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#shen lanzhou
fionafuartwork · 5 months ago
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root08 · a month ago
Quiang juin ju & Rumors
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Finished my mid-exams,tried to catch up with some series, and just happened to see rumors of the Cast for Quiang juin ju (QJJ) and I have to say i am not only disappointed but also very skeptical.
Since Chinese adaptation are just bromance and not the real thing, i personally never care about the cast or stuff like that cause i just see it as something for money & not really serious. For example, I have seen the rumored cast of Heaven’s official blessing and was kind of okay with it, but that primarily was because they kinda look like the characters and also i never saw any of their work so I was like “see before judging”; anyway waiting on official confirmation to rant about them so back to my main topic.
Like I stated before, “See before judging” but personally I do even want see this cast at all let alone judge. I really hope it is just rumors and not true. The rumored leads are Simon Gong and Xu kai, who will play Xiao chiye and Shen Lanzhou respectively. I, personally do not see any fit between the characters of QJJ in the novel and the actors chosen.
Simon Gong
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If you have read the novel, Xiao Chiye is very manly, Tall and savage. In my opinion although tall, Simon do not match this description at all. The only little similarity i find between this character and Simon is that Xiao chiye is a little shameless & always in heat, I guess from Simon’s role as Ghost Master where he was flirty and shameless, one might think he fits the role but he DOESN’T. Xiao chiye is much more than that, a very complex character! I know Simon is a talented actor & I love him, but i really wished he don’t take that role. Beside, he had played 2 BLs already and the last one not too long ago. I know there’s fame/money here but unless he wants fans to speculate about him, he should tone it down a little.
Xu kai
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Again, in the novel Shen Lanzhou who is rumored to be played by Xu kai is also a very complex character. In top of that, thoughout the novel he is described as the most beautiful man. Sorry but Xu Kai is not pretty enough to play this role not even close! As matter of fact, I can’t even see any actor pretty enough to play Lanzhou ( i had the same issue with Hua Cheng, i can’t find anyone as handsome and gorgeous to play him but imma let it slide with Zhang, who is the chosen actor, cause I think maybe he can handle the role’s acts/emotions) . But this one I am not seeing him even handle my Lanzhou. Before I was into BL, I was addicted to K-dramas and some Chinese dramas. I happened to stumble on one of his drama, and I didn’t get through 5 episodes so imma pass on him. Sorry but not sorry!
Anyway I really hope it is a rumor, I love QJJ, it is one of my favorite novels of all time so please i hope they don’t kill it for me😢! Tell me what are your thoughts on this? And for anyone who read the novel do you think they fit the characters? Cause I don’t know maybe if I’m not seeing it on the right way, but i just can’t put them in the characters maybe y’all can change my mind!
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t110n · 25 days ago
Though I’m only about halfway of the novel and there’s been several occasions mentioning Xiao Fangxu and Xiao Jiming, I still hope Xiao Jiming will continue be like when he first appeared because how he was when he first appeared and his interactions with Xiao Chiye’s pretty good which made me like him.
So hope that’s how Xiao Jiming is and continues to be, and hope he accepts Shen Zechuan too despite his family history. 
As for Xiao Fangxu...well...
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