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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#sheer meanness
rigelmejo · a day ago
im going through nukemarine memrise course LLJ 5 still. On like word 250.
Literally THE most frustrating thing to me about learning japanese is just... how spoken does not match up to kanji. I’ll see the same kanji in 3 new words. Pronounced different in all 3. 
人 - person. hito. 一人 - person. hitori. 
so you can’t go “oh sometimes the  人 kanji is pronounced hito!” STILL DOES NOT APPLY HERE.  一 is pronounced ichi, sometimes hito. So now its the kanji being pronounced hito! and 人 is now being pronounced... ri?
I’m guessing 人 just has readings: hito, ri. And if i had to guess, also its reading may rely somewhat on if its a standalone kanji or in a compound kanji word (since i think sometimes readings change more reliably in compound kanji words?).
but still it is such a mindfuck to me...
#rant#april#april progress#its just. how you have to MEMORIZE every pronunciation and just match it by rote memorization to kanji/kana combo#because the kanji will not tell you ANYTHING about the pronunciation#;-;#one thing i really really LOVE about chinese is just the sheer plethora of hanzi where a radical either#directly tells you the pronunciation or else hints at it enough you only have to#remember the initial is slightly different than the radical or something#and then the other radical Very often has a vague implication of the meaning#which helps you remember WHY to use that hanzi for that word - you see the pronunciation and vague meaning category IMMEDIATELY#with japanese kanji... the character fang#方 is used for 'direction' - that makes sense and is the same as chinese. it also means People#even though... the radical it Is i would generally associate with direction/location NOT people/person (that would be ren)#also its pronunciation is different when it means people#so like.??? just fucking FIGURE OUT when it means people and ROTE MEMORIZE that pronunciation bABY#whereas if you see the fang radical in a hanzi in chinese? good chance either the hanzi is pronounced similar to fang OR#the meaning has to do with location/direction. GREAT. easy to remember! easy to associate! has hints about itself IN ITSELF if you#only vaguely remember#not japanese... its like 'if you know hanzi you have a tiny bit of meaning hint SOMETIMES but we dont follow chinese meanings so... good luc
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imcravingpizzza · 2 days ago
friendly reminder:
Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, has the coolest, prettiest, awesomest dress ever made and no one can prove me wrong.
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adhd-shaiapouf · 4 days ago
fuckin uhhhhhhh CITRON bc it’s used in teas and they’re good :3
Okay so I logically know that's not just an amalgamation of every citrus fruit made into one fruit but that's always what comes to my mind whenever I see that word, also I DID just look it up and it's the opposite? That most citrus comes from this plant being hybridized, a talented creator 🙌 comes in a variety of funky shapes, looks kinda like a closed claw at certain angles
Tumblr media
Citrus is good for so many types of food too, an all around excellent choice in sheer versatility, 10/10
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katierosefun · 11 days ago
codywan shippers intimidate me because they really just have crumbs throughout the entire star wars franchise and yet put out some of the most glorious fanfic and i just have to be like “y’all got all of this from like less than 10 minutes of screentime? y’all got all of this from less than 10 minutes of screentime?!” 
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oldschoolvirgin · 13 days ago
Y’all I got a weighted blanket for my birthday today... I cried when I opened it... how old am I?
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emo-bunny-11037 · 13 days ago
My friends and I are having a text conversation about whether or not Jesus was a masochist and I think that statement alone should give you a pretty good idea of our vibe
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mego42 · 13 days ago
i am a deeply corny person in more ways than i can count but i think possibly the most corny is how incredibly hype celine dion gets me
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changbin-froggy-jimin · 13 days ago
Since you talked to me about them, I started listening to txt and so far, I like their songs! I listened to the dream chapter eternity ( I think I love all the songs on the album) and now I'm vibing to minisode1: blue hour 😌 so thank you for recommending them to me 💜💜💜🌟🌟🌟
Ahhh I’m so glad you’ve been liking them!!!
I would have never ever thought TXT would have become my favorite kpop group in a million years but man they’re genuinely really really good!!!
Eternity is super duper good and Blue Hour as well, honestly all the TXT albums are awesome!!!
(Blue Hour, Blue Orangeade, Eternally, Can’t you see me, Puma, New Rules, Nap of a Star, Fairy of Shampoo, plus more I’m probably forgetting haha, are all so good I love them a lot, I’d love to hear your favorites!!)
I’m so happy you like them!!!
Plus as many groups as I’ve been through I’ve realized the most important thing about a group (to me) is how often they’re putting out good and watchable content (which is actually I think my favorite thing after the music)
And To Do which is TXT’s show, just like how BTS has Run, is really really good!
Its on vlive as well and it’s honestly amazing, they’re such cheaters and liars but so cute while doing it it’s honestly amazing! Plus you can see where the production team was just like “yeah we’re just gonna steal this whole concept from Run” with some of the things they do it’s honestly great, there’s still high majority of it being new content don’t get me wrong! But it is cute to see some of those same ideas sometimes haha
They’re honestly just a really great and talented group, and if you like the watching content side there’s already a wealth of it!! And they’re really funny as well! (Also if you do decide to give To Do a chance it does take them a bit to warm up, as they’re pretty shy in the beginning, it’s cute looking back on it now actually haha!)
Thanks for checking out my recommendation! I really hope you continue to like and enjoy them 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💜💜💜💜💜💜
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michellejones-stacy · 15 days ago
talking to my therapist is always wild cause i’ll say something and she’ll be like “ok so what i’m getting is [says something that is nothing like what i said]” and i’ll say “no that’s not what i mean–” and have to stop, horrified, bc yes, that is exactly what i meant
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starsassume · 18 days ago
What Colour is your Soulmark?
Indigo | Alex Krycek
Tumblr media
Often mistaken for having a purple or blue glow, those who have indigo soulcolors are serious, confident, and strong willed. They know what they want to achieve and set out to do so. They are often introverted and seek balance, setting a strong moral code for themselves and others.
This type admires respect over adoration. They are often social advocates for those who need it and believe peace can only be achieved when everyone is working together, not just a powerful select few. This makes them powerful enemies but a powerful group of close friends, as their charismatic personality to do what’s right attracts people to them.
Since they are constantly trying to differentiate themselves from blue and violet soulcolors, indigo soulcolors are often less friendly and nurturing on the outside, but on the inside, they’re tender and supportive. They prefer to keep those who break their outer wall closer than most.
Due to their uncompromising sense of justice, the indigo soulcolor often starts arguments that might not need to be started, uprooting things just because they don’t like them or playing “devil’s advocate” when unnecessary. Despite telling others to get over it, they rarely ever do so and hold grudges for a long period of time.
tagged by: @indagatcre​
tagging: @scentofmorleys @iamselfmade​ @holmesdepot​ (roll the dice for muse?)
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