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starmilkman · 7 months ago
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reposting these bc i want better close ups + i don’t know how to use tumblr properly <3
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delicourse · a month ago
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in honor of the first gk woman…..ume….
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coffeebuoy · a month ago
i have this real wild and wacky idea: stop hating sakura so much
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no-psi-nan · 9 months ago
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It's so fucking funny on like 10 different levels.
The comedic timing of Saiki getting distracted exactly when Toritsuka confidently thinks that he's being protected
The fact that coffee jelly obviously outweighs Toritsuka's life in Saiki's mind. And it's not even a fancy one probably lmfao
The fact that Aiura must've offered it to Saiki and then taken off running, or even funnier, just ran past him with the coffee jelly in hand.
The fact that Saiki actually fucking chases after her when he could use telekinesis to grab the jelly or electrokinesis to stop her in her tracks or even teleport in front of her.
Saiki's absolute brain-empty response to coffee jelly.
Look at that running pose. He can fly and run at the speed of light!!!
Aiura laughing delightedly because Saiki probably has the dumbest expression on his face and eyes only for the coffee jelly
The fact that Aiura is holding the coffee jelly over her head as if the extra distance could really prevent the madman from getting it
Also by the time they meet up with Toritsuka and Hii in the science room, the coffee jelly is gone, and while we unfortunately didn't get to see the end of the chase, there's pretty much no way it wasn't hilarious.
My guess is that once they reached the science room, Aiura turns and Saiki is still no-brain-cells reaching for the coffee jelly and she was gonna tease him about the whole thing but he looks so silly and excited about the coffee jelly (remember the puppy eyes he gave Toritsuka after dealing with KusuΩ?) that she just hands it over and he happily eats it and she's like "why are you literally sooo funny lmao" and the instant he's done he's all serious like "Toritsuka's life is in danger" and she's like "yah I know that's why I brought you here" and he quickly tosses out the container and turns to look cool and collected as Toritsuka comes in through the door and internally Aiura is just like "pffffft".
And on the sweet side:
The absolute lack of fear on Aiura's part of Saiki, the local god, and the absolute trust that he'll play along nicely.
Saiki, the local god, not using any of his powers and just playing along even though he looks completely silly doing it. Aiura is laughing at him and he doesn't seem to care at all.
Also Aiura must've been looking out for Toritsuka at least a little to try bribing Saiki into helping her save him. They both do care about him even if he's pretty shitty pretty often.
#saiki kusuo#saiki k#saiki no psi nan#the disastrous life of saiki k.#aiura mikoto#okay but the level of trust openness and genuine friendship between Saiki and Aiura gets me every time#he's known all of his other friends for 4+ years at this point. and yet they basically have no clue of his personality#he's pretty open with Toritsuka too but like he detests him for the most part lol. and Akechi has childhood bestie privilege#but once he and Aiura save Chiyo over and over that night he clearly trusts her and even though he tells her not to talk to him at school#or even outside it. he still basically lets her join him at the cafe & agrees that going out for dessert with her is better than going solo#he could put an end to her advances if he really wanted to. but instead he looks out for her safety and hangs out with her and does silly#stuff like this. plus she helps him without question or cost and she's instrumental defeating the volcano and there's no way that hasn't#gotten her a big soft spot in his heart. they're besties 4 life AT MINIMUM!!!!#anyways if you read this far down in my tags and haven't read my fic yet pls go read extra love stories of psychics volume 1#chapters 1 and 4 are my Aiura x Saiki propaganda because damnit they trust and love each other a lot and if Saiki has the slightest#bit of romance in his body then it would work so well (aroace Saiki mega valid but my hc is demiaro ace. he thought romance was based#on being super close like besties in the Chiyo confession chapter. so I think he might fall in love with his best friends.#anyways. i should probably go do the job i get paid to do huh?#nopsi meta#nopsi obsession archives
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j4y5t4g · 3 months ago
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kumasawa randoms (ft. virgilia and mrs ushiromiya)
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photoshop-and-chocolate · 4 months ago
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waffletopkai · 9 months ago
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Suffer with me :')
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karuu03 · a month ago
omg can we get chiyo 3 with 5 please? ^_^
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PK high's resident love-obsessed cupid
i think she would be super into trendy stuff like pinterest outfits and and tiktok
(click to see full res)
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huskymaine · 5 months ago
Recently I rewatched Kazekage rescue arc and I like this conversation of Kakashi and Chiyo, because of these some interesting things :
1. Chiyo “allergic to ninjas from other village” asks Kakashi about a trivial thing (I mean in their situation it’s hardly the time to have heart to heart) without hesitation, especially since their first meeting is not going well. Their first interaction is not going well at all, with Kakashi somehow getting mistaken as his father with only his one eye and hair visible.
Tumblr media
Offf.. In here Chiyo used Shiroi Kiba me that is basically translated as White Fang (derogatory). Since me here is derivative of teme which is widely known as an insulting word.
2.  Although in here Kakashi became Naruto’s mouthpiece, at the same time he shows how close he watches Naruto and his behavior after 2.5 years being separated.
3.  Gaara’s status at that time is a Kazekage. Literally in the same high position as Tsunade. Temari and Kankuro called him “Gaara” is understandable because they’re his siblings, Sakura and Naruto called him “Gaara” is somewhat understandable because they are teenagers and don’t really care for formalities, Chiyo called him “Gaara” is also understandable because she’s one of Suna Elders and way on senior position than Gaara in Suna Council. But Kakashi, an outsider Jonin leader who know shinobi formality like a back of his hand called him “Gaara-kun” is baffling but also cute.
4. Chiyo suddenly opened herself and talking about her past mistakes, having some thought about maybe they way she supported Sunagakure all this time has been mistaken (isn’t it count as treasonous thoughts? She wasn’t afraid that Kakashi will tell anyone about it?), even uttering her envy for young people, a truly vulnerable  things to be admitted for an energetic grandma who just few chapter before said that she will not lose by the youngsters, while Kakashi patiently listened to her.
This is so jarring for me because it’s so weird that hardened shinobi like Chiyo let out her emotional vulnerability to a person whom moments before she thinks as her enemy. It’s as if Kakashi also has emotional power that is similar yet different with Naruto’s. Kakashi said that Naruto has mysterious power that made people instantly befriend him although he only exchanges few words. I think the reason is because Naruto wears his heart on his sleeve. People who met him can see his determination, his pure intention, and that’s why they trust him and open up to him. 
But Kakashi is like the most secretive shinobi in Naruto verse. He never said anything about himself, he has some disturbing monikers like Cold-Blooded and Friend-Killer, and he even never let other sees his face. Yet people like Chiyo and Zabuza, hardened veterans who know better than bare their weakness in front of enemy, shows their vulnerable side in front of Kakashi, somehow believes that Kakashi will not betray their trust and use that for his own gain. This Kakashi trait is mentioned in Kakashi Retsuden by Nanara’s P.O.V
Truthfully, he knew nothing about Kakashi. Even if he asks him, he is always deflecting from answering. Thinking about it now, it wouldn't be surprising if he really was a spy sent by the capital.
However, I don't know why, I want to trust him.
I want to follow his back. The so-called excellent leaders must be people like Kakashi.
 Yeah, thing is, people who met Kakashi, see his lanky form, unkept hair, covered face, massively secretive attitude, yet somehow feel like he’s a trustworthy and reliable person. Someone that can be depended upon. Like Chiyo, Zabuza, even the Raikage. Of course, his record as elite Jounin help him to get credence for other people, but it’s amazing that even for shinobis from other villages, Kakashi is someone who is least likely to betray them and make them feel safe enough to show vulnerability. Probably this special power also made people dump responsibility over responsibility for him despite his unwillingness XD
5. Kakashi cheered her up and uplifted her spirit, although just a day before he heard the same Chiyo scorned his father’s name with hate. I mean, forgiving is one thing, but no one ask him to be kind for someone who hates his own father, especially since his father is such a sore spot for him. But he did it anyway, made Chiyo laugh, and since that time determined to not give up, do something, and that something is to give her own life for Gaara. 
Tumblr media
This is just after her fight with Sasori, she already thought to save Gaara.
Tumblr media
Chiyo rememberes Kakashi’s words in her last moment, saw the proof in front of her eyes, and smiled. 
Tumblr media
Then Kakashi, as a shinobi through and through, paid respect to Chiyo and complimented her last act as shinobi (although the whole talking about “fitting last moment for a shinobi” is too similar with teenage Kakashi’s favorite book “How a Shinobi should Die” for my comfort. Please tell me that is not your attachment for martyrdom speaking).
Tumblr media
Bonus other Kakashi and Chiyo moments : 
Anime only :
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh I can feel his awkwardness in this scene. Kakashi’s father is such a sore spot for him (next to Obito and Rin) so maybe it’s truly uncomfortable for him to admit himself as his father’s son in front of a person who was suffered by him. Not that I blame Sakumo, he’s shinobi which means that his situation is constant kill or to be killed in the war, but for me specifically it’s a hard reminder that behind all hero’s glory story there’s someone getting hurt from the other side.
Then when they finally met Team Gai...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For Konoha people, Kakashi being late and spew offhanded excuse is like running joke, but Chiyo from Suna being typical elderly self conscious and think that she “troubled” Kakashi. That’s so cute of her, almost hoping that Chiyo is my grandma. 
In the end, when Chiyo planned to revive Gaara...
Tumblr media
Unlike those teenagers who was shocked when Chiyo intended to bring Gaara back, Gai and Kakashi instantly understand that Chiyo would sacrifice her own life for Gaara’s sake. In Kakashi’s case, probably he was having deep thought regarding that, with his solemn closed eye and speech bubble that means thinking.
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cashmoneychiyo · 10 months ago
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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Chapter 127, Part 2
Part 1 here [x]
© Cash Money Chiyo ( @grolia, candlejack, @minthae, @variationa, and @zeldass!)
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shih-coulda-had-it · 4 months ago
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if chiyo was six feet tall in her prime, this would be a very different scenario
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spideylovesgwendy · 7 months ago
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This popped into my head, and I had to draw it, whether it’s good or not.
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aprito · 7 months ago
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sasosaku month day 10: feudal au
ok so maybe you're kind of a trusting country bum and the family your father works for is a circle of menaces. but maybe the grandson of your father's employer should have told you that he's been lying about being engaged (!) to some far off mountain side nobility (!!) who is supposedly you (!!!) for years to get into strategic meetings and win court favors BEFORE!!!! you agreed to go with him to the capital for your royalty larping needs. maybe he should have also mentioned that it's BOTH of your heads on the line if the truth gets out. to be fair, he was very serious about you passing that little princess crash course. that's on YOU now, have fun for the next 6 months!!
fake almost marriage meets princess diaries meets heian period. i am weirdly invested in this now that i have spent weeks of my life looking up ref. a win for everyone involved.
bg pic
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saikikdoodles · 22 days ago
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surreal-duck · 5 months ago
sakura gsnk or noelle dr >:)))))
would NEVER pass up the chance to draw the transgendeer
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no-psi-nan · 4 months ago
Now that I think about it, Akechi would be amazing at the fake boyfriend game. He'd absolutely crush it as long as he didn't hate the partner in question. He'd easily convince everyone they were dating, and figure out the other person so well that they probably develop feelings for him if they didn't already have them.
Except unless Akechi already had feelings for the person in question, he's not going to fall in love (because he knows the other person is reacting to his act and not to him). He's going to drop the act the instant the game is over and go back to being his normal weirdo self instead of Prince Charming and be like "my job here is done". Rip to the other person who thought the fanfic trope would guarantee them a happy ending lol.
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brumleys-bones · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Happy Pride from the Saiki K Gang! Stay safe out there 💕♥️💗💞
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crookedlyinnernightmare · 19 days ago
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yandere saiki and yandere teruhashi are both amazing ideas, but damn if Yumehara doesn’t exhibit some yandere-esque behaviors
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astruma2 · 10 months ago
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Ei, lets dance!
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desitenya · 2 months ago
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sorry if this looks insane but you gotta understand what im trying to say here
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