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#shen yuan

Shen Yuan likes reading the shitty romance novels in Qing Jing Peak library in the middle of night but when he sees a disciple shitting bricks over their latest assignments he can’t help but lecture them about it because he feel bad for them and these essays are on the kind of stuff Shen Qingqiu would read to him instead of bedtime stories. 

Rumours of the ghost Shizun in Qing Jing Peak library quickly spread through the disciple quarters and Shen Yuan is none the wiser.

same au: X  X  X  X

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[chart based on how every main character act towards their love interest and what position they would take in bed, based on their personalities, fuck canon]

luo binghe; please, this boy is a definition of a word ‘bottom’ and even the fact that he “topped” sqq doesn’t change that. #bottombingherights

shen qingqiu; stressed switch that has no other choice than to act like a resonable top who knows what the fuck is going on

lan wangji; no matter how you look at him, he is a top in every way possible (but i do believe that he could try being a bottom, if his wei ying wanted him too)

wei wuxian; once i believed, he’s not a total bottom. i was soon to change my mind however. a bratty sub until he piss of his top. then he’s a whiny bottom.

(okay, but actually wuxian gives me such a switch vibes, that i can’t place him in the same area as binghe, especially that wwx loves experimenting with.. everything, so there’s no way he wouldn’t be a top at least once)

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Summery: In Which Shang Qinghua Has Had Enough.

Warning: Mentions of crappy parents, hinted neglect, and cursing. This is very much written with an anger, hope people enjoy it tho~


It happens one day; a seemingly ordinary day, the sun is shining upon the mountain range and the air is crisp.

Shen Qingqiu and Shang Qinghua are having a rather one sided conversation, when finally




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So, I’m gonna pull a Tale of Genji move and propose an omegaverse AU where Crown Prince LBH falls in love with one of his father’s harem members, SY, who greatly resembles his foster mother, Imperial Noble Consort SQQ. When he ascends the throne, he marries and names SY empress.

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Scumbag System (SVSSS donghua) episode 8 Thoughts (spoilers)

(covers SVSSS chaps 19 - 22, BC Novels Translations)

The BingQiu love was in full force!

I love how the donghua really emphasizes how bad SQQ feels about what he eventually has to do to Binghe. When I was reading the book, I didn’t feel his regret as strongly until the event actually happened, but seeing his constant worry and dread about what is inevitable was a really nice change. It also underlines the budding feelings Shen Yuan has for Binghe since he’s obviously already attached to him emotionally. Of course Shen Yuan always had affection for the badass protagonist of PIDW, but I think the donghua clearly shows this early on that there were obviously more to his feelings than just being a fan. I know we will never get as far as the irrefutable confirmation of their romantic love for each other, but I see these affectionate moments between them as Easter Eggs from the donghua team to show they are trying the best they can in their own subtle ways to acknowledge their love.


Some of these moments were more or less straight from the book, but I will always appreciate the fact that they could have easily just omitted the looks of adoration or even the hug and the touches in lieu of something even more platonic or, worse yet, simply nothing, reducing BingQiu to just an ordinary pair of master and disciple.

I guess that would make them kinda like how it currently is between SQQ and Ming Fan.


Poor Ming Fan. Before Shen Yuan came along, he was destined to be SQQ’s #1 disciple for as long as SQQ was still whole. Of course he was also destined to meet a horrible, painful and slow death, but how could he know Shen Yuan was basically doing him a favor by letting Binghe usurp his standing. He looked so sad about being demoted in his Shizun’s heart, I genuinely felt bad for him, when prior to the donghua, I honestly never spared Ming Fan much thought. He was just a cannon fodder deserving of his end since he wasn’t that nice of a person in PIDW, but then again, a lot of his actions were encouraged by Shen Jiu, so he definitely shouldn’t have to shoulder all the blame. He’s actually a smart boy, and a good one as well, once he’s out of that bullying mode, so he really deserves some love.


Also completely deserving some love, my queen QiQingqi. Look at her range in just a split second. I love her so much. In an alternate universe she and Madame Yu would’ve made such an awesome power couple. They could easily rule the cultivation world with just their disdainful, ball-shriveling glare alone.

Another person I was so looking forward to loving was Gongyi Xiao. He was so instantly lovable in the book, even though I know that was a fruitless love. And while I loved this cute moment between him and Bingmei:


I can’t help but be a tad disappointed at how he turned out.


Poor baby, what happened? I was expecting a total Adonis, rivaling both Binghe and Liu Qingge’s beauty. Not that he was hit with the ugly stick or anything, far from it, but I think they spent all their energy and resources on making SQQ, Binghe and LQG pretty so when it came to this lovely cannon fodder, they ran out of everything so he fell rather short of gorgeous. I’m especially not a fan of that hairstyle.


I can’t even be angry at the donghua team tho since they overdelivered on my holy trinity, especially LQG. I also love seeing SQQ’s interaction with him: I love how casually he acts around his shidi, how almost OOC he is in his behavior since SQQ is supposed to be more cool and collected than that.

And of course, how flirtatious SQQ continues to be towards LQG.


It’s interesting that both LQG and QQQ are really the only ones that get to see this playful, casual side of him and yet both of them are completely unphased by it. I don’t know if we’re supposed to assume that to them, he’s acting normally while we are the ones seeing the real Shen Yuan, or maybe they just think he’s changed cause he’s still poisoned. Either way, it’s cute.


We got to meet 3 of Bingge’s future wives but I’m gonna be honest, I never cared about them in the book and I still don’t care about them in the show. At this point, in terms of his never-to-be harem, I really only care about Liu Mingyan and Sha Hualing. The scene where he tried to talk to LMY just to see why his Shizun was so interested in her (in other words, out of jealousy), only to just brush her off was hilarious.


I would say poor Liu Mingyan but honestly she’s better off not being one of his 3000 wives. Bingge’s harem sounds like a freaking nightmare to be a part of, imho, even if she would’ve been a higher ranked wife. She deserves better (like Sha Hualing 😁).

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Little Bingqiu fanfic plot thing I may (n)ever write:

LBH discovers yet another Bingqiu smut novel, this one VERY interesting: it’s a full on 24/7 BDSM dynamic story, but portrays them as happy and enjoying every moment of the day together because they love and trust each other so much

LBH finds his interest very piqued by a lot of these things…but in the novel, It’s SQQ who kneels for him and obeys his every command…something a bit unlike reality.

He ends up discovering the author of this particular book, a young woman who, in PIDW was one of LBH’s wives (BDSM fetish checked off). In this universe, she’s happily married to her Dominant (Who she was actually originally married to in PIDW, but LBH stole her from him) and in a brilliant example of the world filling in blanks in Airplane’s writing, she actually knows what she is talking about (reasoning: she was referred to as an expert in the book, and airplane just did whatever he wanted after that. She was the submissive, so she did what LBH wanted, right? But in reality…LBH was probably pretty unsafe because airplane had no idea what he was talking about). Her and LBH end up talking about the book a bit and LBH asks her for advice:

on being the submissive.

BASICALLY: LBH discovers D/s, learns how to do it right, and makes a friend that for the first time EVER he isn’t jealous will try to take SQQ from him (happily married to the love of her life!), SQQ slowly realizes he enjoys the dynamic (despite initial concerns), and maybe SQQ gets a new friend too? idk.

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Is it me or does it feel like most fics portraying shen qingqiu and shang qinghuas friendship just never feel the need to call out shen qingqius kinda ass treatment of shang qinghua? Like maybe this is being nitpicky and some friends are like that i guess, but like sqh has to put up with so much shit and it sqq kinda being a dick to him in fics feels like too much.

Like sure they both had to go thru some shit but i feel like sqh had it off worse when he didnt have the protag’s halo hanging pff them or the whole cang qiong peak simping on them. And it just feels lile whenever sqh has a problem sqq just calls him an idiot and acts like sqh is the most oblivious person ever(thats rich coming from him lol).

And yeah, sqh shouldve thought out the world better but unlike shen yuan who didnt hafta worry about working and money sqh DID and sacrificed ideas he probably wanted in order to have income.

Kudos to those who show the two guys as a bit more tasteful with sqq not shitting on sqh (and only that) and pretending thats friendship. Idk i just see it a lot and it just annoys me when fic writers try to write this off as stomachable

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The Untold Tale - ch2 Preview

SUMMARY: Let it not be said that Shen Yuan didn’t know how to be an accomplished—arguably better—writer than Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky! A middle-aged author in his hubris, he’d unknowingly triggered his fate and had his consciousness whisked away into an unfathomable mystical world that he would later learn to be based on Proud Immortal Demon Way and his very own work-in-progress. When given the opportunity to customize his character’s stats and to design his one remaining Customizable Skill Slot, as a veteran reader of transmigration stories and its tropes, Shen Yuan demanded, “Grant me the protagonist’s halo of course!”

The SYSTEM was silent all but for a minute.【Understood. Unique Skill <<PROTAGONIST’S HALO>> activated. Esteemed Host, you share the Unique Skill <<PROTAGONIST’S HALO>> with one other.】


【This world’s Luo Binghe. From the original novel series.】

“…Hold on, I need some time to process this.”

(Little did Shen Yuan know that this world’s Luo Binghe is the same sadistic Heavenly Demon “Bing gē” who’d stumbled upon the alternate universe version of his “Shizun” enjoying marital bliss with “Bing mèi” in one of the released Extra short stories. It was also too bad that Shen Yuan, in his mortal form, resembled Shen Qingqiu by a good thirty-to-forty percent.) 

(It’s a sort-of redemption fic. I think Bing gē deserves his own Shen Yuan. Some soulmates are just meant to be….)

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isn’t there a shen jiu redemption fanfic in which he doesn’t die when he transmigrates into shen yuan’s body and then he has to fix yuan’s purposeless and alienated life and rebuild meaningful relationships with his family and estranged friends, all while healing from his own past abuse and rediscovering the value of intimacy and genuine ties, finally finding self-worth in a world where cultivation isn’t a thing and he has the security of a priviledged socio-economic position that nevertheless comes together with a newfound sense of his own mortality since the body now he inhabits is of short life expectancy which puts all in perspective and forces him to reflect about his terrible actions towards young lou binghe and makes him regret and pine for his old sweetheart yue qingyuan, now a fictional character to whom he can’t express his love and forgiveness anymore -except maybe contacting with airplane shooting towards the sky (now possesed by shang qinghua) to convince him to rewrite the story with a redemption arc for his villain????

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