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#she's a queen
datasupremacy · 4 hours ago
It was time for baby's monthly bath and now she looks like a haunted Victorian child.
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ivyprism · 4 hours ago
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Have some more Ivy~! If Ivy didn't have her hoodie!
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caputredinframes · 5 hours ago
Funfact #18
Sergio and his siblings - Cesár & María - all knew Shakira more or less before she was famous.
Their birthyears are pretty close, all of them were going to school in Barranquilla. It's only logical😏
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squeeto · 5 hours ago
If you’re still doing that character meme, Abigail!
NOTP - Nate or Pickles (as previously stated, abi deserves better)
BROTP - Toki!! (I love that everyone agrees post-doomstar toki and Abigail just like hang out and have girls days and gossip while they braid each other’s hair. he never would’ve made it out without her keeping him going and it makes me sob)
OTP - Charles (she’s like the only woman who would ever be On His Level and they would be like a dynamic badass business couple. definite mom and dad vibes. go on a date and just complain/subtly gush about having to deal w the band the whole time)
Second choice - Skwisgaar (I wasn’t expecting to be into it when I read ur fic but apparently ur so good that u could just write anything and get me onboard hahaha. I’m so hyped to read the abi x skwis when u write it!!)
Fluffy pairing - Amber (bond over their romantic distaste for pickles and seth, just say fuck it and become a boss bitch power couple)
Angsty pairing - Magnus (pre-klok: I always liked the idea of them secretly being exes and that’s one of the reasons he decided to bring her along for the kidnapping party)
Poly ship - Abigail/Charles/Dick (dethklok production team power trio)
Weirdest pairing - Dick Knubbler (I have no explanation)
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storieswrittcn · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
@direregina​ sent ❛ What did you expect, coffins and dungeons and moats? ❜ (for morrigan maybe ? )
Tumblr media
“Perhaps.” Morrigan answers - from where she is from, that is a likely situation. This castle before her looks like something a vampire might live in. There are no coffins, there are no dungeons, and there are no moats. No dungeons that she is aware of, that is“
“Tis your castle?” How intriguing - Morrigan has never been up this close to a castle before. Not when she is a witch of the wilds and most fear her, templars hunt her. Being near a castle always seemed like a recipe of disaster. “I must ask - what are we doing here?”
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aelingalathyniusrailme · 13 hours ago
just thinking about how sjm had the opportunity to end the throne of glass series with
“and aelin ashryver whitethorn galathynius rattled the stars”
but she didn’t
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myrcella · 13 hours ago
it’s dark as fuck but i really do love the concept of an au w/ the maiden always having been broody for a child and alcina sees rose and is like,
“ooh look, a baby. excellent. gift for my wife. mine now.”
I MEAANNNN another way to use the crib in alcina’s room 👀
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hyunubear · 15 hours ago
Someone I follow reblogged a picture of megan fox and I lost my composure oh my god she's so hot
I KNOW RIGHTTTT????? SHES JUST SO SEXY AND GORGEOUS..... she’s also a milf so shownu is probably a fan too🤧🤧🤧🤧
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luphoricsart · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
And to accompany my survivor oc of course, behold my killer oc! Meet The Paragon (real name: Euphemia Langley)—a once-famous artist/painter who was slowly torn apart by the competitiveness in her career. She eventually suffered a psychological meltdown and resorted to embodying the personalities of her rivals who she once saw to be better than her, believing she would become a "perfect" version of herself if she took on their strengths and traits.
However, this unhealthy form of coping led to the downfall of her own identity. Soon, she felt that all her efforts were not enough, and then proceeded to murder her opponents in order to "take their places" and become them, but as one. She uses the blood of her victims as an ingredient in her paint, which she then uses in her artwork. The Entity soon takes her. She's mutated a bit in the process as she's developed two extra faces, symbolizing her shattered identity. They're all covered with a mask. (":
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tatort-muenster · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
ChrisTine Urspruch bei Zimmer Frei
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a-lonely-tatertot · 21 hours ago
wait you're on the kotlc chaos server, right?
who is the most iconic character in kotlc
Yup I talk occasionally :]
I’ll be honest with you anon I’m biased but biana
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enbyvictorvandort · a day ago
watching the addams family is making me realize i’ll never be as cool as gomez, while my gf is even better than morticia
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katofporcelain · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Her hair and her eyes were made of pure GOLD and she resembled a beautiful and expensive porcelain doll. Only a few things in her appearance were red: The inside of her lips, her blushed cheeks and the blood on her dress."
edit feito por @327BSP 
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