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I really love the character of Lonnie and find it a shame that we don’t talk about her enough. In my AU she will take Catra’s place as Glimmer’s adoptive sister. And don’t worry, Catra will always have an important role to play, I’m working on it with another artist ❤️

Remember this is a Glimmadora story

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Happy Birthday Entrapta ✨🎉🍰!!!

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Chapter 7 of “Gossamer Threads” has been posted to Archive of Our Own! Hordak, Glimmer, and Kadroh are back on Etheria, where Adora, Bow, and Swift Wind are doing battle with Galactic Horde battle robots. Enjoy.

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I know i dont have lots of followers but i want to say this bc it makes me sooo happy

Ok so i watched shera alone in my pc and then i watched it with my 10yrs sister and my dad

He shiped catradora before knowing it was canon :D

And my mom just watched the kiss episode with us bc she didnt care but wow

And my 10yrs sister ships lumity :D

And if you speak spanish you maybe know about inclusive language

My sister uses it

It make me relly happy to have a very suportive familly and i wanted to tell you bc idk

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We should’ve let Noelle Evenson do the Winx Club remake.

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still not over the fact that the horde was being controlled by a 5’2 lesbian with anger and abandonment issues

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anyway happy birthday to my favorite funky purple haired nerd

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I’m going to design some stickers, buttons, and keychains for a shop I want to open up this year. I’m biased toward certain fandoms obviously, but are there any fandoms or characters from animated shows you would like to see represented? Some that I’m already planning to draw: 

  • Steven Universe (Main cast and Spinel)
  • She-Ra (maybe just Catra and Adora, but I like all the princesses)
  • Infinity Train (haven’t decided characters)
  • Dragon Prince (haven’t decided characters)
  • Owl House (haven’t decided characters)
  • Animaniacs (the Warners)
  • Toothless
  • I don’t love Adventure Time but I know Obsidian renewed a lot of interest, maybe Marceline and Bubblegum
  • Legend of Zelda BOTW champions

Are there any character favorites that people would like to see on a sticker, button, or keychain? It can be from any decade or platform

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I have no parental figure telling me not to wrestle bears.
Micah, quickly
It’s me, I am that figure. I am telling you now: do not wrestle bears.
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The winx reboot should have been a cartoon and it should have been given to Noelle Stevenson

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Some inspiration from the birthday girl herself! Happy birthday to the greatest scientist around!

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