, they’re gone” She said, lowering the sword to her side.
The beast lifted its head, looking around before fully standing up. The large gash on its side healed instantly as it did so. While the manticore was otherworldly it was still the size of a normal adult lion, so Diana was actually taller than it.
‘Strange’ Diana thought to herself. She’d seen many monsters like this before, but this one was so abnormally small, even if it was the size of a lion. She could tell it was young, but not how young.
While the beast was taking note of the sky Diana walked over and cut a piece of its furry main with her sword. The beast pulled back in protest but it was too late, she already had a lock of its fur. 
“That is for getting those guys off your tail” She said, placing the fur in her basket next to the other plants. She waved the sword in the air, and in a flash it turned into a simple wooden wand, with that she placed it in her hat. 
“Hey that's not fair!! I coulda taken em on my own!!!” 
Diana looked back to find a small girl where the beast once stood. She was completely taken back, speechless.
The girl wore simple overalls with a messy somewhat torn t-shirt underneath with no shoes. She had scrapes and bruises dotted around her red/pink skin. Her large bull like horns had a red hue at the tip along with her tail that had a normal triangle tip. Her horns seemed small in comparison to her hair. Her dark pink/purple hair was almost the size of her. It was curly, covered in sticks and leaves. However her most stand out feature was how small she was. She was barely half the height of Diana.
Diana expected this demon to be young, but not this young. She looked no older than 10, maybe even younger. Diana immediately began to feel sorry for her.
‘How does a kid so young end up in Hell?’ 
“What” the girl snapped, she didn’t like that Diana had been staring for so long.
“So” Diana started, “what are you going to do now?” She was genuinely curious.
The girl looked around, “I don't really know, anything I guess I’ve never gotten this far” She said truthfully, “Imma go look for frogs!!”. The girl began walking away towards the forest, but was stopped by a sudden hand grabbing her arm.
“Wait” Diana said
The girl jumped back instinctively, hissing loudly as she did so, pulling her arm away from the grip. Diana quickly noticed her mistake, taking steps backwards to put some distance between them. The last thing she wanted to do was scare her.
“Im sorry” She said honestly, trying to remain calm, “Why don't you come hang out with me?”
“EWW” The girl said quickly, “Why would I want to spend another minute with adults, all of you suck butt” She hissed.
“Well I helped you get away from those guys didn’t I?” Diana pointed out, hoping to gain any trust she could. She knew that was going to be hard, but she wasn’t going to give up on her and leave her here alone. That wasn’t fair.
“Yeah so?” She clearly wasn’t impressed, “Like I said I coulda taken them all on my own!!!” She puffed out her chest, trying to appear strong. Diana very much doubted that, but she wasn’t going to crush her facade.
“Well why don't you spend just one night with me?” Diana offered, “I'm sure you're tired from out running them all morning” She was trying her best to sound inviting.
“Nu-uh” She shook her head, “I don’t need adults, adults are stupid”. She began walking away again.
“Hmm” Diana had to think for a moment, “Oh well, I guess I’ll just go home and play with all my frogs by myself”
This caught the demon girls attention, stopping her march away. She looked back at Diana, “you have frogs?!” Her voice was filled with excitement for the first time. 
“Yep” Diana went on, “the lake nearby is full of them, and they are all over my property. It comes in handy for all my magical needs”
“NO!” The girl yelled in protest, running up to the witch, “You don’t kill them do you?” 
“Oh no no” Diana explained, “I just need their slime and spit and eye juice” 
“Oh gross!!” The girl said, full of excitement, giving a full smile as she did.
“Oh it's so gross” Diana agreed with just as much excitement, “Do you want to see?”
“Hecky yes I want to see!!” She said bouncing up and down. Any opposition to being with the adult witch had been cast aside in favor of frogs.
While it wasn’t exactly trust Diana would take it. As long as this young girl wouldn’t be alone in the woods tonight it worked. Demon or not, it wasn’t right to just leave her here. 
“Great my cabin is-”
“I’ll beat you there!!!” With that the girl transformed back into the manticore from before, and took off in a random direction towards the trees. Flying past Diana without hesitation. 
Diana smiled, “other way” 
The beast ran by again, this time going the other direction
“Still wrong” She laughed. Demon or not, kids are kids.
The beast walked back over and sat down in front of Diana in defeat. 
“Come on, I’ll show the way” She smiled.
The beast gave up, turning back into the same girl from before, “I totally would have found it on my own” She boasted as they both began to walk into the woods.
“Oh I know you could” She paused, “huh I don't know your name” 
“Oh my name is Max!” Max said triumphantly. 
“Max? What a great name” Diana said, agreeing in a way. It fit her perfectly. 
“I know!!!” Max exclaimed following closely along, “I thought of it all on my own!!!” 
They walked out of the grassy field into the forest. Diana led the way to a small elephant path that she knew well. The cabin was a short 10 minute walk from the field, the perfect amount of time to get to know Max. Diana had questions, and Max had her own special answers.
“You know” Diana started, “I’ve never seen a demon quite like you before”
“I know aren't I cool!!!” Max stated, “Not every demon is a cool colour like me!!!” 
“Really?” Diana knew basic things about demons, but had never heard of ones with pink skin.
“Yeah! Im super special, one in a quatrillion!” She proudly explained. As they walked Max jumped on every log she could walk along on, before jumping down to find another rock or log to walk on next. Diana just stuck to the trail, keeping an eye on Max, just to make sure she didn’t wonder the wrong way. 
“Is your cool monster form a part of you being super special?” Diana had seen many mythical beasts before, but she’d never seen a demon with a form like that. Most demons had a generic monster as their beasts form, not something specific like a manticore. 
“Yeah isn’t it awesome!!” she bounced along the path, “It such a cool lion thing, its super big and strong” 
“Can you do anything else that’s special?” 
“Uh” this was the only question that stumped Max. She took a moment thinking hard, “Not now, no one ever told me how to use stuff like fire, but I don't need them. I'll learn on my own!!” Her confidence returned without effort.
“Oh, well how old are you?” Finally Diana got to ask the question that had been burning in her mind since she first met her minutes ago.
“I think I'm 7? I never kept count” Max happily replied, unfazed by the question or the response. Diana however was not. How does a 7 year old end up in Hell? She knew the answer but she still wanted to ask, “Do you know how you died?”. 
“Really?” Now this was surprising.
“Totally” Max climbed on top of a large rock, “I went out fighting a pack of wolves, trying to save a family of small bunnies!!” She stated without hesitation, raising her firsts to the sky. Diana couldn’t help but give her a smile, a soft warm smile. There was nothing like childlike innocence. 
Max put her arms down, “I think” she admitted, “I'm sure it was super epic and cool and it definitely happened in a forest”. The fact she was dead didn’t bother her one bit. She jumped off the rock and continued on the way. 
Diana didn’t know what to say. She knew Max wouldn’t remember, no demon remembers how they die, but she didn’t expect Max to be so ok with it. Let alone talk about how “epic” it could have been. 
“Holy heck!!” Max shouted, running in front of Diana down the rest path. They had finally reached their destination. 
The path ended at a small clearing, in the middle of which had a simple cozy house. There was another small path off to the side that led to a nearby lake. The only thing unusual about the cabin at first glance was the fact the house and surrounding area was covered in frogs, hoping and croaking about. 
Max was in awe at the site, and Diana was reminded of how bad it was.
“There are so many FROGS!!!” She screamed, running to grab as many as she could.
Diana sighed, letting out an extremely un enthused, “yep”
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s-p-a-memes · a year ago
InuYasha Abridgement quotes, 5.
“Am I really at the point where I can’t tell pain from pleasure?”
“This is where my daddy died. Daddy wasn’t too smart.”
“Wake up, piece of shit!”
“Yes, that’s right. Tremble like a little girl. Your judgment has arrived.”
“But let me say this: I fight, and I may die. If I run, I’ll live, at least for a while. And if I die in my bed many years from now, I’d be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for once chance, just one chance, to come back here, and tell my enemies, that they may take my life, but they’ll never take my freedom!”
“Hacks! I call hacks!”
“I said ‘brace me’, not embrace me!”
“Hey, stop trying to die, you piece of shit. I can’t let you die before I show you how badass I am.”
“Whoa! I don’t remember what happened yesterday, but my pants are still on…”
“What’s this? I’m in the obituaries? Why does everyone treat me like I’m dead?”
“Uh-huh. Yeah. Why, of course, demonic bee. Instead of throwing demons at them, that they can kill, let’s throw something at them they can’t kill! Genius!”
“It’s not about the size, bro. It’s all the technique.”
“Hey! Want to bathe together for no reason?”
“Umm, wouldn’t getting clean be a reason?”
“Diarrhea. Where will you be when it strikes? I’m just glad I wore my brown pants…”
“Oh boy, another massacred village…”
“That’s not what a fox says!”
“Let me see you, with my own eyes. … My suspicions are confirmed. You still have your nose.”
“So what will it be? Deal… or no deal? … You still have to open five more briefcases. Peace out, Girl Scout!”
“Forget. Forget! What I mean is, don’t forget to get the sword, _____. Brother’s on the line.”
“I am a strong, confident demon. I can become a full-blooded demon any time I want.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, we don’t have time to talk about this. The enemy approaches. Scene transition!”
“And when you use the Tessaiga, you can through a hundred demons at once! All without sharpening!”
“Aaaaaand no one’s listening. Of course.”
“Welcome! First, put down your weapon. Nice and easy. … I said nice and easy, dammit! That’s going to be expensive.”
“Don’t you know? I’m one percent evil, ninety-nine percent poison gas!”
“So, _____, I’ll make you a deal. You should work for me at my castle. It wouldn’t be so bad, you’ll just have to pop a pizza in the oven every now and then.”
“Eww… she’s covered in poopy!”
“You do so many bad things, I can’t believe you do them on purpose!”
“Aww, yeah. Who’s top dog now, BITCH?”
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