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queenofruneterra · 4 months ago
How Champs Feel about Clone-Fucking
Viktor- Id totally do all sorts of weird things to my clone I’d be embarrassed to ask someone else to do.
Sett- It’s basically the same as masturbating, right? So no big deal.
Kayn- I’d totally fuck my clone because I want to know if I’m good in bed.
Aphelios- I don’t want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is THAT strong.
Jhin- I’m not gay, but I would totally fuck my clone.
Aatrox- I don’t want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is THAT strong.
Jayce- Not only would I have sex with my clone, I’d probably make a bunch of clones and just get it on with all of them at once because that’s how pro clone-fucking I am.
Akali- I’d fuck my clone because who would know better how to fuck ME than ME?
Shen- To be honest, fucking my clone has alway been my fantasy.
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dabinh-5uzu4 · 5 months ago
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I know, stylish
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saey707 · 2 months ago
How You Met Shen & Leading Up to the First Date
✿ Prompts: You are invited to dinner at your best friend Akali’s house and come across her handsomely large brother Shen / You want to spend more time with Shen, while he tries to avoid your attention ✿
♡ champion focus: shen ♡ tw: light body dysmorphia ♡ Gender-neutral reader
Author’s Note: I absolutely adore the whole concept of big boy Shen with a dad bod so that’s going to be the focal point of this series. I think it’s just the most wholesome thing (///♡∀♡) So let’s show Shen some love! If you would like for me to continue this series you are more than welcome to request for more (υ◉ω◉υ) Enjoy!
Tumblr media
How You Meet Shen ♡
Much of his insecurities stemming from the constant comparisons to his adopted brother, there was a part of Shen that had always been insecure about his body. Of course, Shen did have a pretty good amount of muscle for a man of his stature, but it didn’t spare the fact he was well over 200 pounds and had a diet many didn’t understand.
You have always had a thing for bigger men, though it seemed like nobody knew it! Far too often have you fallen for the wrong people: Those who were only concerned with appearances, public image, your money, the list goes on.
However, when you learned your best friend Akali had a brother, your attention stuck to the handsomely plump man with black hair.
“Is that… Your brother??” You sputter out, dumbstruck. 
Akali nudged you, pulling you along. “Yeah, don’t make fun of him.“ “N-No I mean! He’s just really… hot…?” 
At that, Akali scrunched her nose up, shaking her head in disgust. Someone thinking her brother was hot? Oh kill her…
As dinner came around the corner, you knew you had to meet him!! He’s been on your mind since you and Akali passed by his room!
Placing plates down on the dining room table, Shen looked up only to find you shyly standing at the doorway, cracking a smile to the thick man. You waved to him with a flustered grin. 
Confused as ever, Shen looked behind him. There was no way you were actually flustered to see him. He looked back at you, pointing to himself.
You nodded, stepping forward to get a closer look at Shen. The poor man nervously fumbled with his fingers, hands behind his back now. 
“U-Uh… Hi?” “Hi...”
Leading Up to the First Date ♡
For some time, Shen spent his days avoiding you like the plague whenever you came around. Why you wanted so desperately to be around him was beyond him! He just didn’t feel comfortable with such a wonderful and beautiful individual such as yourself giving him any sort of positive attention!!
Usually Zed was the one with women and men sauntering his way. But for you to want his attention of all men? It’s strange!
However, you obviously had plans of your own to gain your Shenpai’s attention! 
They say the best way into a man’s heart is through his stomach… 
Naturally, you knew you would have to cook something wonderful for him! 
The first thing you made for him was chanko nabe, hopeful that it would be enough to gain his trust. At first, you played it off as something you and Akali are going to bring to a gathering, but decided Shen was “way more fun than some silly gathering”. 
You remember how his eyes lit up the moment he took the first bite. From there, you were hopeful to keep getting that same reaction from him. 
Soon, you were making all sorts of food to bring Shen so the two of you could share and grow closer to one another. You made just about everything: hand-pulled noodles, barbecue, homemade dumplings, stuffed rice cakes, sour pork soup, you name it!
You were certain all of your efforts wouldn’t go to waste if it meant Shen would at least put some of his trust in you. 
Plus you loved the excited look on his face whenever you brought something new over, the way he sunk into his chair whenever he took one bite of your cooking.
“I hope you’re hungry!” “Heh, always..!”
Shen started anticipating his little sister’s friend coming around more, hopeful that he can repay you for all you’ve done with his own cooking.
He wasn’t the best of cooks like Zed, but he did know how to make pretty decent cup ramens!
Honestly, he would be lying if he said he wasn’t developing the tiniest of crushes on you… And of course, you would definitely be lying if you said you weren’t falling maddeningly in love with the twilight eyed man yourself!
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incorrectleaguequotes · 2 months ago
Zed: Do you want to play 20 Questions?
Shen: Sure!
Shen: Whats your favorite color?
Zed, laser fucking focused: Triangle. Do you like men?
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johnren21 · 6 months ago
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notoriouslydevious · 9 months ago
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Shen Fan Art by Jun Seong Park
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edgyspooks · 6 months ago
do you still do the 3 headcanons asks? if you do how do you feel about shen 😳? love ya
Aye, sorry for the wait m8 I don't have many super embarrassing headcanons for him, being the stoic and careful man he is, but I've still got some to share
Tumblr media
He cares for his students a lot. And I mean it, he considers all of them to be like his children, and will take any offense to them personally. But he also has a hard time accepting that they aren’t actual children anymore and tends to have those awkward dad moments where he still treats them like they’re little and they sorta play along with it to not hurt his feelings despite the overall embarrassment.
He was always jealous of Zed. Jealous of how his father went easier on him, jealous of how Yevnai harbored feelings for him, instead of Shen, her fiance, and, finally, jealous of how Zed got to choose his own path in the end, while Shen ended up following the one that was predetermined for him. And while he would never say he regrets his path in life, he tends to get those moments of jealousy that he would never admit to.
Shen gets lost in the spirit realm. It seems to call to him, and sometimes he struggles to leave, to return to the earthly realm where he belongs. He would never remain there - and yet, the temptation to simply do so beckons him every single time.
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shurelyasreverie · a year ago
I think these are underrated champions... perhaps you could write some Shen and Talon physical affection headcannons (hugs, kisses, cuddles) with a gn reader? I rarely see anything done for these bois and I love them so much aaaa
YES they are super underrated! I just expanded the post to be general relationship headcanons since they're also some of my faves and I ended up getting a bit carried away whoops 😁
Shen, Talon Relationship Headcanons
Your relationship was slow at first. Not because the two of you didn't get along but because Shen was strict on formalities, treating you as no more than a colleague or acquaintance, even if he wanted more. It also didn't help that he himself was rather closed off, not wanting to burden you with his past and struggles
All the acolytes of the Kinkou Order treat you with respect, but you can tell that it is only out of politeness. A few of them have insinuated that you take up too much of Shen's time, disrupting Shen's own internal balance as he's distracted from the order. But Shen proves that their worries are for nought, your presence only makes him stronger and helps him see the world with more clarity than ever before
Shen doesn't like any sort of PDA when he's doing his duties, but in his free time he'd like some small signs of affection such as holding hands and linking arms, he's a traditional man. He's also the type to kiss your hand, but he's okay with just walking side by side with you, arms brushing against each other. Your presence alone is enough to make him happy
Many dates involve him finding a pretty, secluded location in Ionia and taking you there with him. The walks there and back allow him to clear his mind and engage in conversation with you with less worry than usual (Shen is always on the alert when you two are outside, worried you may be targeted by his enemies)
This man offers the best hugs, his figure is gigantic and absolutely swallows you. His arms are tight around your torso and he'll keep your head against his chest or in the crook of his neck as he keeps surveying the area around you, making sure nobody intrudes on this moment. Without a doubt, he is the big spoon, keeping you safe and shielding you with his body
When he comes home, Shen loves it when you take off his mask for him. Feeling you gently caress his face, feeling how it becomes so much easier to breathe. Kiss his nose or lips straight after you take of the mask and he'll grin, offering a hum of approval as he wraps his arms around you
In truth, Shen is actually quite insecure of your relationship and is concerned it's only a matter of time before it ends. So many people he has valued as more than student or ally but as a true friend and family have abandoned him. In those nights when these feelings overwhelm him, he's holding you a little tighter than usual, making sure you're still with him, at least for now
It took some time for the two of you to get close, simply because you thought Talon hated your guts for whatever reason. He was so cold to you, his eyes were always following you as a discreet signal for you to leave him alone. His responses to you were always single syllables, sometimes not even a proper word
In reality, Talon's simply incredibly awkward. His eyes follow you simply out of admiration and to always ensure you're safe and protected. He responds with single words because he doesn't know what else to say. All his life he's only talked about his assassin training, missions, and overhearing Noxian politics, hearing someone like you talk about the little pleasant things in life is something he's not used to
Since Talon can talk about his training, you two often have dates where he's teaching you parkour, reciting all that he's learnt. It's also just a fun hobby to have. He'll also teach you self defence to make sure you have some cards up your sleeve if you're ever alone
Despite your lack of violence and killing, Katarina and the rest of the Du Couteau family respect you. Anyone with such determination and charm to make one of the most skilled and notorious assassins in all of Noxus fall for them is a force to be reckoned with. You could be a very useful ally to them and they may even invite you to some high-class social events, hoping you could charm some political figures to work in their favour
When it comes to affection, you'll have to initiate at first. Physical contact is a foreign concept to Talon but even though he loves your affection, he has no idea how to go about starting it. You almost think he hates it when you hug him, he stiffens and doesn't move, but it’s really just him short-circuiting out of pure joy and confusion
The most Talon's done in terms of physical contact is whenever he's had to protect you. Grabbing your wrist or hand without warning and pulling you to his chest, arms wrapping around you tightly, shielding your body with his own. In the moment, he thinks nothing of it, your safety is first priority, but if he reflects on it even he is impressed with his boldness
It's going to be some time until you see Talon genuinely smile. Of course, he has a sadistic smirk as he taunts and challenges his targets but for you, his neutral face is his happy face. Other people have seen his happy face, though. When you're not looking, minding your own business or distracted with some task, Talon's facade melts and his lip is curved up ever so slightly, adoring your presence
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gr00ver · 9 months ago
Shen from League of Legends is a Gay (headcannon)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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runeterrankhaleesi · a year ago
Zed: There’s always that one person in the group who isn’t down with murder
Zed: *glares at Shen*
Shen: Well, I’m sorry but I have morals
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keshapiligrimov · a year ago
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queenofruneterra · 4 months ago
Champs During Sex
Ridiculously Loud-
Aphelios, Lux, Viktor, Akshan, Ezreal, Kayn, Samira, Sett, Vi, Viego
Ridiculously Quiet-
Aatrox, Sylas, Irelia, Jhin, Shen, Yasuo, Yone, Mordekaiser, Pantheon, Senna, Swain, Zed
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dabinh-5uzu4 · 6 months ago
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Then - Now
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incorrectleaguequotes · 3 months ago
Zed: You look good in that hoodie.
Shen: You know where else I'd look good?
Zed, zero hesitation: My bed.
Shen, at the same time: By you're side- wait, what?
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johnren21 · 5 months ago
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Horny posting
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mysticmarimoon · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If Akali wants to go grr she will go grr 
(Zed gave her the knife lmao) 
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leagueimagine · a year ago
I hope you're okay. I was worried wondering if something had happened. And about your return with the blog, this news brightened my night! You have no idea how much I love reading what you post here, even if I’ve read it a thousand times I guarantee that I’ll read a thousand more. So take your time. (And I'm Brazilian too, so I'm already apologizing for any mistakes here).About the game, are you still accepting? I tend to be late for these things,so I'm never sure. If so, number 9 with Shen?
No need to worry or apologize! I’m so happy to read this, makes me sure that returning writing was a good decision, not just for me but for you guys that like my hcs/writing, really I can’t thanks enough <3 
9. wiping away someone’s tears
- It’s much more common for Shen to wipe your tears than the other way around, not that you’re a cry baby, it’s just really rare to him cry over something.
- Shen does know how to calm you down if you’re crying because you’re upset with something, probably because he can control his emotions better than anyone else you ever meet, he knows what to say and what to do, his touch against your cheeks as he wipes your tears always is gentle and caring, he’ll also give you little kisses as he pulls his mask down just for that. 
- But when the other way around happens, Shen will just hold you close as you wipe his tears, he’s very quiet thought it all and will probably apologize for you seeing him like this later, he honestly doesn’t know what caused this uncontrollable crying, but right now he finds so much comfort in your company, enough to him learn his head against your hands or your chest and just want a quiet moment there for a little bit, he just doesn’t want you to see him crying at all.
Tumblr media
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